John Dickinson

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, November 21st

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by John Dickinson (957 The GAME Super Reporter) from Santa Clara for a mid-season presser with John Lynch. JD tells us that Carlos Hyde and Jimmy Garoppolo were discussed but contract talks were not brought up. We touch on what it would take for the Giants to sign Giancarlo Stanton. JD says it looks like the 49ers have decided who they want to start at QB next weekend.


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John Dickinson joins us from 4940 Diana Nyad who I would say happened Vontae here in 95 point seven games so. Did John Lynch JD address the the possibility of their apple playing this weekend you'd have to wait till tomorrow and head coach meets the media where we update and under capital. Play this Sunday against Seattle will have the CJ event. Yeah guys say he really echoed did the sentiment did that you've heard from the cut there and in stating that it it will be Kyle Shanahan is decision ultimately to announce but. It also sounds like kill they're pretty happy with the weighted CJ bastard played in and feel that maybe they have more time. Tickets Jimmy drop below up to speed just based on how well he played in that last game in the fact that they got to win I mean he used the term no real rush. Again you know when he met when everybody for over forty minutes. Just afternoon just wrapped up within the last ten minutes here. The 49ers team headquarters so he he did say that. You know they they wanna get a look at drop below but they don't feel the need debt to have to rush should do much to know just kind of let them compete again this week but it it sounds like. CJ bat third at this point just from kind of read in the room would be in line did to continue to get another start and garrote blows first starter first appearance would. Would be on hold until maybe that's their struggles are garrote blows further along and in no on the playbook and and where he wants to get to. That's not unusual for the GM to have a sit down during the violated free standing there on the NFL this to get a little state of the franchise but to the head coach usually. Talks on Monday coming out of the bye we got to hear anything from Kyle Shanahan. Yesterday did he speak to anybody yesterday and I guess we'll have to wait until Kyle meets the media tomorrow when they go back to work his way to find out just a little late. Which daughter quarterback is gonna start against Seattle hi Judy. Yes exactly as they did there were scheduled to have a practice yesterday there was a media availability off of that kind of that extra practice take their normal Los state today and then be back at the regular workweek. Wednesday Thursday Friday get ready for Seattle through the weeks and yet he's got to meet. Right about this time actually tomorrow before they head out on the practice field and the locker room will be open both quarterbacks scheduled to meet with the media during the the open locker room period tomorrow as has been the case. Since Jimmy garage below arrives it's been dropped below investor also available even. And in the weeks where. Kyle Shanahan had said. That's CJ bastard is going to be the starting quarterback is they've tried to get about the speed did these last couple games of the 49ers have played so I suspect. That it may be a little a big deal little morals undecided tomorrow but I don't think we're necessarily going to get to an announcement of Kyle Shanahan saying. Did he drop those gonna play you may you may get him saying CJ bet there's gonna play I think more likely than not he he's gonna say while. It's best are going into the week it nimble and compete as he did day in the week we've got to the giants game before the five. JD did John Lynch mentioned anything about current circumstances for once unique Rob Lowe or colonels high today. Yeah he EE Carlos side was discussed a little bit but not in terms of the contract extension though the one thing that that did come up. Was the fact it John Lynch said that he did not. Speak with Kim Acropolis agent. About a contract extension before making the trade Dennehy admitted in said that he felt they were up against the the timeline when they had an opportunity. Ten make the deal and that they were comfortable making the deal without really exploring that too deeply then we're gonna allow that sit. You know I didn't needing to get a commitment from him her or an agreement in principle or something down the line that he would sign an extension they didn't need that to do to deal obviously they felt. With the franchise tags and in it that they have options available. Had to keep Jimmy drop below around as they do so it as far as. Iraq logos that wasn't a pressing priority. At the deadline when they made the deal and and John Blake show was open in expressing that they feel they fade that they'll they'll do what they need to do to keep around whether it's an extension in the off season. Or whether that today's season no one at that the franchise tag stick to keep them around for another year maybe beyond that. Carlos Hyde was somebody that that was talked about that they've been Gil measured. In the off season and in the summer on Carlos Hyde day you know that he reiterated John Lynch that they'll something has changed in hide something change early on in training camp. It too weary if it's clicked in and maybe they had some reservations about him coming into the year as far as an extension. With Carlos Hyde Dan I think that's so little bit more unknown may have to defend the offseason and in what had become a free agent. John Dickerson joining us here NAS that I would toughen by ten any size seven again he's joining us from Santa Clara where John Lynch the niners general managers met the F. Maybe as they get back to work off their bye week the shady is known as they super reporter who covers all the Bay Area change or just their reading actually from about nightingale who loses. Connected the baseball world as anybody and he is categorizing the giants is that heavy favorites Natalie engine Carlos Santana. Followed by the cardinals in the Red Sox may get involved and I wondered about the Dodgers you cover the giants. Inside and out and it seems like a ridiculous trade to be able to get John Carlos stand handy Gordon and give up just show panic and a couple of minor leader to leader says touch other beating Chris Shaw but the question of how much money the giants what it would take back so. What what are you hearing JD and know what what do you think about the possibility of adding that only John Carlo but also Dee Gordon has a leadoff hitting second baseman. Well it it just did take care do major problems right away I mean the leadoff spot was a major problem in and lacking power is a major problem and I think the giants find themselves in this unique position where. They have the ability to take on the more salary or willingness to take on more salary in lieu of maybe giving up as much talent and as much young talent and I think it makes it. For a unique opportunity for the campaign hits to try and get this deal done and it seems like they wanna get it done and it seems like they are the front runner. You know from from what I'm hearing and I and I think when you look at it. It's a situation where. You know they've got a lot of moves that they still have to make it may be they're confident that they can shed salary and that's the one thing I keep thinking if they're gonna take on the somewhere to try and trim some of that salary down to keep them out of that the luxury tax type of flu in a situation where they have to be out there. That the repeater attacks and it starts to affect international bonuses and all these different things down the line. So I think they're gonna do as much as they possibly can but they wanna compete next year they're not worried about 20/20 2212018. They wanna be in the race. In September and easiest way for them to do that is to go out and add a bona fide leadoff hitter they can they can hit it. And they can steal bags and get somebody that hit the ball out of the ballpark and ended I would take care of two major positions. And really set them up to where. Yet it would have to maybe add a third base but it would give them some flexibility there. To maybe take a flyer on a different player and then go get a center fielder. And maybe not dale somebody that can defend but it's a bit they can't defend that maybe is not the most expensive option. As far as that that other outfield spots I think if they can get those two positions knocked out right away they'd be ahead of the game. As free agency also on and they continue to get into the offseason explore that trade market. Can't they take ambush on Carlo and he Gordon yeah that this I think they're sick and is that they can trade some pitching Abiomed more so Marcia. Those are senator Sheila I think that after accelerates even dug her. Canadian and go on here mania after you know you know that peace can lead to under an hour span play a little more time until Doug Israeli I can't see them taking any more salary. If they do make this the issue of trade and take on the huge contracts and John Carlo on the other big contract to do Gordon. JJ thanks for your time where we're gonna Mario and raiders tomorrow you're Schumer knew every day. I'll put it back to the 49 Ers tomorrow with CJ after did you make Iraq a local available you mentioned Kyle Shanahan won't Woolsey were. Kyle Shanahan takes as though it it seems after it into the session with John Lynch that it's it's leading towards CJ bastard for for for another week. We'll check the Nomar JD thanks your time happy Thanksgiving they don't talk. All right happy Thanksgiving gas tanker Judy.