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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, May 16th
The guys talk about Colin Kaepernick's future in the NFL as it was reported that the Seahawks have interest in signing him. They also discuss whether Klay Thompson will break his shooting slump in Game 2. MLB Insider for the MLB Network & Fox Sports, Jon Morosi and Former Warrior & Hall of Famer, Rick Barry join the show. 

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Counted down boys and girls 29. Minutes from now. We've got two tickets giveaway to tonight's game two warriors and spurs. Which you can get right here on 95 points and the game starting at 6 PM. Market down this isn't a 705 tip. It's not a 730 tip it is a 6 PM tip. So get organized. Get ready to make that plays loud get your butts in your seats Joseph blow in dips 95 point seven game John morose he coming up in about four minutes. The giants are they back. Are they backed dammit they never went anywhere to go. Was I wrong this whole time you were you're either make it their playoff push early this year I mean to grab three off the jug or not reds. And then to take down Brandon McCarthy who doesn't even know which runners on base in which it's OK sounds awful wow I mean that's here we golf. Here we go I will say this jokes aside. Buster Posey is on a ridiculous terror right now. That's the type of thing you wanna see from the leader of an organization that just when. Be I was hatred it's certainly not that but the criticism. Reaches a peak where people are saying you know lot. Maybe your not as good. As we originally thought maybe this team isn't as good as we originally thought may be they're a lot more problems here than meets the guy. He puts it on his back. And say any thing. And goes on an unbelievable tablets at five Jackson's last seven yep. And third in the league in hitting batting 37 beef hot they've just the ridiculous clip you amazing right now. Right now he's on a terror that's exactly what leaders do and tight spots try to mount an aggressive team John grossing about two minutes buffer right now he's deadly update. And the warriors look to go up two games to none that's our top story they're trying to hold home court advantage tonight in game two Western Conference finals and ORACLE Arena. Superstar coli Leonard likely outlook left ankle. That he first sprained in the Houston series then herded again. When he stepped on David Lee's foot and of course the big attention paid to involve not undercut him after a jump shot Gregg Popovich. Very critical Zaza calling him a dirty player this is all those response. I've been stuck in control of his work in order to. And about a fifth floor apartment which order wrong throwing. We'll there's been talk to the body's rough over the world. He feels bad any feels like he needs to contribute tonight in game two pop on bond they go live from oracle at noon. Warriors warm up at 430 events at diamond as Joseph mentioned 6 o'clock right here exclusively. On 95 point seven a game. Story number two giants make it four straight. Maybe the Dodgers 84 Matt Cain picked up his third win of the year Buster Posey homer number seven game two of the series is tonight. Tie block. Going up but up against. Rich Hill who's coming off the DL after having blister issues story number three Sean and I have back on the bump. For the game is struggling to find result in here comes a 31 pitch it's on the way and that's the way inside baseball for a tune up. But Iowa did a couple of runs in the first only gave up two hits but he did yield for wrong the a's lose 65 to Seattle. Game two in that series is tonight. Andrew Triggs for Oakland. Going up against chase did John the 710. On our sister station K fox 98. Point five that's your update I'm Dan diddley on your home for Golden State lawyers Western Conference final playoff basketball tonight. 6 o'clock tip on 9570 games on our answer. Just did great update. I have a question bridge up to John Burroughs seemed just a bit and I got a question. Listening to Zaza have to defend himself over and over again. Am I supposed to feel bad neck why Leonard got hurt. Now hear me out and that's my supposed to feel bad he got hurt professional sports. Has to detain. You'll remember bounty gate. That was a team letting you know flat out that they were potentially trying to injure the competition. In hockey you have blatant fighting slashing. Baseball you have guys throwing. Juice. Add another guy's head. In situations. And hopes we have guys stepping in to. That landings out. So in reality have we reached the point where we should feel bad when dudes got hurt. Because I know there's that human side of the entire equation recent didn't and you never want to see anyone get hurt but do the guys playing here that someone else gets hurt. I think so I think professionally you care about win the ball goes up tonight in game 20. You're not gonna think I'm gonna miss this jumper because I feel bad about the fact it coli Leonard's heard. That's also feels that it. That collide gotta hurt I'm sure he feels bad this happened unless he is truly an out now out nefarious dirty player which I don't believe he is so you can. Feel both things Joseph you could feel bad for the guy got hurt but still have that killer instinct to go for the jugular what matters more the opponent's health or you winning you winning. But it doesn't mean you can't feel bad. You can have both feelings. Cat. And I do and sinking. Into opera C a dynamite and LB insider for both fox sports in the MLB now or you can follow my Twitter. John