JLD - Hour 3

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, July 25th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss possible destinations for Kyrie Irving if he is let go by the Cavaliers. Then they speak with Raiders Head Coach, Jack Del Rio. 

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Good morning and welcome to 95 point seven the game. Where alongside the reds O'Neill and Dan diddley I'm Joseph Ford ball big our in store for you. We take it off with a thousand dollars to give away raider head coach Jack Del Rio at 815. Hammel reacted that we your phone calls and more at 830 plus tickets to giveaway 45. There is a lot to get to. In this hour we wanna get right back into the parity Irving LeBron James discussion before of his it would GDR thirteen minutes. But he's gonna do first to win thousand box. That's the code word square. To 72881. Square as it all the people betting on Connor McGregor are square. 72881. Message and data rates apply 35000. Dollars guy walks into the south point yesterday and that's 35000. Dollars. On economy Gregor knock. That's how places like south point debt built people 35000 dollar bets on guys who don't box. And I happen to be fighting the greatest boxer of all time. Seems reasonable Schilling got down much earlier to you Kenny had a much better not so when that thing open it what plus a 1010 to one on that they denounced them six to one. You could give me. A million to one and I wouldn't put a dollar. It's a wasted dollar. Even if you give me a hundred pennies that you find in the car. I'm not taking those hundred pennies and putting them on Macgregor at a million to one that's how much of a lot this fight is. You look for a locks everyone wants a copy of grace sports almanac from back to the future teasing and see the future. This is the future we're telling you that right now Floyd Mayweather wins this fight. Yet he got the food Walken in their brood like Connor he really gotten Floyd's head at that press conference. We're used to traveling around the world on the same private jet it's all the roots people wake up our act. So the thousand dollars given away GDR and eleven minutes your calls on fiery and LeBron next Tripoli 957957. In the first he's dibs at your update. There's broad yesterday Joseph the Derrick Rose has committed to the cavs according to the vertical the former bull and knicks point guard Derrick Rose is committed to play a one year deal worth two point one. Million dollars this all amid rumors that carrier Irving wants out. I'll Cleveland more on that here. On 95 point seven a game story number two. Tough times for the giants is they get cuffed around by Pittsburgh. Doing driver NBC sports bay area of the call 103 the final Madison bum garner gets the start today his third start. Since recovering from the dirt bike accident back. In April story number three. A's lose the Toronto for three Bob Melvin stuck on 999. Career victories. He'll try again this afternoon Sonny gray gets the start against Cesar Valdez 315 dugout Joseph. For all 71 feature on 95 cent in the game. The update brought to you by bail armed with bail arm your protected 24/7 by the local security experts. Go to bail our dot com to schedule your free security review. They locked what have you got to lose. I'm Dan deadly on your home of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors 95 point seven big game. Thank you dads. LeBron James is going to be 33 years old in December. He will not win the championship next year you lose carrier ring you can't beat the warriors right. I think that's a safe assessment because we've seen this before. It was three finals ago. Harry went down the warriors won the series warriors got better with the rant. You just lost him in five carries gonna depart you're not going to be. So you'll be 34 years old. The season after next 34 years old you'll probably be top ten at that point in minutes played per game in NBA history. How are you ever gonna win another title. Think about this for the moment because he inquiry. Heaven is beef Irving wants out James is talking about how he wants to beat his ass if he was right in front of them according to Stephen A Smith College LeBron James ever gonna win another title. Who is he going to be able to pair up with at 34 years of age top ten top fifteen minutes played. And win another title against the warriors or anyone else for that matter. You may have seen the last of him in the finals if he goes west. What's the run he's currently on how many appearances in the NBA final demonstrated emily's heading straight dizzy ever get back. If he stays in Cleveland this year due to both said yesterday we know cut every you feel they're not gonna get back to the Eastern Conference finals I agree. I think they're ripe for the picking so what happens after that. He goes to LA with the lakers how does he ever get back to the finals. I think the only he's back to the finals at next year's Katie opts out of here and he comes here and visit to the warriors. If Katie leaves after a year he signed in on the one year deal. He says take his talent elsewhere and in the Bronx slides in here I'd be the only way US the only way he gets back to the finals. That's it if any likelihood of that your opinion. This is probably slim to none and none probably left to go to what you ask how does that happen I didn't that's it in my my opinion and I think another place and he might have a chance another place to get a chance. If if he goes to San Antonio you put. Put him there we don't know what's gonna happen if we don't know what this pork Paul George is gonna actually decided seeking baking you want or superstar. It may be good never great point guard put a point guard with with LeBron. In Indian Nino and the guy that they already have their own coli Leonard was a good point guard and get another big man you look at them they they'll have a chance. Given all this is said the downward EC carrier ring landing apparently the phone calls have been fast and