JLD - Hour 3 w/ Kelenna Azubuike

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, January 2nd

Joe & Lo are joined LIVE IN-STUDIO by Warriors TV Analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area, Kelenna Azubuike as they get his thoughts on the return of Stephen Curry, the emergence of Jordan Bell & Patrick McCaw in his absence, and Jon Gruden's possible return to Oakland. Then they reminisce on their bad times with hair styles. 


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But he took what does a bogey in studio Jolo and this may you can do appreciate it meant. Is everything anywhere. Like form fitting because the suit on TV that's one thing we talked about before but now you're coming in here lean again. Front anyway this holiday season. Oh thanks so what I hate tech ten cinnamon rolls over Christmas because my sister in law has this crazy restitution makes would these maple. Cinnamon rolls and they're just big enough as is they're just small enough to where you don't feel guilty if you eat before yes so yes the more. But your advice and so I comment sweater I mean this like you look in pretty nice. What I find really plug you only now I'm just give a brawl game prods a pleasure let's deal and you had to take a pitcher I had a guy that's. I think it up right now on FaceBook gone. When you realize is limited way that everybody at home daddy like wearing food clothes that's desk and they did I had the body adversity close my clothes are fitted now because I grew through them. Nothing to fit the current body structure. That's the story for another day. We are taking you all you watch a lot of the NFL this past. And you know not it's not over this past weekend but yet unseen blue most of Carmona what do you think about the idea rooted in the coming back to the Bay Area. I just think it's funny that. Time away. Heard some of these coaches helps their stock go up. Well the big East Coast the last two or 2008 wasn't it. And as a while he's out nine years right and he wins in Tampa Bay's first used to roll and then didn't do much after that. And he's amazing and broadcast Booth doing minor football games. And all of a sudden his stock is through the roof and this is the savior of the world almost and I think he's a great coach I think he's gonna bring a lot of energy gotta love his energy I think he's a player's coach players love playing form he's got a great relation put their car ready so. I think it's a great fit and I just think it's funny now. You see these new you're away from the game for a while lawless than your stock goes through views coaches. Absence makes the heart grow funder and Sam have you ever had a situation no one here has the necessarily admit to it but you probably all know don't talk about soprano who met Paul when she was like ten yeah but. You ever date a girl. And it you know it wasn't the right fit. And you break up. But somewhere down the line a month to month she's our second guessing yourself and these are dig about the good times and you knew you had to catch yourself in that situation we say now Amanda looked there were a lot of problems that relationship but he did it and then you go through some bad relationships yes. And and you Severino and may be earlier was the one. So that's quite right now what you're saying Jon Gruden wins a Super Bowl and you want you know in the next six seasons he goes 45 and 51. He goes to the playoffs twice both wild card appearances loses both of them and yet we're sitting here talking about ten million a year. And an ownership stake yup they're necessity brings an excellent point right there now. And so isn't the brand is the brand so big right now we're just mystified we seem in the quarters commercials in the corona commercials and you think this guy can come back and be the savior when in reality its like. You could get Nick Saban that same price would you do that. I know it's easy it's its interest in this perception vs reality. You you know you give a guy hey you know I had the TV spot and you also. Given the microphone and you know when you listen you listen and help lead cease so astute about football and people said my god does Jon Gruden any talk about it being grinder is people fall in love with India they'll just be a monster on TV kind of like he's really good and mine are all the as energy and he talks about the gangs and I. I'll mis his face with football acumen his off the roof the quarterback can't thing yeah the stock got two highest paid employee NE SP exactly do you mean he was number one he does the big ticket item ESPN right. If there and the coaches are doing that it would would build cowered in his his stock to Ruth now do it is you know what's it say about that name. He was essentially gruden until the group situation occurred for years everyone that went out power gonna come back where I once spent time with family in the Carolinas when the girls graduate and he's gonna come back here is stock continued to grow he had the Super Bowl win right and then you know just. I think I think the book them what are they both have in common this gal. Both okay. Yeah yeah this. They both when they get mad get that I may drop in those first and quietly Jim Caldwell has none of the hour. As part of the reason he's out Detroit lender cannot even imagine Caldwell personnel anyone excite or guarantee you if you got to be well they're good people look dungy because of all the the other stuff yeah he's he's the closest sentimental attachment to measure follows the same type of guy. Same believe how they are but they just they don't it's you know dissing like. This blob but they're great coaches in their good meal and I called them a lot more people think Tony Dungy is there their mentor. We can't say that yeah and then Caldwell. KG MC FM and HD one San Francisco see that that's legal idea right there we'll break any more at the but we just we give more sports talk to the kind of ball great I got to read that line there and as simple as that is I've loved it multiple. Practiced coming into today I believe are not good so that's that on. So that we wanted to get to would you so. Ten you what you do on usual and then you out just hung Ellison friends dinner table looking you know someone you know. You know on New Year's when you rang and Allison friends low key when it happened ten years prior exactly ten years prior now when a case of this popped up yesterday. What's the name of the Twitter handle. Okay skull oh I know what you can where it's gone to this day in that. I let you play well sir this is from the San Francisco gate ten years ago. 