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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, April 26th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs continue to discuss Marshawn Lynch as a Raider and whether the year off has been a possible disadvantage. They also discuss the Gareon Conley case and how it will affect his draft stock. Then the guys are joined by voice of the Raiders and Host of the Afternoon Delight w/ Papa & Bonta, Greg Papa. 

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If you've been with us all morning we love you for if you just joining us now here's the latest more subtly incinerators. A done deal pending a physical boys and girls the details are as follows Seattle and Oakland have agreed to terms on a trade. In which late round draft picks will be swapped in 28 team. That sends lynch. The raiders the raiders and lynch have agreed to a two year deal that's worth a reported. Eight point five million dollars. Three million in base salary this season. Two million additional dollars this year and lynched nuclear 1000 yards we're taking your calls we're breaking down the move and were looking at the NFL draft. Plus Greg Robb is gonna join us in about thirty minutes but for right now it is it your update. And it tops. Horry is the marsh John Lynch news multiple sources are reporting the deal is done marsh shot heading back to America off. From a paid he was doing the mission where he'll arrive in Alameda just take a physical if that goes well he'll sign a deal that would make him with. And Oakland raider for the Tony seventeen years. And perhaps another year as well. All the news all the updates will happen right here on 95 point seven game story number two couple Iran's enough. For the Dodgers as they get over on the giants to. One time block gives up two earned in five innings Christian Arroyo. His first hit as a major leaguer Bobby Evans on yesterday was Damon Bruce talked about bringing up the young phenom earned it. Mean here in this shot when you hit that well relief into the triple A season that he's not just sort of a couple that the game he threw up three hits and four hits RBIs given access he would bat. It's hard argument. A royal sure looks comfortable over third base job play three may be for the next ten years you know no matter what happens. For this young man this 21 year old and his MLB career no matter what happens he will always have a story to tell. For years to come. Back in my day. When I got my first MLB hit. Claim against Clayton Kershaw had Clayton freaking Kershaw is your first MLB had big moment for Christian royal congratulations despite the loss giants' only able to Muster one Iran in the series tied at a game apiece aides get a great outing from Jesse on but then. This happened. Here's the Olympics went wrong in the kicked in and it's one on line and center. The I don't want to drive big. Fielder in the bottom of the eleventh and you might fulfill me. Holland allowed just one hit over eight innings he did not factor in the decision Sean and I am against Matt Shoemaker. Today 615 you're dug out show here on 957 game. The update brought to you by orchard supply hardware orchard supply hardware helps you make your house our home orchard supply hardware home. Hardware and happiness. I'm Dan diddley on your home of the warriors next up. We'll be the jazz or clippers Sunday or Tuesday we'll have all the action for you right here on 95 point seven big game. Great stuff debs the latest on Marshawn Lynch to the raiders' Tom polisario of USA today has the details. The raiders will send 820185. Round pick to the Seattle Seahawks. In exchange for Marshawn Lynch NA 20186. Round pick. That's what we are calling a late round swap because Seattle really had no useful and it it would play for Seattle to try to get a little something out of that. Because as soon as he's reinstated that money from his previous contracts getting your cap you got to move on he gonna move on for cheap. Gradually this is Seahawks are getting it done Marshawn Lynch and a whole day what block party autograph signing party to announce the move on Thursday that. That's what reports are that just somewhere in Oakland and now the details will be out of we'll have four here on 957 to game the chance to get out. And celebrate this move for Marshawn Lynch with the people of Oakland on draft day while you pop and bond to be on one side of town of Marshawn Lynch to be holed the down on the other side it opens and B pop tomorrow. No doubt in my let's go to that party. I mean represented less reverence for the show please do please go albeit slowly. With me though in case I need low block you out there and you know that these days you're now me AM a -- seem shut out martian you know Marshawn Lynch open California so publishing voters he was on housing was recollect. In a cent and mugging for. I'm one on Greg hostage in his 25 minutes talk about that and pick number 24 in the draft. All right let's give the break download to all of those who are tuning in to us now Marshawn Lynch number one. Are the raiders better today than they were yesterday. Yes they are they they really are. In for a couple we. It's one you that a leader. Who you got a guy that has been to the promised land the Super Bowl the biggest states in one. You have a guy do you know that it's physical. And he's one to bring a presence to the organization. A winning tradition in not just that what does this do for the classroom. When jailing a shard in those guys are in the room. And Marchand comes to the building and you look at the and you say oh my god there's these smoked. What do you do for the guys that actually tried to tackle him that's all made defense that seeing them up close and personal. It is going to change the whole dynamics of this team. You talk about you wanna Jack Del Rio we know one thing about Jack Jack is a physical type of quote he's always say two years ago what happened he complained he talked about he couldn't convert on third down fourth and one they went for a lot of time in came up short. God detail they went out and address that offered to meet. Now you bloody hit another guy that is take its agents are