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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 26th
The guys break down the list of backup QBs as it pertains to Colin Kaepernick. Then they speak with NFL Network Analyst, Michael Silver and former Rockies GM now MLB Network Analyst, Dan O'Dowd. 

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Good morning and welcome to 95 point seven the game alongside the reds O'Neill and Dan diddley I'm Joseph Ford ball we've got to stacked. Hour for you coming up. Now a thousand dollars to give away conversation with Michael Silver on the latest regarding reader first round pick Darian Conley. And we got tickets to giveaway at 845. That coming on the heels of a conversation with former Colorado Iraqi general manager. Yeah no doubt. What Iraq year old boys were rocket enrolled I think we got a little college happening news to get to as well. At around 815 so without further ado let's give away some cash. 72881. Texaco work cough as in turn your head and cough is 72881. Message and data rates apply when you look at emulate that. Because of all the words in the English language that we went with cough would Somalian meet its needs. And pirates. I'm just curious text the word puke so your X eighty day clock didn't see loud coming by Gil hill caught people caught CEO UGH. Cough. Conversation and Michael Silver and a medic. Right now here's gives you updates. Top story Ed brewer ordered new knee and traded the boss then as the it's Red Sox look to pick up some infield depth of the giants get minor league pitchers. John Anderson. And Gregory Santos on the field the giants beat the pirates 113 Madison Bob garner his first win of the year the rubber game in the series is today. Out at AT&T story number two of the trade deadline is coming up July 31 Sonny gray was on display yesterday in Toronto the a's lose. To the blue jays. Ford won only got six hits on offense Sonny gray didn't give up an earned run it in front of a dozen or so scouts Joe's big glitch. On the afternoon delight yesterday's NBA's don't necessarily have to deal sunny. Usually with troops there or darker road or this or it's certainly a position of strength here because that they did. Absolutely knocked over by agreed off the trigger but they don't have because you know I think in the offseason and agrees that the apple a lot of value haven't cheers can control weapons Contra. Paul Blackburn goes today against Marco Estrada 315 dugout show here on 957. Game story number three. NFL training camps are opening fills falcons Packers rams and Redskins all open their camps today the raiders look at the veterans in the tomorrow meanwhile then he needs Cooper health that placed on the non football. Injury list for the raiders nine Ers opened camp of rookies and that's coming in with. Tomorrow the update brought you by Fremont Chrysler Jeep dodge you see it everywhere that DG DG dot com yellow license plate so where will you see it next. Check us out at DG DG dot com of I'm Dan dimly on your home of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors it's 95 point seven big game. Negatives. He's an NFL analyst for the NFL network you can follow him on Twitter at might silver Michael Silver would Jolo in Dan's. On 95 point seven the game Michael good morning we hope you've had a great summer in your ready to dive into it word on the street is that you're at Denver Broncos can't today am I correct. That's right the season begin. About the Poland to. Broncos headquarters with but I dispute colleague and shall or jail or work. And had were gonna get after it that's a good place start. Given that that he won the boulder recently. Obviously. Have been the road it is which is. Probably paper but the visit of global. All right let's start right there then with the Denver Broncos and obviously you're just arriving in the camp but when all's said and done who do you think is inevitably or I should say eventually going to win the starting quarterback job Trevor Ximian or former first round pick Paxson lynch. All the great question because you would think all things being equal though packed the alleged. Drafted in the first round now you're to read that and oh world where you know guys bill later on. Typically anymore. Added you know covers that. Much like pedigree. Yeah I ruled in early in camp policing mark Spencer ware that. Ximian ended up awaiting it and help the Euro late in the year and cut up went through a lot more pain. But some people realized so it put it back. That kind of dig into my caller former chargers coach is back here at the opera coordinator of gold but great group. Ritter says oh well quarterback coach so. Looking to bury you sport guys a lot of quarterback meeting at tactical blow or after our break. Michael I want talks about the quarterback position but to me that's the other blooming concerns for this dimmer bronco team. Particularly up front often it's not necessarily run a ball as dumb as they'd like last year. Also defensively upfront how they solve those problems in what do you think having an affair in those two particular positions. We'll load great question. They need to deal clearing it. Cholera or cultural interest to lesion ears. He looks like. Jamaal Charles in front of him as well. Pretty basic. But I I don't like you run the run defense and and as. Is that a problem the front last year Cutler kind of went under the radar and it really release that are. And you know they lost a couple of guys who Jackson got it you deal in Jacksonville. And then the next local Ben extricate them. All arguing that when you go live back or lose disruptions. In the middle