Joe Theismann

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 19th
Super Bowl Champ/MVP joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on how the Redskins are handling Kirk Cousins' contract, how the Cowboys will handle the Ezekiel Elliot situation, and if Colin Kaepernick's appearance has anything to do with him not getting a job. 

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Let's get right to it shall wait he's a Super Bowl champion the 1983. NFL MVP you can follow him on Twitter at. I Yzerman seven it's still guys that would Jolo in dibs on 95 point 7 they gave good morning Joseph out summer treat yeah. Extremely great guys sorry you. We're doing great it's always a pleasure to catch up would you thank you for your time this morning we'll jump right into a quarterback situation that you're familiar with because once again it's making waves. Colin Capra nick in the debate of what's keeping him out of the NFL it is it his political protest or is it his play on the field. Michael Vick had some interesting comments recently suggesting. Perhaps Colin get a haircut and perhaps it's the performance on the field that's been hurting college chances where you land on the situation. Well I think you're in Collins case I think that certainly the the stance that he took regarding the National Anthem and the American flag certainly has I think affect it a little bit of what the decisions might be regarding him getting a job. I get 32 owners out there that are bigger concern about the repercussions might these years. That's their prerogative just like it was his prerogative to do we negated their prerogative to do it. And also you know. There's ninety positions epic in the quarterback position in the national football like he certainly has better than some of those in need not the 91 got. Only maybe his performances. You know may not be impressive but he has a decent resonate. Under different circumstances I would probably give him a chance but I do believe that it has to do with ownership being leery of what the repercussions might be based upon its intensity to. And you say it is based upon the stance and not necessarily based upon his look because Michael Vick was saying that he should get a haircut that that would. Ostensibly solve the problem do you think that the protest. Is a separate thing completely from how he portrays itself. It is hair doesn't run in his hair doesn't well. So you know as far as that goes. I think he has the right to express himself who whereas here the way he wants to some I don't think it has anything to do with their weight greens are. Are turning out for him as as we go forward. Joey boy low deal here and look afford to see it and Ken you know amenities you boiled tea. Williams let's talk about a teenage close and dear to you. The Washington Redskins while weren't able to get a deal done with cousin's. It's interesting that you ask the question and and in this comes up so why weren't the Washington Redskins able to get that deal with our content. Kirk cousins didn't want to deal. At the bottom line I mean it is in the Redskins made an offer on May second with no response coming back whatsoever from Kirk's case. Well let that has valued at. He's not interested in doing it deals this year what you want to do what you want to play under the franchise tag. He wants to see what the suitors are gonna look like next year in response to see what the Redskins are gonna look like as a football team. Perk is buried buried calculated. Right yeah mania. And he analyzes situations. Completely. And it really didn't matter what the Redskins were an oil for so it is it. You know why did the Redskins get the deal done in any negotiation like is it takes to part. It takes management it takes players can. And in this case the players camp wasn't willing to make a commitment because I didn't want to make it all Reynolds on the Redskins yet. I think he wanted to play the year and NetSuite can get a chance to do. Super Bowl champ Joseph Wiseman would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven game. Fans in San Francisco keeping a very close eye on the cousins situation because if he is to hit the market next year the thought process is that Al Shanahan and niners would what do make a serious play for cousins. Fast forty years of Kirk has a good season do you see Bruce Allen using the franchise tag for a third time breathing San Francisco's gonna have what it takes to get the deal done. Our campuses goes 63 million under the cap this year. You've got to figure they'll be under the cap next year you look at their quarterback situation. Is certainly think that they're gonna keep an island I don't know it is certainly one boat trips. He's essentially at it's going to be a pretty good football. Offensively obviously depends on the quarterback play. There's no question anybody in the right mind can look at the situations thanks San Francisco with Palestinian leader. Would be number one. As far as what you know. You might consider Kirk having an opportunity in a place to go. There's also the transition tag can be place where the rate can have an opportunity. To match any offer. So there are different options available to the Redskins as a Mark Kirk. At the end of this particular receive. Ezekiel Elliott had himself quite a long offseason Joseph what are the cowboys do when this young player who is facing a possible suspension from the league and. Continues almost on the daily to pop up in more news headlines. You know it's interesting. Reading what Jerry Jones that assay which was nothing. When Jerry doesn't have a comment on the situation. You sort of have to look at it as very serious. I think that you know seek is. Is a young man it's trying to figure out. In light what it's all about any we live in a fishbowl. When you guys you know you do your your personality. Where you go what you do with the way you whack people you hang out where it all reported in this day and age. Mean everybody has to sell everybody as a way to record something. So you know you're reeling their role will you buy yourself an. And so in is ridiculous situation. He has a responsibility. To himself to his family to the Dallas Cowboys to the National Football League. And you have to make Smart decisions. Are unconvinced that guide their point of getting suspended just don't like money. They just don't like one that you get a four game suspension union and now of course a lot of money. And it doesn't take much I think to be able to make some good decisions but again you look at young guy. You would be able to make better decisions and they do and I don't know what situation exactly is busy. All I know is that these technical football player of the cowboys would be. You know a little bit by people without. Both sides and it would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven the game. A team the raider fans are gonna be keeping a very close eye on this season as always the Kansas City Chiefs. But the cheese in my estimation. Are going to have more struggles this year than we've seen in the past brought the fact that it's tricky schedule. Andy Reid and the organization trading up to bring in Patrick Holmes. Beckett created Dicey situation with Alex Smith coupled with the fact that they just fired their general manager less than a month before the start camp what do you make of the chiefs this season. There's a lot of general managers that have sort of got by the weights. Carolina just related Ayers in Citi won the Redskins one of one get one just for the drafts. I think they're fighting out there. You know there's other ways to be able to get things done and in the case accusing changed back two years. You didn't have a wide receiver kitchen touched. Last year Alex Witt threw just sixteen touchdown passes. It looked at actor hold it probably it probably looked at the 2000. Eighteen draft 2019. Gripped and thought like we're going to be a very good position. To be able not to draft real well we're good football. So let's keep leaking very young guy in the apple now. In the long. And I don't think it's spelled anything for Alex he's still going to be the quarterback of Kansas City Chiefs at least the next couple of years. You start to bring somebody in the duke and work into the system let him learn about professional football let them learn the wage you wanna run the offense. And then at that if you need of the plate that's fine right now I think it's the betting on the future by the city chiefs more than a replacement for Alex. He's in 1983 NFL MVP Super Bowl champion follow him on Twitter at the Heisman seven. And quite frankly every time I see a picture of the guy he's got the greatest hand I have ever seen in my life join. But that's Joseph dies in which although it did not 95 point seven game. Always a pleasure Joseph thank you so much for your time. It.