John Clayton on Marshawn Lynch joining the Raiders & Aldon Smith possible reinstatement

ESPN’s John Clayton "The Professor", joins Papa & Bonta to discuss Marshawn Lynch joining the Dark Side and if he thinks Aldon Smith will be reinstated to the NFL.

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Multinational. Yeah. I'm getting excited about today you think Steve rave about excitement. Like all first time these vote breaks that is secondary guys that these hospitals. That have made and may have. Studies there. Marshawn Lynch is my maybe be smuggled come on them on Monday and you have to go to levels if we can pull that off today after. Mother's Day but Marshawn Lynch user raiders have been the day before. The NFL draft and that was the professor John Clayton show yesterday at the Seattle pirate radio. And have we talked a lot about these small outside we'd invite the professor on our show and tell us they get his thoughts as he was asked me that baseball that I wanna ask him about. These votes of the great John Clayton Nat from ESPN joins us on the afternoon delight with the pop and Dante how are you professor. Great about the what better than it back to back days of. And now. With the way we do things. He stretched my back. Itself a bad action Balaguer would you and I were talking yesterday in Seattle. And it's twinge in your voice that your little skeptical. What marsh on either has left it is motivation. What what what are your thoughts jab at age 31 march on coming back at a retirement missed on a last year to come back and play for the raiders this year. Well the one thing you and you get to know about marsh on whatever you may think today probably gonna be different the next day on the eighty kilos by the moment. And the players in the locker I'm absolutely going to love him and he can be a headache for management as just the way he has made for example. You go back and a my guess is that he may have had like one conversation with Pete Carroll and about a three year period Al against Pete could come over to the locker. Said something to on Mario would just ignore umps and he can be that way but. He's so good as a player. That the players respect him management respects them. And you when he's going at the high clip you conceive. He's in New York hall of fame type running backs up how much he has left. Who knows but I think the fact that if he's back it's gonna make it a lot more funds to cover the raiders watched the raiders and then just being in the locker room. That's that's amazing me could speak carols such a people guy and I think he's able to galvanize an entire locker room with guys from different backgrounds. They'd they'd there were times where they can speak for three solid season Jack. One conversation know it's funny. Weird. He's brought it. I know a lot Pete came down to one of the beast oats stores in Oakland is spent some time with them after his retirement last year and I know that he'd stop by the opposite at least. Three or four times and he goes and goes in and visit Pete it was relationship now with them the ones that understand about marsh on. If he doesn't trust you work he wants to turn your law. This which is done. He's not gonna change that that's just the way he is and that he can get away with it because when he does the things on the field and advocate of any example. But like one of his last couple games with the Seahawks went. They are playing in Minnesota Vikings he would just come back from court surgery now he went back and of course course surgery is you'll sports hernia surgery. And he goes to a doctor in Philadelphia if you go to this doctor in Philadelphia you're getting the operation he always pretty much describes it in the operation for cord surgery so he comes back. And he's probably about 1015 pounds lighter that he was story in the start of the season because I think that he is mine was starting to think about retirement. He wanted to try to get the body in shape and in practice he was running quick and doing a lot of good things. So now they get the Friday but also at the board the plane I also get the right to the airport. Andy and in the locker room Marcia until one of the equipment guys not going. Not the one you guys on I'm not going. And so all of a sudden the war has impacted Pete. And yet to scramble for a couple reasons one yet to get somebody to contact TSA and notified them that Marsha I'm not gonna be on the flight and again there was no conversation. Between march on and but it's like if he doesn't want to do anything he couldn't do. Jack Clayton ESPN or writer for many many years with and the NFL and obviously based in Seattle host a radio show up there and Kyra radio and he knows Marshawn Lynch well joining us on the at the night with and Vontae. Here in 95 point seven a game you're referencing the 2015 year when he was hurt. That is account as Stanback Chan to the 2014. Year. And the way that Super Bowl and it against the patriots in March on not getting the ball on the goal line is he did he hold ill will. Towards that the coaching staff because he did not get the ball a chance to win the Super Bowl. Not just some is more not just that and you don't. But if he'd double it could it even goes back at the year before that there was this Sunday night game. I can practically the Semitic and may not a bit of money in nineteen it was an Arizona ironically. In because the same place and so what happened is same situation the difference is the pass was going to tight end Kellen Davis. As opposed to going to. Ricardo Lockett and so at the same type of play is dedicating the ball. They threw it and it turned out to be a touchdown. Well Marchand reaction to that was pretty interesting because as he walked off the field he flashed a number one insight into the opposite coordinator Darrell pebble. Suspect that carries through delicate marsh on again. Yup he was thinking he was gonna get the ball and he didn't get the ball it's not a matter endings Celtics got the wife thing to do if you're near the goal and to give Marcia. And he's in Leon Washington told me this when he was on the team he doesn't hold any back in NFL history that it does. As good running into each side as him because he is as powerful and that the elusive running to the right idiot for the left. Because most guys are being a strong one side or strong the other. He's great on both sides that's why he's so good near the red zone and in the