JLD - Hour 3

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 19th
The guys explain the difference between Michael Vick's prior situation and the situation Colin Kaepernick is currently in. Then they speak with NFL Network Analyst, Brian Baldinger. 

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Good morning and welcome to 95 point seven a game where alongside Lorenzo Neal and Dan diddley I'm Joseph Ford ball. Great to have you in today as we get separate conversation with Joseph eyes minute 815. And twelve year NFL veteran Brian balding hair. 830. We get Green Day tickets to giveaway at 845 and we've got your phone calls on Michael Vick Colin Capp critics Shannon Sharpe. All things NFL Tripoli 9579. B 570. But before we get to all of that. As always. There's gives us your update. White Sox and yankees throwing a big trade at the bold move in the Yankees acquire first baseman Todd Frazier the closer David Robertson and Tommy gamely from Chicago in exchange. They send one of their big prospects Blake brought the Byrd to White Sox team that already is chock full. Prospects other clip for egos in the deal as well. Also a couple of minor leaguers from New York. To the White Sox organization in other moves the tigers send it. JD Martinez to Arizona for three minor leaguers. The trade deadline. Comes up in twelve days time story number two the giants could be active at the deadline and they were active last night. In extra innings. Quest doing driver for NBC sports Bay Area they called you on the final Eduardo noon as the base hit to win it. Sam Dyson. Gets his first win as a giant Matt Cain was weighted. Ted the bullpen but he gets the start. As Johnny Quaid is on the DL with a blister issues story number three the game's fault Tampa Florida three Santiago Casilla. Gave up a couple of two out singles. In the ninth Chris Smith was looking for his first win at. Since 2008. Sonny gray gets the ball today. Oakland showcasing the right hander ahead of the deadline of 1145. Dugout show 12351. Pitch. Here on ID 570 games. The update brought to you by the streets of Bruntlett to. Don't miss the streets of Brentwood back to school event Friday from five to seven visit shop the streets of Brentwood dot com for details. I'm Dan dimly on your home of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors it's 95 point seven to gain. Thanks dibs doobie in Los Angeles I'm gonna borrow your text from the Penske auto sales back comptek sign eminent turning in to a conversation for a moment here. You're the raiders who would you rather have as your backup quarterback this season Connor cook or Colin cabinet. On cabinet. I think when you when you look at him look at experienced. Guys have been an NFC championship game played in a Super Bowl. He understands his role here he knows he can't beat up car he knows a car's a better quarterback and I think that this guy would be in line. The biggest thing is how crafty feel the Faris who would be better that would get kitchen more wins if something would happen and quark. It by far it's called cabinet. We saw this situation play out last season targets injured late in the hopes evaporate go out the window. Not to blame Conner could. He was a rookie here and your experience whatsoever what happened in Houston would have happened to anyone in that situation that is a great defense. And it is a tough spot. If you find yourself in that spot. Would rather half a young guy like Connor could tips. Conga project. I think a young guy like Connor cut maybe but not Connor cook because what we saw in the week seventeen in the playoff games that he is not ready is getting younger player who was more ready more adept. Then maybe. You gotta love have an inexperienced backup a guy who's been the in each game to game. Let's say last year happens again where god forbid Derek targets certain week sixteen if you had Colin cabinet there. You can at least say well look disguise billionaire he's played the simple for crying out loud he may not be the most accurate but he's guy who has experience in these candy game. No matter what it got this C championship game in and Carl would have been it would return. Probably wouldn't be New England do you have a better chance of being New England with car but if you could had a guiding guilty to a couple weeks to you got to the big game. He could've been that guy. Triple A 9579. 570 Reggie in Philadelphia on Michael Vick. On tap prediction and sharp Reggie Dexter on the show bad. What. Oh I'll. Let him. Shares are what Ottawa. And Ottawa the only problem will be credited. You know. I've been a little bit are all might be cured. Planet in total and buy into would need in a row quarter. Dividend date that matter we may not agree it would. I agree would send rewarding. And I won and check out where. Oh when you look at Colin cavern and better and a lot of these quarterbacks where they're very pointed out. Only. I don't matter oh they'll have an order and why. Aren't out there are a peak why. One in order look at you know strike one. Right to know what pro I wouldn't pay you alienated him oh prom be millionaire. Why. Conservative. But when they look at her there and Europe parent. They create a couple received an early and they rebbe. Rebelling or if they are. So what order they're trying to quit a little bit maybe you should character there in trader emit a bit show that your trying to come more. Go to bed and I had a later date we nobody's ever go on operate. They've that they make or if they want to overlook one guy transgression. And another guy may have and that went wrong like our cap and innate. When a black. They knew that may well and well owner. Billionaire owner. With into a record eagle on our