Joe, Lo, and Dibs Best Of: Monday April 10th, 2017

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, April 10th
The guys recap the Warriors win over the Pelicans as KD has returned to the roster. Then they discuss the Cavs as they are 5-5 in their last 10 games leading up to the Playoffs. They also react to the NFL fining Raider players for their involvement in a Las Vegas Arm Wrestling Tournament. Plus, Ladanian Tomlinson had a special message regarding his Hall of Fame induction. 

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Happy Monday. Happy opening day giants fans and welcome back to Jolo Indians on 95. Point seven big game meant this big week. I probably shouldn't have done any drinking a snake is a big week. We've got the playoffs starting in hockey Wednesday night sharks at Oilers. We've got the basketball playoffs starting in a few days over the weekend we're not sure which they it's going to be. Footballs in full swing with the story we're gonna get to about fourteen minutes. We got baseball. Returning to. San Francisco yeah that. I drove I would I rode my bike by the park smuggled into the honor against this are you got some you like to say I just went one excellent excited Sid didn't deals on one exit this Joe's only go one. Could your name and and should get tough yes but there are also hard troops is bright split bridesmaids and ugly colors and unflattering dress is because it's their day. They're not trying to make the bridesmaids at Pitt. Beyond test. Yeah trying to make the grooves and and look good either tournament rented toxins c'mon. Abdullah lives on five points in the and we want to get to meet the hoops in just a moment but for right now he's did you dropped it. Well the lawyers playoff opponent has been determined good morning I'm damn deadly it will be in the Portland trailblazers now out of Denver has been eliminated warriors in the penultimate game of the season tonight. Taking on new jobs Kevin Durant back on the floor in the win over the pelican says felt good to be back. It was Good Charlotte as normal as possible. Super love retain ever go to all season. While their place to be all out there. But the guy was good to me on this just awful like that normally make put aside. Play good defense everybody world. Maybe correct ways and you know just try to put the right way you know everything else for a lot of them. Led the team in minutes Seth Curry sat out with a knee contusion he's probable. For tonight Klay Thompson may get some rest Matt Barnes likely out with a ankle injury our coverage starts six tonight. Here on 957. The game story number two giants finally get their second win of the year and mark my Lance in our first say. RR. Story driver on NBC sports Bay Area Joseph it's too early to really. Panic or worry about how it teams playing with they needed that when yesterday at. So lowly needed that one it was San Diego it's not the Dodgers it's the Padres a lot of people think that's the worst team in Major League Baseball and they were on the verge of sweeping U. So yes Johnny Quaid nice effort yesterday Foster parents going back to back nicely done now let's turn it into something today. When Arizona's down. Giants' home opener is today Matt Moore gets the start the taser at Kansas City taken on the royals in their home opener. Whole little send Terrelle cotton against Ian Kennedy. The game gets underway at 115 here on 9570. Games the update brought to you by Toyota wouldn't it be nice if you could count on everything as much as the Toyota. Now you can count on big savings on the most dependable cars so you're local Toyota dealer and test drive yours today. I'm candidly on your home of the warriors they face Utah tonight. Here on 95 point seven games. Thank you dims. The 51 on the tech signed Joseph. I met my fiance at a wedding where she was a bridesmaid with that said her dress was awful your not wrong but I'm not. I'm excited about it thank you anonymous got to be anonymous is 123101. Was your final Saturday night as the warriors advance to fourteen. Consecutive victories this time the New Orleans pelicans were the victim. Weapon on the court mostly ancillary to some the other story lines at the Davis didn't play bleak cousins and play no harm no foul the warriors came out. And jumped on early. Kevin Durant. Made his return sixteen points ten boards six assists but more importantly. First time in the ball in his hands went right to the rack who handed jam through it down. That's impressive because a lot of guys coming back from injury. Tend to favor that leg talked to David shout the doctor that you hadn't seen yet. He burnished her pioli says the biggest risk ACL patients have when they come back is that if you terra telephony. You're susceptible to a right he sealed air why is that. Because they're favoring the left like putting more stress on the right lack ranking right out to handed dunk danced. Any reason for concern he's dealt with the injuries before we back and ready to keep this thing cooking. Yeah definitely and you know you didn't get the sense that he was going a 100% full out nor should he be but yet and back out there again tonight. Stretch amount may be Wednesday EE give them lighter minutes yet everybody lighter minutes and get everybody said. For either Saturday or Sunday this team is trending. In the right direction in health wise the all about right reunion to be. Matt Barnes a little shaken up I'm not concerned about the Seth Curry knee contusion. Did these guys all absolutely. Razor sharp. Has he handled Portland as you should quickly you'll get another break after that. Speaking of Matt Barnes who was injured Saturday night here's scorer on the Barnes injury seems pretty minor. It. Willow will just have an update I guess. The next couple days that I talked him out after the game he didn't think Jews to. OK so what kind of risk vs reward scenario are we gonna play out through the rest of this week you've got the jazz tonight at home. Time 7:30 PM right here on 95 point seven game then you've got a Wednesday night's season finale at home. Against old friend Luke what and the Los Angeles Lakers. If your core what's the approach it well we've been in a position now we can say this team. They know when they meet the target on they know they've got to be ready for the playoffs this is an young inexperienced team so can you rest the studs over the next two games you can. Can rest and if you want to but I think that he won't I think for timing I see may be clay given night off but you still practiced this that time if you want to rest them joke. Practices has to be intense. You got to say look. We're gonna be some scrimmage is because that the younger guys are gonna play more tonight and you guys are going to be limited amount of minutes so you gonna make sure that you do that because. When the worst thing you can do you know even if you're training for something into running you're in shape you take 45 days off. Due to take ship first couple miles to get those loans back cleaned out so the worst thing you do is have guys who sit around so I think Kurt is gonna do great job of conditioning in the gas is all the things you need to do to keep guys ready in playing shape but also make sure the guys are just pressed so yeah. I think Willie ressam I think you wrestled to the point that he just won't play on the whole game are Lleyton log a lot of minutes he'll limit all their minutes if they're gonna play move for. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. So here's the conversation. Part and it will the cavaliers make it to the NBA finals part B if they do not. How does the franchise move forward we jump into this earlier. And then it got out of control during the commercial breaks ridiculous and bring it on air Tripoli 9579570. If you want to weigh in who's in control in Cleveland. Let's start with part of day to establish those who are just tuning in Jolo ended an 85 points in the game well you are of the belief that the cavaliers. Will not. Me get to the NBA finals. And the bronze in control. Yes so both those questions answered for. So okay so LeBron in control. Earlier you said if the team wanted to replace the head coach. They can go ahead and do it even if he didn't agree and if LeBron is in control then. This kind of bat this entire argument kind collapses on itself. Because here's what the Bronson control. When they don't make the final LeBron loses control because he's been the one at the center of attention. Tweedy. FaceBook teen media I need be good point guard I need this I mean that. He's been out. Autumn demands we needed don't pay we need to be competitive this he's done all so he's gained control why are seizing control because he got everything to the passport. Sweet ass will go to be the coach he got them he won the players he got him. So everything to its lead to your apps thing right he's in control my point is if they did. Think the NBA finals. He no longer has control his coach is gone if he loses. How. How do you take the power away from him and how does he agreed that. Because it affect you given them the power is just like when you have given so won the power and let them do whatever as. As a player and you say okay this guy right now as a player coach what doubt. He's shown you have you ever seen stepped curry. Go to like this to free incurred waved him off the ever seen Klay Thompson Kerrey. No it's a respect it is not a LeBron. LeBron respect you as far as. Is is when things on his way now LeBron does really met controlling. Good coach he know what makes it seem push you would do things that he says but you have to do it. The catch is putting them in a position of control in a leadership and that's why you don't seem to head coach Tony think it's always abroad because he knows he's got control. If they lose when that civil and gave you everything as a player in any he's been a player coach. The only reasonable say LeBron. We don't anyway they're gonna sit down and respect the brown we've done your way. Brown we we say get it we were reluctant to act we brought in the guys would gain competitive with gay vehicle two to one. Is that you know. One and a new direction any sick I want him. Sar LeBron. Gaby told a about Al Abdullah. Number one they never gave them control he took control he chose to come back to Cleveland. That wasn't discussion where was LeBron you know where interest in your services and to sweeten the pot we'll give you control he said if I signed with you. Here's how it's going to play out. Let's make no mistake about where he told them how was gonna work so you're telling me. That if this doesn't work out this season to make the finals that the team will show him respect. Sit down with them and say we tried your way. It didn't work out now we're gonna move forward you do realize is counter to that is when you tried it my way firing David blatt hiring Tyrod Lou. You got your first title. In this city in over what forty years right that's his counter these counters my way it worked. Maybe it doesn't work every year but it worked so then how do you respond to that if you Cleveland management. Top. Pay Manning. When he's 2728. MVP of the league he's right and he's joining bank garment when you become 3534. In your older. And you see your skills diminishing. You don't have the same you don't have the same. Leeway you don't have the same sphere of influence you start to lose things the bronze thirty to get to be 33. This is Wendell Islamist close and he still making change he still also tickets but people understand the handwriting is on the wall in he's also down. These say look you can go somewhere else take you ready but somewhere else I'm studio owner I make more money the new if you wanna go. Ago I think it is geared to situation we're getting you can keep adamantly didn't a Max deal because he sells tickets he's Baghdad. But the end as business you gotta say. Okay. How long does this guy have for him to dominate he's differed at 28 point 927. Brown wants to keep don't as a way. In Dodi is late 233 now son. Let's Lebanon take. It to necessarily just that you don't run at all right now that's a look at this did German. I agree with low and on everything he's saying I I think if they have a big flame rose is the play at rice are complaining because Imus teaming up on me that's always blows moves and we'll. Good to have slowed plays the victim card I got to cry right now gotta come up with something like maybe I'm a wanna be black guy now for the time. I have I see that and I don't know you have left us I don't. Just it's army easy mark love I agree with colonial will go back to my happy spot and agree with you O'Neill a 100%. If they flame out before the finals tied Lou is going to be victimized you look at the way he's managed this team. Over the the course the last couple months they were trying to rest guys and still get the top seed. Which is what the warriors have been able to do but. Come to find out they're not gonna be able to get. The top seeded and lest they handle the business of these final two games if they fall short ownership is gonna go LeBron doesn't look LeBron. You're on the hook next year for 33 million. We're paying you end. You don't get to decide anymore what goes on we're gonna bring in an actual coach. Somebody who can handle you in this team and if that doesn't work in