JLD - Hour 3

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, April 27th
The guys speak with MLB Analyst for Fox Sports, Dontrelle Willis. Then they discsuss what the Raiders should do with the #24 pick in the 1st round. Plus, they converse with Warriors Assistant GM, Travis Schlenk. 

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Suffolk a boys and girls good morning it is great to have you in on NFL draft Thursday. Lorenzo Neal candidly Joseph Fortin ball. 95 point seven game the show's loaded from the rest the way out huge news as it pertains to the number one overall pick. Gonna be some time in the very near future for us to dive into the raiders and their options at 24. As well as what just happened it ESPN and what it means for professional sports as a whole huge news that you cannot overlook that went down yesterday. Gentlemen it's great to see you gonna be great to talk draft we view the. Well NFL draft first round is tonight Joseph as you've been mentioning all live on the Cleveland Browns who will take. Number one overall out of chapter of ESPN indicating that the team likely will draft. Mitchell trivia scheme but Mary Kay Cabot recently via Twitter she of course the Cleveland Browns. Reporter supreme says miles Garrett. Still but likely take. For the browns at number one in the NFL draft states in 957 game. To see which direction Cleveland goes the niners picking number two the raiders said. At number 24 and of course live draft coverage with Greg Papa Joseph Ford bond Vontae hill starting at four. Right here on 95 point seven. They game story number two an inspiring giants' victory. The rookie Christian royal first career home run and then a veteran came there was well. Yeah. Yeah. John Miller the call NBC Bay Area for three they beat the Dodgers the finale in this series today Matt Moore against Julio you re yes. Story number three a costly one for the a's they lose in Anaheim at. 85 but Sean and I asked had to leave the game with with shoulder tightness Bob Melvin an update. You know as of right now I have not been told anything as far as what procedure. We're gonna go through. You know the deal was down at the very beginning of the game it was an 88 meeting times. Who is so when you get checked out for the trainers like us it felt longer times. We'll update you on any news regarding John and I Kendall grave and comes off the 0705 tonight. They're on 957 game that's your update I'm candidly on your hallmark of the warriors back on the floor. Either Sunday or Tuesday that'll be determined tomorrow stay tuned for all your lawyer action right here on 95 point seven game. Thank you dips. He's a two time all star not gives our next guest a World Series champion. Fox sports and MLB analysts and east bay product themselves the 95 point seven the game what's up each Reynard. I would talk about how ya doing. We're doing good sits at the NFL draft today we'll dive in some baseball in a minute the low O'Neal was just tell on us his draft story from back in the early ninety's. How to get your thoughts as you came out as a young bucks from the east day. Eight to around Chicago Cubs 2000 what was that moment like trio. Or why I got to skip school out pretty cool. Pataki also had a bunch of friends are able to cut school for the draft well in the morning. And I know that he's very nerve racking because you know your life's gonna change. So it's a little different in the NFL draft because that's got to do automatic weeks. Going to that that the team that big club but for me you know I'll corner mightily but nevertheless proud and excited to be a professional and done. You know much school have excited the town Alameda was very excited. We already had a product and give me wrong and be able to get drafted so I just want default. The foot steps of Jimmy Robinson try to you know make everybody proud. What was it like dontrelle and that process leading up to and I happen to be your final high school game the NCS championship lost to Campbell and though. When you homered in. Train. I got open it up because not after the game I was interviewing you and you were the most kinda. Respects full. Polite young man and your mom came over and I saw the relation to your mom and I thought this young man's life is about to change. And in the draft comes up and you know you never know in baseball so many rounds where you gonna go what was it like wading through in the finally get the call in that eighth round. All my good news if you know cracking and you know it's talking to my agent right next to me and you know. Where were rhetoric at this time open up. The connection at that I'd go I'd go round progressed. On the exit poll kinda you know. Oh great yelled out Ahmadinejad in the thick throughout. And then it could all that counts they pulled this that hey we're gonna take you would like to you hit the ball probably well also. You know this should be able in this. Sit back and if you all the millions go and you wanted to see your name pop up is definitely very very nerve wracking especially in baseball because they have so many rounds. But again once you you get the call it if the weight loss shoulders as you do to try to do is give it to include the sport of choice. Trenton new team warm and eighteen some Campbell's second fourth lost all that money millions full ba ya that they guarantee that but what are. Magic but. They said Helen tech for your mother was also future mom doing the whole process her she played catch you to in the back doors this stuff true tummy kind of what about what kind of mentor was she for you. I mean this so hard work aspect of it had to be hugging and I don't worker you know like who fought hard give up. Fog in the morning every single day so. I would always does hey you know not able to be able to play baseball. Because of my mother it is indeed all the cool gear from east bay because tomorrow my mother. You do a lineup out there simply aren't like. For ourselves aren't