Joe, Lo and Dibs - Hour 2 - Warriors/Spurs, Bucky Brooks on NFL Draft, Gronkowski to the Bay Area?

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, April 18th

Hour 2. Joe, Lo and Dibs talk about a possible Draft shakeup in the NFL.


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Karl Malone was never was it more than he played it in you've talked with you because you never heard him speak much was it because. Jimmy John's soccer injury in the same thing over and over again and burn maybe consider boring why would that Karl Malone more popular. As part of those things also being from Louisiana and his his personality I don't think was necessarily one that would crossover is a bit of a country bumpkin. And then some of his low shots fired cluster bombs and his boots always come in this stadium in his boots oh Malone had Islam in every came out against Magic Johnson when magic revealed that he had that HIV that was on the definitely I think delta below in my eyes to Karl Malone and would prevent me from where his Jersey. Having had a real having a look at given a high. 100 Alicia all or not we go we do it Leo you're listening to that about seven the game did you end CFM an HD once every Cisco V radio home for every single warriors playoff game. It's great to have you with us this morning on this warrior Wednesday brought to you by Porsche a Walnut Creek in 2017 premier Porsche dealer and driven supply it's just name in the Bay Area. Since nineteen. Funny to be Golden State Warriors are off tonight back in action tomorrow. In San Antonio to take on the spurs. Tip time. Is gonna be 6:30 PM. Right here on 9570. Game that would mean warriors warmup is starting at 5 PM here on 9578. We have an early point spread. Has anyone seen with. This early point spread. Now I have not we did discussing yesterday off the air we all made our predictions we did and I was going to rehash that to see if you haven't seen it. Perfect we can read this right now would you like to give your guesses for the game three point I would. I believe I had the largest number before ominous statement that I thought indeed the warriors detonate the old show. Yeah HO BO gentle and low I thought the war is being five and half I'm and a half. The official point spread came. At warriors minus two and a half. It has since moved the warriors minus three and a half so there's some action on Golden State the totals right around 206. Which is where the total has settled at. For games one in games two as well. So from a scoring perspective not much has changed in the eyes of Las Vegas but I. Our favorite perspective you're seeing a team that sat minus nine. For two games now sitting at about a 33 and a half point favorite in San Antonio your eyes immediately lit up why. I would load up on the Doug's and I would take the over. Absolutely I really the dubs and don't win this game. San Antonio don't have that coach. Not a good team ball lot of people feel that with a series shifting back that this is gonna be that last burst. Big effort from the spurs backs against the wall if it got to make it a series it has to be in this game that you're gonna get the best effort of the year and perhaps because the doves are up. Too low and because there on the road. Maybe a couple things don't break their way that would be the logic I you don't see that coming in a play I believe in Portland has a better chance to win the independent than that then dispersed. Because Portland can't score dubs them disperse cat so when you think about those two Mac tips and meet. I just don't I just don't see San Antonio. Win in this game I don't see them win any game I understand the logic the logic is you know right. They're at home fight that we can play better what their third and 133 games on at home they're better home team I get that. Marcus talkers and that's 135 this game I'm just telling you he's not doing what he did that with two days. At times can put those numbers that was a huge gain from all in his and they still go on no question I mills had a hell the game he's not gonna do immediate. So I just don't see this team win I see it being at a better game. Too much dubs did now you projected the idea of a perhaps the war is the bigger favorite area around minus Ayers definitely value here that it down around three what does that mean he'll. It means if I was to make a play out and fire on the warriors absolutely because normally this is again bright spot for the home team who dropped the first two on the road. Especially when you have a team as low mentioned 33 in eight at home second best home record in the entire association. It's impressive what they do at home. The road they're not very good so you think. They're gonna come home and played better but we saw what happens when they played better in the first half here in Oakland they were up by six at halftime they played great. But can you sustain it for forty minutes that's the thing that I would question. And that's why would go with the warriors if I was to make a play. Vegas is smoking. Three and a half have been dead it's moving that way yeah yeah. But hey here's this contentious thing. You still would take a worries we gained three are you taking the spurs to win game four. Well I think as a surrender take it back and play yeah I'm not surrendering you still not surrendering now what that this would be a six game series won by the warriors we've given you the opportunity for what we're calling you surrender to much like you blackjack. You can have some of your money I which means it would be a much quicker funeral. Procession sure you're not interest in the. No I'm not is there's number reason that I didn't answer the question is addressed to me and yeah the first to go down the Rio yes I am gel it's because in two pronged 01 prong is. They're still strong chance that the spurs can win a game of the next to their very good home team now if I was to put my hard earned money on it. A poly play on the warriors during game three the second prong of this is the in the equitable way in which funerals are handed out on this program most says things like the cavs will sweep. Their first round opponent but that's somehow is no longer laid open as a possible funeral Tate. Well here's I think it's an easy thing when that that happened with no Townsend. Archer understand because he batted Twitter a Twitter followers and all I need to bring this up apparently and arson or may not trolling you I want to make this clear there I said I just had listeners hitting me up on Twitter saying when is the funeral coming for your take you said the cavs would sweep and at listener actually played mean. To the exact spot on the podcast where it happened gentlemen if you can hear me in the back we might need this audio just a double checked. It was April 9 on I believe it was in the the final hour work Collette