of the Atlanta but it. Bill we're a global pattern that. So we're bella who had so much success there it down a government programs and let the client coats dancers who. And go to Google potential and a lot of credit bets or all of these. Kudos to the Broncos were taking that schooling and rhetoric guys who really could he has star. So I consciously optimistic about the beaten. Eight and you Bob Miller as. Their secondary you can do a lot of thing could be so. You know there was kind of an up and could provide late last year and there were no Peyton Manning could stab that. The upper part. Staying in the division and moving to Kansas City with the Tom Hall Lee Twitter and FaceBook meanie rants and Andy Reid's response. Are these sort of distractions the type that can carry over into the regular season or will this be put to bed before camp ends. With the quarterback in Europe Cuba. That's about Tom Hall Lee going to social media again. Let's get might it's early July I. Yeah. It can be put to bed that means is. Probably that's what vision or loading it down a Twitter in the depths that it theories do would goodies just that apparently are well aware. Yeah look them up whether to commit. You know I'm OK with football players. Learning and talent what are what people have more important job. That you know expect the lives of gratitude I go more but it. You know with the attitudes of these begala talent. Ella child at that position so. You know I don't mind if a guy who's. Accomplished that had picked cornerbacks and disrupt output so sorely coated city that I I think I department period Eckerd secretly like that and it could be an issue with chooses. Yeah now that they. They use their guy in male light. If that their leader but they obviously about a lot of well a lot of side though is there a scenario they make that sports. Michael Silver would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven the game we bring it back to the bay and the Oakland Raiders were the number one story. Is the lack of first and second round picks under contract is camp is under way. All legal final in the second round pick safety at a UConn. And Darian Conley the corner out of Ohio State both remain unsigned. What's the latest on both and as it pertains to Conley how concerned is the organization regarding his legal status. Well I you know obviously they're two different situation because it was situation is complicated political thing it looked. It nobody did the raiders draft him they knew the facts are kind of going in I would imagine there's a tendency but he. Have contemplated in that. You know they're they're trying to work through I mean are well integrated and well I'm not that worried that throughout the marketing side now you know the caveat these chargers target last. Years and died on the strange no load weren't about all that and are and yet. You know they made it stand and came in late. Got hurt. They missed in the first game which were pivotal and then turned out yet salute impact player. And they record. The car slow. You know I don't know that the raiders would. You go about low in my opinion it it's what you'd do these Brooke it deals with those in public obviously a different. Situation to cut it where where in general. Secret deal recruit. Yeah. I would imagine that we shouldn't get too worked up about it and luckily the raiders are so good. That you know they're gonna hit the ground running anyway. At that over. One player that fans hope will hit the ground running as Marshawn Lynch with the veterans coming in the Mardi camp what is a reasonable expectation for Marshawn Lynch this season from may. Quantitative standpoint. I it's Super Bowl and to you. About today I definitely they are so open to the Olympic people. Patted me you know that that's the dreamer and an Indy it's not. It doesn't seem farfetched to the year two Leo yeah that is really really yeah. With that sending quarterback who made it back can be. Already great. Re out of great opera on and that. Most people and he rushed running back who now liberty is very very productive. But wrote about her attitude that is infectious end. A bad news that is expected to that and you know I. My ID but that is an optical out running back pedal and things change. So we have to see what happens but it. On a positive note it's super retouched and you and settlements and you know the guy we. You know there during your career with that up but the lies and back quarterback Dan. Those receivers. I am I think they're gonna just cool people ostensibly it's going to be. Michael what do you make of the situation in Dallas where Jerry Jones and company had no problems cutting a player like lucky Whitehead. Despite the fact that he was guilty of nothing someone had used his identity he wasn't even in the state. Yet when it comes to Ezekiel Elliott Jerry Jill we'll go right to the media and tell him he doesn't see any evidence or any reason to have any concern over Zeke whatsoever. Well. Agassi's. Unlucky light that it does put. You know those guys we're. More palatable production borrowed it again more consideration. And it's he didn't. Obviously. Nobody should be terminated dignity. Completely full charge against them. They have the situation. Where. The fact that they guys in their mind pushed to rein in all the laughter. That suit. Reflect it they've got an important. And by so I don't like that I think you. Explorer. Whether that OK but it you know I'm luck and well. In. More than I do they're trying they're you know Jerry gets a lot of crap because you're out there. Puts himself out there and talks where they'll go Baltic state. Without Olerud