John Dickinson joins Warriors Warmup 12-27

John Dickinson On Demand
Wednesday, December 27th

John Dickinson joins Warriors Warmup with the latest on Stephen Curry, why JaVale McGee has fallen out of the rotation and Steve Kerr's thoughts on the NBA's final two minute officiating reports.


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Welcome back everybody to warriors warm up. Doors and windows and it's time for our from the floor and it brought. Our play in oaks and bringing John Dickinson 957 the games reporter. And let's start with the first thing I saw when I came into the gym. Tonight and that was staff curry. Doing conditioning drills. Out all on the floor. Do is are planned for staff and if they do you have Juan what is it. Yet the plan is for him definitely to scrimmage tomorrow the warriors are gonna practice tomorrow it got to the back to back Friday and Saturday the one thing Steve Kerr did say though. Is the fact that they're not sure what all those games that they're gonna have nine other players for to be a full five on five. VF three on three there might be some washed up. Former player. That have to get out there today can actually get. It ten players total and that he was asked a follow up disease ousted. In five on five before he would be cleared and Steve Kerr said wealth we can't get amid a five on five than three on three may have to suffice. It's what if that were hours talk and it's funny about this as a coach. You want that. I guess confidence in your own decision to put him back on the floor to know he can handle I can't imagine training staff. At this level is requirement special watch what he's been do with the last three games pre game and the amount of movement he's doing cited sides brand so. It is Kennedy back to me it's almost like if there was a Christmas should be asking who the players like there was a step curry who's got a lot of loot he would receive Hayes can play through three tomorrow so. You know its staff and that's always an heighten the awareness and and it world just kinda ready to see him back. Yes and I think just from a scheduling standpoint obviously not playing deny it it would stand to reason that you wouldn't necessarily wanna play the couple schemes of the back to back. Right off the job just for conditioning purposes and alike can ease impacting end. So originally I was thinking all right it's probably going to be Friday I think he wants it to be Friday with the game being against Charlotte. But it seems more like maybe it might just be Saturday at this point but the plan to have him scrimmage in some form or fashion get a little physics talent you tomorrow. Bob Meyers was on earlier today with 957 and he suggested Friday's probably Al now and at that point you wanna not playing Saturday that gives you four extra days so. It is a lot of talking about. The weather's gonna come back this gambit that practice went to you have those extra days to get some guys or at least get some bodies after few days off get it at at this point it wouldn't surprise me either way to be honest hey Jake either gonna. A little bit of a rumbling about your moment he this story for Marcus Thompson in the athletic that the warriors. We're talking a Milwaukee maybe there's something there what's all which avail McKee. Well Steve Kurt explained. Why he's fallen out of the rotation and part of it was obvious the emergence of Jordan bell he also said that he feels the week he's continued to just go smaller to where that person plane that five spot. Has to be able to extend. Out to the three point line and be able to defend. And that that's something that you fail struggles with from time to time he likes Pachulia as the starter. Pachulia back in there tonight as the starter Steve said would be the case on Monday and then it becomes a matter of he plays more guys than most coaches do. But he can't play thirteen he's got sixteen available right now fifteen I guess if he can't carry and he got to figure out. To play 1011 that's about his limit. And that means that there's gonna be two guys essentially every night. That are gonna play in right now just fails the odd man out delete he did praise to feel McKee professionalism. I'm in in the way he's handled it and he said look the job for Judeo McKean has to be ready he said there may be at night. Where were low energy that I'm gonna go to and I needed to be ready to roll and be a pro city has been a row but he expects about it. Hey you might be out there in any moment go get it. That's almost like to meet the kiss of death like look at that we're gonna we're gonna appraiser professionals because. You're here in the rumbling. On the wall because damion Jones has probably performed well enough. You take that slot next year I can't see next year having damion Jones OK you're standing geely is done full time. Beer pro and see if we can go past this next year. And really if the word about them trying to put another shooter on the roster because we all know how much they crave that. And may need that just in case knock on wood someone else goes down. Little bit of an indictment on his. Seemingly recording partner now Nick Young more than his playing partner and that means Javelle. You know why have someone who's who's gonna really wanna play not playing the Tennessee mess up the chemistry at an able body I don't know who that may be. But I think this is more of a long term that's become squeezed into this year and maybe make the most of while we can maybe help to go out for a long term play someplace. The one thing it's to that to mean Steve it was pretty blunt about it when he explained it and I mean it if he