John Dickinson- Warriors Warmup

John Dickinson On Demand
Saturday, April 14th

John Dickinson joined Chris Townsend, Matt Steinmetz, and Daryl Johnson to preview Game 1 vs the Spurs. 


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Welcome back to warriors warm up built by dole is the lumber doors and windows John Dickinson is here as these men all over. For this game one in the locker room and from the floor is brought to you by oaks card club play it Smart play a note before we hear from JP. Crist announced that mats that mr. Ehrlich route Johnson. How about Gregg Popovich that difference between last year's warrior team. And this yours warrior to. I knows his stuff wasn't there and everything that. It was through holes he's. And turn it off well. I'm not. He's still wasn't good then yeah. Melissa. There ego Popovich RD with the what the jokes that make difference notice staffs not here. JD what are we got Golub we've learned we've heard the rumors of knelt like he could start. What did you learn down locker room well I would expect that it is going to be JaVale McKee at thwarted the other new easy thing coming out in the pre game as the warriors releasing. The reevaluation of staff and Currie witches all is good. He's gonna continue to intensify. Well lateral movement and running in the next week in and be reevaluated. In a week. So that still puts him in line to be ready right around two weeks from today which is the earliest possible date. That makes second round series came in. As long as the warriors series and the police are delicate series they'll go seven games I thought it was so interesting last night I was watching some video is Steve Kerr was on it ESP and TV show at Scottie pippin. Is asking the current black student speakers. Answering the question about what it was like for their bulls team that 98. And behind him in the background to eighty out of the slot with stepped curry firing three pointer after three but. And as like it's staged well and that was exactly what was going on as they were trying to get the media don't leave practice yesterday because they had the availability yesterday. And everybody was done talking and him being like tops it spoke yesterday and it was like all right every gotta go gotta go and that was because. They were getting Kerry ready to shoot well as that was going on Irvin whose candidate shoot out of that jam in downtown Oakland. You saw Steve Kirk set up for that your views to your right as. Or was doing that interview was when they wanted to kick everybody else out of the gym did not. Let us watch Def trickery here and then Kurt was going to be doing that and well they have that big screen they can to pull with they really really want through the tiny didn't work for the masters it was all because everybody was in there ever ever exactly. So everybody was in their first he was doing the agility drills with Chelsea plane. Often decided people saw that. Which you people can see that I think they had a problem with that but as far as the actual shooting worked out well in the mobility going through that. That's more the team level type the skill but maybe no one but it's. Yet to be it's that old thing of nobody has an open practice anymore but some teams elect to commit to watch five minutes. And make you think you're looking at practice and that's with the warriors probably did yesterday we'll give you five minute look at Perry OK chatting here before we do anything serious or anything resembling. Some some heavy work. Look of the big picture for the warriors. Has gotten really really good in the last week. There's nothing but positive about staff Perry I think this match up against the spurs it's favorable to them and I just think if you put the whole season context. He didn't look like they were gonna be at a good place to three weeks ago. Turns out I think they're exactly where they wanna be right now. Yet they've got in my mind the perfect opponent to face in the first round of the playoffs because the spurs Brian. Get your attention it tells you you're gonna have to play in a buttoned up fashion. But the reality is spurs don't have the ports is actually beat the warriors if they app helps. Into this series so I think it's the perfect opponent and if you don't play the right way then yes they're Damien Berry sure hang in the game but. Actually win games and win a series the spurs compared that probably every other team in the west. They don't have the talent level to get it done it's that it's the best of all worlds as the series against the tip off. And the cherry on top would be. A sweet. Which I predicted that Golden State Warriors four games staff on the misses for. Did he keep it right come back and that video was great and I don't wanna be negative Nancy here but again. He talked about his ankle and now we're talking about the UCL sprain. We won't really know until he comes back on the court how his body the and ankle. Reacts to the basketball game action but what I saw last night. He looked fluid I'll Michael K. But they do best week obvious doorstep hoping that in the they get this week less games than you'll miss. I dishonest