JLD - Hour 4

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, December 27th

Towny, Lo and the Guru fill in and are joined by Tim Roye (Warriors Pxp) and Sam Amick (Warriors Insider for USA Today). This hour covers the Christmas NBA games, 49ers with Jimmy Garoppolo, and we get an injury update on Steph Curry.


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I'm 570. Oh and did. China. Kinda we how low yacht and a gym is off. Joseph is off Chris Townsend and Darryl the guru Johnson. You can call me Jamal Crawford the film that if I can be any NBA player. I would be Jamal Crawford tell me what. Because I'm coming off the bench and shoot the sorrow. That was my shot yeah you've been together now on the Jamal Crawford. People pay normal boy Nagin and empower the swagger he's three yeah. Do we have him. Yes suited Tim Roy Bryant you buy a portion of Fremont. Opportunity awaits at portion of Fremont the elevated line Tim Rice joins us share the voice. Of the gold's say lawyers on the Holm of the Golden State Warriors. 957. Good morning Sam good morning guys happy holidays 'cause everybody good how how good was it for you to finally be home for Christmas. It was it was it was cool when you're away last year in Cleveland. And then this year I got spend Christmas at home and and don't even though we have what we were very busy right now seven games in eleven days. Yet still your home and that's that's the most important thing it's CI. You're on could see my kids and get to see some friends and guests of the targets all that. You know what I wanna think about the holidays and everybody role in how we we treat these guys like robots right inside out and I can have money who cares but as you just said. Being on the road for Christmas. Is isn't any fun you think it ever effects players. Sure it does sure it does you don't hear you Paramount. Xavier young father and you've got young kids at home and and maybe it's a baby. And you're on the road it may be missing their first Christmas are their you don't say yeah you have to really come compartmentalized. To get the job done so yeah I'm sure affects guys who are or away from home the maybe the first time war. Are you know there. The he said you've got you know they have families they have wives and girlfriends and they go through all the same stuff we do you said there is sometimes gets into the papers and in our don't you know I mean just. It's it's really. You know there there. Having a good home base is I think the real advantage for our any kind of professional athlete because it just allows them to go and and do the job. Tim the happy holidays the Christmas game didn't disappoint I actually was rooting for OT. Bomb and just to think they'd both teams were missing the key player in regard to staff and Isaiah Thomas but the last play. Or no call one to ray you have the best seat in the house. Would you like to see the NBA have the rest be able to go look at the monitor. You know what or why they did for possession and actually come back and say that was a foul or is that Ludacris. Well I did it there's a couple things in Dalian where do you stop if you start doing that. I mean. One of things are replay is it's a tricky lie because if you start to replay everything they were going to be there for hours every night. You know nobody wants to see the Russ frequently heads that I know that's when that is not why people pay. You know to come to visit to the games and so it it's very very tricky and I think the referees are very sensitive to the fact that. You know if you take away the human helmet why are they there. You know I mean it just it's indeed there they're very good at what they do and they're gonna miss some things and you know he had the NBA said there was found there. While last year they said that there was a foul one Kevin Durant caught the ball. With a chance to win the game and Richard Jefferson tripped him and he went down. It's just it's just the way it works. You know if it balances out over you know over 82. And the I intended it I'd like replay in in one sense because. Especially those possession calls late because and they get it absolutely right in so hard to judge sometimes. You know place I think watching it real time our our you know it's gotta be this way and then I see the replay in slow motion it's not the other way. And so. And I'm really leery about adding to the replay. Plate just because at at some point where do you stop where do you deal with Iran frees you referees. How about this I was saying about this of course. You've covered a lot of different sports week we have summing things that you can't replay what if I said this Syria. I'm meg gives every coach sued a three game. And you can challenge anything everything is tolerable but you only like two or three game. I would say maybe one or two. Could you coaches three challenges they're gonna use those three challenges every night they're gonna use it why not. You've got am flight one I use of course but of course ED you can only do it if you had timeout. Yet and yet and put a penalty and or do you have to say okay you can challenge may be one call game or two calls a one call half. Maybe but if you lose that challenge that you lose a time out. So. Did so put a price tag on it so it's really you know the coach got coaches get fail get that analysis. You know you have to have price tag on that or else it's going to be I think a little bit loose person. Jordan bail all I mean this guy can do no