John Clayton

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, July 17th

Host of the John Clayton Show joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on the Jason Garrett's future with the Cowboys if they don't make Playoffs, the Seahawks chances to win the NFC West, and whether the Titans could be Playoff contenders this season. 


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He's an NFL insider host of the John Clayton show which you can catch from ten to noon on 710 ESPN Seattle follow him on Twitter at Clayton ESPN it's great John Clayton. We joke. Low and GD on 95 point seven a game John good morning thank you for your time we'll jump right into it. I have a sneaking suspicion that Kansas city's in for a more troubling year that some feel trapping Patrick my homes is gonna put more pressure on Alex Smith. The first time Smith checks down. To a six yard out on 38 the crowd's gonna grumble for a guy who's probably not ready to play in the NFL yet you combine that would be very tricky schedule. That features a six week stretch. At Houston vs Pittsburgh at the raiders burst Denver. Dallas at the giants I think this team's infer regression what say you won the chiefs this season. I'll put a bit of a regression but not a complete regression on the quarterback front. On the gonna be any threat at all this year it's almost like Colin Capp critics situation when he was strapped it and it can Alex Smith is now going through this for the second time. When Holmes is ready which is going to be more next year than this year. That's what it's gonna go so he saw politics to the middle of the season the second year for Colin cabinet. The knock out Alex met it's probably going to be the same thing because he's to draw the idea is in the course of your Alex you have to think they're look you have a look over your shoulder. Because he's good enough to get them into the playoffs but not good enough to get them deep into the playoffs would play up gains against better quarterbacks and that's the idea. A draft in my home but we're I think they're gonna have some issues. Is that you know they've now lost fourteen guys in the front office. And maybe that's not going to reflect on this season but it could reflect on the future getting guys because they lose John Dorsey they fired him Chris Ballard went to Indianapolis will. Lewis is respected in his scouting circles he was not renewed in a cap guy. Trip McCracken is no longer there they let him go and for this year and last in next year they're tight against the cap. The victors aid to the linebacker position that's got to be concerned. They don't know going from dawn to creep go to many Logan if that's going to be an upgrade which probably is not going to be. Still there the main threat against the raiders don't discount the Denver Broncos and don't be surprised if the chargers bounced back but now there's still. The team that Oakland has to beat. If they wanted to leave retain the spot of being in the division lead. John a team that you close to new bears Seattle Seahawks. There's old saying that says every beat that ever was was partly Steen and partly buzz. How much is it that buzz in here Richard Sherman and talk about the coaching staff and a different things has. Pete Carroll still have control of this team or do you think this team is still and not a former walk eighteen to be reckoned went further in and fail. You know immediate control over the team but because of the way in the nature of the team it's going that it's going to be this way and some I guess you could say that he doesn't have complete control of Richard Sherman. But also the Germans still such a big leader on this team it's such a great player. That. You know they'll they'll blow up at times and if they lose he's probably gonna blow up again. Doesn't listen to this on the eve of the Super Bowl. Percy heart and body slammed Golden Tate. And that it and it and it's okay not won the game big over the Denver Broncos so this this is the team's very talented it has seven pro bowlers on defense. You can argue that the defense of lines has improved because of the last two draft and I think that the attack at Russell Wilson is healthy he's gone on this ridiculous. Ridiculous. Diet where each nine meals a day and somehow lost twelve pounds and lost body that. I don't know how that works but apparently it does as long as he stays healthy that's that's the team right now it's got a great chance to get back to the suitable. John Kirk cousins not expected to sign that the long term deal by the 1 o'clock Pacific deadline now for franchise players to do so. But does this open up the door in your mind for him to be in San Francisco and in 2018. And engage for me the likelihood. That he's playing for the 49ers beyond this season. Yeah I got that negotiations can start but he Kirk cousins show on radio in San Francisco. Went to get past that 1 o'clock this afternoon because with the relationship that he has the couch panic and I think the willingness to be able to pay him. No probably more than 25 million dollar I can see that happening. You can see in Washington even though he does like it there they just seem to have. The pizza in the opposite how good he is now when he was making 99 on the franchise tag their offerings sixteenth. When he was making 239. On the franchise tag this year. And even today it still in the low twenties is that you put all that together. You would like to stay but I think that he realizes as a coach in outstanding and that probably once in a little bit more and respects them a little bit more and so. His 4900 yards of passing a becoming the San Francisco to start negotiating radio contract. NFL insider host of the John Clayton show would you can catch tendon in on 710 ESPN Seattle John Clayton Joseph. Lowell and JD on 95 point seven a game in Dallas it's another situation involving Ezekiel Elliott reports route that he may have been involved in an altercation in in Dallas ball are. With a balance or Horry nightclub DJ. Over the weekend