furious in the cavs feel that they are in for a bounty. For a young player and carrier having who's got two years of control I think it's Boston win all gets. Shaken out and it was nice of him to give the team his four preferred teams but. Bottom line is he's not one of the three players in the NBA. With a no trade clause so he'll go where he sent if Cleveland wants to trade him. Boston has the bounty of picks we all know about the draft picks them upcoming plus they've got a point guard Isaiah Thomas who's gonna want. Huge money at the end of this year and I don't see Boston giving it to himself. Now's the time for Boston to strike you package. Isiah Thomas made in other when he younger players Jae Crowder perhaps and one a year bounty of picks they got picks in 2019. I don't think they have a draft choice in 220. Send those three to Cleveland. You take carrier ring back to whatever contract he need to make it work he give carrier fresh start. I want to I'm with you about number on of this thing if if they are of this is real you same to Boston. You definitely get Isaiah the size Isiah can dribble he can do a lot of things he's nowhere near Kyra we get that. But he still can penetrate and kick the ball and do certain things so you lost you stepped down a step or two. But just to have a guy that can dribble well and still do a lot of things in now set you signal and now while more than net. I still actually won 21 round I still want your your mute feature takes aim. I would take that as well so I think Cleveland has a chance right now joke even at a bronze went to be out after the year. To get to get some good kids are getting gave the ransom for Tyree and we say now that does happen. It now you have rolls a backup point inane you bring in the little man and a little Isaiah. Now we're talking Turkey yen because now you can see that this team with that title bowl wallop they get those three players Hussein and a jet Joyce. In with the world's if he can stay healthy. You've got to still say they would be the favorite with you bring in a point guard like that. Why humanity east why would Cleveland trade Tyree Irving to Boston. Why would you go ahead. The team that was the number one seed last year the team that you met in a conference finals the team you've been hearing about for a few years now. Has been just stashing draft picks and making moves. Biding their time waiting for the opportunity to usurp you in the Eastern Conference. Why would you help their call us while simultaneously hurting hero there's no trade Cleveland can make in this scenario. Where they win against the Boston Celtics Tyree Irving and have been Boston and you take on Isiah Thomas and whatever else you get. Boston is now. Head and shoulders the favorite Eastern Conference as you stop LeBron what else ya got golf. Please level go missing for 3 games in the Eastern Conference finals why would you make that deal you know LeBron is gonna be gone in a year why would you go ahead set Molson. All this time Boston's been trying to get ahead you why would you trade with Boston. You saw all Indiana moved Paul George to the Western Conference everyone was so befuddled Oklahoma City I didn't even realize they were in the mix. They don't wanna faced Paul George Vienna didn't wanna have to deal with that he sued this time and time again. Do you think the Manning Brothers went out of their way to always make sure they would never have to face each other in a conference championship. Went patent was up. And left Indianapolis short he met with the niners are five minutes the Manning family was never gonna happen go to the NFC because they didn't want the Brothers to face each other on the way to the suitable. One of them definitely couldn't end up in the biggest game on the plane. That's the situation you're seeing here in your view of the cavs take less to move Irving to the Western Conference why would you go ahead and help Cleveland now with that treatment. But depends on what you beginning to focus it if it bosses got a first round pick I think they do did they got three next year if you can if I can get to those retiree I'm Dora tomorrow because. Did to those first round picks. You understand it you're gonna get something foreign so you get you now you need to build anyway you're one of the highest teen with a luxury tax so you say OK I'm gonna lose him. Let me nets wreck that the rights got an apartment in here let me go get two of their 31 round picks. Now I still have LeBron this year. Now go bring in little eyes if for this year. And I'm still with him when and you're now a broad set of eyes. He's gonna still leave you know bat but you said it's about still competing and making you know may give the fans some that for one last year. You can't take I I just think it even with Kyra you there in Boston if they got they they brought in Isiah brought in a couple other players. With a products steel. I would still say they're favored. What are those two picks gonna do for you they're not gonna do anything in the bronze last year. The bronze last year right so you're gonna get two picks as an organization what are you gonna do what those two picks find the next d'antoni Bennett. Member that you trust these guys to get them big bright the owner makes the pit he fires GM's left and right. They took it pretty bad and Eddie UNLV. Was women in Vegas when that happened. Everyone loving entity that no one agreed with that there wasn't a single homer in Las Vegas who said. That was the right move he would have to get away and let his god. What makes you think he's gonna do that now now you see my point. It's not get out of the way you sense his son. Handled the lottery. Get elected GM make the pick he makes the pack idea Danny Bennett. So great you just trading carrier into the Celtics in exchange for two picks the day is a good chance you blah. Right there's a good changeable so that what you. Trade him out of out of the conference he can't you take less the triggerman in the conference. You