JLD - Hour 4

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, December 29th

Towny and the Guru fill in and are joined by Bill Romanowski and Gary St. Jeans (THE SAINTLY ONE!). You won't believe Romo's prediction for the 49ers next year!


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I. Not quite seventy. Pizza. Poetic reason I got a gun drawn it up pretty. You know I'm kind of you know what he was talking about our dad live miles list this if I was so angry. We are very. Similar to those all down. I just see how that this is how the season went. Yeah that's the season. So my next door neighbor we got my popcorn. He had. He's I only get to fight. As mom's gonna be on. My sweet. It's pizza. Ray Iraq. He gets up from moment. Mike Tyson against Michaels speaks. Was a boxing match who took place on Monday June 27 1988. It was on a Monday. Both men were undefeated in each had a claim to being the legitimate heavyweight champion. Course iron Mike killed although. The bill she wanted the WBZ. The WBA. And the international. Boxing federation they idea ask while Spain slows the range champion. So they are all panic city ready to rock my body gets sent to go to the kitchen. Alone not anyone's second spaces down fights every didn't see 12 of the fight wars and paid like this was. No DR back in those days now all that and this was there look first real I think this was the first real I want I got into the forties guy gets it feels like 44 dollars or some might disagree our biggest high was. Thanks for being. I was the I was in high school went to my boys the father's house are what goes a big day. And it lasted 91 seconds. Tyson springs was the richest fight in boxing history until that point grossing around seventy million. Ten more then the previous. Leader which was handler against Sugar Ray in 19687000. Households bought the fight on pay per view. Carrying 21 million in 88 and 881. Of those guys who was my neighbor. And he NC once I can imagine you despair at whatever cost there was. What 3999. Then 199 Dina and I think I think kind of I maybe. You know Aaron I just remember it was expensive when you thought it was like because what. Because I remember watching this like Larry Holmes on regular television. ABC he's not volatile wholesale and finally on regular television. And also now word that your your why you're you're you're paying for it. That that change the world one also neat but Mike Tyson was. You just go on YouTube. Oh I'd like Mike Tyson not doubts and it's just you'll see every not to verify in two years they were in the timeframe that you are talking about well. It didn't take long at best about a loan why that's a quick quiet all wouldn't go in twelfth tremor barbecue benefited our. And I think no where you want. I was a guy he'd come out he's looks so meaning he had black shorts and black I use those socks. And he is and you had no no you're going down. These guys it's it's it's the paid day. I'd only there he's gonna hit me Kuwait just get this thing over what happened in the grade can't match it here. I'm not gonna stand here and try to go toe to toe with this guy review these boxers talk about the guys come into hometown team that they just take a dive. That's amazing. I'll just go get him once in or made. You don't make a mean and I don't know if Spain's got paid for that but it was the richest fight in boxing history and Sherry made some good cash while people are coming down your road you didn't sit in for the fight. Now. 88000 Iceland remind us. He didn't buy it anyway his mom bought it. How he's out of the best code that just read what the people what they really coming down my road that you incipient. Failure for you to Romo. The EU guys CE SS ISS on SF gate dot com the Alexa Dell the heiress to the delve. Billionaire. He's got harassed Diaz says she's the air as by the way heard dad Michael's worth 23 point five billion dollars 37 richest man in the world. So she got a nice Christmas present she got engaged yesterday and I has been flaunting her new Blaine on social media. It's 812 paring its emerald cut diamond set napalm day halo it's worth three million dollars. They'll be divorced and you have. While she's been dating a millionaire investor real estate investor Harris and freer after being set up on a blind date by mutual friend is following her break out with her relationship with Tinder CEO Sean rat. Though she dated the tender guy hand I don't decide Benelux is a load. Yeah I believe that I look at the ring condemning Iran sure it's a nice ring three million dollars course without us looks like costing jeweler it's so big. I can imagine you're dating a woman who when you go out to get arranged. You're Sam and I I know I gotta I gotta get does not diarrhea three million dollar ring hopefully that's about. They did at IC cap I don't feel that that will never be