wrong right now and it looks like they're the starters are using and what they used to do would JaVale McGee last year where they were told the Alley youths who just basically take off full advantage of is that lettuce is them. What have you seen the growth. Tim from young Jordan bail. So George bells just he's learning on the job and he has the huge. You know advantage of being able to play live you know guys who were also arson and good potential hall of famers and end and all that Talbot put some put that out there but. He is really. He he's he's soaking it only it he's learning how to play you could see you know he. They seeded may be the first two or three times he had the floor he doesn't do any more mistakes and things like that. I thought you only had warned really bad sequence it was a play where he didn't look for past they can download. And it didn't get after rebound the youth defense and vending consecutive plays but other than that but he's been really good he's already and get this he's already. Leading all rookies in the field goal percentage and all rookies blocks. Well and he only he could play a lot early on so that is to give the amount of minutes and and numbers to do that. That's remarkable and you know I think. We're gonna see I think in the second half that's just my guess I have no inside knowledge on this but my guess is that we would see a lot more of the day old dream mind. Kevin array combination in the second half I don't think it means the end of you know the other five select speakers say that to the end of the night. You know size that's gonna start tonight because you just just guard Derrick Favors and Zaza as a much better matchup for that and plus I think Zaza. You know he he brings. Intangibles to the table you know he set good screens which could say the shooters going early Eddie also you know he's tough he brings a level of toughness of the warriors have half. No question to come. What is it like for you to be ordered. Call a game on Christmas Day take us through what Steve or what's the atmosphere like when you head to the stadium and what's it like distance isn't a difference between that particular game or any other games. Well first of all let's figure I was I refer routine because they're there presence fields and here. The business here again secondly. Yeah it gets it into different vibe in and you know I'm not a huge fan of working on Christmas but it's the NBA so we we play on Christmas and to the players it's a big deal. I love DS saw this but. The trial raptors room. Leo's other players were upset that there are playing on Christmas because they're there and out of the US market so the TV networks don't have a huge demand for them. So they were getting the nod on Christmas they want to play. And soul. It's a big deal the players because they know the rest of the league is watching. And so. So they get fired up port and and especially when you have a team like Cleveland coming to town. It felt more like a playoff game at their regular season game the other death and vibe Wazir people were excited you know people with their early. And they were you know food very ill watching people warmup you know for the obviously it gives people come to watch those the words warmup an album. But did they were more people there I think that a regular game homestand that different but didn't. What is it about. The LeBron factor and always look at the rockets and there was it got what I. Well I have seen the rockets play them on Christmas Saber. What is it why is this guy so revered even if they would do what is it to cavs are the LeBron would brings everyone into watched X along eyes on the TV. What's so intriguing about LeBron. LeBron as intriguing because he is he does everything well and he's just he is at. He's a guy that he you know you might be if it if you lined up against a little ball he probably sit tight in their defensive redshirt and if he was in baseball he'd be your power hitter who could running catching and five tool guy do everything. He's bad guy and he and bad sides to do what he can do to pass the way he tasks. He's got he's got to go down as the best passing Ford in the history of the game. He's he's from Obama won the best ever at chasing down players behind blocking shots we've seen that. He he's improved his game but to me the most in the most important stat for him. Is the fact that he keeps going to the NBA finals every team he gets to integrated he's got some he's got talent around them get don't get me wrong but. But they can they keep going to the finals he keeps ending up in the files and in even Easter Cabot yes he out. You know with the team we have Miami there really wasn't anybody to challenge them for years. You know Indiana won a couple games against them but but they weren't going to beat them in a seven game series and ends. Any I think in the end of that. And so. So yeah I think to do it would have been different had he played in the Western Conference I don't think he will play all these files consecutively because that's how was better in the west for a long time. It's kind of switching back and forth now. A little bit. But. But but yet just a bid to Wear and tear on his body in the amount of minutes he's played in it almost finals it's just it's just remarkable. Let's send on this yet the jazz come to town and I of course you can hear the game here on 957. And the Golden State Warriors have won twelve of thirteen. While you Todd has a really struggled on the