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Tuesday, April 11th
The guys recap the Warriors loss to the Jazz and the A's win over the Royals. They also discuss the future for Buster Posey after taking a pitch to the helmet, why the NFL won't let the Raiders & 49ers play against each other, and NBA jersey sales. A's Manager, Bob Melvin and Fox Sports MLB Insider, Jon Morosi join the show. 

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Driven toward right center field. I had the air back Goss came to detract at they'll all add it will go. Opposite field homer on for Chris Davis he ties again will the American League lead. His fourth scoring Brian Healey a salute and it's sue nothing Oakland. Yes our show low dips. 95 point seven a game Stacy in San Jose who's taken that drive up the Sacramento. Weighing in on the tech side saying it's great to have us with you for the long drive it to have you with us as we see hearing goof off for hours. This is serious radio Jai resented that. Targeted didn't mean to lump you end up in the goof off category I've never been one to duke it out as the big jump from media don't lump me and I saw sorry for you to you to ha. Oh my gravy train you guys all but nothing organized under. He mailer I see that is the drive a wedge read between the high and that's act should be to art we'll let's start with the case would you like more yesterday. Crush is swinging at 30 pitches and go op Botox now and then he gets a rock cotton locking down the royals for seven innings is really yesterday. It's got to be the young Fella cotton we get Susan slats on the so she talked about you know cottonwood he has the potential to become. India. Watching Jill seven innings guy who. Shoes control the always. Big moment plan and a tough environment. This young man is he's got some potential he's got some good stuff I just like his demeanor like his approach ago so this. Chris Davis now with four home runs on the season didn't get his first one last year until I believe somewhere around April 21. Putting our crack staff currently on pace for I think it was over eighty. Checkpoint with a Denali and there. I'm but did the upside for a player like this this is big guy this organization should probably be. Cramming in front of everyone right now he's not gonna be a free agent for two or three more years they've got team control on him. This is the new wage bash brother shouldn't this be the action the speed the pace of the organization. Yep but you wanna let it happen naturally and you don't put too much pressure on him by thrown his face out there on every campaign I mean he's had a nice start to his aides career but. Let's not confuse him with Mark McGwire or Jose Canseco. Just yet. Those are guys who had more than. 40500. Career home runs he's got a nice little roll here. Let's keep dull 110. Get a mature audience as he continues to advance up the charts hopefully the a's can stay in this picture in the America leeway. Drought cotton 61 strikes on nine B eight pitches through seven innings of work killing gave up two hits. The royals are down a bit this season but that is an awesome performance specially when you're on the road at Texas. Then you've got to fly Sunday and you got to get ready for a very emotional. Home opener. Not just the opener of the home schedule for the royals but you Dana Ventura. Who passed away in the offseason there was the big tribute to him as well see you deal with a lot of emotion in the game like that six strikeouts. Three walks no runs surrender. Let's flying beneath the radar from yesterday's game however the eighth and ninth innings. Easy to see in the eighth strikeout strikeout strikeout seal later in a Doolittle gets a crack in the ninth. Well if he there was runners on the corners with any knocks out rated mos old friend. And then you know teams for. Six. Outs six strikeouts by your bullpen in need you look at the eight the number of arms down there and that's going to be the formula for this team Joseph it's going to be. Really solid starting pitching hopefully. With Sonny gray comes back he can contribute to that mix but. Drought cotton candle grave and off to a great start as well and if you can keep your bullpen fresh through the early days of April and may it's only gonna help me in September. Wins for both sides of the bay yesterday it's two nothing is in Kansas City they're off today for one was your final for the season opener at. AT&T park as the giants defeat the Diamondbacks to a dance at three and five. On the season but the story is one of concern. Buster Posey year old star catcher in gold glove winner 94. Mile an hour fastball off did home from Taiwan walker in the first inning. Who tends to pitch a little too inside a trek guy with control problems. All indications. Immediately after the beating. Are that pose he's doing well. Exited the ballpark and our after the game reporters said he looked to be. We normally has. Speaking the way he normally was no high level of concern but we saw this last original panic Tim Penny got beat by Matt Moore current giant in Tampa. Played for another week and then was shut down for a while Brandon belt. Missed time in 2014 and 2015 due to concussions we all know what happened to Justin Morneau wins and AL MVP and then the guys' careers completely sidetracked. How alarming is is he right now dips. Not very alarming really aim when you look at the play. I used seated is if someone of the glancing blow it easy for radio guys say from his chair. That it didn't look to be that badly but it was a glancing blow it wasn't one of those that it's. Flush on the helmet in the ball drops straight to the ground so I think. You arcana how heartened by that fact and also the ball hit above the ear flap where there's more protection and less heads so to speak. So I feel really good about it he'll sit out today and I think you'll see him before the end of the week. What do you think they approach is moving forward didn't they very thorough breakdown of the helmet the location and the plant to put him back glancing glancing blow. And when you solid it it didn't look you know you see 95 is nine Warner has nauert it's pretty fast movement. Biden said he but it kind of bounce off the wasn't like Tuesday hit it dean can just solid stops. Body motion to understand most and so what he did he continue in motion so it was glitzy you know knocking down and got up. You I think that he's going to go right in hitting ninety sit in eared achieve inner you know like by the allies so it's on top where their helmets they are so. I think he's gonna be okay Joseph I don't think this is gonna turn and some two or three week deal elected and those are the guys pinnacle and happy in that happened to him but. It was still a big loss because you're like oh my god special happen in the first like. He's a big part of