end zone but that note this is one where it march on has the feeling he's going to express said. And that means he's not going to be popular coat trees giving a number one sign. And again that number one's side not the positive number one. Now I figured a way. And edit it oh yeah I've student so he's a little like Jeremy Shawn where just give me the damn ball with the which leads to. The conversation you and I were having yesterday and you explain to me to a.'s contract is crafted. As he is gonna have a role on this team but it's not going to be the same role. That he had with the Seahawks because they have a couple of young running back Steven Reshard in India Andre Washington's so I assume this has all been talked out before. Where jacket and and the coaches. That data Marchand gonna have a different role here than he had in Seattle. So I mean it lived that lets you talk about you know some of the situations he had. He's a competitor. You do is there any concern. That he could upset this locker room mr. Carr led locker room because he wants the ball in certain situations that you may not get it. I'm against the chance but I think that his in the different mindset right now because -- he had his fun last year in retirement and he goes over. I was riding camels in Africa or wherever he was doing that there is doing bag pipes. And he's doing with prayer careers something like that the link reality TV he showed that means he had a blast last year but. If you could see that at some point in most of the people like Michael Robinson is next teammates felt that he might get kind of bored doing all that stuff. And understand financially he's in great shape. And the east go to all the friends that he's never really spend a dime of the money that he's earned. As a NFL player everything that he spent basically on endorsements and things like that and he's also. A very good businessman that you concede now with the beast mode stories how he's carrying up with the raiders as far as selling the that stuff is very good. And figuring that out and so my guess is can I never. Every thought he was going to sign a contract for lessened by the six million dollars a year in the making nine million honest retired contract. And so he was I thought he would anticipate. Yield of five or six. It turned out to be three I think with the reduced number of dollars coming to him. You can accept not getting totally. Destroyed by pounding the ball the way that he does and so I think he can accept that getting wet scary is because it helps his body but it also helps distorts. Jack Layton and has Marshawn Lynch well from up in Seattle radio host of Cairo and you know well run nationwide it is. ESPN a great John Clayton joining us NFL insider. And the afterlife with pop and Dante you're in a different points of the game are not enough about beast mode you know the rivalry well. Seahawks and 49ers in Auld and Smith. Again he was on social media yesterday and you and I spoke about this briefly. Is it is it. Is Alden do you think he's gonna be reinstated here in the coming weeks like he set on social media in my TV teammate his adversary in the NFC west for so long Marshawn Lynch. Yeah I think so he is the fact that he's being open about it is probably a good sign in right in that period where. If you guys start to get clear that you would figure. That it should probably happened before the draft because McCain be as Bryant. Was cleared to be able to come back and you know that started to do that cleanup process. I'm curious some things to do and of course the one thing that all of have to watch out for is anything it's gonna be on that next incident I still remember at last year roughly around that time. Josh Gordon. Seem to be optimistic that he was going to be kept coming back with the Cleveland Browns. Right before the start of training camp he did come back but then unfortunately get suspended again. The fact that he's being open about and I think gives some encouragement but the girl watching things came right out of nowhere. Nobody anticipated that was gonna go after he's missing over two seasons but in the end you know he's back and I do anticipate all the is back and that would be huge. For the raiders. And I thought to have we're talking about this yesterday you and I spoke on your radio show yesterday John. This is is the commissioner park avenue over to see enough fear in me talk about what happened was Josh Gordon knew what we have the fire up session Vontae those cars are so severe fire as a us citizen. And then the you know the domestic violence steal and an early in the morning and he's in a car and crashes into a police car I didn't see anything that would lead the commissioner in the NFL chatted think that he is re rehab himself to the point where. He's not gonna get suspended again that you you do feel as though at some point in the coming weeks then Eldon Smith will be reinstated by the NFL. Yeah I do I do think is a good chance you gonna be reinstated now again he's on double secret proposition I guess you could say that he can't make. One more mistake or it's just gonna continue to get worse and he may never play again. But. You know I it's these tipping off that which he is I think you can anticipate but he had a decent chance of coming back and you hope. That it comes back before the end of trip at least many pinup in mini camp because he needs to be inept football environment and back. I hope that's one thing that can be changed. That in the future more guys get a chance to at least be in the building and try to work because if you need the support of your teammates. And you want to have the opportunity to get the support. Of the team itself. And so that's why don't you would not want this to happen. After the mini camps in the second or third week of June. So that at least if he doesn't have to wait all the way to training camp but if he can get there sometime in the next couple weeks I think that could be good for him. I would change that you are talking as generators to go to with thirty forefront golden Smith liked like they ran in San Francisco Jack Clayton from ESPN joining us any answer to live with. Topic about tech here in 95 point seven against Vick and the niners and all the former teammate in a they have if you just should they were teammates Khaled camper next. You know he read it in the AM Monday morning Monday Morning Quarterback yesterday that some uniter brass