Joe, Lo, and Dibs Best Of: Wednesday March 29th, 2017

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, March 29th
The guys discuss Draymond Green's comments on the Raiders relocation to Las Vegas. Does this move hurt the Raiders brand as a whole? Former Raider and Super Bowl Champion joins the program to share his thoughts on the move. 

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Boarding great to have UN Jolo and his 95 point seven game. It's been a tough 48 hours raider nation. Kinda nice last night though for a couple of hours you have the opportunity to turn on that rockets game forget about everything else wash the warriors do with the warriors yeah. That was nice and tell. Post game dream on opens in. It I'll say that's still entertaining now has a watch that a big and well not really surprises trend line we talked about this morning but. That's part of the reason you love them whether you agree or disagree it's part of the reason to a BC can't have it both ways so Lofton. And this is a complainant media members and I've made it. I don't want to standard cliche answer well you know we went out there tonight as tough battle. And I you know we really just tried to lay it on line public things didn't break our way you try to persevere and keep moving announce on San Antonio. Get that quote it's like I can't do anything that can't do anything with that the newspaper online on the radio on TV. But then you have the dream I'm greens aren't alone he gives you everything you want even entertaining controversial. Not hurting anybody. But any sit their and dream on move may be should speak out causing a distraction caused a problem I'll take it any day of the week yet this is so and I because think about Jamont. He speaks as hard jail gaining any in its in its funny that you look at two polar opposite is he'll need Iguodala you hear his comments he's just like. Wood in to Booker won sixty. Elect Steve well Steve's got good players meeting is just that guy who just wants that seeding and it's like it's something going yeah a dream he's next level yeah witnessed on the ice and a whole different mikes surgical procedure that's like a third level down in the inception movie right. It's so unstable that. You could actually that I think are does he likes to he doesn't like this team or not we got the kind of Iggy leaves you like what I'd take away from that. Question for you. And raider fans won't when he units but this is from a national perspective. Does the raider brand suffer at all moving to Las Vegas. I think now does that take you hit at all because I think we're living in a day and age and I floated this this morning and thinking about this on the way yen. Rode the bike today. Got hit by some guy doing some crazy recycling long story short. But. I think you could take any team in the NFL you could play than anywhere in the country. I don't think you would matter. I really don't I don't think it matters where these teams play anymore I think we're living in an era where that is not all that important now people are gonna San crazy just hear me out. 2018. Is projected to be the first year in north American sports history. In which. Game revenue. Television revenue. Media revenues on talking about is going to bring in more money for these teams in deep revenue. The put that in perspective 2014. Gate revenue for north American sports seventeen point seven billion dollars. 2014. Revenue from media north American sports fourteen point six billion dollars to what a half billion more made from. And from media 2018 it's changing that's the first year's projected that media will bring in more money and that's television rights is what I'm talking about. I don't think you Maddux. I really don't think it matters where the team is located low. You were born in 1970 lean more California correct yes if you were born and only more spent your whole life anymore and I do lean more. How many career opportunities. Would you have in a place like that. Why a pink did it's not a lot of things to do one would be agriculture be in the forming which time army and two would probably be real estate which I'm currently in. Three regulations that. 3COM would be you know I wanted to affect you job the best factory job in that community is slippery you know foods is like cheese and Gary stepped it they just do there because assuming dares around the central valley. There's not necessarily a lot of high end jobs and meal I don't it's limited it's lemon it's limited share that's understand in 1970 its limited right. What did you do. And the more to that. Virtually any chair think about it you can be a media sensation. As long as you have an Internet connection you can have a TV show. On my TV show you can have a blog you can write for a newspaper you can cover any sport in the business you could run an online business think about what you can do. From any location in the country today as long as you have cell service in or an Internet connection. The opportunities are endless 1970. It was all about physical location is all about department stores now did you notice that Amazon. Just past Wal-Mart. As the world's largest online retailer. Wal-Mart physical locations Amazon online on line just past Wal-Mart I don't give matters where it's located because the money. Is more important from a TV perspective than it is from a local perspective I. Think for now that can be the case that as we're seeing with more people unplug mean getting rid of there are cable carriers that TV money. Maybe drying up and so the date may become more important again in the future we might be it at the tipping point where TV has finally surpassed the gate. As far as the proceeds coming in but it may swing back. The other way I don't think it's it's it's a sustainable model to continue to expect people to pay. This much money and mostly go to a pay per view format I think that TV money's gonna start drying. Have a little bit excellent point because people are cutting the cord at an alarming rate. But I think the league's would figure out a way to continue making the TV money whether it be deals with the net flakes Amazon whoever. Before they're gonna figure out how to get more people to the games doesn't it feel as if more and more people today. We'll give you the line. Well I'd rather watch the game from home I have to TV I don't have to deal with the traffic and parking the cost setter like on and on and on. You hear that more than you used to it feels yeah doesn't it does would you say five to ten years from now. They're gonna make bigger improvements