enough. Just imagine her market in regards whoever she dated didn't far that the married again the ball went. Do they might do targeted the local gym I love OK did you take a moment pops and learn billions. The ace on and off on that yes she's a she's she's not bringing you call W too who are you yeah. You want to score fourteen points and that's a pony car fitness at yeah. They got engaged at the four seasons in Kona Hawaii best cars Saturday father and of course there yeah. By the way I will say when my husband and I work shoring shopping before like looking around for fun. We I tried on some rings and actually told a moment when I thought one was too big wait a minute wouldn't. You went range shopping. Sons he asks me for fun he says look I'm VA. I know you're style light night on on a Saturday used to go around Marines shouting that's it. Oh hey do you wanna go watch the bowl game no for fun I'm going to yeah bring. We all just they would like shopping you like it let's go look at some rings on the and the idea what I wanted. More. I had these so much about one with cubic. Really. I don't look too big on my hand again looks kind of fake I don't like it. I can get when those little bit sort. There are different in a good way that's. That's not that's not Alexa dal I know I am now. It looks like Austin Juliet huge. At night dated it's big guy who invented tender that's going to be bad news bears right there might think about that. Now I never got ditched I I I get to experiment. With tender one time. How in the hope I don't like well yeah man the man yeah. It's not bad enough not us so our old Leo see who used the word yeah. Yeah you just eat so shine and I did raiders the other and it was raiders cowboys Thanksgiving Day. And I salas in Dallas so I said to him. Come down. To my house is in having eat you know eat any family here as they come down in my house. And have Thanksgiving dinner would my family. And then we'll do the raider actual point where I link called them out though he followed that order there your post game show from my home studio. Seoul during their game on he's like some like social Tony how this thing work. So I services so because he was now down in San Jose right. He is everything changed I guess so it changes wherever you go your current location yeah right so now he's looking at women who are on tender in San Jose de right around the corner right here is the right now and there is no Helio not did you see anyone that you know. Aren't as a way younger so I is I got to do does that amazes why it will all there is a slight one way it was done slightly early married to result thinking not so yeah I know it's slightly this flight left the yeah none of us now my friends myself and saw I did. I was like donuts forms. Oh yeah about OK okay and Mike this is genius. Like what to do with old fashioned way as Overtown and some may not wanna be around the night life enough and the hoopla on the news if it's just put your information that they your picture. Like a piece of meat man or woman man or woman is kids. How is that what we've come to pettis and I don't think it's sad at all of course you down or did you guys meet you learn that one is better than saying I'm mad at some bar it. 1:40 in the morning and what it was the I don't know what's the infamous line about women are never go out. Good will go well you know Cashman easy immensely this week after a gala. That's the whole point of going out to Bahrain news channels again you go to meet people. Or a different world determine. Yes or non us this also check this out could refer you to roam all somebody on the tax line Penske auto sales data Comtex line. Just sent me an article. From June 24. 1988. LA times. Larry Stewart the TV and radio writer I guarantee you don't have anymore. About 75 Southern California cable systems. Representing one point two million subscribers will carry the fight. On a pay per view channel which varies from system to system. Talk about archaic and my. Well you're an eighty. Yet here's the headline if you wanna see Tyson speaks. You have to pay for. This book the first paper views. So HBO's producing the telecast but the fight won't be on HBO. So yeah this is the starter pay Tyson space was a start today the fight on most systems costs forty dollars. The price tag Monday on most systems will be fifty some old charge as much as seventy dollars always deviant. Why. I'll I can't imagine spinning seventeen dollars and 1988. On a fight that went 912. It's my parents didn't. That would be large allude. What does that equate to today. Some new dollars by would be to send them 199 is what guitars now and he's doing. To order a fight in this call your cable company which can be no he's got quite an adventure. Lines are frequently busy and it's going to get worse as fight time approaches. Here's how you gotta get K men