at some Alka ago. Lie about it that it's. All about it altered. All you are currently. They note though. And it says like yeah that that it could look at a chart. At any point during this season will Colin capita be under contract and an NFL team. It I don't know who. I think if you call now that it can I don't know what he's doing and it is ridiculous that he's not. Getting more interest but I figured him the player right now just chill and you know unfortunately you and they Teddy Bridgewater. Situation or so on that because I've ever had where. Looking at a a significant injury and really need a quarterback. Battle securing. You're you know typical team rattled which are in debt a lot you vote you are at. We need to get a guy who can do this I am on low and bring amendments that are treated and then there's only one guy like that out there. And that capital so it buy it. The best places to wait. Do you get injured and you there's only because I don't at that point Adam wrote the book who goes try to hook on as. Second or third cornerback marquis in the quoted one. Michael Silver NFL analyst for the NFL network you can follow him on Twitter at Mike silver he's in Denver covering the Broncos today as he embarks. Upon training camp when he seventeen. Jolo and gives an odd points of the game Michael thank you for your time travel safe and we look forward to doing it against him. It. So. You know the team win and you've got to place. Can't be political if you've got issues off this. Week and it. You've got to be it would help the team win because remember if you're looking Whitehead you didn't do anything wrong but someone said they were lucky Whitehead and satirist that you're gonna lose your job. Clearly not someone who can help Dallas win did Jerry jones' expectations. So he's well. However about them regarding could help them as individuals will continue to work honest. Feel Yates from ESPN released an article recently. Ranking the 32 NFL teams. Based on their back up quarterback situation. Let's start the bottom and work our way out well Indianapolis is ranked 32 there back up quarterback is Scott pulls little. It's the whole Z exactly. From Wisconsin if memory serves me correctly. Pentagon Gabbard DO. And you look at engine look. Right now also probably won't claim pre season because the shoulder in you have to worry in question. Is he going to be OK any hit on that shoulder it's that don't and that's that is a problem huge red flag in you wanna goats got. Polls seem. Check out please so you're trying to win games in Indianapolis and Angela goes down. Would you rather have Scott told CNET can't happen can't cover excitement close dips to number 31 the Los Angeles rams after Jared golf it's Sean May and again. From Oregon State I remember covering him. At the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama years ago it was a year with quarterbacks that excited nobody there was a single scout. Like any of the quarterbacks a year. Is he a better option to win football. Games and Colin tampered yes without a doubt and I should probably qualify this by saying I grew up with John's. Uncle and John's father I've known the family for Polly forty years so. Maybe I can take a different team honestly if I didn't have ties to the man main union Stanley. Yes Colin tablets better quarterback. That John Manny and I saw Sean played foothill high. Morgan State I think it's great that he's made in the pros but honestly if you look at the bodies of work college operates in any better than probably 29. Of these 32 without a doubt but I do wanna get a shout out for the dominion Sam. That's the part by Sandra foul to the a pleasant and access to be your your right Joseph is Kapanen. I eleven games. The Buccaneers at number thirty in the back of his Ryan Fitzpatrick. Oh quite the journey meant. Did are you familiar with the Fitzpatrick Sam in any way shape or form that would allow you to weigh in on this no I do hope to send my son to an Ivy League school now so hard biased toward the Ivy League. Ryan Fitzpatrick an interesting one because you know he's gotten. I won't say it's a bad rap he's had multiple chances to go out there and and do what he can do and he's shown at times to be good quarterback. So he might be one of the few ones where you could turn it over to him and say. Elise he has experience right to me John minions got no experience. Holes dean hasn't done anything you legalese that's bastard has done some things. So he's he's an average one and here's the thing about it means upper teens and he had to start. Compared to Carl thinking here's a guy goes to from places and still gets opportunities there so now. Look at how bad some of these backup quarterback situation our personal. That would should be ranked a lot higher opening that is it's actually do any better than a lot of these. 