in the television game when it comes to watching it or in the in game experience for the stadium because these these stadiums they roll out. Are designed. So while you at every turn we see what they're doing we chase for the warriors but you can only put so many people limit if you're not winning you can only attract so many people to. But I think that the visceral or that tangible feeling of actually being there at least one time. During the regular season that carries over to make you a fan to the level you can't get on TV to be able to go out there. And tailgate in the case of the Oakland Raiders and go to the full experience. That still has a special. Impact on the human soul watching TV you're disconnected going to the game you more connected and that's why to your question he started the segment with. I think this hurts the brand because the Oakland raider brand it. Is the whole experience of going to Oakland. In the parking lot the tail gating the black hole a silver and black the fact that it's a bit of of a grind me. And grungy arrangement that's part of the raider mystique. When you go to Las Vegas you're gonna lose a lot of that so I think. This hurts the brand. And I also believe. That we're not ready to change yet toward footballs just a TV show. But they don't call it raider town. They don't call it raiders city room they call it raider nation. They'll be the one team in the NFL that's claimed Los Angeles the Bay Area. And now Las Vegas if anything you can make the case that their moves continue to draw fan bases in new seats. New cynics. Now none of this helps anyone in Oakland I completely understand. But it's just fascinates me because I think if you took the New York Giants and a New York you plug them in Phoenix I don't think it hurts. I don't I think you can take the Dallas Cowboys and move them virtually anywhere. It was that's crazy it's Dallas crazy Dallas is what America's team. People watch them no matter what even when they stink they're huge draw huge draw they get the Thanksgiving game. How many people on Thanksgiving a watching them on TV vs how many are attending that game in person. I didn't think it matters I think physical location we've seen it retail. We're seeing all across the country look at restaurants in the city along what's the big thing right now. The big thing isn't spending a stupid amount of money. Are renting a physical location it's the food truck industry something you can move sparked food truck parked right by where I live down there eighteenth tee. People love that concept the food trucks and the food parks why has it cuts down on the. Joan and I just that gives we were reports in Upton to you know to be endorse and a great product labor. Think about mixing your point Joseph they delivered to your door. Big box is dying and Mina and listen to people in the like war you're crazy and on the stuff about how they believe were out on left field. Just open your eyes in just don't be so caught in that box to go to say oh you're just this senior just that. Relax do some good some research put a little time in it and understand the big boxes or dime big boxes mean bigger stores these outlet relay to restore reach retail stores or died. People aren't in on Amazon like you're saying they're bringing it you look at different things what people are tornado watch in their sport events. On the device called the cell phone it's a shoots it's it it it is really really it's a huge movement. Take a look at how many things by clicking the button on your phone you can do people bowl played when they're playing Tennessee football all the different things. In the raider brand it's a national brand. This is global it's yeah it's one of the best brands even though and I understand people here angry or Omar raiders this but you have to realize. It's not just about you it's a global brand and that's why people and LA and San Diego huge defeat and. Thirty years ago if you move could you even get him on TV or radio now if you move you can watch the raiders on any. Device imaginable anyway imaginable from anywhere on the plane. I want to from the International Space Station you know some you'd die hard fans of course should do but in the grand scheme of things how bad does it really hurt the brand. That more Tripoli 9579571. Weigh in on that. The brand the move dream on green's comments were taking your calls next the phone lines are packed it's your show Tripoli 9579570. Jolo and its 95 points of the game now backed a warrior Wednesday. Peterson Joseph low end DX. Are right our number two welcoming and great to have you Jolo Indians 95 points and in the game Stein match in 29 minutes. At 730. To discuss last night's. Really get the warriors in just a moment here George Atkinson Super Bowl champ Betty thirty. Asked god at 938. Bridge series tickets to giveaway the 45. Bit of a sad day now. Dips. This is that this is that yeah permanently knocked out early you go to Mexico yet but draw off on the wrong foot Julianne try and do. I'll put out some familial fires right now honey do list that a couple of items and I'm trying to get out of one of moments not going well joke got the ball. The bulls yet to be fully dropped but I have Bobble it and now the ball's in the air right now I'm trying to catch it before it hits the turf because. I like my chance at the bottom of that pile. But can you believe this guy he's 24 hours from vacation and he says he's disorganized I can't it's tips coming out of her command at love you you're a great guy. On a shout out you know your wonderful lady and I understand why he should have some frustrations we did steers you know. That little that we talk about playing golf he would forget to shall put that you know our team and why and so she's you know I did Boyd how can be sure your driver when you go. Alternate today the wrong car. You know the other forgot my driver Jim expenditures now. It's mostly my wife's car and I took my guards stand at 402 in the morning Allison thinking that can. And now on ma. I'm paying the price I've got the cold shoulder on the text line here not get it never. What gets organized by the end they shell you'll be shining once again a great dad you and we're getting to the warriors rockets game in just a moment Dray mind green's comments about. The raiders in the moved the relocation at 715 those on old stay on hold for right now however here's kids with your update well. Lawyers do it far better than I am Joseph as their own way and I know winning streak I'm on a losing skid eighth straight for Golden State they beat the rockets