trip they what anyone. Got a count later saying they're wrong absolutely aren't are who we. He won quite. Ball wanna have later date and that are. Then we have got our and it won't wait until we want to look. They're paying Mike Shannon Sharpe an owner Bob thank you are. Great great phone call Reggie you had a lot of good ones that may be your mask low you've been around the game long enough. As an analyst as a member of the media the more specifically as a sixteen year veteran. Who went the four pro bulls I'd imagine you've had some conversation with the owners I imagine you've had some conversations with players and coaches who have had conversations with owners what Reggie sending. How does that land for you. I think he's spot on you know I can go far in their wife she worked for this panels and lived with them you know it was nanny in forward PA Enron and she seen a lot and talked to a lot of those people great people and did you see kind of even their history in their struggle and different things you know where they come from and into how to become and a prominent. But I think it's even deeper in that Joseph when he's talking about how the owners it has to be. Black in all those things. Well that's necessarily the fact you look at the owner in. As you know in Atlanta he's given and war done. And only player 1% of the team because of what worked on stands for open with a single women that you don't don't have a father figure behind them how so he's given a 1%. Adding Reggie spot on the only thing that I think that kind of a little different than he said hey these guys a white a tea right now if Tom Brady. Peyton Manning Drew Brees would have made this Stanton say I ignored ominous I'm in this situation. I'm gonna stand up for these people and run and I'm gonna Neil but here's a reason why they went to ask. You don't Russell is ghost. Francis Scott keys until all the different background and really just spoke the language really well it's it hey I'm gonna stand up for those people. They were just still be a lot of people that dislike him. But there would be a huge amount of people that will respect him and said well let's get behind these guys is caused because the these are people that we consider educators here's a people better flaunts their people that are influencers in this was a Tom Brady stand up doing what Collins it. But handle it is different way because we years in what he represented. I'm guaranteeing they would still be huge amount of people that would say Tom's right we got to do this we got to do certain things in there have been huge people who had way more support than what a couple of what would happen if Russell Wilson and it. I'd I'd think could Russell would still being looked. It looked at a little different idea no question you'd be look Cam Newton cam knew because he's black yeah and can no no. You can't can't they would be way worse yes they bought they present themselves differently in that would lead to a different reaction I think anyone listening knows exactly what I'm talking about. And now people unfortunately review that began camp carries himself a certain way and as a result. Can't subject to quite a bit of criticism and rest probably would have been mostly wind of all the black quarterbacks. Why is that. Because I think it you look at is or how he is kind of little passive people aren't say that he can be at. You get he carries himself can I say because he carries into a little bit more like a white quarterback does then say Cam Newton does it might all based Santa. You're not. And a national joke you year is bottle called like you see. Perception has just way too much to do with summit this right. Aid section just has way too much to do it this and its perception based on all this media now with a we have social media is Tony for seven. You've got. Multiple networks with their opinion page shows sports talk radio from coast to coast ever come analogy there. List the most controversial quarterback the best game manager the most elite quarterback. Everything is so compartmentalized. And everything is compared to each other so much ad nauseam that. These people do somehow become pigeon holed in their way as I mean. We don't know Russell Wilson very well but the way he comes across and the way the media portrays him and the way he portrays himself as a certain way whereas Cam Newton doesn't another way. You wanna think that race might now have something to do related to give Atlantis. Which quarterback has taken more criticism. In his career. Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert. Thank close are they from the same draft class not even close I think they're right next to each other as good as average in that class that was. Jake Locker and Andy Dalton down. And there's some other guys and I want as well. I don't say it can't wasn't in that when he may have been here before but they're right around big big I have roughly the say that yet your season and accrued seasons right back. Which quarterback has taken more criticism in his career Cam Newton who won a Heisman Trophy a national championship. Who. Went to a Super Bowl who's been a league MVP who's been a multiple pro bowls or Blaine Gabbert who's done. None of that which quarterback donors as true though any governor Steele would be camp Obama and that's a fair one as well ladies. Hasn't done apple Kim's done in had more weapons so absolutely it's care. If he's right Emmy without a doubt you think about Blaine Gabbert in his career record in the fact that he got run out of the most lowliest sat organization outside Cleveland in the National Football League only to come to another one of the sad organizations and get benched. This guy should be