this team and you noted there and and eating in and fortunately they order thought that winced deal. You sit him tonight do you set for multiple games how do you approachable before did says he's out tonight and you can. Probably come back and look at Vanessa that's what to skip proceeded there to meet skip to skips ago we we got mad at their and he seemed fine we we thought it was OK but we do wanna take any chances are doctors go to make sure that. You know it's it's polls they're gonna make sure that he's okay. So you heard as you go to skippers pulls you know after the game is close calls conference oh. You know they're gonna look on him look at him and keep the calls I own home Posey but I think that he's going to be fine I don't that they either sit him out and I think discovery back in line. Matt Moore all three runs on that swinging bunt when a clown show defensive effort from the Diamondbacks what do you say about that. But the that was also Parker scores from first base on a swinging bunt. Have you ever seen anything like that I have to imagine I. Yeah you have any EC is sometimes the pitcher trying to do too much Tyler Walker again and he threw why they're too wild throw home and then. The catcher throws it all but through Walker's glove with the of the catcher. The second error on the play. And that Parker comes all the way around from first to score just hilarious play and you know that's that's baseball right there if you're not watching that one play you missed out on on three of the runs they would go. Is it Parker did a phenomenal job joke when he slid he slid in front of the insult look like it look like the catcher had a bad throw. The ball wasn't that bad of a throw. But the way to Parker slinging this astute enough to say let me kind of get why let them slide in so he couldn't see the ball really location that's why shut behind. I see him break out yesterday first hit of the season got on base via a walk as well. Special shout out to Nick Hundley coming in that game cold yesterday called a great game but Matt Moore who went eight innings giving up just three hits. And Iran five strikeouts and no walks. Nick Hundley with a big effort that looks like a really important signing that took place where I believe one year two million dollars back in late January. And a 415 in the Penske auto sales that Comtex oh hey guys. Eighteen for my daughter's school is throwing out the first pitch for the giants tonight. He's battling cancer can you give a shout out to Ben the last hour from panel thanks guys. We got to shall we got you shall write their awesome on us for the first pitch night don't over think you just have fun with him no one's there to judge you know fifty cent is like out. Most popular snapped right. I'm athletic got a nice and easy letting go and enjoy the moment app is down there on the field the ball park can be a beautiful night for yet only got injured. Saddam. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. John Rossi MLB insider for fox sports in the MLB network. Eagan column on Twitter at John Rosie he's joining Jolo and kids. On 95. Point seven the game John good morning in this day and age we live in now. With deep research. The data we have on concussions and all sports. How do you see the giants moving forward the Buster Posey after he took that 94 mile an hour fastball off his dome yesterday. War very very carefully certainly it will be a buster vote getting his boat human point. After the game last by talking about how we analyst say in illicit especially with that with the catcher. You do to read that well at the map later in the game which can really obviously. Add to the impact that burst oh but it is also an it giant beach because they should be. And I think at this point. I work for a stage in our sport conversation work precautions are. Appropriately regarded very seriously the challenge that baseball had. Is that there is not a lewd. Substitution. Not that where you'd take a player out and get them and I went back and they got the bit that but unlike football. Unlike hockey and so I think that that present some jail ought to whip you were. Circumstance like that base we do a football or hockey. They they do come up at site and buster I think back to. When it while World Series at AT&T when Doug mister bill line drive off that at. On the mount in very early in law that was a very important clearly. And of course he's in that game rather remarkably so I think that it is to really. I'm in the sports world guys were because the regarded berries your sleep. And the giants aren't sure. Will be very costly Webster I would say I've I would be very surprised. If we played today. John with all the tinkering that rob man Freddie is talking in my doing with the game has this idea come up and all the idea of a and cautioned substitution where a player in busters case could go up in the first inning get checked out and maybe come back in later in the game. It's a great question there really great questioner I think at it's something that if they have not considered already. I'm sure they will at this time because I think especially. With catchers. I think you have to be. Very mindful that not enough not to say that that they should be anymore cock a problem division and the other but especially because of the really damaging potential of rapid can cut the blows from you straight out that that really rock catcher's mask in a very short period time. You have to be very vigilant about it and elicit a lot of the changes we've seen. MLB undertake whether it was that the herbal second base governing. Sliding there it was all like littoral course we had a conversation. All the years ago as well. Only talk about player safety and actually. Protecting the players on the field. I would argue that that in this instance the BQ cop of their particulate in custom filed of to a catcher's mask. May actually be more in number then the potentially damaging political plate that result in serious injury I think that it much more. Everyday occurrences that you wouldn't think about. How much more velocity we are seeing pictures that we are seeing at this time guys. More. Triple digit fastball really every yours and your new record. High ninety's that all are now cop like you got multiple relievers and every team rolling now art. Environment Ide if you're really gonna talk all players they'd be in its totality I think you really do your questions have to consider the possibility. Of at least a temporary substitution. Or concussion import caught in itself and certainly the union would support because there it's really a player sit the issue and everything that MLB it's been a point. It is really worth it a lot of thought into it really serious consideration. Well knows that early this season's early and I would just start more two games two series in it. The giants when