Joe Theismann

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, October 12th

Former NFL MVP jonis Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on the Redskins so far this season, the Raiders struggles, and whether Jacoby Brissett is a proven starter in the NFL. 


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Super Bowl champ 1983. NFL MVP in 1982 NFL man of the year. Joseph thighs men joining Jolo in dad's on 95 point 7 a game good morning Joseph how are ya. Got great guys Howard yelled as. Doing very well we appreciate your time I won a launch into Sunday's game between Dallas and Green Bay press got scores late. But the cowboys lead over remitted on the clock and Aaron Rodgers predictably does. Aaron Rodgers type things. Starting with the cowboys cited the equation do you think they need to be more aware there in terms of their clock management maybe grind it down a little bit more considering what Rodgers had done them. In the playoffs the year before. Well not you really can't do that I mean when you get an opportunity to score you have to score twice to tune yet. I think it's up to the defense is trying to do what they can do lemon. Go back to last year's playoff game when Harry and basically cost one another miracle you're talking about the greatest pure passer. In the history of professional football and he has just you know when you listen to him describe ballplayer after the game. And think about the positioning of the football and where he needs to coordinate none of those six inches back on the back shoulder but between launches higher. I mean. Not good guys and have that kind of conversation won't be able to carry out with utility if she has so as far as the cal was going you know he scored. You don't know there's no guarantee you're gonna get another donut you want to try and run to other place to take some time off the clock. Now the suddenly discovered a very difficult situation so. Now former cowboys' standpoint you did what you need to do on the offensive side of the ball we've always talked about our defense been susceptible. And it certainly wasn't that get an element of great climate is lights. We've seen Aaron Rodgers Alex know Kirk cousins we seeing these guys. Make plays with their rates in the last couple of weeks that we haven't seen in the collapsed. So I don't you know I couldn't score when you get a chance to score and I'm telling you defense is our. And they sure looked impressive their foreign won the green bay Packers and Minnesota Sunday night the couple of the other four and one teams Philadelphia at Carolina. What are we to think about Cam Newton joke. I think I think can't help think that the first he had to say he looks like he's very open. I think Christian McCafferty. Had everything element to our offense that they really didn't have you recruit the ball down the field the tide against Hillary as a presidential. But operational contribute in tenth place in that game that they just an article for which takes pressure off at camp haven't trying to run around. I did the offensive line and a better job you can't change their total ball. I haven't legislation he bought it bought first and goal on the three. I wanna run camp probably than even handle coaching so typical to burn out and it's great to see him operate out of pocket with great discipline but so Leo. Don't represent quite a challenge on tonight we'll get a we'll get a real test he seemed at one level almost going to be able to play act going forward. Did you two more and Jo-Jo what's going on there are open race here in the bay there's a lot of concern about the raiders inability even before card got a piece you know inconsistency of offense we knew the defense was on a struggle Sean Smith continues his walls. But offensively collectively this team there once it's gonna when they see maybe even Super Bowl extra day expectations. Oh what a what have you seen what have you observed about this raider team. Well if you know it it happened a few weeks ago when I was at the redskin redskin game. Under the radar reds can get hard I just I was totally shocked I won't support McCain was going to be a great test for us. For the Redskins is going to be we're gonna see what kind of football team we really yeah. All of a sudden the raiders didn't show up. I think that they're very players didn't play well their quarterback was hardly on the football field the defense. You know basically. Allowed the reds greens and control the entire football game other wide receivers. Contributed very little I'm not sure they know who they are offensively. I think. Each year is a different year military play. You know the raiders had a shot layers your theory which are so they missed an opportunity in the window that was what we saw that that would Dallas Cowboys a few years back receiver would look good football teams. Wouldn't trigger man goes away or they don't have capable backups to be able to slip and do the job. And the raiders I don't know whether or not. What it did you know you won't even look at that cook court. I don't know the identity has not been is that Seattle slew right church. That's what I think. Got to figure out who you are. And then you played your strength of Denver Broncos or defense is good in football team we've got a quarterback that manages the game well crushed. And receivers intimate place. Houston Texans we note that our young quarterback and run around and we played them with good players but he's Smart. And protects the ball and our defense even merchandise they're gonna learn most Swiss guards were still pretty good people into court ought to. And starters. We know that we can run the football with our group we go to weight so what's essentially won the grade is he says coaches who negotiated tech. Raiders. Answer the question none yeah so it doesn't answer the questions Kumar. Who are we what are we what are we wanted to. I don't I don't know answers. Fantastic point fantastic point great show guys who would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven game. Indianapolis Colts knew coming into the season it was going to be a tough gal a lot of people thought they might end up with a number one overall pick they're trying to figure out what to do with Andrew Luck and here we are. And during week six. Andrew Luck may or may not be back in the near future but suddenly. After trading for Jacoby Brusett this team finds itself with the very intriguing young