can't have them come back to bring you because of the very least you move on to the west that's the warriors problem that's the rockets prob that's the spurs from the wolves problem. At the very least and you took one of the better players in your conference you moved to blast he gave LeBron a fighting chance to still take out the Celtics can't make them over the Celtics that benefits you short term or long that you had no chance after nature anyway period exactly you called its overnight why you should be trying to trade LeBron James but he's not going to allow now that's what you should be trying to move everyone. It's over for you is France doesn't. Why you take whatever you can get even if it means yet to bite the bullet sent him to Boston because no one's got more draft choices in the legal the next three years the Boston. They're getting. Brooklyn's pick next year they did the lakers take if it's two through five they got all kinds of picks coming in so Boston's gonna have. Boarding deviant if you're Cleveland right now you don't wanna get nothing for LeBron anti every. So you take what you can get especially knowing that they wanna move on from Isiah Thomas you can quote. We in the trade in get maximum value for Tyreke from Boston more you get from anyone else able. We set the same thing about Paul George and Indiana you got to move now to get maximum return what do they get. All of the people all needing any saving about bullied cousins on the kings got to get a lot back in return what do they get. They reviewed his losers to these guys they're not getting huge returns on the investment once the player makes it known that he's not going to play for you that he wants to be traded. You've just got to move on you're not gonna get even money on the deal you're going to lose so you wanna lose my strengthening Boston and making it harder for LeBron. In his final year at the franchise to get to the finals thirty of movement last take pennies on the dollar and give yourself this one. Last fleeting chance one pick up the phone and called the warlords. Right could abroad were bogey pretty work but the you know brow is there anything you can do in the wallets to get something going is desperate don't make any move it aside Rajon Rondo did make these trades all over the place at the sinking ship. Called CD to please them for something. My take carrier ring how they only gave Rhonda what 23 million dollars just easily replace it didn't come on the bench mine that's what he wants to do anyway. Yeah I'd without should carry you carrier fit great with those two big guys because it felt he could penetrate and his dishing give those guys. You know easy Alley oops I'd be good fit for many in New Orleans. 100 in Oakland. Thank you for calling the program 100 guy ahead. Also though weren't Mario would don't. Give us everything we needed that. Amaro are very compliant I had that Goldman group we've moved read it to me out oh you want. Everybody is probably wouldn't win until LeBron. Wouldn't take no one would ultimately. Probably hit it below normal thing that would bar. I'm on the wrong. Is that soak up everything that they do all of that you elect got an economy hit. The rock soaked dead weight. Opening. To quote the brunt I was on top that there are Ricardo. Bow. How would. Argue that. That's. The and I'm not going to be cold in the grid. So. Well. Equipment. That political. Accused. There it went on and so out of it. That got out out to do. He picked Hillary. And went out and I got a call on. So there are evil crowd wait I don't know that it will go out on our club and Cleveland. It's an article written. You know example this. One. He'd do 10000 song thanks for the call 110 thank you for always keeping in being one how and it of course. I love that I'm again now. Why would Boston make demo Aggies got two years left on the deal right. At the trade deadline Jimmy Butler had two years left or will only give that up for Jimmy Butler now suddenly they're gonna do it for carrier then. That's point guard letting Jimmy Butler as a point guard. Why would they suddenly wanna give up Isiah Thomas has and 21 round picks and Jae Crowder. For Tyree Irving when they were even close to doing that for Jimmy Butler sit maritime left on each deal I think. To fix a little bit better from an offensive standpoint deacon definitely build your offense around Tyree it I think Butler obviously better defensive player. Your Boston you look at this window you see everything collapsing around Cleveland you think. This is our best chance right now to go forward you know Isaiah Thomas most likely to be gone at the end of the year so you roll the dice with Tyree hopi and get some done. Long term he and Gordon Hayward maybe they they get along grace saw Horford there. The NF veterans who worries me it would be the favorites in the Eastern Conference. I'm really seen anything like this the two teams at the top of the conference in any sport can deal like this. As it ever happened football understandably they don't make a lot of trades. But this ever happened hoops baseball hockey at the top two teams had the penguins and the capitals ever made a huge move. In the offseason I am I'm not remembering any any deal of this magnitude three of the top ten player who'd be on it like the cubs and Dodgers got to make a big deal. In the offseason you see things like this all that often David Palo I'll tell your thoughts on carrier being gay guy had. A morning I am not being. It's ORB situation. It really conflict at this point is answered yeah. Even get 38. Which happened over those relate to carry though because you're remembered that out there Olmert that Kaplan to be straight to the person. Welcome back app that Mets. Karen archer. Any luck to those great demand that you done that out situation. That they can't get to a group of approximately in the proper approach this straight backed military carried forward to it that the that that this year. Well I think that it situations. Harry gold at the