was in and we were all asking for cakes on certain situations and he's claiming you said the casualty. I'm not coming actually bringing I don't hear because I didn't I'd say that's we've Indiana tape I don't that's it that's keeping me or I'm not positive I don't know that I am actually commentary our listeners who are reaching out that are demanding funeral for the listeners come down with this all mean because you guys do not like LeBron James for whatever reason I don't know the guy's a superstar. Okay but where you I don't know why everything always needs to be prefaced with that we're aware of his talent level yes thank you for try again letting us now and it's simply don't know what nation rising up to defend me against your constantly on the long run should that is the only one nation did see why. And hey did you talk. Doctor drew thank you get me down just. But up until then now here's the well done OK here's the he's gonna support the two to three applies now again that's where. Yeah that's a that's briefly a couple months I get too excited about these and a surrender. Because he's got the Belichick he's Belichick he's not gonna sit can do Seattle if he exactly yeah you're you're too stubborn. And that's gonna cost. Rhonda San Antonio. All right. That's a heck I even asked the guy for his name's Mike you shot him out on air on Twitter. Reader. The final hour with spooky in studio we were talking about who he's hot take it sounds like us that we will no matter how hot Taylor had. It sounds like they show no sweeps. It was the no sweepstake and then load chimes in with a cavs sweep and he found on the podcast but that was awesome. You can't bear down and out. Bookie now now if the team. Doesn't sweep if there's no sweeps like then you go there might as I said there will be sweeps. That's what I write it you said what its history has shown will happen every single year except one. I think I mean they make a prediction there will be a world she's old she gathered there. Percentage play enough of this to me how I'm gonna put a chip on every single roulette number except one don't have her nanny and head please. Because earlier in this program you said I said something about oh that the blazes as the blazers went seven he said yeah on the pelicans which is make sure reads funeral music that take. So not every sentence I say. You ready to funeral lives so that's why you've put me into a corner of the. You undertaker. Exactly who called her this mr. Gibbs would all do respect this is pure respect this time this is not mean. I did not vaccinate or you're the one we try to give your way out today and yesterday so it wasn't trying to make this a funeral to say let's. Your chance and yet you told us you're a fan of the show billions right Bob Dylan you know it's episode two of the season. Where out wags explains to Taylor. How he met acts and why he's friends because he sold it fifth the actual them to sell any sold it fifteen. And the stock ended up closing at two when he would lost everything visit opportunity for use yourself fifty. I'm Bobby axle rod coming to you wags and I'm saying you can sell it fifteen or you're gonna lose a little bit you're not gonna lose ball. What you're gonna sit and be stubborn go ahead and go down with the ship is what you're saying that he can go down with the tape yes I am because of the spurs can win game three in Vegas thinks they have a darn good chance of three and a half points then. I'm right back in ready to be exalted among the greats who had the courage to predict. But the spurs to win not one but two games don't start the segment by saying you think the warriors will win this game so that would put them up three out then and I don't hunt and offer surrender going to begin again. Oh thank you you're you're so magnanimous yeah. You restrict their god there are no surrender is it gave. Twice. More us NI wise I politely hot thank you line on climate Heisman do you each and every time. And that's this is now bookings take what's it's only being stubborn if the spurs lose venue now come back and say you know what maybe I have I have surrender grant a right now Hubble important phone calls are we got to get to I hate to say there's a Rick Scott Rick Fox Cowen is a prison rec hall. Ops will in marais and what kind of up against it so should your best shot will marais and what's the prison Medicare. But overly quick I got a pretty bad that he. Spurt on keeping a close to what it gave backyard playoffs. She got pretty crap we give them their first off that's video game numbers plus they don't have a prison bet it won't get out. I its docket at our alma lawyer doctor Donald Britain. Yeah well you know that up Rick Fox all the apps are out of your girlfriend you beat like. And you're gonna. Leave it up plus. You don't get shots and shot tomorrow at all right I don't know what you bought in general I'd be talking. Does work. That's how this works first of all when I say we're up against the shoot your shot you can't go I'm gonna be quick and then go on 26 different topics over the course of what he's been it's still my girl I noticed though hold us back the lives girls are this new era. OK he's O Rick Fox yeah you're trying to tell my main number eight Monday may not be ready for installment Asher an enemy to rock. Gimme Cox. A I. Are right so. We have dude to a major about face here because the story is breaking. And we were kind of kicking around in the last break so to speak and it turns out. That there's a very plausible way in which a marquee offensive player could be headed to the bay area's. One of two football teams that's coming up next Jolo in bids at a price of the game. Now I don't worry your wins in years Joseph lo and it's. Embark on a journey into the hidden world of coral reefs. NN new planetarium show explanation. Expedition beef. Promotion. California academy of sciences in San Francisco did get tickets. At cal academy dot org or visit the contest page diatribe setting in dot com for a chance to win a four pack of tickets to check it out. I get for not drinking. It's regulate a week this but I got I come in and I just stumbled through everything so Boris Arnold and I they thought that it was also an expedition right. Welcome to the money spot of the program here on 957 game. One straight hour of commercial free radio free whom beautiful audience because we love him because we love you gonna come out the bank here. We've got a wild and elsewhere to get to a just a minute first. Twitter reached out in week. Listen to the people out shows Tri-State farm yeah. Just keep yet today we listen we communicate being gay. Community Jill ultimate right now the community rapport Abbas and included are lucky to be able to bask in the glow that ruins goodness each and every morning we thank you for that fearless manner we do we do indeed. And yesterday raider