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Hour 2. Papa and Bonta are joined by Joe Lacob (The owner of your Golden State Warriors) for a whole hour LIVE in studio! We do a deep dive on ALL things Warriors.

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And now curry. Big deal landed Ike Perry Perry third. You hear the crowd gasping and history lives around the floor and looks like you've left knee. We're trying to impress Jolie compare I'm not sure that's now we wanna play here we don't want. Put everybody in the depression but we are honored and thrilled to be joined by CEO and owner of the Golden State Warriors she assumed control. In November 2010 and all they've done is won two championships have come the marquee team. In the NBA Jolie go welcome to react and white were great problem Bob tail it's a pleasure to do it again just like last year. Thank you very much and glad to be here. And the reason I wanted to start it was my idea of the command with the with the staff injury because obviously it is topic a BC DF around here and I was watching you. As I was at the arena Friday and I do keep on I handed to him and I keep one eye and you staff's wife would hate that this trial. I don't know I don't feel the car don't watch you'll mode you have like a typical owner but staff's wife Aisha was celebrating her 29 birthday. And she was sitting next to you. So just take us through the emotions. Of the owner of the team and you're you're always set and the number one fan of the team and like all of us and we sought again. Pretty though a lot of elected head and he got his wife and I saw in our staff and I issue after the game as she was a bit emotional so when when it happens. Wet went through your thought did you even watch the fourth quarter what was your mind. Now I did well like anybody else I was nervous when I didn't really see what happened exactly and it was on the far end of the Courtney sort of disappeared the telethon may be wasn't coming back. The secret to the total that would like the last time Alexandria San Antonio to copy whatever the tunnels late hours ago and so I didn't I didn't really know what it happened I saw him limping out. That was the ankle. And with a dangling in the meat and that was the ankle. In the mini was the other day your cardiac galas are confusing the two such what do you too many of them by now. The time now but the I didn't actually see it happen he on the neither I I I just didn't kind notices except when he starred walking away from it. And on the court eyesight was limping quite badly and I. Obviously was concerned and I kept looking for replay. Yeah and then after again I saw you walking up the tunnel where the players leaving the fans are high side and you but I assume you went right back into the locker rooms are just take me through. Those anxious minutes when years you know the MRI I was not gonna come to the next day Richard medical people are already looking at them just take these shows for the time frame. Of what you were all experiencing them or how the game is over in the lock up I didn't wanna jump off the court and be a spectacle obviously wanted to go back to. Could turn the corner. But after the game I walked off the court as they normally do and I just walks straight down. To locker room went right through into the medical area and he was sitting up there and they were giving him some treatment pence I issue was sitting right by his side and number ones gather around and of course I asked the obvious questions how's it feel and he was a pretty good spirits to be honest it really wasn't really. Upset he was. If you stood on an act and I'm sure wasn't happy about it but he certainly was positive. And you know we just we knew kind of at that point already that. By feel. That at least according to doctors that it wasn't an ACL. The kind new generally what it was and they were gonna need confirmation the next day from a camera so it really wasn't all that dramatic it's ArQule missed any all that much. The it was just that you know disappointing. We obviously knew it was going to be. At least semi significant. Yeah and watching it I I felt as though is an Ngo and out of ACL I want to hear what your doctors and the medical people said because he took it more on the side then a financial shot his shoes. It's always up this deal was that was that like Kevin Durant last year in DC when his foot was planted in the hyper extended when JaVale. Rolled back into on so just what what what the medical people tell you at that time and now and more importantly. What are we looking at as a head coach was pretty definitive last night I met the media through 45. I know why he's quiet right and that's that's an earlier in the way. So what if you're the guy ultimately who makes the call yours its staff is it Bob. Well you're the owner who I'm sure all comes back we're all involved but obviously it's a medical thing so that doctors make the call for the most part. We're gonna do whatever they say a murder conservative because he's far too important to the franchise. But I think and Steve obviously said that what he said I'm not sure why he said what he said because it was news to me to. Quite frankly. But I think he's just trying to be protective and but we certainly do have that bias I have the vice pirates of the question right now it's that hey I wouldn't expect him the first round of last he may be ready. I mean he's certainly saying he thinks he can be ready who knows the doctors are saying hey we're look at in three weeks. That's really all we can do. But unfortunately the season ends in three weeks and you wonder if they say he's OK does that mean he's in a few days okay are few week okay are two ways where and how much assurance do you want. So I don't think we know the answer is. Greg I really don't. I think the we'll wait and see at that time how he recovers Howie nobody really knows on these things exactly day for day you know weeks in advance how someone's gonna recover. It does not seem as bad as Kevin's was for instance. You don't terms of bone bruise all that kind of stuff so I think the general feeling is hopeful. That he could be back. Sometime in the first round but you know Steve says not to the universe route we'll see who's rate we don't know. We're joined live in studio my own with owner and CEO of the got to stay where's delay cabana and light with pop on bonds him and he parred seven game. Just look at that steps injury he gets back in you have the other three all stars up Klay Thompson and Iran. To remark green obviously just these injuries pop was just last segment had this whole list of march called March Madness. All these injuries is happening one after another after another what are you picking their record highs and there he became like may be there to hex on this and I called sister Jean from what you all for what's gonna be an idea in my opinion I did everything I think the record of fire artillery is Fuji mineralized. How do you know I haven't already picked