scene and take back. Air let alone Devin Booker. Netanyahu at red wing player ink Carrie and go to the west copper and that he. An old team and outcome in there and he looked at Torrey demand and a wrap ordered to come at him. Thank skiing circuit permanent member. All of the teen parent eminent the exit at Normandy are at their ethnic. So Harry you're looking at me and I want it to him. It's great point great point thank you Dave. Transitioning now very happy to welcome in the head coach of York Oakland raiders' Jack Del Rio with Joseph blow in bids. On 95 point seven the game Coach Del Rio thank you for your time this morning camps under way but I just urge region. Really good morning everybody. Look good Bill Russell and an analyst. Role important. So as you bring the rookies into camp it's a year with a lot of expectations you've got your franchise quarterback under contract beast mode on the rosters well what's gonna be the opening message to the team when you get them all together later in the week. Well I think the biggest thing for a zone there's that is recognized. You know high discussions nor. Expectations. Or pre season ranks. Whether or not going to borrow and careers will cut or Paul. All bullies and all have very little to do. With who we are. Our focus will be on understand what it is. In understanding the processes that we don't become really good football human and so that can be met. But it worked. A chicken due to more includes about that just step process what is the biggest difference in peony possessing coach which you medical duke. From a coordinator to a head coach in keeping everyone together. Yeah I think epic you know when your position coach just concentrate on your relief. You know how to respect my group. When you become a coordinator working with a side of the ball becomes more well just bat you know out of my particular my side of the ball. It would head coaches is everybody. You know work it everyday and every one. Admit to having everybody really understand that. You know the things that are really great. That you wanna accomplish in this league come when people understand what it is the sacrifice each other and that is there something. Of greater than yourself up there in dumb and so when you understand that. That concept of doing what's best are often do what's best for the team. And then you're the best individually you can be. You know doing your role on that and then you can do great. Coach Gary Connolly LB Mel -- yet to be signed and with the rookies already reporting are they starting to get to the point where they're gonna fall behind or is it really. Not until next week when the heavy work starts getting put in that they'll need to be in place. Well you know that. What does the rules and the instructor or that it is not a great concern now currently earning. I read these issues get all shortly and and no and they all love and not doing that and so you know a normal situation a year ago. You know and went low and I'm up there that. Well that'll go over issues. That you hold out. To left the whole camp indices electorate. Oh the it was structured place now we expect these it was all shortly. And they'll be in the market. Coach Jack Del Rio we Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven. The game so as it pertains to Gary and Conley and his situation the organization is confident that he will be in camp sometime in the very near future. There really nothing has changed from the way we feel about it and we understand the process under way and go. You know what is when they finished that process that we feel confident about the about you know the decision we've made in the person that we. Coach you know back and Aaron day nine around seven didn't matter in every day in pads now on the game has changed. Can you see everyone talks about the raiders and you understand that as the head man. People what's the perception vs reality reality is hated defense line kind of struggled nets necessarily was wanted to work worst teams. Gave up over when he source sixty plays with twenty yards or more. When you're looking at that he saved everywhere in the still seeing hey the greatest holes in a Super Bowl how do you let guys and its team and coaches in your staff know. Recession vs reality and you never as good as everyone think you are you never not as bad as everyone big York. Yeah I think the way we look we acknowledge that we've we've though we we've got a good evening. We know we can play with anybody. We know we're good at all returnees into home you know that the how rank on last year that. And how that project going on orders. There's more fantasy leagues and it is what new console. You know we're we're busy at work go to. Two at all obviously the bid from subtraction like or user addition subtraction huge change. The team a little bit we don't like we've we've strike and so come Leo you were excited about it started and in all places. A lot of work due to Butte disrupt become the kind of team that we are gonna become. One of the new players obviously Marshawn Lynch you envision it to be somewhat of a committee at running back or is he coming in with the idea of he'll be the featured back in May be looking to get 200 plus carries this year. Well you know we'll we'll see how how many carries them what the plan is you know army. We just we just loved having definitely add a guy like march on and it that's a great passion corporate. Is obviously a big physical runner in the wrong attitude. And soul you know we know can help our game. Our. But the bigger as we edited a player like we do more. And come in Butte teammate. You know will live and expressed himself you know will will will determine the rule. Based on what we think about us as a team and we'll ask him to break and then we'll go there and you know we're not gonna sit here and worry about. I mean I know it probably premature important like panicky projections and the book that we're not gonna get in America. Certainly glad. Coach do you enjoy