DE. Reached out on Twitter. And was wondering as to where I am inquiring as to when there would be a funeral Tate who wore load meals proclamation. That the Cleveland Cavaliers would sweep the Indiana Pacers now I forgot such things happen. I've been. I'm not a computer I can't remember everything but about FaceBook I don't have everyone's information. But. It turns out we did a little research. And we're gonna play the tape for you with the audio and bullet you decide if this deserves a funeral this is from April 9 with Colin as a rookie in studio Nicholas. We saga in Indiana is down they beat the warriors liability pose a problem. They got some players there that these young cast me completely and yeah oh yeah now I mean. Or you how coffin and now we know it and don't won't not Gonzalez's. It is easily dvds and personal as how we sound like that that's chaos it can only tell you all over each other all the time like that now is not me. They like to play this again listen to low yields is Tony Romo everybody with eyes. Take place again. We saw I'll give India and it is down they beat the warriors Weisel depots problem. They got some players there then he's young cats we. We can yeah yeah now I mean. Or you how confidently over there to Wal-Mart got the dog it's because snakes and I think he decent. I'm. You are under the needy and just Messi just back. Radio just a question I got here and they're saying they're as he's talking there's really really paint the picture of what he's trying to say that. Just vault what are you doing well. How how are you gonna just pick up your phone in the middle of a show call somebody he actually calling the guy that put him on blast I had to do he's wrong and then Illini couldn't even put the politics behind your Rome buddy you're wrong amenities that somebody that is he is he on hole in the year hub on a good idea that you want to Dublin. No I have a radio show I have to do and a contract that says I have to do the radio show so I eight will Blige and do the radio action. Do you feel that that warrants a funeral take. By not. It was Lee. You felt you were tricked into that you heard it says that no I'm not doing this I'm not mr. diddley all the time in in this is that that was confirmation. I don't just walk you into those things you consular. Oh does that sound like appealed today that's each UD. I just simply ask you. How confident you felt about it I wasn't implying or I didn't mean to imply that you should be funeral lies that he's curious to gauge your level of confidence and I said no. Ultimately you walk me into that low in light of that audio and I'm sorry and in pending pending further evidence I'd like to this withdrawal might claim of funerals nation well then let. We introduce exhibit day. Go to start and OK so we've got your number that's a reasonable number right there OK you behind he was a hundred but the cavs and sweep the patience and none no socket Turkoglu. And I'm not a lot of sign at the wow blind that in the end the you guys charity you guys madness and in light of the evidence your honor I submit the following. You'd like to do the honors Eastern Conference advisors cavaliers fans this is a somber day indeed. They're very sad day as LeBron James. The cavaliers will in fact not three Indiana based on losing game one it's a sad sad day. Put needles. Risks. Shout out to raider eat all the great people out there who are keeping official score of what does it what does not need to be buried. I completely forgot about this. Go to guy and now it's low for tips for those cemetery plot to start to fill up this game is fat and it. You to stamp card that and for the Friday Ellison. Coffee diesel better low hum you I am not happy with the way digs weasel that it has surrendered technique. And was able to flip the script on some two point reversal Russell thought they don't come. I. Couldn't direct order. More than. Okay please we got to get to the news yes Tom Tom Brady has not committed to play global lecture. Let that marinate with you for a moment as you're driving around because this is the story advanced by Adam shaft or Now. Jeff is saying that people close to Brady. Believe that he's probably gonna play next season but Brady has yet to commit to playing football next season for the New England Patriots. Not exactly the best of timing. For the patriots with the NFL draft one week away. Let's begin with this. How big of a rift low do you think exists currently in New England between. Ballot check Brady and all the power players are we still seeing the effects of the Malcolm Butler situation on the Super Bowl. No question. I really believe this is ways not even in the same sphere. As what's gone on in San Antonio acquire and I think this is worse. I think you can seed and the you know the proof is in a putting just a weighted these guys are carrying on your hat and coat that was going to be a new coach going over to Indy. And it was in and retracted his contract when guys are movement why. Because the rip was Oregon it was going it was in motion and that's why you see a guy say no I'm gonna come back to doing the this thing is gonna get ugly. How much of it involves Brady's. Trainer because what they're essentially saying is that Brady and Rob Gronkowski are working out together with Alex Guerrero got the man behind the TB twelve method the thing that started this action we Jimmy drop below. That led to the Jimmy droplets in San Francisco back in November December remember sept quicker shammond ESPN had an article that said things into England were going very well. Essentially grapple what was traded. Because Brady's all the writing on the wall he knew what Belichick was angling for he knew that in the off season he was going to be moved. And yet did that didn't sit well let him he'd wanna become Joseph Montana. He wanted to do what he wanted to do it that was finish his career in New England when he decided his career knowing that was gonna come to an end. So he went to Bob Kraft the owner. Kraft had to sit down Belichick for about four hours according to the story of all the said and done no lost and Tom want. And opened up the phone and he called John Lynch in San Francisco he texted Kyle Shanahan. It was all send on a second round pick headed to Foxboro and Jimmy Rob Lowe land in Santa Clara. Hell of a deal for the 49ers look we'll get to it a moment but. This rift continues to grow from that moment are we seeing the end of the patriots. As we know though no question Joseph you you we are. And the proof is in the putting not just that when you think about what's the point on the dynamics of how this thing is separate and yet we can talk about TB twelve and almost everything. Belichick called down gronkowski in a meeting. When OT gays and almost different things. In front really call them out now what's gone you've seen now a guide