your not happy the next year you can go about your business to go somewhere else did you realize. So that the reason they have 33 million to pay him a year is because of him. That franchise's value more than doubled when he originally arrived there eight in the toilet when he left. And then it's surged again when he came back when he's call on that becomes one of the least appealing properties in the and yet. What we know where the lake and paid for other worries right wasn't like an insane 400 some million yes hi. Is that it over a billion dollars right now yes because they win what you illusion not worth nearly as much when he leaves. That franchise goes in the tank it's like Gilbert would be wise to sell now. But here's the point you're talking about how he only has a couple of years left so our right he's there on the hook for 33 million and they tell him what they're gonna do where do you think he goes when he gets free agency. You think he stays in Cleveland he would play out that 33 million dollar year. The school. Stick around if he doesn't have the control because someone also give a tool running going nowhere. He's he's got a point Joseph has got one never put or another uniform. He's got it. He's got his titles that DC he's got his titles he's got a championship he's in Cleveland he's from Akron he's from Ohio he's right there. He's done it he's got a house in Miami he's got a house in LA this guy's got plenty of more money didn't forget and will ever see in our lifetime together. Eight he said. He knows his loan closing that's why he's so aggressive and they gave him a chance. I just don't think he's going to where I think they understand that to mirror Oakland thanks for call on the program jumping your thoughts. Arafat and agree that low. Captured what idol. Bit on the go ahead. Kept opened a door bought but let LeBron pick who the players you want to be cute and controlled jet ticked away out. Liked it there project go somewhere else could he want to play yet we're. Wait recruit all. Going to be like oh don't quote I need you more players vote here to control what you. And have a boom boom room he brings those guys in NASA's Columbia like Estes is blue room that's a dream they don't winning game don't dump up to the callers like that does Smart phone call. Matt maybe the smartest phone call to show thank you to mayor for the phone call. Robin Morgan held jumpin what do you think. Yeah I go to I'm. Angelina. Attica. And you know I didn't I didn't make it that the round these they get over it because. It's it indicate that lately would actually be on in court that. Like what it was that it would loop. It's these I am ready by. Moving forward it longevity in the long term and I don't think I Lou cut out but fortunately it. Terrible phone call prime the worst phone call ever NASCAR hall back again he's understatement you're out of thanks for on the program this guy. He's a control freak he's had full control over this organization. He makes the decisions there is no way. Ownership and management can get no room with him and tell him they're doing something he doesn't want if you want to move on find loose ball. But it they wanna fire Tyrod little LeBron wants to keep them Lewis stay. Not firing Tyrod Lou you're not going against what LeBron James. Tells you you do realize his decisions got he would title last year OK maybe they don't get it title this year may be and this is all based on the premise. That the cavaliers don't make it to the final that's a hypothetical were working with here if that were to occur. I don't see how you can tell him you know what you're way didn't work they did work you won a title the values through the roof you're selling games out you beat the war acres seven games came back. I don't think you can tell this guy. Goes I was please don't sit. You can and I I think LeBron would come to that revelation on his own they would come across says this was LeBron idea or it had the bronze blessing but. He understands what is at stake here and if they fall short. Of the NBA finals he's gonna take a hard look at the roster which is weak their bench is terrible. And he's gonna realize that they needed change of the coaching spot as well so. He'll make that decision. He'll make a coaching change they'll make the roster changes. You'll go up to management and ownership and say this is what you need to do for me because I'll tell you what even if they. They ain't. Even if they consider telling LeBron is not get his way to say you got one more year me and I'm gone that's the leverage even if he doesn't wanna leave that's is leverage. You do what I say right leaf and Gilbert's it's our goes ha. I can either try to hire my own coach because this this buffoon is the same guy who drafted pretty bad at number one overall you remember that. Yet they had worked out. Without brought it doesn't work out when they make their own decisions they wanna do that again he can say you draft another Anthony Bennett maker on decisions. All believe in your values going right back in the toilet. What you gonna do your business made in your Gilbert why would you wanna make the decisions. The decisions. He should we don't please don't. He's not gonna making decisions and dollar reason why they won the finals last year's as Kiki and away after he today I get go he begging Joseph. He. NBA discussion you can't tea bagging after. And it took it to the point though do here's did you get us. It's it's chaotic. Cleveland is chaotic in everyone's looking and they don't come to tyra who for the NC tie tie Lou for answers become the LeBron James. And this is showing you the pressure is starting to mount on him or squad dark thirty no more Twitter or FaceBook know what do these things that's how. Happens when you pursue greatness. Aggie Harry you're zero dark and so by all these things that he Dwyane. He's put himself in a situation. If it doesn't work. Now down the ownership as a reason in the way to say the problem we respect you won in new direction and I believe. As a player when you push in that situation. And you can look and say it didn't work you do all these guys went all that let to text we did everything you sit in it's still at work you're Coke is here. I think he'll take a backseat now back to show low dips on 95 point seven again. Jolo and hit 95 point seven a game. Some NBA discussion coming up in thirteen minutes the first round of the playoffs are set its time to start looking at the opponent as well as tonight's game against the jazz the first. This weekend beautiful weather. But every now and again because I like so many other people addicted to the fall I gotta check in. Check Twitter. Tech since the