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Friday, December 8th

John Dickinson joined Ray Woodson and talked about the Warriors victory against the Pistons and the Giants out of the running to acquire Giancarlo Stanton.


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You're listening to Greenwood sings on I 95 cent in the games. Praying and I with you tonight for Chris Johnson scored general John Dickenson after the warriors so win tonight in Detroit six and our road trip first time. They've done that in the franchise this is a long and storied history JD what's going on tonight. What's going on break it to be with Jimenez always yap pretty impressive stuff when you look at everything going on but on the warriors of all the injuries and whether or not they're engaged on a given night it to do that. They go six and on on in each race. That is just an impressive attack. It seems to me an end you can talk about this to whether this is impressed you that without stepped curry. Getting engaged in the game has been no problem they've been fully focused knowing that their missing one of their best players. Yes and I think especially on the defense if Anthony look we've seen a lot of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson's been pretty good as well and it seems like there's been. A concerted effort on the on the opposite side it really trying to move the ball and get better shots that they too can seat and I. You know with when all the block shots and big blocks to rant Raymond green and two each that we just. Critical in the final minutes. Of the game tonight so I think they know because they're not going to have. The other bail out scoring on a night in night out basis with curry out that they have to to play better and more consistent defense and make. We've seen that wolf and Charlotte and Detroit tonight. United CI at their allotted oracle for the warriors home games and I'm thinking that your holidays are booked has had taken a real for a while. No they they are it's funny you look at it you know and it's two bolts of the holiday weekends. It's Friday Saturday in that Friday Saturday Monday the first one on the ones surrounding Christmas and act a blow Wednesdays and there. It's amazing when you look at just the they have they have the two obviously next week. But from the twentieth the thirtieth ray it's seven games in eleven nights. And again it's back to back weekends we've got Friday and Saturday leading in the year your Christmas Eve in your New Year's Eve. With two games back to back him before he took those Sundays and of course we got NFL Sundays a bulk of those two. To boots and it's gonna be a busy busy time and a fast moving time as we round out 2017. How soon are we gonna see the article or the pink piece I can the warriors win without step Cory do they need him. I well I take what if they end up going nine and one putted ten games there Dana Reeve may start gets funny. And I don't know what would your take is that on this over the years that you always have that that funny kind of bar rumor sports. Talk debate about. You know which guy can the warriors afford to lose the most or not have the least elbow among all the stars in and I've always spot Currie. Would be the most difficult one for them to play went out just because he's the point guard. In LA and the ball's in his hands in so many different ways they rely and that the big runs. Now that that he can he can go on those curry flurries where he can just take over quarter and in winning team. All by himself. And so I'm I'm actually a little more interested to see how this does point out for the next few weeks or four Wheaton six weeks or have a long. It's a B because I do think we look back on it they're gonna struggle. May be more and then they have to win a couple of those other guys have been around certainly more than they did with the ran out last year when they belong winning streak. Well it's it's going to be interesting for sure and I think it gives a little more spice to the early part of the season gives him a challenge and I think that's what they needed is a challenge to overcome. And and not look at the calendar produced just play what's in Friday you. So in that way it's gonna be good for them but you know chance to the question which Jack can be you know least afford to lose. I don't want to lose any of of pat cash hit that's that's the current network and from. Paid out but I think that they they look at it is okay and we've got to rotation of rested for these guys. They know how to. Kind of sliding into the the post season make sure they pace themselves. And there's absolutely no rush for stepped her to come back in my mind unless they completely face plant. Yet no no doubt and they've shown over the last couple years that there are always going to be very careful with injuries I think the other thing that just comes into play here raised the fact that. You go top to bottom and when they're healthy. Or close to healthy was a nightly news item as to who was going to be an active and you think he'll play they have too many bigs in. And wins Patrick a cog in a plane if some nights Nick Young was plain that he wasn't maybe shouldn't abandon. Other night three to give a lift all all that was a major debate. And Aggie EC this road trip a couple of guys banged up arena out for a link the part time. And you just look at all of the depth that you wish you look at the fact it was caught out and Korea out. You've got quick cook able to come in and why functional minute we'll start the first game. You know and he's a guy that two way contract Jordan bell companies complain about playing time for him because it truly has been banged up JaVale McGee was out of the rotation a week ago. He played great against Andre Drummond during the minutes that he apples to start the demon and also in the third quarter. So now if those things sorted take care of themselves and it gives everybody an opportunity to contribute. I throw a couple of things at your first thought Quinn cart I think in this way could be of benefit they'll they'll find out what they've gotten this guy. That the that he has a useful players been tearing it up in the G league and it's coming up here Ernie does not terribly overwhelmed I mean he's deferring and no doubt about that but. He's he's trying to find out where his place is saying you know on each play each trip down Florida I think yeah and got in the way and he's made a couple of nice shots made one here in the third quarter tonight. I think that that's a benefit but the other thing is yeah I you know these