you watch them when you see the fourth day Nina wasn't you know of course the pitcher overthrown in all the things that happened three runs came in. But if you look at the giants the bats. Or in your opinion is this going to be a problem this year do you seem to think it's just too early to tell until it. While I don't think that it is a concern. I'm surprised that it has become. It's sort of a concern as. The the human stricter and book and score runs. I don't want to and then panic a revolution oh a degree of help that it's returning I was very bullish that he could do offensively. I think one concern right now is at the top of the lineup and and obviously make teachers better get in there haven't been debate it is one thing and beyond that the production. We've Igor is an edit it and numbers start up there already. I think what when you don't have that really do read them. With your leadoff man as a giant that got sober years when he felt the I think it's really kind of respect continuity at the top of the lineup so I think we'll eventually it'll have like units to tell there. Or not to let it of course you used to be a concern and maybe they'll address that your lot. But I I am surprised. It's certainly it's too early to make. Drastic moves at this stage of the game but I I think this team you've got to give it maybe another couple few weeks and then decide okay. What are the Larry's going to be answering an approach the regular beat at rotation and Agassi is is really good. One of the best in baseball will continue to be that way our procedures on Morgan on have a good outing yesterday but the lineup I think you assess the probably where. Another week or two about the end of April the you've got a pretty good gauge of made your priorities are going to be at the deadline. John Rossi MLB insider for fox sports and MLB network. We Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game you touch some left field their for a moment the team went out signed meld an update in just a few days ago to be minor league contract. Com is that a big sign in to us that they are very concerned about what goes on right now in left field because generally. Would vote you see patients when he came to Lincecum. He saw patients last year with the ninth inning role this thing pretty quick move to get some depth in there at that position. Yes a very good point and the eagle at the big picture do if the rest of the lineup were hitting. And I think you're not concerned about caring maybe a more developing aren't consistent bat left field they were able to have. One Perez Gregor Blanco went there and back to World Series games. Because they're getting enough production elsewhere in the lineup when the wrap your line up is it. Not doing what it's supposed to step one of the the ball based named open on the lineup whether it Spencer or or belt over property that the guys earlier relying on. When when those guys are not maybe that there at the peak well for you to record time. That's land that the conversation get magnified about OK where is this other weeks but we can actually addressed because when the giants lineup. Big picture here. How spot can you really tinker with right now base and got to guard got plates are signed a contract. It that there are not that many spots where you really good job at the ago let you know that one of them and has been greatly for a number of years so Melvin not realty. It struggled. With the jays second last year where he was released at the and is returning. But there's any solid with a giant here. Upton didn't play well in the first half last year with a moderate so he has some experience of that division you know the pitching. You know the ball marks so there they spark. Aspirin and an example of that you're pretty good players that app. Look at the gays in there plucky little started four wins in their first eight games do you think the they're gonna have enough pitching to to really last as the hitter friendly months in the summer. I'm concerned about it but I gotta tell you ought to Rocca and yesterday wow what an out that added wells although opener any doubt that they promising. Young arm there's a lot of youth net is rotation may be keeping them and eventually they eat a great comeback. And humidity and NB Lou what the bat because we've got one for the oldest starting pitcher. Oh despite age pitcher and the a's rotation. And protect. These seniors and that rotation by. Which are demanding it but it's true so they got such a young group. Redmond Serb official wedding date has been good two start for him I was very impressed like content. And I obviously consistency and demand in the big question agreements and our confidence is really that was WB starters well so I'd do that concern. But I've been impressed by great men I've been really impressed by cotton and the young pitcher comes over. Egypt's trade Atlanta were in the big disruption and you'll like the young player and has handled it impeccably well so I'm very impressed by content demeanor and it stopped. Recruitment solid well but again I do have those concerns especially with angels. Playing better that we expect them to up and the Astros asserted their rotation if we go back in Italy Japan the but I do like what I've seen. From the likes of Michael McCullough their beverage industry. John it was drawl cotton in the bullpen in terms of run prevention yesterday in Kansas City but the run support for the a's came from none other than Chris Davis. Gets the green light on 30 goes op boat tot go for the only runs of the game that is four on the season. He hit forty last year. Is this are we seeing a break out from a player are we seeing one of MLB's next big stars emerging into that spotlight type role. We are headed back just today. Sort yet I I I told my producers. This morning that network. We got talk about the guy I'm more I mean you you bet you're real. Stuck up or you know hundred C. In that ball mark the quality note at trial public rated night. These days there and he was a mean forty home runs their speaks for itself and he got not a great start this year. Yeah one of the guys and I believe he's among the top. Or ten days ago its own terms of at bats per home run impede debut with the brewers back in twenty perky Utley what I mean he has banned. One of the most aspect of power hitters in the sport. Not just last year I spent a period you are desperate so would David I've been there but overall approach is Demeter the current level all. And and we got you into that hotel the last eight. Have a legit four in custody is it as a wired dot outwardly is credit organization. I'd is truly appropriate to their band. That the lineup right in terms of a new ball mark and where you bet it's circus time clock. That you're able to be the first player that's really extended. Long term because of the is that clarity about the ballpark situation. They all believe that guy because coming up now I think years or so servers time. Which is up in the Aspen or on the outlook when he got traded I hoped for his sake of the team's sake. It did become that got to get extension that they'd get the I think you've been guided by companies and I am excited to watch that we're very very long time. MLB insider for fox sports in the MLB network follow him on Twitter at John Rosie. Jon rose who would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven game thank you John dynamite sup is always we look forward to catch up against him. But my pleasure and big group and what he ballparks around Detroit around duper date baseball and the voters that thanks so much for up. Prepare would be of the 2000 the boom during tiger's BP. No no we love that we look at it adds little flavor to the neo. Nazi Jonathan. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. Any hoops conversation you get to and about thirteen minutes of the top the hour 7 AM the for now while commend. Great to have you Jolo and did 95 point seven a game. The NFL. The couple weeks. Is expected to release. Each when he seventeen regular season schedule always at great moment because the first thing you do start circling primetime games. Start circling travel spots that you wanna head. Start circling. Possible wagering opportunities like last years raiders at. Chiefs Thursday night which not a disaster. You know for the raiders to be put that situation but yesterday. A bit more under the radar the pre season schedule came out. The niners. Four games will be as follows at Kansas City. Home against Denver. Minnesota in the ever important weeks three and then home against the Los Angeles chargers the raiders will be act Arizona. Home against the rams. Dallas in the ever important week three and then home against the Seattle Seahawks. Since 2011 the streak remains you're not gonna see the raiders play the niners can someone please explain to me why we have not reached a point as a society. Where we can put this game back on the schedule. New York Giants and the jets play every year every year not only that. He called MetLife ball but I put up. And it's played with three the most important of the four pre season weeks because that's when the starters get the most burn that's what a lot of jobs are won and lost. Beauty that for the jets and giants is that your plane in your home stadium you don't have to travel the most important the pre season games is set up for you to play any comfortable. Environments meanwhile. We pray for the niners is all the way in Minnesota week three for the raiders is all the way in Dallas. Did its help me out why can't we get to the point where these two play each other. Make life easy cost less money. Charles Moore ten. Because we I think as a Bay Area society are not yet to the point where this is a good idea that you go back to. The game into 111 at candlestick. With a two shot one beaten at the game in the amount of violence that broke out. In the stands in the parking lot in the bathrooms. For crying out loud. Is alarming. It's appalling and sadly I don't think that we as a Bay Area fan base are in the place right now where it's still a good idea maybe with. The 49ers morale improving. And the raiders stabilizing is good team maybe next year maybe do it one time before the raiders moved to Las Vegas but. Traditionally over the past few years that it's a good idea they stayed away. Do you think it helps matters at the niners are no longer at candlestick now on Santa Clara does that soften it at all low. It's unfortunate Joseph I think it's unfortunate because I think these two team should meet every single year whether it's pre season our regular. So both these two to both these organization has too big of a fan base. It can be sent in the dead is is is is turns into something great you wanna see this matchup NBA has sent a clear may be it helps it out a little bit. But they are easy maybe enforce more police officers but it's just too bad that they don't have these two teams specially in the Bay Area. Planning its winner and a triple 89579570. Why can't we have this game we really not capable as a community of putting this on. New York to play New York Giants and the patriots. Get together every year. Boston and New York. I think it's nine straight years now will play each other during the pre season yet San Francisco and Oakland cannot play game against one another. It's sad is it not it is sad embarrassing it's. I think it's a little bit embarrassing but I think we will get to a point where it happens again is just. Right now they're still trying to get some distance from what happening candlestick and answer your question yes I think leaving candlestick helps to mitigate some of it certainly. Candlestick it's for a number of reasons is more conducive to that activity. Much more widespread tailgate situation whereas Levi stay in doesn't have quite the same level. A tail gating I would be so concerned over. You know that the raider fans being at Levi stadium and and their being just animosity the fan bases have so much dislikes so much hatred. It's even stronger than the aids vs giants. I think fan base battles this one and at times is is cultural it can be racial it's certainly is geographic in many ways. And so yes judge it's just not. In everyone's best interest to get together and do that. Tripoli 9579570. I don't know if it's helpful or hurtful my perspective as being someone who's moved here in amazes me. It absolutely amazes me that of all places in the United States. I've lived in almost every region imaginable this place cannot have two football teams get together. New York you gotta be kidding me they can do it every year. You can throw a lot of teams and these goes together in Florida you'll only see Jacksonville the box in Miami just logistical purposes match each other up here. I understand the reasons why it just it it astonishes me because. In a college football. The passion right the right great here people get outdoors. People tend to be so much more laid back except for this and then it's ramped up to a level. A more intensity than anywhere else you find in the country did that passionate. About their teams in the past or is it more passion towards dubbed hatred towards one another. It's both and I think part of it is you know the passion toward the brand to mixed with. A propensity to you to act doubted it's not everybody. Ozzie sleeves and all fans begin at a small group of fans together. Fans who might be looking. For trouble on that particular day and niner fan or raider fan the opposition. Is oftentimes an easy target especially when that fans may be on the road. Trash talk alcoholics at truck and unfortunately. Violent acts that happened far too often. Does it concern you at all. That