John Clayton

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, June 7th
Host of the John Clayton SHow on ESPN 710 in Seattle joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss the Seahawks not signing Kaepernick and Marshawn Lynch as a Raider. 

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John Clayton. One of the absolute best in the business been awhile since we've had a chance to talk to me he's the host of the John Clayton show on 710 ESPN Seattle. Joining Jolo in bids on 957 dobbs radio dot. Eight pleasure as always thank you so much for your time let's start with a story that recently developed in your neck of the woods. Colin Capp critic losing out on the back up job in Seattle Austin Davis. Pete Carroll said he's a starter in this league so why did the Seahawks ultimately go. Well because they didn't use started and needed a back up after evaluating I think what Pete. It is guilty he would he was someone really interested in column one to at least get him back in the seat is Forrest getting. Work out and getting in at least with teams and then also too he knew he would be a bit in the locker room because the guys respected him particularly the defense of god and the Seahawks but. I think it probably in the conversation. Don't even know he said I'm sure I am happy to be a back up. Pete probably got the idea that that's probably not the case you know it is and it's hard be in nineteen billion dollars starter and go to look back up at the minimum salary. And so he'll after further review he took the position it's like okay we're not an opera. The door still may be open guys who knows of Austin Davis is going to be good enough to be doctor ought to ought Boykin. I think in the end it never got to an offer. And they knew where the money was going to go but I think that that peach is basically at. The feeling that this wasn't going to be a good fit because I'm sure that you'll Collins still thinking starter and LT like this with Seattle Russell Wilson. That was going to be an opportunity. Did he essentially do a service or dis service to Colin cabaret in his quest for a job and a service in that he. He gave in the looked any show that Collins still interested in playing but. I have a dis service because he was let go without even giving it chance at a backup job and Austin Davies older in the Davis ultimately beat him out. Don't get the service because I know Pete has been interested in having calling come in for a visit for two months. And that's something that he thought at the very least it's going to get more interest in him because nobody other than Pete and the Seahawks at all. And so that was the idea because he respected helped cost competitive that was the tennis San Francisco going up against the Seahawks particularly in that at that. Time it would probably be best rivalry in the NFL so there was that respect. Any doubt in the worst case well police silly doesn't get an offer or doesn't get the deal but at least you know it shows that teams can be interested. And Seattle has interest in not that you are trying to do in the service a wallet try to service insult and see it column would be a good fit as a back up. Unfortunately for pollen. At all for never came. When when you look at Danny take a little further you say okay he's starter but he you know beat people view him as a back up some view him as a starter. What do you say is those out there we are looking guys like Sanchez and geno Smith. Guys are still getting jobs that are I think it probably lesser than Colin what does that say is it just is just too much of me. Cloud surrounding them some teams as senate discredit punt. And I think in some ways I mean it is different than Jay Cutler but in some ways it isn't. Because if you start to evaluate and say okay. What you have been calling cap and I mean you have a great talent with a great arm. A great running ability but he's still look at the fact that he's been four and forty in his last 24 starts that's a little bit of the concern. You know that it was a very good 49ers came over the last two years but usually a quarterback can elevate that team to a higher level. Colin unfortunately has not been able to do that. I think that one against them clearly his stand on taking it in the on the National Anthem is in effect a lot of owners and they're not gonna give him consideration. And so what it comes down to is that you look at Jay Cutler mean nobody showed any. Interest in him even though it's been sixteen million dollar quarterback for how many years and excellence somebody starts and he goes in the broadcasting. In the case of Colin it's like okay. Can make an acceptable fit as a backup quarterback now you know he did it last year very well at San Francisco. Because it would there was never any. Problems with him working behind Blaine Gabbert but it also is coming off three surgeries. So now he is healthy he's getting some of that weight back he's back about 235 pounds but don't. At the moment he just passes simply wait until training camp. And appreciation to see what quarterbacks get hurt the dust now that is next opportunity understanding that starting next Thursday. Everybody saw the debate on vacation because that's the last they OTA's and mini camp and so everybody goes on vacations and now he's gonna have to wait until the training camp. Or injuries to open up an opportunity for him. John Clayton would Jolo Indians on 957 dobbs radio powered by Verizon. Talk in the Bay Area as a remains the raiders regarding Derek Karr and a contract extension with that team do you think this will get done before the start of the season