JLD - Hour 3

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, April 18th
The guys speak with MLB Insider for Fox Sports & MLB Network, Jon Morosi. Then they discuss the salary caps in both the NBA and MLB as they pertain to the Giants and Warriors. 

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Good morning happy Tuesday and welcome men alongside the four time Pro Bowl Lorenzo Neal the great candidly I'm Joseph affordable this. Mornings Jolo in their lives on 95 point seven a game John -- CM LB insider for both fox sports and animal MLB network. He's going to be coming up in just a few moments. 845 today. We've got two tickets to giveaway to WWE. Payback. And the SEP Saturn. Had 905 an hour from now audio Lopez will join us and at 945. Shaun Livingston. We wanna dive into the baseball conversation as quickly as possible Sobel will do right now this broad over bids for your update. And a lawyer is just one more day away from being back at all before games tilts. I against Portland tomorrow night and ORACLE Arena Matt Barnes not likely to planes he recovers from ankle. And foot injury is one guy who will play Kevin Durant. Kelenna Azubuike joins us in the studio the morning after every warriors home playoff game. Yesterday he talked about Katie no concerns I think he's always bag he looks it's extremely confident on that knee doesn't work he's compensating for it. Isn't like he's scared or trying to figure out Kate cannot push off guy get to that spotlights the open up like I want to gonna explode to the bats like I want to he's Duncan on people he sidestepped a Euro stepping off that needs. Tip ton of all 730 from oracle meanwhile cavs and spurs both up two games to none in their series Joseph three games tonight. Jazz clippers Celtics bulls. Bucks raptors which what are you most interest in him and go bear wasn't hurt I would love to see did the jazz win 21 Los Angeles court. And put that little team on the brink. Of complete meltdown but I'm going to be focused on the bulls Celtics have only get one. Retreat put Boston in game one I think you've got an upset coming in that series but the Celtics number one seed you've got to find a way to bounce back after what happened Sunday night against Jimmy Butler and company meanwhile story number two gives us the sharks. In center stage they're down two games to one of to Edmonton they haven't scored in six periods. The milk or Carlson overtime winner their last tally in the series coverage begins at 630. On our sister station K fox. Story number three k.s lose seven nothing to AJ Griffin former teammate and the Texas Rangers more bad news though Kendall great minutes. Goes on the DL with a shoulder issue Andrew Triggs against Yu Darvish tonight at the coliseum 615. Your dugout show here on 957 game the giants meanwhile are playing the first of two. That's Kansas City the update brought to you by NBC sports warriors game two was on NBC sports Bay Area. It's JB Ross poplar saint. And Kelenna get it all started Wednesday at 6:30 PM on NBC sports Bay Area. That's your update I'm Dan diddley on your whole look of the warriors. Team Roy has the call tomorrow 730. Right here on 9570. Game. Great stuff this is an MLB insider promote fox sports in the MLB network you can follow him on Twitter at. John Rosie. Dunn Rosie joining Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game John good morning and thank you for your time will dive right into the giants. Think the likelihood is that hey Johnny quite Al opts out after this year and beat. Does not re sign with San Francisco Giants. Greg question again it's very likely ops out all the well but he got back to me is that it is really that the where they hear it really see many many players. Would you opt out loyalty certainly is part of the equation. But the larger part is outlets such as it is there a better deal out there could be an interesting case where. CC sabathia for example opted out. Recited. With the Yankees so I think it is today. Typical policy of opt out in the concede at Ataturk who. That question to the engines to some extent of what happens with bad Butler how much money did you check the LK should. For them that you have figured out or beat him at some point in time. They've got to pay Bob Garber well. Earn that money deserves it and it certainly has orbital religions are gonna charge means he probably. Should be giving more incredible of course that's cage right now. Is it time for the giants to change their way of thinking as it pertains to the words he just said earns and deserves because you look at the Matt Cain contract. He earned it. And he deserved it yet. Now there on the hook for 21 million for a guy who is struggling to be your number five starter is that whole notion of. Earns and deserves an outdated Carolina thinking. Or at the very point and we're seeing teams Crosby great all change their thought process on that exact paradigm. Work for baseball for a long time you were paid. It what you did I think that the Al couples contract for example would be jewels would emblematic of that even though. It will get paid. It was early forties when obviously the production on its car. So that Eric shall at our level. It certainly desperate team that you were now. As one World Series with many of these players and and really business and rightfully are rewarding the former so a lot of bigger than one but it sure. Is that in the back they came right now so that starter perhaps. Morsi. Or outward change of us start by start artist or are they. Most or that it can only justified. This place rotation of course coaches can't believe it is our right to do so that strategy or. Chip chip. Probable