road this year I wanna say they're like three in fourteen on the road they have all. They haven't done well and oracle but no staff curry. We even targeting next January 4 game against the Houston Rockets we know he's working out. What do you think we'll see step back in the lineup you know I. I think it is they lived I think the most in most interesting thing of the statement yesterday it was the fan base and they are reevaluate about Friday. Which means now he's getting on court stuff he's too young they put them modified scrimmage the other day which means he's playing Jonas played basketball. He's not just out there doing things and he's been warming up before they games and Anna and looks pretty good you know lend itself. To me. The other I think they're gonna reevaluate Mon Friday with the with the idea of OK when we turn elusive display or is he ready to go at this point so that Betemit was the good things like I think. Yes takes a sore right around the first of the year I think that's almost see him come back. The other great thing is there you know that any hurried. To have them come back and and and that's that's a beautiful thing and then yell at the here's the other thing that. These people should appreciate. The lawyers have surged past the rockets in the first place the last that that's a big deal for the lawyers percent. They are I think we've talked about in the past you know maybe getting the once he has to be important thing is that means he would probably Nazi San Antonio more than likely until. The other Western Conference finals but but guilty if you get that far but to me it's remarkable what they've done without stuff. And they're defense and is now number one in the league. Because they've just locked it down and their defense was fantastic on Christmas Day but Klay Thompson was did an unbelievable. In his defense in the post against bigger players they couldn't Jeff Greene couldn't get a shot off over. I mean that that's to me is. They it was one of their better defensive efforts efficacy temp thing about that and history of basketball how. They teams. Could have a guy who's a two time NBA champion two time MVPs sit down go back where he's ready he's ready we're not gonna rush him back. Club that would hear the rockets hit a fourteen game win streak lost to a you're out of first place. I feel. Don't know what's going out here you know it's amazing it's it's it's amazing that but I you know I should go what should let you guys don't usually show back and everything I've got to go look for recipe for fried lobster I know on Friday loss says yeah I'll give you the resupplied next time I see her. All right Deb that sounds good plant eye exam take care. Target at all night that don't forget. A mall is I keep freeing it is but there you can always go warriors suck com and find some tickets are people are looking good. To move tickets are so if you want to get out to the war the games got three games left on this homestand so go to lawyers dot com. All right take care Tim RTS the great samurai think about that. I'd lost ultimate fight or die oh and all day long. I can tell you what I got for Christmas no. I got me down like a wine club deal. I got a barbecue sauce so every three months and get barbecue sauce. Different barbecue sauces got to bring you may end I'm kind of I'm pretty fired up about it now I ain't. Q you had and the luxury. Of being able to tell Seth carried panelists we'll we'll bring back when you're when you're really ready. This is I seem to really ever had that kind of depth. That kind of luxury to be able listen to say we're 21 of the best players who've never played two time MVP two time NBA champion. They used over there and relax and now when your fully healthy lead two back in. This is when you appreciate my using company have in the vision to go give direct did you imagine step B and out with I mean they would adapt by. But it wouldn't do him like this man. This is incredible in sometimes you just sit back and you wonder low. How good how far can this team they would win it all yeah but how far can this team go without staff when I first where women Katie was out it would mean so long time I don't say they wouldn't. Also they couldn't win at all because they can win at all today why. Thousands come I don't know let's be without pain and that may be all around that they aren't there any day you. Started outrebounded us very up. That's stop don't stop snowing yellow and another your premise is no Katie knows that meant no my point 010 OK you can't do that yeah exclude both those guys know they cannot believe that they've already done it without before Katie was here so you know they can go when industries change but this current team without staff. I don't think they can beat LeBron. They just more than seven. Yeah it is not a slam don't is because I did it just doesn't think just like ultimately tell the I would be afraid of the rockets or San Antonio with this cast what. Before they got to the finals I'd be none. I understand will be more nervous but let's face it your grown man why are you nervous eightieth street and a bills Katy sports spectrum and eighty brings an even deeper into defense element that staff can do says can shoot the ball better I did that. So he made one moment doubt KP but Katie what he's going he's unbelievable just like here's what I disagree with a lot of people are saying. They looked east is weaker and keyboard continued to say well look LeBron had eighteen