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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, June 22nd
Former NFL Agent now Analyst with CBS Sports joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss Derek Carr's new contract extension and how it will impact the team and the rest of the NFL.

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He's a former NFL agent and he's now one of the best salary cap experts. You can find anywhere in the business and NFL analyst for CBS sports follow him on Twitter at quarry jolt its Agile quarry would Jolo in bids on 95 point seven game shall we couldn't book you for a more perfect time three minutes ago the new surfaces Derek Karr five years. A 125 million dollars. As a former agent a salary cap expert the numbers do they add up to what you think this was headed toward the direction this is that it. Yeah Alex opted yet but it will be the first 25 million dollar per year plain and now he's there I'm curious. As to the monopoly here repeated signing Angela K 47 million fully guaranteed signing. 86 million overall guarantees. Those are going to be. More important metrics to meet. The thing is their car is going to be short lived reign is the highest paid player in the league he. Barely can be around this contract. The format you staffer tops and so point. The product for the beginning of the range. As a joy as the guaranteed money is the one that we need to watch as it pertains to the salary cap implications going forward. No I'm the rate which need to really watch or anything else is how can attract is actually structured the raiders do something that most teams don't that the the jaguars to a degree Tampa Bay view. Which is they have page ego contracts. Where this salary cap number in the cash are the same each year additional signing bonus there's like a big roster on the first year. She can live art cap members beaten the deals gear he runs the second car escaped as I can run and maybe partially out when he. That scared. The big thing Morse code in the guarantees to me because if you're trying to use that particular structure. Also explained need to accident. And colonial Mac this year the thirty to thirteen on the cap room may not be enough to do that using this particular church. Joseph Torre former NFL agent now a salary cap expert an NFL analyst for CBS sports. Would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven game jolt take us through that Khalil Mac is on the verge of a mega deal that's probably get arrival watt slash is Von Miller gave Jackson's going to be a free agent after the next season you've got other players to worry about on the roster rookies like a Mari Cooper and Carl Joseph we're gonna wake worked their way up how do Reggie McKenzie in the rest of the front office make this work for the organization. Well actually tonight prop app it's been very successful in attracting players but now you can. Have to pay the piper because they turned out to be. Buried and you probably expected when you drafted them. Most teams that corporate quarterback was to raiders have now. Typically don't have high price. Get bigger in Denver Von Miller. I's patent on quarterback not in the quarterbacks and excellent edge. Terms and he had no money invested in them JJ watt. No money invested in quarterbacks. In Houston the raiders are probably going to. If not the first the second twenty million dollar per year and on quarterback. I expect Donald to get in that neighborhood. And Julio Mack who'll get more than environmentalists view when he signs of whether it's the subsidies and succeed and you can wait on him. Because he's got the option year at your option. Is more immediacy. Gave Jackson because this is contract year the problem is you're gonna have. If not the highest. Arcane debate arc and in the league the second one by Cleveland because the car. Exploded and free agency in free agency this year and Ron leery of making nine million a year old but Tony it was a ten million year. Dean you're probably gonna have to put any objection that same neighborhood and critique. Artillery get something done in Carolina going to be another data point which is gonna be it. Can parable player deals we've already got. Similarly almost twelve million a year which rivals. Just a little under shade under. With the browns paid Egypt unsightly. Let him be a lot of money in there that's where this page ego contract structure. Will help the raiders since you don't have signing bonuses when you cut players. The knocking it being dead money so there's no change the raiders getting back in the salary cap problems. They had written you that though you'll be able chart or roster. Without having any adverse cap consequences shall say for instance. Shocked that doesn't play well this year. Why it's complete salary off the books. And won't be capped charts that's sort of moved inland mission so that Indians say in English for the raiders and how they structured contracts and the ability to juggle. All of these high priced pieces again apt. Starting now in the future. Former NFL agent now analysts are CBS sports jewel Corey following an ad. Corey jolt here on 95. Seven games of clicking it forward one more step. A Laurie Cooper eventually is gonna be a guy who comes up and needs to get paid. Do you see a situation where the raiders might be squeezed a couple years down the road when they're looking at a Marc Cooper another young players to resign them. Yet again. Experienced the same problems the Seattle Seahawks did they went from doing it team and amassing count for low price quarterback. Having all those. Players they brat didn't mean Billy rounds. Heather contract expire at Payer Richard Sherman and so for. Bobby Wagner can't keep it wants to make choices on key and not key by the time you have to pay. Amare Cooper Michael Crabtree contract is going to be off the books. So you're gonna have a maori Cooper being one of those guys. In that Hadi stratosphere the receiver so he continues regret is going to be over eighteen million per year not conservative. So you're getting out continue to hit on grass and grasping at the back into the ground as oppose the top. That's will be different so. Again economies in the world are gonna have to come through. That's the way it makes. Spain the good thing is. Pork eighteen players. Will take less money Betsy wondering each Angel come here for less money. So that's going to be something which will we be it attracts some veterans after the first would read agency. But he won't be a whole lot of players which apple dropped computer pocket salary. Shall Corey would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game you mentioned Matthew Stafford earlier DC said he something getting done with the Washington Redskins and Kirk cousins. Before the July 15 deadline. Well always been toppled leader when the strange things that happened last year Mohammed woke since. Franchise tag deal came forward to deadline this deal does. Help in terms of with the Redskins probably wanna pay Kirk doesn't it only makes Mike McCartney is agents. More resolve it is believed that Kirk and should be in the same stratosphere. And Kirk cousins really want that maximizes may come you can play on this franchise the issue for 21 million. Force in the stick another attack on which he probably won't let the open market and he's probably the crop today in San Francisco and they can pay him. Is much money as they're catatonic cap room in the united. We'll change. Tremendous insight as always former NFL agent now salary cap expert an NFL analyst for CBS sports. Follow him on Twitter at quarry jolt its Agile Corey would Jolo and lives on 95 point seven a game jolt. Always fantastic catch up but you my friend thank you for coming on this morning hopefully we can do it against them. And.