John Dickinson joins Steiny and Guru LIVE from Houston

John Dickinson On Demand
Wednesday, May 16th

Steiny and Guru are joined by John Dickinson (957 The GAME Super Reporter) LIVE from Houston ahead of Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.


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Rewarding travelers are gonna cut you off right there. Gotta catch right you know here I mean he Jim I. Talking about that guy. When you have John Dickinson on the phone from Houston right now right now let's give you talk about the ultimate insult to Norman JD what's up John you deal man. Guys good to be with you that's it's. And Ed no Matt you cannot say that. I know your Alter it's a good thing I didn't and good thing I didn't. Page eighty I would ask you about. A couple of comments yesterday that one made by James Harden about not being able to do it by himself. I didn't take dad is throw his teammates under the bus but I just thought it was kinda it kinda truthful what. You know what what did you think of it. Well I think. I don't think he was thrown his teammates under the bus as much as he was saying you guys have to make shots. I am just like he made shots in game one and may be even more so. In game two tonight because James Harden hit eight ton of really get their shots in game one I I don't think you can count on. A few of those shots Gilani and again in game two Sonata Leo the rockets in a position where. They're probably gonna have to offset a couple of those shots not only in. But they also have to do is have guy shoot better because the rest of their guys were so bad so no I I think what cartons the guy at the cat scan of the ball in his hands. A lot although one adjustment that. Do you wonder if the rockets meek is the ball and Chris Paul's it's a little bit more Danica had mixed elaborate on the and the reason I say that is because it. That belief that you Harden can always get he is and maybe he becomes the safety valve but what I think is they put the ball and Chris Paul's millions more. He gets cemented their profits quicker and Paul is more. Pardons become a terrific passer and he creates a lot of opportunities for teammates but Chris Paul is as true point guard as there is so to me. I could see the rockets' starting the offense with Chris Paul in an attempt to try and yet. Some looks for himself but also be some better quality books for the rest of the teammates I also think that's a way to. Get the pace going to pick it up a little bit advocated the office give the ball the most true point guard on the floor in this year. It's yet that's something that I was talking to by intense about because I was saying gotta remember. Tons of hard and isolation but I'd I don't remember very much Chris Paul isolation. Yes node node out and look at I think that's the one thing and you know Stefan curry was asked yesterday what he expected that the big conversation. Yesterday and today as far as from the warrior side is they're constantly get NASA what do you think the rockets are gonna viewed differently. And dream on green was pretty defiant he says only once 65 games they're gonna do what they do that that's kind of what the rockets have said at least Mike Ian Tony. Stefan curry yesterday said he he expects more. Adjustments do you offensively from the rockets than offensively I think there's this belief that. At least when the rockets have the ball. What we've seen from them is what they all are. But maybe defensively you see a little bit of a different look on to rant. They got confused and number at different times on on switches and lost Klay Thompson I think that's something that they know. They're gonna have to do it a better job. Against in trying to take a little bit more away from what the warriors do because the warriors just I keep coming back to. Kind of re watching game one in my mind in going over a few plays here or there just the fact that. The warriors looked very comfortable. Playing against this rockets team when they have the basketball almost like they feel they get whatever they want. Whenever they wanted it's just a matter of are the shots gonna go down or not in game one enough of them went down for the rant. And for Klay Thompson and for other. So JD it's the playoffs. It's game day in a staple has been for the Golden State Warriors. What is the starting lineup gonna look like and I know they started to Hampton five. Game one bidding get off to the best start so I ask you would you be at all shocked if they kept Iggy on the bid to one of the bigs got ago. I would be shocked if Steve Kirk changed it up after a win I really would mean he is about is. If it ain't broke don't fix it kind of a coach. As there is in the league so I think he'll roll with that unit dream on green played thirty plus minutes as the senators in game one. Cup final looney got a lot of other minutes I think it's going to be the exact same rotation basically. In game two as we saw in game one which includes Kamal looney be in the first guy in. And that includes Nick Young do it now a couple of minutes just like he did at the end of the first quarter and he wound up getting a couple because it would dollop picked up the third south into the second quarter and and even that want to be in a break because. Nick Young had a wide open three that he hit it to tidy gaming kind of break. Some of the rockets momentum. That they had built up toward the end of the second half after they've given up beliefs. I think it's going to be. The same rotation from the warriors side of things. As we saw in game one until the rockets make and do something different. JD and we're talking to John Dickinson ease our 957 the game reporter he's been Houston he was there for game one hell obviously. Be there watching game two of the of them had. One characteristic that hasn't really. Been a great when it's that that they have been complacent at times this year. If you were a warrior fan would would you be at all concerned that this would actually be the game where they could be complacent. Yeah that's to me is the biggest story line for the warriors going into this game is are they gonna come out and play. Like they wanna get the 20 lead or they gonna come out and play like a team that got the one needed to get it. Knows they're going home. And at that point it becomes about winning two at home I really would be surprised in a conference finals against a team as talented as the rockets. Without the home court advantage. If the warriors really didn't come out. It and play you know wit who what where were not talking about effort or you know maybe he laid back relaxed a little bit I. I really don't think we're going to be talking about that after the game now. That doesn't mean the warriors are automatically gonna weigh in because the pockets are. A talented team in and the rockets are going to be. At least committed to the game fighting for their their playoff lives tonight at home because if they don't get this thing it is. All but over but I do think it's fair to wonder because the warriors. Would you give them whenever there's been a reason for them that just. Lack a little bit. They've taken that opportunity and they've always Wanda paid it back when they had to view and get in the way they need down the line. But I know I think even going back to game three against the pelicans in New Orleans I mean that was kind of one of those series where they just. They played that team like they had a game to play it. But I'd be careful do and at a fund the warriors tonight. Because it mean. Look if the rockets get tonight then there's. Pressure on the warriors to win two home and and look I I think they actually will go home and win two regardless of what happens tonight. You know what if you have a bad shooting game of the rockets have a great shooting game and all of a sudden may be dropped one at all. Then you're back in a position where he got a win another road game and the series to start immediately so there really is. Not much if any room to play with when you start talking about a conference final. In terms of you know the top two teams in the NBA facing each other and not having. A home court advantage as the warriors well now do you but didn't at least when this thing started. JD how would you assess staff Curry's game one defensively. Because the reason I ask is everywhere I look in breed. All James Harden had Tony two point when he was isolated would step curry but tomorrow I didn't look like he had a bad game defensively. I think Stefan curry would Teddy had a bad game defensively and he knew there were a couple of possessions where he. Was it where he needed to be including net first possession of the game which which we've talked about a couple of different times including after the ball game on Monday night. I think overall Stefan curry is probably a little bit better defender than than maybe people think but I don't I think if the ask Stefan curry and and even alluded to this a couple of different times he he would say that he didn't have the best. Defense of game. Although Hardin did make some tough shots that you think to be fair. You have to give James Harden credit. For making some very difficult shots in stretches of that game but now I I would say. If you're to safety needed did staff have a good defensive game in game one I would say no he didn't have a good defensive game in Yankee tell you that himself. JD thank you very much and we will talk to you next door and warriors warmup. I sounds good guys John Dickinson 957 again reporter.