are. Ought acquittal law look around division. I think it's it's good. As. Step. Whatever whatever age could certainly our market rate. So why. Should take that decision. In isolation. A lot better off. Certainly has her level worker I probably eight. It'll walks. It bought all of our arch park why I'm so. Tired correctly. Scenario. It's is great sand out their turf turf you know perception verses the ballot the perception is pay the giants are going to be fine this is a team that every even year they want to compete for a championship. But three out what is to reality when you look at to reallocate these guys hit do they have enough bat what do you see this team this far. Look at my concern is really that is is that lineup. Consistency of course there was a battle that led by us and the Palo Colorado and act in a very press rookie for the Rockies it could meet. It's it's the consistency of the had patents it's referred to me a little confusing and and surprising. That's been the case that so far this year probably you know I go back to this point. If it you're going to be a full healthy season repentant panic I still feel like at some point that this is a lot of it figured out on the seat and our look at the division. The Diamondbacks in the better and expect it of course would be back to the big win against about it in LA. Big big big show more state are the media thought that or have the rock he's you silently they'd been I think surprisingly competitive. If there all right so I think it's it's a more balanced divisional we saw it in years past. It again and means that that the essence of Posey is looming large here I think you rejected by the way to do is basically stay at route 500. Or close to required part pose becomes back I think the band they can basically restart their season at this point every part for me to really get a good you age. Our border guards are as little roller up. Without policies present in their everyday. I will traders eyed the top of the lineup I think it is really Paramount at its brand and whoever's going to be at the top there. They get things going big traffic on the basis for the middle part because a baby that one part in addition the quote that that Cadillac you spit it back consistent. On base current crop oil company gets wondered darker to address now it is next probably two or. MLB insider for both fox sports and MLB network John morose he would Jolo and heads on 95 point seven game. How is the new collective bargaining agreement specifically the luxury tax. Going to affect the approach of teams heading into the trade deadline. Knowing that that gigantic. Overflowing free agent class of 28 team is on the horizon do you see teams taking a different strategic approach this summer because of that. I think one thing that he certainly seems to approaches maybe selling eagle like decayed city royals example where used to be able to think about well like keep this player like keep that are cops and the need. In the vault and offer mobile would get that urge it. Whereas now it's not personal any longer the case so I think for that reason you may heat team be a bit more aggressive. On the cell decision because of the acted there's not quite as much competition waiting in the back in the year. War vote so I think that point we may see the likes of odd bird in the stock available in a more robust way. Then it would have won the previous he'd be a well you're very good point about the back that was in there is I think more punitive. Luxury tax Russell now on the art capped by insurance. That you may see some people describe it somewhat accurately and believe. As opera on the that there are some serious drags. The ability disband. For certain problems edit the question then becomes. Are seen teams look at that that free agent class at which shot though. And harper as the rule. Robots. It will what were you bailed actually go to my harper. And it's not our strong possibilities. Put the giants did into options times perhaps he awaited the span. And money coming up the books would like to change so maybe you'd. Part how accurate on some level. But it does indeed it would be foremost consideration that you. It may be down there the possible consideration. But it probably not the number one consideration but certainly for the giant to look at as being. You know what part in this championship. Was bought quite and maximize our possibility. To do so which marked I think what we're -- towards being. A very strong sort of fire that Hitler this year. He does an awesome job bird fox sports and the MLB network is an MLB insider follow him on Twitter at John Breaux seat. John Groce he would Jolo and dads on 95 points and the name John thank you so much for your time this morning dynamite inside is always we look forward to catch up again soon. My pleasure to big game for the sharks as well will be watching carefully at our circuit that border. Yes sir need to figure out a way to put the puck in the back of the net. Job for us of these gentlemen thank you so much John. He loves the puck what can you say he said get the momentum going and means that. And the achievement that the Fatah Fatah. This is a this is difficult subject to breach and there are a lot of people market wanna hear this but it needs to be brought up regardless. The guy. This giant runners over. And it's gonna be tough to kind of process that because you wanna believe that even years with the talent you've got the Euro is gonna be in contention. That's the beauty of the franchise is the ability to show well they're still going for it. I spent some time last night after dinner just kind of plowing through what I've seen this season and then. Last year beyond. That there it's not there. Go back to the last World Series 2014. There have been two full seasons and almost a month since then during the regular season. Take the total record a ball MLB teams during that time to swing fourteen you over the giants rank. Fifteenth. Right in the middle. Thirty MLB teams since the 2014 World Series the giants have the fifteenth best overall record fifteen. There at least five teams out there that are actively trying to lose. Philly has actively been trying to lose Milwaukee and Cincinnati have actively been trying to lose. So. You really fifteen out of maybe 25 teams. Since you were the best team in baseball last year's all star break. Your 35 and 51. 