'cause a bookie the NBA development league's top scorer was scheduled to meet the team and Oklahoma City late Monday and be in uniform for tonight's game against the hornets. The six foot 5220 pound guard still needs to pass his physical and finalizing content. Should say contract but he has already received an amusing stamp of approval from warriors vice president Chris moaning coach Don Nelson quote. Molly called me on New Year's Eve and asked me if I like Sam Boca I said yes. Also called. And he went out there and sign this guy Azubuike I thought it was a drink and he was talking about a player. I'm actually help. Many of them because he loves the jury so much. I was already in as good graces our towels are he and his good side because he he he is thousand drink you may just carried over into the person and I was. Okay is a player immunity he does awesome so he's already got this like affable likable. He said he was gonna come any intermediaries like this this guy's going to be cool either you know if you think that her story though he PR news. He's he didn't you do yeah. I don't know I mean aren't even though he saw me play before that but he loves Sam Boca. That's how the deal Gary tuchman. I'll begin though I had I don't think you really MB UD league leading scorer yeah. And bad bella is. Not so much like you when you were punch out teammates in New Orleans and starting problems with the coaches have you remember that I don't just. He's really taken it better. And it. He's gonna win it can't just go fish is suited you started talking about yes I think he kind of got me he's good graces for some reason I look at him and I was like man. He's got all these stories about people love it up yeah he had to knock out one of the tears one night I'll see this guy. Periodontal today is just people like those slowing okay don't you know what you perceived very gotten a fight during practice he. He pounds Jordan for everybody likes him gas so hey incidents not an end it's not the end of the year career at least hello that he won just always do you know we always let this. Things an eagle on great. A little US eagle is no doubt been our buddy though it's a great story though this guy and as you were trying to look out there are guys were the Cincinnati than. Others are some other types iPhone and here's a good 188 he was justified to buy him a hard time he's pretty much justified. Staff looked rusty in his return and doors has some problems are going back. Really rusty it's it's incredible he came back Mort there's a big guy walks in the gym after missing eleven games in his arms fire and he's an imperfect rhythm. His energy is greets. He didn't really seem like he was. He was posturing in confident tough and in the entire enjoyed that he's getting. A friend on the floor fine move without the ball was great road and off screens to class all. All my cynical. Around them yeah you think it settles for Ubisoft was that for his tail you think some people like Jay did that this is now not just thinks it was a situation. As a mismatch in front of the men he decided. Exactly act come a couple times who double cross over and this always just last going to do what would want mussels that do other understand there's about life and death so I think about life when something like that happens a guy acted like he's about to drive and so I garnered in that way and all of a sudden he wasn't driving I. So it's. Finally have my momentum is taken me toward the basket and they can't stop I don't know what you expect native. And the situation let him go and get neutral position this don't they don't make the break ankles just turn aside. And just give the green light like the matador and hopefully someone can tell you because when you try to stay in front of the my dad moon okay easy what he did Chris Paul last year interest only he posed and by how little he like he got told Eagles is because. There has been found the lord that I had in many victims. After the Chris Paul did the matrix and just kind of lean back on them yeah. Medal alias assault didn't fall you know a hand touched the ground but isn't it crazy how when stuff comes back. That energy of the war is us through the roof the fund is back there intensity. It we always talked about how easy staff makes the game much easier. Then what we've seen from the wars especially in this past few games he's missing the big guy comes back. The way they move about the ball everybody moving around all this is the screens they said. It's so much easier to get the ball movement the player movement the up tempo pace when you're playing against a team allies is slowing down might Memphis it's much easier to get your tempo because energy. But he plays with and and it's it's easy for and that's the way he plays and that's why the wars are so good that's why the culture is what it is because the staff really so. When he comes back into the game as I OK we get back to what we do much easier now and houses houses the press was that's conditioning I was really concerned about bank I knew they wouldn't be playing everything ankle was. 7580%. Of those Bengals toll partisan battle okay is is he down on his knees and his people and our shores does he seem like he's. He's having a tough time out there was wind at his conditioning was fine in these views. He was trying to get more minutes at the early game that saw I saw Brady felt. I had a couple drinks during that game and at one point. I'm looking up and it's midway through the third New Delhi 96 on the board they got the graphics wrong this is going to be close to ending that night. Six but today. Generally in that situation even if you're in great shape you still need to get your sea legs back right prize she didn't show any amount you. No I did now is actually talked into one I did. The nuggets game of the on call for those scandals talk until. And he's gone through is is normal drills for the Yankees he would play and so he's going to side to side movement and is exposing this just offer an ankle. And ankles fine then and he's a talented and I'm not a basketball shape Tom Tom Coughlin and companies and down their words pocket and and he's had a tough time you get words out he's like. Since they resume his. And is this is how it was back then so that's allows Watson for when he came back against Memphis is this guy you'd be. Haven't had a tough time after four minutes that guy plays so hard he doesn't know how to than to go a hundred flight 90% right he doesn't play well that's right we can slow it down I had to take he's right there is no light and talking in between for him so he's gonna go all the way out intensity wise and and he did just that against Memphis and he was funny is when was five. How do you I feel like doing TV you you've been good on those broadcast really get another way to plan as a rookie in studio with Joseph lo and and a nice I said the Indians back next Monday and five. Yes I so this is an act. Our eyes open as usual was a guy I ever it's fun and it's as is different I love them both studio and collar. Color your just kind of reacting to what's going on in the moment and and that's a whole different element and I love doing that too. We're watching games in and saw me do some things and you can talk about on the spot where is in pre imposed any kind of got her call. It's a figure out OK what what happened what alone bring up from the game that is is something of importance outtakes right exactly the only hot takes during the game right but they're both fun they're both the ton of fun and the and the guys are good obviously pop insane during pregame post game and halftime they make it so much fun and then Bob and Jim during the game it's. They're they're all professionals and school or do you like my only. Takes. Radio is straits I really love the fact that I can coming here and dressed down a little bit hidden. And working with the U low is that is the best part about it honestly you completion so safe that was hard till my. My wife candy and I smile because it would I want straight does the blue came out there okay what Joseph you really say how is necessary guys. He's smoothly played Andre is that going to be. Only should get it gets so he can get some really good ones I don't know what do you Joe's great too by the way I noticed I was like Ellen and lately you know there was great. I don't go there. Could get a drop it actually didn't play ground religiously parent program Tom up I think one thing you never wanna see staff out obviously but. It opens up opportunities for other players and some of the injuries have taken place Kurz