Rosie he's joining Joseph lo and heads. On 95 points and the game John helped me out here. Every penny Kamal we talk baseball it's always a great conversation riveting conversation and yet now today I find out here in Nashville covering the Western Conference finals. This really else. Yes I am a social and many great things for me about working for MLB network is the ability to. On occasion. Go to my other co favorite number one sport which cock so it has been a phenomenal. Trips so far in terms the government has the series took first again and I am very good. Our international war and into holes. Gentlemen that the the atmosphere at the intensity. Is what I was and told the last couple days the best of any of the National Hockey League right now. What about the food low O'Neal played there for years he was an integral part of the music city miracle he says the booted the nightlife in Nashville surprisingly. Top notch. I would say that I'd have a chance and spirit that I like last night I Roberts. But I. Which is outstanding and about national. It's it is it's acquiring its reputation as being. One of the better places. In the league to come I think Rupert visiting player itself and becoming a place where they get it. This is. Went to rate apparently so I think the big part way to predators have. And build organization. They now have players who want a player for the occurrence they're rate of them have Gordon and and and at the overall. Instruction you what a lot easier so it's really exciting Berkeley NHL. On top of course earlier in the years ago Austin map used with his revival. Coming in there Charlie believes from Scottsdale Arizona but seemed to gain. Rolling in these not original ones which rated Bartlett in the area. Church in the in the cup finals so exciting time favorite sport but yeah oh. My brother living here is the volatile place governors go it is a place that no one ever asked to explain to me. Any trees in the come I know intricately. About what Americans be right now. John Rosie would Jolo and gives a 95 point seven a game are dividends of baseball here. The giants have won four in a row three burst the reds they beat the Dodgers last night Buster Posey. Is not hitting ten aired starting pitching anchored by Matt Cain of all people has dramatically turnaround since the injury to Madison Bom Gartner what are we supposed to think. A I was at just an aberration how do you analyze this team at the moment. Well look at it and add the play still exceptionally well adjusted to what they could be. Even holding at the deadline. That it's politically and the way he's played. Retrieve the tigers were talking about that which they have are in the early in the real. That blistered and bill is rotation but remain. We've seen argue that division have collectively from the beginning it is now. Raiders staying power in the division so I would say the giants of the group to meet ethical and I think really should gain. Run waiting and they've got away I believe consistently probably. And game seven I think is the next month or so. To get the spot where. Where figure them again as legitimate going to be at. Last guy is. Going to be an. Aura or more quality ballclub we're expected beat you began to. Again I would I would say we eat more than. Or at least know autumn this team right now at the wait at least a couple. So maybe six week. Certainly look into an injury that took it to them well. Certainly even in value and appreciate the giants' pitching performances from Matt Cain in particular how surprised are you John with. The way he's bounced back after three or four really down years and erode due partly to injury. Yeah it's a great story. And what's in McCain has the respect everybody. In in the giants' locker room in Germany were on the game as well court accomplished. That the the verb became an opposite that the World Series title. But remain keen to guide it was always so good. And that had to figure out oh wait to have to pitch more with what he has laughed. And I think that it's really that period targeted ticket Graham got you out two years to adapt to re adapt. The new reality he's got to the major so I attic from Matt Cain or ability to to figure out a way to get it done. Relying more movement then velocity. Attribute. Sure that that the giants aren't seeing. Neighbor yet you know older people where they're at work out and make sure they do that they'll again argue about Mac keeper or brother. Well would you rank in what the other it was a very. Tough decision they can be in the retraining what they're gonna do that that spot it was unpopular in many quarters. Britain to stay wit that Matt Cain at the starter there but. Again as poaching more often than not it was certainly an art items and maybe giants and they'll look and maybe coach's loyalty to players. Has has caught the giants into the game here in there when it by and large on measure. Distrust and veteran players as that one of the guiding forces line what has been as you guys although the estimate expect it. And and you Timor or your brother think that currently there is pretty cool too in Nashville and own poor little oh my god it's definitely gorgeous steer. We take a team like the ease cross today you think about that team is young and upcoming teen the pitching rotation in as this team you think poised to make a run into the 500 this year. Well when you're in a debate about American League right now I played it. That the the American League wild card rates outside those in the American League eat. Where Lou what looks like could be 88 re playoff in division. What was