hilarious the speakers docket is Scottie pippin. And he looked Maggie I'll that's her right behind doing three's that is not it's at adjusting for national television. John Dickinson joint this year warriors warm up Crist announced that Matt Stein mr. of the root Johnson. I've JD my kids and eased up these books called where's Waldo. And I think we all remember though that those additions of where's bald now that's their play wears Walt locally play wears collide. Do we have any idea what state you as well the odds on favorite right now would be New York. At this point in a work it out get these individual workouts that we it to bond that's the Washington Post on. India this week earlier and he said. Well he had asked for sure he was under the impression that he's in New York continuing to work out with his people. To try and and get ready to it to play games sell. It's anybody's guess as to whether he makes some time miraculously recovered at some point in the series to meet who's gonna do it. He'd be in the building today suit up. Ready to know if you're gonna be ready for game three why would you be ready for game one I don't we app that play well. In a long time anyway so I. To be I I don't think he's going to be played in this. Yet I don't think he's going to be plain either I mean the only always look for. Well what could be a possible explanation even if it's not very likely. And I key. Maybe he said they were getting caught maybe said he was getting close and maybe said you know why. I might be able to make it back for game. If he says that. Then you obviously play a mean game three he doesn't think he's ready today but will be ready by Thursday. Mean that that's the only thing I couldn't imagine but again I don't I'm with JD out of the plight. It's and I LA it's it's kind of like that the bogey man you know you think kitty come back and let. Let that would do it. He's only played JB was like nine times yeah eight that's exactly right so it's just it's hard to believe that that he's going to be a factor in this series in and looked at the nether. Example of okay you take carry out for the warriors. They still have to arrange and other guys you takeaway away from the spurs. And what are you what are we talking about here not much that we're talking about. You know Patty Mills were talking about burying the anti green and Kyle Anderson in and Rudy Gay I mean it that that's not nearly enough. And you just wonder though why they wouldn't rule him now all the way 100%. And you know the old adage is a series doesn't start to a team loses the game on their home floor somebody said Antonio. Has something up their sleeve to Wear that game three will be in this series actually starts and they hope they can steal one here in these two. But did you imagine that scenario. Did Hawaii later would be ready to go gained through game three if the spurs were down two woke hill that would be something on the psychologically. That and to notice that took the a's don't want that obviously didn't play well amid a stretch Katie what do you expect to see today from the wars we expect them to look like. A better defensive effort that we've seen more attention to beat hale. I think that's really own not being careless with the basketball. Not get off to a bad start maybe you're not hit shots early in the game but you're hanging in the game. Because of your effort level. On the defensive side I think it's those kinds of things not to beat on cuts. You know it's just basic basketball kinds of things playing within energy like you want that team. You know for crying out loud I mean I. How many times have we you know done a post game show I've done warriors wrap up a lot that knowledge you guys a lot now after the game work we're trying to raise. How much the warriors actually aired on that given night. Game one of the playoffs he can't be having that conversation. When we all Rican beating you guys did it at about 2:33 o'clock and I join you later. At a question for both you guys everybody talks about pop conviction and genius that he is that he certainly is. Do you think after game one today when we're talking about the game. We'll be able to identify. Something pop the beach did door in the game. That he hoped would work or that will say that is what he had up his sleeve game 1. That I am not necessarily so sure. Well the only thing with the layoff when Coke in the quake could be you know basically air cooling code issues. Focus all your attention on Kevin Durant. Don't leave Klay Thompson Raymond green via playmaker when you're stick it to be the the rants and like options and make quick hook. Have to be shot me current proved that he can do it it's the old adage of picnic the opponent's line at the baseball and act guys knock at the boardwalk. If I make the next guy be too well went to the next guy popped the chance that we're back to meaningful not meaningless. Rating OJ I'm ready to roll we've been doing this all year long it now. Is all about it that Larry O'Brien trophy we're gonna have the starting lineup the keys to victory as it gets ready for game one spurs are warriors right here all the lawyers not 57 game.