JLD - John Dickinson joins Jo, Lo and Dibs ahead of the Jimmy Garoppolo Presser

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Friday, February 9th

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Judge big incident I can nice them in the game reporter joining Joseph lo and there's a 9570 game JD take this thing in mind sick yesterday and there's a lot of news breaking left and right the NBA trade deadline. It is firing off and then all of a sudden. Jimmy rob Lowe's contract news hits the wire it's the personnel went to your mind we saw those numbers. Well the first thing I would do my mind was wild and that they got it done that the the next thing was it's about what I expected honestly I mean not I was due and shows what with our guy Matt's guy Matt back in December. And sort of setting the big guaranteed market right around this seventy to 75 million enemy to me it was just basic. Simple math I thought the overall number would be right up there what the highest paid guy in the NFL so it doesn't surprise me and I. That number but it did surprise me a little bit that there were. More a couple of more quarterbacks that got their deals done first. Just in an attempt on drop below side to try and maybe get a little bit more money to try and be in the mix like you were talking about after the market got set a little bit. To get a little bit more just because. And you know he's going did go to the back into the deck now as far as. When he comes up again and if this guy wins thirteen games a couple of Beers in a row. All of a sudden a contract's gonna start looking like a bargain if the forty measure playoff team that looks like a Super Bowl contender within the next year to. All of a sudden that contract is a bargain so it it's a lot of money I think initially we all thought it was going to be. While that that young might make you a little uncomfortable but when you start to look at the next couple years if he performs. They've got money to load up around him and that contract very quickly could turn into a bargain. Which you just set the 49ers up for years to come to to be right back on the map. And even if he doesn't perform he can still get thirty million Kirk cousins is out there and he's getting it close to that coming off a seven win season for the 49ers JD. Where they turn their attention now as far as looking at. The Rosser and players to keep our players to jettison Trenton brown knows the name. You've got high aid you've got to read which direction they go in your opinion. Well I think data you've got the quarterback Kiev to make sure that the offensive line is is up to speed and that means. Figuring out first and foremost what you're gonna do it right tackle figuring out what you're gonna do your interior offensive line positions. He you've got a guy that you believe is the face of your franchise. Now you have to protect them and then beyond that. You gotta go get weapons forum when the forty diner still I think there are in that mold of can go get I'm number one type. Receiver can go get more I didn't help can get a running game. And a running back that works in conjunction with those sort of re back vamp to retooled offensive line so I think. Derek great spot to it to shore up really everything puck on the offensive side but I think it starts up front. With protection and making sure that that's in line for drop below and also been able to have a balanced attack is Forrest run in the football on the defensive side. It's corners it's cornerbacks this team needs corners. They need to another pass rusher they probably need in their whom another linebacker running mate for Ruben Foster so there's still are a lot of holes to fill. As much as drop below May Day everything look like they're a lot closer. Then we all could have possibly anticipated. They've got the money to spend I think interior offensive line receiver help corners that's the top three spots where they're looking ago bill. Less in annual and how do you do that do you do that in free agency are you gonna do that in the trap are we getting get new draft Johnny you know we getting get in you know as far as free agent market because he you know he got two different. Two different brand. At least one and at the free agent market is going to be those veteran guys and in of course in the draft. Those younger guys don't have money control longer than a little more cheaper what what positions would you address the ones that you alluded to in free agency. In which one in the draft. Well I think the first thing they're gonna do a minute the draft is gonna curled a free agency is gonna come before the draft obviously in the next month or so and I think they're gonna circle. Two or three guys that are world fitness in terms of free agency at a number of positions and they're gonna try and go for it. On those guys first knowing that they have the money and then you can fill in the gaps like I like to me you're not gonna sign a guard necessarily. They don't. They knew it free agency immediately that that's at the British draft that guided you think fit your system you mold them you work with them. I think they will sign a free agent corner whether it's Jermaine Johnson whether want to be in a guy like. Malcolm Butler. Will with his situation in the way things ended with the patriots I do you think they'll probably sign a corner chair and looked to draft the corner. A running back is something to that I can see them looking more. Toward the draft as opposed to a free agency but they've got all the cards on the table that they're gonna have quality picks they've got a number of picks that they could package together. To trade if there's a guy that they really love and then they've gotten. More money than anybody to throw it at a free agent they are in a great position right now. To continue to reshape this roster with the number one need already fixed in Jimmy drop below. John Higgins and we Jolo in dibs on 95 cent in the game switching gears to Mowlds they're warriors nice win last night. Over the mavericks but there's still some concern about the team or the last couple weeks of play I mean I think we'd all agree. That we're probably a little spoiled and entitled as warriors fans given what they've done over the last three years the long term. And he continued technical foul accumulation of my dream I'm green it do you think there's anything to worry about here Cleveland that splash yesterday could it be enough could Boston be enough what should threat level this season about the warriors winning the national. The national title is the NBA title. And the national Y erratic. They could probably do bolt honestly if anybody could but not I think the cavs had no shot. Before what they did yesterday now we get Obama a puncher chance to at least be competitive. In a series getting younger getting more athletic. You only keeping LeBron I think a little bit happier just by have been players around him that he doesn't wanna. Doesn't want punch in the mouth if you know I do in that locker room or on the floor. Any more so I think they've got a better shot Boston's a team to meet its still doesn't quite have enough fuel Houston's the team everybody's looking out for. But you know it's funny I asked him and Iran as you noted it is last night the kind of game they can get you going and he kind of scoffed at that and said whoa you know not every game's going to be pretty. There's a lot of different styles that we can play. And and we can get wins and we do it ugly we can do it pretty as long as we do it and I think this team just needs to get to the break is Steve Kurt mentioned. And hit the reset button and trying to build toward the playoffs so the last month and a half of the season as far as the technical skull was such a big deal. Bob Meyers a drastic but yesterday to the team Steve Kerr addressed that in his pregame press conference and addressed into the team and even said hey I've got to be somebody. That needs to chill out I'm number two among coaches in the NBA in terms of technical fouls. I can run a little hot. In a similar fashion to drain on green I've got to set more of a poised tone for the rest of these guys. I think it's always a concern betray my green but he showed last year in the post season that he can tone it down after. Having issues with his temperament. And flagrant fouls in the light keep them out of a championship clincher in a year of the warriors one of not winning the title so I think hill. He he deserves almost the benefit of the doubt I think going into this year as far as the playoffs. I'd be stunned if he doesn't miss a game though and he's got one more play with between now and what April 11 he's probably gonna wind upset now. Great call. 957 game reporter John Dickinson joining us here on 9570. Game good stuff JD have a great weekend thank you for your time we'll catch you next week. Are you gotta guys.