won thirteen of 106. They become just the sixth team ever to win sixty games in three straight seasons Steve Kerr of very impressed by the team's got. So I was really. Impressed with our guy's guts when things went south you know dream on gets hurt we have to change our rotation option they had all the momentum on our guys. Stepped it up and say all the way. To remodel banged up there Joba colliding knees with the play and the team a resent. Into Jane's Michael Mack have you later you think Jamont you because you go for the first hit out of the way Capello. What do you do it get out of the way now you know bottom line this guy's. Tough as they come he's the new version of the Iron Man and even though you've got rest happening here and there you know drama it's going to be ready to give you forty minutes on any given night if you news tonight it's an interesting dynamic. We'll get it at the moment. How do you approach this spurs game just the third time this season the warriors are listed as an underdog it's a revenge spot and they haven't lost since the last time they played San Antonio but again spurs off. Warriors on the second half of the back to back. Our coverage tonight begins at 5 o'clock with warriors warm up. Kerry Keating gaming roots right here on 957 game sword never due to the ice that nightmare is over. That if the sharks moving in spot here. Turns the right side of brawn plus sized plastic bag skate shoot this block quite Miller. Don't think that got shot we want is for the sharks say. Tierney chided Brent Burns won in overtime on the power play sharks win the 54 of over the Rangers story number three the giants camp is over they are back in the bay get ready for the favorite series Aaron Hill. Appears to have made the team Jimmy Rollins will not no word yet if he'll reports AAA for 38 year old Shia death. Catch on in the big leagues a's one more game today before their camp ends. And the team flies home. The update brought you by big O tires big O tires that team you trust I'm Dan diddley. On your home of the warriors against the spurs tonight it all starts at five right here on 9570. Games. Did that may have been when your best update six joke and if you're on the other side. Of the radio you wouldn't understand why it just sounded like in normal update. Lot of energy run of the mill there organized but in the background. Did had to contend with me on name profane tirade a loved it and for no no particular reason I was just trying to confirm some information in front of me. But due to my nature. Multiple pro faint work or just woven into the sentence it must I got that anger or excitement it's just that's how I break up. Adjectives and verbs I just throw you know what in the air here in the air and I see you looking over I mean I'm realizing sketch and do his job and I'm just. Laying forth every profane word in the book on the third bomb I thought I might cheer you look like I don't. I mean I'm only like three feet away here don't let Baghdad know jolly dissent and other indignities that this sort of talking about this is ridiculous to hear you guys over there there about who's Joel's going crazy custody his defense. In you'd like to it's a big deal let me he rail indecent to noble you guys is now you're just like everything's candy corn in Munich court over again. A really feel this is your being discriminated against is out and at times that I must admit I'm sorry if you ally. Think you. Are you really now I'd be happy doesn't exist if you wanna sit here in the middle not corner and you're happy to all navigate quiet over there. Okay votes see I'll just throw that's what you gotta just. It's not he's in trouble with the message solid top all right. Such as Mexico Mets right now technique Pakistani Vermont border Wednesday brought you by Friedman's the clients just to name in the Bay Area since 1922. You know. East may fan has been down and out over the last 48 hours but last night I'll tell you what. The warriors gave you a nice two hour reprieve big time matchup against James Harden in the rockets. And what does Golden State do for you. Well they go into Houston James hardens court. They outscored the rockets 37 to twenty in the first they build a 22 point lead by the second I understand there was some. Hank questionable officiating and that the rockets found a way to close that gap but brackets are pros at the three seed in the west but I've just gonna roll over and die at home. Against the bulls say warriors. But that was a black ticking on the highest magnitude. We now in a position that because of that win. Tonight's kind of a house money situation low because I know we did discuss you wanna take at least one of these to the road back to back the Texas two step. Very typical with these two teams so now you got one. Any pressure about tonight now and tea right now. This game won't be a blow up in it will be close go Dahlia and yesterday we talked about it got to listen to watch the podcasts Joseph that's freedom fund. Eleven we get in that afternoon book you're talking about after par after par 10:15 AM every day FaceBook live in my Twitter handle you have to it's extremist. I apologize for the periscope yesterday I. Didn't have the audio on some actually enjoy it more not being able to. Late flag but tell you deserve causes us. That progress but yeah it's it's been so we talked about that on the top but the lines points and all the different things where people can win some money. Understand Henneberg is only but we suck absolutely but we we talk about how this game was so important rocky game last night if they take care of this game would you know be something they could be more relaxed they can play more at ease and they except himself up for that so I look at this absolutely was a big win. Makes him a lot easier not they were one guy that's more happy about that war you win and in the holy MBA. And that's freedom muscle rest book because now let's look and say yeah look would have to be used to so it's it gets it puts them back in that conversation we talk about in BP specially planning it's at two roaches defense like the ducks give new word it's. I wanna I like it what was at Derosa is ferocious ferocious very get to know the Peta. A country of origin. And I hear a sentence. Silva by dams that it five point seven in sixteen the number sixteen. 