John Dickinson- Warriors Warmup

John Dickinson On Demand
Saturday, March 17th

John Dickinson joined Damon Bruce, Matt Steinmetz, and Kerry Keating from Talking Stick Resort Arena to preview Warriors vs Suns on Warriors Warmup.


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Knew he was about to break all he's an unbelievable teammate and worker and he adds a lot to the character of the team. I love coed these he's a long term NBA player in my book as a player especially as a young player you have the courage to play your game. Helped tremendously is just the cost some games from everybody and offensive. You listening to a four years warmup on 95 cents at the team. Diana Ross still works fellas good job like that an awful lot of welcome back to warriors warmup built by dole and lumber doors and windows. Along with Matt Stein to Kerry Keating on Damon bruised to pleasure to have you along today it was a pleasure to ceased and Doug Quinn cook have such a good game. With the with the an awful lot of responsibility given to the young men all the warrior all stars basically sitting it out except for dream on green lecture recorded his 500 career block last night as the eighth warrior. To ever reach that mark but Quinn called he did set new career highs in minutes points steals three point attempts and made three pointers. In a lot to have another good game tonight because were about to go to the floor the man who was standing on the floor from the floor is our good friend John Dickinson. The from the floor segment brought you by oaks card club played Smart played out in John is joining us live from talking stick resort arena in Phoenix. How you do when John it's good to have you there why are you doing critics. Gentlemen good to be with him Matt. Long time no chat had yet to feel I think I think we were on the air from the airport it felt like yeah Derrek Lee glad to see you may not that would. Yeah at down here for the game tonight. Obviously and going to be. Economical spring training baseball the next 34 days after tonight so it's a beautiful weather little chillier than they were used to. For Arizona in the valley of the sun in the seventies it not that ninety's but good good. Good time out here for the next few days absolutely. Enjoy your little spring break you certainly earned it. The warriors they got a lot of spring break for players right now whole bunch not going have you talked to Steve Kerr. And heard his pregame presser what's the latest who's in who's out tonight JD. Yeah want to quit dollar he's in available to play. Left knee contusion but dollars always gets up that he's dealing with and and coming out of the game last night. That knee contusion left him is god it was likely to play and will play. All precast be out and going to be out but something that it was originally to be he feared to be more serious. He's got a sprained an ankle but it says it really been. Upgraded from a sprained to a tweaked the warriors levees that are weak and so not disappearance a full blown sprain he's officially dated may not get a play. Not tonight in Phoenix but getting closer. And our diet that isolate it from the athletic reporting it just a moments ago pat because get a return it San Antonio. On Monday night so it's a little bit breaking news is attic yet that he tweeted that out Spinner right behind me here Syria and giving it to be able. A little love for that one so they're get a little bit healthier. On Monday night which is a good side is they don't have a lot of wings right now at all. And JD off that any concern about the amount of minutes that bigger dollar may need to pick up as a result this before Patrick comes back. You haven't looked at market overextended a dollar and an edited and I think he is gonna start tonight though her role on what the same starters. As he went with last night against Sacramento Aussie as he cooked and young and in it would I'll play in the starting line up. Just because they're so depleted the it serves the guys that complain the guard in the small fort Nelson think they wanna. To limit livingstone's minutes as much as they possibly can so. It's a good sign from a caught it become a back because they use sand Matt we were talking about it earlier at the NBA this week they use him at the one. Zoo or the three so he gives him a lot of versatility. When he returns that'll help ease up on haven't overextended it would Dolly here these last four weeks before the playoffs. JD was there any talk in the pregame. Availability of bowel. The last meeting between two teams would Steve Kerr allowed his team. To coach themselves I know these these guys play each other three more time with this is the first time since that game. Now lie. Not expecting anything. As far as that goes tonight and now. The warriors don't have any of their guys playing so I think gave his sons were going to it to make some kind of a statement. About that I wouldn't think that tonight would be that night to be it would probably be one of the games where. They play either an oracle. One on Easter Sunday night April 1 or back here again and a couple of weeks on April 8. They plant consecutive Sundays. To close out to this season so I I think if we're gonna see any. Baseball style retaliation. For anything that happened did that first match up. Were probably got to see it in one of those two games and not an idol though that this this suns group is is feisty. As they showed. As they showed earlier in the week. Will they be as feisty tonight if they don't have Devin Booker I heard he might be a question mark game time decision. Anything