you put on a recorded match. I mean it is only as old. It's. Thousand high school time and I was in high school almost five. Wow that's a week out if this gets back to gurus whole thing about how he hates young people. I mean just like you all you don't know your in your prime. Well you're still on your drive my thinking yeah I'm gonna believe that it. Down bulls played again that's but he did you just don't know Campbell I we look at these guys and we work less during their time. And they really know lol no they don't that's what it says this is it didn't get any better than this yeah I'm that Reverend Wright did. Go to Senator Biden in the fashion just break up would whoever you would just go out there a joyous that. It isn't always terror. Quit thank you like you're going to be mayor you give me one day. That gives say I had everything at my disposal. I think he music so like Larry guys always get is that why you have a girlfriend. Just. It's not all. No old you're 27 years old you should never. If you are 25 or younger you have a girlfriend here each year feared that don't agree that that's of course you don't I had about. You lose your total hi you're young. Wanna put a little bit. We're like 22 years old what do you look great I get married to this person some back till I love my metal bats is now hole only send the right one. Just be careful. That's you can final online map. Do infomercial on the on the this is really a women's forget this really after the show we got new phase out of that we don't get it done let let uncle Sammy in the blue route. Teach you how to act during unasked. Because. You need at least oh my agency late Taiwanese nauert now arm now menu bar aren't. If they all taught him now I'm in your ballpark I did you lobby the old guy there. Hello nausea as there's almost made that idea I got it I got out and get soon enough how Leone have married 32. Lana and yeah you're about to medial guide the clone but I had no grace Ross still rocking and you still get a better look about bill O'Brien elegant wedding pictures right yeah. I think it was Tony 9:0 I am married since I couldn't imagine that Obama three for me though not as an assignment out. A 2221. Nifty how Tony for Tony five. Understand did you get hammered as your reception I did and mom Mary's. No. Knowledge area doubles. As we reflect we get my kids do it all over again. It was one of those deals are had a limo taking a seven a certain time because we were then coming to San Francisco. To stay in hotel. And then get out and to crack and Don net to get on a flight to get to Miami to then get to mama's boy I'll move could dumb idea Dallas. If you're exhausted you mean you're physically and emotionally exhausted. That we got to the hotel or she had like eight million Bobby pins and her hair. Annie she is fell asleep Isiah our wedding night wasn't aiming to manage and all his meat taken Bobby ends up and I was fat man and we and we IBM like 4 in the morning. Yeah 'cause our flight was like six something out of SFO. We had our section and at 4 in the morning. And then went to the hotel once they would have meant Harlem I can tell my hair next day that we didn't miss our flight. To move to Miami as well we were heading over to the Caribbean and we get there and they changed our flight they moved it back to half an hour so we missed it by thirty minutes. Should this. The check in thirty minutes before we got their twenty minutes the fire was about to take off in twenty minutes they said because it wasn't. A thirty minute we are in the thirty minute window when their fancy reality is you should give yourself a day urged Sylvia after the wedding decision to way. And get on the plane to wherever you're gone we ended up sitting in the air force ever despair for for about six hours until the next flight. And I love it's love all right that's love has exhausted I rarely got the Bahamas and as I was just I was beats like using anti. I don't. Know I'll move on NASDAQ don't really say let rip. Now live hunley a deliberate and it was it's like oh my god we're here it's high it's humans that's that done exhausted. But then you get into the spirit. Where where's Romo. We don't quit or where is bill Roman now ski. Well that's a bad sign. That is a bad IIRS is off now. I've known bill for a long time he's my partner. I love bill from my house he should be your talent. Speaking of that bill Roman ASCII and I honor Sunday. It's New Year's Eve one Tony five kick out raiders and chargers blew 42 sports lounge. And Walnut Creek the party begins with a special live broadcast. A raiders' opening drive starting at 11 AM with four times and world champion Dora and asking myself. Come check out the new NFL drink include menus. New shafts new menu new attitude blew 42 sports lounge and grill and Walnut Creek plus. After the broadcast and New Year's party