John Dickinson- Warriors Warmup

John Dickinson On Demand
Monday, November 27th

John Dickinson joined Matt Steinmetz and Kerry Keating on Warriors Warmup to break down tonight's matchup against the Kings. 


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Welcome back Warner warmup built like Dolan lumber doors and windows assignments Kerry Keating. Now joined by John Dickinson who's emerging from the warriors locker room it's the hers. Pregame press conference that you ready for tip off tonight at ORACLE Arena between the warriors and kings. That's coming up in about an hour and a half hour Tim Roye will bring you the pre game showed JP. We know that curry nor Iran is playing tonight we know that claw. And Caspian are starting in their places. What what more information can you shed in term of Steve Hurst thinking there. Yeah and it just really he said it's kind of a feel you know it is kind of a gut. With Patrick McAuliffe when he's gone blooming in the fact that he hasn't gone to launch a lot lately cast feet. Sort of a natural fit that he really praised Caspian in tonight obviously with the kings in town and he was with the kings at two different. Occasions in his career just what a perfect natural fit if you don't even have to have a plan for cats the aegis throw out there and he can contribute in. He just fits but everything else they like excuse I think that was a no brainer they like Caspian that spot for Durant now where. He could start the three and place them back at power forward to a lot like how they used to rant. I thought it would be shot Livingston in the starting right at that point guard but it it goes to show yet. You know it it it always refers back this up that may be Kerr said awhile back here in heat said in the off season. Even coming in the year that that he believed Patrick because the schools that the via a backup point guard or third string point guard on this team now Quinn cook. Would be available as well. But I think it shows you they wanna get a look at the call with three months and with Klay Thompson on the floor and it also keeps Shaun Livingston and his normal. Rotation spot and also Iguodala who's gonna play despite. Any sorts yes the first game since that San Antonio mass exodus if you will where Canadian staff won't play and I thought for sure I agree to JD. He with Roche on their for some stability especially coming off back to back from last night. But you know it's it again you can't overstate the fact that what Steve does to these young guys as is still so much confidence that. Just for for Patrick to hear that I believe me they all here now it's now like back in the day they weren't sit in the press conference loosened the pregame press count they're also in the locker room. They're getting another Twitter feeds their here and right away Steve probably understands that I think he probably uses that his advantage surprise for some more confidence. Back in Patrick head because he's getting you to albeit against the young. Kings team. It's probably gave a kind of Fitzpatrick even even if you wanted to give it looked at now that dream on it and figure out plain. Probably helps that cause. Cat cast music just. I thought you'd be a better shooter I didn't realize how wacky his shot was it and I knew he had that big shoot out with step by an indignant on obvious how he shoots the ball. But the versatility provides obviously with the size he has as it is a luxury for Steve. And any indication about about those injuries and 22 dream minded and Indy you don't that are lingering at all is that a concern and it's the that wasn't playing tonight yes. Eve it said it. Even over the weekend they're gonna find a spot for Iguodala soon they'll take to give him a night off and I think if a couple of the other guys weren't better position and I probably would've been that night that. Steve Kurt did stated it would dollar deal with that. Meet soreness. He said he he said it would all of the other night that he could play through it it's just more after the game for the next game. He doesn't quite feel right so I think he's gonna get one of the games on the road off I think once the other guys come back it will sort of be his turn. And they'll try to space it out where it'll give them 83 for five days in a row but depending upon how they view it is as far as. To rant I. Her cities dated gay and not a huge level of concern with curry. He expects curry could be back in the lineup on Wednesday so Perry back to rant. A little bit may be behind in a dream on that stake was definitely gonna play him regardless he just had a night off. That was a big discussion at the queued around the fact that he still doesn't. Wanna take a whole heck of a lot of nights off even a few slight thing after course. Looking ahead at the sixties any of those guys has gained national team games today any concern about sitting guys that look good games and questioned lakers magic key pelicans again warn its distance I'd be surprised if he's got a lot of room to the guys. As importantly about the hornets game actually is and tedious the end game is. Yeah and it Laker game could be as well on. One on Wednesday night at misty not actually in VT beats an international game TP apart bottom line uses I mean he's. He's got two guys injured right now so yeah. That makes it easier yet that makes it different and got the question was not opposed inhibited in the last week to. About well you know how's