a good. I can tell you that Nicole already ought ordered a sister Jean Bobble head. They're selling off they just it was unusual so now. I mean it is rather astonishing I I always. Or during euros commenting on what a lucky group we are. To have had it's really overall such an extended run without any significant injuries. And even this year really not too bad step miss some games earlier on and so on but. We really haven't we been more resting players than anything else and of course. Here we are march is a disaster but it all these injuries you can't predict these things and this is why I always say. I do people ask me do you think we have the best team yes they do you think you win the championship I don't know but if we have a good chance. It's but depends on injuries depends on health we all know that that's the nature of the game look at the clippers a few years ago. Yeah in one game within how many minutes was it who got all anyway yeah and both went out gone so your your fortunes can change. Literally in an instant and I think we all understand that it's hard to take when it happens. We are not in that situation these are relatively minor injuries pretty much across the board even staffs not great but not the into the world he's coming back. During the playoffs and I think we're good enough to win a first round went on to be on so I'm out I'm on December confident. S staff always has a whale looking at the the positive outlook and everything and one thing that he did say was maybe he'll give me time to have the right knee in the ligaments around the knee really heal while. The last need heels for at least the next three weeks getting back to his right ankle I was sending the right ankle. Eleven times he's done it he's not a four different times this year when you first took up ownership of this team you inherited Stephanie ankles and each 111 he had the surgery trying twelve. He came back and had the surgery it's been six years since he has had that area whatever they do it to tighten up the ankle. Around that area you know call back in and have a a surgical procedure to make it stronger. Is that something he may be looking at one that hopefully you guys when the title again you have your championship parade around lake merit again is it a possibility that stats six years later. We'll have to go back in Joseph have a third operation on that right ankle. Your guess is as good as much I have no idea about things like that. That's something for the doctors to tell us we have a name I've heard that at all. I think it is funny I heard you on the radio the other day and heard you say this six that'd been six years who has another show I do this militia so I can move us before I don't know I listen to everything and read everything. That's unfortunately. But. And I rider my way off oil where I think you you can be right I don't know I really don't know I just have no idea I think it's. He's he certainly. Had a series of ankle issues this year and so we're gonna have to wait and see how that plays out he's not going to be anyways are played basketball he's not gonna be a 100%. Any time during plants probably right because ankles not we this year now when you do these things. It tends take awhile for them to read it yet to take an extended period of time off before you're really a 100% perfect doesn't mean kills to can't be great and good and we've great team so. We're still hopeful and believe we can still win at all if the Republicans say healthy enough. All right so we were talking about the the injuries in March iMac memorial where we were gonna do it on TV last night than staff trainer brought step of the podium at 515 so we didn't do it but the month of march is an injury madness. So I wanna ask you this question what what is the best way in your opinion show to navigate through. In 82 game season where you're you know you're trying to pay the bills and run the chain lets you make your revenue was the 82 games. We knew you would like to be the number one seed to have that the top you know everybody calmed oracle for games 125 and seven any playoff round you play. But you don't wanna get hurt and I and the reason I bring it up this year your head coach knows how to do this and he was inciting the third of the vols are three in a role. You know high they had some injury so he knows how to do this so he was extra cautious this year. And we had you know. A rib cartilage fracture we he had a bone in the thumb we got we got it injuries just cropping up so when your opinion. What is the best way proceeding forward. To navigate through an 82 game season would your galaxy star. It occurred to me during the year as where I just like I think what you're saying here is in May were being too cautious maybe words turn to all this rest up and maybe you're not. Even mentally you're not on not on H like you need to be to be great maybe physically you're not. You know on edge all the time maybe that's what it takes to be great and if you kind of relax in some way may be. May be too bad things happen I think that's what you're. Trying to how I got but I anyway whoever says Leslie what's happening in in March is just insane but part of what I'm thinking as early in the year you didn't have the proper edge in laser focus and now. You have no margin for air the reality and issues it was probably get a win anyway. They've gone on an epic rocking great they've they've been amazing and resting right now if you did you have the best roster and if you're healthy he'll get there I remember you know but before the year started we all thought about seven street said this team will be better. Then any Steve Kurt team because you got Katie back for a second year an exception of a few data you're bringing back everybody now how would you categorize that this year overall. Well nineteen losses nine losses at home you are not going to be the number one seed. In the west if you play Houston you may not be if you play Toronto and finals is you look back on the regular season to this point how would you categorize. I'm look it's been a very good year by historical standards I went to a lot of games. And I know you were a lot of games for all lot of years around here. All through you know decades so to sit here and say this isn't a very successful year would be ridiculous. But is it up to what we pack let's put this way what Bob and I. Where the guys at our best watch where there's a build a team we thought we had our best team ever we really did on paper best team doesn't mean. That you're gonna have the best record the end of the day obviously and that is proven to be case because things happen. Maybe a mental. Mindset wasn't quite the same this year may be that speaking from being tired from gonna so many long years in a row maybe mature I believe all that but that's what coaches believe. And may be you know the old injury thing Edison Margie couldn't predict that the and so maybe where you know we just not we're not as good as we work. Last few years at this point. That