when he moves Miami no one wanted to challenge. I'll say the same thing about this teams 5610 years from now. When we look at this team what they've been able to do for the last three years and if Katie in this team stated stand intact. We're not gonna say the same thing why would we not say the same things because schools will win and I challenged them. Last year they won they won lost one game in the playoffs and want keep saying all these rockets and all these other teams they lost one game they went fifteen and one. Guru. This team is dominant always gonna say that in 510 years from now in domestic oil wasn't fair isn't going to be an. At no nine goals this community this is already the best team ever I do. For getting older compare this is it Michael Jackson misses it. This is the best team ever assembled and no team has ever had this much firepower. And in the in the guise or defense of stars did that clay and straight in now KD it step play in the past and let I've got these Detroit now this team. Is one of if not the best team ever. In the NBA guy gains are already there are greater for that there's a bar open in San Francisco. Yeah it's a broader market. Tunnel then down the job is to ensure all the truth that I went to see your Wednesday acknowledged that way it's whiskey Wednesday now. My little the most so bloody Mary now at 6 AM a big blue okay that's illegal always try to keep the people's on the mark they all I can match. Creators. Of the things they know how how do you like don't appear out belly and up to the bars are. How about how shall I or not they're guys get off at six OK I bet there's an hour you've got me but if you're not getting off. At six saying and I think the majority are not tenured outside waiting for them to open the bar at 6 AM I'm just saying you might have a problem. You think may be highly embarrassed ordered the jury just. You know what's out there. In the front margin did you what year are rejecting coat yeah I had you know a martini to. The seven jet with 601 double Jack please meant little splash of coat and it's nice to be special here in the Bay Area. Yeah really use. Millions boiler up. AD. The big fellas get ready they hate you got the Purdue Jersey well the element that now you know what I got to my got to number do geared no more on the Purdue gets a gets its way geared myself mommy's not allowed to listen wag its gotta be years he represented his son. Whoever's in rivers my low bar here and no I'm not gonna boulevard. How are the charger generally are what. I have got to do. One I guess we would spoon that was a week. To week stuff adhered could go a target. Little more I don't hear about family gag on an anxious to let forty others. You are do you keep up good numbers make your own yeah. Oh yeah. Well why it was just that Christmas season. I think whom we come from a fall off neutrality from for us now from the local telephone. Guiding hand heard armor I better and our honor and freightcar green. I got you Charlie can't come he's no longer here but I I gotta flow don't they win he's gonna get that Rain Man. You want desperate bid to the ball and get a room for Wimbledon that we don't. When Milan have fun and excited about him great they got to play here a mite yes that when I traveled we predicted this did yeah when did predict this month to tell you start looking and I don't you know low there's a shot he Caribbean and appear against the pac. Tackle well Tim and I get there is not allowed cast. Yeah it's. It's a well yeah I'm I'm excited about excited they're coming down into new interest and see the game and just to be around so much family in CE you know I know he's going to be happy to no doubt it's really cool he's like get. It's like a home game for him coming home down and so he's excited about it he's. He had takes me back he gets weird game day that we guys that I love hey you know he's he's got that hey you know it and it's crazy Casilla allowed textile Lavar. It's serious I just I just say son duo led daddy's birthday today. You come down because he's right to your diet. Some like it to 67 blocks from my blood come down give daddy beat kiss and hug. Comes LO take a pitcher with me and all of a crisp almost my birthday is two sacks and a couple tackles and for what he says as Monty beat fellow G tonight. He got me on pay no mind. My. Can he be playing on Sundays I do that a possibility it's possible and the home has got a chance he's got a chance. Got a chance. To start off tonight new home getting get it make them. Or years we saw more Ali's. You saw more China chance a door Omar ready either big boy out and he's got the size that's of science. We can blow the crowd there and listen to big Fella named my son can hit free throws than they gave it right. My only score I don't really hammering out but no he's he's he's Shaq got a lot of and let the legal the team score and get it right put that parents lick me like how can you guys have been fixed little Darryl they know the right. And intent but they're looking that meet the grounded saying oh dial when every free throw. Hug and on the mile wide where they can't field squeeze them like he's got it BA stuff. Clay where it. And you got. That you've got to get better yeah okay. You don't people think you'd be in Baghdad's Shiite and suddenly play better so that good stuff you get you get 'cause everyone's watching so you can't be there. Great job no you gotta you gotta play better I don't I don't I don't give no matter boy