JLD - Hour 4

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, December 28th

Towny, Lo and the Guru fill in and are joined by Jim Barnett (Warriors Color Analyst) and Shaun Livingston. We get into Kerr's coaching, the Warriors recent streak of games, and when we might see Curry return to the court. 


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I. In 9570. Lo and did. Now we're going to be. This Sunday December 3 ever. Lunch money five. It's the raiders and the LA chargers on New Year's Eve we're going to be at blew 42 sports lounge. And Walnut Creek the party begins without a live broadcast of raiders' opening drive starting at 11 AM with a Romo and myself. Come check out the brand new NFL drink and food menus plus. Wind chimes of prizes all throughout the game nets blew forty two's sports lounge. And grill in Walnut Creek new shaft new menu new attitude and what happened to those. He don't. New attitude NBA so you gotta go you gotta gotta stop. ET you got your home. You got anything any. New Year's Eve party. No cover charge DJ you got to death this is arm of Iraq veteran of mine owner Jack. Where Jim garner please. Please play down and that was looked to my had so much. Easily twist an intern and Jim Barnette yes even you to listen to the great Jim Barnett a joins us here. On 95 setter and home of the lawyers how we do this morning. I'm going very well thank you. You know when I look at that ten games since staff curry got hurt the Durant numbers are crazy 29 points. Eight point six rebounds five point four assists three point one. Blocked shots just just talk about what you've seen because you're seeing it close I did suspend spectacular. Well he really had picked the team put a lot of shoulders. And even in the games can hook it. He had a lot of help obviously from clay Thompson at times that. You know play went through little stretch there where he was having a difficult time but they've run the offense through him through cabin and it was a little fatigued at the game that they say they lost when they had to look at there was a clunker at played one eleven straight games. And you would expect that I'd I'd talk to actually just before the game and I I could tell because they're they're so much. He he he what suppression of the great players want to pressure and they like to pressure. They don't think of this pressure that fits their element but. I know that that once stretched they're just after seven got hurt on the road everything I think he worked for 36. 3536. And 36. Doing at all and and rebounding the ball and playing the play in the defense is what. It was really really been different about Kevin Durant that. An element of his game that I really didn't realize I think it's never been this good. I know people blemish on the talk shows do you guys different people talk about whether he could be defensive player of the year going to be pretty tough to beat Andre in my brain that. Both of them together had been really tremendously and one of the reasons they've been winning basketball games. Jim. Tickets to the process Europe doing good to see it up close and personal. What is. Just stay mentally in tune their meals what you play for sixteen years in the league in just. You have collapses but this team to be able to win is Big Easy are the biggest margins can win tie games win close games. But still just you watch the way did they go about it I mean they lost one game in this stretch. What is it occurs when is it the rotation is getting guys young guys involved 'cause you keep guys from not being stagnant and not have many of these lulls prolonged periods of stretches. Well he's had two. Put a lineup out there are good at different lineup because of all the injuries is no doubt that actually missed seven games. Child living in without. And so was. Iguodala. And so they're different people and he's getting to. Kind of a giver performers from from different groups then and so. He's playing Jordan bell and starting him a lot of became. A rookie Patrick car he kept going with him. And kept going went starting him again and again and all the sudden the last couple games. Including Christmas Day game over Cleveland. He's really coming through would playing his best basketball beat fielding had one game Patrick we can't have one game. Worried that double figure scoring this year and he had many many games. Hollywood script score no baskets are holding one basket and Albert said he start to come around. I I think what he does first thought is very encouraging he. He believes that do live power somebody it if it you don't do it by a you know yelling at him. He had different ways to communicate. But he I think I can indicator it is just terrific and I also he'd let everybody. Beat her own person and and that's important any values each and every individual as individuals. And so they got just great communication. And it and so. He also looked let them make mistakes. And he let them realize the mistake of go over film session a little bit. And and let them see exactly what's going on. And just very calm about it but let's face it this is a group that movie got four all stars obviously secretary's been out all these games now. They're talented and the players that are on the bench as we saw last night. They they talked about deep roster they certainly do have a deeper roster because. 