Baltimore new York and Boston. Definitely wide open. I think used in this group of the class so the American League west they're probably about baseball right now all in record and also on the field the central really. Mediocre at equivalent of Indian when it division but they have not played. There are levels so far this year it would look at Atlanta gave a lot maybe away. The case could be a wild market at a because a different idea that these in the American League right now and I would tell you as well. A great Jordan Yonder Alonso. Lou what is done this year that the production is. It is a matter I think of him quietly now eighty lusting edit in of all the wars lore pat I was told by. The most notably that the big focus for him as fast off beat them. Was really kind of telling in the lower half more at an article later really. To get involved ample evidence in this way because it's actually pretty logical course of oh well they'll. Very very special baseball family of course being the brother in law any shot so there are a lot of debts. Would it the other perspective because a lot of the Arctic. John Rosie MLB insider rove fox sports and MLB network would Jolo and dance on 95 point seven the game John. More impressive to you Derek Jeter's on field career or Derek Jeter's dating career. I'm out. By the end about it and tired. Or don't you dare straddle the sense on this. A. There Jeter has been an American icon. On and off the field that is that is that at the right. They're great to me again about New York in any doubt about certainly would dirtier and Bundy. You know a guy that's been under the microscope. We're so law. He was he was good on under the absolute tense focus of that. Of the New York media of a national media. You would the rare baseball player in this stage and age who became a crossover star marketing standpoint. And you'd never saw his name in the headlines for the wrong reasons and having better it's such an exceptional. In this say about someone and certainly credit goes to a parent to a phenomenal. It is now on the background. To me that register a lot about he had spent is now the person wire. You always said the right thing. You did the right thing and that's where and sports. Well it every element that as a sport is is really blessed with a player understands. That the total package that they understand that the total. Responsibility and demand of them on and off the field and tutors that are based on now I think. Let the conversation about double that the next leaders going to be the next space as well going to be. A lot of the lineup for him he was in New York TUE one immediately use in the playoffs every year and anti. Got it he totally got the whole picture of being a superstar there are so. I give him an album on credit and and certainly. Where it was very well. Follow him on Twitter at John rose CM LB insider for both fox sports and MLB network. John Groce he would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game John is always it was a pleasure thank you for your insight into a Nash will catch up again what you sell. Yeah I Kelly got dog out in a book report we have relative outstanding. I have a very important national well but he. In ballot right above my second sport. And in and covered responsibly I may have been that only only barely. Barely. Understand some of on Broadway here but I I didn't begin to go and open record. Well enjoy it those are two very good teams to watch going to be held this year but it's. Not Derek Jeter said in his speech when he was getting his number retired that he wouldn't trade his life. Anyone on the play. Richard Prince and yes there it is right now. It's like he says that it's if it's a bold statement. I beg them. I'm not give you would trade at any one who would you trade with that point who did it better. Anyone. Out there it is is pretty amazing like think about it does anyone have anybody else they can drop there would rather be Brad Pitt. Probably not looks good lot of mouths to feed lot going on there. And it is for all the wrong reasons college tuition get a break him you arch was trying to doubt he'd make enough money. I handed Davis may get Kelly. Jessica Beale the past Adriana Lima oh thank jets a cup all bomb brought Scarlett Johansson and probably NASA Manila. Oh no Jordan and a bruise stern overrated. Joy and a began its size to big Lara had done not trying to do that when is Mariah Carey. Out there realize it hall on my loan regional you can tell that was Tiger Woods won then you can Google it and I had left her off the list pop pop pop up. That he didn't go slumming at a yet. So now dead so was gonna unite for jeeps yes I mean some of gotta to come off the bench Michael Moore style and make a play late. And I didn't tell the terror although it did not a five point seven of the game. So why did is that a little too blue for yet not as good I could actually and I laughed I cried let's bring it back in. You know what let's hit this because we got Rick Barry coming up in about twelve minutes and then we've got warriors tickets to giveaway in that same segment tonight clear the schedules 6 PM game two. The Seattle Seahawks. According to Michael Silver. Are interested in signing Colin tampered. They need to back up trade envoy can edit TCU their current Mac up. Has been arrested twice this offseason he's also thrown less than twenty career NFL passes. To the Seahawks are thinking we need to upgrade the backup quarterback position. The rumor is that. Cat and RG three RD contention for the job. The Seahawks reached out the con cap and ex agent last Friday to