you had that deal does the hard work ethic. And honestly Nancy got one of the best mob in the world felt. You know Ali one make her proud and you know watching it might come up until they're that much of its credit you know if you. Can talk about it and occupancy albeit a bit and walk off my mom taught you. About it in the luggage of resolve the outlet you know that would apple want that she was always good it would be dead you know mark that we big look. All the way to promote coliseum so they definitely know we gave our rob on the road again. So you know the B and that type of family atmosphere you know it was not true at the popular dispute baseball player and you've got that popular soccer itself I'm mark miles awkward to. Beautifully said while World Series champ two time all star Dontrelle Willis. We Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game the giants made the move the other night they brought the kid Christian a royal they also brought Michael Morse back into the fold last night. A shot of adrenaline from the young royal -- big moment at 21 years of age to come up to the big club in not only that. With the history the giants have added to the fact that the fans have been looking to him to hopefully save this season how do you think he's handled the pressure so far. We're tablet will have to really guess on the ballot we'll keep watching. But I like it patent audit in the box he doesn't seem overmatched. In the and that's the one that humbled watching he impress you last Mike Leiter got in the way. And he hit that ball kind of blocked Apollo yeah. So you know in the gap though. I'd definitely depth we have got to him he didn't need to continue to get his feet and India's you know it's not easy it well before Afghanistan. Did the big league life. You know you culled from the minor leagues. You know all the you know not to do everything on your all added 21 year old. When he wonder during college you'll walk ward junior in college you know met up at the inaugural professional self. But the mental aspect of the learning how to play especially in a big market like arms just go where you know that it does have that competitive reader so I. I think he's done five are being lobbied by and I'd like what I see from campus while it is actually bought and it is about eating that we didn't go in the big leagues. Good duties in a place with such an adoring fan base that's gonna give him every possibility to support him dontrelle what about Matt Cain in his. Quick start to this year how surprised are you that he's been able to turn back the clock when they needed it most. I mean huge huge right now we talked about him on the show. And I tell you look bad public key stated when he got that data inflation a couple of weeks ago I saw that is ideally. Omnimax theater you know op. Opera I'll bring a lot of pedigree to it hey I went and I don't get a good shot on you know I mean is that people are better got that they'll quote unquote the world. In the allocation. He'd be able to pitch count pitch on the globe Elwood is kind of block market player and a cup of fiscal. But right now I think the fans as well the staff. Didn't really expect a lot from you know. And he is playing off that picture legitimate shoulder. They're really learning how to pitch of the company that now slot room I am really impressed really proper tactics Kovalev out and they'd be really really in depth right now. Dontrelle Willis would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven game. Boston and Baltimore got into it over the weekend many shot a slide into Pedroia. And then the blood boils over the next night is Matt Barnes picks up a four game suspension to draw behind much Otto what do you think of the slide the retaliation. Just your thoughts generally on that situation. The whole thing wasn't that. Why it played out like that remote well. I think she'd miss read that I think it was a bang bang play we actually talk about that on Marshall looked around box. And I think McConnell has he should women are. You know sliding not easy and YouTube which will that sparked it you know got tangled up and I don't like it did Pedroia I don't particularly care about it that. But you know admit that got that many times you know you take one shot at the guy in America. You don't want to try to you know now and then that I hit that phenomenal in the big Regis not me not seeing god be in I've never personally done that. And it is scary moment because that we don't want in any buys a clear cut him so bad that we have known also that whole situation was playing alcohol. You can put. Telling a child crop and I think that aren't members be in my career in acting properly because. Don't do that you've seen it doesn't and are trying to protect you can you beat her sell the whole ordeal look back. And ultimately the next time they have a that a little bit better at its understanding got he'd play the game mark. Awesome stuff two time all star World Series champ fox sports and MLB analyst follow my Twitter at the train MLB. It's Dontrelle Willis would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game. Thank you for your time that was terrific interview we look forward to catch up with the against them. No dropped out of the deck he. Dontrelle Willis in an interview right there great kid and I'm telling Joseph I'll I'll remember that game. For as long as I live I was worried for a national high school sports website it is happening to uncover that game. I never met the young man before he pitched a complete game hit a bomb about 400 feet. May lose a heartbreaker and they lose the title the north coast section title. And easy so gracious and polite friendly at all yes sir thank you surf in every meal like it can't be for real the needle more researching you find out. He's the real deal great did happy to seem drafted unionized locker how quickly after that game ended did you interview him. Up about twenty minutes after maybe