on the suns in what they're rolling out tonight. Yet Devin Booker Zach Duke warming up right now in front of me I'll watch them go through some some layup drills. And he's an official game time decision. And depending upon how he feels if he feels good that he'll be a goat tonight so it's sounding. More likely that he will play that he won't play but that's set to be determined. Based on this warm up that and you literally just came out on the floor about two minutes ago. While I was socket you guys be just start again at lather up. What about 56 minutes before tip off. John Dickinson is coming to us live from talking stick resort arena in Phoenix where the warriors are taken on a team. That has more wins over the Sacramento Kings then they do this year no one thought that was going to be. Pretty much did anything we said at any point in time all year long JD. Well any any game for this warriors team right now is is a lose a ball game what to something or not it's also a winnable game. But that's that that were just not used to when you look at the last four years. The Steve her Arabic you look at a game like last night Debbie or were not used to seeing them struggle. With the Sacramento Kings when I used to seat of struggle. With this Phoenix Suns team but when you take star players away star power players and the reason do away games in the NBA. Maybe more than any other sport so it's it's a level playing field. It's a suns team that why hasn't beat the warriors since 2013. At the with eve. So it's this may be there at their best opportunity on the second item of the active back. Would depleted squad a drain on green lead in the way. But all all the focus now for the warriors is is on just trying to get healthy. Healthier by the day in and now worried about whether they're going to be the ones he did that to see that that's seemingly been decided for them by their play the play at a rockets. So it's just about be it in the best frame of mind a position they possibly can. Whatever they tipped off the playoffs whether it's four weeks from today on the fourteenth or four weeks from tomorrow on April 15 do you think when cookies playing his way into a full time NBA contract which would mean if they wanted to add and any kind of playoff roster JD they would have to let. One of their current sign players. Go and just looking at the odd man out due to the injury situation that could be gasping. Yeah it could be and I think it's interesting to see how the the the next week or so plays out as far is. When Stefan curry Klay Thompson. As far is its wing players and guards go if they if they come back and they're healthy and a cop comes back and he looks good. Then I think the warriors to be less inclined to look at that I am I don't feel that that's a move they want that necessarily make but I don't think it's a move that they're afraid to make. In an emergency as far as given him that that full contract in and haven't Emeka tough roster move on somebody else so I don't think it's. Completely out of the realm of possibility. But I don't think it's the preferred method and as curry and Thompson and Michael are able to come back. And show themselves to be healthy I think that's a move that probably won't be made but. There's no doubt Quinn cook guys get continued to force the issue would make it is typical problem. For the warriors and a nice problem to have if he can keep putting out 20/20 five point games. Try to do some quick research for JD said they could lose tonight is me and they lost last night's. The last time the warriors lost four out of five. And he guesses. Was definitely. While the worst stretch I know they've had in the courier I think was five and five over ten games on how to be before Steve Kirk mark Jackson's last year November of two point you through November 27 they lost three in a row beat the pelicans and lost enough with the marriage so it's been. Quite some time to sit lost four out of five game. Say it's been quite a while since a sixteen took out a one in the NCAA and our allies don't happen it is a weird month of march for sure for all teams involved in JD thanks so much for getting involved with us tonight we really appreciate your. Check and in what does from talking stick resort arena in Phoenix. It's it culpable pregame tension in the air or is this a game a lot of people roll their eyes that. Puts it it's a game where there's a lot of warrior fans in the building I can tell you that and they're all gathered around the court Watson the warriors warmup but this one I think got a lot of Bay Area folks are due Monday. The double double of Seattle little cactus league baseball and see the warriors play. All in the same Saint Patrick's Day weekend which is known to be. Is it a lot of consumption on that weekend down in the valley indeed enjoy all the consumption that you can fit into your Sunday afternoon in your Saturday night. When this is wrapped up tonight JD we really appreciate you joining us have a great trip through was Scottsdale. You've got to tell us and Matta talked after the game yes sir. There is John Higgins and so I guess we'll have to wait a little while before he really start his own personal consumption. Due to defect the guy's got post game tonight we have more pre game four in just a moment as a matter fact assistant coach Mike round. Was talking on Sirius XM radio about the season about the injuries about what they face in the playoffs and we'll have a little of that for you along with a projected starters in keys to victory tonight. It's warriors in Phoenix Suns are coming up here on 957 game.