following market king on social media as much weed. Without. You know what I I loved your man. It longer you leave the black among them that don't like Federer. And it goes something on the field he had a lot of fun off the field with the social media that are available for. Coach you know everybody is little different market eighteen he walks by his own drama daily lefty we've Levy but that he did tell us she gave him a stern talking to after that flag incident and. I. Area beauty he heard a little bit let me echo. Total collapse I don't know whether I arrived police a lot of them do more you talk Tivo we shaken your boots and a guy disciple Jim Warren this guy that had been around at think you. But it tests it is. O'Donnell you know what is he bringing you filled out you know what is he going to help with the defense and just to to structure kind of what is his role what do you expect from him. You know gone to great addition. All these good people person he's very very good communicated via a lot of knowledge. After all commanded and work what is in the deepest. Yuppies. Very beneficial. You know John's assistant head out of the what do you what you'll do was basically. He'll be over the top of the secondary. Haven't cabinet is. You know provide input to Kenny and I end. You know I just don't happen to good strong code and a lot of experience. Lola. Will bring ideas to work there down packages government on. The biggest thing he's. You know he's gonna make sure the back and does not functioning properly. One can't battle in many fans are gonna have their eye on his middle linebacker Andy can't. Obviously say who the front runner is but what type of player are you looking at that critical spot on defense. Well look we've got we've got them some young guys that are excited about the opportunity to compete this year. Nothing. I think it will just let them compete at a workshop you know it would draft a young man. Mark hill. And we do and we we got got a couple guys attorney Michael region. And so you know local will let them compete. What will you work those. Popular. When I look at. Football. You know I think we've shrink our own route or by arsenal and in many many positions and maybe haven't. Early round pick in that position yet that. Obvious. A promote from another team termed the batteries and we've got some young guys can run. And and and they're determined to learn and apply them so let them compete and and we're gonna grow bigger and that's not. You know you gotta wait we brought you draft time you can get free agent and pay a lot of money over to develop guys right now over welcome development. Will continue to. To monitor what's out there as well about how aggressive completely traders and it. Coachella real how's everything going with Carl Joseph the rookie battled some injuries last season but housing look at right now in terms of health then dies expected role for the upcoming year. Yeah I mean do we we drafted him whipping dynamic. What all layered impact kind of player. Ileana. You have a little bit of but need to you have to work last year so. We knew he was going to be take that time to get back at full strength. A vacancy went through last last year got some experience. Got to play a little bit as good things is something to better take that experience had a really strong off season. Really good communicating. Really good vision and working hard and I just feel like he's always been out to be here all you know again to all there outwards and compete. Coach you've played for some great teams you coats and great teams you've been around this lead. You know everyone talks about how to quarterback driven league you're triggerman and signed. And now on the clock starts in you know every year this free agents are people going to be trying to pluck your guys. How do you how do you deal with that how do you not understand it pull Bogle and K Fed's much your hot in minutes can be years were you down. Is that Wendell now guys understand how distant dynamics of the game in and how do you keep them he'll focus on the task at hand. Well there's no no question really really pleased well. They have their signs. And no we. The premium position of the premiere positions signed. We have relocate. Here great leader great young man. So talented. Talk. Altering the look portal where we're super happy. And also getting a guy like you know gave Jackson album. Haven't gave. You know we fortified front that Frontline you know that can protect their optimal. Marshall on a little children or and so. You know Brooke I know they're either young Blair. What we wanted to attack each year. You know like you like I did like you don't know you have you know fifteen more winnable. But a lot of weight to Europe so you don't already operate or lose you could turn forty your resume. Yeah and you know he's racked up a lot of titles along the way so. In opera. Know Derek we do want cougar Cooper and the biggest thing is just improve as a football team be ready to go compete. You know it breaks our standards and raise our processes it was schoolwork and us. You know when you have deposition you know you can check that box to replace starter. Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio we Jolo and dibs on 95. Point seven a game coach we know you're busy man thank you very much for your time this morning we greatly appreciated best of luck in camp and hopefully we can do it again sometime soon. Yeah I will do to get up here you know we got beat up zone. We have the rookies going that week and what better reporting and on Friday solo outlook or see you here. Sounds great coach thank you very much again good luck this week. We will react to be Guerin Gerry Connolly comments and more next we'll take your phone calls as well AAA 957957. 