35 and 51. Johnny quid it was not coming back. He believe Henry Schulman who writes for the chronicle. He had a story the other guy where he got Johnny Quaid as quote acquittal would like to finish his career. When he opts out after this year he'd like to finish his career in the American League. That's your best picture right now. And a lot of people don't wanna hear that I'm talking about right now. Johnny Quaid as your best pitcher. He's on his way to the American League lets the giants can find a way to convince him otherwise so right you've got a team that's fifteenth best in record. Since Tony fourteen the last ranked seventh best in the National League. Your best picture at the moment he's on his way out you're 35 and 51 since last year's all star break. Jeff's a marsh is a mess that's not gonna turn around he's probably better served in the bullpen and that might be a move that takes place next season. Matt Cain is pretty much finished he's on the back nine his career and we're talking he's coming up the fairway on seventeen. Good start the other night but can you really bank on him to be a legitimate threat all season and into the playoffs probably not so what you're looking at as Bob garner. And Matt Moore for the future. You got an outfield that right now left field to complete mess center field doesn't look much better and while you've got Hunter Pence in right he's 34 years Ole. How much is left there especially based on the injuries we've seen. The last two seasons. Those he's out with a concussion he and Crawford who's in my opinion your best player right now on the wrong side thirty. Brandon belt is gonna be 29. The Dodgers are stacked for the next few years the Rockies and the Diamondbacks are on the become the cubs aren't going anywhere. The nationals are gonna push through 28 team with Bryce Harper they might lose them for the next couple years I got to be right in the thick of it the Mets have one of the best rotations in baseball. Stop they hear this but it's over for this team at the moment in terms of being a legitimate. World Series threat it's over. So the rationale is kind of what genre she just told us. Focus on when he eighteen. The deepest free agent class arguably in history Bryce Harper's gonna be out there. Many to China's going to be out there don't go overspending at the deadline don't get tied up to too many contracts. Because you don't want to get stuck with the luxury tax because under the new CBS the luxury tax is eight. B word. Cracked up until then it's a better yet it's it's a grizzly bear to be not hibernation. Here's John Murrow see almost the giants could think about doing when we just spoke to them regarding when he team. Are seeing teams look at that that free agent class whether it's which shot though. Harper as did beat. X rule. Robots class what what were you repeal act. Actually bid on them to I think harper. And it's not our strong possibilities. We're for the giants in the into lawsuit times perhaps the most of the way the giants disparate. Up to the body coming up the books would like to change so maybe you do here big part but I I think at the factory and on some level. Predictably here it comes from the far away they were saying the same thing about the giants in 1012 and fourteen. I mean that. Guys in the bullpen system here ten doormat for being rotations still hear stuff denials not just a river in Egypt. But if you go through all this everything I just laid out just backs fifteenth best record in baseball since the last World Series fifth team. And that's with a at least five teams actively trying to lose baseball games actively. I mean you were fifteen that a point five you're seventh in the National League how we gonna get past the Dodgers this season how are you gonna get past the Dodgers next season. How are you gonna get past the cups. In any of the next three years those are the questions need to wrestle. Certainly if you've had one of the greatest runs in baseball history. That's something to reflect upon and enjoy you still have some great countdown that's worth watching. With the way this team spends with their competitive nature that continue to give you a product that's worth viewing. Worth attending worth cheering for but right now from a true viability standpoint. This team is not on par with the elites in the business you not to be able to beat Boston if you go to the World Series and Boston is even at a 100% capacity right now. Just get out of the National League Gibbs stopped here but it's all there in front of you since the last World Series the thirteenth best record in baseball. It's been a struggle and since the last year's all star break sixteen games below 500 and off to a bad start this year as well but. It's not as easy as saying. Well the run is over it's time to rebuild because you start to look it. What you're on the hook for contract wise and you've got Matt Cain threw. This season and next Hunter Pence same