16%. Is the chance the warriors lose a regular season game under Steve Kerr who is now. 238. During the regular season as the warriors head coach process that for a moment. During the regular season under Steve Kerr this team is winning 84%. Of the time. 16%. Is also the number. Of Houston chance of hitting three Porter last hole one of the most prolific three point shooting teams in the business. Five of 31 from deep and that's the difference between these two teams and that's why a month ago when a lot of the national media tried to sell you one not over for the warriors. And then there was the heart arrhythmia discovered in LaMarcus Aldridge two over for the spurs. Rockets at the team well that was a very hot take at the moment the rockets at the team the rockets are a very good team and they've done a tremendous job. Of rebuilding based on what happened last year. Pockets don't play defense. That's the difference wanna play a warrior basketball. It's easy to throw up threes all over the place like the dogs but that's not who the dubs are it's just one element of the game. They play quality defense and last night they held Houston a five of 31 from deep and that ladies and gentlemen was different. This gets it done you know you close out on shooters and you make it difficult James Harden knows nursing a little bit and hand and wrist injury so he's not completely. Dialed they didn't have Ryan Anderson at a great three point shooters well no it played eight guys Houston in a little bit of an odd spot. But take nothing away from the warriors defense of what I like to see Joseph is the second unit come and and keep the defense of pressure on James Michael Mack adieu. With a couple of big blocks right of the cup Livingston's been playing great defense and Andre Iguodala. I don't know if he visited the fountain of youth. If he. Hung out with Bill Romanowski and hyperbaric chamber but he's gotten out he's got to 2009 bounce in his game right now I haven't seen him move. As fluid leak. As explosively. He's hit the three as well. And a dream on green's game last night. You talk about the efficiency nine for fifteen he goes 199. And four with Obama only three more steals. Just a complete performance in the way. Just somewhere around I think was three minutes two minutes to go in the game last night Houston trying to close that gap they get it to within four. I can't remember who missed the three that you may have been Barnes. Or maybe in clay but dream on was right there to clean up the glass get the putback and then hustle to the end of the other end of the floor play defense. Those are the things it during the regular season you can overlook specially when stats knocking down threes from half court. But that's the stuff you gotta love it your hand as tea. It's amazing in in an injury in week guys talk about the defense. I saw some defense it's an ass out there last night teacher wanted to see him while this team is planning another level joy and he knew the numbers. It. Three vote. Drops by 20% just by making sure you go and hand up in your in to face in many were able to do that's about where's this coming from. I just I just make you make short that you know that I do little research at times in its and stepped over that was happening 20%. 20% to three ball with two contested that summit two drops so will woods did a great job of getting out of contests in three balls last night. In which is good deceased certain guys certain combinations that score went in with you saw Mack adieu Livingston. It could Dolly enclave on the court at the same time they really mix it up with some different lineups last night in just really gave the rockets a lot it's. So in the last four minutes you invented a new word and you droppings that bombs that was valid tapping program here Jill some times they need to come through you know. When this show gets a little stale. Times are times now what happens now it's cell programs out. Some I don't. It's just using you know different scenarios when I just feel like neither little low isms a little bit eleven. Why drop the new word of a drop to Stanley guy where's Steve Kerr. It's only is always close I'm I'm I want that one hand Yemeni need that one for the rest Michelle Obama under the impression all right so last night the wind is the story at least the win that. Should be the story. Little positive Eddie. That's where we wanna be because it's been a tough 48 hours but after words came on green as he is want to do. Has some interesting comments regarding the move to Las Vegas for the Oakland Raiders. Trim on. Scarlett makes him so great on filtered he's gonna give you his opinion. And that's where we have to understand what do we really want from our athletes can he can't complain that they give you the boiler plate. Classic cliches well we just take it one game at a time garbage can't complain about that and that an athlete speaks out condemn and for speaking out. Let's get her these comments but they're insisting comets in the we're talking about. This is dream on green on if he was a fan of the Oakland Raiders how he would approach the next couple years as. Cars partial sort of suitable for her. I don't even ought to go to work on some new team. So once they move in Las Vegas. Okay I'll go back from the city follows the fans are women's tennis game. For the next few years but that's just me. Remind green continued. There was one thing you do remove him from Oakland Fremont or something you know but. Some Las Vegas. I'll limits and again so. I wanna today. And I'm not. A die hard prayers but I do support city evoke so. My desk and Joshua like offenses you know. That's your news. Raider nation agree or disagree will drain Ahman Green Tripoli nine by 79570. Reggie in Philadelphia. Thanks waiting on hold thanks for calling the program agree or disagree with drama and. So we agree it. Number one. I've been late model below. Actually in the Bay Area wouldn't bet a lot more. But they're prepared to boycott which no problem with it but I'm probably back a bit more they're all. Because let opposite. You're in the bulk of it though and also like not at all white. How could they our outlook well war is a problem you don't want no secret. And equipment towards older here to do well at the one so. Never got like here are not. Date Jack Jack built real dark. Art or to order. Today we would probably call it. The lack proper that and the shot that you won't be. Back at the board. Partly. Worried that the well was accidentally. Decked out. That you support war well war full hour that day. We're well packet not rejected it maybe why they call in the finals. Eight. That more well at that reported two people in the greater they have been beaten. Reggie as always thank you very much for the call triple 89579570. Agree or disagree which