John Dickinson joins Steiny and Guru LIVE from Houston

John Dickinson On Demand
Tuesday, May 15th

Steiny and Guru are joined by John Dickinson (957 The GAME Super Reporter) LIVE from Houston to react to the Warriors Game 1 win in Houston.


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It's got to Houston where John tickets since gonna join us he is 957 to gain reporter and he was their last night JD what's going on man you don't. What's going on guys could be with you as always. Just started saw off what what were your impressions of the game last night what what are couple thoughts that stuck out. To you and then now we'll just have a discussion about it. Look I thought the warriors great game all told for them I think there were a couple of points early in the game. That it could've gotten away from them a little bit it could have turned into a game where it got into the double digit range as far as the rockets. It may be run away with it a little bit but they did it good to top of just stopping runs. And going on runs of their own and it was twelve to four and then it was a one point game and in the rockets. Got off to an eight point run and it was a nine point game there but the warriors came back and they were only down one. At the end of the first quarter I thought that was huge I also thought the other key juncture of the game was. Right at the end of the first half because the warriors controlled. The second quarter really for the most part. But the rockets had a run late in the second quarter and just you know that Nick Young three at the end of the half got it back to tie it just kind of calmed everything down. The warriors found themselves in a great position. At the half and that in the third quarter. Be the case that Tenet did with they do they played better than anybody in the third quarter they got control the game from there but just bigger picture. The warriors had to rant. The rockets at Hardin if those two cancel out the warriors had three or four other players that played well. I'm not sure really any of the rockets role players played well all last night. The JD you wouldn't believe it but we've taken a few called do where some people think step curry had a bad game in almost Ellen's Denny I believe it's just because he was one of five from three. And that's what they're used to but he was going to the whole eight of fifteen. What did you make a step Curry's performance last night. I think it's hard for Stefan curry to have eight Kevin Durant like performance. When Kevin Durant is happening Kevin to rise apartments I just don't think you can have two guys do that. And warriors fans at peak times. Little spoiled with the with the thought of the warriors have to win a certain way and we've talked about this before they want it to be. 119 to one of six and they want to react at 35 McCurry F thirty that want clay at 25 and and David West at eighty and Livingston had six in Nicki on a couple of threes and it's like it all has to fit straight months got to have a triple double. Ellen B plus fifteen. In the game but it. Not every game fits in that box and I think Corey did play really well last night other than the fact that. Yeah gets him. Defense of assignments which you alluded to after the game including the first play of the game is supposed to get down on genes are and gave him about a minute and a half to line up the three it. That that heart nailed and got his night Golan but other than that. And not and he did play well in the fact that like you said he he didn't make threes I thought he was in control of the game. And again if if clay is gonna take eighteen shots entering its gonna take 27 and those guys are gonna combine. For nearly seventy or whatever it is 65 exactly and I think it's hard for curry go for thirty is well. And it's still get positive contributions from everybody else I think Curry's game was solid. And you know what he's probably gonna have a game or two in the series well as ones that. Goes on for. Where maybe he does push close to that their grant line in and if for the or stake. It'll be beneficial to them that he doesn't on a night or maybe Iran has more of the current line from last night. Yeah and what's also interesting JD is the worst only that I mean that only took eighty shots is routine which is which is on the low side. So there were as many shots for everybody to go around. In the in the aftermath of the game JD I I noticed that Eric Gordon and Clint capella. We're we're we're talking a little bit about how it's gonna be tough though to beat the warriors in a one dimensional way. With James Harden trying to do at all but do they have any other options really. Other than maybe put Chris Paul and a lot of the positions that they put teams are Nguyen and run a lot of the same stuff which is. And their option one day your other option B really partner at a role last night. In terms of scoring. I looked at was the classic example where the rockets. They're gonna hit some shots that you could force in the dispatch its and I think the rockets took some bad shots I think their role players. He just didn't. Just didn't make shots that missed a lot lay ups there were a lot of heel and quick threes that I missed it it critical points of the game that maybe could put it. An exclamation point on and really put them. Back in the game I mean you know. A bomb is missed some layups and he Trevor Ariza. He was OK defensively but without trouble I mean one of five from three for Trevor reason means the rockets need more. Here. Particulars on the floor office of other than