63 point left side by the starter but there were 63 points. Contribute left side by the bench including eighteen that's fees and how about Patrick McCall who delighted I was pretty tricky getting getting. A little more. Thirties and and that's what they need from these people from these guys and Nick Young playing well all we can't speak paid fifty was in double digits last night so. They they've got a great group of guys that the chemistry really good in it's it's pretty unique exports. Jim it's always you take this team in the players for granted because I've taken Stefan curry for granted I've seen the growth from that the bench guys did more time. Since Steffi is out. But are you like myself and I'm anticipating staff to come back and I can't wait to see him play. What everybody wants to see them play it's it's hard to and let me tell you they've they've there winning games. You know Durant has been terrific let's let's face it they're winning games though because they do have a full roster. But it's not easy. Because. Clay council is gonna get a lot more shots open shots when secretary comes back. It's dead at times now you see Kevin Durant but he's so good. He's getting double team triple teamed it doesn't matter he can still score because he's that special as an offensive player. But when Stefan curry comes back. It's gonna it's gonna be a big relief EnerNOC would have to work hard to get the shots. You know when Kevin Durant was in Oklahoma City with Russell Westbrook. He kind of he was able to rest at times in the game because Westbrook would take over and you can't around a watch. But if you took although the minutes that Kevin Durant is playing. And the number of times that he's having to carry the basketball and shell and did it end. Initiate the the play. I guarantee you there's a bigger percentage of the minutes that he's out there. Parties have a different facilitate everything he did have to do that in Oklahoma City and and that's a big bird but he lived up to it. But it's about time percent of current account back and and take a little that responsibility on his shoulders as well now. Do you think if he had to he can go like right now. If this is like playoff time. I I would well. If he had to it that we're. You know it is that if there were 1972. Yes he would be okay but you have that. If they don't let him do that anymore and it did they used to be when when. Well I was playing in the league the coach would say can you play. And most of time you would say yes because you don't want to sit out. He would never guaranteed contract and he did what someone taking your job but without that way anymore at its peak. Okay he probably. Could play but it might be a little dangerous high river many many times I have a sprained ankle I'll put it and again you know viewed it sprained your ankle once or twice. In this case and I just read Brad might miss a game like this two games obviously they're a really bad like that site I've ever had an ankle sprained his badly assessment. But down Hewitt I would come back way too early because. I want to get out there on the floor because somebody out there ready to take your job but I remembered taking it. Getting it taped up and saying OK I've got to be very careful tonight. When I go. I defensively particularly back over to the right side could have been my right ankle I had to be very very careful very cognizant of that and you play right through it but. They they can't afford do that nowadays is that there's too much on the line and so. People and I know you should always what these guys. Air on the other side of caution because what we're we're playing for something in June not resulting in January or February. We deliver all the lawyers info thanks AJ BL the officials sound of the war years. And Jim Barnett brought to by Jane real headphones. Jordan bell has grown a lot in front of us just talk about what you've seen from the start of the season to where we are now. Well he's got an instinct to justify the basketball career like. At a particular defense can we have teams that it is really. You know he doesn't have a jump shot right now that doesn't need to have a jump shot but. A game last night. Jordan what I think he finished with five points but he had twelve rebounds and seven assists. But he. He's just a competitor. He's got incredible athletic ability. He's got terrific timing is a lot like drain money learned a lot from dream on. And so. He really surprised everybody and maybe even himself. With his ability. To fit and right away. And it's just been a revelation and and in the future is very very big for him but right now he's contributing to. And it and people don't don't really they expect at that. People yet to be coached he had to be reminded by Steve Kerr to run and he's still. You know he sees the game. It it's a process for him for everything sometimes. At least he's played there he tried to squeeze the pastor there something so he got it could be better was his decision but you that would come with experience. But is what he can do for the defense of VI it's. I