to politics already said no more this TB twelve and all this crap that's gone on. In what has brought in spite Eagles ran across a street and this I'm gonna go out Tom. This is this is clearly that these guys have all bunkered and it's in now we're gonna start fighting. It's a reason why you brought back a coach in the end you know Bob Kraft pics of the phone says don't go to Indy I got you comeback here. I'm telling you this thing is going to get ugly there is divide in power Tom Brady's that's sand much Belichick's not saying much for right now there are divided. Emit this whole team is divided in you're gonna see this thing get a lot of clear in my opinion. How holly gimme gimme a snippet what do you think will be next I think there's there's a good chance that. And grow that gronkowski straight. I the patriot day trader rob and how are are really he's a big disgruntled he's been holding out. He's made it cleared through back channels that he's not thrilled with the contract he currently has he said the offseason he wasn't sure if he was gonna return he's battled a lot of injuries. There's a lot there's a lot of smoke in the situation he's in the in any came out against it I wanna play I want I want to be pay and so I. I really believe Joseph that he's gonna get traded. I believe the third I believe that if Belichick is going to be the coach Andy Bob Kraft is want to back him. Then I believe they're gonna quarterback in they're gonna go to some went to get to make it happen so would you. You're saying they trade gronkowski and it obviously happens in the next week and theoretically they would get picks back to be able to move. Up and beyond and get a quarterback now and then what was I mean for Tom Brady one more year and then you'd be some plan does. I really believe it means one more year and you say well can they get a quarterback I think there's some teams that hasn't trade value. That are in good position. That New England would be willing to trade for. From the nine to five on me pats got to sell stock Comtex line talking about what about the Danny almond bowl interview I don't know about about almond Lola or if it's out of those words but. Gradkowski. When Danny Amendola ended up signing with Miami essentially reach out via social media gradually to them about. Finding happiness basically insinuating that you have gotten away from this mess enjoy yourself and Miami have a great time you've got your money and your away. From essentially Belichick Belichick believes that he's the owner in Bob. Kraft had that come to Jesus compensation he got through less know you're still the coach and I'm the owner and I really believe that. There's still going to be some heads that roll in New England. Now I want you to take everything we're suggesting right now. And I want you to listen the following audio yesterday rich Eisen from the NFL network. Had Bucky Brooks on his radio show. Bucky Brooks has been around a long time played believe he's a network analyst who works at Daniel Jeremiah on podcast he's very well connected. Brooks. Is insinuating. Here that a big trade could be coming that shakes up the beginning. Of next week's NFL draft take a listen. They cannot do that we're talking about it aside repeal don't allow all the rules changed for the primary Judith we've associated with chicken quarterbacks to be in the position to get the quarterback did you walk and it will be a complete reshuffling. Of the top slot so what we're saying is we could be looking red. A major court shuttling you know little of the people give the quarterback that they want. And put themselves in position to be shed extra I would write a quarterback to take over for the next year. That's Bucky Brooks of the NFL network with the rich Eisen of the NFL network talking about what he's hearing behind the scenes that a multi team deal. Could be in play that completely re shocked shares the top five in the NFL draft. The implication I take from that if there's any truth to it is that the first pick would be trade. I don't think you can have a complete reshuffling of the top five picks without the first pick being low. Who's going for number one. Because we're talking about the patriots. We're talking about a rift were talking about Tom Brady not committing to playing next year and then I looked down and I see new England's list of picks this year. Two in the first. Two in the second. One in the third the New England Patriots are sitting on five picks in the top 95 they're sitting on four picks in the top 63. Do you think Belichick would have the balls and the authority. To trade all the way up to number one with Cleveland so that they could draft Tom Brady's Sasser. It's gonna take some help. And it's gonna take some help and I think in the help comes from a local team some local teams if you think about what's going on. When asked Tom Brady missed OT what is Tom Brady not been the first one in the last one out. Think about what's all this is Tom Brady this is mr. perfectionist everyone talks about Tom read it first went into the facility last on the lead that's just who he is and all of a sudden. At age 41 is isn't. I'm not go on a Mac cumin and or among them take a vacation. Okay couldn't have taken a vacation anytime the Y right now there is a rift there in new England and people would know Thomas who's doing that Mel. In something's going to take place in if you think about what's going in San Francisco you look at their pick you see would happily move impostor. They brought in another Alabama kick they can't afford a draft and about that make it with that night Pitt credit YouTube said that a few times let's elaborate on that yeah. The real good Foster issues from Alabama they had Lincoln Fitzpatrick in for two days you don't think that big draft Fitzpatrick because it's because of the Alabama connection you have you have you can't. You have to pass it and it's it's unfortunate because his kids a good kid all the different things he's a great kid but now. I think that I think that the San Francisco 49ers. Are still an entity is still point to be possibly move an epic and it may go over to New England. So you think in some way. Gronkowski could be in play for trade here to the niners. It would involve the ninth overall pick and then that would give New England. 31 round picks 31 round picks. Now I get gronkowski you talk about here's a guy Jimmy G and loves the guy Jimmy. Tom lynch. Did you get that someone from doing into the Baltic you think you'll also one if they kill us one local we just gave your franchise quarterback. I need it I texted me bill bill would be calling Kyle and would say remember when I asked. 