direct correlation who object is as a coach and as a person a physical type of guy. So you went out you got more physical you that more tougher and you brought a big guy. With some street cred Joseph so absolutely they got instant credibility and bring in March on. We are working behind the scenes to get a deal done with scandals why not get some silver and black eyes and skills that we can hand out. And enjoy with Marshawn Lynch be smoke coming to town. Who did the right to go to jail you know someone it's kittles your front Skittles. Holler at us let's get something done Jolo and dads 95 point seven the game. Doubles advocate here is the knock. It turns 31 years old four days ago he's been out of the game for over a year. I wanna read off some numbers for you is rushing totals from 2011. Each season up until now. 12100 yards twelve touchdowns 16100 yards eleven touchdowns thirteen hundred yards twelve touchdowns thirteen hundred yards thirteen touchdowns. 400 yards three touchdowns only played seven games in 2015 before retiring. Perhaps more alarming he went from four point seven yards per carry true basement out. 2014. The three point eight yards per carry in 2015. Fantasy football players know what all too well the drop off for running backs comes quickly sell. Why should raider nation believe. That this was an anomaly in that there's still plenty left in the tank. I think you have to look at NC there's a cause and effect and of course we understand when guys whose return that thirty day on the dot. They're descending instead of sending so I get that. And I'm not sitting here Santa Brooke I'm not trying to save your arm blow smoke and have the fans believe that Marshawn Lynch is gonna turn back the clock to when he was 26 and 25 your result and make those numbers no he he's not going to do it it's possible. But it's not probable what I can tell you is Marshawn Lynch is still strong. He still physical any can still get down he'll once he gets in great shape. You have to look at the reason why Marshawn Lynch only played seven games and only talked about the different injuries joke. But he was fresh treated every woman at team look at the president Richard tournament they're talking mob guys more practical to see you know you run the ball make it. People talk about that Super Bowl or Marshawn Lynch on first and goal from the seven yard mine picked up six yards and now it's first and goal from the one. And they decide to go ball. And annual bill allowed Al crime Marshawn Lynch was upset if he checked. So I really believe that that next year when he only had 500 yards. It was Italy played in seven games because this guy had checked out it was no longer willing to put it all on the line for the Seattle Seahawks. I think you gonna have been inspired Marshawn Lynch a guy. That's from the date a guy that won it to play here at Oakland and now his wish his image dreams are coming throw. Trust me he won't be in shape he is going to push the envelope as far as he can't and I'm telling I think he is going to give us everything that yet. Did what's it mean for the town anyone who's analyzed the speculation around this deal over the last couple weeks. Has set at sometime or another not only could it help the roster but it could help in the kind of mitigating some of the damage done by the announcement that the team would be moving to Las Vegas in three years he's. As a lot for the town Joseph that the fact that native son. Has already come home to open up businesses here and be a part of the community that meant a lot to tell Oakland residents but now to have him come back. And wanna play for the local team and I know it's the bay area's team their raider nation is more than just northern California it surely is. A raider nation. But more than symbolically for the people of Oakland it's an important move in the fact that. He can hold a a rally reportedly tomorrow to announce his own signing in the the town of Oakland that means a lot as well because. He's a kid that came from there he represents a lot of the values that people in Oakland. Cherish and hold on to a so as much as the biggest things a bomber and we've taken calls today from fancy use words like. Bittersweet. And you know a little bit sad so about what's gonna come in the future. In the short term the fact if for the next year if not two years Marshawn Lynch will be here. In Oakland represented the town that's a huge deal. People of 51 now triple 8957957. If you wanna lay in Tripoli 9579570. Low. The raiders picked 24. In the first round of tomorrow night's NFL draft. Was this move at a total cost of around eight point five million over two years. A better decision from a personal standpoint and possibly using the 24 overall pick or maybe a second round pick on younger. Healthier. More cost effective running back option what I mean by that is that's most feel Leonard for that won't be there Tony for my Christian McCaffrey's probably gone. But Joseph mix and Alvin Camara. And several others including Galvin cook from Florida State could be on the board there would that have been a better decision than bring you back beast mode purely funny personnel standpoint. No here's the reason why Joseph down you don't have to necessarily take that chance a golden gate. Those guys even though there is great college kids sometimes they haven't they hasn't translated to add to the pros. Marshawn Lynch is a proven commodity in the National Football League. Only played seven games if you look at seven games that's seven more than that at fourteen games that's over a thousand yards. In and you had another three more games that guy would had a with thirteen with had probably 1213 inning art that year to everyone's talking about leading have a good year. So. Calm down on Matt I think this guy's got a little bit left in the tank so the reason why I think that this is a good move also Joseph was now. This team don't necessarily have to blitz they're still might address that running back position in the fourth or you know fourth the fifth round. But now you can addressed some immediate means that you need he's still needed inside linebacker. Have to in if there's a guy at fair that we talk among