fifteen that's still pretty stressed that that defeat for a young guy that can take some time to get over especially when year and subtle which is that a hardscrabble side of Alameda it's you know the side. By they the navy decent. You know and still doesn't get a lot of chances to win championships Campbell window through the tunnel richer school more expecting to win the title sows the underdog and that'll team. Basically being carried by this one guy they sold a sold it short. How the interview go from your perspective any incidents with fingers or toes or anything like that are pretty yes it was just let's bring that out of course he tissue left that and I always fighting funny did you kind of opened the door to it because I had mistakes like that to a Mike Reid and just look at it and rusty the last yeah I haven't really gotten much TV or. It's less and less funny the more I think about it but other than doing Melvin games and SF state which I love but. I have been asked back to do the state bowl games since Diana Ashton Kutcher he's gonna win one for the nominee said no I'll import thing that's what. What are the odds of that well think about that for a second one for the thumb is is it's a common phrase acting Russian news for the that you finally want for the pas. Are they want for a strip that's a concept final question distance makes the all poised to come back and win one for the thumb in the us up well. I don't think so in Ali a forefinger and and he holds it up a steamy slowly get edit wanna get totally counts I look at his van Allen of the camera. Look at his hand a look at the camera dealt. Well sniffed back do you. They got though I can do here. I believe we have the audio that outside and play it please. Please coach congratulations and I guess if things go your way we'll see you back here one for the thumb up your act it out why don't meanwhile only got four ringers from here. There is Steve. Idea do you guys see you are now. Al I would do it that I think it's Steve quits first also the California who ideas Matty the clock hold this one yet and what you don't see everyday. What for you'd do. Go to Michelle well with a ball should see our families helps us ideas by the to grow there and I mean you can hear the laughter in the background the truck the places fell out and it's like what he did do you move on and now. In another call Kate got that job so there ego. There you have it you boys home now a December I'm sorry this is so good. If the light we chose right live TV live radio you gonna put your foot your mouth and have been used you know eagle shoe and then you move on. The beauty of. Is that you can you can look back and laugh and make jokes about like that yet that that that's what makes it that's what makes it funny for for all the loss mostly but it's great to see that you let that it is well linked to situations that the best stuff you come across on TV will be like. The Chris Berman. Behind the scenes and we know we are just loses his mind I love that I've watched that hundreds of times. When he sick they could see myself too and it wouldn't right before they go live on you can everybody there is just we'll talk. I coached Ty I don't come. Yeah. But I got him doing that you've got O Reilly. Flipping out on Fox News I mean those are just great moments you look back those guys were just completely angry Dickens of the one for the thought why I guess so I didn't. Did you see myself doing that's the phrase you would use what are the odds are gonna throw easily graduated with a guide doesn't have stuck on how ray did you get. Best that I wanna see that there's been a lot more idea yet not so I thank you. You embarrassed you know divide that's the kind of thing that I I think is hilarious but yeah I researched Bobby twenty hours for all the games I did. But I didn't do any research on whether or not the coach at five fingers. And. Now I know when you do a game like that and an even a sideline reporter for numbered years now you so much research on the kids to school. The everything but now it's gonna be how many digits for the coach Diaz note to self now for the Mets right fingers and don't write for that advice fingers and toes. We have multiple requests on the pets get us of that context like to play the did situation again did would be OK let it run time let's go I love it. I love it coach congratulations and I guess if things go your way we'll see you back here one for the thumb pump Jack. Yeah why don't meanwhile only got four ringers are good. Yeah this. Us you love it you would sit. You got a great dated he told some stories you reflecting you've interviewed Loney on his finest. Q you've just been chilling you talk to teach train and get ready to jump back in his draft and then this comes up you're on the edge you see I don't think it ever seen you more excited I love it does. Mean I'm gonna I don't mean this tells it got coaching and everything go well for yourself not just this over to Arlington. You know I don't meanwhile got four. Good I guess and elsewhere allow you what you laugh and this. Is an. He's six he's Sally and now he's actually he's ETU. A could Muster a no hitter against the I'm passing that bill right yep yep yep. Now I can also see myself totally botched and that what I love is. You realize you reached poured into like I gotta get out of here and you'll have just what you coma and you you Neely and then you go on to finish yup they like a pro now. But like you you can stay at the moment. Where you realize I'm not getting this first name I'm just gonna go last name and at a year. It is one of those molester is sitting there you just can't get the word. And it is just like a brain part basically you just don't know how to get out and then I'll listen and it's gonna go there and I thought about that the island. Would you like to hit out when again I think it's always like to hear that again please god I friend and he's six he's solid besides she sees