doesn't mean though that we can't get it right for the playoffs we have a tremendous amount of talent as we don't know and I still think we can come together and Durbin teams in the history of the NBA that you know only 150 some odd games and went on to be dominate in win the championship so. Winning all of them the most games thirty years necessary the only way to get it done. And I agree with you aerial specially for tennis wants what it last week China Beach it's owners see all the ghosting where's surely complied and studio. Here and got them to life or pop a Montana and 57 games so. But were looking at the way you guys navigated during the season and obviously that's going to be the two seed in the NBA playoffs credit to Houston they've been on fire since the all star break. But do you think that the rest of the NBA star catch up. To what you guys a star and producer. Houston's gotten better OKC's try to Mason deals we know about the San Antonio Spurs do you think the rest of the league start and close the gap on you guys jump. I don't know what the rest of the league. Houston certainly did. And I do think there's four or five really good teams in the NBA this year that potentially could win it. You know in the beginning of the year I thought that was ridiculous for everyone to say and you know as I say why are seen what you were gonna walk to the championship ball I don't that we believe that at any point. Because it always is different as you go along during the season players get better. Right they get better every year some players get worse some get better teams get better some get worse it's you never really know at the beginning of the year what's gonna happen middle year end of the year. And so. You know. I kind of expected that this would be a tough slog one way or the other I didn't know kind of kind of happened this way with. All the injuries and us kind of having trouble with our focus during the course of the year but it did happen. But a tape we have some pretty great players. And when I sit down with them. I hope it's not overconfidence but they all believe there best team. They all believe they can win and will win home or away would we rather have the number one seed I would. For just. It's just the odds but. They don't really care I think they believe they can go in and win it regardless and in fact we've had. Someone told me this recently fifteen playoff series I think in the last five years it was that someone and make you sit around ravens owner actually heard of before arraignment. We went with fifteen play awesome we have won at least one game on the road and everyone of them so. Again the past doesn't always to get the future if not here but. My guess is I you know I'm not too worried about that right now I I just wanna get into the thing healthy. Armed to win that first round and we'll take it from there. We don't know what's gonna happen used and to get upset if you're so worried about Houston they are investing right now. There's no doubt right now right now they are the best team and we're looking up to that. All right but that doesn't mean they'll be there we might be there and they might not be there with Quincy got to prove it on the court. You know Jane charged Friday to a new Indy for a hell we may get every single first place those like stepped in and and 2016 but I I think the best players on the planet is Kevin Durant. And you are gonna get him back at some point here we're hearing is questionable for tomorrow night against Indiana. What what are your medical people telling on telling you about him money come back and play against Milwaukee won its treaty to be back I don't know exactly. You know but I I've been hearing what you just said which is he is possible this week. And my expectation is probably were NC and if they say that fifth that means we're probably gonna see them. And he makes a big big big difference as you know. Yes let's yeah. And I love Wendy Wendy. And Raymond and his staff winner and Ramon letters Jordan sincerity about a he's the best in all of American sport no matter what sport you wanna talk about I've known reign forever burn. The we will reevaluate the injury in two weeks I love because that that means to the media don't ask us for two or three weeks stay away. How often do you read reevaluate. Acosta do you check in. House KG how step I'll I'm talking to those guys you know every game I don't back in the locker monetizing other tournament I've. Talked to the doctors you know I'm aware talked to Bob all the time so. We you know I'm always up to speed at which other than a crazy year just when you think someone's ready. Crazy stuff happens you know yesterday drumming got the flu or an error and wasn't playing we thought he was playing and is suspend. Quite a march. Yeah March Madness with the injuries and play we're hearing maybe by Easter Sunday this Sunday we're which your thoughts on you know I haven't heard. As much on clay other than I think he wants to play he. He must be going nuts and publisher he is he's never missed any time like this ever never. So. I'm sure he's gonna I'm actually convinced he is going to be 100%. And I think Kevin is gonna be 100%. And I think that. Drama to be back in and you know staff is the one question number I have just wait and see nobody knows the answer let's just. We get asked all the questions but there's no answers right. So late co owner CEO of the Golden State Warriors early afternoon delight live in studio how many owners you get to come. To a studio here lied to is tree for sure to get under the light once I'm very curious eyes are gonna look to come back here in the actually listens to the shell which is all the time beat all the time Shockey to be so here's the line. Over and thank you don't want there's times I think about calling and but I I do and I says shell from Sanford says it okay. So you've got us all about it that's what hotline number you wanna call in coney says. Let's remember probably doesn't want you to give it doesn't. How often you call rim. And often. I'm always gonna say people who thought that George George Steinbrenner would call her hearing all day and night. Now the toilet and going column in Mexico is a match is earlier so. Severe course tiger what's in saudis injuries transpired two teams still as you said. Very very good here you guys are set the bar so high I just when asked did you think that this thing could flip when he went to retain ownership of this team. And we've talked about this incessantly on a show. We know about the Chris Moeller retirement Jersey 92 guys want to contribute troops are on the way but possibly one another sixty games if you think this pink slips so fast because this franchise let's be honest it is old decrepit. For so long brokered a republic Paula gave record greatly. They ignored by it's gonna go through your did you think that this conflicts where you're now the worldwide brand new guys go to China you've seen army medical. The comparable to the patriots the Yankees