can cause this is a game where pre season is more affordable so for certain families this'll be the opportunity where you could get the kids out. Perhaps over regular season game. Does it concern you though that in an environment like they should you bring this game back the violence you might not money for 568 year old around to see that play out. Yeah it does concern me but the worst thing about this Joseph. I mean it's not about the team's not about the players about the swagger and it's about the uniforms bought the colors. The red in the black in the fans how most fans perceive. Who they are when they put on their Jersey in who those people are one handles different colored jerseys. And it brings about. Guys who say some don't know what's sit in on this demanding in its turns and not even about the football game. It turns in the something just about these colors in these different teams is it is and it's too bad because these fan base in these two teams should be playing against one another. And it's too bad you got a couple knuckle heads. Couple knuckle heads that are taken in and their own mattered their own hands. And causing disturbance in which is cause and it will ruin it for everyone because I believe that this these two fan base is. Can get along and they can't compete against what an. Father John Banesha. Are we capable as a community of bringing this game backer we still need to keep it off the schedule. I think we need to keep up after the schedule I think what's hurt this game is that people haven't been good at the same time. So there's always that little brother verses Big Brother but also you have you know Oakland vs San Francisco. You know Pabst Blue Ribbon version Chardonnay I mean I think that it. You know it it it's cultural but I think the thing that killed that is that if they were all ten and six the year before. That I think it would be OK but I think it's just. And gloating ego thing with the plants. So is it because the one team is better than the other or if you have two teams that are winning it kinda takes away from the fan base and focuses more on the product on the field. I think it would be I think it's the fact that. You know hey we're better that you would bow has been better opinion you know out of our group call you got it in the seventy. But now that the raiders are back on top it's you know like we waited. 18 years to beat the hell yeah. And I think that that that's the issue. Excellent points John thank you for calling the program. Michael in San Leandro are we capable as a community bringing this game back in putting it on the schedule. I really don't think so nominal raider fan I've been to the niner major preceding games and you see the problems before the game on the parking lot in in the stands. It's it's the guys with the gangster stuff with the blue bleeding and one that gets slick to all of it liquor. And more of them says some of the other guy's gonna do something. And they yell and scream at the other fans as women that get in their face I've seen it all and and I just. You know what's gonna happen again so I'm off or let it go faced guys. Thank you for the phone call. Concerns have got to be you right disk it's crazy though because. It is it is the guys that use the colors in the jerseys. For their own agenda. It's not necessarily the game I truly believe deserves a lot of fans at the months and a call and they see in theirs and now those are the people that are fighting. And like an economic policy Kagan along dips maazel given a lot of voted on and it reminds wedge that is that Matthew. Or is that Luke where's that the didn't look look it's an old testament says and I've for nine to fourteen and so what that may ask in the end I was I was intrigued. Hot when you throw these things is Lang I'm wondering how far can push of drivers company's been did not. Stuff the preacher like yeah that's the old testament preacher from what makes it says the bullet bootleg those old testament and new testament. That's on the lamb slain so that's what it wasn't an eye toward anymore. Is this one to an abrupt we have ensure they got a whole lot of great stuff healthy. Anyway Jeff. Joseph what does exodus coming up in three minutes to seven. Ass out. July did not about my attorney Leo Union City thank you for calling the program as a community are we capable of bringing niners raiders back to the pre season schedule. After during the appreciated and I think the difference that boat used by the way a lot of examples they want in Oakland and the biggest differences that you're right when she hit it good ones that get one good and so on that. Honest folks who. Get accurate view. Usually very expensive the optic during the pre season and normally. Don't have any kind of party. Get drunk and cause chaos and whether I'll I'll. And unfortunately in that preceded that which you end up where it any easier people like oh my. When it was interplanetary life. My side now and luckily there are no matter in the early nineties. We're taking them on Campbell's victory escalators at that time and I hired gun and shot. It goes came out of jail but there is very Irish amateur content without telling them not to let any. Entered Iraq Iraq you're quick your child I would look at that strikes there. The security Israel I expect and I think people would. With chick who appear to literally get yours through victory at that time. And a lot kettles in America Britain and don't peers drop they can't I mean they were they are buying them back to him in years going out. From their cases inside the stadium in I didn't like an old teen TE gamers something you know we're only one. Our live Leo and thank you acted to catch up playable we're up against that the top of the hour that's integrate phone call we will keep this going if you weigh in Tripoli 9579 to try seventy as a community. Are we capable of bringing raiders niners back to the pre season schedule here's one of the issues some might say for the 408. Can't get along because raider fans are neanderthals. Raider fans are used the problem. Or is it the niner fans triple 895 so not if I said you were back in a minute Jolo and his 95 points and the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Bob Melvin is the manager of your Oakland Athletics and he's he's joining Joseph lo and dibs on 95 point seven the game Bo now thank you for your time this morning how's life on the road. Did after yesterday I mean it's always nice to. To get a win enough states so to grow cotton in Chris Davis made that putt. Those are gonna be our our league questioned you kind of stealing the thunder from a smile we're not sure where to go from here let's start but start which raw cotton. Up a lot of hype for the youngster coming into the season we know there's a lot of potential but yesterday seven innings of just. I know my baseball. In