this week he he was cool. Just think you know as a surprise in this gulf. Of whom. People regarding a new look at them look like that. And had a very good on the. Until then yeah he's gonna cook it and that's what we do here physically to do any good fun there's some on me back their get out because if I'm in a poke fun at everyone else at some point we should. Probably bounce an outing there so take your time I'm sure there's something. Running by me first to make sure it's not I don't I'd Atlantic that Bannister arguably tickets back their Jolo and its 95 points and the game. We've got Travis like assistant general manager of the gold they warriors coming up at 845 today to talk about the next round of the playoffs. We got more on the NFL draft 830 but for right now let's dive into the raiders a little bit at pick 24. Just think scenario for Reggie McKenzie and company or should I say unique scenario. Because all that's one years his teams found itself on the clock rather quickly and now here regal at 24. Actually sit back chill for a moment so how. How do you see this position differing from the raiders in the past because. Not so much last year Carl Joseph for the middle rounds but you're at a point where raider picks for years have been. We need a savior winning quarterback mean storewide out. We need something to use this guy's gonna change the fortunes now the mindset is we need a starter who can come and help this team because is a good team we can put it over the top. You look around the drafts of these prospects 42 silver and black 124. What do I tell you one thing offense defense aligned last year for the raiders didn't play well they played a roaches and they understand that. So it was thought about a they got to get to the line I I think they will leave an entrapment. I think it's going to be linebacker you need somebody that can run down he'll make tackles on a consistent basis. I think they're gonna look at the linebacker position very very seriously in the kid from Alabama may be slapped the big slipping a little bit of falling. If he's there they got a jump on this guy if he slips that far you got a jump on it he's not. There then you probably look at you probably look at a secondary a may be a corner slot corner guy that can cover in the slot B it would be it would cover little shift you receiver so you look they're too as well. But I time right now. This defense second team to tell you guys this defense is want to be immensely better with John O'Donnell he's gonna have these guys feeding you're gonna see the blown coverage. You're not gonna see guys at a position as much this guy has came and to be that defense of cut and go route to kind of help Ken Norton made toward his defense and get them better so. I think it's going to be linebacker and then I think it'd be corner linebacker and corner that is going to be the pick could be the Alabama kid like they say because he slipped and and it could be peppers that you even though he you know got some little things is on he's still going to be beer probably will be our what he's going to be there. But here's another guy in the secondary they can help. Hold on I'm sorry we have breaking news as it pertains to draft let's go to and a giant for one big gain eighteen he thinks that three run Jack off of Brandon Hicks. C a RI. And. Daily hello hell yeah. There hijacking. All of the first we want to. Play again. Definitely one victory at eighteen he thinks that three run Jack off of Brendan hits. Now there are gone and in an event I love this one as well because that is absolutely the mistake I would make ten times antenna that situation. At that easily the mistake could you could see that one right yeah I try to stay away from Jack. Three run Jack. That video talk about who all all of whom who bit. Yeah that it can be dangerous it's love in the big moment for users should not Sammy. And but. Without. Ahmed who knew. And we got I'm not a noting that maybe it'll just so she got patient and pay for he's known since the record in spring training. Oh yeah. Well let's let's set it up properly I had hit it past record in spring training with an eagle three burden of my. There is news. And a more battle when I was trying to do some matrix thing I one point let's face amount to overkill the the audience here. Tells us out of focus more and it there's money back every really proud that out of the fans love she's universally recognized is the most lovable person on the show two years. With Hillary or not that's become another raiders. Point four point four want to keep your eye on something the raiders the sit in 24 right and they're in pretty good shape as it pertains to their roster anyone illicit and 25. Houston Texans. What do the Houston Texans need what do they rumored to be huge today and wrecked boom. Knowing that. With the raiders a Tony for. Anyone who might wanna leapfrogged Houston to get in front of them for a quarterback pick who may still be on the board would wanna call blue and silver and black. You know who you might wanna watch war. And this to be interesting. Rival Kansas City. Andy Reid Alex Smith look let's be honest and he's done this before. Donovan McNabb is that second round pick on Kevin cop Philly went knots when that happened knots I remembered there was no draft. In Philadelphia my entire life that had more controversy coming out of it and Kevin topic. Not not even like mobile. That really worked out. But. Kansas City what do you do if you Reggie McKenzie and you've got Indy beating the chiefs on the phone because they know Alex Smith. Whether he's your guy or not it's coming to the end of the line early so many years lap. And I think by now. Anyone who knows Smith knows he's not a Super Bowl winner nice quarterback not a great quarterback he's not gonna get you there so maybe you wanna look for his heir apparent. Maybe it's DeShawn Kaiser from Notre Dame may be it's Patrick Holmes from Texas Tech maybe it's Davis