grand checked email and then go back I try consciously now to put the thing away for as long as I possibly can especially on the weekend when you're out the weather's. Check incidental one point. Someone had sent a message to both myself and Lorenzo Neal did I don't know why you reps online now and I think whoever was insanity is detonated police case and got. A very his day job but there's a video. And it's a video LaDainian Tomlinson and of course it's muted at first sight I don't discuss talk about and I knew that and this is what I and appearing. For the viewers on their resolve them off fullback. Back to San Diego who's not who's my favorite team mate. Great teammate great friend. He will be present me. That was LT when asked. Who's going to present for him at the hall of fame when she goes into camp this summer lull did you even know that video was out there. Oh. Did you know and have not done well. And so many times I let you slide off you it was such a beautiful moment and it's blown 2041 and that doesn't use it happened you know long time I've been pretty good with the Mike you people know. Anyways congratulations on being good at having your Michael Allen and the reason why Jill. It was this whole segment got away to you this to yourself we had to do something nice for you there. It does. Now but I mean what's it. You can cornerback Michael Haynes and punitive bar everybody. But it's an acuity was it was it cost to every day here. LT was asked this weekend who was going to be presenting him at the hall of fame when he goes in this August. He responded with that beautiful audio talking about you saying very flattering things about you and it was a short it's going to be Yorkshire goes on and on did you know this was coming. Now I did not know that they'll he was gonna go on instant grammar Twitter. And make this a national law and make it the national public third or deal you know I know that he told me that I was going to do that's why we're back to the Super Bowl and in he allowed me to present me with that this halo are really want you to do this so you found out about this. In Houston at the most recent yes yeah but you know he was gone public with their own weakened this is news to you it was it was news still see blue they're not I was working. And I got a great text of my buddy Joseph. Joseph that is four balls that low just sits what is this eclectic sick couldn't hear any day of the what is so what does he say. Sup and turn the volume on its has learned that house like. Wow I extremists that mental everybody thinks he knows just he sit. You know be blessed have a great day and I always but it it was still man even though I knew that I was going to be presenting. It's still surreal and when a person in that situation. Microphones in their face in there are gaining goes no this is my best teammate this is my good friend. And you know your friend should know your you have a bodily pain but you know how that person really feels about Ian yeah. It meat comes up publicly and say Jonas is humbling. And her once again one of the greatest running backs. I think it. Probably replace the game not senate doesn't play with a I think this guy I'll be ever submitted as a top ten running back the long this is legally exist. LaDainian Thomas and I think believe. Top ten maybe top five running backs ever played this game. We're numb to say that any in a situation where he could've had. Drew Brees who's gonna be hall of Famer Antonio Gates who's going to be hall of Famer guy play with so many. Marty Marty shot and he showman his running back coach that went on edible like a Spartan shirt or not I don't think only good at jump in there now. Analysts don't say too that maybe that's symbolism geometry you can WB. When I get I'll stepping in and fix that showman actually is not invited to LT I golf tournament out from what I had that. A that's a sobering now. Go ahead and get the time machine back at an echo again. Does it just beat because it's two very competitive individuals to very competitive individuals but back to the its task at hand was he your closest friend in the lead all the edges you played media and you had a lot of friends with your closest one gets really yeah went on where you married before you met him was he in your wedding. That was bird farm you authority map he was adamantly. But might also I was in your wedding wasn't ho ho and his wife yank him out of their because he had too much on all mine that was. Well we'd like yeah I'll talk about that either are consistent jokes are not. The hey look compelling conversation no interest nets or it is in the interest Italy into. I'm August 5 on the moment in the day that he it's in stride what's gonna be gone through your try to bring this back on track. I mean you could just trying to cut it works I found it it. I think you know look what it's for months away summit this is some that you're gonna have to obviously prepare for not look at this speech he'll give will be live well it isn't it. And one of those pre recorded things that they do. Your introduction. Really I don't know did sink deeper and I'm not sure where to start doing some. We we really are and reserves and exactly what needed what are you what are you what are you suggesting I thought this into something is mentioned this before that the the actual. Introductions quote unquote are done by video now so. It's like a video introduction and then the speaker comes out and does his portion line is it because they want to control the speaker I don't think so all want control the introductions control the event I'll tell. That's understandable debt at WW there need to do twenty minutes which of course you wouldn't well it was they had to make the international about them whenever I said. Controversial. Iraq it's not about the introduction which leads us into another question you know you're gonna set have you written this thing. No I you know I'm gonna talk guilty when we get closer and kind of ask what you know some of the things we'll talk and we'll say columns find out the lead that they want it to be but like you sick. This is not about me it's about LT in once again here's our we wanted to greatest tournaments never played game. Yeah this guy now is being selfless this is him now it's showing who he is once again when the biggest stage to hall of fame. The bus when you get mad bless any goes now Obama gets a one that's lesser. The lesser I mean it's one that used to grunt I just an average yeah. To think about it just. A guy that was a grind in the world in the league that would just gonna go to bring my lunch pail. You know Muslim war cardinals don't give dad but he could've had a huge