thing this season. And next you've got Bob garner for three more years. Posey signed an eight year contract so as much as you you may wanna make moves to free up and salary and bring in younger players and turn over the roster. It's gonna have to be a slow process to do that. Because you're on the hook for some of these guys for years the 95 agree completely but how do you seller rebuild the fans without admitting it. They're doing it right now that's the genius of the approach to the front office branding Crawford's under contract to a very good deal. Based on what Crawford brings defensively which by the way. Always focuses on the club work how nasty is is a Powell in his belt forced to scoop out a garbage drove from shore. You're watching the baseball their dudes that make these great plays defensively but the first baseman got a bail amount. Crawford's got how blitzer at short yeah always hits belt in the chest but to perfect our. You got him under a good. Very good contract in terms of value saying they would brand him well. And when Bob learning it's his deal done again you'll continue to buy him the keys to continue to work the talent up through the system. Who knows what the trade alleged gonna be but I wouldn't assume this team's gonna go out there and make any big splashy moves you don't want any deals on the books that are gonna run through 2018. For a team that's already violated the luxury tax those penalties are insane and every year you do it on top of that. They just get worse and worse and worse you're at a point now where it's better. The teams like the giants sit Bakken shale. And make sure you're set for when he team because then you can go make the big splashy pal like what the giants are simulate the concept Iran. Look at cubs didn't think I just timing get ready to rearm and re load a couple years how she looked. Did Joseph did is say OK I got my hundred pence here's a guy that. Closer to trade deadline there's going to be some contenders. And he's gonna have you know this is a god it's probably got a year to that. So did you try to trade in acquire more picks here's a guy we look if he was OK talking about right there and appendix. So you know there's a year left on his deal after this year that he's the type of guy that may be at the trade deadline you would consider. Moving him if you could bring back assets but again that's how do you sell that the fans. This isn't a team that sells the other side of the bay cells the rebuilt not here no you've got to be very creative with how settle in you can do to all of them you can't do all the players but do you do that Joseph and Indians because you say. Okay we're not we know that we're not gonna make the playoffs this year if that happens in this guys haven't. So Pitts is having a decent year. He would do debt to try to acquire some younger guys assert start this process do you look at everyone and his team you say okay we know we got to do Madison Maine we can keep. Quaid only know that Crawford at second or start we know what he is it going to oppose oppose he's so do we say that's going to be. They nucleus that we try to keep. In and we try to acquire to start big goal to this process. Keep somebody could of course you gotta keep some big name guy Crawford you nucleus you can try to phrase it another way he's your best player he's the best non pitcher on the team. I don't try to say Posey but the reality is passed by he still eat it aha I got Crawford your MVP he's your best player. And I know you can't do you see the genius of the giant is that they sell you want competition. They fill that ballpark every night why. Two reasons great place to watching game but they're contenders. You believe that there one of the best in the business they have been this year. You can mask it a little bit. And say well you know it's a slow April happened before it's not gonna get that much better and I. I hear series against the can't against Kansas City sore you can beat up on the royals make it look like your back but the reality is take a look at your division to not just the Dodgers anymore. Colorado is a better team. Arizona is a better team I'd visit trash. But it's a better division and that's before you even get outside you take a look at the cubs and nationals and the Mets you get teams that are on the come here. You got a core. You not gonna try to sell anything off because you don't wanna give the image to the fan base that sells that's what's the sellout streak that anyone now it's. Hundreds of games you don't wanna give anyone a reason to believe you are going for a World Series because that's when the ticket prices and the ticket sales start to fall. If they continue to play at the rate they're playing now although you won't have to pretend as a fan base of their fifteen below 500 at the all star break. At the trade deadline in the ended July. You're gonna see a move made a mean it's different if year. By the Russian. You're gonna have to sell if you're fifteen games below 500 in your twelve out of the second wildcard. You don't have to pretend your fan base you're still trying to compete teacher just sell them on the odd year though people buy that stuff file. They buy up even your magic they buy at the cuts are not here it's not our that I think normally can joke but with the way things have started this year was clearly no left fielder. And the back into the rotation looking suspect in either fan favorite. Hunter Pence looking like father time is his final game of catch up if all these bad things continue to pileup but you'll have no choice but to make a move. Any conversation. With the great Drew Brees. That's coming up next Jolo and