was first out there playing. Even get beaten by smaller players completely defeated I'll think he's looked too anxious but he's inexperienced. But now I'm watching him go like on the perimeter and he's able to defend the three point line because he gets slow he. Understand he's got to stay down on the ground and needed to get cute and doesn't get tricked into. Someone giving a little luck they can leaving his feet so I think he's. Okay what is it pretty dependable and he's getting more Mora he's earned the Mets you know nobody is getting in the minutes he's earned the Mets. And so I think it. I don't either I you can put a minute any kind of situation and you're gonna seem he's going to be in the rotation in the playoff fate he can't play the number of players is Steve Perry is playing right now in the regular season you can't see that many in the playoffs and so he's giving everybody a great chance and getting experience for them so that Pete if there is an injury like Stefan curry if somebody else along the line. These guys can step in and they'll be game ready and prepared and I think George bell as someone who's. Just if it's pretty bodes well for the future because. This is that what it is you you take young players you develop them you put him in situations and he's he's able to go out there and and carry the responsibility of that. I had just I don't need it took a shot blocker he had a nose for that and he plays hard when he's on the floor. Jim good stuff as always we appreciate you have a great day and we'll be watching. Dresses homestand NBC Bay Area. Yeah we got back to back games Friday Saturday and we'll see metro again twice a week that could be fun. Take care thank you. Jim Barnett the legend. Just watched the warriors in Tim Roye. All of whom just right here is there any better jobs he's got he's got to be easily go to go no well you know that she did not OK you're the one thing that. I said now for awhile about Tim Roye. You know disease solo. He did a lot of bad basketball I. Laden and I remember years ago asking Tim like cats and scanned to come around Friday as you know on. I look at it a different way there's there's always somebody on the other team was worth watching. Right. So that that's kind of what kept him on so that I'm happy for him because of all the bad you'd solo. You know during a lawyer he would colds your hatred salvage stamped on the play by play and now it's it's the best job in sports. Even like the likes a stunning when he covered the team how big of a dress I mean was it became a job when the lawyers work. You know that that did it all actually they were in worse than bad. They had to be brighter job stuff because of the traveling here here here here not travel on the jet. You know it's one thing without the how the players. And I you know lo how the players are flying around vs south and those hotels in the sky here here. Man to beat writers. With the lack of direct fly insists she had come here stop and he idiots and there it's not an easy job especially in the wintertime it's. Eat it really isn't they they do a lot they sacrifice a family. But it's something and they enjoy going in that and that's the thing sometimes sit down right. Talk to Michael Silver was a personal friend and among show he's from Daniel Burke and guy who's great guy he would travel to Baltimore only difference of Salem dumbed down. The only. Blue and analyze those guys have great relationships with a lot of players and they'd love to eat and hang out because they become friends. In May become that they they they live though that life they live vicariously do they the players most players are their characters. And they can they can and it's how you want them to write your book. How do you want film to portray you as a character how do you want to portray this in a villain. Or is it a superhero. And you give them you give him the you give them the things right on nameplate on the paper and paper. Your performance by your actions in the things you say so I think again it's a tough job it's unbelievable but a lot of doomed to enjoyed. They enjoyed it the friendship they enjoyed the relationships that they gain on these roads because you become pretty intimate you know being amenable to travel and suffered team. Yeah he says something there. I never understood why a guy would be a total SOB. Like that's not gonna help you winning anyway Barry Bonds yeah it's not gonna help you it hurts you. And now in a world where we've now figured out where they talked about their brine and Yuri brand. Do you think about what is the brand of Barry bond there is no brand. I can tell you all or was it the best player ever may be is the brand. I can tell you I. It was right it was hard for the all star break we're have a lunch with a client. Down in Burlingame. Barry Bonds walked down the street he was with a woman and another guy. And general Richmond are ahead of our sales were sitting there with a client. And Barry Bonds out I'm the only person that notices Barry Bonds walking down the street. He's like the most forgotten star. And it well. No one wants and no one wants a part of his friend. Nobody why this guy has more home runs he's he's done it is at the MVP