95 points of the game. Now back to Joseph lower dibs on 95 point seven game. Big thanks to Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio for joining us in the last segment. Sliding to dissect from that conversation if you missed it you can go to the website 957 game dot com. And you can check out the podcast version which is also available on iTunes. The number one topic I think most raider fans are concerned about at this point is begin aryan Conley situation here's what the head coach had to say about Gary Connolly. The original Christians from from the way we feel about it and we understand the process under way and go. You know it will make an extra process that we go confident about the about you know the decision we've made in the person that we. Okay so look take me through that you try to dissect head coach Jack del Rio's comments about Darian Conley. Do you feel better about the coming situation you feel worse do you feel like yeah meaning haven't I don't know who I didn't Joseph. He said it would everyone's insane and they're gonna trust the process I think you feel better he didn't hear any McKay we don't know now he says they trust the process. I think it anytime we deal with those type of allegations Joseph you understand the world we live in. Differed that the you know it's it's a tough situation. So you'd better realize the courts. DA player's coach everyone they want to make sure they get this right this is someone's life and you you know we would hope that this guy would not mean to separate decisions so. I really believe that they feel strong about this guy needs it you'll see the kind of mapped does kind of man that we drafted the kind of individual that he is that can help our team so. I do a little bit more comfortable about it they get that it is going to pass in his one too so I don't and imported behalf of the raiders on their for their different they're on their side. But it steal situation at. Is not solved yet so we got to trust the process like he's saying it but. But I really believe that Jack feels confident that Collins going to be okay did what did you take away the most from the interview reject Oreo. That everything should work itself out and that if he doesn't come in or over a mile fun at that point. If neither one of them comes in until early next week that they haven't missed out on anything. Right now it's like orientation week at high school you'd like to go to Witten get familiar with earlier locker is where the 201 building is but ultimately the shop on the first day. You haven't missed that much so. It's taken by. Cause for concern alarm monitor it's brought a dialed it. Triple 89579570. Raider nation when he here for new expectations. For this season you just heard from the head coach Jack Del Rio we want your take on expectations and biggest concerns. For this season York calls plus tickets to giveaway next Jolo and Gibbs many five point seven a game. Now back at show low and did on 95 point seven game. For those who have been hanging with us for quite awhile today you notice the WWE. Intro music theme. That's an honor of the B speed LeBron James. And Calgary Irving. Great typical it job not a big directly Amanda had some of these tunes I'm remembering the connection with the end you associate wrestler well that's key. Because we're giving away tickets now and it's gonna be at WW he centric question to you this is your chance to a family four pack of tickets to the Ellie Mae classic at TPC stone break beginning Monday July 31 and running until Sunday. August 6. All winners qualify for grand prize VIP experience which includes four VIP passes. Fully catered hospitality and round trip limo service. To the event. Tickets and info available at Ellie Mae classic dot com and by the way two time MVP staff curry will be playing in this event. Triple 89579571. One to answer the following question correctly. Could defeated Randy macho man savage for the WWF. Intercontinental championship and wrestle mania three. Triple 89579570. Who defeated Randy macho man savage go to the WWF Intercontinental championship at wrestle mania three. Arguably consider one of the greatest matches of all time. You do good macho man nods but I give my much immense optimism by Duff man from the Simpson. Acts. That's really good that's really get tough. This we'd like to someone you like you'll screw through FaceBook news is get these random videos at a pop and up on just what ever. I there was one that was just like god it was an interview with haute in and macho man and it does mean gene oak island do in the interview. And the tool we're just going nuts you know and dramatic course and it was like try watching this video on acid obviously and try that. But I bet I can watch video and they edited so like they were. Swirls. Right you know all these interesting effects and you listening to me it's like oh my god you were on heavy drugs. Watching WW yeah back in the day like this sort of really freaked you laugh with stuff they were sent to the waiting acting like much of it always looked like he was ready to explode ready to explode. It in it's it's it's always got that. All of them. Islam watch and gad man. Triple A 95795. Samuel to talk raider football Jack Del Rio joined us about twenty minutes ago. He talked about Gary and Conley marsh on links the future of the team. Sounded like com. Individual ready for training camp. He sounded exactly like what you would want from a head coach who's in control. We want to know your expectations for this season we wanna know your biggest concerns heading into this season because this season. Is unlike any of the last fifteen years. Expectations all our you'll find yourself in the AFC championship game I think you have a lot of raider fans we're gonna be disappointed if this team can't get. To the AFC championship game. So what are the biggest concerns and obstacles to getting there Tripoli 9579570. Paul in Redwood City will begin with the U all in Redwood City your expectations for the season. Have a lot. Children and shot out. If you guard. In the every morning at my commute I think the expectations should be simple. Made. The play. You gotta be in the way they. I figured they could squeak in and they