prospects intriguing to the point that between the size. The speed at the performance and the endorsement from Bill Parcells. That would two years left on a very cheap rookie deal yet to figure someone may be interest in trying to trade for Jacoby percent. How do you see the colts handling this situation moving Ford could they possibly like percent enough that they might wanna move Andrew Luck. No I don't think you wanna move Andrew Luck does play that was damaged goods. Well I think you'd you'd Andrew struggled last year to a degree now he's hurt. Sort of like a Sam Bradford situation. When you ain't gonna be okay. But Jacoby is playing at a level where he had been two years less so. Indianapolis doesn't have to make a financial commitment to them at least for a year or Greer may be foolish to let him go. Like hypocrites so little bit similar to the Sam Bradford situation when you brought somebody and almost in the beginning of the year. And now you've given a chance to be able to do something like that yeah I think these young guys that can run with the football. Are doing a much better job judiciously. And say Robert Griffin the third day it or can't get over the last couple years we've recommended they liked yeah. The young guy Shawn Watson understands how to protect themselves Jacoby like you know he's like another king. No other big guy who control and run actually a fictional little more accurate out of the park. Then candidate then so to me I think you you hope into comes back. Would you continue to build the position of quarterback. With somebody who can play in his plane right now I would. Look at McClellan I think it's I just Lucas a real quick study in OK if you have a Jacoby respect which obviously we know the pats are getting your religion eagle rock what right. You look at the teams that need quarterbacks. And this is by the way it's the Kurt present poll this week with Sampras is going washing a tactical Kirk cousins all of us. Kyle Kyle what you know we drafted him he loved Mike welcome and certainly Jay and everybody watching Olympics you know world out. But currently wanna sign a contract rejection to what they had a quarterback put your defense can takeaways and interceptions which is. This year so far Cleveland doesn't have a quarterback. I just McAllen 36 with the jets Miami Jake I was gonna be done in a year when you do down there Minnesota you don't know that Jim black or San Francisco Arizona. Carson's 37 the chargers scored 35. Giant thirty so 36 he liked Pittsburgh they're talking about lead. Where we're running that a quarterback's gotta. And there aren't enough of them coming in because they played they spread offense where. You're gonna have to watch a classic example my Mitchell took rescue how many plays that he glow and operate successfully out of the pot. In that game against Minnesota. Blocks he moved there rolled I don't. And I don't know he planned. They don't they didn't say that most move him but thank. The young guys have to learn in a quick time to do it I think they have I think Mitchell has the ability to be able to do. The question is is as you're learning. That the king had enough around them to keep you healthy enough to be able to benefit. Or you could it be like Joey Harrington and get a living daylights BLU and the data to gain because it took the lions forever trying to find some pieces. Look at the possible. We we have a real problem professionals we have a number of them but Cote player's standpoint. I would quarterbacks in the compound. Joey lottery tonight I didn't see now on coming today Joseph. Personal political curve ball to right is that the play also works well about the Yankees can't yankees coming back in Cleveland. My nationals gonna play against five today. You know the Dodgers are just sit there waiting for somebody. Or you could say right now the Dodgers are best team in baseball but at the march get a pair will be back later this year. Joseph what are about the match Dusty Baker takes a lot of heat but Strasburg went out there yesterday pitched a gem forum. Why why wouldn't take heat I mean you you without quite far as back and we played really well would Weis was hurts when he got murky Zimmerman harper Michael Taylor played really well. Turns to mourning that had a terrific job and and where where in that line out. Do you find issues and problems I think you're pitching staff is as deep as anybody geno had a great year. Strong words you'll put on the show last I didn't want you know here's the funny thing I think was okay when you watch the game to get you do get a chance to watch. Watch how many swings the batters make act bad ball. If you didn't swing the bat. How many walks do you think these guys would have. And by the way the unsung heroes of the of the baseball playoffs are protectors. Because there can't win more sinkers. That are bouncing anywhere from a foot to two feet try to play. And you like they ought to just put velcro on their chest protectors so that all those takeoff or different angles. But these guys have been unbelievable to act. Baseball was always my first look at corrected by the twins to play professionally and I just love watching this I'm not that. Low on energy on each and it does more job. I I. Open wheel of their loved the game are really good a lot of analyzing it and they talk about losing much you know let's get rid of the umpires and just use technology. Most of the call played played. And I thought I'd go there when I put the umpire last night and who what are sort of called the great game. You know umpire green ball are like officials and football. Everybody's different some crews call a lot of penalties some crews called essential holding some crews called. All sense of cold you know I don't know what the crew calls in baseball. You have to know where there are umpire give you a high site. Or how low you can go to strike zone how close you can cut corners with the pitches where where do you know whether there was some pictures that we just missed by. Minuscule. Amounts of other space and they were called balls and they were right I've got a book our book that umpire you know Kentucky job last. Super Bowl champ 1983. NFL MVPs former Minnesota twins' Joseph thighs and don't run in us and I'd five point seven the game awesome stuff is always joked thank you so much for your time have a great weekend hopefully we can do it again real soon. Thanks guys looked it up and take care of.