flash in pants you know that all the guys you can ask anyone in the league any coach in the league. Who wouldn't want to represent the great LaDainian Toms and who wouldn't want to represent in each holds me. And down just. I'm on what's like bridesmaids dresses. Ever wonder what bridesmaids always looked awful there in the worst stress imaginable for the past the bride has the opportunity to take all her friends and make them look bad. That hurt that I met a hole. Yeah I really cute that you were. You're my girls do you have any pictures that I cause caddie I'll show you that will be the daily diary but that's the whole point the bride is going it's heard that she's gonna look fantastic. So you always put them in some off. Easter egg color and it doesn't look great and it's always unflattering. League right now this is a joke and I going to LT could have gone that direction. He could've been the bride. And brought in. And put you in a bad dress instead. He's taking someone of prominent someone of note and I wouldn't. Put it past LT if there's another reason for this as well. Thinking about putting you on the stage so people wonder you know what. The low O'Neal not a consideration for the whole thing why isn't he on that final 100 let's forget about the debate of whether or not you should be and we don't need to get into that now. We can't even get chew on that final 100 list and that's easy I've gone through and talked to multiple voters and figure out the process. I had emailed this guy at the whole thing at least a dozen times just trying to get your name on it. I wouldn't be surprised at this is his way of trying to get you some recognition because mark my words after this happens and this is what we need to go do the show there as well. After this happens you're gonna end up on that list whether or not you get whittled down to the final fifteen or so that's the story for another debt. I would think this is your opportunity that's what he's do it. It's he's not put you in an ugly dress like and it did their bridesmaid I. Cook I had agent right let me look I'm gonna I'm Elsie she's just she's looking about to open. David a did it's crazy we're sit there me and LT and it's a man I Madison said he sees this year time. So will Joseph sock in about a you know I just look they're brown dresses as a bottom part of these huge it goes all the way. You can upper peninsula college I'll show you the page I actually I read a review from vote on the very dresses nature I'm didn't. Yeah that's not my quote and Lerner. Copper. Our copper copper fraud proper lane let the wider angle is not loud buildings quick cash then that's what it is. And I don't blame you for doing every bride does it it's OK I. Smart play. Well they should they love the dress is an islands and they have I you help me choose dresses lace and my sister and my cousin come on say. Hey which one do you like they chose address how could that not sexy how come they're not like short and cut at the knees and form fitting in like little cocktail dress like you go out tonight like long dresses Verizon fancier when we at four over part of people the. So we lowered the fancier right Google addresses copper frock yet it is not copper and you don't have the feel bad about it I. About it I think it's a great strategy why would you want the bridesmaids look better. Did you take him you put him in an ugly color and you haven't always it's always that that material that just he came in well. While and you did. Units you don't have to take a selling and it's a beautiful I Logan. The only road you can make as a bride you OK go take a look you two at at the break we'll take a look at these and you can wane as well and we can see Joseph being a jerk or is. Joseph being accurate but it's just hard truths that people don't want things and also reuse my cousins stressed that you will work for her wedding. Beautiful dress loved it I'm awarded again for other events what the events for like funeral. How hard not at all like an ears is the fact. That I'm sorry you beat her and I. They it's it's Monday it's early and just haven't some light fun yeah light fun she's taking the hit because usually it's you that this is sentiment about used to someone else got to take the brunt gay houses ID and courts and jails are. Well yeah. You know what I'm saying he doesn't have been aren't open. Point isn't that LC doesn't have a units and copper fraud he's got two and a nice cocktail dress he's got you all balled up ready to shine in Joe's right. This could shine the light where it should be on the fact that you should at least be in the mix for the hall fame yourself. I would think you guys are just really appreciated that and I'm honored and privileged just to. Be able to legacy and be able to to introduce the Dane Thomas in just a means a lot means a lot to me. I'm happy that means a lot to Helm. And I'm glad I get to share this moment with you guys immediate it's great. Oh my god I'm not only my coming I'm gonna be attached to pet I'm gonna melt this thing for everything its worst we've worked it. The velvet c.s are gonna park this weekend off there's going to be all types of free stuff all over the place where I'm I simple move which. I'm an article on underneath you was the yacht. This can be attached to you talk to a did you guys are talking until this so I keep you out of all famously quit customs talks at colonial brought with you talked about this before it even. Happened was we should be this is the show should we should go there for two or three days at a time. It's Reagan wouldn't get all the offering guests on this be neat for us all to experience the gold Siegel's buses go to Q and if you didn't say that these babies I have never been good at all now. Bring the experience back to the listeners that's allowed to do will throw it out to the listeners later what would you do give Lowe as his best piece of advice for this. Each like a groups in speech gotta get up there you gotta be funny got to be entertaining we can't take the moment away. And the writing grow much like and a Bennett brides and doing which and I copper for I can't believe. Now back to lowered its on 95 point seven again. We'll bring it makes great Garry saint Jean right into this conversation now say good morning welcome to the program it's the MVP discussion. As I'm shore. You've already figured out. Russell Westbrook the one thing we keep leaning on is the triple doubles so many triple doubles he's got to be the MVP but. There have been over a 110 triple doubles in the NBA this year five years ago the were only eighteen. Is this that mean that much still has become watered down. Well the game's changed significantly