I mean did you did you think of let. So quick. That's very nice to be compared to those teams obviously. Bomb you know. If you don't believe it won't happen so did I yeah I really thought we I don't know maybe maybe not to this level this. You know seven years out of wasn't taken seven years out but I did think we could turn it and I thought we could win I really did. And from talked about and you are the best we'll talk more about your hi Erica it was over the chase senator experience a couple of Saturdays ago. Wanna get your thoughts on the future of the warriors have been nominated for a four time the last five years for. A sports team of the year by the way the business journal and you're an executive winner. A couple of years ago just before we wrap up the current chino where they are at. Kevin Durant when he probably gonna have to play assuming she was accurate a portion of playoff games without staff Currie. And a coach talked to the media Steve Kerr today and he said we are good enough to win. Any game any series where good enough to win at all without staff Currie. So hot how would you like to see that team place insure not only the owner of the team you know the game inside and out. You were instrumental in bringing Kevin here how high do you want them if they have to play a portion of playoff games. How much does Kevin have to really carry the team offensively how would you like to visualize and see implied. Well. You know. Yeah I know a little bit about basketball but that's really not my job that's Steve Kerr is damn good and he's the guy in his coaching staff they'll figure all that out. I think what's going on though is I would come out of livid and answer different question. I would say. What's really interesting about what's going on right now as we get to see the young guys we get to see the bench we get them to get more minutes like. I mean a really big things happened here recently Quinn cook. Who we developed and we believed in in RG league. It was the best guard in the and at first in the beginning here you know is he wasn't all that comfortable and it's hard to go and play with a although stars and take a shot over them. But now we get the opportunity he's producing he's growing as a player players loving coach Islam I mean that's just one example. I think we've got young players in Pavel cause gonna go on opportunist 810 games he needs that. I think those are the things that are important as we go into the post season. Kevin Durant gonna become direct we all know that right strain one's going to be train. Clay is gonna shoot always been go make a lot of shots those things are gonna happen. If we have to play a little bit without Seth Curry. We need to figure how we're gonna that we got Shaun Livingston we've got other players we've certainly proved we can do that but I think developing some of these young guys and some of the roles that their play. Is super super important knowing it's near term but longer term for this team. You you mentioned Quinn cook and who knows I'm a knock on what my journal on him and others. But I saw on the you know it is me get a little bit the OpenId at a stinger a moment of pain to come back and he said if I'm able to walk on the play. They're assuming Quinn is healthy you got him under playoff roster somehow right. You know we're gonna make. That decision and as the God's honest truth I know you're gonna ask this today and I knew you work. And you should be asking that he's played great and would now with steps injury. It's certainly would seem like we have to haves. Some additional. Insurance at that position we are we're topic you have a lot of big players and not as nice guards to play. And I think eakins everyone can see that. But we're gonna make that decision right at the end. Because a lot of things can happen as we've seen already between now and then. Hi don't know why your god forbid we have another injury or something else happens so. We just I'm not gonna answer that question because we don't really want an answer that question yet but what I wanna see in your. They're about the young guys in bell and come on in all the Patrick McCollum I don't see now Quinn cook playing which Iran when Kevin comes back with this new. Confidentially are vowing to tell you I mean shortly wrote to see it that nobody was playing before and a key was trying to say they end a little bit now he's got. A high high skill level we snatched after everybody's really scale. I'm it to be honest we view. I've been told all year long by Kent my younger senators the GM of our senate Christine. This guy can really play any come up and play with us and I say can't you sure if if he seems so tentative I just don't see it and he's been out of college for years and is a good player and Smart player all that but NCA. And now of course put into the position where he really has to do it he has shown us what he is and who he is. And he can get shots off. It that's what I like he can make shots he's got that little movie bounced people off left shoulder and yeah I mean it's pretty impressive as mid range game is lot better than anyone may be thought so. You know looking at the NCAA games watching all the games are saying well could we were at 29 in the draft a we really gonna get a better player than. We're gonna get a guard that's better than. I don't cause she's 25 years old he's got these grannies are insured so I think that's a pretty just what I'm saying is that's a pretty. Great thing to have happen happen this year for him to get that opportunity not only did you league level to be developed properly and then to get up to the team and to. To have the chance and to perform. They talk about Jordan bill on the other guy a comer from Morgan plea last year you guys still with the thirtieth pick by the picked. For Chicago Bulls he's that he's been on and off the court here but he looks like he's going to be a guy here who's going to be in a rotation come playoff time what do you like about Jordan though a lot of development love love them I mean. For a rookie he's actually played some pretty significant minutes this year. And he's performed overall really well. On I think revealed very very good about what we did last year bringing him on and on you know. What Bob. And our basketball guys and myself what we're all focused on mostly we know we've got the core of great players and their in their prime we understand that. So the real key for us is how to maintain this going forward who do how do we supplement and how we build these guys we don't have a lot of you know you were limited by how much you can pay because of the system and I would I would pay more believe it Erica I don't I want players to pick it. But we can't and so. I think it's very important for us on the margin to develop these players that can really complement these great. Stars in the middle of the system my Segway I think you should have your own radio show I knew where you're coming up next to Erica after all about the future. We're oh about