no cover DJ the whole thing. I'd bring the misses. You don't let that would be there's Leo neither are you were before I hated domain but yeah. I think she and I agree O'Neal. And leave them we have we have a mutual you're right Ivan mutual bond but I love bill. The you can never give bill the option of calling and whoever made that move. Was a bad idea blah oh wait maybe. You can't you can't say bill Colin you've got a call bill. The pass out to her or you gotta calls wife Julie Powell okay yeah yes. Because she she wrote we. Bill I was a little bit worried her Elmo. All. Part of my friends and catch that you know we've been taught. In about this game on Sunday between will start with the niners and rams. You've played on so many good teams. How many times on those good teams and that last game went south was wrapped up that you can't treat you like an exhibition game. You know ride to our am I actually never did. You know because. I love playing football. So for me to be overtake the field and do what are allowed to do I would girls fly around because. Also until you have. Our last impression that make. Are your kid gave her a lot of teams are gonna look at your last game but I well a date got bad they aren't gonna look at it. But I yes I always look bad it light. Hey I'm he had tested. Every time I take the field. A need just never now and no different that might lash your chair and just out I started it let did Gmail attack clothes and they traded needed Philadelphia. So he just never now Indiana well. Bill. I know deer car has been John wine in regard to coming back from the injuries and even the broken leg last year and I'm hoping he bounces back next year but I wanna ask you this you've been in the NFL locker room I just been noticing the last few games appeal. He's been throwing a couple of medicine balls. GL put his receivers in harm's way. And I'm wondering is that something is this just left on the field. Or do you guys remember that in the locker room that's taken we talked watch why would you put me in that position. You know I I I think it's a situation where at the end of the day it's about trucks. And if it you can kind of tell this year. That there receivers. Loss charged in terror car and Ayodele never say it. By their body language. And the amount it drops they had this year I think are indicative of that relationship. Blog where they work. And now it's hit doctor really Derek Karr. To get the it factor back. Because he walks. Yeah out here prior before the injury. You know. At a bunch of miraculous. You know comebacks in this second app that we're just unreal. Ed it would almost like hey Joseph Montana light. I John Elway I got it and I can. You know bringing it back no matter what's going on in the game you always have a chance to win. And that makes a great quarterback. Well what we have that magic we have last year. We lost it this year. And I don't know. Yet aren't seen quarterbacks. Get it back. And I'm worried about it. Really. Ideas cousins no less crazy you played to some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time you're saying and when you lose that mode Joseph in a season whether it's injury or whatever it is. Eat here worry he can get it back. I was worried. Why what happened. I mean he didn't throw good balls. You know I thought why do you wish skittish in the pocket. Yeah cited mechanics were bad. I almost feel like he has to go back. You know quarterback why don't want school. Eight cash and they'll. Start over again and I am yes. I can't say. You know counting on concerns. Where it's. Where we're at. We do our car right now pay ever own critic say Ali's hair bounced back is going to be great exterior not going to be a problem while. I hate. I want to have that faith and all talk that paid. Black sock and really bad happen this year and it dirt car and I don't in I don't have any answer for it. I did it psyche. He lost. The F factor. That was magical. The last couple years even when they were awful. He spilled out that magic about him. And this year there are no magic got it and it out the Kansas City game absolutely. You can say Derrick matte you can match game in May be partly in the first two games. But other than that. That's thirteen games say it gives day. You know word got. Out very favorable. Now bill that's a great explanation now we know the defense has been an influx. And when your great defense of player like Mac I'm wondering did you play to position. Kenya when somebody judges your year can you ever say I didn't have the pieces around me and that just brings me back I know Mac is not saying that. But he didn't jump out of my TV this year like he did last year what do you make of this 2017. Campaign. If not I felt like he would always. Dare play it really hard. And sometimes. I think if he had jumped and got out. The entire scene there. I'd