all your years playing managing being around the game does he remind you of anyone his style play. Well he he can he beat you heard about it. It. I don't know there's neatly in particular some of them that Tom core war play here in Kansas City for awhile with the kind of deceptive in kind of catapult over the over the top delivery but it. That this is that true for its pitch mix and the way when about it yesterday in a typical that mister kitchen as was borderline spectacular so kind of guys kind of limit for this young kids. Bubba couldn't beauty more or just his demeanor. As cool calm and collective. They're you kind of shocked and in young pitcher can come and take amounts SE and hostile environment is still perform at that level is. What is it about him did you say OK I have a chance to coach great attitude to teach greatness. Well at tea it was for me the most impressive thing is is how composed. You know you cleaner picture he has been Kansas City Royals are terrific job and in the tribute ceremony in the and it's full house then. And for him to go out there in the first inning it looked like he was in the fifth inning as credible. That was probably the most impressive thing I mean security seven solid innings so typical typical that mr. pigeon like I said needed early well. What's it like for the team Bob having one game then an off day known yet to come back for two more in a city is a little bit. Unsettling like it's it's a one gamer and then a two game set. Well not really based on the fact I think we had eight games to start seeing without an off Spain usually. You have an Arctic pretty early so. I think the guys kind of well commit to an extent now like any amount play two more night games and reclaim night game here or on the McGinley it. That's not ideal but I think the fact that we played in a row suggested it's probably time for dale. Two time manager of the year Bob Melvin we Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game you mentioned that you were nano Ventura. Tribute before the game. Its biggest or something like that how tough is it to it to experience that would your players with the Kansas City fans at the same time. Do you ever try to use situations like that is may be examples life's lessons for the younger players about how precious and delicate light can be. You know I didn't really need to retain. The royal prince are great job yesterday that ever but he felt that. You because sensed the emotion that there might not be a trial ran out at least you know during that ceremony. So I think guys. Will reflect on that and say look there's there's real world stuff the Mariners baseball and entertainment business or we do so after something like that it's just it's up practical dropping interchange because. It was pretty emotional like I said a lot of sad people so. You know once the games started guys is kind of settled in and in ambient air and entertaining the fans and literally game that went down last ditch. It was very entertaining phrase fans allowing just the three hits you've had four victories two saves to CN Doolittle each. With one are we started get an idea of what you planned for the back end of the bullpen by every gonna continue to. Mix and match based on who the hot Armas. Well you know it's it's not a complicated. Is a lot of people are out of the I think. The fact that Ryan built in 9 in the morning and Hulu and Hewitt you know he was pot now up and we'd use courts relievers. Those first games little. You know you struck about those the same three guys the night before and based on the fact that he's hot we drove out there but it is basically gonna come down to do little matchup thing. Before the game yesterday explained on this that was the bottom of the order in eight that would be Casilla that we that are popular music a little so little and before you know the eight and ninth inning starter will be out miracle pitch well and after. Manila downforce. How well is Chris Davis seeing the baseball right now. Well that. And keep there dirty little immune to go through yesterday at the ballpark when it was pretty windy out there and it seemed like almost line too terribly well. Is impressive when seen Chris announced. You know you kind of expect those type things and you know last year and up too early lows are on the are human to me in team and now he's got to a hot start burglar Caroline what he can accomplish it weren't you home run last year and I LL start and get better so. Pretty exciting to watch this young man hit. Bob when you talked about hot start slow start at what point can we really determine that because you're what seven or eight games in for most of the regular isn't. You got five guys hidden under 200. Win to restart a look at data and really see that maybe it is a cool start or hot start for another guy. I think it's just you know you have to at least wait a couple of weeks students if you let guys settle in and I really like. Our lineup I think that we're we're deep and our line happen. You know confidence lyzard it was murder their confidence to know that everything we have a chance to score you look just dateline then. Know 789 it was it was darker blues and rising and they have the best numbers out candy yesterday's shall. I think it they're real people line up we might not dominate you know a couple of guys in the middle that Chris Davis it. I think everybody had a chance to do well and I think you know all in all you know we have some guys that have not. Swung the bat like they didn't spring training that they definitely have capabilities I think a lot or offense where we're relax. Two time manager of the year Bob Melvin would Jolo in Dave's. On 95 point seven the game how is everything progressing with Sonny gray. Tony good duties chomping at the bit to get out there there were taken a little bit slow them. Based on the fact that you know and yet the same injury last year. But it threw the ball really well next time out Prodi hitters and a doctorate. Graces and into rehab assignment. You know we're still kind of look and it first of Maytag situation I think we're comfortable with that hopefully we don't in the senate action get him back rotation of the victims were. And when he does go out and on rehab visited this case raising go to triple lane get a couple of starts just to get easy innings out burns or another. The plan in place for sunny ray. That means stock in the place where he needed you know especially for loan program to start. And then once you get will be deeper used wrong closed you know closers 75 pitches or so that you want the competition like below higher that would suggest that also will probably people those places for him. Coming back our rotation and now. Like it said were eager to get them back. Bob how much when you're dealing with certain guys and individuals. Does it meant so when