the future here via satellite owners seal the ghostly wears a lake of lively studio will take a breaker got the lightest pop about eight. I'm 57 again. Adapt to the red accomplish you know. On 957. Big game. Tell me all about the situation in the hardest thing I've ever done. I've said that much recently because it's true it's a lot of work like think about the U built the house yes I mean. Soon everybody that this. Good builders and architects click Italian and I did I want that I hope I get to Donald Trump I like soon. Today I will be so happy I think I thought about your day. Who the temperature right in front I was so happy I think there might cried when you know he's. I think so long to go rebels last year when owner CEO of the go to C where's Joseph lake visited he got the Dalai Donald Trump. O'Donnell job and we know I just compared to. We don't publicly because I had dinner I had. And that sound you heard was about to chase and here let's transition to the future of the go to state Weyers obviously be treason is being built right now on their downtown by AT&T park their mission bay is looking good up on diner to the chase experience and checked out the suites and everything like that's alerts. There's a report a couple weeks ago where San fans were unhappy here before when I'm reading here. Is that about 85% of the season ticket holders have already had the opportunity to visit to chase inner they neglected to purchase tickets for the chase senator. I tell the fans and it was a platform Joba they really tell the fans what's going out with Jason are hard you can purpose purchase tickets at. Not 85% that if his detached we're going through that process open 85% of those that have had committed Coca and actually there's another seven or 8% that are still. Pending haven't made a decision. So. Most teams like that I can't quote exactly what the 49ers were but most teams are going to is teams that sixtieth 65% that was our. Sort of conservative projection that would convert. And move over to the chase center were far exceeding that we're getting tremendous I mean honestly off the charts response. There are always going to be some people for whatever reason energies not gonna do it maybe it's in the wrong side of the bay for them they just don't wanna do that. Or. It could be money could be could be could be a lot of different things. But honestly we're getting tremendous uptake we know we don't want to lose any of our fans but every year you lose some and you gain some others. And otherwise the people the 43000 on the waiting list. Would feel completely hopeless yeah. Yeah yes 85% is staggering retire in six out of seven yeah she's amazing I was actually over there we get a whole warriors pregame live over their French are your new CRO. Chief revenue officer he was I he stole the show he gave us a tour. The place looks amazing I encourage fans to. To go over and check it out you have a company via a simulation next to the construction site receive no luxury suites receiving the ball look the arena. So we we had Rick Welts on the show any of the great line that it is not on time but it's way over budget IS LY so I district where. Remember hearing that yeah we don't want us to play yeah. So the summer of two on nineteen as well and labor talk in August September somewhere in there that we plan on not sometime in the summer of nineteen. We're honestly eggs right on schedule maybe even a little ahead. Tremendous job by the construction crew and number one doing their jobs and it's amazing you know I don't know if you noticed but the whole project including the arena the office buildings. The retail it's going it's like two million square feet in May be. I'm not sure which check this out if it's one of the largest the developments ever in the history of San Francisco I don't know what salesforce sinners in terms of square feet. But it's it's very it's an amazing thing to have all this happen simultaneously. And if you go over their visit and people should just drive by it. Every week is different the changes and you saw that dance going on very proud of the job that our people have done. Brandon and his whole group in terms of how they sell at the sale senator. The construction people I mean it's really been a great great job. I think it's going to be I hope it's going to be a truly truly epic. You know location locale if you will took two watch words game and other events. Are not out of me the basketball team is gonna play that you're gonna have obviously other events but they are the warriors in the NBA are gonna be the focal point. That place will open the 20192020. Season that's this summer the clay Thompson's Steelers up. Train on during steel is up the following year. Your core forceful column before all stars as you look into your your chase center experience. Crystal ball. I UConn how would you categorize the ability to retain. I play and dream on and obviously got a resigning Kevin Durant this summer you already got staff in the super Max do you envision. When the building opens to having your four all stars all take the floor. Well how I hope so. But you know you don't know these guys have. Earned the right to be free agents at some point their careers and it's really up to them where they decide decide. Where we can make offers if we can be as aggressive as we wanna be in you know we're aggressive. And we was certainly want them to be here they would love all the we love our team we'd look I mean it's fantastic. And I just can't I can't speak for them they have to make that choice themselves and you're right clay has in a year has his choice his chance we'll try to sign him maybe before them. To an extension. We'll certainly. What what's opera drama we'll do all that we love these guys we wanna keep them. But we as operators have to understand that they have the right to do what they wanna do and we have to be prepared with the alternative plans in case that doesn't come debate we dressed up from the pulled a Kevin has said he wants to come back or take him and his work. I think he'll be here so. He worked from there. You're here obviously to generate a lot more revenue in the building the for the future building situation of you in the current building that financially. What are we talking about here that if you have these four players the resigning. As far as getting far far into the luxury tax you guys and obviously thought all this out. What are we look at Georgia a lot. I'm overwhelmed I'm very good good. And Africa. Look it's. If there are big numbers and at the system I think I've said this before is not built. For us to have for all starts. At Max contracts so. I don't know that that will be able to do that. We're gonna have to wait and see how all that plays out. Don't know. But I will say we're into everything we can to keep them all together and we're going if that isn't these four. I can assure you will have a great team regardless. And we're always looking to improve our team because. What do we say before during the