drug failed a drug test kit from Alabama v.s there. They need taking. Also you look at some defense of line. In tier defense line I got it may be completed three because some of those guides Elliott those guys are getting a little long into the maybe it will tax so you can get that you can look at is safety so I. I think that you give you more options for the defense aside the ball which you know he needed to. This gives do you think. Oh you answer this tale. That at tomorrow's signing slash block party Marshawn Lynch celebrates out there in the streets so glad he's back. Do you think. Any warriors might show up. You know super question I think dream on dream certainly would be candidate number one because you remember Joseph the warriors parade. When they won a championship who was roll with your name on green that's right Marshawn Lynch he was right there are so as Marchand comes home. I would expect Dray mind to be a prime candidate to be one of the guys out there staff Iguodala. They got tee times on CNN. I don't know how much I mean I know it's a big drag out there today but I would guarantee that one are both of those gentleman is out there on the court put an opinion right now I think. May Iraq but our board probably got to do SOG probably be up there you know. He's on there or 30 god god he might be out there casinos would tell him on the sidelines at the bills game yeah that we did boys can't believe how big summit and I. He's got he's so that spitting image of the haircut everything he's got a fight coming up in the middle of June 2 yet nobody. I'm Peter talk to these days Oakland he said whenever you want him on the show Jolie says that's it it's up to mr. Joseph solo will get in doubt anytime he wants it to him time Andre Ward he is a standing invite. On the show he's one of the favorites on this program anytime he wants to be on this program it's up to ten sounds good I'm just living in that world. Excited about trying to fight and a fight to now that we figured this out. Before we jump to Matt Miller and continue to break down the NFL draft let's go to John in Walnut Creek thank you for calling the program John Guy had. I mean I hear people talking about Abbott's bittersweet but I. I mean if if if low but the duplicate ballots that look you got two years the live and you knew without ever happened you and enjoy the heck out the next few years. Bar chart below for two years and after that they go to Vegas I think we just need to sit back. Relax and enjoy. What happened on the part in the next two years. A man Obama I'm just give me an amen on that I got nets announced that it is tough and we understand that way to fans of bittersweet near. Indeed true because their team they still understand howling at two years you still that you're happy for the president. But you just said because you know what long term that they won't be here but you're right enjoyed this ride. Tell us why don't win a Super Bowl and I tell you a lot of people that will hear a lot of things they won't forget it. But the least be happy for that moment. Warrior Wednesday brought to you by portion of Walnut Creek 181016. Premier Porsche dealer. And Freeman's appliance just name in the Bay Area since nineteen. 22 the voice the warriors Timberlake scheduled to join us around 905. This morning were working on Matt Miller from Bleacher Report to break down the first round. A the NFL draft team needs a planning. Kids as we wait for Matt Miller let's talk niners for a second number two. The likelihood that they stand pat at that the likelihood that the niners make a pick at number two is 50%. Hate to be a fence sitter but in this case I don't think it's so much today. Fans sitting answer because I think there's going to be a lot of action of teams trying to move up. In that top four top five as we. Is it target if you let me jump that if teams coming up what do you think they're coming up for. I did a coming up for either to Shawn Watson or Mitchell too risky if you believe the high pinot quarterbacks in the when miles Garrett goes number one as most people think. That he will lot of talk about Cleveland may be really want that quarterback and if they want John Watson and the niners are sitting there too. There might be some nerves and another team could jump up there the jets I know are desperately need a quarterback. There's talk to Jacksonville who also were ahead of Cleveland. They may be wind to take quarterback's eyes Cleveland starts approaches they might get nervous and throw my depicts the niners' way and trade up and get who they want. I couldn't agree with two more because here's the thing about clean Bob this con I. You have been talking about this for more than a month we haven't done it a lot on what you're going off this morning about this guy and it sorted again got about a lot of that agreement but I. I thought about it you can disagree if you wanted to which is itself as I digest. About this though about. Chicago sand they wanna quarterback in the center disk. And you hear bunch of these teams in okay we wanna quarterback everybody says too risky it's like the whole bin NFL's enamored with the kid no one's talking about anybody else. Game Cleveland sand Robiskie we might even take them at once so the worst accident that exit so. If these guys are saying that don't you think clintons of all we want to miss you so if if these other teams are sand where they they're gonna take him. They would they would they would jump to sue if they really want to Robiskie. And it's how much Jacksonville might take you met four in domestic. Other beer I think right there that's what people need to come around on you're not seeing it in mock drafts leading up to this point having in the next 24 hours as everyone puts out mock draft version 26 point seven. You're going to see Watson to four Jacksonville. Becoming more popular selection I think that's where Cleveland needs to get ahead the Bear's gonna go defects my opinion John Fox defense in mind. Ill never figured out competitive but not great. Having its Jacksonville for that's in play and if you want Watson you've got to get a before. It is and and to your point now check this out if you look