bet that I'd Betty would act in though. Opt words. It out thirteen 1415. Sacks and it would have been a better situation. But I'd say they can't read out our Ken Norton junior but god knows harmful arch. And I equate job put god out next here. It is going to be creating DM exciting aren't deep threats could they not only need some pliers. I feel like they have been college now they just need to get the players. And speaking of next year when you flip over deer or other team the San Francisco 49ers was about a hundred million and cap room they got a ton a draft picks. And the way they're ending this season and with a new quarterback who I know you're really high on what are your expectations gonna be for the niners next year. I I think the expectations are reminders. I heard this super ball. And if Bob Kyle Shanahan. I'll walk into that room. And training it out you getting bit safe and Medigap. And no different than what I walked pinch you. My first meeting morrow in the first meeting or what Bill Walsh and he says Matt. Our goal this year is a one world championship. And nothing less is acceptable. To this organization. Wow. How Oceanic and needs just sat that expectation that day why. I don't think he wished they could do it got last year could I maybe Boyle looked data imply a quiet. It out they were clearly had a big time rebuilding year well they got their most important piece. Solidified. Wait Jimmy Gobble up. Now we cannot borrow now are kind of Sheikh. It jar alleged. Can create. That magic everywhere else entirely how exactly it would seem hurt any got iPad Jerry York and that. Same discussion. Because you've got to give him a lot of credit. For what she did this year. In the fact that they were able to pull off Jimmy drop below I don't think any about Scott Jimmy was going to be as good. As she won't really is out on that field right now. Good stuff for almost see on Sunday raiders' opening drive get in everybody raves for raiders and chargers thanks. Bill or allows he Abdullah here. Bill last year said Glenn went when they were talking about winning the division. He says your your goal can't be winning the division because once you won the division knew the accomplish your goal. And the golf live from mall a man when he won four Super Bowls even the five bill knows the expectations always really do have to be it's Super Bowl. Have you noticed the medicine balls that here lately the car's been thrown and always just wonder life there's a receiver leave that on the field or is that something this talked about light. Did you can be hanging me you know leave me out to dry out some of the passes. Since this has it the eye test tells yet it's just hasn't been the same. But. We have to move on title round ball and he's come on back. Saintly Juan Garry saint Jean right before New Year's Eve and getting married that. Joseph lo it's continues now on I'm 57 game. As an insane yeah festival days it's the end. The morning show people who don't have time on Fareed and I zoning and he's done a materially. Saturday purely and and do we have them well. There's really there that a guy it was a head coach and GM can break down a game like no other. Garry saint Jean is what this this morning good morning saintly. Good morning guys. Early happy failure Scalia. Yeah yeah you know I want to end game did you see the ending of. Of Houston Celtics last night. No I did that would have enough bite to eat but I saw the read a couple place this morning. And that and straw hardens remarks about the two officials. You know those things happen to this little NBA season you'd say well gosh to lose a lead like that they've blown blaming it on the issue open. That that the trials and tribulations of the NBA season. Yeah would you think about those two calls on hard at the end of the game. What do you know who would initiate more contact and kept said that he might Rick bottle. He cheek all week and he is so hard to appreciate. You guys know what I mean what he what he brings the ball in front of levee break should prove he comes up in European efforts. And that. You know there's a verdict cap would be that they represent are talking about it at the Edgar. Dude don't wanna put chase him out in front that you would get me that it came from out of this side or opt because of their outrun these gold right orbit. Then that. And I you could call those either way yeah. The fact is. He's a guy who's always initiate. Say always a pleasure my man. You have alt and a couple of. It got to go through the air apps they say what happens I cannot I got excited little pep in my step but listen. I was telling Tony the warriors have been phenomenal without staff Currie but it's like going to watch The Beatles are the jacksons without Mike Miller or John. And if he does come back to Saturday saying. How excited are yet and when this first when this