gone deep on the bench. I mean jordin bell and Patrick McCall. We sought from a call last year but this this kid. Like if you bulls right now and I I have a couple friends in Chicago Bulls fans who just think it's absurd that they sold this pick over to. Told state and he kiss the kid can play. He fits the Warner's perfectly doesn't he's he's an athletic he's the modern big he's vs how he can guard different positions on the other side. On the offensive side he's not a guy and it's gonna demand the ball in and scored on the post. Why Dwight Howard he's a thing was finally. Dwight Howard necessarily gay when they beat the lawyers decent he played better than I've ever seen him play even in Orlando he looked like a monster but I digress back to. Two and a dornin now. Digest around here digest. The dollars and wow okay control that I Jessica yes booted. Could apply for a lot of things yeah. So we can say that that's when Jordan ballot he he's wonderful on the offense and he comes into the game thinking okay well look what can I do to impact the game Oden scored the ball. Obviously if I screened for staff and clay and and Katie. I'm gonna get easy buckets so I don't really need to accommodate anything out that got to be aggressive I just screen fills general hard and they're gonna make great passes out finish above the rim easy like I agree if that's is something that happens. But I remember rebound. Can I get an effort blocked now does matter before he's scum Lally gagging at times you get a block and when to stop. But Steve Kerr is hard for non OK sprint the floor the use jet buzzes and at all times a lot of times on either side and he just from sprint the other way. You may even get a block from behind on Damian Miller or. On the offensive side he may get it to dock because someone missed the layup on the breaker transition semite than so this team something that something's gonna happen so he start to think about that more and I just love is atlas is a man is. His IQ is there on the defense and then an ending knee are great mentors like Dray mind green and David West one Purdue west speaks you don't listen. Sir so this is the perfect situation from my saying that he wouldn't thrives and if you into the bulls earn some other team both. It just his. His growth. Is growth wouldn't be as as much as it's been enough. Is that dude is in what he had had this mess success on another team of course you have played on another team but what does success being their because they have so many veteran in because this team is so good. It affords them more opportunities right. And I I don't think he would be has as big an impact. Because of the veteran leadership here the mentors here the guys they're teasing and you are from drink monitoring that news. Awesome on defense down in every way on our fans to his his I Q he's discount passing now and then these guys are all willing to. Tim part ways and does it but also because of the system and and the way the warriors play the culture here in the winning culture I just rubs off on user rookie. I think he understands how good he has it but I hope he does I hope he does understand how giddy as a mrs. Rare says it's to be able to play on a team like this when this many great players in this many great passers and then. The scoring I think. Because there's so many great passers and because if you screen for a guy. A lot of times two defenders again I go with Katie Stefan clay and and he understands that infuse role basket hard now is that lettuce isn't as more on the sway now he's handsome while Lutheran decent pick and rolls. So as it's I think it's just everything to the way this team plays the veteran leadership all these things have made him a better player. I like those David West old man minutes and I say that smiling that's not a good joke when he gets in there he gives you good minutes the first good. Hard minutes when he's out on that floor how about and get on the boards last game again. Six offensive rebounds he's having an an incredible season and then we started this movement they don't retired David West movement I think it's. It's something that is really gonna run some people over here now onboard hash tag and T shirt this really all you may throw movement and then you guys will that takes care of his body. Looks great he he's he's still in d.s in the dean he understands. What his strengths are what he can still rely on at this point in his career that 1582. To eighteen footers. Is still wet that's just something that's automatic. But his passing out his passing abilities and is is incredible and he loves. Passing the cutters the guys this is mentality is okay if you cut. I'm not passing the ball and I'm recast the gloves come forward all these guys that are great. Move without the ball move forward and he's really working or on the defensive end to end organ that. Got a question we wanna asthma and bring cookie on the for this is well this is gonna ride with us in studio for about another 45 minutes or so here. Prison bet you gotta make it next season prison met. Who's winning more games the niners or raiders Jolo and did not present the chill blowing did continue. On modified seven big game. Isn't that is a way of determining. How confident. You all are on a given subject. For example if lowered to say. Man titans cannot make in the playoffs this year. Would you prison met at low. You know and I'm not that certain I would prison Bennett the president met is this Cohen Azubuike. If you win your prediction. You get five million dollars. If you lose you spent a year in San Quentin. How yeah that's that's how works it's legit so if you force tries to prison that. You five million now for you guys who professional athletes. Lowe always doesn't think the president bad he's done well for himself he's on that frequent money now so easy for a long trip I think. It invented Cohen and I meant a minute okay amend them in the end I meant to be under itself makes you get a nickel and didn't get out on you know up on the going not only for the fact this whole concept is just fascinating to me he comes in the one day he has. Did this and that they a man. The men and making money they go okay thanks. All talk about it later. Suffers I'll be Carly and you know that nobody giving away any secrets out of oak currency brother it's it's going I got a couple other ones and I can. Three cents down wanted to when he. L plans for a dollar and started with 230 in less than a week or why don't you once you make low point. Every once I don't want mushy their own Anatoly direct point grab you got an. We cannot do three sets down to two it's gonna quit in the history of cooked up no doubt its release. On. So mean and there. Our surprise people what they keep it real on the show clearly to grill low bid and he this which turns out are you don't know we're also good meal will miss you know I think if you want. Came here my guess. Ford and give breath and count we'll get her. Hoping thinking accountable if it's funny eighteen it's not I've been. People. So this is Israel but I mean if the prison that I got to take imprisonment. Did you win the president makes you get five million but if you lose you go to San Quentin for a year. And not you look at the play the warriors when they come you're not that Saint Paul man you're using you might get to watch it from the window but you'll get the plane Piccadilly restaurant Bob Myers Nam who wins more games the niners the raiders. Who would you be willing to bank a year of prison on. Who wins more games that season niners the raiders I don't know I would like to begin