course of the season everything changes players get better some get worse. Everything is not static queue mentioned two years out from now that's an eternity yeah so. The truth is everything changes and players get better get worse can injure whereas now so we have to always be thinking about a construction of our team. This next year will be without as soon as the season's over with we'll think of it be over as a one or two year kind of thing but out beyond that very hard to do. He mentioned you may sang play before he's up there if you already reached out to his representative to get under fire deal with that that's Bob's. You know it's scary to comment on I can just say that you know he knows we love clay and we were likely to be here a long time. They are head coach Steve Kerr. Jon Gruden came back to the raiders and shine under rather lucrative deal ten year deal for a hundred million dollars and I was. We did a show that day and I love John he's a friend of mine but Steve Kerr is said the most incredible. Four year run three and a half year run in history American sport not just this week as you well know. Now there's been physical problems with him on back to his back surgery right after you guys won the first championship he's in year four. Of a five year contract. Where where stat that if you have you reached out to him as far as extending his contract where Ziad. Physically are you confident he'll be able to make the transition situation here where where Steve steal letter in jail well it just depends on whether he wins the first round of the. So it yeah. A creek flooding down. She could talk yeah. It wanted to put it on the hot seat if they didn't do it appears as you know what I will place that it didn't. I thought I put the pillow. We loves these. He has is a fantastic coach fantastic human being great represented two of the franchise and of the NBA. And I would say that we will be such trying to resign Steve Kirk. Mary Joseph lakers owner CEO of the go to C lawyers early afternoon delight wide in studio with pop on Bonser and any price at a game so the last year and Oakland. California will be next season. In the special things you guys have plant the last onslaught and ORACLE Arena where you transition to the chase and bomb you know we're gonna try to maintain. That the arena as best we can to be great experience while we're here we've always done that we've always invested in the arena. Even in a while or in Oakland and even though when we're going to be leaving from I don't know but specific you know any specific things we're gonna do next year but. We'll try to make it a great year obviously. For our fans and for those that certainly. You know have been witness in Oakland for many years have been we've been an open now. Should send any log wasn't anyone you can there's always that story or yours it will be 47. Years now recession recovery time we're done procedures. So. It's been a great home of team was exco of course before then so it's been W talk interior. But we will try to to make it a great experience texture we really well at and look this has been at. That the new arena has the greatest compliment in the world is that it is designed everything you see is so lavishing great knowledge but the truth is we designed it after oracle. The inner bowl the lower bowl is literally trying to be almost exactly the same. We're trying to keep the dimensions very similar we know we have a great arena and that respect. Yes the one thing that struck me when we did Torre's pregame live in IE encourage fans who fears if you're around if you know offense about the new building just go down to cherry France rubble of armory of the chase center experience. It grabbed the kiosk I was playing with that during the pregame show in the one thing that struck me and it take you from the upper level and mid level lower level it reminded me so much of a knowledge it's obviously not exactly building that I men but you're there it felt like it. The sight lines the proximity to the ball was actually smaller and 181064. Version. 191025. Is that what you're trying to Reppas very hard look oracle all I. Game of basketball. Nuts. And the experience of going to a basketball game ice from day one I think there with the architect says we're not gonna do. You know this new system or that new type of setup we want this to be traditional classical. Basketball at its finest loud who wanted to be great experience I want the boy went to the ceiling to be low I want the sight lines to be really tight we don't want a hockey bowl in there. I mean I'm sorry little offense to those like hockey but it's different really care it's a different schematic Friday the sidelines or is it's a whole different thing go work to a real strongly you have if you do this but for those that haven't. It matters. So this is a basketball arena OK it's going to be a basketball arena and it's gonna be it's gonna feel very much like that. It's maybe only ten feet higher which is by the way Oracle's and one of the lowest arena is in the Wheeling Pitt's yeah yeah it's only ten feet higher believed in that arena. At and where we are currently which. Like Sacramento a similar bill 3042. Baylor they're down big staples is too big and advertisers to bring you know you're gonna go into this arena I think I hope. And you're gonna say whoa. This is a whole big fancy really but this feels like old school Ababa when the other team comes out of the tunnel. Are they gonna go whoa. Yeah you want to make it a home court advantage right well we're gonna try her on top of Demi get that same feel we I think we are we've spent a ton of time doing this. Lord knows. I will say one thing we do need our fans. To make the noise we can't make the noise ourselves we don't do that so it is really important have tremendous fit enough fans B just excited they always were and and I think they will be most of her to be the same fans. Are coming over. As Entergy all owner CEO of the go to say where's Joseph lake of yearning after the light will pop about I many of my seven game last week you guys were again nominated. As sports business journals team of the year he party won the award twice in the last four years and now been nominated four times in the last five years. Pretty impressive when you consider are over 100 it's when he pro teams jell O across the board and NBA. NFL MLB NHL is still costly via recognize. As being the best in the business is discussed that reply I think it's a it's a great honor to be even nominated I'd I don't know whether we'll win or not. But I think the fact is that you know that's what we strive to be consistency we try to be consistently a great franchise not only on the court but off the court. And I think when you talk to our employees you see how they care and how passionate they are or what they do. We you know our fans deserve that and that's how we try to operate all the time we wanna be great for a long period of time. Not just on the court it's very important to great off the