remind green. How much does it hurt his statement in terms of validity when he himself and his team on not moving to Vegas are still moving across the back. It hurts it a little bit I take it what hurts more is the fact that. The raiders have moved the lakers and move the giants and Dodgers many many many teams have moved in the thing it. Had gets me a little bit Joe's the idea of of him. Buying tickets I don't think that he has to buy tickets to the greater game. I some on the sideline he had a field pass I'm guessing that he was gifted that which is great. As he should I have paid my ticket either so it it does ring a little bit hollow for me telling fans what they should or shouldn't do. Win as a pro athlete not a lot of the same concerns they do. Warrior Wednesday brought to you by Porsche of Walnut Creek 82017. Premiere portion dealer I think like you guys and a lot of other individuals on this radio station. I've done a lot of radio hits this week across the country because it's a major story. And other markets other radio shows wanna know what the vibe is. Here in regards to the fans and how it's being received. You know one thing that gets lost in all of this and you don't see this on the national shows and it's something that so many people just can't understand. It's the plate and did you can speak to this the plight of the east bay sports. You suffered through how many years of dreadful NBA basketball. And then all of a sudden. Sky gets blue. Staff curry to splash Brothers demy green take over not just that. The region they take over the country they take over the world become the hottest thing in sports. In the moment that's happening that this possible I don't seem dynasty but this possible run. Commences. You find other leading to go to San Francisco oh by the way right down the street from where the other baseball team is just won three titles. And it's casting a very large shadow over your baseball team fine. You suffered through more than a decade. Of brutal NFL football. JaMarcus Russell how was coaching changes horrific play on the field. And then finally for the first time since 2002. Football teams in the playoffs. Got a franchise quarterback everything looks right. Many find a football team. Is leaving for Las Vegas. Baseball team they wanna stay. But if you're may stand you need to bring up Donaldson and everything else that's taken place with the way the a's do business over the last decade. It's up to take a shot at him it's just to bring to this perspective the one playing the national media and everyone outside this area. Consistently misses it's everything these fans have had to go through as loyal as they've been for. Well over a decade through some of the toughest runs. Professional sports teams who put together the second. The second the clouds part everybody got bounces that's what no one else seems to understand that you lived at your brighten the heart of it he had been here your whole lot. And I think the warrior one hurts for different reasons partly because the prices gone up and a surprise to success and if you're a sports fan. You should understand that net when teams win the prices go up it happened to the giants it's happened every single team in the country. It's a time honored tradition so to see them move across the bay it hurts. But also as painful as just the very increase in prices that may keep you. From going to games the raiders though that's next level 'cause they are no longer available. In your area if you went to one game two games eight games may be a game every other year now you have to get on a plane to do that. All of a sudden find in a couple of cheap tickets to just pop in maybe take part you can do the whole thing for a hundred bucks. That's no longer. On the table you have to fly hotel exceptions to that one. I think is double painful little bow in Oakland thank you for calling the show I agree or disagree would dream on green. You know I greet me out Kamal army not a sense that these credit in nickel beat it but it's just like. If you liked our radio station they didn't get out. India and you come back and they got Beckett did they they were gay life. Know that you don't put me out he won't be back to get. That day and you know I've been 43 year earlier parts they can't eat it get dark earlier art that though. I'm like I'm like yuck I do not understand and I got the money don't pay that you know rhetoric might come help you out. Lesson for you west of where you make some very valid points now. If you know the team still has an opportunity to be here for at least another two possibly three years. Do you support from San would you still to say I'm arrive whilom because I might win a Super Bowl this team very rarely could very well can win a Super Bowl. This coming season. With the coaching staff the quarterback back healthy the things that they are doing. They possibly you know their top two preteens and Nancy so you would still to say. Okay I'm a unanimous pissed at Mark Davis in the city because they couldn't get it done. But you won't say forgive him now I'm not right and his team are here is that these are you at that point to. Well. That. Person. Well I chick though I like the guy I go you know what department unchecked. I can't agree would like. You take away. I don't get it late job I'll look at the big picture though but I. Me and it will only be a game and Monet at all and that it. Thanks little bump. Mean you could put like this Nikki leaves you for pat Burl my supposed to root for her and admiral know forget that girl Paris back I don't again but should let you go con. She if she thinks she won't edit the announcement comes. I'm leaving you and because divorce can be final 24 hours I got to see here like raider fans have to see here with the team in Oakland. And that she goes out is to out anti around talent pap borrower must listen to wish him the best. Councils to. Well all root for him until the divorce is final and then once its final wanted to move on you laugh when it's apt analogy is not pretty apt. Pretty apt how is it not. Not to get to a fight never have a discussion I was enough. I think wind. You have a team and I understand the emotions they're in their inning to teen that you Levin you support. Due to spin disposable dollars. And you feel like this team is well because you've been raised around this team. It's still doesn't pay you it's still doesn't give you a gratification. Of the genome and getting rid of some of the problems because it's a game. But your wife in your kids. I just think it's totally different situation I