29 Baltimore Ryan mallet 28 Seattle trade bond Boykin who get arrested more than he's thrown passes in the NFL. 27 to jets Josh which houses starter. Christian Hatteberg well according to reporters who covered jets OTAs. On not one but two occasions. He overthrew receivers so badly he drilled reporters who were way off to decide. That's how bad note pads on he's overthrowing wide receivers on to number 26 the Tennessee Titans it's Matt Cassel. By Marcus marionette. Number 25 Dallas Cowboys it's talent more behind deck press Scott I loved Alan Moore and Boise State won me a ton of money. For community he ain't getting it done in the National Football League what do you for the Detroit Lions. Jake rude shock and Brad high who'd hire the rookie out of Miami. And root dot. Is he was he from Michigan and play with Harbaugh under Michigan North Pole rude. All right so you've got that situation in Detroit in Jacksonville it's Chad Henne. You can't kill that guy Chad Henne behind Blake morals in buffalo its Karr dale Jones. And me and Peter men buying Tyrod Taylor. In Los Angeles for the chargers. It's Kellen Clemens. Behind Philip Rivers although they did work out RG three yesterday. Number twenty the New York Giants. Geno Smith. Josh Johnson. And Davis web web interesting because he played your cap. Geno Smith and Josh Johnson behind Eli Manning although the giants made it clear they couldn't bring an icon cabinet they would lose too much money. The Minnesota Vikings Teddy Bridgewater. Sam Bradford case Tina M Taylor panicky I came out the guy's last name. The niners with the lawyer and Barkley the falcons with Matt shop. Well it would rather have match obvious they're helping Colin can't protect same match job this is I was raiders just us with the I'll be just like you wanna interception when only about. Your job exactly like a blow back foot the rose from job and this time yeah Pittsburgh's got Josh dobbs the rookie at a Tennessee and Landry Jones behind Roethlisberger. I get the job stop situation he's a key what is you have to sober with those young guys fifteens the Oakland Raiders they hot in EG Mandy today. Connor cook still here as well with Houston it's watts in the Randy and wean him and Tom savage battling it out in Washington its cousins backed up by Colt McCoy. And Nate sud feel this goes on and on. Mean is there any reason to believe. That anyway it turned a disguise it being black ball that's 100%. What the six I don't. And by about Joseph and I disagree with the guy we just had on good friend of Tom blood like all right so we're disagree with him he's not gonna get picked up this year. Where after look closed down now some BP and I understand that in in here's a coach sits his jobs on the line. You know you look at the O'Donnell whose job is on the line. In you're gonna go there with the quarterback does harm to this number 32 the worst quarterback to quarterback in the in you rather stay with him in and Colin cabinet. He's not getting the job the show I don't care. If every quarterback on building a team will trade with in the NFL to give it to tequila is it fair to say that the NFL. In general would rather have a rape this to who could help you win then up advocate who can help you when an activist like WM is that there are safe despite dad's. I think you'd you'd rather have the activists in my opinion but the way the league it is reacting to all these players who had domestic violence situations. Almost every one to a man has got to work with the exception or Ray Rice whose career might have been over anyway. Cause jeopardy simply stood up for what he believes in her when kneeled down for what he believes in in his activism has a lot scarier to teams and I think their fan bases. And I think a lot of this comes back on the fan bases themselves because of. A large portion of them being tolerant. Of domestic violence abusers who can come out and make plays for you whereas this is somehow an affront on your liberty. And an affront on America and yet this guy you wouldn't support. It is a total hypocrisy to me. What's worse than Colin cabinet what would be NFL deemed worse than on cabernet you could you could rape someone. But if you can help them win. You'll have a job work on cabinet you can be double woman if you can help the team win you'll have a job work on cabinet this isn't an opinion giving you this is back. Axe these are facts the NFL's are shown us that. So what would be worse. Than men can't happen like what would be something where a team we choose tax. Over someone with the exact same resume exact same skills at. But they did something that was perceived to be so bad you would rather have con capita than that individual. Yeah. Sister you know you can't play murder because he's going to be imprison. The crew so. If you could get it I mean I don't know Taylor how scary is that to you how scary is it to think how far someone we need to go. Where Colin would be the choice or that individual. Sky assets were right now what would someone have to do with the exact same solicit you clone can't cap predicament put him next to each other the one was the activist that we see now. The other one what would that person need to do to be deemed more toxic in the in the eyes of the national football week. He's right murder if you I mean if you kill somebody. That would be the only thing because we've seen you killed dogs we saw and then came back in the ring yes over and a million dollars I would think torture and murder knobs you can rate. You can beat up women you can abuse children. What else can you dale. While. It set it's set in it admit it it it really is it and I and it. And the sad thing about this and you people look at it Colin Karina and I understand people's position. But I think people just they're they're doing it because they only look in the mirror and they know they have deal. Because there's a lot of people that walk into stadiums in now mussina told you guys it's a long time ago we all know it then now they're stopping when they usage is walk. Disregard. Least he's doing so he was doing something if people and flex when its owner saying the stuff people are still walking in there eating there on their cell phone they'd just disregarded all together. And now guy at least he did show respect and really they get and still people seek. God he's always on American American is when your three and walking eating on your phone and do whatever disregarded any. He's the