easy is that what is steroids or not he did it. And right now nobody wants any part of him. Like a one other reason it's not only the steroid deal it's baseball too and it's also affected the guy's just he was was this is Saddam bad guy. It was an awful guy. What wears is a yes or relationships in the game they gave them a shot the Marlins gave them a shot and. And there like there were dominant. But is sound baseball as a whole because they don't they don't sell their players and the like you know stepped courier LeBron. I mean you see a commercial every now and there is probably for some gear but they don't they don't tapping into that to where these guys always finish Bryce Harper went to a mall in. In Hayward or Fremont. I need some people recognize them tourney but. If that we're staff curried the mall would have to shut down any and it's not anything Bryce is doing is just the sport and Arab league baseball needs to do better. You know marketing in their play why. I get invited them ready here's a guy they could be EO Willie Mays locks around and people know Willie Mays. Yeah Willie Mays has been paid to be Willie Mays. Since the seventies say hey kid PSI mean if if you have that brand what norm what's more your end I mean Willie Mays. They serve casinos you should pay for pay for and they found outages. Talked to people and great people and yet he also have like Madison bonds are locally Luzon and he afford commercials and everything so he's doing stuff like that comes just call your commercials NBC or Buster Posey right. And he's not exactly like known as one of the guys with the most you know. Biggest personalities or anything that he still out there. Think they would recognize buster oppose the in New York or. Philly just walk in and wrestles as I think it's to me that was. I don't think they. You know not as much as if you didn't eat curry are being or some of these NBA and NFL guys. Yeah because let's face it baseball's more localized. Those guys are getting more more time more they're game more face time on national television national cable television. The maze of baseball mean where all the giants games you're right but now stand and easy to portray area Stanton is supersede that now he's everywhere yet now you play the Yankees. That's right guys gully I did dare Jeter walks in the mall Hayward and everybody knows who he is the tech in the day. You know Reggie Jackson's block around mr. October people limits or October was Dana candy bar after him for God's sakes they. Here is our CE a little Barry Bonds in two you. Say may come on Reggie did you count in New York to be a star no number in my started a New York value and this. Strong is there's been hearing how can I didn't read the Reggie might have been worse yeah I've got to tell you. Thought allowing the manager. Let's play okay 'cause he had his personality means there needs if you could all I still don't know Tim and oracle to read you know the you Reggie was well down balls. G. I'm sure I October is the best nickname I've never ends double dynamite okay. Michael can you just you okay yeah well you. There is a story. I've not seen it but I've heard the story. So the players lot at the coliseum is called the F flop. And you need obviously. That credentialed to give into the F fly to where players management people part. Reggie. Supposedly at times has test. Drove right through and flip the bird. Alleges were nice allegedly but he can do that would you're yeah hit the ballot tomorrow is gonna stop them. So there was a time now is gonna do and I was doing an interview with Reggie. So I was Dylan my show from the coliseum. And dean visiting GM both the town he goes we like to talk I'm no words that and Reggie I didn't realize or use he has a part of some soon this years ago it was first of soup company that was over here on the embarking Darrell Aaron you know it's still open. And they were bringing a soap. So behind either set up the soup. And rages get a comment disease an investor and economic interview hand will do little baseball talked in our case is ass and we'll bring Aman and and more tots so. And I may eat soup Witten. Mr. October race so all I'm doing this thing about steroids in baseball. And colors or colony and it was kind of like a fun thing we adore like. Any miss steroids is the home runs were down nineteen miss the steroid air do you miss these Jews step guys. You know I hit 760. Rallies since sixty year create a couple years early sixty home runs. Reggie is listening to this behind me and you know oh yeah he's one of the guys assays hair so quiet he's dead because. You know we have these guys who need them and they were cheaters and he. His cool cut it even. Lighten me up he kind of gain came down my road a little bit before we start the interview minerals like and I don't Wear it I mean what are you. And I don't Wear it then he then all of sudden the lights turned that are doing the interview and talk in soup and yeah he was a show meant and then after. And we hate suppan is that how good does that does that plan chatter our Reggie is that's my. A nice and is it correct I. Soon as the interview is over put ahead Al and byways all decked out in the Yankee uniform yeah yeah