injury first happened. Is this the timeframe that you thought he would be bad because I can't wait to have combat. Yeah you know always remember during the regular season the warriors. Had created history that they're going to be extremely conservative would injured or not rushing anybody back. Because they care about individual player but they have the actual wish they and the knee injury. I would guess what his ankles had been a problem in the past. They took the right course they they really did now he's anxious to come back killer wants fired up being the launch he drills you know lateral blew it. He looks terrific out there and it hit parity it was going to be a little bit of an issue. They may together steep current and step they sit down and say hey you know what a plate and shorter burst. I'll start should but I'm not gonna play it the whole first quarter Molina played at 67 minutes. And what do we comfortable would try hole being global central by the seat of our parents split. You know can we get cute when he get 25 minutes. And the nice thing is they then had three days off they go down in Dallas which is little tricky you had Dallas Houston back to back. Obviously did not eighteen Dallas slightly. But this year and gain and let the big game. So what it's going to be big gap battening kinda guys have done that just a terrific job. He had earned on nine and one and out of that you know he wants employed uniting and Charlotte and it's got a set he's out plain and ideas he always does so well against them. Well you know what that they hear especially. Yes torched I mean. High school teammate college you have friends civil and coaches. All the Charlotte area fired up when he comes back. Heck even want to Biden put a piece. Yeah you know he's just such a special guy and that. You know we're we're lucky to have him here he's gonna get rock and roll and that's going to be Great Lakes all the warrior critics are the new year. Saying you you had the pleasure running NBA team so who better to ask him yourself on this next question. You know I'm a big JaVale McGee fan but it hasn't got as good as it did last year. Are you her possible reports about him possibly get traded him he's now I didn't many minutes what advice would you give a guy like my lead Mike. You know for him you can get down you can you know what they had going on you know might get the church can't. I'd just say don't Eddie you've had a heck of a career bureau well respected individual and this locker room. Take the high road stay positive because every genius some sort of trait they're watching it. And they're watching among the bench to watch him interact with Christine gateway you Symbian is reproductive. And I it took you know it is true business and debt. Hey listen it did we all know that I was gonna play this well. And the attic you know he was a free agent last year went out tested the waters sometimes to work force get some passion doesn't they beat. He expected a more lucrative deal. He comes back and sometimes when you come back if they can't get over here I you know I think it matches that got I was gonna get. About it it's a win in where you have leverage in the NBA. And then you know who wears her deep team and they were pro they had back. And that at this place somebody could get hurt. In the meantime. That there is a good deal on the table somebody get art. This thing was just like look at the guards look at what are how well he played the other night yet not been playing really well or playing a lot so. You know you never know what an opportunity to present itself. Great advise the single one joins us here on that 95 is seven big game take us through that conversation. As a general manager. What is like one a player. Maybe even an agent but when a player comes Zealand says I'm not happy I want out here. Yeah and you know it could be getting hit the year. You see fellows with all the different types of about. Media out there today is gonna be a lot of rumors if you got any questions. Somebody in check when wet spot in I'll be as open as I can which you. On the way out a list of king you're always trying to Betty your team and when they buy competitor go. She got what I get out of here would say don't say you know what again. Old which we got to do what's best for Archie but will also do the best we can for you and and with that in mind. We'll maker called it will do more due diligence all around the league and you are ready. Even before player come bit. You're all least popular with teens. You you have a notebook it didn't go OK I dated December 30 I talked to LA I've talked to the clippers I got the Denver. What was the conversation about who grew they have interest debt we'd like I'm never cheat. So there's constant dialogue or dark and that you know so it's a situation where. It seemed talking about Milwaukee look