I'll. I don't act like I'm the only example. A better they're looking at you there liked. Your son can't hear brilliant center and lead her out or hit a three and broaden the rollout to all go out to the driveway and shoot some free throws sugar. Hundreds at the time. Sonny told me that might not be the way to do what we're shooting too many. Maybe we need to wait T gets tired. In the ensued the Tet and to the free throw the jails all quiet in the religion at the Johnson and Andy client. In your diet and ever since I mean does not lie in your dad I had 21 and I'm at the dinner table to do insulin issued a 34 to thirteen myth there's a no it does or does or Jimmy. Hazard gaming. It's just a list. You know watching within those some things are doing low back on the in his huddle. I'll watch it Satan what do you think can seating you actually go through it and let him to Clements financial then you got to do is get tired of doorman. So you've just little things you can do you don't you don't yeah I get told what they do don't say you've got to make this you don't need to be told what to do just ought to be reminded. It's the way you do it you Weisel Tay within six. I wouldn't think a little drove OK woody job what are eating jungle too because since. There are there and there are now able to the process down and talk a mile block doubles not in I'm not tied a dumb arm go out I'm pushing the ball this that. Got an island and spin off not rotating so you let them watch it and let don't critique are scheduled to big Fella sitting Phillies look good what do you think you here. All your rights Egan I'm allies on okay. How about this I. I'm sure Laura very. Well on the net to that in order to yeah. Orlando FL bad debt can't. They do is Google trying to fix it we're gonna trash excellent accreditation replay to. I got several Roy goodbye in a little bit. Can I get Sammy makes a buy and in my reply. Now that don't worry your Wednesday. Here's Joseph lo and did. Actually it's town neat glow grew and and a 957 game. And now joining us and he's brought to you buying. JBL headphones. The officials sound of the warriors Sammy makes what does here on 957 again good morning Sam. Good morning pat darted Garrett yeah you'd still you know I've I thought it was very interesting on Christmas Day that. NBA ratings were up and NFL ratings were down what do you make of that it's obviously good for the league. Yeah a great for the league you know I'm an advantage this kind of polish for years and years now a where you know when Adam silver came into power. Following David Stern's footsteps shall you know government you're you'll love this Pointe church for. You know he is gonna boldly saying that that is ultimate goal. Once you get in the NFL territory when it comes to popularity at the tried people's bodies gradient and it's still a crazy notion but. You know the gap has been beyond narrow. And Christian day in particular has. Essentially become. The NBA's answer to Astro Thanksgiving and usually end a lot of progress on that crime so it again it's not on the same stratosphere all when it comes to. I balls but it certainly they are better than Integra bank of India. No question. How much to pass into Winston into the product in the teams that are planned it time you have a guy you know the teams the cavs and dove skin made you do business in. The play he's there is a lot of bad predicated on that in your opinion just like within the league depends on what a ball game's on as well. Yeah. Then they got they've got a good product you can't be you know roll out their work. A league it's not that Kristi black superstars and then that's what they had if you go down the line up from that day and if you had to take. The you know lowest profile game on the entire mixture I don't know maybe you don't shaky niche which is Angelo and he'd been Cendant Christie has Corning is sort. Or the other kind of second tier game timberwolves lakers he's still got Jimmy bothered Carla and held on the ball. All those guys every single game. And essentially on that day when almost half the league is playing every game kind of got a star not you mean three or start some mean that is. A driving force truly and then they're kind of checking both boxes that would not a good product and they're doing really good job of promoting. Sam the other night NB ATV showed game three of the finals last year and it dawned on me Korver hit that three. Cleveland wins game three and if they would've won game four like they did. The finals this 22 incomes Christmas I loved every minute of the game we've yet to cash out 32% on two pointers. And still lower there and had a chance to win curry is gonna come back Thomas is gonna come back. I'm gonna be disappointed if it's anybody but the cavs and lawyers and do you think the cavs are closed that bridge at all. I just hard to tell and I I dig everything you're saying I'm a 100% would viewed the Isiah Thomas sat there is shoes we know what the lawyers look like. Would step carrion told you I'm Kara would be on Christmas Day would make fun game. But I don't like I wrote you know this substance and meaning in terms of projecting where are you seeking Murat would not it's certainly there with you got those step by they. But I bet Thomas he knows who's still in northern California patient yet they play they played it can try and I'm wondering a little bit maybe eat. Finally returns look Slorc. Is he does how a player that guy wouldn't MVP chant last year. And