start the discussions. Uneasy about the Linux not allow DC going down. Don't say going down but it seated said that's a place she taught him on a back up you know nature going to be a back up as Russell Wilson's not given it up they just gave me huge contract. But it's a place to he's gonna get some probably a little bit boring you can use them in certain situations. A great place they got a team that's always seem to be able to compete but I don't see that is upon us I see it cost us Olympic medals CNET and so no would be your answer why would be the now. I think the college I think Collins point two independent and different place I think the biggest and always. I don't think it's Seattle's ruled them I don't think they're gonna pull the trigger adding to Qichen and on the tires I just don't think that he fits that system. They literally said he fits the system better than anyone else out there. That was a quote from John Schneider he was talking about how this is exactly what they have Peter King was talking about it as well Russell Wilson behind a battle offensive line. And this is that this is one of the worst offensive lines in the business sixth in sacks allowed last year the Russell Wilson a match giving up 42 sacks with the most elusive quarterback in the NFL. Think about that. The niners they were third sacks lab last season with 47 happening knows what it's like scrambling you need a quarterback who can get around. Does Seahawks feel that he fits this is better than any but it rob tried to get is why this one war. I think I think it obviously I really believe that there's other teams like Minnesota. That can pull put bring colony in. He would be better suited revealed because it affects. They are going to need them Russell Wilson I think is pretty durable. I think if you look at Minnesota this is a team that really doesn't necessarily believe in this quarterback I don't think he's gonna be upright the whole year he's injury prone. I think Colin what's the best opportunity to be put to play this year. I pick it up the phone until my agent make it happen in Minnesota but if Minnesota's not calling it this is literally the only team that calls just don't think Seattle's instead. Did not go there and I think that's been around if he has on the job another another opportunity oh boy here we here we are mid married this is the only team. We've worked we've heard one team has made a phone call. One so. Clearly if he says he wants to play in the league this only opportunity you gotta take it dips. Gives what do you see happening here they're looking at Robert Griffin the third a look at account cabinet clearly there's an interest in Seattle. Great to back up quarterback position they have no debt there Russell Wilson took a pounding last year and that's eventually gonna catch up to them. They view themselves as a team that only has a small window left to try to capitalize on what they've got. They might need someone to hold it down for two with three games to keep them in playoff contention would tap your choice over Robert Gibbs the third. Yes if I had to make that choice if I was the GM the Seattle I would make the choice to take Colin cabinet over RG three I think the injury factor. When RG three is much higher even though. Colin capturing your college governing has had some injuries in the shoulder problem he lost about to wait reports are that he's gained most of that weight back. He's back fit and strong personally I don't think it will be successful. In Seattle I don't think he'll be successful quarterback again anywhere but if you're the Seahawks in your backup has legal trouble and your. Get into desperation mode as you mentioned to me admit it you're closing in on the start camp here and by about two months two and half months. You need to get somebody in there. It is your best option you may wanna make the move. Wouldn't this make a lot of sense from his perspective where you reached a point now where in mid may one. Up 32 teams has expressed an interest publicly one team. So what makes sense that he wanted to continue your career may be make something work with this team if their intrastate you can reach terms. And then just chill free year you're in Seattle it's not a city that's gonna come after you for political news. And that's one of a few cities you've got to eliminate a lot of citi's from the equation Houston. Eight call. Dallas any call that state is not interested in what Colin Kapanen brings to the table on or off the field so your pool of teams that might want you involved. Very very limited yeah so have you sign in Seattle you might not have the played down what you need afterwards is Pete Carroll sand. And consummate pro. He shows up every day he works hard he studies he's a leader he's a veteran he's everything you want a guy in the locker room that's the type of thing. That makes a headline and helps next year when new vacancies open up towards getting a job may be the starting jobs and out there. Yet without a doubt and I was thinking about Denver to when you're talking about political markets and I don't think that Denver. It's a fit either it's a place that even though socially there allowing marijuana and other things but politically they lean in the other direction very patriotic and more on the right wing leaning. I'm shocked about timber I thought the Dem would come call I didn't do I really thought they were commencing on human give a small deal for five million. Hey here's a guy. Reagan incident base they looked at they tried to trade for him last year I thought that B a team. I look at buffalo new management