criticized more than any player in pro football yet. It's Cam Newton and I'm ugly guy very critical Camden the way he. Over celebrates. His Superman and all as other histrionics. The guys one I mean take last year out of it. When they had a bit of a down year he's been pretty successful and in the NFL Terry and Napa thank you for calling the show Michael Vick Colin Capp and make your thoughts I had. Ted Nolan. The band back together. My failure and more question and comparing contemporary you've got to take into account 2000 guy and Britain 2007 team. Entered nine expelled pled opened with completely understood. I think there is the idea that could be more side that had been beaten Atlanta based defense that figured out. Where nobody can predict they'll play it by that point it completely understood. And deep into him again and take away period but again it might be away from the Tokyo political aspect that might be part of the different totally. That's good phone call Terry we appreciate thoughts appreciate the most weight back get on that. Plus more we've got Green Day tickets waiting 45. But now an opportunity to speak with a Super Bowl champion and the 1983. NFL MVP you can follow him on Twitter at. Eisen and seven it's still dies and would Jolo and dads on 95 point 7 to gain good morning Joseph how some Virginia. It's creating a great guys are you. We're doing great it's always a pleasure to catch up with you thank you for your time this morning would jump right into a quarterback situation that you're familiar with because once again it's making waves. Colin Capra nick in the debate of what's keeping him out of the NFL it is it his political protest or is it his play on the field. Michael Vick had some interesting comments recently suggesting. Perhaps Colin get a haircut and perhaps it's the performance on the field that's been hurting collins' chances where you land on the situation. Well I think you're in Collins case I think that certainly the the stance that he took regarding the National Anthem and American flag certainly has I think effective a little bit of what the decisions might be regarding him getting the job. I get 32 owners out there that are bigger concern about the repercussions might be eighteen years. That's their prerogative just like it was his prerogative to do what he negated their prerogative to do what they do. And also. You know there's ninety positions epic in the quarterback position in the national what all it certainly has better than some of those got to mean not the 91 guy. So it may be his performances. You know may not be that impressive but he has a decent resonate. Under different circumstances some would probably give him a chance but I do believe that it has to do with ownership being leery of what the repercussions might be based upon this entity to. And you say it is based upon a stance and not necessarily based upon his look because Michael Vick was saying that he should get a haircut that that would ostensibly solve the problem do you think that the protest. Is a separate thing completely from how he portrays itself. It is scared doesn't run in his hair doesn't trot. So you know as far as that goes I think he has a right to express themselves whereas here the way he wants to. I'm I don't think it has anything to do with the way things are. Are turning out for him as as we go forward. Joey boy or little deal here and look afford to see it in cash and you know amenities you boil T Williams let's talk about a teenage close and dear to you. The Washington Redskins while weren't they able to get a deal done with cousins. It's interesting that you ask the question and and in this comes up so war that why weren't the Washington Redskins able to get that deal with Kirk cousins. Kirk cousins didn't wanna deal. At the bottom line. I mean it is in the Redskins made an offer on May second. With no response coming back whatsoever from Kirk's Kia will let that has to tell you that. He's not interested in doing a deal this year what you want to do what you want to play under the franchise tag. He wants to see what the suitors are gonna look like next year. He wants to see what the Redskins are gonna look like it's a football team Kirk is a very very calculated. Right. Yeah I'm mania. And he analyzes situations completely. And it really didn't matter what the Redskins were gonna offer so it really is it. You know why didn't the Redskins get the deal done in any negotiation like is it takes to court. It takes management it takes the players can't. And in this case the players camp wasn't willing to make a commitment because I didn't want to make an offer all of us on the Redskins yet. I think he wanted to play the year and NetSuite can get a chance to do. Super Bowl champ Joseph guys man would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game. Fans in San Francisco keeping a very close eye on the cousins situation because if he is to hit the market next year the thought process is that Al Shanahan and niners would wanna make a serious play for cousins. Fast forty years of Kirk has a good season do you see Bruce Allen using the franchise tag for a third time grieving San Francisco's gonna have what it takes to get the deal done. Our campuses goes 63 million under the cap this year. You gotta figure they'll be under the cap next year you look at their quarterback situation. Certainly think that they're gonna keep an island I don't know they certainly want to vote transom. Decently at big going to be pretty good football. Offensively obviously it depends on the quarterback play there's no question anybody in the white mind can look at the situations thanks San Francisco with Palestinian leader. Would be number one as far