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Thursday, July 19th
JD joins Steiny & Guru (filling in on the Damon Bruce Show) to recap the DeMarcus Cousins introductory press conference.

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Joining us right now and here's away and got to introduce John Dickinson and our very own John Dickinson. Reporter here in 957 game and I said this to warmer earlier I don't think there's anybody. Maybe in the business entirely that date has a feel for DeMarcus Cousins like JD you spent a lot of time with him. In Sacramento covering the kings at that time. And JD that that's kind of where I wanna start not that I'm not insinuating your friends with DeMarcus Cousins which you've spent. A lot of time. Around him my first question is. You'll like deal like DeMarcus Cousins. Do you like DeMarcus Cousins guys in it's it's interesting kind of put it this way. Oh over the years that that I've been in the Bay Area and in with my history prior to that in Sacramento you know at times. His name would come up whether he was playing with the kings or even the last couple years after he got traded. Last year and a half when he was playing for the pelicans before he got injured and and net it would even come up in conversations we have. And the way I would always put it with DeMarcus Cousins is he's not what you think it's because. Yeah get questions get asked do you think boy that guy just. He terrible in the locker room it needs is big problem and he's difficult to deal with and liked pocketed media and all these negative things about them. And honestly I never found any of that to be true and I am. How was I thought he got. A little bit of the bad reputation. And as far as what exactly he is and I think today Matt you are kind of talk after that the press conference. And I got the impression and a unit the one on one within afterwards Soledad. I kind of felt almost like you understood after today exactly what I meant at those conversations with you throughout the years. Yellow the one thing that stuck out to me was. Huge you feel it's just like he's really comfortable with themselves. And and if he doesn't mind a straightforward question. No in fact he he appreciates straightforward question he would prefer a straightforward question. He would prefer more straightforward. Head coach as well when you look at you know head coach yet the most success with was was Michael Malone who obviously is with the warriors. As an assistant coach before he moved on to Sacramento and and it didn't work out for coach Malone in Sacramento it's worked out a lot better in Denver. I'd just like things worked out better with the pelicans Italy got hurt and things worked out though with the markets. In Sacramento as well so I think ease ease. Of a funny personality I think he's a little quirky I think he's got a bigger since humor. Then he becomes off at different times and I do think he's learned as time has gone on. Elect some of the negativity kill me if there is one thing he struggled with. It's a temper but it's also a belief that. You know everything's against him in in in Buchanan would internalized that and outwardly want constantly roof. Everybody wrong and I am an impression I had gotten. And really got today was maybe he's let a lot of that go and seize gotten a little bit older and moved on from his career Casilla got. A part of the blame. In Sacramento. And any if you look at that the way that franchise. Had been run from the point where he was drafted they're going back to 2002 and DeMarcus Cousins was the least of the problems when you look at what was going on in Sacramento that's always the way I characterized as the perfect person. Now they have to he had problems with coaches was it all the coaches fault. Don't not necessarily is it difficult teammate at times. I think some of those criticisms were fair but in the in the big picture greens scheme of no. Where he was at first is worth that franchises that. I think key you don't have a choice but to say look the franchise was the picker problem and he's already been a little bit more successful than you ever been and just in the short period that he got away from that environment. JD I mean you're you're on point in almost Ellen Stein and a first impressions are everything but a lot of times. You know guys come across Reseda what Tom salute them for their first press conference and they below but the markets was. Dislike you eat you know you touched on it he opened up he was real. Witty. And I'm happy for him I think he was the poster boy a what went wrong and second again you said he wasn't perfect nobody is but my question to you is. What's a win win for DeMarcus Cousins. Personally when you talk about. What do you expect from home when he comes back. And will there would be that moment for him to to go 25 and fifty on dumbest idea I know he probably doesn't think that but. Do you what do you wanna see from this from another team to say you know what let's go ahead and throw all this money Adam he's all the way back. Well I think it's going to be tough for him to put up numbers even if he is relatively healthy just based on the fact is always going to be at Mina. Now it's going to be easier. For the guards in the wings you know Stefan curry is it as a guard submitted as the ball is in July. Kevin Durant obviously one of the great scores in the game Klay Thompson's not gonna sacrifice anything he's he's told us that. Over the last few years he doesn't after you but I I think you know when you look at it. Somebody's gonna have to create for DeMarcus Cousins if he's going to be a big time scorer but there's other things he can do. He's a terrific rebounder. He's he's a pretty good passer and a willing passer almost added to the tune of I