now a new GM you talk about the quarterback they have there's not gonna be the future so go to a place where you seem to have a little bit more opportunity but. These teams are calling. David's buffalo you've got new management new head coach to wanna take that risk do you want your first they screen actors would you want your first premier signing your first notable signing to be the most controversial player in the NFL right now. That would be the type of thing where your McDermott. Or your on dean is the last name of the new GM that's the question your answering your first twenty days in office and that's you have to deal if yes. Now that's something you might wanna be careful when I'm just thinking politically view these debt that's out these coach Lotta times think you make the moves it'll keep you imply. Keep the seat as some of them saying the industry. Denver. By signing him wouldn't that be throwing in the towel on pax and lynch at some point you have to acknowledge draft a quarterback in the first round in Egypt Liam. I think here's what I don't think we thought Intel I think it just says. This is the year you don't want your deal for the guidance and a base let Colin run the show for just a year but he can make them better ending you still have those looking court mean second to god is second at thirty Applera the dark. Hall of fame segment coming up next hall of Famer Rick Barry and two tickets to giveaway. To tonight's game two you don't want to miss it Jolo and it's not about points of the now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven again. He's a hall of Famer an eight time all star an NBA champion you can follow on Twitter at. Rick 24 Berrian also be sure to check out the website Rick Barry 24 dot com guess what Rick Barry wood Jolo and dads on 95 point seven the game Rick. The talk of the town locally nationally when they weigh in on the NBA Western Conference finals. Zaza Pachulia and quite lettered in game one did you think what who why. Sustained there what what Zaza did they have by stepping into a space was a dirty play. Oh. No but given everybody has their opinion about it it looked like he did potentially put that you at what I saw. But it is what a report that an academic and they're Borger Paul said the I'm gonna happen and being. A political solution Antonio and Eric that sector so that. It certainly is gonna and were you content. Went on to win. I think they would they possibly do that lightly around but never coat. Pocket play. Chad coming back. I. Am playing at the level the playing card that is injury last year reached the recurrence over here is probably pretty remote. Rick do you think they need the league needs to take additional steps to make this a flagrant foul or look it ill upon review or even finer suspend players for going underneath the jump shooter. Yeah I think so but it looked as if he was mayor guarding him up for the shot and he turned it around that back into where it was coming out it was running out. So I think if you look at it. Still. You can create a mean he was guarding a right front of him interred and tried to screen and more are expected to speak. What do helicopter. Raking in your opinion. Do you think it's because where there's smoke there's fire so it's perception person reality if you look at size up with him I think hurting KD the different things it's gone on. In his. Process of his career that that's why people look at this guy is potentially you know be in a dirty player because there's certain things just happen this could in his past. Obviously. Obviously anybody who don't need to on victory might bring the same way and you let me get back. In that game I mean because. It is that it taken place retreat on them go at bat a needed break month. I don't think shoot for or should never picture for a question because the official what it was like he rarely do it like at each other play a note that might be at peak. It goes on to be practical pact felt that. Ball somebody legal order was. Yell if they had low it was select picture of the plunging should be called for a flagrant foul he took aim on in her home to the court and stepped over. Well and weight problems call rate ever get it because he'd ever read on debris actually it. Rick Barry the hall of Famer would Jolo and dams on 95 point seven a game now Gregg Popovich is usually quite brief. With his halftime interviews but very calculating with his verbiage. Yesterday it was quite outspoken in regards to what happened to quite Leonard he makes some of that could have been gamesmanship to try to get some of the calls on his side for tonight's game do. Who balcony Greg notes some great news or your usual he approaches and abuse and things that think that the which calculation behind it. Like I said my god you look at key player that player. And a Tony Parker it was plain as best basketball play are for years include. I mean the other guy be extremely disappointed with that again that he comes back affect EU court. That happened eclipse the ballot paper like our whoever what. If you think that you wage. It brought out. This is the guy who had the reputation. In the past the question a bowl. You've got a reason to bring it up you know could not be. Be upset or you got like that a group would probably not due to be here you know that not be upset about that yet is right he pitted. Pocket change. It up to play without white game capital Leno if he's gonna be ready for game number three packet sent to. Unfortunately for the spurs that game's not until Saturday Klay Thompson Rick has been struggling by my ally in the