former general manager of the Colorado Rockies he's gonna tell us what's next for Johnny Quaid on gypsum Marcia. Dan O'Dowd is coming up Jolo and did 95 point seven the game now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Tickets to giveaway at 845. And Morgan to revisit this question because it struck a nerve on the Penske auto sales dot com tax I'd Sabrina give you the chance to weigh in. In the eyes of the NFL. What would be considered worse. Than Colin tapper and X activism. What would you need to do was a player of a similar skill set in order for a team to say you know what I'd rather have cat and that guy. Here's one that's at first like I was gonna laugh about it. It's extra. Support ice it's. If a player supported basis. All right so say you clone cabinet neck I supporting ices on one side in the the other side it's cat and you you probably signed cabinet before the ice is supporter or do you not dips. I don't think you sign either one but if you had to choose between the two gun deer head tennis scenario you would sign Collins happening before. And nicest of forty I would hope so that's nice to see we have a baseline there ice this is the base it's so sad that what Colin has done is that far down the the disc tastes. On that are for lack of a better way to describe guy Ares and you know you can do almost anything. You can commit domestic violence heinous acts and still come back but if you meal for the Anthony out makes no sense. Tennis update 45 Tripoli 9579570. The MLB network is featuring trade deadline coverage all week long. And Dan no doubt will be a part of MLB network's studio shows Monday beginning 7 AM lucky for us former GM of the Colorado Rockies now analyst for MLB network Dan O'Dowd. Joining us here on 95 point 7 he gave good morning Dan how are. Take guides they had this morning you know you guys are so thank you have me out so bright and early. Well thank you so much for joining us we appreciated it's especially considering it's one of the biggest weeks in the year in Major League Baseball. Will begin with a separate Cisco giants Eduardo Nunez traded to Boston for a couple prospects. Last night what else do you think is on San Francisco's docket between now and the close of business at the trade deadline. Well I don't idle threats since I think they have an opportunity to be that got starting pitching. Available. At bill well in a market administrator may and it's why. And I are pleased that China's been looking for every opportunity to put her clout bracket position. Where they can contend again in 2008. Larry Baer has said that they want to contend next year and 28 team what do you do from a pitching staff standpoint gets a margin on the hook. For eighteen Quaid oh with a player option at 22000001. More year Matt Cain. Is there any moves they can make with those pitchers obviously not Cain but who can be moved. To make it so they can't compete next year. Well again in this industry I think any player can beam and depending upon what you want to back that China trying to get back some payroll flexibility next year. We're gonna have to compromise probably at some of the talent. They expect no not sure that don't move both starting pitchers. Com but it opportunities there to boot well I I I'm sure they're gonna penal listening vote. Because they they're could need to try to get a little younger a little bit more athletic. And Ukraine's currency and our gamer younger affordable tackle put players in payroll flexibility. To gonna try to put consultant. In addition what they have a little political. And guys they called the Iron Man Hunter Pence you've known this guy meant to our organization. Seeing now number an injury and also Spain and do they have any trade value and who would be a suitor for those types of guys. I think her plan helps any organization that's trying to win back the guys are not a horrible. Close look and record Ralph Robert right now there's a laudable they'll all. So our our league yen up staying in there that still Spanish and they'll proceed. And then trying to re addressing moving forward you know what to do and that they've reached or that H. And his injury history the last couple years but there's no doubt it is not denying that it would not one to quit they would one would honor courage couch cushions on not unique and special. Former general manager of the Colorado Iraqis now an analyst for the MLB network Dan no doubt would Jolo and dams on 95 point seven game with several. Big name teams in contention this year looking for starting pitching Sonny gray has become the object of affection for many. What can DA's expect is a hall in return because recently Billy B make clear. The team is going to rebuild they wanna be ready to contend with the new stadium so look panel Paul's gonna come back to Sonny. I predict it won't. You know trade deadline guys don't get the most impact players coming back. If you look at what the tigers got back a few years ago that and Michael Omar. I'm sure that they'll try and find an impact player can you really do it contributors. I'm coming back immediate deeper projection. With in the process. But I do believe that chance and great lie and it collects such as SharePoint outstanding. I can keep gasoline caddick and helped contending club take it to the next level there's some cost certainty about what that going beyond this year cute little more tractors. He is available on the market because of the control export Napoli Italy or Welsh connected you know acting but in Italy over the years and I mean. There. Is that you know he cut right to. Who knows we walked on. He's very open mind that he doesn't