yeah an amazing game. And he takes off the headset swaps editing saying. No good byes real. Well you broke bread with a room. We we we did soup together. Now that's my read you data or did you like got a big boys dreadful Sokol yeah this is good this soup commercial he's rolling meek he's talking you're doing is giving you all the right after is that it's like HUB like pretty much like. I amend hootie on that day turnaround allow blocked it right on little. Made the left and he was heat own ego he resorted. They sound so you watching the whole time that he's done now I have to reject you the same man and that they ridge. He's like well now we know in the industry downtown and. Know. So you see him in all brain he's ready G. Katherine Jackson mr. October best nickname is sports. And I know one guy he Romanian teams bossier cool they won championships together but yes tech never see low doing something like I just feel like you'd be too guilty. Ever like big ten's only bet that's true yeah. Is the man upstairs when my time. In amounts Sharon you're up all your humble superstar now and I'd done in the superstar just item has already angry is just the greatest. You if you're the greatest. Legit fullback from all time you know what 'cause I Franco Harris and saga those guys are all regular fullbacks. Knew their job and I agree we do but in his I don't think that none imposition for stars on this earth. I think it is perception. I think you you watch guys Joseph Montana and Brady all these guys yet they're they're superstars in this sport that they do. They they're they're human you cut him they believe they do all the same things I just think the perception people making. Who they wanted to start I got to allow donors eject Dario. Putting you ADR gearing yeah so is need you do a little bit. Well I. And you don't you don't need them so what's devoted to privacy that you have a good day. And Helms hit a driver and after that classic question what they are likely there'll be an imaging and we want you are right you can also resident fellow and it's soft want it. Sob smaller yard. What do the last game of the year. Some of the questions here and there at its Jolo island did news. But the game on an. Wherever you live on Joseph lo and gives continuance. On 957 big game. Hamlin got there is low no Joseph and did so dearly who Johnson number filling in for him to along with Chris pounds in. You can miss and will be in here with myself solo Neil. They're coming up in now at 45 our last segment we give mr. I say it could be up for sixth man of the year Shaun Livingston. They'll bless his presence and wanted to talk to him pick his bright light light assaulting employees so they played that music the music was goal almost nobody uses Lola and I was. The red and blue. Though. Now it was still. I don't you tell. Similarly go a little longer and I was the music man bent they are just put the dam broke. Now is Tammy says earlier you came down my road in I'm not a fan boy you know. You know. The team I root for is in the lone star state I know you've got some objective you are and what we've seen this metamorphosis. When he comes to this after Cisco 49ers low. In one point there were rolling non I'm used the key word they were embarrassing and nobody was that the game you know why there was no hope. And the only hope they had skimmed from lynch is Shanahan. At that kind of wore thin people were questioning Shanahan because they were playing close games well but they were not win in in this is one of the most storied franchises in the NF fail. And I was just one of those guys this age you know what. You have to give up off the Mac. You have to win this all and whatever you're not Cleveland this is not cool it doesn't work here and that in no way air. John Lynch mysteriously picks up the phone calls this hoodie Bill Belichick in new England and works out facilitates the trade and now. Jimmy G Jimmy go Rob Lowe GQ model is your quarterback. But people are still skeptical I was like OK so he's better than what's ahead. But do any goals now it turns into a joke name is Joseph Montana. Joseph whoever. And now he has this CD I'm fine you're not just the cities are as he has the good news outlets. Hopefully not with a team under 500. Every NFL network. Everywhere low so you can Del Mar role because you sit in a lot of people are your eating too excited. We have to wait and see. And I did that. But where are you more at cannot be forgotten. And now people are saying that win total might possibly a normal windy here eight or nine for next year low. Jim on the Jimmy G train and you don't like that. You know on the San Francisco 49 or trying to because it's going to the promised land. What is wrong with that fan is short for for a mandate and lol this has been a 180 I don't think I've ever seen in season. Before. I'm not I'm I'm on Jimmy G. I believe the census a 49ers organization has done a great job challenge is a guy that played with him played against in college played within Tampa Bay. A low IQ was out of the world. He's very Smart guy bears were able individual. You know Stanford graduate no he and his wife and his children and Stanley and that's gonna talk a lot of time with this man