over in Jacksonville you think about who they have a quarterback. He's big blackjack sixteen like moral actually in what is your misty. Eager same type of quarterback seemed big kind of got there or not bulletin had two of the same guys on that would never. So they're gonna say we wanted to stop. Watson who create plays do some other things plant in Florida. That's the mode in I they can't even understand that and I think they're gonna get out the form they try to get. Beautiful Betsy analogy they're both sixteens in blackjack morals is a sixteen to misdeeds sixteen. Win with it. But what makes you so confident. Please the thirteen inches on North Carolina thank you couldn't beat out. The guy who didn't go to the NFL the year before Watson's like a saw the eighteen strong hand that could gain even stronger depending on how you play and play us off date ten guys. What it does soft eighteen. What's the dealer got. I did the deal is getting higher in the deal of seven. Dealers on the seven yet then I'm volley stay on the assumption is eager not counting cards the assumption is that underneath the seven years he's holed a ten days cards and paint side hole that probably hold on any team. Depending on how you feel and a couple of cocktails on a mum about it though in that match Iraq. That's the day I got me fired up right there he does Sid did that to him when missed the most able miserable days I. I've come to realize that in this business. Writing and being on radio all that some of the greatest analogy you can make it a black jacket take any scenario what do you think about the pages this year fox you old kings. Kings against dissent and that's how they are in the AFC what do you think about the Cleveland's chances of getting past the warriors. Let you hold an eighteen but the deal has got to face car count. Blackjack analogy is some of the best analogies because we all love our hearts we were all born with a lot for black unless. I said that the black that table and I tell the duke like you did she show me a ten or give it give me a dumping. And then you you have a little saying you're one of those guys we saint. When he when he got me in our enemies and to obtain immediate. What was it in the movie when it was Monte. It I. 24. Who's in plight what are we think and for the raiders a 24 as we wait for Matt Miller who leaked reports join is breaking down for us further if in fact that seven finish is conversational way. What's the likelihood. That number one Cleveland miles Garrett at number two Cleveland quarterback. Cleveland trading up to get the San Francisco OPEC what's the likely that tomorrow night we see the browns make the first two picks in the draft. I would take 5050. I'm that strong that I really police got a lot of offenses in this market OK I'm done tonight in the situation is not offensive in etc. big. To say there's a happier patient 5050 shot of Cleveland have the first to pick up the bold both. It is a bold move but there's two guys that they can it get theirs and we got plenty of assets to give away. And if we got our two guys a pass rusher and we talked about it in practice mourned the pass rusher. Quarterback. DB's the older guys into positions a lockdown corner you always think you're backing give me a lot on court and I gave me great pastor pastor if I gave me great quarterback. That's what teams wanted to do and they believe they can do with those first two picks they believe they're set for the next 56 years. The bridge got a chance out. Hope it does because I really like Watson under twelve and half I'm just sit on that I look at Peter king's Mott and look at all these blocks and a Watson not the top twelve. And I keep thinking to myself. That doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel right. How does she do everything that he did all the measurable what's the knock let's start with this what's the knock on the show on Watson. Accuracy and he completed 60% last year. I didn't spend long in non college he was there three years I don't cutie acceding play well in big games ago. Work your way through the seriously are not a good nuggets do not very Smart already graduated three years' work your way through it exactly dips soft call for early fall schedule. Casey you can make the case the ACC was the best conference this past season. People load all the SEC big about it after Alabama what you have in the SEC as of now. Nick Saban Bruin net conference coaches get fired because they're held to such ridiculous standards because the Saban. Big Ten at a held a year hardball Meyer Penn State. I can make the case that pac twelve had some teams Washington on the rise the ACC had a hell of a year. So what is not we spent five months dissecting all of these kids we all know the knock on Joseph Nixon. We all know that knock you can work your way through all these kids and find the knock what are the legitimate Knox and Shawn Watson. This is what I can't reconcile why Aybar went all he could slide someone's. Lives are a lot of good friend of ours has what's going 25 to Houston. You'll not be on the border know by now and I know Leyritz is one of the best the business did not get me wrong but I can't figure out why. What what is the knock five months no one's come up with a anything. Honesty joke it wouldn't surprise me. If Mitchell to Bruschi is on the board after 1250. And every week it's like everyone this incident would happen oh my gut the big one when they're gonna pick this guy. Tomorrow night if that happens I won't be surprised this day and age is so crazy because now with the way to see BA set up. I like to biz you with thirteen starts. You by many as a potential number one overall. Watson is the first rounder right Patrick Holmes from Texas Tech a gimmicky system. He's going to be in the first round exit DeShawn Kaiser could win at Notre Dame he's going to be in the first round summer making the case Davis Webb could get in there because under the new CB day. It's cheaper for these quarterbacks it's not a bad miss to be taken and the first round you get the fifth year option. Right it's it she missed so it's not the end of the world. That's how it is now go back to the year Alex Smith goes one