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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, November 14th

NFL Insider & Host of the John Clayton Show joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss Martellus Bennett's last minute signing with the Patriots, the Patriots favorable schedule the week before facing the Raiders in Mexico City, whether the 49ers should start Jimmy Garoppolo, and the NFL Owners' cease & desist letter to Jerry Jones. 


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NFL insider extraordinary and host of the John Clayton show on 710 ESPN Seattle. Follow him at Clayton ESPN on Twitter it's John Clayton would Jolo and its on 95 point seven big game. Professor we always appreciate your time thank you for joining us we'll jump right into it with where we left off a previous conversation. The raiders all the buy in Mexico City to face the patriots and patriots spending the week in Denver. At the air force academy getting used to the elevation. After playing the Broncos on Sunday night. What's the likelihood that the patriots all this game coming in advance about the themselves will we had to play Denver. Let's do it the week before Mexico City so we can spend a week getting used to the elevation. Brad you're seeing a lot this year because you've got the east play in the less than that. Different areas and because of that you have to try to make these adjustments say they have two games. On the west coaster to gain on the western side as. The country that's the wise thing to do is just a matter where you want to stay and so they took the air force academy and now go down and not try to do that and that no different then now yeah what you saw went for example. The rams had to go over. Over to London and they had to play in Jacksonville until they stop talking about it after the game in Jacksonville. Waited a week down in Jacksonville then flown to London it's just the Smart thing to do because if you're gonna make back the fact long trips like that. It's easier just try to play it yourself for weeks some kind of good for bonding for the players and all that stuff but it is a big. Favorites right out of the patriot I know this is the wise thing to do. And certainly convenient to delay had an in altitude before they have to go to other altitude in it seems like the patriots at times do get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the league. Martellus Bennett injured at waved and then suddenly not injured at how the patriots get away with picking this injured player of who's not injured anymore. As is the main thing because again that's that's I guess you can see where Bill Belichick is as far as. And what he's able to do running because at this stage. That it was all ready to take the labor surgeries shut them down to deceive them several weeks ago we just that we that it is going to be. Is last year is not gonna play football anymore and that policy encouraging difference is not a really do anything with some. And all of a sudden here comes the patriots. They know exactly what they can get from him you know again the shoulders I can it be good. But apparently they think they had a physical and physical was good enough that you could play and even though Martellus Bennett was surprised. They had a lot different eight plays cut three passes got over thirty yards and was able to help out as said that the Bill Belichick is probably one of the best coaches. Who really just say okay I've here's what this guy can do here's what my expectations are and that's all right after the player and so because of that. Now they get one more weapon they can't help but not a very cheap price. The test to what went wrong in Tampa Bay this year. What went wrong. Several things that they I think the first thing is that they try to get stuck cute on offense but they got. Maybe a little greedy are not bad state going OK we've got chambers Wednesday. And they has solid building plan which basically you know the first two years with Jason white general manager you build up on defense. The next two years it needed to be all about hard the first vehicle off then the next thing you need to be on defense the last year they've made the first concentration but how by the defense. This year what ends up happening there they've worked a little bit more on not that. They had the ability to get the shot Jack says okay that's a good number two wide receiver. Even though he had the number one and then OK Howard was the first round thickness that it okay we're really get a load up on offense. That importance fortunately came this Winston. Has not had the greatest seat in Miami said the yard but he hasn't had the other great total play and then defensively they just have had no past fresh. They don't have the ability to create turnovers and so defensively they dropped offensively they got steel and everything just auto parts. The great John Clayton would Jolo and lives on 95 point seven the game we talked about one minute brother few moments ago Marcellus what about Michael Bennett we aren't that far removed from what happened in Las Vegas where he was going to sue the Las Vegas police department. I'm he was a victim of police brutality it was a major story at a very critical time. In America's landscape and we haven't heard a whole lot of that since the video came out and purported to show something that was different from the story we were told you're in Seattle how come we are hearing more about this from Bennett anymore. I think body because of the video I think it is a little bit upon the tried to go pushed the issue make a lot to get all those different things because. You look at the video on the air or not. It's different from certainly the late Michael etiquette again still. Might the fact that the police told him to stop and he didn't stop and that there is a violation anyways. Knowing you can see that Michael was panicky didn't do anything technically wrong evidence does not adhere to the police says warning. I think maybe because that video at a slow things down. Al Michaels still stands for the things that he said about that. The fact they won't was really an innocent person in this saying I think that video kind of calmed things down as far as. Maybe I am trying to put the lawsuit that is so it is. Discretion to be able to do that and so we'll see if he does. I tend to think he probably went right now he has got to concentrate on getting through the football season. Because he's playing with planter fascia which is very painful again he's having a very good season. 