as what you know. You might consider Kirk having an opportunity in a place to go. There's also the transition tactic in the place where the rate can have an opportunity. To match any offer. So there are different options available to the Redskins as there are two Kirk. At the end of this particular receive. Ezekiel Elliott had himself quite a long off season Joseph what are the cowboys do when this young player who is facing a possible suspension from the league and. Continues almost on the daily to pop up in more news headlines. You know what's interesting. Reading what Jerry Jones had to say which was nothing. What Jerry doesn't have a comment on the situation. You sort of have to look at it as very serious. I think that you know seek his. Is a young man it's trying to figure out. In light what it's all about any we live in a fishbowl. You guy you know you do your your personality. Where you go what you do in the way you whack people you hang out where it all reported in this inning each. Mean everybody has cellphone everybody as a way to record something. So you know you're reeling a role ultimately you're by yourself and and so in is ridiculous situation. He has a responsibility. To himself to his family to the Dallas Cowboys to the National Football League. And you have to make Smart decisions. Are unconvinced that guy that wind up getting suspended just don't like money. They just don't like money and you get a four game suspension Indian appellate course a lot of money. And it doesn't take much I think to be able to make some good decisions but again you talk about. Young guy who you would all be able to make better decisions and they do it. I don't know what the situation exactly is Lindsay. All I know is that these technical football player which outweighs would be. You know a little bit behind the eight ball without. Both sides and it would Jolo and Gibbs on 95 point seven the game. A team the raider fans are gonna be keeping a very close eye on this season as always the Kansas City Chiefs. But the cheese in my estimation. Are going to have more struggles this year than we've seen in the past brought the fact that it's tricky schedule. Any read in the organization trading up to bring in Patrick Holmes. Beckett created Dicey situation with a Alex Smith coupled with the fact that they just fired their general manager less than a month before the start camp what do you make of the chiefs this season. There's a lot of general managers that have a sort of got by the wayside. Carolina just related Ayers can't city got it won the Redskins got one of one get one just for the drafts. I think they're fighting out there. You know there's other ways to be able to get things done and indicate the candidacy changed back two years. You didn't have a wide receiver kitchen touched up. Last year Alex Witt threw just sixteen touchdown passes. And looked at Patrick holds that probably they probably looked at the 2000. Eighteen draft 2019. Grip and felt like we're going to be a very good position. To be able not to draft real well we're good football. So let's see we get a young guys in the fold now bring him along. And I don't think you'd it's spelled anything for Alex that he's still going to be the quarterback of Kansas City Chiefs at least the next couple of years. So you start to bring somebody in the duke and working into the system let him learn about professional football let them learn the wage you wanna run the offense. And then it would if you need of the plate that's fine right now I think it's the betting on the future by the Kansas City Chiefs more than a replacement for Alex. He's in 1983 NFL MVP Super Bowl champion follow him on Twitter at the Heisman seven. And quite frankly every time I see a picture of the guy he's got the greatest hand I have ever seen in my leg joint do it but that's Joseph dies in which a low and it was on 95 point seven a game. Always a pleasure Joseph thank you so much for your time. Masculine around I'll take to obtain any day of the week yes there isn't it to him that I would paid him like that. I've burned even indoors right now John put on sunscreen during the break here and the twelfth floor are indoor building just two days are locked by a window and happened to get a couple sunrise. It's not funny you try to be in a redhead for a while. Yeah he got that perfect lies can that blacks did black don't crack. Now you'll live laugh and a mile on slather evident during the break. When your down in Vegas like you were in summertime covering the on summer league not too long ago. How long can you be outside without any Lohse full second before you realized yourself this could get dangerous five minute. And it's I met this five the five minute mark you'll surrogate concern at the five minute mark a Marty thinking especially about the top of my head because I am fairly recently bawling shut up glow. Didn't say it was pretty active I saw you come and over the top I haven't been losing my hair for long so now Joseph I go outside. Super thin it is the first thing the sun can get to someone on outside it was like Vegas. Absolutely within that just a couple minutes a Murti feel the burn I wasn't an askew or were your more prone to burnings had golf camps don't mean to have. Don't. Act that would be that dome. And that dome prepaid tickets at 845. Minute conversation with twelve year NFL veteran Brian balding her. Coming up next relatives 95 points of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Two Green Day tickets to giveaway in about fourteen minutes at 845. Welcome back Jolo in did 95 point seven the game it is great to have you in this morning. As we turn our attention to a twelve year NFL veteran who's now a terrific