drink and then I understand the analogy. But I'm looking at this and when you talk among your family your wife. Half all the different things that go with that it's a different emotion we talk somebody team. And fans are still be able from they still get to watch this still get the seat I just think we you don't with a wife and kids I think it's toll toll totally different situation let me ask. Something you ever cry playing football. Never cry after a day on radio. Now now now you haven't you've cried after radio show. There's been times were on now okay see have it right it's more than just a job and for fans it's more than just phantom. Right. People cried after these games grown men emotionally distraught. This isn't just an entertainment than you can come out of the movie have some emotion and and move on. You can watch this season finale of legion tonight it'll probably be awesome you'll have some emotion and then you move on. You can lose the Super Bowl Bakken stick with you for a week that talk rule. We talked about the anniversary of that what a couple months ago at people are still calling the show texting me showed that day. Furious calling for my job at the mere mention. Of the top rule it's still sticks with that. So when this happens it's more than just entertainment it's more than just a game. This to them to fans is life I'm fortunate to an extent that I've been covering sports journal a while now were some of that has been zapped got to me. But then at the same time I miss some and I miss having that day when when the Eagles lost the patriots in the Super Bowl that's screwed me up the rest of that night. Defected McNabb as you can on the field and can't lead him down for the win that's stuck with me. I totally agree that this is an emotional deal I can I couldn't do Timor but imitator right now a lawsuit bone I cried. But if I lost my family. You can't even compare that to and I eat and I know why you why you may do you made it and you major U point nine get your point that you make it. But I'm just saying what my family. It's to this job I can walk away from any football team Michael walk away from I'm not walking away from them just and so are so different that in the book but a divorce is that. A divorce is walking away that's why it's the analogy it's not talking about staying married talk about what happens when you divorced Timex is next Jolo and did not cut point seven a game. Our I got you let's get to. Now backed a warrior Wednesday. He is Joseph lo and it's very privileged to go to the phones and welcome in our next guest a Super Bowl champion with thirty career interceptions. He raider legend George Atkinson joining Jolo in bids on 95 point seventy mister Atkinson an honor to have you on the program how are you sooner. Ninety good modern tune. That out forgot what some on the East Coast so. There's eleven there yeah. Look at you just. You know and so good number I didn't I army ago. Made that. Last house on. A remote and video. George jackets and we Jolo in bids on 95 point seven the end okay I as you I'm sure are aware we have been talking nonstop about the recent news regarding the raiders. And relocation to Las Vegas as he raider legend a couple days ago when you hear the news at this is taking place. Take us through your emotions what are you thinking right off the mat when you hear that. There is what Turco law. You know I mean this franchise. You'd look at it is this year's historic franchise that Ukrainian and outdated stadium and you're getting opposition from. The city in the count your vote and you gotta make a business movement market at market then and there in the intro. Did the right thing and native girl and they had looked out Porter ranch. If you if you remember guys and I came up an error. Mr. David Hughes and you'll greatest player who ran as coach you want the greatest round. You bought the greatest brand and and then AGCO for a stadium two races lead. Stated. You and they do it would and then beaten at least. You gotta have a place then yeah could be you know. And it's going to be in nice stadium if it all comes to fruition as it appears it will and Tony Tony but what do Oakland George what about the fans. In east bay in particular who stuck by this team when they went to Los Angeles only to see him return. Now to depart to Las Vegas what message do you send to the diehard raider nation who was heartbroken right now. I don't know that the true read it and really Rogen not banks. If you are true raider land you know and would that situation. And you welcome our Newhall and that will be true rant Japan's home and Vegas. You know hop skip and a joke based about how I. And I think that true red and it won't affect you have that rate of about right there but it. Man. You have round. That would pop ship and I understand that and we ought to you know there are some fans who feel like they've been trade book if you look at the circumstances. You look at the situation that the rays and I mean it is a move that would benefit I don't re saying it. But the organization true and you know you hate to. You have to look at it that banned from a point of view of what it is what is tolerated and that didn't use a ball. And battle we're there when aptly happens nineteen the epic you know. That long times as they've had there all place out there have. It of their own they can't compete at least not only on the field but they're out so the compete with the best. Stadiums around the country. Jordan you think about how the NFL's let me east teams just leads San Diego has gone home in one moment that San Diego their nominally Britain chargers. You'll do you look at the rams now under an LA rams. So when you look at that and you you look at the last home game to charges had can the raiders. 