web. From cow. The point being. If Houston needs a quarter 125 and the raiders at their 24 is here Reggie and you're getting ready to pick up that phone of phoning your pack. And you get a call from Andy Reid. Possibly wanting to draft the quarterback you can be going against the next decade if you screw this up. He's off and you bountiful package. What do you do that's up next Jolo and in 95 points of the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Wins via second choice in the draft by the San Diego Chargers select quarterback Washington State University. Brian. The Allen went a few different directions a good pick. Says it would Peyton Manning was number one giving Indianapolis was really. Stretching was really gnawing at. But to do their lead vs Manning dirty thing was that clear cut it back and you got to remember now it's easy lack the back then. Leave was a big dude come out of Washington State they had gone to the Rose Bowl. He was on the cover Sports Illustrated big arm there's a lot to like there. Until like San Diego traded up from the three spot right Arizona they swap pick. I didn't know that I'm just looking at right now Arizona goes from two to three and Nate take Andre Wadsworth. From Florida State. And then the raiders are suited for and they say. Just hoping Charles Woodson hooked up up up of thank you Arizona for going. Blogs worth hello logged Werth who is the rest that top ten if you don't mind our Curtis genius. Penn State guy and he here's the good runner add to up and say yeah well I mean he tore apart Oregon in the rose but outside of that. Nothing really else ever and then another busload you'll remember this guy Grant Wistrom at a Nebraska he was a monster on my guess yeah I don't that's why don't remember he was a bus and anti. I'll tell Charlie goes number seven apparently shot up city a state than Greg gallows to the cowboys Fred Taylor to Jackson had a good pack and then not Duane Starks out of Miami goes to Baltimore. That's a trip down memory lane. As we get ready for the start of the 2017 NFL draft. We are glad you covered from three to 645 going to be pop up bon pain myself. Over the raider draft party covering the show 645 as went Oakland a.'s coverage will begin so we will transfer over to the stream from 645 to eight the main reason. The raiders are peaking at 24. Here's the question we posed in the previous segment what would you wanna do Tripoli 9579570. Raiders a 24. Got a good team real good team. Doesn't mean there are players that couldn't help them but she got a real good team this year right sure about the come up Bohn thanks. And it's Andy Reid Kansas City Chiefs right down their 27. Think to yourself why would Kansas City be calling us well Houston is at 25. Houston is rumored to be very interest in the quarterback position they traded Brock cost Weiler the rolling into the season and having Tom savage and is branded we didn't. That's not gonna win any games. Possibly you know at sixteen record right there despite that defense so well. Who's gonna be available Robiskie probably not Shawn Watson at a Clinton may be Patrick Holmes at Texas Tech maybe. The song Kaiser Notre Dame gave its web cal point it's. Andy Reid a 27 is rumored to be interest in a quarterback. Alex is not getting any younger certainly not good when a suitable. Reid's done this before Donovan McNabb on TV right now he would deal the Kevin top pick in the second round Reid had no qualms about look into the future that here. So this might mean time Kansas City makes their move. They might not wanna chance Houston's taking their pick at 25 so they called the raiders and icy Reggie. We offer XY and he would love to come up 24 sweet indeed Texans out. Reggie McKenzie has two options. It's a great deal to accept knowing that the chiefs might pick a quarterback he is the face the next ten years. We can turn now what do you do if it's a great package allow. If it's great package to a look at a bit pursing them dorms and OK who's between five and who's a 26 and I'm gonna make sure right now. If the linebacker from from gamma. Has fallen Reuben Paul Reuben Foster if he's fallen in a look at the best available linebacker at depositions this in the middle. And if he's there in the guy behind me I know for sure that he's not being. Then I might trade. But if that were linebackers their debt inside linebacker is the Florida State Rita from you know Alabama if they're bear the best of the best. They slip. I can't take that chance I don't care I'd just say. You know I know. Because I know I have my defense and say now I got a middle America can run beckons Brent cord tied it. Can make tackles he can slide in the football Rubin Foster is a mover side by side guy exactly. And if I don't think I slipped a bit. I don't play rational. I don't cited as. I grabbed that guy now if he's got. And it's a quarter in its second corners in the second round actually Beckett pretty Smart corner crazy colored cut on request Pena. Make but it might player is there that I am sick and I note guys but he's not. Make it right signatures no fosters say there's no guy you love but you've got 45 you like to go from 2427. So there's 45 guys like someone's going to be there sure but here's the thing. If you go ahead. And allow them. To trade up point four DT Kansas city's call they come up to 24 say it's Patrick Holmes right. And you slide back to point seven. And Patrick Holmes turns into the next Drew Brees and you got to face him twice a year for the next decade you'll always be remembered that. It's how much would that be weighing on your mind if you Reggie McKenzie in Kansas City wants to come up because it's a realistic possibility. Chiefs Texans both want quarterbacks you might pull what New England did years back when they drafted Rob Gronkowski. No one really remembers this but they slip right ahead a Baltimore because they knew the ravens wanted they slid right up at the last second grabber and house you