at how wall and he let an shuttered they're playing him certain they traded Monroe down the Phoenix. So big and iPod maker really hasn't been. He's got ready yet he's still really young so don't look at for a bit more experience they give her a lot that he has been mild and play. You know when you put out a couple and you've got Middleton are becoming backing still let in so. That's a long team's soul. You know actually you know what bag yes. Probably 90% of the stock is rumors and it's a bunch of junk not true. Saying now gotten a little trouble on Christmas I was glued to the TV watching the jazz are lawyers and I'm hope and I'm hoping we see the Grand Slam of that finale but I know they did the cavs didn't have Isiah Thomas and the warriors did have staff but it was still a great game. But I'm wonder I'm trying to pick your brain. What questions do you have about Cleveland. I'll come in from their game. Well the stability of a bitch. I don't English starters our love is moved up in in the location is the number two guy be able aren't. It isn't the rest of those tried and are starting unit are solid. Build it they're gonna play off of those two guys. Now I say it comes in the picture. And eat he has me. Play garnered all dominant. Dinner in the sense that he loves to handle you loved to initiate troops out and he loves to run pick and roll. Well we know that debt debt LeBron has bought into an awful lot so they're gonna have an adjustment period but I think he's gonna be a catalyst or might really give. But here's McKee take what I love what weight do inferred thirteenth. And court personally well Tristan Thompson not in shape he's not ready he's got beat up bigtime player on that second the knicks. And what I look at thirteen and I took it to warrior Jeanne. Soledad good to be honest I think to warriors starters are much better. And now I'm convinced our bench is better. And I don't pick Andre Iguodala gave that shot would reached that. Opulent stickball in the three wise men and and then you add Belle that and it. Cat four cat beat turgeon vako candidate but he didn't play so well. And so in your pocket acute teamwork and people we go further with the law. Him and you don't know young you don't sound like he community at the assault soul. You know what I just think the warriors are better treated. But I'm old school I want to have home court I I I loved that and then on love and accused construct and I don't think that. As is Boston and the lawyers are going up. You can record. Well Gary saint Jean make midnight on Sunday. I thought we let the cat out of the bag here here's what happens. At 9 o'clock and watch the New York. Channel because this three hour time difference and watch it there. And then I god almighty and all the blocks covered no problems at all and then all of a sudden after Hezbollah may even simple red. Is standing and it. Sounds like. That that. I'd get pretty elite football game I want. Valiantly way we ally great football saline have a great New Year's Eve and we will talk to you my friend. In 2018. Love it all the best guys at familiar. Happy new year the men and Hazen nicely Madonna's ray it do you can't because there man. I lost tomb in a car. Let them get one stroke lead yeah just tired do you think your Superman trying to varsity shows Karbala and annoying you know that's when it happened in tears yeah I mean the direct. Are you really. I'm not doing breaking news for the New York Jets on a diluted I don't care do in this game balls is going to be back Todd bulls. All right final lonely today and is the Muslim my thing there are rays. Is is a very territory on his it is computerized. Area. Adams center on Twitter jets have the end of the contact. General manager Mike McCann then and had no. Hunger. They have pink I you have breaking news we are almost done for 2017. And I. Joseph lo and discontinue. Its on 957. Big game soul and I we have a new name for the shell GGA. Yeah. See on the morning. Kids tell. In the lord and during the game on he likes to lose pay senior in hit okay. You're gonna wedding tomorrow yes. I let let me guess is agree glad it is a Greek god has shot all on all the on the machine man and non Greek what will Andrew Luck. So loud it is and he was batted just like my big fat Greek wedding in the movie he was baptized ready in our journalist great man. Miami and when I go to the Greek festival. Come this year it's it's everybody's Greek and remains married to agree to. I know you're allowed and not Mary Greeley and yes you can. I am and not have knuckled and don't think I'll let down some there's no lawyer and a commence on rules and Greek. Analysts asked that. And stuff but she can't do their bras someone like you remain calm no dice when you have been all right I'm surely did. New guy doing better at FedEx I political war. During the jury semi agree. They