65000. Raiders came out strong. To this theory it's a huge compilation for the raiders fans that is. So when you think about these street teams and go to Southern California and in LA going to Nevada. What do you think wins you know LA's hop skip and jump to like you talk about San Nagle is hop skip and a jump. Who wins who has the most have you had to look into the crystal ball would stadium is going to have the largest fan base you know over. Far greater Tony Romo. Note flames trapped and try to did do that stadium. And vegan and you will have that home base of lack they'll be read or labor and that and statins and beta and now. The debate about there and it does well you got. And a lot of outfield and that there are up. Sheet capacity grow. And I guarantee you they whoa. Adjust to that operator flavored low Kolb looked at me and has. The base ambitions. That. And I I don't think that will be locked in a big benefit law this when you look at the retained Goldman. Certainly is the cities big and the cockpit deodorant and then trying to create. Georgia what do you think this upcoming season will be like for the raiders and for the fans with so much expectation off at twelve and four year yet now against the backdrop. Of the team uprooting ain't going to Las Vegas do you think. That the the culture from the fan base of the relationship with the team will be different than it's been. Like get that back hollering at it and it will always be. So they go out to Yuma with the core group correct depending on how are in the planning. You have rapid Obama should use right now vote on the on the ship. It lending is not a map. That it would you trust and they update it in order to win. And you know that the situation is operated strictly local championship. And they go to Vegas and known change that would be yeah it W locals not go to Vegas and take. George Atkinson the Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven the game what type of issues do you think Las Vegas could pose. For young players were coming into new money do you think the distractions of sin city could prove to be too much for certain individuals. Yeah and you you're going to be human week. Wrote kids are able to or call. Was there and tapping into the net strong policy. A bank in the actual point today where salary. I'm not. To a point where you'll respect. Far something new. And that it these young kids will be formed early on what's expected of them and what they are a tribute to active. Professional football player. Not hesitated then man no politician. I'm not the man professional football opener got that which are getting great to do. Our our World Bank you're going to be a problem maybe in the Euro that I it and that could happen. There's different there. But in two days your mind is it is have. To make your secured a span of what that route. It's going to be a problem there on what situation. Super Bowl champion George Atkinson we Jolo and Gibbs on 95 point seven a game George thank you very much for your time this morning we appreciate it we look forward to hopefully catching up again soon. It is that meant that gap have a good day. Now backed a war your Wednesday. Here's Joseph low end DX. Stream sit right into drag. Some of you I'm sure can imagine the George Atkinson interview. It it's not sooner with a lot of beauty Tex lines going nuts the phone nines going not so here's what we're gonna dale. You one way and only George had to say he went away in what's remind green had to say following last night's game which was pretty much quote. If he were raider fan dream and we would not attend any games over the next 23 years of the coliseum. Do you agree do you disagree Tripoli 9579570. We'd love to hear from you. The ticket giveaway today is gonna be done on the tax line because the phone lines are Joost X line today. 9579. Thigh Penske auto sales dot com text line 9579. That's the only way have a chance when these tickets. Which are a pair of tickets to game three the Bay Bridge series between the giants in the eighties Saturday April 1 first it's 1205 PM. Now tickets on sale at the moment athletics dot com while you're there wanna pick up opening day tickets seeking joint us out in the locked. Get there when it opens does anyone know when it opens let's figure that out. I'm not even be able to make it into the game a's angels Monday April 3 first pitch 705 PM athletics dot com or. You can call 877493. Bald B a LL in honor of the marble friend in the program ends and a program interview all interviews. The waiting for the call from sixty minutes to put us on the show after how good Artest. Sixty seconds maybe that's synergies has any. Tick tick tick tick tick through our show up the show's over. All right here's the question for today. Steve Kerr became the fastest coach to 200 career wins in only 238. Career games. Which coach to be passed to accomplish this school. 95795. Remember when the tickets yet be the first on the tax line not by some 95. Her became the fastest 200 crew ends in only 238 career games which coached any pass to accomplish this. Now back to you went away and countryman green's comments. George Atkinson comments show is yours Tripoli 9579570. Jason San Jose thank you for calling the program you agree or disagree with Jamont green. I I bring them. Our. And the little theaters you know. Obviously you get older. We are. I agree with him. Okay thanks very much and appreciate here in the sell to back it sounds good signal strong. The lowest Wednesday morning for down there in the south they shut out south that is listening to us and calling us it's one thing that. Needs to be pointed out is that George Atkinson works for the raiders he's worked for them of the past and he works for them now in in. Any capacity so of course he's gonna come out and take. The franchise's side in this dispute it just came across to me is a little abrasive little shocking but. We should remember that it leaking Kenny works for the team as well. The world now ski covers the team for Comcast sports net so we when you have comments made yet to remember where they come for. As long as the darkest that's the honest take I'm OK and I don't necessarily have to agree that it. Just want the honest take and you know what I appreciate George for coming on the show and giving us his take on the matter Carlos. In mountain house. Just gotten out of Tracy come up that mountain house. Carlos guide you agree which Iran. Garcia very windy and not a household that place didn't exist. And it's very breezy probably a blown away the golden child and what games today is everywhere we just we're going ahead and I. One the knife great movie Eddie Murphy the golden child instead had not say your thoughts about my game. There aren't worried that all our partner we are great and armored league you'd yo on what we were all right near the low eighties. Lords you. We've doctored made about being in a greater effort to forty or eat duck anybody out rats they. Are the waiter actor what was chaired. They're not real life the doctor Lee partner argued that the first spotted. Partners one at bat that's what they're talking about their property did what they lucked out late. You're fired back all the talk about the outlook now we need to hit are not let it pan out. Don't I don't fight it out let me Al let a lot. A lot of you know what I hate to what the wedding mentality