if he fits with LeBron if he gives a team like the lawyers just another guy that they've got to guard they're shameless fashion obviously to what carried him when he was there. But but also I think. The way they can catch the ball Kevin Love playing shatter all the time having a great idea to try to get the lawyers. Big gap might be a little smaller than the ones last year I still think Golden State far away the better claim but that you know I really had mentioned it. In addition to the fact that LeBron is even better and achievement was last year you guys shot last June dot all of a sudden. It efficiencies through the groups so I would like to see that matchup and filed I know the hype about Bob that. Early on was there initial a very good team they've been struggling lately you don't have lawyers who you know roll that back and forth I would be a lot of fun. Semi told the guys I told an you know how I was hoping for overtime because that's how brilliant game was for me but I gotta keep it real semi top the no foul call on. JD kind of marred the game a little bit for because I felt like he should have been at the line. Yeah that's fair that's fair it's funny to dolphin this what you know he normally IE writer's a broad view that the iPad game. We're getting crushed in the whole process gets pushed back in the world and shellfish and barely but it's a noon tip I would have been fine though Pete. And then I had an idea and surprisingly bad like get tight deadline to get a sweeter Kyl amendment and yet the East Coast. I'm difference right and I wrote about Kevin in the got to credit for his defense. And he still he learned a lot of credit but then after write the column then you go back and you watch that one play 45 times. Am I understand agree with you like you watch that play in a drag Kevin would really give the country week. In the forward on LeBron should have been on the line. At least once maybe twice and in all of a sudden the narrative and try and add becomes the Kevin held shut LeBron down. Lawyers when the other rest had a bad last ninety seconds and it was on both sides and they had to miss called the which has sagged as well but that was too bad. When you look at this war you team and think about some years back when LeBron was. With Miami they say hey the big east is weak and they had a clear path because of Boston's Big Three and what they were able to do. As they say it was unfair. How would history Boehner right this doesn't seem as they evolve as did the rat pack stays together the four all stars team. Or people history would go back and say. This team was this year 1456. Admin in Wimbledon history go back and say the same thing that it was it wasn't fair. I don't think we're gonna have that narrative to the western clothes stacked not a main entry what LeBron just an occasion of that hasn't had not an easy for so long and this year has been different they used to a lot better more chatting and military this year. But this lawyer's strategy has calmed. You know during a time when Gregg Popovich is spurs are still playing at an extremely high level one that you can rocket. Evolved from a nice little Fontaine and to a power out and went out and made big moves by getting Chris Paul. Had a James Harden you know Oklahoma City Thunder obviously Kevin leaving their Lucknow huge. Avoid behind and led the way they evolve and they try to get everything together and called doors and Melo the west. Is still stacked the west has kind of talent and yet here we are. Coming off an anchor is Wednesday game what the lawyers up front again. You know you guys know the history already the best treat she can regulation and winning percentage in history in the NBA lawyers and had coming into this year and then the two titles that tree and it they obviously didn't. Blow it in that that in between tiles and you're talking about already one of the best rounds in league history and you know I'm now because of that they're just there on the edge that they look like a team that you know that they know and keep their books straight and did you get a contract should they want. And sounding good doing a lot. I agree Lou but what reason I say that because. It's perception vs reality perception is okay the rockets are there mash here they say at San Antonio. This team in fifteen and one on the last I saw last year does. So I know recession is a guy they knew the west is tucked how tough is it is is is this team disk. That my head and shoulders party really think that they're gonna come back do you really think that the rockets are really gonna compete when they get into the finals are given to be starts this play up front. Eighties so that's why I was asked that pleasure because they just to see so many teams there was they won't eighteen million people in time in the playoffs. You seem like it is motorboat everyone. I'll need a 100% to play out point you make it invalid because. You know lead that's what we're gonna look back on an entry. I just think. Sudan to the question of lawyers in that fact I mean I don't know even if you look back at Penn gave polls well once you get past Gotti. You know an endgame damaged during that stretch. You know the list of legitimate future hall of famers didn't go or because like this one and 89 and then. They get it had their ripple effect cholera actually work I mean I would strongly contend that a player of Chris Paul's caliber. 