overall and then what. 22 teams are some say noted Aaron Rodgers click pic about that missed an H Rogers goes to it doesn't matter who you are you train up to get back then. You're just watching this kid who had one of the greatest seasons stick Allah has seen and how many years political tended to last time that happened. Right and the kids just ball no one has a need. For a big all armed physical winning Smart quarterback. Hit a trap and compared to now now it's on him too risky to be number one couldn't really struggling Tom Watson for. Davis Webb could slide in there and get back then you just watch Roger's plummet. No one had a mead go back to the draft there was like no one had a need quarterback. Fascinating what's happened in eight years nine years time. That's and part of it is then the contract structure the U laid out Joseph now you have a better. Opportunity to quote miss on a guy because the dollars are gonna hurt is that. The 707 the knock on Watson he threw too many ion tees tank shooter shoot that's how works. Speaking to shooters shoot Greg Papa one of the best shooters all time his next alone to have that type once again. Now backed a warrior Wednesday Kearse Jolo and DX. He is the voice of the Oakland Raiders. And noticeably does is the god father Greg Papa would Jolo in bids on 95 point seven in the game pop a good morning it finally happened Marshawn Lynch is in Oakland raider you thought. So for the first time in my life hero and heaven Skittles for Barack yeah. I was at oracle on Easter Sunday they were thrown Skittles to me on this for the whole way and and everybody had a scandals ever before and haven't for breakfast today these motors are arrived at last this is your first time trying skills. Yeah I I'm not I'm not a big candy. And big candy apple what do you do for dessert a little chocolate I'm not a big dessert ged. Now vigilant here maybe just a touch cognac GO at the end and nice team made me that I mean I I've had users that it's now my favorite student fields. This decrease. Hello we talked about this and saint patty's day. We did and it Cadillac I thought you know Marchand to deadline guy had to get done before the draft that they may try to get a dinner on the Vegas vote either. Right before right after. But the reality is this is more than just. A business move to help help the soothe the pain of Oakland and I I think I talked to guys before about this I think Marshawn Lynch. It is arguably the greatest player to ever play. In the NFL from Oakland John Brody. It was a terrific player but he he did it across the bay with a niners or raiders have never had. In Oakland born. Player like this blockage from the south bay and so this means so much but beyond that from a football standpoint it made so much sense. It was a day that which it is Murray signed in Minneapolis where. I was talkative you know Adrian Peterson and Mike you mostly I thought would have been a perfect fit you want to go on the New England leader blunt still out there. And then it was brought to my attention at their talking to Marshal on an. The raiders wanna be a physical. Running football team and there's nobody more physical. This guy by far is the best tackle breaking running back I've seen in the NFL. In low like 1520 attic yet to go vector Earl Campbell Michaels dot. In Tampa but he was really a fullback ran with a forward leaning and got tripped up that tree breakage tackle Marshal or break a tackle run right over now. He also has extremely quick feet to make you miss in the hole and I'd Larry soccer Earl Campbell. Other players that I would go back to from another generation that good of a tackle breaker if you wanna be a physical mauling. Offensive line like Mike Tyson Jack to realign hand. You wanna have beast mode behind this offensive line and he can run any kind of steam and they can play with Derrick I understand you can put Derek in the gun and a pistol. Are shocked and run inside zone outside zone again on power you can run fullback lead he could run single back. There's not a thing he cannot do so. It means so much to the from a business standpoint as far as you know make in this more palatable last year to here in Oakland or three. But really it is all modesty and we'll see what they do on the draft they have to get a slot corner. But this could be the final piece to a championship football team. Caught by pinning viewed Timor he can run in the two by an offset it not just that eight people are talking about. Marshawn Lynch is last year only 500 yards on seven games but. If you if you put seven more games that's a thousand yards in add those who you don't never know where he would end up. But how much in your opinion pop was just that hang over from that. You know first and goal he picks up six in the second play they don't give the ball seem like it was a disconnect after that not just with him but a lot of players on that team. How much was that you think that is the latter why Marshawn Lynch kind of went to retire. Well I have no idea because they're not around at the talk of the people in Seattle are you know and it was a problem and I think from a football standpoint journal babble made the right call it wasn't the right result. For the Seahawks but he made the right football call. The marsh on that's a little bit of the problem would bring in March on in here. Is he has to know his role. And yes you know how it's gonna work your race the raiders have a couple of young running backs they wanna give more acute Jalen Rashard meandering Washington. Especially Jalen being undrafted blew me away last year and he can do more. Mark shot it's not gonna have the same role he had in Seattle he's gonna have a role but it's not going to be the same earliest and always roll. And I am I am an anxious to see how they crafted his contract is largely incentives. I would be like I read somewhere over the it again the thousand yard. Bonus. I'd be leery about that kind of stuff because gone back to your point about neck in the Bamako a lot of the Super Bowl. And he may not get the ball as much as she is he is used again he's not going to regional older back he's packet of the elite back here he's gonna fit in a but