42 in exchange for Jimmy and you guys jumped out of because it was such a good deal how's that working out. Grace would be pretty good I think everyone feels pretty good about a guy who doesn't lose. And Adam I mean maybe that's not take maybe it's penalize someone and appreciative and as well when he loses he'll pay for that yet. And back on the show I guess you don't want to get this off the acts yet elegant have to run now with that. So you did he call obviously now I need a little bit well and he's now here's something about don't you think something like that could take place I really do. There in the situation room and paying the first time that a lot of spice and everything there franchise quarterback their guy that's been mr. real viable in mr. patriot has not show up. In there is something going on here where there's smoke there's fire. I really believe that something's Bruin in New England. And I really believe that Murkowski will be traded I don't think he's he's gonna play there Tom the head coach is called the mount in meetings already this year. For what drew in so I think it's something I think that there is going to be a lot of movement before the strap that I'd be. Fascinating if the patriots was just saying play the scenario now one step further they send gronkowski and the niners in exchange for the ninth pick. And in the patriots take the ninth pick which they have. The Tony first Anchorage they have and the 31 pick which they also have and they send it to Cleveland. For the number ones and now he's such a Cleveland moved to. Pass all the quarterbacks we'll just hit a budget textbook not a great yeah that's the reason for the men 15% of the stuff not that is that how it works for a 33 Eagles 157 to see them winning games video of a war crime you don't have food and our first round picks and that's scenarios so you could get. You could get a quarterback at number four you can get if it goes quarterback quarter right quarterback he could still get. The fourth quarter mag baker may feel lower you know of the taxes in Louisville what ever you can still get a quarterback who could get a quarterback what had at what point what he's saying what an order for. We endorse Clinton would trade the wine at. And in exchange they would get new England's nine that came from severance Disco they would get new England's number 21. Which came in previous deal and they would take their 31 thing Varity half. Clinton also got Tyrod Taylor so if they brought it to pass on QBs this year just stock up with some talent they could do that and then theoretically reenter the draft next year. With a boatload of picks and probably a reasonable first round pick again. I mean I wouldn't see them and twenties let's just throw that out there right but then your work your way back in a position for a quarterback next year right and you need more than just one player but if you're forty niner fan who would you wanna train the ninth pick for Rob Gronkowski essentially straight out that to mean the interesting question Mara let's get the details out their first I'm from a financial perspective croc has two years left on the deal the cap hit this year is ten point nine million. Which is reasonable. Next year's twelve million seed got about 22 million committed to the cat from a base salary standpoint it's about seventeen million dollars now viewed what do you. For gronkowski exactly you would be in discussions with him before all this would go down that he would get some form of new deal that's what he's angling for. So gives bacteria shall question. And this is just the first part of many layers here would you be interested in any sort of deal that involved in ninth pick heading to new England and exchange. Robert I would not I think the injury concerns are in great enough to prevent me from one to give up the number nine Ford and I think. What are you having your tight end position with Kindle he's got a lot of outside and much more affordable deal to me. It's too many injuries for gronkowski and too many body parts to. Asked. What one thing about when he eight years old. Gronkowski is getting set to injuries this guy can still play for the next four years. It's okay do I'm gonna take you might want to take a guess on the ninth pick port unproven commodity that's in college. Is that a guarantee them and get 45 great years from that rookie. I know would gronkowski can bring to the table so if I mean I think the risk is worth the reward with out doubt. Murkowski to me is still it's a phenomenal tidy and yes he's had some injuries but now what do you do you don't give ridicule now they got too tight ends. You know that it helps Shanahan and I got to tidy and they can run can get open he's a threat. You can't sit back and play cover wind you can't play man to man you got a Dell so now what does that do for the running game what does that do for Jimmy gee what does it do for receivers. You can go out here for the ninth pick with a doubt. I don't care about the injuries. I'm telling you if that matters in that situation there. You'll take do you take this proven commodity because you don't 28 years though he still got four more fortified years left gays been injured but I take it every day. Okay it will jump activists the niners in the gronkowski connection I wanna go back to the Genesis the story. The fact that Tom Brady the report from Adams after Tom Brady has not committed to playing next season. Brady's no fool. Whether you like them or not everything Brady does has a reason. There's no reason to believe Brady acts irrationally and based on emotion. Emotion might factored in the decision but the decision is always well fought out. But it turned out to be the right decision at the wrong decision we're all human. The bottom line is Brady's not just an issue from the head no one knows him to be that way is that a fair assessment absolutely okay. If this story is out today. And it's coming from out of shaft or who's widely regarded as the most bankable in the business. You can infer that Brady's can't has leaked that information to shaft there's no reason for the patriots to you that right there's no reason for anyone other than Brady. To make it clear pay. I got an issue and the way I'm gonna let the world know about is that I might not wanna play next year. Why would he choose one week before the NFL draft because if he puts that out there. That gives Belichick an organization a reason to go trade for his successor. Putting him right back in the position he was it last November course and when he wanna Jimmy problem. Brady is forcing the hand this is a chess match you know what's he forcing he's like okay what he's not showing up your tickets vacation is it to heart when every lefties okay. You guys do to do. So I'm going on vacation. So you think about what he's doing what does that tell bill. What position as he put Billick he had sort of to OTAs we before you get to have you know and you get to have training that training camp would you give to have what do they call it. We going to fork you know many can't