34 years ago never would even dream about jumping on what somebody like James Harden. But now he can like he had been conned them how good lawyers payment and they are and and so that they are just stagnant and I just think. Then that is why. It is also you know the old thing about you know what great power comes great responsibility like it they don't win it this year. And then you have. You know two titles and four years when people do think you had one of the best structure to ball on the cannot be bad and then you run the risk of being look you know perceived as he came that some sort of just didn't meet and its potential. Sam we appreciate the time have a good New Year's Eve old sergeant 2000 maintain. Send these guys happy new year happy holidays appreciate just. Sammy image from the USA today had very good article that he put out there on Christmas Day about Kevin Durant go to USA today dot com. And you can see it tight about gone from just an MVP offensive player Jews scary guy on defense he's made that transition. He had two owners. Historic donors. And their careers are starting to mere each other. Before our eyes on. About. This guy to your commitment to excellence in your will to win. This will endure forever you'll match. John F. Kennedy in the NFL man I watched that football life and that NRA I respect more but yeah I I didn't know he knew me thought I really don't know lady was a coach. Well Leon kids eat they don't know much about als is just got commissioner Dan you live and so. US during the break is are talking about lol in his time with the raiders where he got hurt hurt handing comply. And you talk about guaranteed contracts. And how sad it is the gas bill is the sport that doesn't get that you couldn't. Have guaranteed contracts like based on the unit and the MBA from the NFL my ears are perked. And the reason why you tell me what I'm right arm wrong loan. If you gave all these guys guaranteed contracts. Summary as one player they would take the needle yet again to contract why would you. You guys eat I. These guys EEU is the one sport where a no I mean obviously was golf and tennis you may see an independent contractor and you got to win to make money but the NFL you got to apply even if you don't apply. You don't stay you know studies can't can't make the club in the as they like to say. So while these guys so viewer I doubt if I. After the got a five year. Eighty million dollar contract in non cash five year ninety million dollar contract. And Erie and a year to. And year hurt they want you apply you replied no no. But they know why actually making serious but is making catcher grass and not get hey yeah gimme that Neil give me that tell hobby out there on Sunday load as the outbound come. This time and it's like easy easy easy right unfortunately that's just the way this gaming is in because guys like hey I got my guarantee contract. I'm not going to go out there when I'm playing with a slightly torn ACL MC I'm not gonna want to risk it because if I do. Shoot I REM I guaranty contracts I don't have to but now if you go out there and play with that a bomb hand or finger whatever. Are you know strained AZ 002 OK you've got to play because you don't like comic idea. So you've got to suck it up this is it's in nature of the game it's it's interesting that he had a great perspective. Shin Bet they're working let's go. He month. This is best thing going away I first got and his business I was guy I got covered the 49ers down whenever minerals still good Ron Amadon Jerry Rice were there. And this was this was such an eye opener. You go end to the locker room down in Santa Clara. And middle of the season these guys are all walking around beat out via jest DS around and can't and don't seem I think in a move ice packs and everybody put on Sunday go to the game. Everybody's flying around like Terry Young kid anymore. How does that work toward all. These guys are all doped up I hate to throw that out the images said the IO EC they don't that you make it sound kinda like Darrell. Things are at war. I know there was smoke well some guys as low as it's non Geisel. I didn't hit Lotta there a rough life for a lot of guys did that's why. That's why them the money you need to make sure these guys are taking care if you have time and guys cramping up you get an IV dornin game it happens. Our guys hurt you you know I've been in her sore something happened. Into Tora shot the button you you go out there and you play take Ibuprofen guys do that they do that and every sport but. Both balls is for managing you they need here. You slowing down you need help so you go at their legal help solid you don't some cocaine they're freaking doing some Craig how much does that shot workload he. Did your car you at home in the bed before it starts cool air off which is not it. I just know painkiller aero just in announcing you can you can move you can go I mean dude you don't take it I mean guys are taken archive this. We had a guides a moment in his knee was swollen every game every every week. They get that needle is always five inches long. And they would go into his mean. In this pull and they would just pull so much fluid you're like oh my god and then you pull out the fluid at this enemy is neat. Guy bought them play and are sick days training interns need. And amid the issue of chicken fat pig fat inside their did you want to keep the lubricate it I mean let's mend the rift valley that is why. Just like vikings barbarians. That's what you arraigned it's it's it's a sport people they knew they love to see it