would you like to be answer. Freshman at the niners really. I had the niners swimwear yea that's slightly adds so much more momentum. In the end the season right now going into next season do Jimmy drop below he's lifted the whole organization. In same thing coming was that the the energy used to Ruvell lost in that thing words in your apple is. Are you like leading people on the sideline you can't fake that that's that's a natural leader if you've taken that your teammates and just got to know if I'm wrong Lois. They they're just a note that I is this zero idea I've seen yet you're not. Well I Weiler did anyone see us while they're now sixteen walking on the sideline trying to hide but the Broncos. He's screaming and yelling and no one looks and we don't believe yes OK secret how we don't believe trying to get can't could that he's about me that's different guys. Company makes a great point like yeah no one blue that guy you re at it and tried to get every single member hyped up and not one guy. Forty different guys not want that made eye contact with them tones and music that we senior body of work and I don't blame you. Let me Jimmy grovel and looks so comfortable in the pocket it's got a quick release. So. I got I got the 49 and I just think prison banana I'm yet you have to prison where manners you have to so he would take the 49. To make sure you didn't spend a year in San Quentin. When you do a storm I may be really. It and I love John you know John I would play together and leave plenty low lynch mob what he's been able to do bring any Jimmy G Sam's has a point nine is they're trying to not responsive and the raiders. Mine is based on hey look the talents they care we understand talents their best offense allied could be jump on paper and football second best behind Dallas Cowboys got still franchise quarterback and young car. Digress digest this year you seem a way to digress. Didn't play real grass day he regrets the culprit putted well he did all the different things you suggested in every WiMax so it's been. There anyway imagine so I think that we need think about who they're gonna get it they get it Jon Gruden liked guy type of quarterback and coach. They can come in and help turn that around because the defense played well enough and a lot of games if you look at their. The San Diego and other means LA this year early and you only gave a 15 December only allowed sixteen so you look at a lot of big games this year with a offense where they had this pulls out this big bad offense under achieved they cannot play as bad as they did this year or not it's impossible shockingly. If we had said before the season the only piece of information and again use of the raiders go six and dad and then we fast forward to this day. I would have assumed we'd be on here talking about the defense my caddie defense yeah. Not even like in the top three if you power and the problems you wouldn't go well the defense was eased concern now. Booked that was the only concern we had coming into the season low what do you think their car was so inconsistent this season and and he was amazing before and injury this season before it was just the offensive line he's used. Thank you talked about Jimmy. That's what game you haven't often cornyn and it's never been off and scored in the week. In you've been given fool's goal when they say he was gonna meet he got another team's gonna take this guy he's one and hot hot things out there but he's never called plays. And all of a sudden now when you're in the in Rome. And quarterback does until the ball but you get on the receivers and you get none of the guys. Guys T do that yeah when you're afraid to get on guys be a big guy because you got that promotion because a big guy. Now players start to see that in the locker room they got to see that the days of this disconnect and looking at who's this guy. They're systematic and they don't understand his play calling guys. Jumping up on the sideline after a smaller one touchdown and immense dolphins corners doing flips runner up to silent high fives and all that stuff. Medical tax you know those are things wanna see you look at sea coast but not in when you have bad and there's a disconnect in the meeting room. When you have it when guys don't. Believe the next guy and I think that you start to see them at quarterback and now you seem car also card can't play anymore. I think you look at it was a coaching. And all things being equal players don't make plays the VCU much Jerry Rice if he's playing receiver in the coach and what players make played the coaches make decisions that determine outcomes game. You have Jerry Rice and I'd open a cornerback and here's Dini what does a coach's job to do double input if they don't you go 10 well what do the mark Thomas just put one on one on step. Bet players go make a play coach's job is make a decision the doubling trapping get the ball at the same and that's gonna help determine opening day he didn't get that and so what happens you get your players not believing. And I think that's was big with car not just the injury but not believing in the coach is they had. How about this guy is answer like today he's got fired today and all that thousand. Okay did talk to this hour for you that's bit coy yeah he's great answers. Now if a minute are we getting younger and hold everybody accountable I think since we actually had a we have I'm curious to know he's too big it is 88 the brand is to bicker like gruden comes in in in New England. All due respect bella checked its Brady right Brady is the marquee attraction in New England. Aaron Rodgers is the marquee attraction green bag everywhere you go if you look at the raiders with concomitant. Does grow and become the marquee attraction and then do players get jealous of that would you would you tell me about was it Dick go. Put the bears Dick it was too was tricking players that'd endorsement deals the players amassing gruden would do that but if he was too busy. But Dick they had they had commercials guys live music hey guys I don't want to take these commercials we will win and it's still another Super Bowl. And in Dick it would go on in my ankle did the commercial front and while it's a decent I didn't mess. If you know so guys could stand girl is not like dad. I played by that I wasn't as though is that you got that he would do what the bill's brother safe and easy when the guy is that big any Jon Gruden isn't a coach Jon Gruden is that I mean that's a and that is a big time attraction Carly going tomorrow was the car was bigger didn't Del Rio. Models. A dog is John drew the standup guy you know what I think what he's gonna help like the guys already respect and only Ari has a great elation when their car. I don't see him. Undermining guys and in taking commercial he's got his own commercials than corona. There's a lot of other guys I corona money Boehner and he's fine I'll think he's just doing what you think he needs you offense and mining coach Smart and you. You think del real can tell him hey where he goes go with the ball. He can't a little bit but do you think he knew the game is good this car off with a guy so that's the biggest disconnect if you look at look at the offense cornea look at the guys here. When you don't have that. There's a disconnect now we have a guy and grooves that don't you go here with the ball a young man this what you're doing this is a groove so even instant respect in my opinion I feel as if when it comes the president met which direction you don't. I'm actually going 49ers don't quite as half. Yet just because they think right now they're