he's gonna have a role on this football team but as far as his last year in Seattle his body began to breakdown of the court really. Became a problem was the 2015 year when he didn't make their playoff game in Minnesota they came back and played against Carolina and they couldn't block. But I watched an early game that year low at Levi's against the 49ers and he and they gave it storm I wanna say six straight times on the goal line. And he just it was the end of first convert you know a second and third in one and at any given too much for that one to get the first down and they gave it to him again. They rode him so early in the year before the abdominal problems came into play. Though he still beast mode and he's not going to do this to embarrass himself and he's not gonna have to get the ball eighteen to twenty times a game. He's not gonna go back Jewish years when he was tearing the ball. 300 times a year. And I would think he get it eight to ten may be an average some weeks six some weeks sixteen in Osama if it's a certain game. We're trying to run the clock out the whole second half he negative 22 times so. Mean you know maybe a 160 carries for the whole year outstanding game. I think is the role and as they say at this stage of history here I think he's a perfect complement to what you're already have in the running back room and he really could be. The finishing peaceful C about the defense but certainly a championship caliber office. It's with a 160 carries he need average seven to carry to make that thousand yard two million dollar bonus pop I wanna ask you about his ability. In other areas such as picking up the blitz out of the backfield and also visibility catch passes a running back. I say it's decent they they did deploy him dare devils early creative offensive coordinator and tried to get marsh on match up a lot as and I and I just out of the backfield that they would they would stretch him out and put him in a wide receiver spot. Try to get a match up with a linebacker. He's a big body guy and what he wants to block he's decent and it. I really and blocking OB as something he's going to be asked to do obviously but as far as catching the ball. I really think the raiders have two young guys that are really good at it now it's not always beat. They're gonna screen the ball to Washington and Rashard. And he's run Marchand hasn't worked that way you wanna have balance of left to do some of that but I think his basic role on this football team will be. To be beast mode you just run over people he is incredibly quick feet. You give it to him on third and one the short yardage the goal line situation. And just with this offensive line. Read all these stats my friends from pro football focus or given me about tackle breaking the best tackle breaker. In ten year and I go back to Campbell and and the Tanaka. Where it went when he breaks a tackle with this offensive line now he's going to be in the second level they enacted a touchy and he don't collect she's gonna poll. In Iran power. And you know you've got the ability inside three there when Hudson engaged in Colette she. They're very often he's got to get three. Through the his first lied when he breaking a tackle. He's braking and at the second level I got to have a safety step up and tackle this beast so lenient is run over people. They give you some explosive play image some of the most explosive runs I've ever seen where the earthquake Ron of the playoff game against New Orleans. And it probably even better than that went that Sunday night running against Arizona. Which he broke about eight tackles on a play it was unbelievable. Pop we got a couple minutes left. Any idea perhaps what position old group the raiders may be looking towards it 24 tomorrow night. Slot corner. You know Morgan you boning up on your slot corners and David Perry Jackson entered devious way. As we got to go tomorrow night's show and I think that's this is a match up late. And the raiders or shoot a guy your body inside linebacker and making it that other places. They've got to cover. Antonio Brown. They've got a cutter cover Andelman and Hoch in a and Tyreke hill if you wanna win this thing you've got to beat New England you've got to beat Pittsburgh you've got to beat Kansas City. And the Denver's gonna be better low I think San Diego when they get all their offensive weapons back and healthy they're going to be better. So you've got a match up with these guys in the raiders don't have if TJ Carrey on the roster I see they have some linebackers and I think in neighboring Perry rally junior back after the draft. You have got to get. And slot cornerbacks guys that can go inside to match up with these slot wide receivers so we'll see if during Jackson's the search for devious. White is a guy as well out of LA issue that would fit the bill that bill normalcy you know who can fault them 24. Beautiful stuff Greg Papa attention today noon to three wood by dale tomorrow night on the draft show thank you Bob we appreciate your time this morning scandals Benedict never had a political. Thank you also watch a domino most ND pop and this. He set up for tomorrow night did you notice that. As new question in and generated an answer himself that's that's in four. The cost five dollars five words a tournament for slot corners. And mark you know what's funny. I got a slot corner he didn't mention. And he might be available 24. I'm surprised at just a place where it needs that next alone did and five points out that war Wednesday he is GO ONT. Two warrior Wednesday agent and by the all new premier key of Newark on line. Premiere key of Newark account it is great to have you in March on lynch is a raider pending physical. Problems on the talk about it earlier in new catch at noon to three when he. Dives into that. Has only pop can Jolie did 95 point seven game. We're gonna get into greater options 24 there could be a surprise in their for the team bought for reading that we get tickets to giveaway. Two tickets in fact. See dark snow whiskey Bentley Dirks Bentley which I spelled this morning dirt band hole. You're got foreign ball wake up in the morning like a mental box and urged Japan to open. Good food