analyst with the NFL network. Follow him on Twitter at balled the NFL. It's Brian balding year we Jolo in bids on 95 point seven a game boldly thank you so much for your time this morning I bring it to a few times in the Philadelphia press box back in the day I know you know Andy Reid. And I know you know how he runs his operations. What's your sense of the Kansas City cheese this season they just fired their general manager they traded up to draft a quarterback. Alex Smith suddenly finds himself on the hot seat. How dangerous is this team compared to years past. The team on a lot. You know Arthel they are out there can be unseeded you just. You know look at the quarter after. A lot has gained so years. I talked to coach what can burdens we woke. The new date certain currency jumped that number had dropped and because what did you go out and well. You know Jon Gruden the quarterback Serbs are pretty pretty cool. No in the entire track store and reach all of John grew. It and that that's their problem. On the market are due to you know as a partial. Pretty special player I don't know what he's going to be ready. I know too late post op and that. Can't you can't beat John Dorsey contract situation. In what they did not notice between John and Andy. It resembled a pretty good roster. You know we did not play well first record in the burqa law. Opera became our armed you don't need a complete game out of the kids didn't use you know it's going to be like premiere he just waited in the year. Do you think it is the raiders and chiefs then in the in the division with the Broncos being the big question mark because of their uncertainty at quarterback. Given what department did not division are content Nichols could. Are required to terrible a lot of really good players are. Not mechanic uses for the record while you're at it ought to. Are you injured or keys are. BP to guard they trapped it. Even. In the land can really play a drop in second Iraq. What can play those guys to guard. They got a chance you'll really dynamic opera and that's only. Stalwart Joseph what was once in the property in Europe go. To opening world. No doubt bread and meat saying you know I think part. Tribute to not ever to agriculture. Or. Print and still chair which I'll repeat that so. I thought our interior wet is going to be the most competitive division our national football. Well you can agree to more not just that it when you when you think about. San Diego when you look at the raiders both those teams seem to have their quarterback they know that there are going to be their quarterback. Alex Smith may be looking over shorter maybe he won't get replaced but. He knows it that pressure is going to be there. Who in your opinion you talk about the quarterback who went who in your opinion still have who has the better quarterback in this conference. In you're talking about Sanyo competing. Is there a thread that you know you can CC any competing for playoff spot or you do sane just being able to compete in general. Well I mean to or cause right now arms like court vision that either. I am three years old at old console port ten. Each year and who knows we did get hurt last year what Sydney or local work on in the play outlaw so. How are all older workers. You all calls and well I mean argues is to start it and when he protected. In the dark weapons BP send Bart. Under Henry the real deal where Arctic out. I think it is a terribly. Competitive division top to bottom nobody went pretty well what she saw both get to know. Cheap twelve or record your global nobody can beat all or did you go to PR. Dog eat all you know in the as well so. I don't know what good way to promote goodwill and I know that and Diego is going to be player and there's always here. The NFL network's Brian balding her joining Joseph lowing dibs on 95 point seven game. All the this show we have yet to be able to refer to the charges as Los Angeles we noticed you're still having that struggle as well. We give ourselves an over under of week one do you think that we love you are calling him LA. You know recovery called Carson. This. I know what I hope that or not wherever you are and so. We're. Robert Lewis then you know quite well so. War. Or law. Speaking of something need rest of the AFC would like to get out of the system the New England Patriots stranglehold on the conference. Many feel will continue this year at some point. Tom Brady's play has to fall at some point this team needs to take a step back is there any reason to believe that this year is that year. No no. There are terms in part starting offense line that sorted normally keep your. Our Tom Brady the second app that you all. To a report in August or. I don't see any reason why I don't drop off will it. Well that I haven't seen any aren't there. On the Biden who are who shot the numbers aren't strong. What a receiver that wrote to his soon to be you'll receive. It watchable part out. We know be with they argued in the trade. At all in cook so. And doctors in little this year. You know what they're scored touchdowns or mark you are so. It's double dipper. Beat by a launch and you know I am getting better. He pulled out all of which seems to just you know not that we change. Item level quarterback the coach general manager. Of real change. They still are able missed division. There's still in the lead that division can be yeah. Bogeyed there's a division immediate kind of reminds me did you talked about eluded to the raiders in the amber held a division so tough. How about another division when you look at Tennessee. Hobbled to the raiders. You look at the Texans. They got that great defense kind of probably would be the Denver Broncos sandy would be comparable