gonna have a full offseason of Jimmy G working with Shanahan they have the most cavern when it comes to getting free agents they're going to be able to get a lot of players against Pierre Garcon coming back. The the raiders they do have some more when it comes to leadership in the locker room right now so we'll see what John gritty sandy there's no guarantees because right now there's been some leadership issues right now. With Jack Del Rio. A DC gun it's gonna help with a few things hopefully with gritty coming and that will fix all the problems we don't know yet we don't know. What are the chances in the locker right now will those be gone by the time the new year comes around. Yes it is a thank you put a year prison on the line here. I mean I UICIC a really. But not nine organization they enjoyed playing they play hard at a great young played all else proven himself he got a quarterback has proven himself. I look at all that I think if I got your prison on on the line I might not be looking for the most upside I'm looking at who's got the lower slower floor you don't say like who could have the worst possible meltdown. I don't think the niners next year have a meltdown type situation I got a last place schedule I think they continue to progress I think maybe our expectations are due to high. Like maybe we go to the season weekly playoffs ten and six and they finish 88 but that's I think that's a reasonable expectation. The raiders it's like did you did you get together we didn't win twelve games but. I just saw you have a disaster if you have another disaster I think. Zaher downside is greater than the nighter downside right now under Maria you're prison. Any upside side there's more I know I'm raiders yes there's more alone this is the Allen wise you gotta say the raiders and it's in these current moment but. When we look to lose 78 months from now we be saying the same thing they drew nor welcomes and on the offensive line. If you go out you a trip to the Wellesley debate would go out and sign that. Nickel Roby the corner from the ramps views remain Johnson's gonna be out there you go I get a big time corner offensive lineman you draft someone in that first ten exec comes and starts right away suddenly appeared are so comes back. Yet two safeties have been banged up all year they can play next season. Caps on that great acetylene mess up front of lines and the niners have on the wars look what's been going on lately. Yeah I think offense when does it matter that's. Why attempt that's what's above the shoulders greatest problems are by the shoulders and I think if you get a Grunin reset and come in and do what he needs to do. Hey guys believe in turn turn guys back around and say hey look at your own way. They need they need you guys don't come in the air puts puts heat on him you know that they were they read the prison press clippings before the season started in just. Deemed himself Super Bowl bound. So I think that they needed guys don't come in there and album but not the best candidate for the niners this offseason you can't be buying and all that I can do better. A lot of hype Vegas is gonna like ardea totals gonna be hide these Super Bowl odds are gonna be way better than anyone expects because they've got to Jews and a little bit knowing that all these people from California or niner fans come across the border bet the niners they take a lot amount of money every year anyway those don't come out of eight or higher. When total guaranteed to. City and under bet for a lot of people what do you think they went nine next season and well obviously this isn't good talk radio if I sit here and I say I got to see the schedule so I can find right arousal traps of course I would I would put him right now he said he mean I'd sit idle eight made a comfortable with that and I might look 97 yeah. I mean you got core. You know this this guy. Finally people realize because of how well brought Lewis played I don't think people realize how great of a head coach you have Redknapp. Like that should be the talking point. You went from a bad finally your car ball with a messy break up to a disastrous joke of the year console two of garbage here which Chip Kelly. And then you bring this guy in and droplet takes all the headlines late. Did you that the next big thing right here you know I think you've got a guy who understands he's young enough to. Identify with players but he's old enough to have that maturity he understands how to run a lot chromium is it how to call placed these genius play call and UCL a falcons and looked since he left. That's a great point hikes are to him was not able to fill that void nor any Matt Ryan went from an NDP to. Yes I think how lucky they got a like they are lucky they got the playoffs they are a ton of offense and weapons everyone down there got paid because Shanahan ever want. Hope tennis 707. Dennis if you got to take the prison bat which team wins more games next season the niners and raiders. Dennis and I say it's set up Joseph first. The call to doubt that it sixteen feet and was historic year for the rigors that Turkey compared sit there and fight games that work you liked. Accused state gave the New Orleans he really put a lots most of those games but it all rolled their way. So now you've got bad sport just seventeen. Quarterbacks about pop audience leadership and ability I'm sorry Kid Rock located almost checks and how well leadership. You got rumors that there are awkward to line. Well what laid down pretty damn Marshawn Lynch would undermine them. Jimmy brought always gonna put up with Internet match you watched Tom Brady's streak all of his players. Appreciate that phone call. Strong. I cannot believe we've reached this point both teams are six in ten girls team. Are gonna have marquee coaching attractions next season you've got franchise quarterbacks are gonna play each other next year for both Guinea Jeremy wood desk. These two I don't know if you heard it but since they tied they have to settle the draft position with a quite flat. Aid to the tiebreaker will come Donald coin flip at the com by late February so whoever wins the toss niner as the raiders will get the ninth pick the loser will get the tenth back. I think is going to be huge. And there's a linebacker from Georgia the the raiders could really use there's just so much a player say quad Barkley from Penn State both teams could be interest did. We need a name for this event like Dwight Clark had. We need we need a name for this thing because I think the NFL I've already emailed them I'm trying to get then you've got to televise this thing. You've got to have marquee attractions in their representing each team the coin flip but you can't just send video interns to monitor the coin flip if that's the quite a man it's it's. It's flip adelphia although Philadelphia is not at all in anyway shape or form that's what I'm looking for a name like that we got a name this thing we got to put it on the T shirts we got to get. Two guys down there that represented we got to go to Indianapolis into a show live interview people set the odds for the big flip big flat. We think about that low and I did AM video ads on FaceBook right now so people can actually comments. Their suggestions for the name look at kind of as a company engaged in well we've been dancing around all morning. Here. Okay because he's Kate I mean not God's best player. Does this weekend but it's so illegals from coming up Saturday and L bailout of flip OK held a coin. I mean it's sure that we could use incorporate the number nine in some capacity just on mobile global