other guys get hurt that they they run thirteen fourteen deep. Jordan bell steps in and I'm gonna throw this at you because send in a little debate on the text line about this last hour. I think he's a steal of the draft may be the steal because 38. Somebody mentioned Donovan Mitchell's off to a great start with Utah but he was a thirteenth pick it's not a terrible surprise that today he's making an impact. But this was a guy Jordan velvet lot of people thought including the warriors I think it would go sooner. Yeah I think you're absolutely right and easy guide it to surprises me that the teams wouldn't take him I guess if your team. That it isn't very good maybe your less apt to take or want a guy like Jordan dealt just because he he's that ready made player not a good team. If you think oh gosh if you get this guy what does he do he rebounds he defends. You know I think if your team that lacks talent you almost want. A score you want a player that's personal. Offensively you know they can make other players may be better around him as a creator so I think sometimes that rules some of those teams out but I'm just shocked. That you wouldn't see one of the better teams. At the end of the first round of the draft footsie in the twenties. Teens competing with a warriors to be honest that that wouldn't wanna take a flyer on him. In the first round out and get him in a situation where media have him as somebody. As a link the defender and ignited the can do a lot of those things on that end it might help you combat the warriors if you're going up against the. Now the critique on seeing also is well it's easy to be a good player when you have four all stars around you well. That's true but it also can be a little overwhelming for certain players I think Patrick McCaw was going through that last year. This guy name is Kelly he's not only does he seem to fit and he's got a showing his personality early on to. Yeah he's got confidence. Needs some guys have at some guys don't mean clearly Jordan bells got confidence. And I think you have a drink on green as a mentor you better have some confidence because if you don't. He busts his chew you up and spit out you know make sure you have confidence after a year with him. You know you you so you better step up either that or occur earlier than that he curl up in a ball one of the yeah one or the other right but I take it it's does it mean he just seems like a perfect fit I mean you go back to when he. In the throws the ball up off the backboard what he's got the break away and when the game was decided in Alec and it shows them up and if they were upset about it Kerr had to apologize alum and maybe maybe you don't want always do that that kind of thing but I mean if there was ever a moment. That you said this guy's a warrior for this era of Walker's basketball. I mean it's that moment and it's and it's just something that's it's wrong to root throughout the entirety of the season to this point. We're chatting with John Dickinson for few more minutes or 95 cent in the game ray Woodson in for Chris Townsend tonight. So the giants' way and MS sway an immense but you know it and the criticisms are gonna be out there about not getting Stanton not getting a tonic. Maybe there was nothing they could have done in the first place may be part of it is their fault because of where they are as a franchise. And they're not the F attractive destination they once were. Or maybe it's just the player has a certain city and and situation in mind. Yet and stand clearly held all the cards and everybody knew that going in you know that he could dictate this situation and it is. It sounds like he just wants to go to teams that are more ready made it that maybe don't need. You know him to be big guys that it is the reason that they turn around and looked the cardinals were. We're still a mid eighties type of a win team this year they were significantly better than the giants. But their team that maybe doesn't have that the blue chip burst in on their squatter in their line up that that it seemed like the keys as are certainly the Dodgers have in the cubs. And the Astros have outlined below those guys when you look at what was reported to be those four teams that he was willing to go to it actually kind of reminded me of little bit Kevin terrain. To be honest thing where he just deal he wants to go somewhere where. Where he can he can just being himself. Not have the pressure of being that guy asked to put a team over the top be surrounded by talent. And it just tap the focus beyond winning because he knows if that team wins. At the end of the day you know. He he waited heat waves he gets everything he wants you know be nobody's gonna be critical level at the secret but we don't happen with the rain now is will be if you win at the end of the day. I think it's a little bit easier today you know it to turn on the critics say OK now why you know. I made the decision I live when that I own it might be a little bit. But I just think when you look at the giants I think sometimes we forget and you. You lived a good portion of that season and it AT&T like idea in and you forget how bad they war and I think Stan when you really look and taken inventory. You're thinking man this team even with me might not be a 500 club or my tough to get back in a laugh on. Yeah yeah that it would take a lot more it would be a good step but it would take a lot more for sure. I hope there are still people. Criticizing KD it's over it's not that that that horses over the hill out of the barn. It's gone to a river packets on Iraq says heading to the Pacific. It's over and NF if they're using the comparison with the Canadians are criticism with Stanton it's ridiculous. I did that nobody said to the Marlins. In all of if you don't sign this guy to a no trade we're gonna shut down your franchise. That they make they made a mutual decision. Yap dog with you on that now a 100% and it's more just that it. He'll he has the say over its choice and you can't eat can't fault the guy to have that choice in the full no trade clause he has that wanted that. Because he was gonna sign away eight. You know as many years is he did mean it and that he wasn't going to have a traditional. Free agency. You know like other players would have during that time and the linked of his contract so now Stan control all the cards the giants gave it their best shot. They they struck out on it and now they have to look at it as. They need at quarter power in the outfield and a center fielder and a third baseman and maybe some relievers they got to figure out a way to move on