to the COLT I think this is another tough division may be becomes is not as tough but. Can you see Tennessee Titans out to make in the torrent and push and as a playoff team as well. Yeah I mean they were known aren't that you're there and you know they were Kansas City article Euro one. Game that's in there. And god can that mean there were no. Playoffs are nobody knew it faltered against Jacksonville when. They lost their locker barrels at you and used to want. They're going to be top cute would be good will see. Or obsolete question. You ought to Indianapolis and keep what they've upgraded to keep her and so course that you walk. No Aussie girl searchers feature it's 10. Yeah. Our college art should the big question mark because nobody there aren't. What are your personal oh yeah it's almost unprecedented. You could arc that we are eventually. It now you know we're not Malone. Don't talk caught or actually it's gonna give out wouldn't. The quote originally produced or quitting war reporting here. Now what could be this year I don't know. It's our record detergent. Like while audiences that the urgent. Matter. Wrapped it really really. A lot of those teams soul or you or your other quarterback in place. Jacksonville. They go lot of ground out around so. Somebody can really you know a stranglehold that division nobody really done that even though you know and seemed to have armed in that division in recent years. Dallas Cowboys and making headlines for all the wrong reasons Ezekiel Elliott finding trouble virtually every day this week with new stories popping up. How little these distractions hurt and a maybe a regression to the mean for the quarterback in Dallas. Although there's no reason I mean you're on July you know not. The correct. Are. On the field. Yeah coliseum that program why you keep. That. That. Those are everywhere. Or backward under five point arts council or no first option. Q the only reason why Mike has because he was just so. The only way to know what. Are you really want Google owns brown. Is especially one. Start a war Robert or. Else it port museum. Are all pre. Porch front Jerry. Helicopter like under the yard line in the city. I'll. What are you. Don't. Give out. Doctoral. Under the microscope. Under the microscope. Nor article what is were ordered to. Put history. Believe that you've got oil as your animal advocates spender not a lot of Arab side outlaw. War. If you have a game and to step in there. No I know there are looking in there are still will be seen even the two games this year. Twelve year NFL veteran now a terrific analyst with the NFL network follow him on Twitter at multi NFL. Brian balding original Boeing did on 95 point seven the game. Thanks your time this morning ball the great stuff is always and we look forward to do it again soon. I thought he would a couple of weeks we're not there are low. That's who we're seeing can you are there areas CN Danny K everybody going to be they're like let everyone who ever was affiliated with the NFL and anyone who's really just a who's who in the National Football League Joseph and it's a great fit. For the bid newcomer to do plenty of pictures and you know I wish you guys goal with me be great but at depth we take a lot of great pictures and excited about going down blood. Is this considered one of those things at him you're like an NFL circles this is one of those eventually go to to network in the com lines one of those trends for a lot of people in the media got to make sure there is is one of those as well. It really is I mean it starts pretty much on Tuesday but you know am I gonna get into Thursday. What do make sure didn't leave you guys for. Emblem on time so to and that the big government big Phyllis taken off the day of training camp the coach loud and lead producer he's gonna fly down as well so you know we suited and booted together I mean my son before wives so excited about the opportunity to be able to percent to great LaDainian Tomlinson at the hall of fame. Port deal she gets stuck in the seat in between that's not AFLAC ask us how she's a lot Simone is still. Yeah I mean last year allegedly whipped the the piece of paper you're still in trouble. And I got Leon sarge a real quick that has led me here and you say that it led me to act. I have to ask the question of whether or not in your presentation. That you'll lead in the Al T on another note. Would doubt that we have heard them being great not does that wind is it is. Let's bring about my good friend. LaDainian Tomlinson. Up laughing aren't we some credit known to cut you would know but it being inside shout out to those of us here ignited by some in the game. It's this bad again as an add on not just to test in light of his hall of fame speech I'm not trying to drag us all back in that mock. I just was wondering if he would do that. In Camden. It's really day it gets yellow and dad's coming up next then about went on him now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Let's go right giveaways and Green Day tickets. So when in fact. For their show at the Oakland coliseum on Saturday August 10 pick it's noble now I Ticketmaster dot com that's to give master dot com. Triple 89579570. First person to answer the following question correctly when the tickets. Which Green Day album sold over ten million copies in the United States' AAA 9579570. Which Green Day column. Album they're not out. Not cal Connie at the Atlantic Fatah which Green Day out homes sold over ten million copies in the United States. Tripoli not present in 9570. Big Dave happening on the tech front here in the Bay Area congratulations to Tim. And Marcus Thompson both leaving Bay Area news group to start a new venture lot of other