and what it does. Think ultimately looks like is he gonna top Andrew Luck contract. I think yet they almost asked him because he's got that right young age he knows he's going to and his agents know that the next contracts are going to be. Bigger than 25 million dollars weather's going to be mad these staff murdered Matt Ryan or Eli Manning or all these other quarterbacks. There start to come due by 20192020. Aaron Rodgers for example it kind of hinting in 1918 to try to get him a contract extensions so I think that it's pretty well set the can. Pretty much have to get point five million. But I think he made the statement last week is gonna make it even tougher. He wants this done before the start of training camp or he's shutting down negotiations. Because he realizes he's in a very strong position. There's no it's your option that the team can exercise. Now their only option is to put the franchise tag on an out of because the 25 million dollars so it's going to be it is a couple of for the raiders because. You think about what they have. To do. In the and the next couple months still they know that will match gonna command about twenty million dollars. Gave Jackson is going to be anywhere in north at eight million maybe up to ten million dollars. And so that's a lot of money to come out and the deal with signing bonuses and everything else like that is going to be very difficult I have no guarantee that this deal is going to get done. And no guaranteed that Marshawn Lynch is gonna come in and play well but Oakland certainly. Thrilled to have them the hometown boy coming home to play for the raiders what do you think realistic expectations are. For the Canon numbers and impact Marshawn Lynch this year. You look at like when you start to get 303132. Year old actually start to think about three point eight Arctic air so now the question is how many carries. And his body handle with. Out injury and being able to could do that so I'm kind of think he's going to be between 859. Again if the art. I know in hit mine that he's thinking it's going to be 12100 yards but I thought that the press conference yesterday was pretty good because first up in the to a usual things. One. Seeing him in a note the date he never says that he's done that seeing him practiced in the off season. That's a rarity and of course the press conference where he goes on the NFL network in his front of everybody in lays a couple swear words on there with. Those 72 delay. That's typical marsh on but that no I think he depicting it that he when he runs. He provides energy because he just overpowered people. But there is running right running left and put the fear factor in for the guys try to tackle and that they have to think of the night before game. That's a very rare commodity I don't know what Brazil was able to do that what you would take out a linebacker on a blocked. Besides. I don't want. Where you don't like paper for. You were I was and I really appreciate that you always to care and it's funny John because he's his own favored fullback Tennessee I come here with me. John no lied just the paint a picture of the red coat Neill is in studio today wearing a Lorenzo Neal T shirt. I'll tell you way John let me take someone gave me this T shirt so well from the station. France NA would you Wear my buddies teacher told that was that's why there are literally six Lorenzo kneels on the Josh. Tells me you guys get put away to meet the legal weight but I try to put a wedge which is trying to give an accurate facts. Or this government there should be more people wearing Lorenzo Neal Jersey that's a very important thing. I always a good ally rebook you mister clay and I'm afraid that's now. Prostitute how sorry I. Our producers and explain that this is troll radio and come on got to be able to troll at. At at a moment's notice that dot lately Jolo it gives died by seven dobbs radio how what's your sense is connected you are on the league what's your sense. And how the league abused the forty niners John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan and the job they've done so far. I think that he's been getting good reviews but then. I think it's on and the idea that the team's not gonna be very good because it's almost not a complete re. But is that a complete building process and understanding the vote John Lynch account Shanahan has secured contracts if they're gonna try to do it. This the the right way try to at least get the draft choices I don't think that in masterful job of making deals and not only giving. Players at least the first three players are scheme fits for the new fourth read deep. Defense but also giving. Second and third round picks next year which I think that. That's good because you want them. Number appointment fixed. And you're not rushing. That's the one thing that I think is good about this because they realized. Next year's quarterback class is better than this year's quarterback class and so. He start to build the foundation of the scenes and then next year try to get on the quarterback whether it's. Signing Kirk cousins or you try to get quarterback got an excuse strap which is going to be richer than this year straps so. Think they're getting good reviews and also understanding it's gonna be a long tough season for the 49ers. John Clayton one of the absolute best in the business. Catch him as the host of John Clayton show on 710 ESPN Seattle we Jolo and did on 957 dobbs radio powered by Verizon. Mr. Clayton has always thank you so much for your time it's always very insightful getting his chance to catch W I'll hopefully we can do it again sometime soon. It.