the lead in with you guys as far as. Resting in what you've done. And he said there is a communication between teams in the league if there's any kind of questions they send it deeply report out to delete a Bruins do. And if there's any kind of question the training staff is included in that in May have communication with the leaks we kind of explained. The background of all that or how that works but he said last week hey I've got a couple of guys injured he he kind of bristle a little bit not for AM. At that notion of well wait these are injuries to their point and not. Just hey everybody's out it noted tonight that Raman green on Friday. He said other than it would not like believe that was the first time they'd shut anybody down that was actually full health. Yeah deterrence missed the last three out of wars so it means that it would just do that to give him rest and he's only. 29 years old he's now one of their better players to ask you about something that hurts beat her say I did. As it relates to Patrick but caught and nick young and basically said. It's really hard to play both those players. If you're a close game so it's not a blowout. You really can't play both of them which leads me to believe. Somebody's gonna be the odd man out at some point. At some point although its looked already in the first twenty games of the year like. Each guy's been the odd man. And it it slips or that it changes I mean initially it was kinda every other not eat. No one guy was McCall one got knives nick young and then for a while Nick Young was playing in the caused in the hot and out. And now a cop finds its way back into the starting lineup again obviously due to some injuries but I think for the most part is it may go back and forth tit for. Two weeks stretches and yet the playoffs I think you're right I expected playoffs. One or both of those guys may find their way out of the rotation depending upon how they want you asked me. I want thing and one thing I think it is neither young nor my cause played well this year. I think both of homer happened sub par years. That caused been played nearly as confidently as last year and I don't really think nick young's help the Golden State Warriors them on. That's why tonight it's probably important for Patrick Cobb because Nick Young not playing point cart. He certainly not gonna start a game at point guard in the event of something like tonight happen even if Livingston is available so. You have to in my mind give the nod to Patrick down the road because his versatility and the fact that your he has a year. Defensively in the system as we've talked about are ready. Has proven himself a playoff situations where this team. It's a confidence thing to me it's a complete building of confidence in Patrick buys take coach that he's only been with Torres picked is more of a specialist. And really got that we talked about before comes that it hit 3453. He puts up eleven and a quarter. Looks good garbage time because maybe you were ready when it's warm show that it is a game at that point that. I think you'll take care of itself as the season goes along I think you can receive a caught in some key situations that may not stand out right away. But in the bigger than it is in hindsight when you get to April may you'll realize why use in the spots and I think tonight and starting over Sean is a key example of that. JD we had to impose a more on the previous segment he was talking about the kings and how they have nine players who. Have. What less than two years experience essentially. All the kings' roster. Give me a couple players are too light of the young players that they have. I like the air and fox I still haven't seen anything in their first what 1920 teams that says to me. While this guy's definitely going to be star I think he's going to be very good player. And I Tiki gets compared Watson to Mike Conley yanks yankees cattle long he'll last the they diesel faster player. That think Conley is he he can get it on the break and that's where he's most effective when he gets it right around half court he can heal but it ST. So I liked him. And beyond that I'm not really sure but yields up and downs Gallup BCA looks good one night that he's not playing for three or four games. Colleagues Stein is a guy that loves being in the back up power forward. And scores as a backup power forward but that's a guy that I think you drafted in because you think he's gonna be your franchise center. So he tends to flourish in a lesser role and maybe there's some question marks about him as today whether he's one of those guys that wants to bring. On a night in night out basis I think that's little bit of the concern. Don't really know lot about Justin Jackson who was supposed to be ready eight type of player of the week he has not looked. Like a ready made type of the player and in really their best players in the veteran Zach Randolph which is not a good sign when your team trying to come up with. Multiple franchise pieces to build around if you want more but god it. Accidents has got a bit he looks like a solid player already. And a guy that can fit in the week quickly and and have a role probably as a starter and would be really good on it gather. If there were more talent around them I didn't even look really give it already in this week's fox about Dodd should Petit. I JB thanks for joining us really appreciated and we will see you after the game on the wrap up to outfit.