think about what could have been for Joseph Flacco think about what could have been for the patriot. Without a doubt and I think you're in a position now with the raiders coming off such a great year goal of the playoffs and only needing a few pieces. You're not worried about what other team they're trying to do. That being said. I take the best available I do not trade with a divisional rival and give them the opportunity. To jump ahead Houston I know you're gonna be competing with Houston. You may face them again in the playoffs this year and you certainly don't wanna have then get a quarterback to get help then the EU. Throughout the course of the next ten years but you division rival. First and foremost you have to deal with twice a year you do not deal with Kansas City also lock. To that point we did make it right now I got a guy car trust so I'm looking at saint okay big get a guy we've still got beat. We still think we got our franchise quarterback for the sixteen years and you say. If I know that I can get it back and please don't get a hell of a packet like you're saying and my camera my. Linebackers not there and I can get that 27 pig and also give me either second or third and get him. I do it the because. I think that I have my staple pieces in place the Oakland Raiders force quarterback pass rusher in got some players here for the next seniors are going to be able to compete. But rather than have your Ron Amadon going up against their trade AT and why that had your Ron Amadon going up against there. What ever granted and we didn't like it at that we did have a quarterback they have we've seen what happens when you don't have quarterback play in this league. By and large you are relegated to the scrap heap looking for a quarterback the following year to a lot with team to have take a shot on a guy that they could build around for a decade plus. That's risky it was a packed. And I can't give you the exact details doesn't just now remembering missed but I believe it was late nineties early two thousands there was a trade. It may have been mid 2000 between the cowboys in the giants I wanna say. Where the cowboys allowed. If I'm remembering this pregnant cowboys allowed the giants to move up five or six spots in the first round. To draft pass rush that was gonna go app. After their quarterback for the next ten years I don't know it was OC or Kiwanuka. Or talk or however that played out on the actual war. If memory serves me correctly I remember this trade having go look at this. Cowboys and giants do to deal with the cowboys and giants to deal with one another and you see the giants in memory serves me come up and grab a pass rusher. Did you just allowed them to get a dude that that's going to be attacking your quarterback. Possibly the next ten years. That's gotta be tough got to be real tough if you're in that spot in your opened at 24 hopefully it doesn't come notably can make your panic he can do whatever you want but. Wow that's that would definitely be a factor for me thinking man Kansas city's coming up you deathly when a now imagine that you Hui taken. Most secret while forget to put nagging she beat ya I wanna know who the pick is before I make the deal if you're Kansas City. Why would you tell because of its quarterback they might say no dice. Yeah lie. I guess you could try to live but they know what you're looking for and they know why you'd wanna trade up if he gets 24. And Watson's dawn intravenous he's gone. Yet my Holmes is still out there guys are still out there web this dog they're legitimate quarterbacks who you can. Maybe mold and if you Andy Reid near the quarterback guru the raiders know this and there's no way trade. With your division rival. In this spot because the raiders don't need a bounty of picks they need to get number 24 right. And did you need to stop this team and move forward and not worry about Kansas City. Travis like the assistant general manager of the Golden State Warriors. It's gonna join us to talk about teams off time that help of Steve Kerr what's next for the organization and how closely will they be paying attention to tonight's. Jazz clippers games he's gonna join us next as well as tickets to giveaway. Right here Joseph Mullen lives 95 point seven a game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Let's give away some tickets. As we do every day at 845 minutes ago will go window opens right here on Joseph lo and did an 85 point seven a game. Trivia question as usual that would get Travis like this is the general manager of the Golden State Warriors you'll call triple 89579570. If your first answer the following question correctly. You'll receive two tickets to see Dirks Bentley with colts when bell and John party. Party party. I don't work here remind us. On Sunday August 20 at shoreline at the theater tickets on sale now at live nation dot com that's live nation that cannot trivia question. What overall pick. In the 1993. Draft was Lorenzo Levine Neil. What overall pick in the 1993 NFL draft was Lorenzo Levine Neil. 5050 Lowe knows the answer yeah I don't think dean. And earlier in I had to look at been you in the neighborhood down but this is true my bones prison that could get it right. Don't don't answer out loud as you won't give away prison back yet I can now since it gave me the answer but if we've done this morning has it been long enough where it's like come. That might trip you up a bit. I wouldn't it imprisonment no way. For the overall traffic and whatever 24 years a long time yeah it a long time it's a long time for illustrious sixteen year career. All right check this like the assistant general manager for the Golden State Warriors joining Jolo when dibs. On 95 point seven game Travis how hard it's got to be nice well at least for the rest of the team now have a week off in between playoff series. Atlas have to move on to Brazil to open it. So it wait to get an extra. What's the plan for the guys this week when you