how concerned are the cowboys about a potential suspension coming for Elliot how concerned are they about this recent incident. And do you see this is the team that a Big Dig a big step back Jason Garrett to be on the chopping block. They thought that gap. Have to be concerned because now this is the third alleged incident that they are although the police came out in the last forty minutes. Indeed be very open date type police report that said they reported. At the at the that the market had. 9:26 PM the person that be the victim that couldn't remember who hit him how what happened or anything else and so. He beat your name was not involved but there's still investigating. So we really don't know exactly what they did and some of the people that originally reported the story kind of taking things now. But the incident domestic violence incident from about a year ago the league is still looking into even know there's been no charge. And has not been anything that's been out there as far as any kind of a arrest and and the Indians and it. Saint Patrick's Day were not present video telling them not in over one. I think they may put this altogether and that's the case they lose one or two games at BQ Eliot there's season can be off to a bad bad start and they'll tell. Dropped because if you look at the schedule. I think Trevor Ximian is one of the few quarterbacks they Khatami everybody immunity plays the west and that. There's very few games against easy quarterbacks yet received Carrot Top might be want to have Francisco at the other perverts in it. They're pop schemes but that deep and try to stop the quarterback is going to be up. And any team that they missed quite it would back Prescott's what was easy deal Eliot there in trouble. I couldn't use more John. So about two teams that think they're on the comment think you'd have to agree they have a lot of similarities. That's the Oakland Raiders in the Tennessee Titans two teams that are looked has threatened. Or their division leaders how do you look at Tennessee and have they made enough losing your opinion to be a former opponent. Yet they have because. You know they need two things this offseason help but cornerback got broken line and they also got a draft choice and they needed help at wide receiver and they doubled down and got Corey Davis and Eric Decker and so that makes them that much better and really the big thing for Tennessee is the culture shock they went through last year. Mike Malarkey in any general in its second year general manager John Robinson came over and said listen. We're gonna make this safe physical team. And so they have physical practices. They run the ball as well as anybody in football they're very aggressive they got a great young quarterback in markets Mario that. And the practices work so well with the physical nature but this one. They went to had a bye week in December. They don't have anybody on the injury report they had gone through the longest stretch of any regular season and they came out of it without anybody hurt. That's app the amazing and so that culture shock intimate physical presence. You know markets Mario is getting better and better each year. So I'm not saying they're gonna run away with the division because much like the Oakland Raiders they do have question marks on defense. That's where the epic kind of worry about it but that they consulted deepens the problems the offense we'll get them into the playoff. John what's what is a successful season for the 49ers and and for Kyle Shanahan insists his first year coming off for the to a fourteen and that and that two wins. Not only against the rams. I guess five or six when there's probably is successful seasons in just. Not being down where you're trapping that high and yes certainly it could be in the position of Sam Arnold turns pro and maybe get him. But again I think their quarterback. And end up being Kirk cousins next year but I think that the big thing is don't just try to establish a good culture try to at least get a good feel for this team. Don't go through fourteen loss season if they can do that maybe get a 51 that they can be a success because they're taking the slow approach. They're trying they got a secure tickets secure contracts as much as they wanna try to get. As good as possible but the transition to a 43 defense is probably the most important thing that they're doing. Just getting that. Feel right but unfortunately as you can see when you change in the business. Pete Carroll type of defense a lot of times that first year you're gonna give up 4425. Point Atlanta for example. They were 2425. By the second or third year that's when you make the big jump. Maybe if you get the right I've played players on defense. Ray John Clayton we Jolo in 95 point seven game. Do you legs to this rumor that perhaps Calvin Johnson's mulling a come back and perhaps he might be interest in the Oakland Raiders. Not absolutely not he's. You that the overseas with one of his friends a former teammate Rob Sims and actually at. Meaning and ultimately they're not in panic counseling players on things in the locker room and all that. And so he's got a couple companies going including that want to know last week he was overseas. I just think that if the lust for football it just got away from him. And I can not see him coming back to me yet a lot of injuries particularly late in his career I think he's better at the way to his breakup with the the lions want to actually wanted him to pay back money it APEC summit. The signing bonus money but I think that I don't believe any. You can catch intend to noon on 710 he asked in Seattle follow him on Twitter at Clayton yes Deanna. One of the all time greats NFL insider John Clayton would gel low in JD I 95 point seven a game John. It is always a pleasure getting to prick your brain thank you so much for coming on this morning. And now we the port awfully good at against certain. That'll be great low. Stay out of me at camp in the cult fame. You know little brother can only see it.