try to creating a win win situation process. When you get close or to the airy want to deal done. He will react quickly and you will get appeal. Do you think to be more pressure at the deadline itself in five days because more teams are seemingly in an especially in the American League wild card race this year. I did and I can ticket to pressure they are too I think that kindness and great that the street that line. That relates to you know really not politics it's gonna do the Turkish. And everybody else really out expiring contract except Smart and I think great. Old stepped up boats and as far as capability in a rotation. There's a great opportunity to bench at that right now that your believe they are focused that they're second walk our guys changed things dramatically. Within our game. Taxable typical place to being in right now it's really easy to know tape we re doping or were good not win a championship. It's that second category yet that we think were good not when we're not sure that's the worst position that the interest you can make a lot of short term decision that dramatically negative aspects well. No doubt with Joseph lo and dibs on 95 point seven a game the Dodgers losing Clayton Kershaw with a herniated disc for an extended period here there's got to be a little bit of concern. Considering how well they've been playing this season what do you see them doing at the deadline they gonna get splashy. Well I haven't the last couple years I mean they're really cute guys I mean they're Eric dominant means minutes. Not with the giants realistically look at competing against. Over the next few years and how to keep a consultant position respect to add to that gap's pretty significant between them and every other team. In the National League west and I think the doctor not an equally. Injury are really unit in a tremendous position at the key element that you are well it will get aging insults back. Com and see if there's a place in deployment to wait to hit soldiers plates. It's taken out of the impact starting pitcher they will take it that other intractable and guy that they will. I'm not sure they really need to analyze the complementary to each right now the next minority. Former Rockies general manager now a terrific analyst for the MLB network Ketchum for all their trade deadline coverage and no doubt we Jolo Indians. On 95 points of the game Dan thank you free time this morning we appreciate. Hope going to do it and sell out. That makes him. All right so we've got tickets to giveaway. We got conversations coming up with Matt Miller had 905 on the raider rookies in the nine Iraqis we got outs tablets on the latest with the giants. And 930 so we're gonna turn it over to you next and revisit the conversation from a little while ago because you're absolutely lit up. The Penske auto sales dot com Tex lines. So Tripoli 9579570. The F Colin capita on one side and you have a player. Exactly the same resume credentials capabilities on the other. What would that player need to do in order for the NFL to pick tapper nick over him. Because if you go through the list. Of things. That lead to second chances in the National Football League its extensive. Outpace Stallworth killed a guy with this car he had a job when he came out. So what would be worse what would be worse in the eyes of the NFL knew what happened next on which is. Legal triple late night by San 95 semi Jolo and hits and five points in the game. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven to gain. Welcome back your phone calls on cat Tripoli 9579570. In just a moment. Matt Miller to talk raider rookies and niner rookies at the top of the hour Alex probably it's on the trade deadline at 930. But we've got a ticket giveaway right now. It'll be done on the text line today. Text line 95795. The Penske auto sales dot Comtex line for your guesses 95795. The giants scored eleven runs in Tuesday night's eleven to three win over the Pittsburgh Pirates in 100 in two games this season. How many times has San Francisco scored ten or more runs in the game. Text line 95795. How many times and the giants scored ten or more runs in the game this season this is your chance to win a Stanley for packet tickets to the Ellie Mae classic at TPC stone break. Monday July 31 through Sunday August 6. Always qualified for grand prize VIP experience. Which includes four VIP passes fully catered hospitality and round trip limo service to the event. Tickets and info available at Ellie Mae classic dot com stepped curry will be in the house playing. In this event. July 13 2005. Two weeks before training camp is scheduled to open. Player X is a rested by police at. Team headquarters he's charged with assault and felony vandalism stemming from a nightclub altercation. October 25 2005. Five days before the eighth game of the season and it is alleged by the state of West Virginia. That player X has violated the terms of his probation going back to a suspended sentence after a bar room brawl during his freshman year of college. A judge extends that probation ninety days. February 6 2006. Player X is arrested in fight mill. Georgia and charged with possession of marijuana. He's handcuffed after throwing a punch at an officer according to police and charged with a felony count of obstruction and two misdemeanors of obstructing police. The judge drug charge excuse me. Is dismissed in January of 07. Although his mother and a friend are convicted of possession of marijuana. Player X appears in court later that month to face obstruction charges may 23 2006. A fight it county drug task force swat team serves a search warrant at the Georgia home of