adds 95 points in the game now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. We've got WWE. Payback tickets to giveaway in about fourteen minutes at 845. Joseph. Low Indians to five point seven a game. He's a Super Bowl champion. A Super Bowl MVP 810 time pro bowler and a quarterback these quarterback. Of the New Orleans Saints follow him on Twitter at Drew Brees ladies and gentlemen the great Drew Brees. Joining Jolo in bids on 95 point seven the game drew first off good morning. Thank you very much for your time outs in the offseason to Kenya. It's been good about our family but ready ready to roll about policies and programs started. Now I'm sure you saw the news recently that former team meteors seem Diego LaDainian Tomlinson not only going into the hall of fame but choosing one at. Lorenzo Neal to introduce him any advice for Lowe's introductory speech. And to. And there. Where I am. Sure it. It brings us debt tell me man how is it when when when you look at just your career in in the way that you've been able to pull about it. In the consistency always chasing greatness score from San Diego and you know in in draft and Philip Rivers and and your process to continue to stay the course getting injured. It change your whole course mandate do you you future of the San Diego was you know dwindle close game getting injured. In going the Miami big in that was gonna happen they turn to do you know offset the door and then. New Orleans. Win a Super Bowl. It's as soon as the world when a variety and in in how do you keep that grounded you know doing this process as you continue to chase sugary goodness. Look you know isn't my twelve your normal. We're to talk affordably it's all about Arafat really does feel like yesterday that. Made that transition from San Diego YouTube world and six but that's an amazing ride has been reported coach shortly which are so very lucky. That he's the best coaches in the league. When it comes to. Nobody waiting. Talent in regards to communicate message seen reversed you putting all the best position to succeed according to large drinks and that was something that I identified immediately. I've been around a guy like him what's. You know use the take all the things I was great at from San Diego and incorporate that into the things that. You know during his background being the West Coast offensively. Gradually evolved as the offense to. Fit all the strengths of the guys we have here and which sat about audience now we have offensively you know we got. Five draft picks coming up. Here in the first three rounds of the South Korea draft shall see how that Plato but you know continue to add good young talent arcane. I would literally talked vision you know with the Atlanta. Carolina in Tampa. So we've got to continue finally do occur include myself. Is this partly what keeps you motivated the idea of working with a head coach you've had for so long and be able to help mentored younger players and your team in the West Coast offense. Yeah it actually goes in every. Every year it challenges and to me team and in you have to we've Balkans you know everybody take a look at the go from here or they're trying to make adjustments to stop you and in your offense and so. You're you're always people. But yet it with young guys. You know it's opportunities. Bill back chemistry that camaraderie and also give them. And understanding of where this offensive help from. You know from worse started assist workers now is yet Luntz the based concepts and it just people so much whether it's just cool slightly losses are. Certain adjustments are certain checks or just whatever it is a tunnel task England takes takes currently practiced but that's part of farm is is what you can. Put it that that that work and that time together by the time you go through entire offseason. And increased season and into the regular season in battle that which you you do have confidence feature built in gain. You know really paid dividends what you get to the regular season you're able to you know Crocker excuse. Super Bowl champ Drew Brees would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game. New Orleans is one of the most unique cities in the country the French influence. The good times the laws everything that goes on down there. That's why it's such a hot travel destination. But US and unique insight into playing there and what it's like in terms of possible distractions for younger players urban street and all that comes with that. With the raiders moving to Las Vegas. When they get to southern Nevada they're gonna be all this can be a whole new world a possible distractions for younger players who may have just come into money. At as a veteran as a leader what are you try to impart on some of the younger guys to to try to avoid that temptation. It from letting it you know didn't get in the way of the job at hand. Maybe that the best advice that was given to me that I've heard. Was early in my career is actually at first you're in the world. We the speaker come talk to us. Kind of looked at a veteran guy and it devices say no no way I'm going to work and no where and how far. And and in and also. Heed the advice of you know veteran guys two guys who have come before you in regards to you know of mistakes that are out there that you could. You know avoid making. Because of that are there by some membership. And this week. We'll put to play this game on the takes a lot. Hard work dedication focus sacrifice. In order to be great at it on a consistent basis. And then when that was kinda work you've got to feel a lot can focus and work. And without relax and have a good time then you can do that there. Also