and I understand what he's about he's about winning. He played the game like that you look at the pro bowls and things and he's done he'll be a hall of Famer. He knows football he knows x.s and roles he played in secondary. So he's a guy that you know they knows how to build he knows the basic fundamentals of football he understands the importance of how do you build teams in built into defense and hardworking termination. He bug and show guys and demonstrate things and help guys he's a coast but yet still he's that he's GM and yet as a coaching at was a student of the game. Have necessarily great speed but how we covered because he is because this contention in detail. So yet this call that he picked up the phone and called a hoodie and got this trade done and for a second round draft pick. Thomas dropped the Mike and how he was it was a great trade. And you saw Jimmy G you knew that cal Shanahan behind this as well not just can't just give GM John all the credit because. They've got cal talked about he eluded to that he watched this guy in college. Senator won in in college tennis is it that this is a guy did he say he's been had and as I did hear that oh yeah I mean teasing you who watch someone in college he wanted to draft him and call this a guy did you the cal Shannon's been watching so this wasn't just they make this trade. How Shanahan one account. How do you really like Jimmy G coming out of college so this guy they have countless hours talents film on Jimmy G. I think big Wu I think people say and pumped breaks is because. I think when you look at eighteen new building you look at Carolina look at certain teams around the league look at Jacksonville team a very good defense a team a team that's you figured you could Jimmy deal on that team I'd say. Us this the team that I think we'll probably win the super bore or comes close to it right now or if he was on the eighteenth. I think but if you look it here's a team that we look at that but this is one coaching goes a little further. Jimmy geez is a good quarterback I'd give that both put cal Chan has been able to do when he played against Tennessee a team that look like to make up just eleven outside shot. Tina Jackson that's a once the playoffs they beat them and manhandled them. You may play the rams team they're probably going to be because a rams Gunnison a lot of starters. So you look at you say. Do you feel you gotta say OK let me start somewhere so I'm gonna start. Which is one thing that's taught about talents cause I'm a huge believer if all things being equal. Players got to make plays. Coaches help make decisions that help determine the outcome of the game. You can't tell me. They Jacksonville doesn't have way more talent on their defense in the nine of them. The number one defense coming into the game last Sunday low so that's a situation. Where players are gonna make plays but coaches make decision. How Shanahan decision making surpass both coaches. It was superior over these athletes who has better athletes are better defense than the niners. I was a coaching decision to find out how to exploit certain things because they know they're gonna play two different dads and I get it so that's coaching. That's not an essay in the and you had a player that has the probability that has enough confidence he. Competent BM and so did make sure he has that you wanna make sure you have a company quarterback our common players to be able to execute your client. Callahan. The plane and he's had been picks accuse you you see the games that they've barely lost game very very close game now your over the hump. It's always show you if you put the talent this guy can coach we understand that quarterback so but right now that talent wise. They have to cars Buckman you've had your inside backer. You have you went on drag you an undrafted sometimes we get that. Besides those three do you have bonafide stars on the defense now. So I can't just say here's a team winning ten or blown to the playoffs. Unless I see what's going to happen in the offseason and that's what I was running without down the and you heard me alassane I trust in this brain trust now. I trust in all it's big with Shanahan they'll look in see that areas that they need to be improved. It's also opening draw a low key and I know you liked him coming out of college my point is let's play this game he's a hall of Famer so why can't I be excited. In my trust in lynch and company to look. I winner Mira and use what they have at their disposal to bring in more talent. To fill the voids that they don't have and do what's exciting is this confidence missing when you have someone like Carl's side coming out there and I know it's it's extravagant to say. Hey we're gonna go to the Super Bowl next year yet it's big disable the fact that he has that confidence to say that you see this team having great chemistry signing that they haven't had even have a lot of all on the line he's exactly and that's all I'm I'm. I say in the gonna win the Super Bowl but I just if you can say the same thing for Tom Brady with Belichick. Doesn't sound like you're trying to do divvy up the credit I'm my thing is who cares it's working and Jacksonville was hungry they needed that