voluntary work out there working out our mini cam yeah those mini camp so veterans as we have. Those mini camps you know we before you don't NFL draft so if this guys nice here. I really believe that he's an okay what are you guys gonna do. What are you guys gonna do so do you think he might be trying to force bell check out. I do I think actually this sounds like it's something once again he's trying to signal Bob Kraft it's either me your hand and that this time she's getting word. He's get the word that a lot of other people or start a mumble about that new England and has arsenal of Peck's. Now that they've lost Jimmy drop below. Might be trying to trade up to find the success that they might take all these draft picks in say Cleveland we want number one because we want Sam Arnold or we want Josh Rosen whoever it may be. And that that guy comes in the writings on the wall for Brady you're gone in about a year yeah. So now Brady this is act two he got drop below out of town so now the only thing left is to get rid of note is that we could be talking about here. Potentially and that's partly why Josh McDaniel to Lowe's point came back from Indianapolis you know Tom's probably saying you can leave. I'm getting closer than ever to make being able to make a power play casino Kraft and Belichick are the ones. Who have the big feud and Tom Brady and the owners cited against bill so. Ultimately when mcdaniels comes back to town and since taken out of the job back to me was a strong signal as any that Belichick's time there can be limited great out. Hi Larry in the doghouse these situation. How would you acquire crop from the patriots. Bill could go scorched her pill could just send. Cal's gronkowski to reflect a third round pick he doesn't have the power and something's blown. Yeah Josh Howard you gonna be able to make a good he would New England that's where it gets tricky you I'm saying yes I do that's why I think Josh McDaniels is behind the scenes. He's come eat this guy had eight signed doing your contract with Indy with Andrew Luck this guy was goalie it was a foregone conclusion. Is he goes you'll do as he gets scared I know what the job. And what it Bob crap promises guy something is going. You don't say I'm gonna governments that people here everything's in place and I bullets at all I don't want this job now. Did you ever seen net. This is something so good you ruin his reputation. They every insider in the business made it very clear that Josh McDaniels can't leave new wing. And he's never gonna get a head coaching gig outside of New England because of what he did the Carolina because that was in such poor form a sport that he can never go back into the market he waited all those years and to burn the colts like that the last minute. Put them in a really bad spot so the thought process is if you're willing to do that something big is on the table. And and the implication from Matt is that it's the New England job would bill's gone the question is when's bill gonna be gone because this all sounds like what we're talking about. Is rift park to. Where Tom sees bill angling behind the scenes to draft another quarterback to take over for him he doesn't like it and he's telling craft essentially perish after. That if you let bill make this trade to draft a quarterback I'm not coming back the play for you next year is that a reasonable assessment from all of the evidence we put into absolutely and to me you know I should hire serious if some forensic Chrysler had done the right from the and they put all of that film OJ go back to prison Emmett goes not a big time receiver he left you a big doing a good to pay him what he did and I. Salute laying branding coach is gone on the got a situation where and you look at any team with. In any pro sport you get to a point where the players started to the coach out and the coach and his message starts to fall on deaf ears and every dynasty. Comes to an end in Brady's look in the last year two or three of his career and he's thinking do I really must suffer through. This guy again for another season probably not so he can find a way to maneuver and uses. Considerable leverage because you've got no back up I'm sorry Brian Hoyer. You're nice play center Brian Hoyer yet shout out footsteps from lawyer Jeff it I mean CJ bastard is able to beat him out so I'll think Brady's here that's. I got there. We have pitched has yet every met fifty grand in the GOLF Magazine just okay that's a shame beating this he really did beating and you gotta go with Tom Brady and Bob crap. They have a business together in the stadium. Mean these guys are partners. And we've seen you you've talked about that we've also seen crafts I would Brady before. So between now and next week thing about the chaos that it's out there somehow someway the raiders in niners. Could just keep their mouth shut and hang back like everybody else and say if this gets screwed up at the top. Some player that we really like is I whistled through the cracks. Thank you got a lot of teams angling for quarterbacks. If four of them well in the first eight picks that only leaves for more selections before the niners and five before the raiders. Quit Nelson can help. Broke wants Smith. And Trent what Edmonds the kid for traders remain in the Virginia task those two linebackers they can help Denzel wore the corner from my house say. He can help sick while Barkley running back pence that he can help. I just throughout 56 names you name Bradley also been through Bradley chums another gap. Not another in in in in and I will believe. Murkowski state he plays better if he's in a better place like here the weather. You lament hard turf man with a cold weather in that frozen and eat it. It takes years off he wondered hit and bang and in ice you played there the only joke free goal. Did this guy had the air I think that they'll play longer he'll play better in the putting in San Francisco Jimmy G you don't think that's often to be top ten offense we Jimmy Jean. And how much OK so how much Gina give up IC we sank like the fact that you have optimism background. Has enough left in the tank. But that's a sizable investment if it involves a nine point for a tight end though it's not gonna work and rocks favorite that he's made it clear. He's not sure how much he has left that he wants to play for you sort of saying he's due he's been Dave throughout this whole Lotta my time with a WWE. He was talking to the rock about getting in Hollywood he's got ambition. And that to me is a red flag where. All right dude we might be interest in the contract. Networks around that system because if you would leave we could recoup some of the money we get it. But how many assets in terms of draft picks would you give about knowing that risk involved and I think that is a big big risk right there it is in you can go at number nine and his gold did you have number two number three yes. It should be it should be huge risk. But how many nines if you go to the draft that are really just bowled by its all perception sometimes is not reality. In a lot of these guys that we BC guys get drafted number 1345. All these pigs in a lot don't they disguise. Gronkowski is a proven commodity in the National Football League and he's gonna give me four solid years in music and guess what San Francisco to see your words. Guess what we're open for business the window for a Sam's has a forty niners start. In if that's the case in my god this guy for four years. My window when their four years I think that I can live deep fly 415403858. Are we crazy with this conversation. But he sees some truth to it either way if you wanna beef on any bank best calls every Friday at 7341540385. 