fellas and you know in the old days. We just didn't keep it very much. That his credit he's great athlete of the week competes I agree to a lot with world set and I cannot Elliott who have a lot of respect for whom the color commentator for. Disperse whisper rock and pop last week and they were cut about well let's define MVP. And there's no written definition of what that we would like the voters could. So it is saying is that it is copy offensive MVP. Because it isn't about winning it's about taking your team has the highest level. And so there's that there's a debate go to Indian partners that himself this weekend so what do. You know and I'm old school I look at guys like quite Leonard and I think that would he. He's still in this is magnificent and I really believe this I think if it. Kevin Durant did not give her. It would have been an injustice. For him not to be considered to be MVP because his English is gonna win. 6566. Games today that hadn't. Fantastic year. And some guy that I think don't even get talk about our LeBron James and stepped curry got step at a few ups and downs and LeBron obviously but sometimes it. Think their talent level undervalued to detain just gets taken for granted. Say I'm totally with you on that I I normally will default to best player on the best team. Gets the MVP but this year is is certainly different when you look at what Russell Westbrook has done even though they're gonna be a six seed and they probably won't advance that deep. In the Western Conference his eye popping numbers to meek. Make such allowed case the absolutely have to give him the award despite the fact it. James Harden team had more wins the bronze did the spurs did eccentric. Well you know what and it ended yet that's that's your opinion you're educated opinion on the matter I respect that. It's it's just not Hollywood quote and an animal school. I just think when he had to play into that a lot. And I don't know I can't get older I just important to me about the build warriors team. And where it's going vs the individual. Warts that night and tonight eggnog you may have a little like kinda thing but immediate need would you claim to the pros it's about winning. Absolutely saving your night give Knoll in and it does matter because your opinion is very very. It's invaluable that things that you've seen an experience. It would behoove us to lean on you that's why we get to on the show saint soul. When you when you think about justice Doug's team and what Katie brings to it. Could you see this guy are you gonna see more of these next two games what are you looking for and what would you like to see from Haiti's next two games what kind of minutes. Does this team just going to do head before getting into the playoffs. Well fellows at first they were cute guys really pleased that the stamina that he exhibited at what he was able to. Sure you went right to the racks breaks the. The first will be goes baseline on the right side and reverse toxin. You don't sit there or let it pop and go wow yeah. And and just be glad to hear you can get on the treadmills and elliptical and all these different machines. You can go to an individual work output there's nothing like playing in the eighth of an NBA game. And I guess that was tremendous what he was able to do and and you know the second half guys in the third quarter. And get a rhythm red in the first half you didn't I look different to play B you know maybe like 31 maybe play a little bit more. I think we can look for our toward the plate out to be played 33 to 367. Minutes. And in some cases may be a little bit more bit. Any currently have and I think Steve's that this great. And defense the defense wins it it traveled in the NBA in the playoffs if you defend well. An and you really give you rebounding which. In India shot blocking did. That's gonna really. Really have a profound effect because I iced it every time that we unity at the chat fellas. The defense on this team is under rated. And it's the reason why did he get out the open floor they're the best that most exciting happened. Team in the weeks. I think he's under rated for the defense today and I I just think he's special back there there were gonna get shot I I I'm not at all concerned about that. Competent taken off the rack to the wrap up the bouts. I think he's big and. You know what are we are seeing here in the next couple games they don't they're big city guy in the lower they've got significantly slower guys minutes. But one great position for the warriors European technical wins sixteen and roll like ox keeps saying it. If not that's locate the impact I suppose would be content. Playing well beat these bad guys at you know labor under the gun in the middle of the year not productive. They're really playing terrific basketball also. I'm just excited for next week. Garry saint Jean would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game. You talking about great positioning for the warriors that it is about the Cleveland Cavaliers on the other hand Bryant played 47. Minutes against Atlanta. And if they wanna win this thing they've got another road game tonight in Miami this is generally a spot where LeBron would rest. So if he plays tonight isn't pretty much a big signal coming up from Cleveland saying. How much they really want that one seed because I was always led to believe it didn't matter they can win no matter where they proceeded. And I got a gold I got a text from little friend. Kelly yesterday 88 and that. What they had going on they played in the opening minutes and try to meet forty that'd. Is pink pink right there I don't have a pulse and a I don't know it's just the defense of what export but. Didn't look like they're move within budget. Yeah I don't I don't know he is a lot spirit motel of their rhythm of what the heck it is but that. They don't get back quick and you know mining companies battling for that spot that that that big with the poor. So let me give you their very best effort like you said that. After back to back till it's popped so. Yeah I in Boston dot Bachmann would love to get the number one spot but Cleveland does have the tiebreaker from what I understand. So. Yeah we've got great great. You know here you talk with the clippers let let's see what's gonna happen here how're they gonna play tonight we're gonna sit out and and I think clippers at the tiebreaker there. I pretty much everything else is pretty well that and that there's going to be some just break out. This really want Gary saint Jean we Jolo Indians on 95 point seven again saint tremendous stuff is always thank you for your time in the next time we'll be talking yet. It's gonna be playoffs he's only that. Lou I love I love. If you gonna go and I don't worry about your intent only Easter Bunny might give you guys next Sunday. On the yes that's great here's. Well be my. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game interesting story. Out of the NFL this weekend. This is from David heard him that he has yet. You know those looking into an arm wrestling contest that took place at the MGM grand casino in Vegas. Reportedly featuring more than thirty current and former NFL players including steeler linebacker James Harrison. And retired running back Marshawn Lynch. Anibal spokesman Brian McCarthy told ES PM on Sunday that the league has just become aware of what's being called the pro football arm wrestling championship. And will be looking into it further. Participating players could be in violation. Of the league's gambling policy and may face fines league personnel are prohibited from making promotional appearances at casinos. Or other gambling related establishments is a quote. Had we even asked in advance that this was acceptable we would have indicated that it wasn't direct violation of the gambling policy. Joseph Lockhart NFL vice president of communications told USA today sports. Which first reported the least concern over the event. Quote no one saw pre approval. So just to some mice here it's okay for the lead to make money in Las Vegas but it's not okay for the players that's what this is. What they negotiated in their collective bargaining agreement they agreed to these rules as it pertains to promotional appearances. In connection with gambling establishments now obviously things have changed with the recent news of the raiders getting approval to go to Las Vegas. But the CBA has not changed and if your player. And you sign on to play in their league and you read through your entire contract and you see in the added that there's a clause. That prevents you from making this appearance it seems pretty cut and dry to me that if you make this appearance he'll be in violation of that very clause. Says it makes sense to think that the league's gonna have to do something about this moving forward now it's collectively bargained so they'll dangle in front of the players and say. Get rid of this but we need you to do something for us. If you're gonna have a team in Las Vegas. There are going to be promotional event tech casinos there's going to be a lot of money for the players and coaches of the raiders to show up at caesar's palace to show up at the women to do autograph signings to host pool parties. This stuff man is gonna be money for everybody down there you're gonna have to make it change or you're not low. They do it all the time it's it's interesting down that the league has their opinion and step and Al. Because. Players and that's playing you know huge honor those guys are Adam pool party at its different. Coat tails like you're talking about like Merriman yeah at least Merriman would host a pool party absolutely and opposed didn't do anything to do anything just got a lot of notoriety. And everyone else coming out of the war you know command will work. Guys go to Vegas all the time they get comp room. They go to Vegas they have their lines they got the casinos. There being that promote parties they do all those different things. It just it's weird to me just it's it I don't understand how the league. Is trying to act like the NCAA and so many different ways the trying to kind of police guys not they're not even. Claimed may be damning claim gambled and in this form us and is in a different it's not even on more than tables still it's in a different room. An effective when your idol went down to it in in in the performed in and participated in it. Might this is something that's been going on you yeah something like this in Las Vegas Las Vegas armrest Armas was there all NFL players yeah. And I still got my plaque that's you think I did I think Osman of those finalists yes it was. Pretty decent so you've done something like this before this is happen but the league did you get kind don't believe it's anything new well they just not know about it. We didn't know about a bit Bobby's way the social networking now with Brian some MI like you alluded to. Yeah we went down Vegas couple ages puts up on agents are these guys they're getting their side hustle on. Agents as they got this player in alto player hate believe me couple guys Maybin and they'll fly you guys and they'll put you guys up. They have a Armisen contest brings people to watch it so I can see this thing happens is and has not to do would gambling I'm not positive he was. In the event a market king was down at this weekend if you're following him on social media did this video. Where he's dance in goofing off in the lobby of the cosmopolitan if you want a hotel lobby. That's the lobby to go to meet the pillars. In the lobby or all. LED plasma screens and they all change they work in sync so it'll look like there's like. A naked woman trapped behind it Klaas you seem to silhouette oral B like a never ending flowers and just like all these morphing it's really cool you can just go in there and just hang out lobby. Plus little secret if you're in magazines stain at the Cosmo or even if you're not. Go to the vest their bar Friday around 3 o'clock the vests were bar is right next to the Cosmo lot. Friday at 3 o'clock is when the whole LA sect is checking it. Young attractive all getting checked into the hotel you sit there and you just people watch amicable cocktails great place to hang out. Thanks Joseph for most piece of advice for you nice and takes not to. The NFL's not making any money on that so that's why they probably have a problem let's be honest they're gonna. Drumming up is the illusion of gamble laying in oh my god there could be impropriety people won't trust the product BS the NFL is going to back legalized gambling. When they figure out how to make money from just like legalize marijuana. Jerry Jones say in the should stop punishing got sport then you get doctors coming out saying this is a way for players to recover better than taking horror all all this pain medication. But the NFL hasn't figured out how to make money off marijuana yet so until they get that dialed up they're not gonna allow until they figure out how they want to make money on legalized gambling. They're not gonna allow. You're gonna put a team in Las Vegas and you're gonna have the announcement you gonna ride the news waive all over the place for a month and a players are gonna go down there and make some money you're gonna have a problem with that. Seems about as hypocritical as it gets. Yeah whether they're just you know adhering to the