if it does it out quietly follow the need to that it. It is the art may. It looked up where it. Is going to be great don't want to hear that while it may get all the developed. But there that while the stadium opened. Not quite what the I'll call 840. Miles away all we can't Hayward who there's been. I knocked it about are well. I'll global sport you doubt that the arc and he argues don't believe. That Al. Gore. War. Well Mo walked out here are you you're back all the ball out. Supported aid. To order the last year record open. It. And no you're not gonna go to games so sold the stadium's going to be empty so everyone believes this an act and so call me crazy call would anyone say sold the state and must admit because of no one believes in the team anymore. In no one sand because I understand it's horrible and it's painful I give him. In no one's trying to minimize this in all this is you disposal up only I get it I'm the I've been sanded it all the things that upset talked about what this team. I want her to stay here I love for the stare but it's not happened that's reality. Let's not good let's give them a reality so if you believe in this so strongly let's see if those stadiums mouthful of I can tell you right now. It is going to be sold out every single game even though they Jack but the price 300 to 300 Brett 300% 7080%. Y. Because the product is good and there's a lot of people better steel raider fans. I know people allowed to upset. And use in rightfully so you should breed I did that but I'm telling him the stadium's going to be full read you come. That's what I don't understand you can be upset and beat. But there the raider nation is huge to Williams and. Let's see what happens if NI I don't want this to happen I don't think it will happen but if they come out of the gate two and five it might be a different story low if if Derek targets knocked out her face struggle mightily in their all the sudden not this winning team anymore. You'll see a lot of those casual fans following I predict amid the outside I'd done it a place I've seen this team lose. And I CNET seems hopeful why it's something about the raider nation Borough I understand these people are upset. I played and see any of a five years and I've seen LT make a cry out to the the fans of San Diego quit selling tickets. I've been around I've played in Baltimore in game with the ravens in steel for getting huge amount raider fans. I'm just saying that the nation is bigger and bigger and hope and I did the people are mad and they hate mark Davis and I understand they want their team here. I'm telling you at the raider nation itself. You know what you guys think it is you guys who doubt if you think that people are gonna show up and gonna sell this thing and I just did. The people are upset did I did serve the taxpayer and the taxpayers spoke data what does this say it. I have a certain about a disposable income. I'm not gonna pay my taxes also endured a billionaire to build a new stadium which this guy we know everyone and every let's mark this the team because he did them. Even though he's supposed to be rich he does not have the windows stadium so what does he do legal counsel. No matter what how the people still hear my point is this stadium is still going to be solar. I disagree I've I was here for the black out slow five or six years ago when they lost all their games and in half the games were blacked out so I don't think that this raider nation. Is totally impervious. To failure. Preventing people from goal and I hope we don't see that. And I don't think we will because his team's going to be good this year. And the 51 on the Penske auto sales dot Comtex line when he stopped taking care of the customer the business will suffer. Number one. Is this an instance of not taking care of the customer here locally that's how it appears but you're servicing a new customer in Las Vegas. So is that going to be able to replace the other customer number two and I think more importantly at least to me is pushed back point NFL. We continue rising of prices to watch the games to go to the games to park at the games to eat at the games. Fact you really can't take your family there anymore unless you're making. He certain amount of money per year. Is there a point where there's a push back. For the NFL. You know if there is where is it 'cause this is a powerful business model but where is the push back point if you even exists no one knows that we know the one thing. You see people going to the Amazon will now you know the different TV station Netflix all the different things out there. Because they're tired of getting beat up the price so yet everyone has a breaking point I don't care either richest person in the world. Every once poured certainly in certain at which they can have more and you talk about something that is a recreation to go watch. I think fans do have the breaking point and I do we don't know that number. That's what I'm trying to get because the NFL everyone always applaud them for how. Bush how remarkable job to do monetizing everything they monetize everything and they're great. At some point everyone's gonna get tired of late there is that point the tipping point where people are gonna be like you know why it. Forget this man. I got to go pay how much fifty bucks to park. It's going to be for me my significant other and our two kids. 400 dollars in tickets that we're gonna go in the stadium the seats are needing to be all that great the weather might not be great. Yours so Lotus food. Jerseys. Merchandise. Hamas already paying for the cable to streaming at home and I'm not doing that today I'm walking in and sit down. And then. Elaine thank. You let you know meaning guarantee yourself success of one point between Matt. Concussions everything else that's going on is their breaking point for the NFL ten is business model beat punctuated are not posted permeated yes and you pop a hole. I think you may have. You know little bit last year with the TV ratings dipping or we'll see if the ratings are down again. And that'll tell yet I think the first sign is when people turn off their TV gel because it's so easy to watch games now. Red zone every games on it if people are still turning away from the product on TV that'll be I think the first sign of the bubble maybe burst. Everything has a bubble though I mean living who live in a world housing market everything. The rematch with the spurs is on just a few hours away Tim Roye is coming up next were disappearing for a second don't go anywhere Jolo and it is not a time point seven yet.