think that he just now wanna play anymore he wants to be more of a full time social activist but there is a the story today a guy name is Dave Syrian. There was an energy siren you know yeah. These are you writes a lot of books he's good dude are you wrote on Twitter today that he's talked to camper neck in camp predict just wanna play and he wants to be somewhere in training camp but everything you're saying Jan. About. All day and getting in time to learn the defense is you know ten times fold. With a quarterback I thought if anybody wanted to bring him and you had to be in by now when the teams are starting to reconvene after the drafted. Getting on the field so where wet from what it what are you hearing. About talent camper neck and whether or not he wants to play or is somebody want to employ him in the NFL. Yeah I think it's going to be tough because in the look at the realities and it went in and Indian people were taken a lot of shots at him which is unfortunate unfortunately he's put himself. It's somewhat inept position. But what you look at with Colin is that he does need to work on his mechanics he needs. To get into a training camp but look at the numbers that are there for backup quarterbacks 'cause he's not gonna go in as a starter there's no starting opportunities even now. He's better than maybe 56 teams. The talent they have starting quarterbacks but the market goes five and a half million dollars for next holes because four million dollars in and out. So I can't Colin captain nick. Except coming in for a contract under four million dollars in kind of a one year but see how you do what type deal in my guess is he had a problem with that. I mean you know there is this criticism that seemed unfair it is a reality to it he's on that vegan diet in that you look at least a book about fifteen pounds. Thinner than he probably needs to be. Because with him being a running quarterback he probably needs to be 240 pounds. To be able to hold up. And so that's why those spots are going to be there whether their ballot there without not valid. But that's like Colin and have a tough time coming back it. Will he be willing to play for less money war would be advising for him just await the first quarterback injury because he's clearly analogy color retired. But best quarterback on the market. You know John I thought pop and I were talking you know we talk about the situation when Colin cabinet for quite some time now and I thought you know teams like Cleveland. May be Seattle wouldn't backup position because they ran a little less system I know they devolve to a didn't Russell Wilson's more for pocket quarter. Quarterback but what teens. You call a cap may actually fit into because it seems like they're there's just no fit right every result these warm even if you didn't wanna take four million or less. No I mean that's I Seattle and I was thinking about bringing him in for a visit. But they were due gonna do that more as they. Favorite take him. Because if not the base totally supported his stand they appreciated the dialogue and so there was a thought the Seattle was going to bring him in May before visit. But it was not gonna happen they were and it's not that we're not going to sign him. They don't have the cap room to be able to even handle billing a expensive backup quarterback if he's going to be expensive but directly but absolutely didn't have any interest. And he was so bad with the New York Jets. That they ended up going with Josh McCown as opposed to even thinking about him. So there's not a lot of places to turn unless something changes and changes would be injuries and we you'd think about. The fact that you're not going to get a quarterback hit. Going in mini camp we're going OTAs can be no quarterback injuries that takes you into training camp. So now he's at the mercy of what happens in training camp injuries so to get it and that's where it's going to be tough insults so far no visits and not police plan. The rate professor Jack played for me history and joining us in the afternoon delight with the top and Daunte here and had five point seven a game he's not the only quarterback out there RG three. It's still out there you see him every inning Asia. Blunt the running back there blunt still unemployed Victor Cruz of the giants Darrelle Revis. Out of jail and saves DeAngelo Williams my guy Dante's and gets past him there's Fitzpatrick that when these guys gonna get signed here again. Don't know that the five that you name that they would Garret blunt will probably get done this week. They'll understand at some of the teams that are interested in him like Baltimore the New York Giants and even Detroit eldest may act. They make you may sign in a couple of minutes because once we started this interview that was the official end up on restricted free agency. Ellis today at 1 o'clock West Coast time and so he was now. These guys now or no longer US based they're street free agents and don't count against compensatory picks so whether it can be Baltimore giants. Or Detroit I think he signed before the end of the week. Four as blunt as far as RG three. At some point I think somebody can at least bring him in person try out and look what they can do have to be kind of a running team. And as far as that cruise I think there's a fear that if he played reasonably healthy last year but the injury factors have gone so he may have to wait. So it started training camps so it's a slow market rivas right now with the lack of speed that he has and probably desire for a good contract. That's probably knows so you'll you have a lot of these guys now in this state to be when you cross thirty have to wait right before the start camp because. Coaches and players our coaches right now and GM's they're looking at how the young guys did in it they don't. Data and then they go for the better its. Not to have had a great week too long football segments wanna show one on our show with a professor unlike my appearance on your she coach and your cellphone did not crap out one time fashion for. Backup lights stayed on my at a meeting to go to downtown. And so I pushed back the meeting just to make sure I was not going to be cut in cell phone hell. Aliases how many times you lose me three tag grace. Street that they kept Paula back I open an account. Thank you again with the thirty minutes two days that are I feel like Carter thank you professor thanks professor. Gently typically.