outsourcing or outsource triple 8957957. If you want to weigh in how we think about this you get nine. You hit on that peck. Because both these teams have concerns in some of the same departments if the team that gets nine hits on that pick. I virtual winning the coin toss to end up hurting your Bay Area arrival for years to come that's the story is currently has one of those stories you reflect on tenth that's a story pop at towels. On the radio and you tell the route fifteen years down the road well musician's story about this guy and then everything that peels back from so many people. Didn't realize when we went through the DNA of that trade the niners made with the bears they move back one pick but all the picks they ended up acquiring led to Adrian Kohlberg. Led to Jimmy eagle rock below led to so much to disorganization can bank on now it just seems that only if they move back one of the picked up some text now they got Jimmy drop a lot because they had the extra two they had to give up to two win. It really did have a huge bearing on what they had they got Jimmy G and when Jimmy DG is done. You know we talked about kgo we both flanking the bodies have been a top five picks we've always been number one pick he announced on lots. You know but now you look at this and think wow you want to Clinton missed him last night he had thank you got a bridge flipped as some of Honda and a guy that's an element are you staying pit. They're they have designers have they're they put himself and in great position because of the trades and what John Lynch was able to do for you know train back a couple spots so. I think they got a lot of the future's bright for this organization. The nine or ten flip. I'm 650 I like cinemanow 49ers with the picks 99 or ten fled that's. That's something in the play where you you play the niners right and that angle who. I'd like to see you on that then I'd get the dump button so that people don't know that I'm actually verbally stealing someone's idea that fit to stand back and com what do you think about the idea of the niners ending up on hard knocks next year. Because we kicked it around there's three criteria. We went over this two weeks of this three criteria for hard knocks you can say no if you went to the playoffs the year before. Which the niners are not doing Brian if you have a new head coach knew the niners won't have and what was the third one. If you had already been on it the last ten years Obama so because just can't say I don't wanna do this thing. This is not something right like if they if they come you and you don't have one of those criteria for a foursome on you because a few years ago they couldn't get anyone to do it and they miss the season the NFL wants that product out there so they're basically. Setting criteria so that look. Yeah fall someone's got to bite the bullet here so I don't harp on the patriots never do finish is always in the playoffs. And that criteria they need the aid kit they can stay out of it so every year you notice incidents that right that's what they instituted a few years that the niners are one of only a small handful of teams that shackled to a spot price. So brand names are not social no no very well in Orlando continues at best franchise quarterback good looking Duke's Kyle Shanahan is a coach you're gonna watch. I want closure would never be so I'm always gonna be great TV they are sixteens that are eligible. And that sixteens are the 49ers the Broncos the browns chargers the ravens and Redskins OK let's go one by one after the 49 as you said hill the Broncos I don't want anything to do with that quarterback situation they're gonna force a storyline down meal most quarterbacks I don't care unspoken interest and yet I don't donkeys out. Oh and sixteen browns. Oh no way did it and that's you know that's an audio and enjoy it played for a clinic nobody wants to watch it no mono awful at the chargers. Children LA all I missed the playoffs this. It's in LA. Now. That Alia says there hands now they just did the rain in the LA move it's this is a non interest in this either the little sister. But today I mean I'm of them LA let me tell you something they're gonna crack may need to get out LA because the rams in this playoff run out of generating enough interest. They RD looked at the playoff ticket sales and all this for my game. Charges are gonna work there. You get the rams and hot young coach hot quarterback MVP candidate running back great defensive tackle playoff season yeah score a ton of points and everything you want a no no sell out play or not they're not doing very well last charger to charge need to get out and there's not a war. Ravens. Now god nobody would show her right arm and at Fargo job. Pouring all my god no way the guy doesn't have any personality and I thirty soltys is lawn bowlers itself. It's. It and then finally the Redskins. OK so Jay Bruce coming back. Cousins thing has the potential for a lot of drama. Now and I know I think the niners I think it's the niners and a landslide there Archuleta. Is why don't you be leaning for any of those other teams I think everyone in the world rug rather watch the niners' O. Oh now it's it's an art is my legs what were they there are amazing thing is you got it. The guy who's looking quarterback you got GG Madani some who by the way. He's he's household name right now all the Bay Area women know who he is now he he's. He's James Bond up. Women won hands men want to be him. He's James Bond and we've already seen the way he talks to his teammates who silent however your specs and the leadership there and I hate you know not so much easier more back strong series now he he's he got it off I Haitian men was set the from the player's ball in a way that two cars I got no cars and I hate you and the Joseph. So does give more since the guys go well but I tell landfills are for a guy has a man you guys heard it like a kid you know played dimmer the quarterback can hurt his leg in central circle Paxson let. Those are repeated it premiums. So are these guys have quite a bit. My biggest series injury going to play with another guy that people destined to be 48 company didn't like I did that. They get upset and I'll wash the digital map from a news crime we have. I thought it was a serious injury some sinner like me and that's socks and then someone's like he's fine he just the way he's fine he's just a little banged up then that's when I checked out. Come on man appears pro quarterback. They Todd. Swagger about when the guys to mistake or they they they know or pay her some day we all the ball. But the world has got a lot of proms and a lot. Lotta people girls are you sympathy I feel bad for Johnny man's now they can't get a job in the National Football League field I'm sorry I think they'll get their star and you know this guy waved. Here that they hardly anyone goes under a judgment does not at all on himself which brings you back the wives are to take Rob Lowe so much insist he's got to know. Think what it was his contract comes out if I gonna be exactly on the Ford small number five to 125 you're coming you're dead men the big day if you Joseph you called us. So as not a big day. You guys. Look in meat and you don't think he's asked my wife says we never make cousy and today. This is a big question right now who is he going to de Marciano. I know that that Q rating which she hit exactly. I know the way we're watching each mix and what she's press conferences don't think she suddenly interest in niner press cover there is no she is. If you think he's I don't know if he's. Mean they like not even trying