88. This all comes back to one thing. Bob Kraft the owner letting his employees tell how to run his business. It would not be a Smart move for ever come to let anyone in this room go up to the top and tell them how to run their business. Granted we all have things to offer. What I would. Have to say it's private the best move to let Joseph for mud dictate how certain assets are gonna be deployed from radio priest god be with that Yahoo! without a doubt conqueror and I. Narrow take may be able at the but I think the bed because I could generate a company I don't know I've never tried I would like to not find out you know it's possible I'd put out I don't think that funeral thank. Street did you start and I sent Taylor funeral thanks but here's the point. The decision makers aren't power for a reason whether they on the company. Whether they were appointed whether they were voted in. When your at the top of the food chain ultimately the responsibility. The success the failures they lie when you hire good people let them do their jobs. This comes back to November. When Bob Kraft took a meeting with Tom Brady and Brady essentially said. Koppel warming he saw the writing on the wall he Saul what Belichick was going to do Belichick is the kid. I'm being a year early rather than yearly you've seen it throughout his history moving on from players surprises everybody and and you see the player go somewhere else we can't play. A year later. And you end up costing yourself a year early. May be missed a few plays me get assets in return take advantage of the assets zig when people are sagging. Sell Brady sees the writing on the wall rob Lowe's contracts coming out. There's no way he's gonna stay for 1011 million he had enough work product out there courtesy of Brady suspension mind you. Brady never gets suspended for deflate gate Jimmy he's never plane in those games. So he's got the work product out there where he knows that he hits the open market he's gonna get eighteen to twenty million matches how works Mike Glenn and got 1618. Crop loaded guy sane right New England wasn't gonna be a little Fordham. Brady saw coming so he goes in and he tells craft it's either Muir grapple. Kraft makes the biggest mistake his career he sides with Tom Brady. He decides I'm letting go with Tom Brady over bill ballots. I can see why. He's a good looking dude he's won plenty of Super Bowls their friends they got businesses together I can see why you would make that decision. Emotion and that's okay because it's your company ultimately that's what you wanna do you have every right to do it. But that is ultimately what started all of this you should have as painful. As it would have been. You should let bill move on from top. Because of Brady's gone. Telecheck is still your under question leader in that locker room. You still have Jimmy Rob Lowe you're ready to transition into the future and Belichick is ready to leave you with a legacy. Which according to the report was that Belichick always wanted to be able to retire and leave the patriots in shape and by in good shape. He met lead them with a quarterback obviously not Brady is his career was coming to an end that was the reason they had grapple. And Belichick's big sticking point net meeting got called in with Kraft was the fact that they said trade drop below he said this is the secession play. I don't wanna trade in crafts and go find another quarterback on another secession and match. So that's what's happening right here you got all these assets. According the rumors perhaps the page it's what a move up to one maybe they want to draft a quarterback and now Brady sees the writing on the wall again. And he might be trying to get Belichick and that's why gronkowski won't be here it's it's out in the open. Here's he called knockout. Grunt tweets hey told me no have no now you're happy Yemen bill look at that followed in a Belichick is going to be the coach. You guys know that he hates when players come out and media it's best to try to go at him. That's a direct shot at Belichick belly is not gonna have that I don't think the gronkowski is going to be in Belichick the coach I don't think they're. Along the end of the adjusting if they get. Anything that they can then turn into an ability to move up the draft board because if Joe's theory is right and I think the way you laid out. Is accurate because the patriots do need a succession plan. For when Tom Brady leaves and this quarterback draft class if you like anyone of those three guys. You have to be up in the top three. Because they very likely will go 12 and three so you'd have to get up to get Cleveland's pick at number one and if that's the case in and Rob Gronkowski. Is the peace that they then trade to get draft capital give me a wild week leading up to next Thursday. You have to either love multiple quarterbacks or you have to get the number one pick his usual options. You Belichick loves the Arnold and he loves rose and OK then maybe talk to the giants and you figure out how to get the two apparently they're open for business but. There's only one guy you like in he's the guy the future and Belichick shown when he found Brady he found Jimmy drop low. If he Isaac sand Arnold we're Josh Rosen is his guy. Bob Kraft got to be taken this is our succession plan I told bill to go find me the secession and he's kind euphoric but again it's causing another problem with Brady. Yeah sit back and think about how great radio show is how we worked our way all the way through that. We took a tweet from Adams after we just to make his day ended the patriots. And is coming in we've been laying out now for months and months and the more you look at the evidence around the patriots new C. Where there's smoke there's undoubtedly fire and whether or not it happens in this draft or ahead of the next after they're gonna take a quarterback they're gonna have to find familiar place TB twelve. I think the morals. The story here is that at some point. Relationships between teams and franchise quarterbacks they