Joel Klatt previews tomorrow’s NFL Draft

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, April 26th
College Football color analyst for FS1, Joel Klatt, joins Papa & Bonta to preview the NFL draft, coming up tomorrow at 5pm PT.

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Joked let's get to join us now premier college football analyst with our friend Gus Johnson and fox sports and he's been studying to draft there it is marketing does have. Miles scared going number one tomorrow night social first of all thank you summitry. Free time on the afternoon delight here with pop in 1995 point seven again jumping and what we're saying and what Warren Sapp. Has been saying about miles scared and what you see about the guy that will probably go number one tomorrow night. Yeah so it it is critical for flopping. And well what Warren. Totally failing to realize is that this does not. Election. The best. Prospects for the last five years or ten years where you can Bershard selected generational talent between the opening career. Someone has to be selected first. Heard judge. And and earn that optic. Based totally. On who your peers are in that draft so with that background. If you write about miles Garrett got there are some true. But that doesn't mean that he hasn't earned the number one pick in the draft because of the players this year is the best prospect. And that's I think what. You know a guy like Juan didn't get selected number one overall but obviously Beijing query eke out. Brussels he sees that it's something you earn it does that all things. Along those lines which not. It's not occur which is your peers about a year and mild here quite simply is not only a unanimous number one across all the teams are thought to but. The players as I value it drought at the higher value of the players available. You know I heard comparisons to Khalil Mac which I don't see as much I've also heard tempted to Yvonne Miller. And Mickey at him he's more like clown he comes out of a four point stance and he's actually ails power who who would you describe them. Two that's playing currently at the NFL level Jill. It's hard to compare him to vehicle outlawed the secure probably the right on the economy at a reference. He. He he's got a little Von Miller an immense wealth are. I think he can be a very good abstraction that and the easiest when he wants to reassert himself. A great deal. What and what expand its dramatically. And in particular in the college game or in a ball game. I urged players are neutralized by their coordinators. Morse L and college and they are in the pro game in the pro game. It all out in the quarterback and disrupting the quarterback in the college. With as much zone read that goes on and as much shock you see what. Be our appeal packet to the wound path option package in the opposite of game you can't be an all out. In getting cornerback as you're up L watts sequences because of lack kind that they app together meetings and practice. Partner what. He elastic. And so up pat pressure be put into several that from positions and or you're cut losing that court so all that to be said. A guy like monster and it worked really easy does take place dot yet he exploited dot. Any dominate when he wants to yet absolutely is the college game. More suited to mortal workhorse type you know. Do everything Butler walked in or yes absolutely. It's not made particularly bonuses. A mile gear so I think you might actually more production that year you know sellable you do at the college well for those read them. You hear that voice or Joseph clad chairman lollar for an Gus Johnson premier analyst at college football on fox and FS one joining us on the afternoon delight with the pop and Vontae here and had a five point seven gaming get your top fifty prospects so. Let's go throw me you do have Niles miles scared as your number one overall prospects. And use we shall we could go number one you have Jonathan Allen the big. Number two tell us about his skill set and do you think he would be a fit which John Lynch in the San Francisco 49ers. I think it. What you're gonna do you account now eat. As a prospect is ready main guy seeking comment it impact your key and positive action right away technically sound strong. Please decrypt and and he can also get to the quarterback in and push the pocket. From the three technique which is in the interior that they eco line now what you are so earned it is that. He got the medical issues are certain pop up the team that I doctor in the last 24 hours at that that the shoulder issues that he's happened. Watch or Egypt has been happening cart car. They're scared about that and so. When you look at the second pick tempered that will I think more more looking likely like they'll take Solomon Thomas. Who is younger. He is just as good with maybe two more raw ability and higher potential. And he doesn't have the injury concerns that job and Allen had Shalala put element number two I think that's very easily you know what and Solomon Thomas. Is going to be the pick for the 49ers he's been name. Top names Butler apocalypse. I call it well you'd. Right now pretty reliable sources within those buildings. And theirs they're literally the same five or six players that every single you know lots. They love miles Garrett it looks Solomon Thomas it will crush McCaffery. Order form that Islam rent Redick. And they looked Jamal items. Go to the players so amber Cisco is gonna take Solomon Thomas or Jamal Adams unconvinced that got talent is not going to be the collection there going to be comets are Adams. You know jolt speaking of which Jamal Adams this world's gonna go here as in read a lot of reports from 49ers practice today that they're practicing. On the defense have been with a lot of single high Jimmy wars plan a lot of single high safety Eric Reid gonna be in a box more that's where he's been practicing that can Jamal I don't. Played the single high safety B that's in her fielder for an NFL defense. I think it's important to note that Jamal atoms can do anything its