have this much time off how do you structure your practice schedule and Dodd the commitments. These guys wanting a lot of people don't realize is that they have so many commitments and charitable causes they partake in Wear on off days they don't really have many off days. The others that meant very secretary senate days they have been in terms of that to think like that we try to get elements that. Let you know mark so you barged out of the full committee is geared up for the playoffs so. Today I thank you to all they want commitment treatment legal practice. Today. Yeah that these are last week you'll run girl also that might be cannot hide it. I love the word you named Travis and you can get out there. Now I have not played the bear fortunately I was so that's. On Casey you need to motivation I am off at ten and united that are fairly close together though it felt great at the pitcher boy up on another note to us. So what light heartedly surprising coming for me but. Hi Lou having a watch party for the cavaliers at his house. Cannot take a look at who their next opponent might be any plans for tomorrow for the team to to see about clippers jazz in game six. Well are gonna want to do we go. But he can't organized watch parties that structure on the road so you know all right so like but all of you know guys have families. In the district of each other disappear like eager to hear the echo what games because they're the future there. Yeah does he channel one now before but turns a blind eye and all of my 55 Travis assassin does that serve I send it off it's this everyone's good to me or are. It is. They held the Steve Kerr and you. In how's he doing and also the players you know tenement house Katie is seek a 100% now and incur what can we expect from him bonus round here. Yeah you know that these things it's a of course in the you know we're just opening yet there's that. You know. You know as that it along proper form so we fiscal. Well that's them that's our Kevin goes. Given that a 100% cleared or you know perched in the wanted to keep him around twenty minutes to scoot that your note estranged. It's just one of those things that the ball a piece that's what it's gonna you know tighten up again so fortunately you know and Portland game four. We're able to control release who was repeal a limited and it's good now. Afterward you know full practice in yesterday and arson clears so there so church taught him look forward to an extra. Travis might be assistant GM of the Golden State Warriors would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game Durant said yesterday. Big college football fan that he thinks the niners at number two should go with Ohio State safety Moly cooker. How college football this Kevin Durant watched. Obviously more than meet them in the Arctic. We didn't get it trying to find the next day behind it. And that's true that's true. Well that's right budgets remain I don't know I don't know quite how I know that I. And ready like it was like those moments were like well. Did Ford markedly at least make that goes on the blooper real business and you want to join and I'm still lost assurance. To those. And when you when you look at the assistant coaches and you know when. There does seem beauties Sony guys play a little boy Lucerne in my Kansas like their. You know Dre mines that afraid to fire the three as just different dynamics when when different coaches for different from players. You know I don't I don't think mean over the last. Yeah absolutely. When he's been out the back issues you know our guys. Our guys that stepped up its almost like you know it's the same sort of thing we saw at the like Google and you know it just takes. Blocked it a little bit more where this work. They're taking a little more serious and that's that's what we've seen that you can you know our guys at Oakland. You know although he has that's got a game ball for America in street gate speed so it's it's you know there is. He's been part obviously a big part of our team in league if you go down the birdies around her like every day so it's it's not like he's completely not sure. What's the status update of Sean living stand and Matt Barnes Travis because that deliver sixty injury kind of caught me by surprise I don't remember any real. Big bad incident that caused it what can you tell us about their ability to come back either Sunday or Tuesday. Yes. Certain. Obama for public first time in about fifteen years he'd cut the commodity gains. He has got its finger that. So he's that they have on. An index finger. It's a problem that he had at the swelling has been really bad so you know obviously it but he tapered. To the next finger but it is better which now through all of this is catching passes is still kind of the issue with the that this break. He didn't close you know I'm sure it would seem that picture around and it was. Same thing you know the ball is almost a minute parcel. And the thing just take time he went fruitful partnerships based and be ready ago. Actually in the article. As you were describing John's finger and buddy tape are burial Lorenzo Neal was showing me his finger which. Goes in three different directions and now track gross he's going to the bunny tape as we speak. Yeah that supposedly picked up the complete confidence in your career. Chavis language alone gives an ID five point seven a game. I may G mania JaVale McGee sweeping the Bay Area what's it like in the locker room with design 84%. Field goal percentage so far to the playoffs are the players is in this that the fans are. I don't think there in the bill that a big part of what was that all year long obviously he's you know Portland was undermanned. First. In the first round so. Ability to exploit that you know they didn't have anybody could climb the latter party inning he had two great finishes so. You know next round if you're either. Clippers or you can obviously they have big men serenity to go continue to