and say it's a sport did. It's it's it's not don't like it out there and. Oh yeah this I love that you out of their coming down the road that's a lazy excuse Aaron Rodgers you talk about quarterback. Arianna quarterback we have though they did to guarantee that it didn't Doug Dalton cornerbacks in the hole is sold lever you are in the 650 we have no idea you talked earlier about a quarterback. But I about the rest of the roster. The average guy plays what 23 years yeah do you do you and I see why the average guys taking the needle. Its impact in your body's not meant for. I mean you're in a car wreck you go put on to say Enron you get a government for foreign direct conflict in this is don't you go. If you don't have a strong track strong nag strong shoulders strong every argument you're gonna get our guys in the last. Guys aren't too fast too strong but AJ do what he's so must close so big so strong but to tie it deep in everything just rips apart. It is biz biz his bones he's not they're not big enough can also do is here is muscle up the bulk. Just what throughout the bowl because he saw Apollo and he's worked so hard it's just eat eat this body can tell that they can't handle the mass and muscle that he's put. Certain guys in he's a freak of nature but he doesn't have the bone structure and I think he can't I believe it just pairs well the bone so. It's crazy man but you can if you gonna play because you're a grown man play any kid's game Guinea king's ransom and you know you can change your generation help your kids in public puts you in a situation not only that found it doesn't go to get a live report that's why you know you talk about full body thing about all these things that only that. It changes your life it is what it is affords you the opportunity they you would certainly guy's dream about. So you're good Steward put your money you understand what you're doing when and why you're doing it that's why it's like hey. I go back I would even say more about to go back go to dinner even more out of put more away at a ball more I would've been my daughter lived way different because guys just don't understand. The commitment. And the book and the brutality should put your body through. You want to make sure later on alive did you don't have to go through and try to doing things look it's a long warlock you're so I and I advise guys. Put your money on make sure you're saving money making sure your dorm because. This film and it's not the national police stands for not for long in your body can only take so much and then you know once they're gonna senior up the pastor they're gonna grab that Jersey and they gonna take that journey from you and then who are yeah. They who are yet. Glorious need to issue. Here trying to move and you eat email they'll realize in these write what you get hurt they just take you around back and no one cares so. Jason Garrett. Is being brought back as the Dallas Cowboys coach. Boy is Jerry Jones cern and Al Davis doesn't need any and obviously Iran for a lot of it. Al want to control the coach you wanna and that all afternoon and then he lost it under control he hired the coach is. Head coach didn't hire the coaches. And that's it that's this is bad and. And that's why I get I take from Jack Del Rio one of the things I don't check the boxes off they did or timlin. If you're a head coach in the best coach to meet in the NFL ever was Jimmie Johnson. You have coordinators he would go grab the offensive coordinators had sent intake all work like call this play that I want to. The team to run in this situation Jason Garrett case in point Sunday. There to three yard line big Kelly is fresh he's back and they won three rollout plays. And now he's under fire why you didn't give your Toro brand the ball. And Scott Linehan is the coordinator. But jet JC you have to gold scream it's got. Like what are you know what you do in low and that's what I asked he would Del Rio he's not a over those coordinators. Like mark my past is on the line. I'm a takeover they call what needs to be called home and not harmed. You need to and that's what a head coach Jesse do he has to make sure that he understands and people understand he's gonna. Employees going to put his will in his fingerprint and his stamp on his team. Offense and defense and you want that a lot of times a day head coach has to step in a position where they makes people unhappy or not. Because it ended day. It's on his his his livelihoods on the line. That's a big game. Purdue Arizona small little low I'm gonna look at boiler tax gas was number halo or I where we meet tonight. It's good that get head down there pregame and get ready and I'm gonna go head down there and I like our two on. Co grass and do need anything else we can use me I'll give you shout them again Alabama but he's coming and I thank you guys don't see tether. Lincecum and it does in the target don't play with the charges arising from lean more did a great receiver. So he's coming up Tommy Jones got don't Brothers got I'm Russ Hartman a buddy Reza play with a Fresno state. She only got Chiron collins' mother opens the line and it would come and go deep getting your trays and I think it could look any better idea I have been burnt. Stay low Madd decided that next to a bill Roma now ski and Tim bon Temps and then will be back tomorrow here. Town meet low guru and and a from six to ten but Simon said next scheme company AAA 9579578. Panel seat Amara near 957 yes. Shakes out someplace where.