eight. I think he's Swiss army night when it comes to that position. He can be near the line of scrimmage can become second level he can cover any complaint center field he's got great instinct member's father George Adams was a first round and well. Draft selection as well played a lead those New York Giants summary here that guy's been around great player he fell. And he's been essentially room. To be an instinctual. Explosive player on the football field he is an out of sight leader. I think he's a guy that. A lot of the teams they can change their locker room particular on the beat let's decide right away and because of all those things in particular is aggressiveness and tackling. And his ability of people around. A lot of people of this guy and and that's why I think he's going to be in play percent just as Ambien play Chicago. He could certainly be at center fielder for separatist go that direction they want to go along would be more of a single IP Alla the PLC. Yet I think the plan is to use Jimmy more more and its single high and I hear what you're saying about Jamaal Evans an argument Nigel clipped the number one analyst for fox and FS one with Gus Johnson joining us on the at handler with pop and until you're 95 point seven a game. And we had a Bucky Brooks Dunn last week and he says he's she's known Jamal items since he was a kid and he he spoke to everything you're saying that he can do everything but when I've seen. Mainly is MB a box safety so in if they are going to be more of this Seattle defense and we're history you know generalize and that Jimmy ward normally more than Earl Thomas and that Jamal Adams shall would be more than camp chancellor NBA hammer inside the box. He's not going to be cameras that chancellor could be just doesn't have to him the ball so he's only six. I picked him stands at 663. If I'm not mistaken. And I think camera two around two warning. Two balls to ten to fifteen he eat he just not physically imposing his cancer but that doesn't diminish the fact that he's got the and links and the ability and the aggressive. Has to play in the box I think that's probably his best spot any place in her field he can gut instinct is that is that spot. There's only it would be aggressive dumber in the slot and he is more fox player on that in addition to that it'll run box. He certainly can be one of those I just don't know peace can be as physically imposing like camp at. And scheme fit is is a big deal even though they're starting their program these guys get six year catcher Chad mentioned head coach at. Kyle Shanahan says they're gonna have time to to draft players should bring in players that fit their scheme yet of the of the play their scheme which leads the running back in net. I know you've seen a lot of for net. From LA issue and I was watching him last night and this morning show. He's obviously physically violent player and he's just so big and strong effort to XP even get to the next level. But I did not see a lot of outside zone running I saw a lot of powers and routers and you know if he's Shanahan whose dad and he ran a lot of his own. Throughout his coaching career Kyle Shanahan any luster on the outside on the inside zone and matches power. Did you see a lot of letters Internet running outside zones or him in the power again. Yeah he can run outside but when he was outside it was mostly on Fox's. Which was it more open line to run. Then as now we're trying to pick your own or part on instrument and then on from short cut back. The most pure zone runner in the draft Chris McCaffery I think just about your player in the draft. Prominent instinct standpoint probably are still standpoint description after back from stamp color or that poses. It much more physically imposing. President on the field. He runs away at great story. He's 240 pound piece apt for that. Side he doesn't have a lot of minutes and I am. Uses his physical ability is one through and older people. Which I don't think it's quite a border you that the NFL level like Utica college 01 of the big reasons. Is that the margin between great players an average players at the college level is. Berry walked. Case of one Euro whatever format you can't run poll or room. 90%. Of the other players on the field. When you get around like minded. And and equipped athlete that's when it becomes harder he did well in that well all that margin between aberrant player in the NFL great player in the is it very tight. Kate because this is the cream of the crop. So I'm a bit nervous that that format is not going to be able to view or duplicate what he did in college at pinnacle award as McCaffery. He he made for every day and age running back. You can carry the ball well at certain times it can be elusive ball inside outside of power with patient on the zone with vision. He'd get outside be explosive he's got a lot miss in him in the open field Torre and certainly protect themselves in that regard you can and target them out of the backfield and wind up the Farsi or 58 times during the game. And you're gonna get him. Probably 45 maybe even six opportunity to touch ball. The special teams like just keep in 26 touches from crushed in the cap for. Whereas Leno format as great as he. Might lead. Is not getting 26 carries a game as a rookie in the national Opel. I think both here and get fifteen to eighteen carries out so that huge disparity in terms of the value and the yardage. That a player can bring new as a rookie national football that's been reason. I think McCaffery more document format even if he's not as physically imposing. You do is there any possibility is that Christian McCaffery goes ahead a letter for net tomorrow night. Oh yeah yeah absolutely. Partnering McCaffery gators. I don't wanna put that he is the most. Sought after player outside of here and Solomon Islands. I would not be shocked at their selectors and Matt read. And I think that he's very much important for Jackson bill four. I don't see any possible. Way that McCaffery goes. Past eight. That is war he's not getting past the eight