just get into the playoff. And they get. You know get that won't play well when we've been open for our tree here. I think got but it is getting the buyout but if you're giant he squeak in there. Make a run on the and it definitely. Should both call Paul thank you very much I liked catching the plows did -- Stan ten and six Joe's right ram with a steam brutal schedule. You have New England in Mexico you only have seven home games I think ten and six is reasonable. It in the playoffs and win that first playoff game that to me. It's where the bar is set then you go into the final eight certainly wanna make the covers damage by the ten and six and winning a playoff game that's a fair bar. For the same congratulations to Justin in San Jose on winning the tickets the answer the question. Ricky the dragon steamboat Betsy challenge grainy not a man savage at wrestle mania three for the inner content. Metal championship Ricky the dragon steamboat. Well outside the patriots who's the biggest threat to the raiders to get to the AFC championship game old milieu didn't. Yes I didn't think that the if you look at if you look at. You look at the DNC you think of you always got into the Pittsburgh Steelers don't know if they're going to be that team this year. Look at the Houston Texans I think Houston Texans the defense that they have. Giving young quarterback that's going to be I think the question mark but you don't have to applaud him win just take over games. If they can managed gains because of the defense as is good enough there are gonna be eighteen to chew gonna say is formidable and I think another team Joseph that. I really believe that this is going to be that your again enjoy Flacco I think the ravens are gonna be a lot better this year I'm not only soul and Pittsburgh was summit at things that are going on. And I let elect put their 21. Over of course we elect Tennessee. It's this AFC is going to be some New Kids On The Block of you know only the always going to remember it I think there's going to be some New Kids On The Block I don't believe I am willing to take a bit with the then no one and AFC south our division syrup was gonna win more in eleven games of the mean the west to west the west the west I think ten elevenths gonna win it I don't see. Any team win in twelve in this particular conference in the west is just too tough. She isn't intriguing because they'll probably have the best defense in the AFC the problem however is the same problems Houston had since day one of their existence. The quarterback position right if they can't get capable quarterback played not going anywhere even with the league's best defense even with one of the the best all time defense is. You still need a guy who can move the sticks. Convert on third down and protect the football and how much they haven't yet and he might get hot at the right time and that's the thing that that's quesada got to see what he does this young quarterback. You've seen him to stage being being in college in salt away he was able to play. But so now you gotta look at this young guns according sake can he translate that college play to the NFL. And I think until they might struggle early. But once the playoffs with that it sees it. Will be hit his stride because he's seen the defense is so Houston could be a very formal opponent because of the way they play defense and now you have a quarterback that you've got to what. Can taint because he can beach with his legs as well you don't you love the Shawn Watson. It's just a lot asking for a kiss my guess it was he. Also mentioned Baltimore. The Joseph Flacco contract was the end of that organization. I just can't see it. It's no disrespect to John Harbaugh did you have a nominal head coach and I think eventually when he in the ravens are ways and I think that could be happening sooner rather than later. He's gonna land somewhere and whoever gets them it's going to be a jam right he's going to deliver a winner. But that Joseph Flacco contract shield that organization. They got their Super Bowl they shouldn't pay them they should let him go. I know that sounds insane and coming up at Super Bowl run. There was nothing you could have done except pay him but that has crippled your organization's sense I totally understand that that's his stay in that particular conference. Did that and think about what's there. Baltimore Cincinnati what do you know about Marvin I know that Marvin will not won a playoff game. OK now we talk about look at Pittsburgh you look at what they have understanding band is still there. Don't necessarily sold on the coach seems like there's some discord there are defense your best defensive players 3937. Years old when you look at their team. I just normal Pittsburgh is now they can score almost their defense is what it is so I think Baltimore is poised to at least I think David makes a noise this year. I don't think it's still Pittsburgh's division and I am just read an item about an odd Tennessee Dixon for Baltimore he's got a meniscus hair so he's gonna undergo surgery. And hurts and I think Flacco doesn't have quite the weapons in the passing game that they used to have. And that division. Is so bottom week we talk about top heavy. The opposite that is bottom weeks it's about his struggle and Cleveland are still Roche is so I think when you look at Pittsburgh and Baltimore those matchups. I think Pittsburgh is still the better team than Baltimore and so they'll control division accordingly. No stock about Miami I don't you like Miami can. I am I any ducks had a hand in Adam days and you thought about and a breaker no idea I'd love. Geeks I think he's answered in Miami I like Miami if I was down Iverson I'm sorry. Had a decent spot I'm god don't like is he. It's hung 20. He was a little bit better last year put him impresses a tuition put him in and he's really does so I don't know on Miami may be they get in but you don't see anybody they get a quarterback. They do not have them take that is that their quarterback