there and it looks scared but look at it my own. Relaxed. But he doesn't come off like Brady where he's like totally unrelated alone and I knew full well don't let you voted you're just a little smiling give momentum many. Don't have a doing them a quarterback Agassi comes and that's why I mean seriously and look. And then the jam you might play that would lead me forum and then you're upset I come back and that. Yeah. What is what is is an Al. As she wants to watch the press conferences and she's very interested to know who he's gonna date this was a topic that came up because right now if you are gonna be franchise quarterback. Look like that have the money in the swagger this two routes you can go out you can be Tom Brady and lived the dream that you're required to live what's that. What's that mark all verb rocks are movie isn't actually called rocks aren't. OK so there's that scene early where he joins that band he's the fill in guy and he's like kind of hesitant about parting with everyone afterwards. And that the band manager comes up to me is look and people dress like you they wanna be you you have an obligation to live this rock star life stop. Talk about drugs and sex on a simply you gotta be that guy. Like rock bloke can either be that starting quarterback or repeating a nerd like Flacco. God bless me. Joseph Flacco and you don't have. Kids in Omaha lining up to by Joseph Flacco Jersey it's distill Michael known as we sounds like he does don't they anybody's gonna bring your career down on sand you know hard actions no rentals so that's that's what we're targeted barrels a hundred decision yeah so who's it gonna be it's one of these is like one of these. Aaron Rodgers and Olivia month right don't have a pretty good battle that rod and his thing now that didn't turn out so well for that America may. Annaly she turned out and to be on the losing end of that he's fine. Glad flooding issues there there are a lot of entire underside write your dad's Brothers the bachelorette though and different things get tired amounted dial back chris' presence. Yeah that was a thing that's another thing. I mean he had Tom Brady led Gisele I mean that was like that in the end though you have got to live. You got to live the dream you don't owe a lot like it. More words than you are in just about your dad or your name them. Yeah I'm OK with that break that would raise US appraisal got more money debate doesn't make you better as he makes big time how much and I still. But you got to figure out honestly do you pay this guy up with it's not even up to him now it's up to his people to get him match. He's not needs to be seen in public with one of these Hollywood saw all he's gonna Jennifer Lawrence in like the perfect fit for a guy. Ending in about women and out of guys once you get paid yeah Isabelle elect Allen made 700000 dollars is as if he's most com yeah oh yeah. Don't think he's just have a publicist and leave it out there and makes the matchmaker it doesn't matter if he cares about our job. The other I don't care isn't. They can you let your monsters. Go to Joseph wrote many this is like 88 freer I watched. A library America went to sleep. I come to America and I'm wondering no he doesn't want. It he doesn't want to wait desire room. I. I did I love that. Yeah hey you forever and at the beginning he's like I don't but I don't love her I don't wanna marry her new song so my oil looks. Blake that's what it's like for Grupo read how you actually knew the royal lets you perform a little later you gotta you gotta sorry Dave how. Got to fit the image all about image here and branding I mean one of the matter how he feels emotionally. They brought us closer look until we Damon hang out with him. And means that I'd totally hang elegant reunited just dig your big points. I mean nice to meet Jack got a new crypto I wanna tell you about Smith and I am crypto guys you. Hello everybody giveaways and tickets here this is the know your show portion. Of the morning this is a chance with a pair of tickets to the Valentine's. Weekend laugh fest starring Marlon Wayne's Chris Spencer Ryan Davis. And more posts about Arsenio Hall on Saturday February 10 and Tony school field on Sunday February 11. And deep Paramount theatre in Oakland tickets are available now at the Paramount box office all Ticketmaster outlets these tickets are for these Sunday February 11 shot. Open up to the phones. AAA 9579570. Know your shelves earlier today on the show. I referenced ate dinner at my wife and I had on Saturday night. Who did we die west triple 89579570. Who did my wife and I dined with on Saturday night. Tubbs is not the correct answer he was never he's not the correct answer. Yet the coming to America still awesome if you haven't seen allows fantastic mr. Rugova who want to get. She beat my wife didn't realize that on. Any Arsenio played as many characters as they did. Like that was that though the reckoning she NY and I she's always there that's said he did they play almost all the characters that get to groom. Duck. And I saw a lot of I wanna have my. The hair. Oh beyond the boyfriend when you have the boyfriend that she dumps again drag spoiler alert if you're the. That's in India and I want to say yes and I mean it is my racist. AB at here again you gotta ask girls out there yeah. Debater yes. Getting a break from the NF guys and guys who go to activate you know like poison his coach geno any technical curled at the bills and proactively and fairly. And more man down and held town. Don't count. Now they look I'm don't know it's. Don't play I don't know if you caught up real quick Allentown Abigail Taylor so yeah. Get the the warriors to get L counters my and forget about the town and back any Mickelson hit a perm right and he would come. The boy's house Jerry's out illegal let's go to girl actress is here beyond sitting on their moves he owns and when you look look elected leader in their Johns got severe police officer Johns guys can call it now he's ball but he's due to. He curl. He would have cruel act debater and be right. Then this here you as I might do according duel on the shirt I. Young guy he believes the brewing this year he thought it was so cold you see this student shoot the three east actually I mean a guy can shoot reported he fell did do was a blue John's got to bear man jobs to imagine if your pillows I think I truly. I mean it was our current lineup plastic all over the furniture. Old people do it there I wanted to stay in. My brother did ask her one time he let on to life. I was burned his hair out yeah bald spots. Like girl is you do don't ask don't do. I thought and I thought the longer I keep on the mark Curley my ears unity nonetheless there you have. And I'm guilty of that yeah that's good. You know them well. Dollar. I can't practice and Damon knew at all. Yeah I think it goes to home my good you have do you. Brown I had bald spots in the back of my hair it's at me like a year for everything they get back to normal KJ when you just share. Zumaya is I shaved that down and it took me it took like at least seven months for that for it to come out from my hair to go back to their regulars only learned that fact. I was really happy burned to stop your skin comes off I'm usually that they need to look how well he's supposed to putt what does it Astaro. Not even the winds and Michael minutes maybe. Yeah I. I mean to tell and I barely get three to five minutes how long did you even before Linux almost how to make cruises. I stupidly. That core Gaza's seven bucks I remember save them money give middle as pro bonds dornin gloating here