player acts. Which he bought for his mother. When player next steps out of his Corvette the drug investigator notices that the car reeks of marijuana. Clerics admits the police that he has been smoking and that it will be several weeks before he's able to pass a drug test. April 18 2006. According to national police whose site surveillance camera footage. Player X is one of twelve people gathered at a gas station and a fight breaks out and gunshots are fired. This goes on national. Player accidentally got put your ex is Pacman Jones and this is all early in his career. This is early this is before the strip club incident in Las Vegas. This is Pacman Jones who is still in the National Football League who'd just got in trouble this past offseason again. He continues. To have a job he's been in the league for over ten. Years. We sit here and talk about a guy who protest did something he felt was important some injustice that he felt needed. More attention. About twenty minutes ago which caught fire so were put in up to you. What would a similar player to cap predict need to do. That would be sold back. Yet a village she's cabinet over that player some have suggested support crisis. On the tax line I left the first and then I realize sadly. That might be enough that might be something where an ample owner would say you know what. Give him. All things cabernet vs a guy who supports basis. How many to cap and I think that would probably be better for me in fact it that would even be a decision. Yeah actually at the think about that Demps and it's sad and then one name that just popped up as I was starting to resurgent there's a long line of list of professional athletes who've been convicted of crimes Michael Floyd he gets popped for extra. With being on the Super Bowl championship team and it's a free agent deal meanwhile Colin Capp bringing guys just took a knee is unable to get or Kenny. Where. It's it's crazy I mean when you read that list Adam Jones that there was couple players. I mean that was you you you you talked about over I think that was over ten offense that was I was create multiple instances over the course of less than one year and that's not even a third I could've gone on for two segments that just keeps going with him. And yet. He's got a job. Every year and even bats and I added anymore. Don't even a man Pacman Jones of bad dude Nancy seeing Colin watching games here's a guy that goes and punches a guy memory against Pittsburgh Steelers team that they had. Could be left and that would have been Marvin lewis' first playoff when many losses damn mind out there absolutely so and then blame Joey Porter yeah Joey Porter knew what he was doing is getting your head. He knows you're loose cannon son that's why he came which you. Oh. It's it's it's crazy when you look at what's going on with current cap and people can say what they wanna say and do what they want and and I kidding people go to Stanford. Certain things it is always on tolerant. But yet still got guys like Pacman Jones all the different things he too assaulting women and all the different other antiques it's gone wrong. In you when a discount this guy. For nearly. Per million in bringing something that he believes to be brought to the forefront in India. Might net after hiking. Gotta respect because it took courage and now you see that outlandish of what he's really going through what it would it's it's what it's done. I'm not the word about that I just wanna know what would be considered worse in the eyes of the NFL like I get it you don't wanna I get it that you disagree with them I get it that you think he's a problem fine. What would be considered worse for the individuals who don't want Colin capita what would be worse than what it is that he's doing what would be worse Michael Vick. Federal prison. Torturing murdering dogs that wasn't bad enough. Ray Lewis was on trial for murder Adrian Peterson on trial for abusing his son Greg party we all know that story olden Smith. Arrested what seven times including bomb threats at the airport Donte' Stallworth killed a guy. He served about a month for that Pacman Jones we RD red Leonard Little. What's your take. What would be considered works. About a guy was arrested without polygamous sect chains talking about an activist that's it. This day and age every once an activist in some way shape or form everyone's got an opinion on everything go to Twitter today. There's a new outrage. Over the White House. What's gone all the military tomorrow there'll be another outrage today after that there'll be a third outraged everybody's an activist in the stalemate everybody takes the social media with the props do they not. They do end and that's the beauty also in the curse of social media is that what has a chance to get their opinions out and. All Colin dampening did was to protest something and bring attention to a cause and he thought needed attention brought to it whether or not you agree with how he did it. That's a separate issue if you just look at the NFL and some of the individuals that they continued to employee. Compared to college happening a guy who hasn't had a legal troubles the only thing that. You don't like about college happening is maybe he scares you because you don't know what he's gonna do or say. When it relates to this causing your afraid that it may turn off Samir fan base but meanwhile you've got domestic violence offenders multiple DUI guys. Like you say guys accused of murder or not only ushered back but now he's one of the centerpieces one of the spokespeople for the entirely. AAA 9579570. We begin with rob in Walnut Creek in Robin Walnut Creek banks