the one time now three so I mean. Need more from those guys that's why they've won they won because art and Paul have been terrific. Because Capellas benefactor and because on any given night it got at least two other guys that are probably around fifteen to twenty points. Jay the warrior fans begin their divided. And out of their divided when it comes to drama on green I told study I feel like he takes the pulse of the game. And doesn't get enough credit to know. You know win to be kind of that side showed it. To to give his team timer by then time to go on Iran and last night it started from the beginning he look wild up that he might get thrown out. But I felt like the team needed what he brought. And in the post game press or Steve curry and did drama go across. You know did he cross that line he said no he's just right Mon what did you make a drain on because if you look at the box score. You know he didn't lighted up but I felt like he would bet from the emotional standpoint he's what he was drain money and they needed that. He and buddy had a great defense of game that he had another really strong rebounding game I thought it was a really good intangible dream on green game. All that being said I think the stuff at the beginning of the game was over the top. I think he was to amp I asked him point blank in the post game press conference were you to amp and the term used was a little overzealous. But he'd rather be that way then the other way it a bit then and to be maybe it will too soft at the start I think he. Don't make it was the six days maybe it was you know thinking about all the build up to stuff well this series which seemingly has been built up since last summer. I think maybe he got he was just a little too fired up at the beginning of two in it help it on make it a point making his presence felt. Making sure that the rest three's new Horry was make sure that the rockets new worry was that kind of thing and I think it actually worked it. To a detriment early in the game but he went out he came back in. The warriors were themselves back into the game and I thought he calmed down and and played the normal. Dream on green type of the game from that point. So we'll see if that continues throughout the course of the series and yet it all up at the end of the night he goes OK it was it was fine babies all over the top early in the game. But he got it together in and help them win. JD kebab loonie the box score numbers aren't really that impressive what. How important do you think he was that win last night. Huge 25 minutes he's relieved that the league. That Steve Kirk trusts I think the most. At senator Andy in this matchup against the rockets and and you look at David West minutes last night David West went up only played four minutes and I know that was something we've talked about. You know David West not release it to fit. For this series but Lou he's the guy I mean it was straight month thirties and it was with eight point five. And that was about it and the UNC obviously that year ballot Pachulia but his ability to get out and switch. And Joost. Just rebounding. And guard in just. Just not make that mistake it leads to something good for the rockets whether that's foul. How high if he's got one of the guards on him whether that's. You know maybe make in the rockets. Brought past that they don't necessarily want to throw it that leads to a a bad shot as opposed to immediate good shot. Let me just hasn't knack for doing all of those things in and he was a guy that stood out even in the three. Regular season matchups as somebody that that the warriors were gonna probably meet in this theories and so far I thought when he came in the game. That was obviously one of the turning points of when the warriors. Were down early. Item stabilized him and he was a little bit of the it would ala. Last night with a dollar in in the starting lineup albeit. Play and now a different position JD speaking that's what you want with curry are on hard and someone to was that by design or because the switching. That's because a switching and I think it's also I mean there were times where. Curry was autumn and the warriors want to curry did they wanted to not switched it quantity to keep Kerry out on him but now I it's just means. That's the match I'm in I think you've got to have with Chris Paul out there to. The warriors have to I think pick their spots a little bit it can't just be playing. You know in blanket coverage against James Harden but I also think. Look there's so much switching in this series that it. Both teams can almost get. Any matchup they want and last these two teams decide that they're going to defend. Differently from the way they defend all your long go against their principles I think altogether so. Yeah Curran was not a lot and built James Harden he. Make plays against Kerry made plays against Lance and he played really against just about everybody. Although there were few plays occurring mating including yet again that that he steel which led it would not dunks oh. Well maybe it wasn't the best defensive game for career and only he would tell you it was his best defensive game. It's really more about just offsetting a possession here possession there with a nice defensive play. That leads to a key basket and I just not all night long the warriors. Had the key stop the key rebound. The key dagger shot and like Thompson again it and it hit just about every one of. JD appreciate the time. I just get guys are ever good off day and used it all I know it's not an off day for you and you'd be working.