know how to. No no no where the problem lies and note that things to order. And you know seek the advice of the guys that came before you. Because they've they've probably made mistakes. You know hopefully they'll be I would hope you Bullock. Julie you have a huge sphere and pointy headed arousing your hand and came due to charges in. Still had it was still leader in a way that you commanded certain things and put pressure on guys and that's just who you war. When you look at these young men and Derek Karr. What similarities you know he's a man of faith but what's so there's a what do you see when you CA a young quarterback. In in on the path of greatness what are you see when you look at tar. I I think he's a phenomenal player and I think he's only scratching the surface you're still very young player we've got a lot of good pieces around him. You know which good office supply and a good running game and talc like receivers. But his ability to spread the ball around. He's he's he's one of the mortality guys just drone like you can certainly our talent. You know his ability just to get it up and out very quickly with good velocity and good accuracy and he's. He's got close physical tools but from. You know note there caller. Very well at all that this from everything I've heard. Com teammates and guys that know him is that he's very dedicated guy comes to his craft. And preparing to be the best he can be practiced for games. He seems like the intelligent guy. And very charismatic guy. Who commands that respect from his his teammates got great leadership ability. And he just approaching the right way it goes. He does all the right things off the field as well which I think is just as important especially as. At the quarterback position where you know you're the leader of the team so I couldn't be more impressed with him and I think he's got. And shouldn't bright future obviously troll. Giroux until he meant thank you so much for your time and tell the wife kids who says hello love you brother continue to T screens ago. Barbara thank you Drew Carter. Great Drew Brees Sybil champ symbol MVP. It's funny story. Actually not funny at all now that's the personable ever covered was that game. You don't say that game I got what was called auxiliary media to the NFL credentials a lot of people for the civil. The elite of the elite are in the press box the rest get what's called on Hillary presaged generally a section in the stadium upper level. That they convert to working media. So you're actually out. In the stadium I've been which is awesome did you get the crowd was I prefer to get the crowd noise. Yet to be a part of the whole thing whereas behind the glass is very quiet because you're working. And when Tracy Porter intercepted that pass and was running back to the end zone I welled up. In tears in the eyes while because of the New Orleans fans and how that was this moment of catharsis. Katrina was absolute rock bottom for them the team was so instrumental in bringing them back not just from me structural standpoint from an emotional standpoint. And that was the only thing really giving them joy and they came all the way back when they won this Super Bowl and delivered it to the people ignore it as Tracy porter's running happening back. You looking around. Joe Robbie Stadium hard rock casino what do they call the saints fans lost their mind you couldn't help but get caught up in that emotion that's always an imam. And great great moment forget franchise and low for you bring your former teammate on our show like that. Very cool I want to thank you in front of everybody and say well done tip of the cap Drew Brees a class act. He really is an and I had mixed emotions believe it or not this guy. For me loose because. It was a bit of Brett Favre thing in in in that NFC championship gained it was. Mixed emotions you kind of wanted Brett the old man caddie giddy grading out into the sunset. And then I'll pull for drew because that team made an indicted she played with him what was going on his city and New Orleans. About making me talk about the NFC championship yeah well that was a hard hitting game to grow almost got killed in that game Barbara was gaining. Absolutely rock but you know we're right on the number that day the number with that. To me was a better game that inseparable. Tremendous game I believe Sanchez was in the AFC championship game right before that yet as you could imagine it wasn't his guy I Wii gets in draft talk to get into next Jolo and did not five points of the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven per game. Rock says know your role shut your mouth we get tickets to giveaway WWE. EK back. Two tickets in fact an SEP senator Sunday April 30. All winners qualify for a pair of VIP tickets. Which include a WW each share this is your chance to see all your favorite WWE Ross superstars. Liven actions like Roman rains haven't always Chris Jericho Samoa Joseph and many more tickets on sale now at Ticketmaster dot com. Ticketmaster. Dot com. Go to the phones this one triple 89579578. We need you trivia question first wanna call and get it right when's it tickets. Which superstar. Won the inaugural. Money in the bank ladder match in 2005. Triple 89579570. Which superstar. Won the inaugural money in the bank latter match in 2005 I'll never forget that or did your best guess. My same gas and every wrestling questioned Jimmy's super fly snuck up that's incorrect brutal San Martina. Bruno's and Martina is correct answer I don't understand rest in peace simplifies Monica. You guys. He didn't catch 98 that murder charge Yankee ended about lasting that murder charge. Triple 89579570. Which