game they were tired of the Jimmy drop low mania in yet they could stop it so my thing is going to the next season. Why are proceed with caution how was Jimmy go Rob Lowe going to be week one win that game is like a playoff game when this latest clean. Now there's expectations. But low. We would be colony in a fluke if you thought he was the type a guy who was gonna let that type a negative might say creep into his don't. I believe he's on the same page with this beautiful part of it with Shanahan and lynch. Early on in their career now they're getting the shot to do this the first time all three at this job. It it'll coincide and they all got something to prove. I think Pete I think they do in I think what happens though blue overtime. Defense is evolve. Defense are still involved in what may involve what happens by involving what happens now they've only go to catch up with you. And so you got to realize they plates and place some exotic defense won his decompose is gonna come after you. So you can understand you told the ball you're looking EC defense it often if you can block. I Norma hot read his comments of I have a corner and it's blitzing. I know that the safeties I have to hurry get them right out there and cover so when he's running on the shift on the when the balls instead he's running out there to cover the corn covered receiver because a corner cats gonna. I know my receiver comes inside because the safeties run and so hard to cover that I can beating. So it's about knowing more your mismatch is in norm where it's at so I think Shanahan and a great job all I'm saying is. Vick cupboards are still bear are we gotta be careful but this is crowned his team can understand. Carlos hi sand Super Bowl. You got to get the talent and right now all I'm saying is. All the talents that there. I would pay Jimmy's elevating his talent gets me is elevated a belief in a lot of these guys will be on this team they show on the they're back capable back as but a lot of these guys and tell you right now. There will be five to seven guys offense and defense of obese new new starters nature. I can't wait a lot now how how to the warriors. We're gonna Charlotte is the next. 1957. Game. Where's the flag I'm trying to find the words there are no comment. Flag and if you sound baseball he jumped and as a deal. Doing your side because we're coming down the homestretch yes Ross I have always exciting you want to finish your view Camilla Holmes let's do something that's what I was saying we're coming down the hole. Australia and then we passed the bud time to stymie and John Dickinson who have the one and only Tim Rolen up at 11 AM so to me and for that. What I was gonna tell you was we talked earlier just about how great this warrior team is a column this super friends. Because everywhere you look low there's a superstar. And were watching and for the second time in two years they lost Katie last year they won fourteen in a row they lose staff they get hot again. And Morgan SL latest in. Will be joined us he joins us in his weekly spot all lawyer interviews are brought to you by JB all the officials sounded the warriors shot how are you. I'm great I'm great thanks for permanent. That I gotta tell you gotta thank you first further their performance you guys put on Christmas Day because I watched that game Guillen. The intensity. Everything was there the crowd can I ask you as opposed to last night I know your professional son. You're drilling has did the apologist had been higher on Christmas Day not. It happened. Definitely gut on the acknowledge it Coca old game. Calm in Times Square and clean like that restrict your from the cardinals own no. Although. All of the action that's that's kind of gone and so. Relative to game obviously good as far as their play. Own and other that's what they're politically ignorant and exciting and they got one picture or Coca. Hey John this is an here now you obviously a huge game. On Christmas Day but coming Bader happened that day your baby girl celebrated her first Christmas I'll back up. Half of our great collection Armenian arm can't your content removed. But things don't look took one of the whole like I say it was exciting and competitive our home but you know you talk about. Just like that good day in general whether we went Alou and wait and had my baby girl from a carton from notes. That restful color no so politically could. No question Shawn that's got to be an awesome moment I've been blessed that twin girls westbound takes on last night played university Purdue. They won bowler up they won a game last night big number nine started had a little sacked four meanwhile my birthday so. Are you understand that how how is it dawned on Christmas Day afterwards you guys get done early enough did you guys have that. Christmas dinner before or do you guys do after words in what was that like after the game and been able to celebrate Christmas is well. Yeah yeah great wolf you know we did present Shirley. All of them we utterly gain control shall go to the game and after. You know we go to coconut water. Had food ready to go after the game went trillion home. Celebrated together more apt or are aware of most talked to fill it even better and