play well course. How important was it going forward this season and obviously into the next year as well to get. Guys like damion Jones and Patrick McCaw extended minutes MacKey did got some time as well does this carry over. In the next season and certainly these playoff series is well. For sure you know for those young guns you know obviously Patrick is very opens last year which beat very. You know haven't it's normally is load your daily decorate and it's in the you know for those guys on our patrons and transferred opinion. Intuit offseason conditioning plan because he's probably a particular business in order to clear out. You don't have a university course subtly in the end you know. And then on to actually you look at the pretty cheap and so we've already you know upped his weight lifting and things like that just to get his body ready or next year. Connie your involvement. Now just won a playoffs in just put the guys could lose your re what is your interaction with the guys. Get down there a locker you come out to practice and Alison hey what's up guys but how in depth there will look at the conversation you have sometimes and some of these individuals. Our middle of people know the slope that I am most important person in our creation are pretty much although you do on the court. Obviously very clear out fuel around all the time. Where is there were. Or not the coaches mean you'd obviously witness. That we're not around your actions. The players is very much more micro and slow and it is on the direct level players and things like that so we're we're there just to assist in the main thing we need is certainly not. Their two. Don't know how to queries like that that the other routes. Travis like the assistant general manager of the Golden State Warriors would Joseph lo Indians on 95 point seven the game Travis is always thank you so much for your time we appreciated. Good luck in the next now we look forward to catch W next week. Sounds good chat channel five Travis them off 1005 let's get out there. Let's get he was not an extra five minutes yet it's like little extra credit and I know about time you die you wrap above things we got to wrap up huge 10 o'clock I give it. Travis like like all warrior gas they always sound better to ring JBO headphones the officials sound of the gold they warriors and 95 point seven game. I wanted to ask this question and I'm not sure he can weigh in on itself I just figured I'd save it for content afterwards. ESPN. Laid off overall hundred. People yesterday while an a lot of them were big many people you see on TV. John Boudreau Ross. Andy Katz. Carl Ravitch has been asked to take a roll back right ravaged still with them but liberals that it was a hammer a bloodbath of the date ESPN. Disney and got a mandate. Stop the bleeding. You spend too much money. Hearted that traces to TV rights where they are paying over a billion dollars a year to carry NBA games. NBA. Players like LeBron James what are rest when it take nights off Saturday night marquee games so the advertisers aren't necessarily interested in dumping a ton of money. Into the B squats. As a result ESPN's losing money and people end up losing their jobs. That he MBAs got this TV deal unlocked for about five more years I believe into early somewhere around 20/20 two were so. What do you think's going on behind closed doors if you're Adam silver. And you're the union because you've got to be looking around thinking in salaries are an all time high salary cap which was supposed to a little bit higher than it did. Is Bowman were about the pay guys like step curry forty million year. This TV money is not going to be there and five or six years this is a big sign of things to come as it pertains to the world of sports media. All sports again all the leagues need to take a look at what's going Ali ESPN and the fact that. So many people are cutting the cord now and these rights fees that leagues have been getting paid are certain to go down not only in basketball but all sports so even though. It was a hundred people who lost her job yesterday which stinks the broader story the broader issue is what's gonna happen to the big wellspring of money in pro sports. 101000. Subscriptions a day ESPN is losing so you're paying over a billion a year for the NBA you're paying a boatload for Monday Night Football. College football rights all that that's where the money making is dead if I'm not mistaken right within the games in the shoulder programming of the day yes. But then he got all this other programming you pay guys like Stephen A Smith what 56 million dollars a year. That's why Colin Cowherd and skip bay listen Jason whitlock and all those huge salaries jumped to fox fox decided now's the time to make a Mo we could spend. ESPN's cut back. Bottom line though what's gonna happen to our streaming rights moving forward clearly you. Looking around saying I wanna pay this much for table anymore I'm not interest in shelling out a 15200 a month. But I could pay seven bucks or Netflix now and another eight bucks for Amazon and Hulu I need everything tiny wonder streaming. Jump into the sports rights game because you got Amazon paying what fifteen million for Thursday night football this yeah it's common. It is common. And you're right join everyone jumps on with Bleacher Report they can get their update everything's really quick relief fassel. I think you're right and different demeanor more on this if you want to weigh in Tripoli 9579570. Buffer right now. It's time for the fourteen they national task contest. Texas code word she. SH EEP. She situated one before fifteen Betsy are few chance to win 1000 dollars be listening every day at 9 AM 11 AM 1 PM at 3 PM. For a chance to a thousand dollars test message. Text message. And batteries may apply. The NFL draft in what's going on number one. Not as much a lock gives you may think that's coming up in a minute don't go anywhere Jolo in dibs on five points of the.