court as well we wanna give a great experience. And I think people are gonna be amazed by. How great this whole new experience chase and who's gonna be not if you're really go out and had dinner. Any you know different types of dinner to be casual can be more expensive nice dinner if you wanna go to. Right by the arena right there. It's gonna feel active and alive because they're gonna be nearly 8000 people had a Woburn that worked in the building next door. There are during the day it's gonna be a very light leaks pretends right in the city you go to public transportation hopefully the ferry right to the site. It's gonna be feel like it's one of these East Coast Kyra you know inner city kind of the experiences to go to us sporting event. Dovonte it was shocking to rusher you're organization and it's amazing now what what you've been able to accomplish victory you know to me I think you've said this about yourself through the greatest ability you've had. There's been to hire the the right people who bragged and from Rick Welts who's obviously you know really working on this building and was there when Phoenix's great building was built two years ago back in the early ninety's Rick. In any Bob Penney got state. I mean it's not and it's not just the way they handle themselves professionally is the kind of people they are Rick is such a good human being. Bob we have them on the show once a week honestly show I don't think I ever met anybody an all American sport that is that is as capable as caring. And I would say the same about your head coach and and staff so the other debate because people in your organization but got an obviously staffers here from from earlier. But just what. Did you shake that out in people or is it just something you knew you were able to get out of people that are highly capable to get people that also care Rick is a good person Steve is a good person Bob is a good. Person you know no we did. I mean the simple answer is that's pretty obvious right when ever win looks like that sounds like that feels like that. That's that was the plan if we're fortunate that it worked out how okay. I can't take all the credit I mean these guys are the ones that do the job. But yeah and they you know what when you are people like that what do they do. They hire people that work for them that are like that and so. That's kind of what organizations about and it's it's based on a couple of key principles. You know it's it's it's doing good doing the right goals and motivations and having it you'll be transparent and caring about our community. And the foundation and all things we do their. I mean that's all part of what we do that's I think that's what being a sports team in the community is supposed to be not just. Winning although that is the primary job. And we do seek out to do all those things and every right even the players that we bring on have you met. When cook yeah I had a Honda we have rain and every item on the air last week he's really fantastic breakout lay my head you know so right and Kevin why he Kevin Durant wanted to come here. Because what we're talking and I will let others you know decide. The real reasons why he came here and why he left where he was at that. You can talk to him and you see it he loves being here and I would like playing here browse by. Well but he he also has the same heart you don't know what he's looking at it yourself and and and brick in. And Steve and and staff the staff was a key ones of player he once tried and you mentioned the warriors foundation your fiancee Nicole. Who got a nice shot her brother where watch as speaker of spearhead this for you given up. A grant of over nine million dollars to local Bay Area organizations through the foundation of the last five. Plus years so tell us little bit about what you get back to the community yeah. Well I think you've heard the story before we have over nine million dollars and we everything we raise every year we give away. There's no endowment. Those who don't give up 4% of what we raised we raised money through various events of poker tournament the players by the way helped do that for us. And we give it away every year we have a very selective process of going through all the educational institutions were very focused on only education for underprivileged kids. He stay in San Cisco both sides of the day. And dumb so. Very diligent about every focused on it Nicole I put her in charge of the a number years ago and I said here I can't do everything you're aware you were a teacher I think you can do this she looked to me like are you kidding me like should really wanna do it. And she took it on and it's been. A lot of work a tremendous amount of work. But I'm so proud of her because the other day she got a little bit recognition for it Saturday a little bit out of their 500 people showed up the Alameda County hall of fame might think it's women's hall of fame and it's also. Hello awarded gave her award for pearly she's done and I think it was so well deserved also. Proud it's nice to get those little. Accolades that Renault and then if you if you do a good job and we don't do it for that we're doing it believe me she's doing it because she gets to see kids. Who actually get to go to college and be successful and change their families' lives that's what matters to her. But. It's nice to get those those being sometimes. That's a huge honor inducted along with thirteen outstanding women and 2018 celebration. In a speaking given back to occasion you've given away millions of dollars an incredibly it would Kevin Durant has done. In the last year just blows me away and me three million dollars to University of Texas. And then ten million dollars over a ten year period this Sheikh is Chris Long this year the Philadelphia Eagles gave his whole paycheck he was gonna make that kind of like. It never heard of a very professional athlete getting away. Thirteen million dollars in one year to again we're talking about the equality that people. And I think that's why Kevin wanted to come here because he has such a big heart he's a great person and in what he did honestly to help our team last year was almost unprecedented. We're paying a lot of luxury tax is you know but he gave up ten million dollars. Author who does. I'll always remember that I'll tell you that that was an amazing experience even if he never does it again I'm sorry and I asked him but you're gonna have to ask him again excel. Yeah. A lot of him on the deadly bag but. There he. He is a great individually fits so well into everything that we as thousands franchise and I am so proud to honestly be his friend and to. And to business you're speaking of his contract to our policy gonna go he's gonna opt out again in China a smaller one can we don't know the four years you haven't talked about that you would know how. Bob talks to them but I you know I don't think we're assuming anything at this point. And I will wait till after the season that's too much of a distraction right now. You talk