is eaten we worry that it's got a dental boxes stand toe box and tell via the plan words it's Ben tell. With colts went down and John party Sunday. August when he that shoreline at the theater tickets until now live nation dot com that's live nation dot com to win the tickets you the first. To answer the following trivia question correctly call triple 89579570. Tripoli nine point 79578. Question. Who was the last player chosen in the top five of the NFL draft from a non FBS school. Last player chosen in the top five in the draft who happen to be from a non FBS school. Triple 89579570. Can't load knows them super question. Super duper question don't reveal it if you know good question. Bono's now. Lord has triggered a lone Alabama on their. On days. He's in many months due to such a great it was not the answer but I just give you something I'll Randy White former down. That is an uphill lie and giving me something yes I'm doing going to be all right I don't. Now that does and read you become the greatest show on all the land Ratner. I wish I guess and a militia was it would be nationwide this we had so much to say isn't censored I'd be all over the 24 cent and we found our god yet. Outright so we tees this up. 124 pop always just on in the previous segment we asked him at the end of the Marshawn Lynch conversation pop. Which direction do you see the raiders going picked number 24 Papa lean to slot quarterback great analysis. Got to get past the patriots you wanna go to the Super Bowl we got to be able to slow down Tom Brady slot corner makes a lot of sense he drew a lot of names out there there's one I wanna throughout their now. Darian Conley. Six to a 195 pounds Ohio State aryan Conley they might be asking. Why Gary and Connolly how is he gonna fall isn't he rated as one of the best corners in the draft. He was until the news surfaced yesterday. Conley was accused of sexual assault in Cleveland hear the details of the story hurt TMZ. There's a police report that explains 823 year old woman. Said Conley raped her in the bathroom. Of a sweet. At the Westin hotel in Cleveland. Water around I think it was April 8 April 9. The police report reportedly explains that the alleged victim claims she met Conley in an elevator. And that he asked her to have a force. The alleged victim claims she declined to participate but agreed to watch. As others had. Group sex in the initial report regarding the incident. Which didn't mean Conley his lawyer called the accusation ludicrous and ridiculous and argue that this young lady is an opportunist. And is actually. Despicable. Putting TMZ two of comedies friends told police nothing happened between him and the woman. A lot to dissect. But. Right now you could be looking at a situation where a very talented cornerback. Very talented great straight line speed great burst can tackle. So he can help in run support the knock is that he could've been used another season at Ohio State's season himself but he's got great ball skills to comply he's the first round. Lot of people thought he was a top ten pick. Now this comes out. If you're the raiders let's assume the raiders just found out about this yesterday like the rest of the world that maybe they know for awhile maybe they just found out you're 24. Originally. Gary Connolly from Ohio State maybe he's not available now. Maybe years. Both you're inside that building you're Reggie McKenzie if you Jack Del Rio what are you doing. In this 48 hour stretch to figure out whether or not this is a guy you could trust should you pick him at number 24 should be available in number three well I as. Into three do your homework of course you do your homework. And being you look at it you kick the tires on a bit of these the are you got to take a serious look at him for meats is when I hear and know listening to him yesterday week we heard news. I think the phone I take it upon a call my son and I see here you go get your take a listen you know I have a son and Purdue you know it's going to be a sophomore. You look at certain situation July used things you allow yourself to get situation situations it can hurt too long term. Here's a young man and an elevator with a girl meets says hey let's go have good sex and so she says no but she agrees to go watch. Okay. It's just so you know when he and and you still don't justified but look what happened now on this guy could lose. Millions of dollars. Because of a poor choice and even in this young Billy is an afternoon you don't look for an opportunity to make some money we give it happens. But look you know these other guys and Alec elsewhere in the room they seem that the but yet still. Here's a lady making accusations. Doesn't help it doesn't help you at all so but to answer your question. I think the raiders will look at this and they'll do their due diligence. And if he's there. And after the evidence and evidence shows that this is this a false claim. You have to take a serious look at you have to Jeff is a guy like this because he can help your team. And I think that the raiders will look at this guy and look very serious if he's there. I doubt he's going to be there. That's the point he could be this could be a situation where 48 hours from the draft you can find out that a player who you could really use an intimate and really liked. Who wasn't supposed to be there could be there. You've got 48 hours to figure out did the raiders unique position based on fed Belinda cough what happened to his daughter he was in last week of us talked about it. There's a certain line may draw on the sand when it comes to an individual's character. This is that line. You've got 48 hours to figure out whether or not you're gonna cross that line or whether or not you can draft this player without crossing the line do you keep them off the draft boards or you know what. Mean there's not enough time to get this thing out. Better safe than sorry let's look at Kevin King from Washington's that war. You do as much as you can and roll the dice because this is a guy who can help Lotta people body's top ten he could be sitting their Tony for. Off the draft board and without I don't even 100%. Off the draft board you're in a situation