and in fixed their team. What out Giancarlo Stanton. About an hour we'll have John morrow CFO fox sports and MLB network on the bottom of the hour to get the latest about. Where Stanton might be going what's happening with the Yankees we understand there's a little bit in news. About that tonight and it's not necessarily positive for the Yankees semi. This is almost an intractable situation the player wants certain teams split the certain teams have certain salary guidelines that make deals difficult. And so it's quite possible. That he stays in Miami for another year waits this out. Yet it start to look that way I mean it was a little surprised. Honestly that thinks it taken a turn as quickly as they did to where it was reported in in and you're gonna have dumber OC on bit. In other reports about all right now the eighties are gauging the Marlins and now the Marlins it's been reported don't like what the Yankees insist that they take back. So it yet it's tricky and the Marlins no the only thing they can say is okay well come. She opened spring training and in February and and will play this thing out it may be able to summit the deadline her arm act may be even. Once a paean a year from our words maybe the Dodgers have some more flexibility and are willing to part. It would better prospects without having to have maybe in an offset but Adrian Gonzales era a Brandon McCarthy's contract half Lincoln avenue go the other way. Yeah I know some giants fans are saying OK okay we think it's Stanton may be weak. Yeah commit this is going to be better long term get get a better overall team unity put together but just don't go to the Dodgers. I just tell you there at their lane in the weeds there's still a certain percentage they've got a shot at this. Now big time no they definitely do and I think they're a great position it's funny they're actually in the position that the giants wish they were in where you know they. Where they can get them they can maybe be able to force the Marlins to take a bad contract back to offset some of the salary and oh by the way not give up. Your top four prospects it to you by accurately exists I mean really. You know I I tweeted it out last night in the ultimate insult to injury in this thing for the giants just from their point of view selfishly would be. He winds up with the Dodgers the Marlins have to take Brandon McCarthy or Adrian Gonzales back. And they don't have to give up you know eighty buddy of the baby week. You know of their their main guys are top prospects that to get it done and they want it is with him Carlos Stanton. And on MVP out there and we're in right field and a team that was one game away from win and a championship. All right JD before you go put on your GM's hat here whatever that GM have looks like. Make the giants great again and tell me what you do. Well it's tough accused JD Martinez is a Boras guy. Which means you know he's likely to wait it out and try and get every last possible dollar. That's the guy that I like the most is to terms of the player I don't think the fit is real good in terms of the ballpark his defense and have an hour wait for every last any. Pat cash staged seem like they're almost in a stop gap type situation now we got to look it. And Todd Frazier may be for a year or two. With the pirates via the trade route I mean Josh Donaldson that they can somebody. You know those guys that are a little Josh thirties. That made me be have to export trade options there I don't like the idea sign and most sockets to a longer term deal. Could you get Jay Bruce's as a as a shorter term guy look at today Jay Bruce is only 30 PM he's not gonna want anything less than a three or four year contract to get him into his. Mid thirties that the giants are in a tricky spot. With a lot of guys in that. 3233. Range. You know that are going to be one to get one more 34 year deal with some pretty good coin. It's not the best position honestly to be in like she could find guys. On the one year deals and in trying to do it all again maybe next year to make a splash. Yeah that's it on my parade was saying last hour that's a that's what you got to be looking at the short term deals with guys like McCutcheon you I still think has something to offer. I'll honor shorter term deal to Kersey B of free agent next year in the news you just cross that bridge when you come to a prep. All that being said man if if the Dodgers got Stanton shut it down because. You're playing for the wildcard maybe. At that point. Yeah it's tough now there's no doubt it would it would be extremely difficult and you just deal go through. You know some of the other up and coming teams obviously in and bought the giants were black ass if that's the image they were. A Colorado was better than Arizona was better than them. Now the pot juries are a team I mean the giants to date they've really really struggled. Last year and I think sometimes he get it in your head that their closer. That they may be they really are and I think you have to you have to take a step back and look at the hole and they've acknowledged center field. And third base. And corner outfield power as the re think what if we start eight position players that's almost half your slide up the and that's after players you need to fix inherently you know it's 37% players. That's a lot of work so well that and I think that's why they wanted to you know get this over one where the other was Stanton to move on if you get to the winter meetings in Syria go from there so. Yeah now no doubt but I think that those of the guys get a look at Donaldson you know look at McCutcheon may need the trade and and and in a position where they re explore what they can get for a guy like Joseph panic. It is he somebody Indian do you view that Billy Hamilton jump and a deal if that's currently out there I don't that I don't I don't love that. You know but there and a spot where they may be forced to give up. You know maybe. More than they want to get somebody that's. Maybe a little more underwhelming the new law you know bad position to be in for sure all right JD real quick which again echo on this weekend. Yeah going to be an NBA NBA this week tomorrow night in new with Matt Stein Mets so we'll talk about the warriors six and a trip. And and you know it's it's an off Sunday in the sense that while we watch football but the original game here locally. Sunday so be keeping tabs on the raiders and 49ers ball in on the road. And in the warriors are back on Monday back to work with the first of that nine at ten at home or went down all right we'll see out there. Parts of it.