of the future they got to defense got a Moffett weapons they can do some things. The is not to her suspiciously absent from this conversation. The chiefs. Broncos and chargers. No one at all has any threat of any of them as the team outside of New England that would be the biggest problem for the race I think Los. Edit bests any senate perfectly when he said that I don't think anyone that division has more than ten win now and I think you're right you may see. Three teens at ten wins and at the fourteen with nine at the it's going to be that close to bluster Kansas City went six and Al against the division there the only team in football. To go undefeated. Against their division I don't think that happens this year in the AFC west I think it's going to be. Four and two and 33 intuit for among all four teams obviously be very competitive and ten wins might win that division acting too. I think it might be two or three teams to sneaky and mean. That this this is going to be very competitive I really believe you look at timber. Just don't dated didn't do enough at quarterback I think that defense get pizza we get you know they keep matter to feel too long. Alex is going to be looking over shoulder a whole year yet they're still the team I'll tell you sit on the raiders. And the LA rather her in the raiders to meet. He they're really really gonna fight and I think that's an eagle got a lot better defensively. And LA's got a lot better offensively and defensively Mickey sands and I. She's the she's taken on water she's taken on water I wouldn't be surprised if they went like six in ten this year you've got a situation where the draft you just decide. We're gonna move up granting Patrick moment Alex Smith do you look around my but the alliger trade he. He should be asking for a true he should be trading him. But they think there's still close not and they Nomo Holmes is in red because he's not he comes on the Texas Texas there he is nowhere near ready to apply. So you Marty created a situation of the first time captain checked down checks down on third date for six yard gain. The fans are going to be lasting for Patrick moms section number one problem number 20. A month ago you fire your general manager. You ever hear about that in New England or Seattle or Green Bay now or any of the court. Quality teams that compete year after year firing the GM. A month before training camp now there's clearly a problem in the front office that she got a quarterback issue is we have two quarterbacks you got no quarter anchoring. Yeah proposition with the coaching staff and now you got Tom holly. Taking to social media to call out any read the team to the way they use them and last year's playoff loss to Pittsburgh take a listen any read on his response to Tom Ali. Do I love the fact that he wants to play. Yeah he's going to be fifty years old price shall tweet now those things that he wants a kid in. His plays I love that about so well I talked on when he gets here yet we don't wanna do it through the media the social media part of it all Latin. I'll let us let's just talk about if you have a failure promised talks about. We continue to ask yourself questions and an answer them yes you probably well how are you going to win the division this season no you probably art. This is a team met every time has anyone noticed this. Every piece of news regarding the cheese over the last month. Has been something negative someone's getting fired controversy starting someone's upset about this someone's upset about that. They haven't even opened camp yet president already got. All of these little issues bubbling to the service at some point it's gonna boil over. And they've got a six week stretch and that schedule that is an absolute back breaker if they don't navigate the front end of the properly. And isn't this the cycle of Andy Reid were used to seeing gory egos and a new place he does really well. They have high expectations they fall just short and then it starts to unravel and I think now or maybe. At the beginning of the unraveling because like you say Joseph tough schedule and if things go south on an early in the year in the fans are clamoring for the backup quarterback it's an MBA from. Lead shelved there. It's the exact same thing an avid Philly. He went out and no he came out of nowhere in drafting Kevin Cobb in the second round. All the sun never almost Ngo laws on on. The numbers the power play between him and how we rose and Joe Banner. Got fired rose into the power from read the relationship was never the same. They brought in Vick they got to make mad there was the TO think it was just one after another and then it slowly fell apart than everyone realized it was time for a change. I'm not necessarily say it's gonna completely ballpark this year but the chiefs are not buttoned up. They are not buttoned up that's a team that won the division and earned a bye last year adding happen in this season they are not as big of a threat. As they may seem and that Thursday night week seven here at the coliseum is the bed of the year the raiders cover those three points out there right now nobody wins in that spot nobody. I agree to Joseph and commentary and tobacco and Pittsburgh too quick. I believe this is a last year for Tomlin I believe that he's gone after easier I don't think they're gonna go do as well. And ain't gonna move on I don't think that they're gonna beat a top they're gonna they're gonna play well open I really believe the raiders right now and you look at San Diego. There Wendell as closing the chargers and of the charges that is a let them know it's LA but I knew that until we won a big attacks on his spoken they don't want did slow on the whistle until week one OK we did so you can't blow the whistle let's say towards but he. Eight for calling on you we're gonna bounce for a minute warmer back. We wanna hear from you triple 89579570. Who's the biggest threat to the raiders in the AFC outside of New England Jolo and in many five points and the game.