really said you know he's fallen out of the rotation it out like he's gonna have to deal that he'll get back in their like anybody. He tends to change the rotation may be more than most coaches do. But I did think it was a direct line of hey he's gonna have to almost sucked it up and away right now. Let tells me he's also told JaVale that gentle than an hour that is therapeutic. That's been her who start tonight Judy it's going to be Shaun Livingston at the point guard spot overpass McCaw. And Zaza Pachulia is gonna start at center as speaker said would be the case of yes Shaun Livingston back in there my copy it and in eventual. Let me ask you about the last two minute report because we just plates out of LeBron James or is there Sacramento today are. He talked about it for a minute or two in Sacramento it looked like he was a topic at shoot around today. Did her talk about it at all in the pre game and if so what he's. Did he he appreciates the trains there the transparency of the week to trying to explain what's going on what they're thinking on certain calls. What is without what's not us now why it is a fallacy deem it to be. May be an incorrect call he also went on to say he hasn't looked at the two minute report but all year. And eighty doesn't really you know put a lot of stock in Nader or anything like that. Though the ones saying you know again and Matt we talked about it a little bit down on your show earlier today. Just how does the league go about handling it in the one thing that is speakers not in favor of is this what you go back to you start assessing afoul. After the fact display as you could see on the screen when the only thing you're allowed to do. Is officiate. You know the ball being out of bounds right say like the play on Monday that was off the front gates he doesn't think that. But he. It's the fact that there's a there's a gray area that the league is in a lot of ways trying to make it is black and white is possible. When the reality is that a lot of plays or more from great. Area ya gotta leave the gray area with giving nothing's perfect nothing that clear cut in the physical game like that so. It on our discussion earlier Matt talking about that the soccer advantaged player on type things sometimes. You have to treat that advantage this event within the flow of the game and dream I think said that today you know like we're. We gonna go back to. Yet that you mentioned has it Gordon Hayward throw out here yeah it did court here without me by soft regardless it's good to go to the final floor. We're not gonna change it back electrical replay that again immunized. I don't know I again because it came up. It in the spirit transparency due to referees integrity. Now it's become something else that's almost like I have to keep that in house and help refereed to get better is certainly not gonna help the players the coaches. Yeah and unfortunately you may be in a spot word lately gains you think it's a foul. You can you may have official start have been a blow that whistle so they don't have the risk going to the tape and see the foul. But then have a nothing to do that. It just feels like right now the way what goes rules set up losers just so it's a loophole. It's just the loophole in the rule in you know look before replay before high death before all this kind of stuff. What would happen it is what happened in the game it wouldn't like go. Brought up balked at the line there's contact underneath they didn't call it close play penalize. You get the ball stay here stay here and it's it's. It's it's a part of good officiating almost but. If you can scrutinize and have the replay and then you can't really does do that pitcher that acknowledging bullet to make a call. She tried this is a make up call within a play almost 302 bitter report in college and I was coaching. Of all the losses I've suffered the last two minutes that I guess knowledge that I'd still be coaching. Real loss at W sixty turn of it and David stock that clearly pushed our guy off at the rim the lamp at the buzzer to beat them. To go to some I've found the receipt so called help. As the coach you don't know how I got around Hollywood creative David Stockton did that your guys needed to be spinning and exactly what it is which is there a point the size of these guys is every ballot not the same. Especially in the NBA. Because not all bodies of the same not all buys react to contact the same via you don't policy policy the last two minute coaching report. About their eating base at. 13 I was tired as part of any time battling this 11 quick note though we won the cable car class gets you to that. And there that there is a guy behind our base that yelled out we. No timeouts left the rep returns announced that time I said none of us anything of that Garrett then they go to the to the table thirty like five seconds left. And you can't make a substitution in college on the time your saliva but my best guy in best big guys now running at the time seven men. It about a hundred underneath faked a handoff to the guy coming back in the about a goes the ram puts it and we went to cable car plus the three officials. So us that they'd been activated a lot of these some guy there was essentially acumen that report for them by. That coaching I want now nice jog here I had to sit let me just noted that positive so essentially what your best coaching moves who's cheating. So you have got to have at times you know that's what it takes a high techs like JD appreciated. That was yeah afterwards for the warriors wrap are we come back. We're gonna continue with the warriors warmup built by dole would lumber doors and windows.