thought oh yeah he's great guru guru Jerry he is very easy easy out greed guru. So you're in seeing a lawyer I don't know how do you end seeing oil any gun TJ air when he. None none of the DJ in my head and I actually both at Coe and seeing the wedding scene out of comedy act. And that's kind we'll do that whereas where introducing the wedding party getting making sure that the party moves along you know you to go and make sure nobody can let us crash. I said you guys sure you wanna do this. They're young they're young as she is that 26 men we need to go. Imagine we show up and we talked it. Breaker beautiful wonderful reporters who wears a group Julius before before you as we see outside and I love it I would not allow it. And Ted. Where we're at 00 hitter at all. In Iran and they now lose their paid Erin stock continued but there is something dude that is something to be said about. Get married early having kids. Estonia's story about my parents. As I leave home. The San Jose state. San Jose State's first semester. It back on the plane. Fly home. Get into the family house is go to my room where you grew up. The hell's all my stuff. Gone in a semester my own room turned like when I'm when I'm glad he's no time to time when I left. They immediately turn my room and do as a room. County ball games stuff all my stuff when I thought I'd trophy all stuff I want gone on the garage box not. With that seal later they love Duval. Welcome to the gas from sun is now a sudden you don't hear are yeah sega's. You're in your forties. Your free kids are gone who were not know. My kid down and that's going to be a while to get her basketball and soccer yeah did you think it is new forty anyway. And Argentina. Pay your defense decent still Dunkin'. Okay we'll see permits hit c'mon let's say him well say. This can be a good weekend salute our warriors we got a ton of college football we got that ended the NFL season most desperate term senator and stepped returns on Saturday we get a big one tonight USC and Ohio State. That's it is a big game for Donald or you think it's already done NFL teams knows what they got enough tape. To know what he's going to be or resistant to slide is Neil Lomax collection. He says is still open there. I he has that if someone told me how unless the things can be the Cleveland Browns he wants but typically summer he has that Alfred. At that Eli and who moved to note that. Don't run alone he seems a little Alou flies grows it grows and his horses can give them you don't grow roses more than drop gloves. It doesn't look real the Rosen is a Rosen is prickly. There's a good way to describe him. We're little aids he's got he's got a he's got a little Philip Rivers that no doubt you know to where Rob Lowe doesn't strike me is that kind of guy. Grapples strikes me as that real confident guy like Tom Brady you won't say it but he thinks it yeah I mean he knows he's got to go on the he does it. He doesn't come off as a straight out air again that's that's the Rosen one Josh Rosen is every day toxins like this guy's air like Roxy will tell you how does geyser rock. No problem what that did. I want my quarterback to think that I can do anything at any time and that I'm the guy so many minutes as you gotta you. If you Libor rose saying he's worried about car mean you have to believe your king com there you go you're that guy. Meanwhile John Elway lockdown on the field number seven right. Or Joseph cool mean those guys they're the ears of Troy Aikman's ear that guy comments write him and car has a look like that guy. Now garage below definitely once like that guy on especially right now it's to this man. Well thanks for him until he's just been Satan. Mean you want a place sold bad beat you yet Tom brain frying is the greatest of all time. Mark my last tidbit about Jimmy G when he came in the game the last play that last three plays. It meant something that the football gods allowed that to be a touchdown pass and I know people like causes a Garber says down tally but it was a glimpse India. This is doing everything right. How about this from the 408 I feel it's down eight come back from Chico first semester had a flu. You want. You can have a bad. These are bad that I like Boson does it for the Greeks they just like come stay with us so long Andy cannon theory yeah Validus and help. And the blacks. The blacks do bit of my boyfriend instead movie essar for a movie meet the blacks and meet the blacks to. Dion Taylor out of Sacramento. Our dad is gonna do it for TGA I will be back on Sunday raiders' opening drive of zero out by the urban twelve before. We all want Tony five kick I think we're on 11 o'clock. Comes season blew 42 sports lounge and Walnut Creek moderator party in a New Year's Eve party. Happy New Year's everybody see you next easier next year but I'll see you Sunday right here on 957 again.