think the one thing that it and I say this kidding only. It DeMarcus Cousins is gonna be right up there competing with Stefan curry injury in my green with some of those passes were your Golan. It'll lead you and I but but NN but in a way where you know people can kind of laugh about it. And you know shake their head about it but speakers gonna have you know some fun with that as well mean heat. He's willing passer but at times he tries to be a little bit overly creative is probably the best way to put it. East decent three point shooter which is something that you know you don't think of big man. You know being able to do but he can do that and I just think he does give them that low post presence if there was one thing they didn't have. He somebody that you can point at the low post the high post demeanor I think he's a real. Functional suitable offensive player for whatever the heck that is the warriors wanted to do and in one interesting thing. You know that the pelicans played pretty fast even when you met him now he he he couldn't always keep up. And there were tough times he was maybe don't free throw line to free throw line. And you know not you know basket of basket in panic catching his breath. But I think assuming that you can get close to a 100%. He is somebody that isn't gonna mind trying to run the floor and get into an early offense you know where you post up download dump a tool. Before the defense is set and it's kind of a one on one and if he's got somebody wanna I wanna block that can a transition setting. I don't think there's really anybody eating garden where you get it in the half court where you can double and he can help in different things. It becomes trickier but I think it is the worst to put him in the position where he gets it. Before the rest of the defense is around. He's almost automatic in those types of situations. John Dickinson 95 point seven a game a reporter he's joining us he covered DeMarcus Cousins. During his time in Sacramento knows him as well as any media member. I want to ask you this JD if in and this is where we'll wrap it up if if cousins comes back and let's say he's about 75%. Where will the 25%. What will be missed in net 25%. What do you think he would lose that we might. Notice. I think and the defense advanced 888 could look pretty ugly especially you know if if you get him in situations where he's got a Frankie. And you know himself in front of you know maybe a player that wants to drive by hammers him but he it's got some quickness I think that it looked pretty bad pretty quickly. I think. You could see it in terms of his outside shot if he gets may be a little bit tired or quicker because his conditioning isn't you know necessarily. In line I think it could affect him in terms of you know even baby being able to score is dominantly down blow as far as just not not happen the first of the explosives to the one thing. Is he has a pretty good face up player from you know right around the elbow or they're trying to give it to him and let him go. That's an area where I think maybe some of that initial explosion get to the basket or get into a move. With the debt when he's going one on one task facing a defender I think that sound than. That could be there but I really fascinated to see other warriors play Elvis out because they are in a position. To allow him. To get healthier than I think any other team. That could've possibly sign him so. Will he be patient Willey continued it to work that you know monotonous rehab that he said was the worst. I haven't do the same thing over and over again I think those are all questions that remain to be seen. But look if if he gets close to a 100% if it's 8090%. I mean he's just going to be a weapon and it ate in a way that the warriors haven't had a weapon. During their their ray you know of NBA supremacy. Yeah JD I was telling study also I just got today was another reminder. That the warrior franchise is set up so whale. Did he could afford to take a chance. And let DeMarcus Cousins heal it when he comes back they'll be that much more lethal the bronze went to LA dating vehicle why did he give Paula George. Cool wise in Toronto are sell that to say who got better than the warriors. Being a pro active windows markets gets healthy. I look at the scope of the league and say the warriors got better than anybody else. Yeah I mean I serve. We don't think anybody's caught make the rockets are probably farther away than they were I mean the lakers I don't really know what they are yet and in a playoff team sure but I don't really know what level. Of a playoff team they are I think San Antonio could be okay and it ate there a playoff team. You know when you look at it didn't DeRozan. In there in that trade obviously with quietly entered actually go Oklahoma City got a little bit better today. Ridding themselves of Carmelo Anthony but none of these teams in the west are on par with what the world bakers have right now. And I and I think really you almost have to look to the Eastern Conference is could there be a team like Philadelphia or Boston. That puts themselves in a position where maybe they can beat challenger. I'm in a finals of a long ways to go obviously this season just ended what five weeks ago. But no I think you're right I think the warriors have done as much if not more than anybody else to try and separate. To try and you know get an infusion of something different like Steve Kerr talked about DeMarcus Cousins is a hell of an. Fusion. Yeah that's a great point he's probably going to be an infusion at the perfect time if if all things lineup they JD thank you so much for joining us. Perhaps it and I know you. EU works and things around have a nice have a nice dinner tonight my man. You gotta guys always always a pleasure.