come to net natural father time is undefeated. This could be a hot day but if you're the niners and the raiders do you think about trading Rob Lowe and car now and saving yourself. Just trade the problem now trade Derek Carr now and put yourself in a position where you never have to suffer that heart rate. Not make sense him do that that way you just don't even on the first day. Yeah the dates go grade and before you you the chance due to finish the day off right EC you know what I'm not a sense yet we area we spend ninety minutes of up toward activity. And then Tony two years later you leave me. And pools and more schools is not even go through any amendment this in the bud right announced that it is buried that we had a chance to do that I don't think so. No reasonable take and it's cutting edge if you know brothel is gonna get old at some point why not beat it to the punch train now makes it is that they're car yeah. Yeah deal deal both immediately had. Ship them try to get anything back in return if someone's got to seven out they're just take it and move on. Better to have loved and lost than ever to run and all this is not every wrong all this is this is very much radio as good radio. You know his whether or not anyone in years to run out of words here. We still got some radio to put together long way to go to coach in Roy at 830 ma'am I was at 915 or 930 Jabber OC. Maybe it will give low that funeral taking again just for all the people who missed it. There are people who miss it even that look I'm sorry everyone deserves to hear the greatness of the funeral takes. Pack at we assume that donating around ten minutes they let down sixteen before it was over and over. Well I. Here fourteen teams in motor boating team they've. They're down 20 at least my team has the chance your team is poorly my teams don't go to series and start to the road team win the game so technically the series doesn't start in. Yes I'd say the spurs are pretty good spot the did that this series definitely hasn't started yet spurs are just sliding way. Coming off a combined forty point he's yeah two games yet. Is live in the cut pork and spurs. Yeah okay first of all 36 points combine the first two games sorry our second best home record in the association's south today. Observation I love that because not a league coach it's the National Football League is not the national basketball league if not the NBL if the NBA what does the eight stand for. Thank you association. Which we did a lot of us on Friday went out it was an on shop I'm just flabbergasted that it would get away from you guys like a broken how you weren't here to enjoy the association tock if we went around Israel's agent. They were doing his job association. That some lame Linda in Oakland's on the line. I don't know what four there's nothing in the comments and Linda let's go to. Oh Lyndon just dropped off yet and our fellow all of us and it's idea tonight in midstream right there aerials from on Tony what happened. Gone in sixty seconds Tom how worried should I be about the pelicans. Very and the reason I ask is that they have now not one not one but two games in Portland the series shifting back to New Orleans and they are up two games to one. I bow to gates and not excuse me but I believe. They beat the warriors what 34 this year now I understand the warriors were playing it on the line of those games fine. How concerning has this team become. Without step very concerning. Went out look out step this is a this is a barber and this is gonna go down to. But the point because you look at drew he's joined by the you know brown you have no you have no answer foreign yet unite and go to match the whipping we understand that. He's Katie. In this like no one can stop Kate nor can stop you know. I mean can you compare Rondo you don't have stepped. Rondo is it this system that things he's able to do his court channel ship Pisa general happier you love Ron Paul's been able to do you saw him when he was with the with the bulls I mean this guy. When they beat Boston because of their Neil because of what he was able to do they were one lead that series. But rob knows that he's a magician out there are no at times he can be. You know you know crazy at times you know some of his things he might save the far as being a good veteran player. The guys nailed so they'll write in the he's overrated. He gives the ball away like I give on Halloween candy in late October. He's trash coach. Playoff Rondo and a playoff run it was a very real thing. There's regular season Rondo and then there's hash tag playoff from the fact that we have to go to multiple Ron those things only and even known and unknown yes it is unfair that when he's through enemies because all the hot settled down. There to have the layout keys okay funeral you have to perform autopsy. I don't even know if he's actually got it will be easier to bury a guy who's a lot. Okay that takes still could be breeding is my point okay. What's who's the guy yesterday that we win and we don't care what he doesn't currencies in which is one minute clips Iguodala. Right and you just mean same statement for Rondo. So when he says garbage give it away digging new enemy does he know that oh my god we go pays guy and all this and play well. What does Ronald showed you a couple of extra number yesterday trash. Without Rondo and they still win that game and yes they do it through the whole thing I know it pretty run those days are ahead at a time with low low pro LeBron has been solid first two games. I don't turnovers but he's been he's going to be he's been terrible fact you don't have a right to know followed by Jrue Holiday and I'll I don't know plus if you don't have Rondo easily when I game in Portland they're being poor and if you party is Portland is not shooting the ball it's not so much that. Rajon Rondo has been unstoppable force. He was six of eleven and last night yeah used with ten rebounds and nine isn't that what he's talking about if he went six TI. Get the funeral music writing and I look at this sixteen points ten rebounds nine assists he played other iron to six of the night you're gonna. Have to make a better case I'm sorry I give me a chance but I I I'm looking for a pulse. And I can't find it if I got the mortician to a few of the funeral music every time somebody offers an opinion on this program then our conversations will be rendered pointless opinions synonymous with Tate. And takes it funerals around here when there inaccurate you it's not a question of inaccurate or accurate the fact that he had six turnovers and yet he had his numbers also Morgan trumpet. A guy was numbers what do we. We tear down Russell Westbrook each and every day for his fake numbers and now we're gonna look at another fake number king Rajon Rondo a wrist at all. Nine and nine rebounds ten assist you that you don't miss.