49ers. With a victory John how about that. Yeah Kyle Shannon and get it done CJ bat third into the win column but. He may lose his job with Jimmy go Rob Lowe getting shark coming out of the bye week against Seattle which direction you think they'll go a quarterback. They had to go to Rob Lowe because of and they made the trade. The other got six games the look and see what they have to make a decision to go to they get in the big money for next year's let him go they go occurred Gaza's. And I think that they wanna see what they have a they could see that. Duck cows spilling a nice job of trying to sort through all the injuries sort through all the different things with the new players and in the back of what is 37 new players on this team. Got that thing hit got they have probably had planned that don't come through and play him and I think he's going to be pretty welcome that but first thought they get a great price for the second round pick. When before. The patriots for asking for first in something else so they get that going forward and not just the matter would pay. It has one at nine why not why not just play him because again I think he's more. Talented than that there and I think that again in the future start making it to present. Professor when you look at Atlanta Falcons and see what happened there offense hasn't been this stellar using previous after. Who's in the case the coach Shanahan in and you look over at the reader you see the offense hasn't been as potent after losing their oath offense corner how much. As that played in the factor for both these teams and why haven't they been both they want to be on the same same point they were last year. And I that the danger when you change coordinators because you'd think that you make in the right Lula and I think it was the wrong move but you have changed. Coordinators got a call different games. And I think be defeated seats RTZ is like how Shanahan don't work out so successful it is that you know second generation of a running scheme that's so good. So creative and you runs 56 different type of plays out of the same formation. And you know it took a first year where there was an adjustment with Kyle for Matt Ryan. And then that adjustment came to this scored 33 points a game. It worked out as well this year and tell you start to wonder okay that they make the right move was Steve's sake get. And you look at the the difference in the raiders' offense and they iPod bill musgrave did a very good job last year they're able to get the ball deep they're scoring a lot of points. This year they're not able to get the ball as deep it was very car for whatever reason and then for some reason to run blocking has not been as good as the past blogging event. And so that's dropped off and so I think they'll vote seem to be surprises because when you look at the two conferences those for the two stalwart offenses he say okay. Look how good this was last year look how much should be better. This year and I foresee for both teams they weren't as good. John Clayton would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game how do you see the Minnesota Vikings tangling their quarterback situation Teddy Bridgewater is healthy he's active it was a very emotional moment on the sidelines at Washington this past weekend but case came who's been playing some great football. Yeah I think they should stay with case so that they can then make an adjustment not knowing exactly what they haven't Teddy Bridgewater having missed the fourteen months. Got that could be a setback and what you don't want to have as a setback because go to margin for error for that team on offense is not that great. The other don't have velvet coat they don't have Adrian Peterson got they've made it somewhat of a decent running game but I think if you make that adjustment right now it could set things back. And you don't want to do that I think the way the NFC is right now you get ten teams with winning records and you can see because. The NSC is getting a lot of wind out of those that are confiscated at the ANC is correct everything out where you know now. Here it definitely need and what they're gonna be one of the six playoff teams and you may need eleventh and so if you try to make that change. And it doesn't work again or do we lose quite wondered receding in the playoffs until you could lose a division. The NFL's compensation committee has given Jerry Jones and ultimatums saying please don't sue the league. Over this Roger Goodell issue how do you think this gets resolved and does Roger Goodell eventually get his fifteen million dollar contract. I can't even get fifty million dollar that's just seems to be a little bit not. I think John John what about the private jet. Friday. Pro life and health. For eleven to help from right that's fine the private jet. And particularly now at a time when good teams are having a difficult time getting charters. To get a private jet that might be a little bit too much but if you know and yet he's gonna get his feel. Because the committee wants to get in this field and now that Jerry spoken out goes they're probably gonna go against Jerry try to arrest thing is that they can't. I get the deal done but any enemy Roger is going to be the commission very going to get a great salary and you know it's gonna be over thirty million dollars. And didn't do was that the one thing you know is also not gonna happen is Gerri stock edits cease and desist. Those words are not in his vocabulary he went to would you call this season this has to get more aggressive. But still they're not gonna take a franchise away from and that's a big you know there's not gonna happen but you do know that Roger will get this deal. And lifetime health care about who is worth about fifty million in them itself down for Imus fan I. They commitment that they get and you don't get this back when you're flying. This odd sweater at Clayton ESPN and ML insider host of the John Clayton show on 710 ESPN Seattle John Clayton which Jolo and his on 95 point seven in the game John it's always a pleasure thank you so much lead time great insights we'll catch up soon.