JLD - Kurt Warner (Hall of Famer) joins Jo, Lo and Dibs for his take on the 49ers signing Jimmy Garoppolo

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, February 9th

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Right now we turn our attention to the phones hall of fame quarterbacks Super Bowl winning quarterback Kurt Warner joining us here on 957 the incurred. You get the oddest most singing voice is. Yeah. Thanks Garnett I appreciate you read these guys they give me such a hard time and all of the time so I just wanna tell you I appreciate you you know I love you my brother to the end you. Let's talk about this emphasis go 4019 Jimmy gee you don't. 3047. Million dollars a year 137. Over five what did you think about this contract and did they just set the new bar for quarterbacks. Oh yeah I mean no question everybody can wouldn't hurt but lack got to get done before they get their zone because they know that. In the bar just keeps getting higher and higher and you know especially with immediate music got its only. Started seven games or so. You know what we're told radio promised during get a lot of great things but. He'd get that current contract when these guys Michaela had established themselves. Played here in guy to have a free agent market I mean. You know cool what can they demand and you know I think the questions. Parakeet commonly it yeah you could probably demand that much but then how much does that. Strap the team you going to do and not allow you have the peace he could be example where it's always. A bouncing back. It never mattered to anybody were. You know vote for getting a big contract and being able to set themselves stuck in out of the bottom line is they all wanna win as well. And he got to figure out. What that equation muted and how that works. Moving forward to you do have a basketball world. And then niners are the most cap room have some flexibility to pay a lot now or a little depending on what they wanna do curve when you came in realized that you belonged in the NFL. What did you do to make the jump from that point to being a Super Bowl champion into being one of the best quarterbacks in the league what did you go through to get from point a to point B there. Woman who you know there's obviously a lot of work that it's about on June engage. You know what what I think the other part of it is a lot of guys. Just have it or they don't to some degree here in regards to your ability to function under pressure there ability to make key plays at critical moments. That is able to separate them remove a lot of things we can walk on thing you can work on any. But there's also some god given ability. That helps separate. The great ones I mean you look at a guy like your occupation and you know I don't I've ever seen anybody that controlled the football. Like teaching him some different platforms they have different ways to end. You can't see that you know you can't look at that paper well you're gonna try to do you like your odds. Now you know and then you have a guy like Drew Brees that is so technically genre you know be more. On the nuances out. How to throw the football but then he got it probably won't delete certain seat. To see the field to make decisions in the net technique leads to great actors he's so. All we think you can work on to get better. And then there's always that belief innate trait. That could help separate. All that hard working and make you know bigger great. And you know those looking good. But you always wait to see and why the position so talk to engage your award you look evaluate. Because you never know that part of it you never know. You know they got given party and whether someone's going to continue the crew and include an Algerian war. It's what we're seeing right now is what you're gonna hit an 81015 years. Hall of Famer Kurt Warner we Jolo Indians on 95 cent in the game you went through admitted this in your career so I'd love to get your advice to drop below in this situation. The perception of a player a marquee player especially a quarterback is one thing when you have that underdog role when you came into the league you had that underdog story about you much like a rock below did when he was traded to the niners hadn't been Tom Brady's backup but once you wanna Super Bowl in Moscow rock logos that gets this big time contract the expectation levels raise exponentially and at the same time their criticism can be more harsh because people demand and expect more so for the for a guy like Jimmy who's gonna be facing increased scrutiny this year what would be your advice to them. Where the advice is that you know the first hard it is. Even give what you get you give what you want you give what he was willing to pay you. And now you have to you know make the progress that you need to make guide our partisan you know all of us are competitors and it easy to. In Arafat even you know not just the media and the jeans and all that stuff put an expectation that people are could put that expectation ourselves to her and I got to go out prove to people on work. This contract and we start trying to prove that you're being more then you are at that moment when you go all the fields that when you struggle. You know we you have to understand that that they are what you have to also. You know take your corrections. And you got to grow into that position you've got to allow the game to come to you as opposed to trying to push and in geek com. What everybody thinks he should become a become what your contract as you wallet and I think the thinking about clock not followed couple years ago when he found that 72 million dollar deal is. They signed nearly enough. In knowing that he wasn't a 72 million dollar quarterback by that I mean he wasn't there again. You know he wasn't afraid I've gotten yet he showed great potential but everybody expected him to lead that 72 million dollar guy when he what that