you you do with a guy it's hey look I know you're capable. How much is those things that you have to do as a skipper and a manager. Have a team how much is that psychological and you know you see potential in certain players. Yeah I think you know it it is there's a balanced younger guys in the veteran guys Leah. Like you said some guys that probably are swearing in as well as we expect him to right now but it. As they apps and track record and I think it's a little early to go for kept archer those guys that burger and settle in all right. Trevor Owens can hit. So it's just letting him get into the routine and then you know it is right now we have about we will elect capable. We're still weren't for Britain and you know it's were about Armenia for sure. But it kind of a balanced look when you go to guys then. And certainly a younger higher veteran guy and the direct talk a little differently. You mentioned how sunny and possibly making a start in Stockton. AJ puck the first rounder for you guys this past year he was mowing down the opposition last night. Obviously you have a ton on your play with the big club but you have time to monitor at least some of those news and notes that are coming out of DS system throughout the season. Guys that are going to be in the big leagues pretty soon. We've really feel like this is the part of an upward trend for us after a couple of down years and we watched her closely to match Kathmandu in the strength and Brando's agent talked. Alt Jeffries in the Logan shores and all the guys from from pigeon and able although crippling our staff. Monitors that there were days ago we have good communication within our system you know from people that men are our farm director. Our front office two or Major League coaches in our minor league coaches so I think that's one of the strength organization. And I feel like this is going to be like it's an upward trend or three years to come here. Bob Melvin the manager of your Oakland a's would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game. Thank you so much for your time ball Melky but the great work it's an awesome start to the season so far. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven to game the warriors tomorrow night conclude the season. Before we get the playoff started on what some are predicting Saturday Sunday at the absolute latest Portland trailblazers are the ones on the schedule. How should Steve Kerr handle Wednesday night how do you see him handling Wednesday night everything's locked up. There is literally nothing to play floor. If you're young team and no playoff experience. Maybe you wanna see a little bit of cohesion take his last opportunity to get some raps but you really wanna put train mine. KD staff in play out on the court against lakers and meaningless game when's. Yes I think you do you wanna put him out there knowing that they're not gonna play again until Saturday and for clay for example if you don't play him a ballot be more than a full week. Without him getting any game action. I think you go to the first half with your normal rotations you normal minutes which means staff plays the first quarter comes back in about the six minute mark of the second quarter. So he'll get basically eighteen minutes. Then the third quarter you bring the starters out for one last stint yet their usual third quarter minutes and and that's it. Much like he did yesterday eagle industry shut down mode and it's McCall Mac you do McGee Clark Gonzales on the rest of the way as a player. How does this affect you mentally knowing you're stepping on the court and all you need to do was survive 48 minutes before matters again. Does that screw you up do you start thinking about the potential of being injured it's no way in a world and I've played a pre season game a complete the race regular season game. And tomorrow night Wednesday night is a pre season game for the starters. It's rehearsal. Getting ready for the playoffs. You've heard staff staff say it will get a couple of minutes. And you you look at Sid could you try to that you're thinking about the playoffs you rated changed their gear. No way to Kirk plays these guys passed the percent not to starters I don't see them. Kevin Durant staff curry stepped on the court for the first time. Together since February 28 staff actually ended up having a monster night despite not playing at all. In the fourth quarter. What do you think about their cohesion moving forward early on they both admitted to the fact that there was a little bit of tentative nest but they seem the knock that rust off kids in like 23 minute. I'm not concerned at all I think once you get back into the rhythm and it's tough because clay wasn't on the floor C didn't really have. Your regular starting five was not signed dream on and staff to eighty clay in there so you really can't. Tell how cohesive. They were but when you look at the wake Katie played. Early in the year the way he fit in immediately. With how they're doing and take the opening night loss to San Antonio out. Thousands bursting that came in and just motor voted Golden State. But other than that there's been no problems with chemistry that I've been able C and I don't expect there to be any now. Matt Barnes is unable to go for the first round of the playoffs against Portland. Is that gonna have a major impact on this team he wouldn't be paying a lot of minutes does that does that force someone else. In two additional minutes that you might not necessarily wanna see. In a series against the blazers that many feel. Has the possibility of wrapping up within five yanks get a bailout do you think he can be you know five games and maybe even you know see maybe maybe four bit. I think it you got MacKey do you got a lot of other guys that can play play in play at a high level if you don't have. Barnes but I really believe this team wants to get through the playoffs is fast and this facet they cancel you're gonna see the dollar all those guys their minutes is going to be up but this team. For some reason they know how to turn and up to in the playoffs and I don't expect anything less so yeah Barnes is injured and Boris helped this team yes but they gonna miss a beat to me now. Barnes is a bit player in this whole thing in the fact that he's gotten so many minutes was because Kevin Durant was out and remember. If JD. Never got injured by gore tot slinging it Zaza Pachulia and it was neat they wouldn't even have signed bad bonds they handles it all on. In cell. Eat when you think about how the lawyers saw him back in February at the end of heavier and Katie got hurt it was really more stopgap guy that was key wrote. Haitian Pete's. Kevin Durant is hitting 28%. From deep. In his last nineteen games clearly there is a big gap in their but is that gonna be concerned moving into the playoffs because. One of the things