and I think Tom Lehman in a little longer but yet I got no 1000. City well it a lesson in twenty minutes. Am I no pain no gain except how. And it finally after 25 minutes ago on this hour Watson now yes some not to be girls about to be going crazy and get the girl that Merrill look at the mayor I get another Mir back in my winds and bald spot the what does that most normal size and I had. Ate it up eight up. It hurts so bad you monetize 20 my god burn it does it say on the boxes. If this is the only. No war but could you. And so it's I'm no yeah there's three to five minutes it's on the box still right now you went pretty fired miss those who for the slackers and I don't want to. I'm gonna do what I meant he had to. We in the media and happy here and I have. And here you want to get there are there oh and I tell you leave it there too long broke it will absolutely make you cry my skin was like win and how quick witted and how old are you to know this tool for me it was still believe in these cooling your high school diploma. What are my door and I really thought 'cause I don't have done it before but as a communicator lets you I would yeah and you're I don't know if you found out as a sophomore at. I yeah matter. Attained that's what my brother actually did it right he'll look at that in my three man you should look at like my. Let's cut. I can't believe you let him go. And boom and you've got to cause that is going to put a crew elected leader it is cools it all day amber at and you go like this shake and you can tell all he would smooth and you get going and bought it you don't think you're the fatal sudden I don't fled. All of. And again having his long is is the deal done uncommon to manor house is gonna get our house is gonna grow a little yeah. I hear I need to move little about his need to shot only added either way. He's kind of mess was that meant that one bad. He said it took like seven months fear and relaxed normal at least this is yet uber secret Husain was still there in the bald spots and grow bank Yemen. We're Barack who I had this story it's either completely relatable are completely unrelated double depending on how you view this. In college. And since everyone's coming clean up come clean. Yeah I did the frosted tips do you remember you and I OJ. Mark McGrath PM all the people around I trust tips but what you would do is. I can do it myself yet fat cat that angle holes and it looks like there's this girl that lived two floors above me we are friends. She would pick the hair through the holes because that way you can falsely that top half of the hair. Asked of you would apply this purple can Coxnet stock is mostly didn't like 1520 minutes I would even about ninety minutes I was doing. I wanted Ric Flair 190s I do want to lie and I wanna straight Ric Flair white. So no there there wasn't really bad welcome you know get it why the prime leisure destroying your hair. Scalp and her process and they're coming out everything is just. But I get their Ric Flair like going on isn't the fronts it is coming back can stop me for black people I was here it was going to be coming back room because. And this is a Schroeder of Schroeder does it. What about what about designs guys that Beckham although America. Junior I had the and then you got the one ball brother donate to. Yeah Atlanta series doing acid tabs out Zandi has also been asked girl basically yeah just switch it up. Can or cannot do this girl that worked for her like this you you can get less and yet it isn't strong enough it's only gonna get a nanny really gas. In the old little still decent payment to not go hill oh. Committed here. Then you get good. According to just keep it to three minutes you know any longer than it is one thing we learned today he had this program is that I asked Earl no more than three minutes right yeah let's not try to make it pop. You don't. Oh how the of that story are. How my brother yeah yeah so that is why I see the reaction from 2000. Come pick Jackie Cordelia. Prison back. If you're wrong it's one year it seemed Quinn if you're right it's five million dollars who wins more games next season the raiders of the diners. And targeted ad man I'm glad I'd rather it looked like a decision. I got all the pat Oakland on that chart that you guys that you can't get it into. About it coaching record at temple at Walpole the ballot box and got on quite a bit. You can't take over the yolk are looking at all the help build big deal about it what you accessible always kid I don't attracts a lot of credit at all. Indicate that at 824 chalky basically took true purse router that router to wait for apple. About a or he would just like generators it so it grew back to provoke an agency and to rebuild that at least bill without too want good opportunities OJ. I don't know that although. Whenever I don't like it or you know it had caught it early this morning because. Yeah you look at John John Lynch wanted to unpalatable or perhaps could be col off that life. I've gotten only wanted to receive local Angel heart and not article court. Accordingly the he has about a unit it had I don't think we thought or touchdown or use the duke are going to put an MR all rader well. That the automotive about talent and I don't know it cancer even got a lot of other raider locker room Monday look back to you gotta absorb or haven't spent about. Lack of leadership but can't do about it in greater need to eat out a couple of bad boys on which it you know it'd be a little bit chilly night out the other doctor is all the quite a born. So I've got a problem so you know upon all over the place junk food you eat bad Reggie it out of fuel it isn't clear on both sides of the ball. Yeah back to in order to be able to close competition and no he doesn't go with a bag. That fund escrow conversation that I call xanax is slated. And field and Jack happy new media tour of the new year I'm. He makes a lot of good points the raiders are probably built for the quicker turnaround if you can get it organized now there's a miss rice number one. Can you get Crabtree or not tragedy Cooper backs that global level and Derek carted back to Apple's Calabasas what do you do about the defense remember you don't have the cash to spend. Like the niners do the niners can go out grabbed two or three pieces. And suddenly they're a little bit more on par they're gonna have a draft pick in there that they can go ahead and hopefully get into the starting lineup. These are the big questions what's gonna happen with the raiders next season terms of carrying Connelly Tina develop. Told him all Fon will then do a thing I did this and then get any better dose wrecked his knee in this final game of the season so your first three picks off the board. Are all battling injuries but that's not a great start but in those guys get healthy and come back. You're looking at something that's what grooms gonna be tasked with here and that's why the question comes down to was the gruden hire a business higher. I eat. Get a lot of buzz rolling in the vaguest. Or was it a strategic hire is he good enough to out scheme other coaches Kyle has shown he can do that he was asking me coach left right down the stretch Belichick. Out schemes come and on a regular basis why Pittsburgh can never get past we saw a talent issue for the Steelers against New England it's a very simple issue that regards. Coaching KG MZF and in HD one at San Francisco bogus and a lot of fun yeah. I heard how do you get a couple more times I think so good stuff we're gonna vows were coming right back with more of your calls Jolo and did my bus and yet.