letter of the law that was laid out in the the players agreed to sell. As far as what the future holds I think you're right they're gonna have to open that up or take that clause out because if you're on the raiders senior playing in Las Vegas. Are they saying that the local radio station can't do an event at a local casino. There's no chance that death was coming off the books but in the meantime. They're gonna enforce all they can while they can't. In the 95 isn't that called stocking. In reference to the bar I was recommending in men only two column. The final and you can't just sit there and watch. From a distance. Like Luke Wilson school. That says views and again when I just got to watch a lot from a distance up. Congratulations to Eric in Walnut Creek the correct answer South Hampton. On this date in 1912 and tied in six maiden voyage departed from which city in England so they Upton did to they have a club he put ballclub yeah. I currently middle of the table right now I think the run and ninth in the English premiere league as a safe from the relegation zone which. That's my dream for the NBA Joseph is to bring in. Relegation that would do away with tanking you take the worst two teams in the NBA and guess what. You're no longer in the NBA go spend the airplane the Dili you bring up the two best. Let them slug it out for awhile that would prevent teams from going to full tank. Does that affect players' salary Jeff. It absolutely so it's your team gets relegated you end up what do you have with the split contract where you're gonna make more in the big league in less in the smaller league or if you're a high price guy you basically force your ouster because the team won't be able to afford to pay you. Because the revenue you generate in the lower league. Is about a quarter of what you in the premier leagues of your payroll is. Let's say sixty million when you get relegated you're not you know the pay sixty million so you're gonna have to let these guys go. Matt glowing signed a one year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. How is it that he has a job and Colin capita doesn't. A body of work now that's trying to ranked. Several parents and is now Posey otherwise shift between it TJ Yates TJ Yates and Matt glowing now have work. Can't cap it does not. Any particular reason why. Well today this will allow you play football is play it's like him. You do that Jo McIlroy yeah. I was always looking at me like yeah I do it right over his there's you know back it's it's it was good with his little hostile story about the how he went in won an arm wrestling championship which I am yet to corroborate Evan looking on the Internet there's no word that you winning. Any arm wrestling championship but I digest. Let us. I can not win and I'm missing pitches that you guys in oh you do go to problem to seven. Wrong I never said that no one actually said I know I didn't if we just kind asked a follow up oh really was the follow up yet we don't want you cold I don't know pretty much too I don't you went to forty years 45%. He had yeah. Guys don't go to the probable 25% of the time he gets that bullies the get a acting can for men. So probably gonna look produce yes it was enormously in the in the ninety's when I was playing and I went there and perform well and got a couple thousand yeah. So it was good Lowe's got ahead but duly did couple grand exit it was a tiny outpost was not the front. It is as far Ngo. So the cap and things can help me out here only half yet still we would indeed is there is. Is there an opinion on the matter property is it busy being Blackbaud everyone wanted to tell me no I was crazy to suggest it but Mary go mad at once got a gig. Oh. Mammal going on Kapanen would all due respect Matta wants a fine piece great young man and death is not Colin Kapanen. Sounds better a lot of these quarterbacks that are backed up and so is Jay Cutler. He's better and a lot of these guys in a back ups on and that they're getting jobs. It's really interest in see these two young men having gotten work. Because the guys and I'm seeing getting picked up. But but humble guy at Sanchez. Into I don't think the NFL will ever be able to get rid of Sanchez I think Sanchez is gonna have a twenty year career. The pitchers I don't get it he's got some. How do you keep getting signed until May mean a guy's knee. He's they've averaged that's that's a thing that's really. It's weird how. Guys are even at great average don't have winning records to percentage everything is down nobody at work really not a lot of body worked Joseph and there's still getting jobs I don't understand it. Teams don't want to distraction I guess. But you look at Jay Cutler he's another guy. In these guys can't help your organization get better. He can make your team better even if their backups against this guy against your number one defense these guys can't make you better. From 95 on the Penske auto sales that context line. Love the happy half birthday email thanks Dallas unwelcome fully suited did we aim to please. We're gonna start sending emails. Wishing you happy quarter birth day. Happy one in 365. Birthday you what every day wishing you saw the perfect time. What. Pat behalf Burke the village of Iraq's on the concert to be bizarre. But we did it and we aim to please. It's nice to get that tax nobody loves her half birthday more than my brother Mike nobody really all you idiots have a cake. He's PE teacher he'd as a whole thing features his troupe do its brand. Truth ran the Eagles have gait his student seated teacher at a high school moraine in his city's students know he's happy birthday guy yeah debris and a half McKay. Now true friend that right there kick number and I never heard that I'm Tanya what do you do some might have to thank you card yes. He's got a whole elaborate things gets a hold on to the whole thing. Yeah Matt Ryan eyebrow. On the day of the birth data give them to have products now now you've probably get a full when I don't think you're gonna wait six months to give someone the other half of decay he could freeze its you can freeze would Jackie is that we would do. You give some half the case and then I would he have another half. Apps on their full burka now you made him angry about it because it's an absurd comment. So much asserted eagle by we have actually have to bring it up. If you get half cake and a half birthday why would you get the other half when your fault because there is logic dictates you get a full take on your Florida I disagree would you really late and I like 79570. If you get a half kick a near half birthday to get the other half wonderful birthday a relative got five points on the game.