superstar won the inaugural money in the bank latter match in 2000. Slot. All right so we were gonna come back and fire off little trapped conversational we've got to start with the latest on Marshawn Lynch in the Oakland Raiders and that is going to lead us into the draft. Reminder. When he minutes from now hobby Lopez will join the program an hour from now we'll talk Shaun Livingston. This is from Ian Rappaport. NFL network who appeared on the program good morning football this morning. This is in regards Marshawn Lynch quote the right now. There's no agreement between Marshawn Lynch and the Oakland Raiders. And the real deadline here. They hope to have it done by Monday when offseason conditioning started didn't happen the real deadline here is the draft. NFL draft in Philadelphia at nine days away the start of the first round. So we revisit the conversation. Deadline is the draft because this is a very deep running back class. You take a look at what's gonna be out there Leonard for Nat from LSU. Alvin cook Florida State Christian McCaffery Stanford. Joseph mix in Oklahoma Alvin Camara from Tennessee he careened from Oklahoma Foreman from Texas. Connor from Pittsburgh it goes on and on this is indeed running back class so presumably in big deal can't be done by next week. Might as well just address this need in the draft. Well what happens first ideal Marshawn Lynch where the raiders turn and decide to draft is where they're gonna find the next power back. That deal would march on first yeah you gotta get this done and I think that both sides. Both sides are in and has an advantage because Marseille on communicate look. And I had to pay campaign's money back I wanna play if you guys soak the raiders hey I'm good for the good for the greater fan I'm good for the brand he has that advantage. People wanna see Oakland California you know Marshawn Lynch year. And the raiders had theirs because NC. Our shot we can give you the minimum. As an he had paid 2.5 back to Seattle wouldn't give me the minimum bid to analysts make it incentive base touchdowns all those different things in there because. We just don't have Minnesota mining and will go another direction because this is a deep class. So both both sides have some weight so I think that they're gonna air on the side of caution in going Marshawn Lynch and get this thing done. Because if he waits after the draft. I just don't think if they go draft someone in his in the second or third round. You won't bring mark shot in buds don't. And you don't need a deep in debt you can do it for cheaper healthier younger yet. You don't have the experience you know of the credibility right but you still feel the need. I can't help but think to myself that this is the raiders playing back at the New England Patriots story from last week. That felt like look and like lynch trying to drum up more money well the patriots are just didn't if something can't get done with the raiders Marshawn Lynch might go join New England. That felt like lynch trying to drum up more money this feels like the natural playback from the Oakland side someday get done by the deadline we're moving on. And makes. And so move on if he did to the draft and you have that hole still in your back field. As with Davies Murray is gone and you're thinking that you go with a two young guys and then Marshawn Lynch but. If this thing continues to drag on and drag on and yet closer the draft the raiders might just say. Forget the whole thing you can you can stay retired you go to Seattle they can take the cap hit because ultimately. Marchand impact on the community. Is at least as heavy as is impact on the field will be it's not like you expect in this data come in and rush for 15100 yards and twelve touchdowns. If that was the case Seattle would keep them there's a bit player who may be over overplaying his hand a little bit in these negotiations. Do you feel that the raiders have all the leverage here the rhetoric might as well just sit on this thing until they get what they want right. I do believe that they're gonna sit corp the don't doubt slide they got a when he slid down and I think that they're gonna let it sit for awhile until but I think this would it I can you do they've done too much. You've got to realize eight's UT taken into the dance. You've taken at a dinner. You spent a lot of great time. The next movement and you still want to movies every day still wanna lunch every day. You're and now you're the raiders with duke baiting wanna him to go talk to Seattle he did that he's already came into the facility. You've got time energy and everything invested ridge he's working on a contract I just think this is at the point and overturn. Both sides are gonna come to who can come to an agreement Marchand in the rate pretty picked Iraq. But what are we talking about in terms of compensation. Per year it's probably what a two year deal I I'd I would venture to say it is too you know what's gonna signing that no one year deal. Because that if he plays out of his mind you have no leverage he's he's set for free agency seed to a two year deal. How much per year like what's the hang up you are we talking the difference between eight and ten million. One in -- million what do you think it it I think it's one and two million Joba here's I think they're looking at this. They had Marciano I think what I've what I've heard he had to pay Seattle. Million dollars back they say we need a little bit of that money. So he's it's gonna let him walk without eleven million that I couldn't master all absolutely absolutely so there's an OK so let's pay that back so. He's probably in his county he's paid that back. Any or he's