individuals who come across our existence they got some get ready to launch so that'll be. Very funny keep an eye on as we move forward. Com question. NBA's Adams over the commissioner thinks legalized sports betting is going to happen soon. To land on that are you in favor of that kids. Legalized sports -- mean yes I am in favor of it I think we've reached a point where you can. Gamble online ad nauseam whether it's offshore or onshore. There's good people who've had book he's going back to the days when my dad. Was in his twenties or thirty zeal wasn't a big gambler but friends of hers right here is gradually in the bookie business so. To think that. This is not something that is widespread already is foolish so why not give states a piece of the action I know Supreme Court. Is currently hearing new Jersey's case a decision not expected until I believe early spring of next year once that. Big Tumblr comes down the Supreme Court weighs in yay or nay that's gonna determine the fate of a lot of. It's do you look sports betting together with online poker for example yes so if I were to say legalized gambling. Referring to sports betting in poker you're in favor of both yes and I think even daily fantasy to me is the same thing that's gambling that's to me it's not fantasy sports is much of these gambling. Fifty sports is gambling put all under the same umbrella. Use these racetracks that we have here today golden gate fields for example cost Sundays you know cause our leaders but they don't. It out loud yeah yeah and there they're a sponsor must say Barry's only about them flow of golden gate fields but. You look at the facility and really use about 80% of them because the crowds aren't what they used to if you had a hundred slot machines. Hand may be even a small sports book. While gambling for some as a problem. For others it's great entertainment it would draw more people to that entertainment venue CI agree with the U. On daily Tennessean Tennessean general but the distinction between the two is that fantasy has been labeled a game of skill. Whereas sports betting is labeled a game of chance and that's the key distinction between legalization. And being illegal. Whether it's a game of skill. Which is what since he's been deemed to be. Vs sports betting which is a game of chance now anyone who's ever tried to make a living or make a run at sports betting understands it is very much game of scale it requires an extraordinary. Amount of scale and ordered to succeed at it but that's just not how the definition fell. When that came out well your thoughts legalization is sports betting would be you know a poker Ford or against it. I'm for it I think it. The biggest thing that people have to realize your ethics articles a gamble they probably won't be gambling. And they would that you know they shouldn't be Gelman on themselves and I get that how that works but it happens all the time now I think the NBA and NFL. They RD give out odds the guardian that Vegas know certain things. Why would you not now be able to capitalize on that and do some tapper revenue split. Share with gambling in legalize it because it's gonna help their bottom line so I can see this thing have an Adam silver is you know fourth thanking. Does it worry you at all that piece by piece every few years removed line back a little bit from where was that one year. We're legalizing marijuana and then a few years later we're going to be legalizing sports betting and online poker and then we're talking about here in the city taking. The closing time for bars at 2 o'clock and moving it to 4 o'clock. All individually. Not necessarily viewed is horrible instances when you start a lump all of this together does it wore you about the future of America that begin Tina push. What were at one time considered the lines of decency back further and further this doesn't mean necessarily making a case for a gets his just having a conversation. On about what I think is something that could be very Butte is very important many people well. Hey Joseph you're you're being buried deep in notches deeper philosophical and we you talked about. With kids and cell phones and all the different things you you talked about and and we and give a book out of it because it was something that you just talked about and I think you're right. I think there's a one book dips and it talks vote. We'll talk will call good bad and bad good in and because we are pushing things in boundaries. It's common that word wars a balance and I don't you know I don't know how to draw it had a separated you gotta make sure that you keep your values and morals and check if not depend on this continue to swing to. Biggest problems in this country have nothing to do with the marijuana. Or sports gambling. It's our gun problem and our problem with racism and if you can. Come up with a ways to address those two problems then you can really exact. You know positive told on America because whether or not people are getting high it's not increasing. The murder rate missed my guns it's not increasing or decreasing unemployment rate now sports gambling that's a whole separate issue but I would argue. That people. Who wanna gamble on sports are gambling on sports. Take someone like myself for example not a huge gambler when I go to illegal gambling establishments. Like a little bit of action. But I don't seek it out on my own so making it legalized is not gonna move me in that direction anymore I'm not predispose to do it. It doesn't interest me that much now if there's a place like. Golden gate feels for example ranking go get action sure I'd bet more than I do otherwise but I don't think it's gonna lead to an absolute deterioration of American society. But