took on the show that. For some bank doesn't talk about. And that's like a broader scale I don't really call an optimal that you're about to scramble. I'll trust me no links on. My opinion or I don't know what call and play well. However. I do believe it kind of like a broader issue our society that. Ignores super open and together on items like homosexuality you're Eric Merritt and console are. Certain things we we keep on progressing. And the Arctic into an 88 book and Graham work are shared and or more scared never express our union and public. So that Germany our political correct but we gonzo are extreme. That is someone poisoned your opinion public is like social or so I think all in my opinion belt back. Our country and not usually racist is that we usually present. And the real issue here that is and that he'd complain again the net or chilling like he would mom dad but they're not being punished for. And we have an acquittal rate on on the institution of government and interpret and that is getting acquitted when there's confident that shouldn't be so. You know he protected. An error in Jakarta app or political correctness he's been punished port for being against the mirror on the public stage. What are you tweeted something that would even be an issue okay tweets or note came at them. Stan so in our lap 300 years ago people used to protest against the government Asian and a hundred years ago we protect against slavery. And you know I think you're gonna judge called it be great if bit at that point that we understand him and and let him have it. Thanks rob well set appreciate the phone calls. Op the tax line had an instance to remember Riley Cooper at that concert yeah LCS screaming yelled the N word out. Don't want arid and he came back to Philadelphia that was chip Kelly's first your on the job that was like right after camp opened chip Kelly's first season in the NFL. And they looked at that video which was appalling. And said. Maybe apologized to teammates but it's all good you're still gonna have a job here but that was okay. It is in in in what they let the what I what stood out about that glass coloradans I thought he did a great job. A second we talk about 6468. Olympics and I can relate it to me you know by commercial Tommie Smith you know his name. You probably could name a bunch of other Catholics because of in incident. You know also. He's right it in hundred years now column won't be around. But this this moment that they nit bid that NFL don't understand what people owns at this moment in this big world we're living in this air. Colin Capp predict. Fifteen years 75 years from now. Will be a huge still be a huge story will be talk about how here's a time where everyone was getting along homosexuality was at you know. Image relationships all the evened things at work this this country was being accepted intolerant. Here's a guy that stood up. Forward what he believed in what the facts show that people have been killed officers have been killed and an eagle and norm people sudden at all but some. He will be more finely and he will he will later on unfortunately people realize what you stand for and only well. I only allow. I think 2030 years running this is forgotten I think it's a footnote in the NFL I'd best again not because of what he's done and not to not because I disagree what you're saying. There is who much going on there is just too much happening at every turn. Every single day you wake up there is something new when our government. There's something new every single day whether it's health care whether it's the military. Whether it's Russia. Every day there is something new that are outraged about there's something new that we're debating there's something that's on TV and it's everywhere and it's every day. Then that was a big. Singular. Moment that was something that grab people's attention at the moment and then extended for a while. This type of thing we talk about it because he is a connection in the Bay Area. But it doesn't get talked about as much elsewhere in this is just one. Of several things thousands of things that's taking place on the country right now but a significant portion of the population has probably. Significant portion it's not the type of thing it'll be remembered because how much can we possibly remember. Right now what is going to be remembered outside of this current realm the drop. 6200. Years from now when you look back at 2017. Eating anyway aside about capita now. When you look back at America at that time you're gonna look back at trump administration. And what's taking place around the world. And there might be a few other elements such as say global warming. Because in a hundred years were probably going to be in some dire straits so we might look back at these moments. And how they set us on a negative course. No it'll look back cap and except for years now remember this I don't see it landing in history because there's too much it's competing. I think did in the sky opened under the umbrella of black lives matter as that movement continues to take hold and have permanence I think he'll be associated with that. And I think and I hope. The that will be a part of our history as we look back on this is hopefully a turning point in race relations in this country for the better. You remember this 1408 Penske auto sales that context I just ran till this teammate in a deal why accident was welcome back to the cowboys. Does not pro bowler. Last I checked. All right but the phone lines are Jews we're gonna take all your calls next trip late night by seven knighted by seventy Jolo and gives back in a flash 95 points in the game.