where. And it's yes because what happened Fred bullet and cost daughter Tracy when she was murdered. By her boyfriend her estranged boyfriend so many years ago this organization has always stood. For many things and one of those things has been zero tolerance. Of these domestic violence type situations now we don't know if the young man Conley. Was involved or wasn't involved the the alleged victim did go to the hospital she had a kit. Administered viewers so there will be some physical evidence as to whether or not a rape took place or. If he has his sample in her body eccentrics address those things won't be resolved though joke in the next 24 hours we are. What 36 hours away from them making their pick basically even less than that there's no time to get any real facts back. About this incident and it lest they talked to Conley in the two weeks of the three weeks between the time of the alleged incident and now. You don't have any real sense of what could've potentially gone on the without a clear 100% resolution of this you absolutely stay away from the place. So play it safe. Yes played safe and do the right thing. As it pertains to the way you've done things as an organization which I admire. At the end of the day. Your business and this business has stood for zero tolerance. In the ways of sexual offenders of this type other organizations. Don't have the same. I guess moral close as far as players have done that before so Cincinnati boy I mean yes all right we can muck rake all the organizations that have allowed. Felons to come back and characters of ill repute to play format and the raiders have done that but not in this category so he's off the draft board. Even knowing. That this could just be someone trying to take advantage of the situation maybe she finds out this guy's about to get paid. Completely fabricated completely made up you pass he slides past you goes on to be Pro Bowl corner. You end up making a mistake drafting someone who can't play. Even knowing that. You still go ahead and say you know what let's just draw a line in the sales not take the rest. I'd that's what I would do and I think that's what they will do any obviously worst case scenario. If you pass on an is that the whole thing was trumped up when he goes on to be a hall of fame player he's you know what the next Deion Sanders there. Or whatever that that would hurt but. Ultimately. You gotta do what's right and I think yet honor Freddie Belinda calls on this one. Does that work. According to this story you're in an elevator. And between the time you get on in the tiny get off you encounter a woman come on. And then you have this question you bring up to her. But does that sound a bit. Broad it's it's it's sounds way fishy you meet a girl and elevating you say. She looks that you need to know what you do you tell you're in the we will are. In you say hey I'm in a room we're gonna have groups X would you like to foursome horsepower foursome so you already know that there's other people in their going to be women in there at least two others game. You say no but I wanna come watch not for me personally I have a daughter had two doors. Why does it out hope to god that I've taught her well enough to know. It's you're not view what would you wanna even partake in being around anything like that even be close to. I am I'm disgusted that you know that as isn't as you know as a father would have so what does what does it mean this the war we live in. I would not want my daughter and I don't I think that I put enough valleys and and she's Smart young lady didn't know. You are not going to gold watch a foursome. In beeper take in gets to go sit and watch. And yet if he's this guy he's rape that's wrong and I'd I don't condone it but this story sounds fishy to me if I'm the raiders about any organization. I do look at it in see if I can find out he gonna you have a police report. You have a lot of things that are out there it ain't much more does gonna be discovered. Last year when pop and I were doing the draft show over raiders each Q hi Jack Del Rio came down and didn't interview after the Carl Joseph pack. And were up Bobbie that's who met Carl Joseph the raiders all that's not towards the end. I isolated there the question because one of the big stories in last year's draft was the fall of Laramie console the offensive lineman for moments. It's like right before the first team and on the clock and a lot of people thought he could be. The number one overall pick. Those pictures surfaced of him with a gas mask. Bong smoke and we all that stuff right most of you remember the story so he falls. He falls. And I remember asking Del Rio. You know went something like this happens. And your sit and further down in the draft and a guy like this becomes available. You know what do you do there you have these new discussion is did this catch you by surprise. Just trying to get his mindset he looks at me takes a breath and looks mean he says. Let me put it like this. Some of the things that surprised. You the media the fans. Aren't necessarily coming isn't surprised us. And that patient kind of behind the scenes where you hear all this stuff about the draft draft day players go oh my god annually he's falling. All the while these teams they've done their research they've investigated these players they know they just don't talk about so we can rest assured the raiders. At the very least are on top of the situation. Type of code word. It's 1000 bucks I can figure out where the whole thing gray stretch that was impressive. It go far you left due to copy and while keeping him out of rhythm I Crawford tight range right their death don't pull your growing now coach for K day national task contest on 95 set in the game text the code word. Sharma. To seventy we needed one he very met Lorenzo Neal you know he's got when he HR seventy rated one before fifteen past the hour for your chance 1000 dollar and listening every day at nine. 11 AM 1 PM 3 PM for your chance to win a thousand bucks text message. Message and battering message may apply. Charm 7081 the voice of the warriors Timberlake coming up in one minute don't go anywhere Jolo and it at a high point of the game.