about Kevin Durant given the way in all thirteen million dollars for great causes I see it as a trickle down effect we got guys like JaVale McGee and Doris celebrity softball game last year. Effort to raise water bill water wells in Africa and in the course to Turkey drive it seems like it's just a trickle down effect as a what pop we'll speak in about from. You know for you with a Bob Meyers or Rick wells to Steve Kerr stepped curry. And then all the way down its bill Miki everybody on this team is doing it how. It's easy to get maybe four guys to buy its way but when you get the whole roster to buy into doing things or can I be amazing good to see that. Commit foolish in jail it's a testament to them. Two wanna be a part of that kind of an organization and that kind of situation and I'm very proud to be associated with these guys that are really impressive and you write all that does matter matters to the community and we're not stupid. I mean this is what fans recognize this they see this they know the your part of the community know you're there for the community and hopefully they will be there for you. Venus is an organization and so that's the way it is. Makes it a lot easier to root for these guys this is such good guys. All right before election we are thrilled to have an historian comes and once you're the owner and sealed golds they were your show Lincoln three weeks a two weeks from tomorrow this season ends. Three weeks of playoffs start. As you assess this. Is is this going to be your greatest challenge and many are you 173 didn't get there. You were down three games to one win all the injuries were stab situation how good the Houston Rockets are. How do you assess your team's chances to make it to water row and three the last forging. Well I'm pretty optimistic about this. I'm Sumi really hard I don't know but the greatest challenge because the greatest challenges getting over the hump the first time I think. I that's pretty hard to do because you haven't done it. That's what's gonna hurt Houston probably right they're they're the favorite right now they're playing great. But they still got to do it and you know those guys haven't actually done it yet. So. IE. I think our guys know how to do it we can do confident about that. And they really believe that they're going to do it. So. I still think it's going to be hard though we've we've got some injuries as you pointed out and we got at least one really hot team in the west that the whole west is pretty tough. And it's going to be hard you have to prove it on the court that's fourth. Sports yeah it is no guarantees here I laugh when they'll say we're gonna have while we're gonna roll to the champs in no way I gonna happen that way it's coming hard. So. Let's just wait and see. So we can do. Are you relish you think the players are relishing his chance. I can able palm volatile I say you know what who cares about the need TJ actually glad Houston got Null Null in a sick way I kind of want to see a chalice conducting about Michael Jordan in the polls when he went 9394. They lost the first two games in Mets this work are not want that to happen in case you guys play Houston but they went on the win NBA finals or won all three games at Phoenix the Phoenix Suns had home court advantage we see the lakers have done it as well beating senate's on the first two games and what's. Almost think that this new challenge we've been. Make you guys rise up to the occasion one out of Houston possibly the first two games and going out there require you mean it's loyal listener. Almost in a way I'm almost relishing this challenge for you guys joke. Well. You look at it I've heard Acadia and I were having this conversation that he feels the same way that you what you just espoused. But again. All I can say is. We're gonna have to wait and see and and you've got to actually prove it on the court that's what it's all about so. And there's no guarantee is going to be Houston we're not consuming we don't get out and all who knows as you say the west is going to be really difficult. Speaking to Kevin Durant just you were talking about the guys know how to do it. You know something you know the other guys have done it twice before but he kept doing it his mindset show how do you think it's different. Now embarking on his NBA post season where you know he had the injury last year at this time we were freaking out a decade these. And see Allen he's an injury he missed a couple of games the cat in the Portland series and what did it. The finals MVP how much Morrissey at peace. With his game right now not having no pressure at all media and it is back after making the decision to leave okay slate have to ask him but. I would think that and just from talking to him. He seems ultra confident to me he really feels I think that. He's the best player. And in the world and he should feel that way anything's been investing in the world I think and down I think he's confident that they were doing and do it so. He's got to be a little more peace having won I mean it's a great feeling familiar champion and others have some real test of knock us off at this spot remember that they have to beat us. Gary true jolt as very true here you wanna hang up or another outlet for Dario what would you do if there is okay it's always let's an end you wanna call and how about the sale to another hour so Raymond doesn't have. Obviously this is a great time Joey we appreciate appreciate you coming into the studio here no you did it last June schedule going to be backing came back. Last year always easy Nigel is these guys are doing. You ought to TJ Bechtel says yeah feces are ever to rent was injured. Actually was not heard yet it was right vote where you went to Oklahoma City for the cupped well proved to be a little harder he did later did so it's never really that easy. Never winning an NBA champs it was a very hard thing to do and as you would know him we've done it twice it's pretty amazing. But it's it's are a lot of things have to happen. 61 last year it was with the go to state one who's gonna pulls his kids sixteen this is sixteen to sixteen and twelve Hyundai assurance that it well yeah it is present here until like about you so much for joining us here studio today is the blast and of course we'll see an ORACLE Arena tomorrow night when he got sick on the pacers. Thursday gets the books on this homestand and then we'll get referred MBA playoffs we'll thank you very much and hopefully you know we don't need you suit up. And I ended up getting them out Argo. With six filed as a hobby popular front of a gun at port three times when I'm good with the wells delegate. They don't assume thank you thank you big thank arraignments. Owner CEO of the ghostly way of course Freeman river grist PR guy ever he actually told me is gonna keep me up the studio between his arsenal Raymond thank you so much from back you can yuppie who fear and let you speak to Joseph you know John Glass. More covered up by the capitalize here many 57 to give.