that's always made him so unique and so dynamic is his range. As a seven footer. Will he find that stroke do you find something like that against Portland in the mill. He really needs to joke because it affecting such a such a ball Dominick ribbing you've driven type of player that he can go to the hole. It is jumps out he's appear shooter joke I mean did you see this guy should his freaking. Fifteen to twenty foot jumper. No one can even contested it can't alternate shot this guys step prolific so when he's driving in and you're gonna have to have doubled guys to collapse Tony and that's when those clay and staff and those guys and perimeter. Is gonna have wide open threes this KD when he wants to go gold hole. It ain't too many guys can stop. Boston beats Brooklyn last night won fourteen to 105 the cavaliers. Without LeBron James fallen overtime had Miami won 240101. That gives the Celtics a one game lead for the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference with one game to play. Wednesday night Boston will host Milwaukee Cleveland will host Toronto. Indications are that LeBron and the stars are not gonna play for Cleveland so it appears as if to cast of throwing in the towel on the number one seed. Why did they push it to the Max against Atlanta and over the weekend this team strikes me as. Disorganized as if they don't know what their approach is it's like one minute. They want the one seed and they're gonna go full tilt the next minute everyone's resting and they don't care do they feel like a cohesive unit entering the first round of the playoff not. Very cohesive at all no and they said at that Tyronn Lue had said all along that they were Gannett. Rest guys that still try to get that number one seed but because they've lost so much. Of late he would keep pushing as guys out there in spots to try to get that number one seed and that's why. They pushed against Atlanta taking off we get over the hawks and we can handle the heat will have this thing but not we want to worry about it but. There's definitely. I think it division within the locker room you've got LeBron James. Not playing because of rest and also going to the clobbered the night before the game JR Smith of the club Tristan Thompson. It seems like there's a disconnect between what Tehran Lou wants and what LeBron James but the fact GM more. They're staring at a seven game series opening round against Paul George and the Indiana Pacers. I'll be eighteens in the Eastern Conference at Cleveland's gonna go down who's got the best shot taken them out. Well I know you think they're not gonna make it to the finals but is it. Is it something that would only have to happen in the Eastern Conference final or could they be primed for an upset. Right out of the gate against a team like Indiana they they could be crime I'm telling you. They they they've lost respect in the east. They was up against it the guard played 48 minutes against you know Alanna they would try to win that game. Couldn't get it done. So teams now see that there is a teak in their armor they're not dominating. So I think that this team is its poise and set up for for for definitely a disappointment in the first round could be sick around. They are just not a buttoned up organization. They hate coach is not the guy revenue team we know who's right and it. And I distill most this team is but not enough to go deep in the playoffs are there's there's got right now three games to two. Imagine that's the series situation against Boston against Washington. Against Indiana whatever it may be Cleveland's trailing three games to do how much officiating sides whiff Cleveland and acting sex. I'm not indulge though not because my made good friends at the NBA officials obviously good man and woman the one moment of course. They would never Joseph be influenced by any outside forces do to corrupt or change a professional basketball contest. See that's the one thing I can't get over. I can believe the idea that they could go down in the Eastern Conference finals I believe that they are so wrong there. I can't get past the television ratings they're down 20% this year. The NBA's down 20% the warriors played a Sunday game last week against the wizards I got out rated by the women's final four. The NBA needs cavs warriors I really think you you just play your game the officiating is gonna take care of the rest. How how can the NBA justify throwing Washington. And the warriors out there in the finals you know how disastrous that would be for them in a bad year already when you are in a year what sue of this television contract he got multiple parties paying you over a billion dollars a year you've had. All this talk about players resting not wanting to play prime time games standing up for their political believes drawing people away you remember. When an athlete takes a political stand he does two things one he alienate half the nation that doesn't agree with them. Sue from with a pool that's remaining he alienates a large portion that don't wanna hear about politics and sports so what's left. The people who do wanna hear about politics and sports that happen to agree with them that's a small percentage so you've got athletes standing up for political causes. You've got players resting superstar players resting a new TV deal. And then we wanna consider the idea that the only matchup that works for the ratings might not happen. It will only they might not in and how much in the official's help I understand is close game. Abroad and those guys might get the call nobody saw another night crying because they until they got a call. They're crying about a Landis said it was a bad call says they got out the officials didn't see it he saw me get motor voted couple nights ago like a week ago if they were crying. Fighting amongst each other because they would get the cost. This team is struggling this team is struggling their struggle at bat in they're getting they're getting beat. I don't think officials can really help. I just don't think that they're timing. I know one thing that this team is missing a beat on their defense the cavs used to be known for defense not allowed a lot of teams score a lot of points. Now they get bitter past Jason Thompson's needs some help you know losing moves in the big man you know moves and Bogut. It that was a huge blow and a leading get the play. But they expected big money big minutes from Bogut now you don't have that guy attrition stumps are we not for short how much he's gonna play who else they have as far as a big man could really get it done. You look at the different guys Jefferson also. Who want I mean he wanted to retire but he's decided to come back this guy's thirty some years all I mean you Richard Jefferson so when you look at this cavs team. Right now to meet. Not that they don't look like to be the favorite and least.