also all all in all great group. So odd that a lot of times a lot of people think athletes are like robots you know pierce stepped courier teammate memo you guys got you know that day you want to be on the warriors and I like watching comes to your TV but how eager are you ditch your teammate back in play and on the court. Oh man we can't wait everybody everybody Kuwaiti military close look though we understand. Our own you know it should part of the game way it happened. I don't think that it. So far and don't ever. I know a great job just couldn't. I didn't win even if there had been created. Are about to about Scott Horton a quiet up or below. I know who they're blowing up the mountain. Carmel port quarter occurred no win a lot of them sort. It ain't so much kind of put put out of reach good just to give them back. Not just the whole B hole. We understand how important you have to look. You know. We're back to win a championship without him we understand you know what he's going to clean. In just his personality as well admiral has presence on the court nobody gives a security blanket shall. We're trying to get him back and you know just one and help in the hole on the court. Alerts and get him back as well but you guys have been filling in while last night he started as a point guard Patrick McCaw has stepped in at times must a lot from a lot of the young guys like Jordan bell what he's seen from these young players and staff has been absent. Yeah are you there have been stepping up its a great opportunity you know like this shirt. When a guy goes down like that are important five point two game. No you're not gonna make it a little player so god is the bringing a lot of images caught that. The good part about our team as well we have a lot of which we have a lot of vets put at the same time you. Have a nice mix of old young guys that we can kind of insert communication you know. Jordan's been great he's been developed or. Notepad he's figuring well you know last night it was a great connector has just been impressive. And I just didn't better so you always like poetry out of love guns. Chun and we believe that leadership isn't given it's earned. What is he incurred due warning what are you guys to want collectively with guys being an out and guys in and out of the lineup. What do you guys stay consistent you guys still win games some last night like you mentioned alluded to was a blow out some games you squeaked by with a cast but you guys find a way you are right now you you know long lost one game in this stretch. Well how's how mentally in how what are you guys to want to keep it fresh and not stagnated in Q did you know keep it consistently the product out there Depeche what's so much transition going on. Yeah great question them out of Celtic and so on. All important formal routine like Santonio. Great. On the other off oracle barrels and they're able to still be cutlery cups for the conference. On. I'm known for its part of the system you know no matter who's out there this is how we're gonna play. Home were gonna continue to try to get better and win games and have that mentality you know that we're capable when he obviously we have you know three other. All stars routine without not a good players they're the kind of all you'll pick up the slack you know Kevin Smith query which got all they've been great trademark obviously. You know and other guys should control it should screwed it starts with the mentality. Of urged the park system. Quote has done a great job of keeping guys ready know that communication that we know we talked about earlier just. They can shore guys boulder rolls and you know. You know what to expect them. Truly become all and I give their best effort and I think we just kind of been keeping the ball rolling when Matt. Some we know you're very busy man we thank you so much for your time and happy new year to your lawyers are. Subtly against him. He's a leader he's a veteran in did you say you got on there. You got to earn it. That earn that role each you do Indian and that's what I learn and that's one thing about this that's gonna change is I think that's something. Guru and and it's gonna be and beautiful as that won't change his leadership isn't given concerned. And you have to go to these processes of just pin and when you're on super team or whatever team here on out. Whatever walk of life you have to you have to earn that and ensure honest. Epitomizes that he's earned that in EC is consistency would night in and I now and he's a superstar merit is there any more humble on the super stardom only. All more than O'Neal I don't think about a lot of these guys this that's one of the things I love about this team there's so much humility on the scene that's why they work together that's why they're such good chemistry. And I really believe you know Sean talking about staff that they miss him out only. Right Healy no but it is like a brotherhood lol and I'm not just same as it comes to the TV and were lucky you know to be you know all of the the home of the Golden State Warriors ceremony 57 games and I'll do it for us today will be back tomorrow Chris Townsend coming up is Matt Stein Mitt and John Dickinson. Tim Roy and eleven.