stick with Carolina whereas I think format actually had a little bit lower the war bats where you. A little Ian play Cornet knock it past total. Jolie stepped had a huge sack the longtime Stanford quarterback and you know from his network on their radio network. And I says a possible that the Stanford could have two in the tapped hand. So you're saying it's possible tomorrow night Solomon Thomas goes number two in Christian McCaffery goes number three. Yeah absolutely possible. Maybe not highly likely. I would bet a lot of money that you've got to Stanford player in the top eight in fact I would I would mortgage. Most of what I have I think that's almost assured. Larry I success that is out there you're your talking about Jonathan Allen and the shoulder of the torn labor in the head and this news in January 2016. So is it possible that he starts to fall and now how far do you see him falling. He certainly is going to eat is and is going to fall. I think he could wind up. Outside the top and I think that he. I think that infer the top eight at this stretch out for Allen and and you're gonna see him collected between eight and that he'd pick in the draft. Joseph should talks are Rubin Foster obviously got kicked out to come by an SE have ranked as the number ten prospect in this draft. Notre raiders may be looking for linebacker at 24. I don't pop. Doesn't really want Alabama linebacker but Rubin Foster were receding along with all the off field distractions here. It's so tough to play linebackers strategy. You know the need for an inside linebacker just not what what 101520. Years ago opal now. I'm not that concerned you ought mentioning he's got all these little issues right from out of the come by and got the deleted sample. And people are worried about it really in the conversation about and league circles. Bailout visibility and they all just think well you know might be a little ritual blood. I think he's a first round player certainly. It shut up. The pinpoint where he's gonna go to throw quick on the diluted sample that you can apply Foster as well as well broke up course. I get can't stand procedurally. Where throwing these kids in the drug program after a deluded test because I'll be very clear. Media outlet that. Present the news this is a positive test. That is false. Now it's considered a positive test which is very different that the test be popped the test is to live which has been is considered. A positive and that triggered your entry into the drug program. You trigger a pot you triggered the loot it yet by having twenty milligrams. Per their leader or less. Of creatine and in New York sample now how would you get twenty milligrams per that the leader or or lack in your sample I thought you would it showed. Opiate amount water actually not the case Eric and scientific journals you'd need about 48 ounces of water over read three and a half four hour I'm Bret white forty to attack. Apple have bottled water tower which. I was shocked till. You if you also read more into those scientific journal you'll see that the most were so respected people whipping drug testing in the world will tell you that eagle test rarely reflect I'm quoting rarely lacks an. Accurate picture of recent drug use all of that the case. And I think that the NFL should adopt that. Scientific standards and just say we have an administrator there we can see the example that clears that can be so what should have that subject. That testy. At begin in four hours or five hours so rather than to automatically ornamental we do. Not know whether it was a positive test for drugs or not to be with Foster pepper and could not. What I would bet trigger a positive and and thrown into the drug program. Just test again in six hours in the procedural issues that need to be strictly National Football League. And it because of that. And the fact that. In the drug program the amount of marijuana that it takes to actually trigger a second offense. Had been raped and the last few years that NFL teams are not worried about pepper impostor and that diluted trampled that they provided that the com. Hallelujah brother hanged were you on that will set to recess to a question before we let you go about root Foster. Because you know when he got to the Cambodia that it would gonna do with the medical workers there and didn't get a forty China and I'm reading how fast he is he's Patrick Willis fast happen. I don't see that I see straight line speed it. But I don't see change in direction speed to what is seeking to be held a match up with a running backs and tight ends and run in the NFL Jules. That the concern. His speech shows up and chased down you know he's going to sideline to sideline in the run game. You can see the speed now when he's trying to react. That's not a reaction right I mean that's that's a quick reaction and then it should. Whereas when your coverage your constant reaction vote in his reactions beat it is as you stated. Be a little bit slow or being lower that's absolutely a concern. The question then remains how much is a middle linebacker cover McIntyre is it. In NFL NFL teams will tell you that they're nickel defense is on the field seventy. 580%. Of the time and it in that situation a guy like pot or not necessarily. Going to be in coverage as much as he was five years ago when they did welcome ushering a nickel defense as much as they do now validated. Crucial that the back on the field that they adjust accordingly and it keeps those middle linebackers inside linebackers. Out of coverage for the most or all they then have to do is covered checked down the running back. Maybe and I'll let from a tight man rather than having that the present actual well from a slot receiver or what kind of topic at the big difference in the NFL and played the advantage of Ruben popped her struggle. A little bit with coverage from the inside linebacker position. And you were just terrific show thank you so much for your time a year inside telcos who say hi we love to get Shanahan after the draft. Yeah you bet I appreciate that I.