what about the idea that. You as an individual may have some discipline and self control. But if you create an opportunity for people to legally get high legally bet on sports legally play poker stay out until 4 AM rather than 2 AM drinking things that age you you all this out there. All these opportunities for addictive personality we are not. There are individuals that are gonna see this and say. It is try. And there about a game before and I can do it legally although give it a try you get hooked that's a problem you know you even take half of 1% of people. What does that almost a million in this country. So I have a million bet that's significant and that's significant that we have to worry about the lines because it's easy to see the it's a yes legalize sportsmen and I said it eagle. Easy to say sit here and say yes legalize. Marijuana but it all adds up very quickly it's goes back to the conversation we had about the phones do you believe you have an addiction to your phone. I believe that you deal now did you ever see that coming now one day we're having this conversation right now about whether or not you are a Dick did to a fault. Step back for a moment and ask yourself when you were fifteen years old if you thought you would ever be addicted. To any phone. Did when you were ten years old growing up did you ever think you'd be addicted to a cell phone. While we have phones you know backed and we had a carrier pigeons back in my but not to be honest I eight years we had we of the phone where yet the one phone in the kitchen with the fifty foot court Alfie got a call. Yeah answered in the kicks in and you are they rooms away and he shut the door the court to be stretched all the way across how. Exactly of course not. I never thought I'd be. Addicted to my phone and you hear do you feel you are though now I was hoping you and ask me that because I'm the answer I'm going to give you is not true so if you wouldn't mind me lion you also you know John not addicted my phone not now. But hearing low and looking at Lowe's face and I thought for just a moment like. What would I knew it was fun it was to get rid of I thought for a week let's say one week no phone. How would I how to do how to manage and even have those thoughts in that minor moment of panic. Just sad feeling just I think I I do have a problem. I tried waves and it last week on vacation we rented the house up in wine country waves and that was the whole goal. The whole goal was just my doctor aboard the dog we're gonna take attack on the impressions now Latin as most think again. But we had those two we had a kid beat it wanna put on a planes that thought process months ago was. Let's do it vacationer all star week stay locals will be to bring the entire family was get a house we'll sabaya pool right now I was able. Soon as we got there I get the phone off me. I didn't wanna carry around I was gonna leave room and see how long I could go wasn't quite an active testing was justices mainly time I'm away from work. Really no one needs to get here and now Wednesday when the in laws of my parents can mean you have the focus you know someone's gonna call my inevitably they're role they're not gonna follow their Matt. Quest correctly and it's going to be a whole problem with the trip tic in the maps they use. But I was able to go you know 45 X yeah but to feel good about that. Made me feel sick like that we had hey honey Nikki what I haven't looked like over five hours. I haven't seen that has told them I've known him yeah I did do it right I didn't guide Joseph six I would. Imagine this. So with you yeah you're right in here is what I realize that myself I don't have to be Twitter Bleacher Report I don't have to have postings. A survivor is world news site. I am addicted because it at things or that thing that I do you know you know outside here in its in its like okay. If I don't and so I don't habit. What am I going to not necessarily miss but what can I take care which is calls an addiction. Take birds as I am I nephew's in there entail. And I'm able to talk to these guys on the level that their moms on my sister lost her husband's arm able to talked among leveled it. Unita able to talk as a as a woman to your 22 isn't that your son and and grownup would does did you know this. Watching adult movies or something that wasn't that was not a thing of that wasn't out of fingertips. You went to a blockbuster in they had that the sheets up there and it people walk. In that room that older men view YouTube Tony it was just blockbuster the exact kind of plays in so. You know at that they just are we had to go find a magazine. Now believe it or not. People are now and I and I appreciate that I appreciate and an oops and I and and I was like so far removed from what these kids in seventh and eighth grader Dolan. It would want it to like college your my junior might see names like. What are you guys and and make kit and it's hard to tell you can't. But what they have on that cell phone Jillian tuchman addiction. In what our kids are exposed to because in effect they can go also they can go on Google and see certain things because you've got people you don't wanna keep them blah operating. Absolute blow your mind the things that there it is that different. From the hole on five I left my phone alone for a week last year you know what happened during that time Kevin Durant sign with the warriors and I missed it for three days. Half. He's been on the phone. That's nice feelings into words with friends apparently has no right the I don't know what the way it should play not 579570. We got another big question ask from a baseball perspective that's coming up to manage although and in 95 points in the game.