guy. Everybody gets mad and then made a fire remedy any article itself up around. When I sit back and looked and I go. Why can't why did you expect that from him there was no way you don't see what that guy when you signed him in so it's the same with Jimmy Key is that. You know these sorts of great comments. You know and hopefully you've lived up to that next year but if he doesn't you have to understand. You signed a guy to a huge contract that it started seven games. So you have to realize you're hoping he's going to be combat guy he'd knock that guy yet. And that is always the hardest thing form you know the outside factors and also for you where that you know person when you have that access to sign that big contracts. It to try to wanna be too much improved everybody right now that I'm Mac guy. If you're not that guy is gonna go completely the wrong direction so you have to continue with that process can grow and understand that that your not there yet been. Don't expect yourself to do you like everybody else shouldn't expect you to beat. Well says could have said it better myself owe it to us on the bus and guys that are that guy Drew Brees you look at the Tommy Brady look at you know look at Aaron Rodgers. And you look at drew he's going to be up but sometimes. Even though they might beat egg guy financially a lot of teens. Can't afford dead guys so do you think this market's gonna correct itself or do you think did. These are guys are gonna say look I gotta get 2930. Million in how do you how do you handicap a guy like Drew Brees whose. You know it ready turned forty years Ole. Yeah I mean it is so hard to you're writing some policy think at some point you can get got to correct itself sort of better mean. The change and betterment out of being able to build a championship. Chat football he'd. Beyond anarchic the other part is you know what at what point he had he give you earned enough and I know that that's a crazy question and it's. You know it's weird because in a lot of people look at it. From you know sideline going oh my god surely you know media are the holdout from more and then there's the other side they're realizing that we we retire when Ross forty ending. You know. We wanna try to make lucky we can't religion just staying out of our part to you know there's a speech to side of that coin but you also have to just wonder. A guy like Drew Brees he's got a couple big contract. A big business one needs to be you know. You say I got up Akamai difference is my last one or do you stay. I don't need as much of that I've made a great deal of money let's spread it around amongst the team and let's build a championship team and then there's the third factor that. If I don't take it. Are you guys gonna make sure it goes to people that can help you win a championship in so there's so many factors that go into it and can you can always look through one lens. And you don't really know. You know what what the but the final decision is or what guys are trying to do. You put themselves in their payment long term for the team and that's where you always get sticky disappointed by army Drew Brees and special. And he deserves whatever he gets and you know nobody in this league and I'm gonna hold that against him because it's you understand at this point that that this is probably the last contract performance. We want to win. But he also want to make sure that that he can take care of us. Whatever he needs to take care project last. Hall of Famer Kurt Warner here on 9570 game Eagles win the Super Bowl they're back up quarterback and we also in the Carson and Lance gets the keys. To that car again next season but what happens now when nick pulls Kurt. You know I don't know I did very. Going to be very interesting to see how this plays out you know really perspective and they've got a guy coming up Benicio. When you're going to be helping we don't want to have to rushing back it is better to just keep make calls here. And make sure we have that they you know early in the season is Carstens not on schedule. In that theirs you know the second side that they goes OK we've seen Nick Cole in 2013. And solve the last couple games you're chilly but then we also saw the last two years. Who is Nicole. You know it is either guy that we saw in all that great 27 TC you know these last two games. It can we bank on that we wanna block trade Foreman give up whatever we have to give up and then signed him to a BO KD got god cheering your team or do people on the market today. I'm not sure I thought the last couple years that's all when he was made trying to beat Gotti. In Saint Louis. If he didn't carry the king saw the cigarette and just see how people evaluate. The big picture and the whole picture of what they're willing to. Operator trader what they're willing to offer in a contract. Didn't make Bolden and I think there's a third shot but that I have to believe nick. Want to compete to be a starter again you know we that he feels like he's shown. In different opportunities when he got that chance that he's been able to just do that so I have to believe he's gonna want. That opportunity to replicate coming let me try this again you know those famous words from the much eject the Super Bowl can't be afraid to fail. And I have to believe he's got a big that are fighting great yeah I want another shot. You know whether I succeed or fail I want a seat at this point with the person that I am now the player that I am now. If I can do it now like interior team sort of there's so many factors that go into that but it's going to be very interesting issue display now. He's all Famer a Super Bowl champion any terrific analyst on the NFL network ladies and gentleman Kurt Warner would Jolo in dibs on 957 game curry you are always very generous with your time thank you so much. Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully we can do against him. Our guys always a pleasure they kept.