Macon meg gonna make that writes OK so if you look at 2.5 million now the raiders embassy were rolling that Payne three million. Or 3.5. That's only a million dollars different so they're probably see and look. That 2.5 were gonna take that we're gonna pay you that back so that's the WW bonus of 2.5 so we're gonna take care that. Now let's average that's avoidable at two million. This year play for the minimum of them and on and I had almost a million bucks. They make it incentive based in the next year you get net three million and it doesn't shake out. You can wash your hands and walk away relates why do you wanna come back for that feels like you just work in Seattle and the way you lay that out which just sounds so. But they don't methodical why would you wanna come McEnroe why would you want to subject your body to that when you're really just a guy we're gonna give me two and a half million up front. So that you can pay off Seattle and then what he gets another what one at one win and they got to finish three but they probably end up dumping him after one year because you would hope Rashard. War Washington emerges into a more feature type back out. So he's gonna put all this in and put all this on his body for half a mill. He thinks he if he thinks he can win the minimum is a million bucks and he's gonna make a million this year. Because they paid 2.5 so the minimum salary for any veteran guy that has sort of over seven years. Credit he's in the Menem is ebbing at 950 so it's a million bucks they got a pain in the ninth and amenable. So being on top of that you say OK let that gives Tom and sent five touchdowns another 300000. 700 yards. Give another hundred to fifty. It become all the to OTAs. 300000 for the OTAs Li noted that he can only missed maybe to an excuse so now you put those what is the already going to be at 21 excuse as of today. Yeah starting from his kind. Start started from his contract so those understand some of the things that they're gonna probably put in place so this year he can probably make would incentives if he hits them. I think you probably you will probably make that three million pounds and I think they can just wait on this. Till the next week and they're saying you're getting the minimum. And if he says no then okay. Ask how much is left in the tank what can he give you. What's the absolute Max performance level you can get from Marshawn Lynch this season. If he is that his age his time away to all the factors in what is the peak ups. Pick ups and 8000 yards let's say a thousand yard season and ten touchdown that would be the absolute I think now an incredible year from lynch what would you say that. That that'd be a that'd be great year I think you got that that would married okay new. You could I think that he's more explosive I still think he's more he still more powerful. I think this guy carries between ten to fifteen times. Any gets his body in great football shape and I just think that's the way that he is who we years because he coming back to Oakland California and he wants to show the raider fans in this historic silver and black woody asked. He wants to play for this team. I think you give ten to fifteen carries Joseph that's you don't shoot. I think that you look at this guy next year's twelve funny cars like you said maybe 1012 touchdowns because here's the thing though Monte such you have the passing game though. You have the passing game in you have got off until like he played would sub par offensive line at Seattle he made profits a lot better. You don't think these guys a bold and act a little bigger block a little party you have a better offensive line here. And he's a patient runner this system you can't put nine guys in the box because now you've got one on one matchup with the receivers. I think this guy is gonna have a big ear what. He's gonna have a bigger you what people than people think roughly off the top we had what's a match here for him did is talking about a thousand yards ten touchdowns. Is that the top. I think I think could possibly if he's if he's in the shape that I mean he can get and he's got a sea legs and I think this guy can get 1212 to thirteen and twelve to thirteen hundred yard is this off now if you put him in a lot of places Seattle anyhow I know I'm just talking about a Oakland get an Oakland with this offensive line with the receivers that they had in the threat of car. In the tide get the tight ends involved. I think that he can't and what pills taken so long for 3700 yard back is sitting out there. And it's not gonna cost you six million a year what you wait on like you say until they're they're probably you gotta rest. Hey that 2.5 they're already saying look we're pants Seattle back you can't have this guy say here's Seattle here should 2.5 million and all of a sudden there's no deal. They are going to do some good would this guy just think it comes down to money and let you sick they have power. It is now time for the four KA day nap. National cash contest. All the Marshawn Lynch listening maybe he can win this but this was at Seattle money we can work our way towards getting the guild and the support Gatorade national casket that's on nine fives in the game. Text the code word. Planet. Slammed it as in planet Uranus. 72881. Before fifteen past the hour for your chance to win. Vying for dads want I'd like 2000 dollars you listening every day at 9 AM 11 am. 1 PM and 3 PM for your chance to win thousand dollars text message and data rates. May apply. What is next the San Francisco Giants. Still legitimate contender we'll talk with a great hobby Lopez in just a moment don't go anywhere deluded and equipment in the game.