post season. On the offensive end what's the reason for this. Are simple. Personable. Pushing rushing to look at the plate top secret he utilized. Great tradition that or scrap IP position at peak and yet greater. All up late should be never told he only kite shot a shot we're all out. It is deeper trouble stringing it out or go through it and they can correct right away metres to beacon. They didn't talk about the current degree greener. Crock what people are so pretty and it really truly. Seeing. On to make its screen worked it back to god this. Guy out screener at the Internet and re. Ability he may. We got it being part. Our commitment to that guy which critical for the guy who become screeners would now. He just org proper issued so it. You didn't like the fact that happening clay right now to work on. Work on her recently won practice. YouTube like the other thing is all. A all should be on its way. Discrete views as it properly so that these steps at. The screen the first will. Become sort street crook neck in the church's fight. Create a problem. The ball liberty salt actually played a quick sure he'll be legal action uncontested shot. A couple of those that although. There right now what Iraqis really ought out peak shark week you'll like shot. Track a little bit right I really need to work on. The screen in the proper position. Property that walk properly make a couple of that would like. We've seen in debt. Page so he spoke about what it was good clean open looks. And he'll be our. But it wears got off to a slow start last game you saw the way they sputtered didn't get a going to the third quarter. What are you looking expect tonight in Hattie see this mrs. series more than that payment out. Well he'll be recovered I'm sure Mike talked about the one thing with him on the picture. I like secret that they expect the predicted that are quarterly. They're capable which will begin. At 68 point before you are right. Output comes with the speaker. We took repeal. It. It neutral because of financial picture you eat and she feature that evil tribe or a leak. Decrypt that it you'll get Egypt Kuwait. The principal were two different break opportunities. To take care of the ball district. Not it would buy shut a good shot like or respect the basketball work or your guide the ball. You work hard. 38 at 33 more on all assist them in Burke and we got warriors all they played that way to basic principle. I would assume that they had a that would let Eric got away with a victory that they could easily lost. It's. Strange directorate of the jury during the rushed the play. Hall of Famer eight time all star NBA champ follow him on Twitter at Rick's 24 Barry check out the website Rick Barry 24 dot com. Is it marry would Jolo on dibs on 95 point seven a game richt thank you every time this morning we appreciate it enjoy the game that I with a four to catch up again soon. And absolutely tip time tonight 6 PM right here on 95. Point seven game coverage begins very early. Very early Robin bond they are going to be at the Crown Royal club inside oracle from twelve to three Italian Stein Mets will be outside oracle from three to 430. Warriors warm up from 430 lists 530 whip Stein Metz and Kerry Keating. And like I said the game starts at six almost feeling we're supposed to do something else in this segment oh that's right. Tickets to to give way to tonight's game caller forty triple 89579570. Forty point step curry dropped in game one against San Antonio on the victory. Caller forty an honor staff Currie. Tripoli 9579578. Elected tickets to tonight's game at two Western Conference finals spurs. At warriors pop's comments Zaza Pachulia. Why Leonard your calls next Jolo and 95 point seven again now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. Chris Broussard. NBA analyst for fox sports one set to join us in about twenty minutes and 905 Jerry Hairston junior World Series champ at 930 welcome back. Jolo in bids 95 point seven the game. Game two warriors burst tonight 6 PM 6 PM right here on 95 point seven the game. To jump into Gregg Popovich is comments inflammatory comments about your Zaza actually in just a moment we got a couple tickets to giveaway to the involved in world war. Featuring imagine dragons with group love into hate filet at shoreline amphitheater on Tuesday October 3. Tickets go on sale Friday at 10 AM at live nation dot com. Pre sale kicks off Thursday 10 AM to 10 PM live nation back com using the code triple. The code is triple trivia question. Tripoli 9579571. Wanna get right when's the tickets. Company bench points in the Washington Wizards score in last night's 115105. Game seven loss to the Boston Celtics. How many bench points the the Washington Wizards score in last night's 115105. Game seven loss to the Boston Celtics. That's Washington's problem and Boston's problem as quickly about to become LeBron James the warriors on the other hand I have no problems able game. One. Victory in the books they have a one game series lead. They're seven victories away from their second title in three years but based on what transpired in game one most notably the loss of cool why Leonard two weeks sprained ankle. Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs. Met with the media yesterday incited to speak up on the matter here's what pop pat dissect. Oh yeah hopefully typical there's I mean it probably encourages. I would work mode. Out here. That's silly question to zero. Lead with what clothes. He's not broke. It's dangerous. It's unsportsmanlike. It's just not what anybody. Anybody else in this particular individual and it just. Action. You go back and look at all. Of it were two for almost three holes. It took quite well this or else. Could brokers are. Asked David West is currently. Healthy is what it's our that was for Dallas and ended. In nothing. If history he's had. His team. What happens. Totally unnatural closest that the league is outlawed. Yours ago. It pays great attention to. Because. If you want to know what field. You wanna go lessens our chances. That's Gregg Popovich yesterday on what happened in game one now Jeff Van Gundy former Knick coach former Iraqi coach current ABC ESPN color analyst. Join us at 7:30 this morning. We asked him if he thought it was a dirty play here's what Dan got the Edison. I never try to say dirty here not because to me that implies I know what his intent was and I don't know. What actually is content what but it certainly what the dangerous play it was a reckless play. And it happening more and more frequently. In our game today. And it NBA needs to legislated. Out of the game to me. It's a flagrant foul in this case because that led to an injury of another player pitcher that led to objection. As we step outside the Bay Area bubble over the last two days. It's not clean sweep for all it was just a good basketball play no intent to injure in that situation the fact V opinion. Across the country is quite Barry that's why it's a popular topic of the moment. Low two days after this has happened we came on yesterday most of us felt this wasn't intentional this wasn't a dirty play. But we've had the opportunity now to speak with a van Gundy to hear from Popovich to hear from multiple NBA insiders around the country birdies stand on the situation now. Yeah until my my opinion has changed slightly. The guys came on yesterday and said that it wasn't dirty play and there was no went and did their emissions in May be a flagrant. And then you buy and listen the top. And watch semen listen to what his acknowledges was you thought about what he was trying to put you know portrayed to the listeners and people around. And it it makes you say okay. The guy for a since drink mongering. People can say what they want to raise money is a physical player he is the glue of the warriors team he's the glue he's the engine that makes it run. And when Eagles a team goes he's been known to get some flagrant and give with the Indian officials faces and all the different things that happened. And straight month that guy that plays with his emotions on asleep. So at times. It appears as sometimes drink drink much written and mourn deep technical or flagrant but he gets it because mr. Obama. Because there's a pass there's a track record so vols things sometimes don't warts it. But it happens in and we look it's not that you think about what have one Patty Mills leaving about. Why not just that close out that not magical that the sometimes those things happen in its goals on an MBA I get it. But you saw what he did. Too quiet when they played before we twisted his dorm got into the chicken wing and tried to door to break his dad had nothing to do with trying to get the ball that was a dirty play. So I think it's sometimes where there's smoke there's fire and I think sometimes when players. Our athletes or anyone has a track record of doing certain things sometimes where there's smoke there's fire and people just assume. Because attack record now they say this person is dirty so when you look at it like that and think about his track record he says hey I can see what probably just. I took two days later lo has a different opinion than what he originally thought did take your opinion been swayed at all based on the last two days worth of replays analysis and information that's come out from NBA insiders roundly. Now in fact my heels are even more die again now after we talked to Jeff Van Gundy about the whole idea of a flagrant being issued or a suspension Ernie Jackson. This is a guy who had previous ankle injuries have somebody come underneath him on a jump shot. There's nothing more sinister than that sounds like closes out his feet get too close to work a wise and a land collide lands on the and the rest is history I don't think it was a dirty play. I've seen many many many a dirty play in basketball over my forty plus years of watching the game. And that in real time upon replay upon reflection. Doesn't feel the need like a dirty play it's obviously very unfortunate. For San Antonio to lose their best player and it sucks for those people. Enjoying high entertainment value from this series because Kauai was looking like the best player in the world over the past week but. He's gonna be out tonight hopefully he comes back on Saturday the fact that he got hurt to me doesn't make it dirty play. And gets. Fair to say and it. Gregg Popovich is one of the best coaches in NBA history having to cross for sports right now you probably ranked in the top five a mall at. Active in professional sports coaches at the moment. Part of the reason for that. He's just the success to the intelligence. Popovic is a Smart man he is a well spoken man and he chooses his words. Very carefully you notice that before game one he was outspoken once again. On the current president. Not the first time he's spoken out on politics. He's waited on a variety of topics but he picks and chooses his spots. Because he wants to maximize the effect of the words you words he uses Smart intelligent cutting. Look no further than virtually every halftime interview he has ever done. With any sideline reporter David Aldridge Doris Burke the late great Craig Sager. All those interviews the same thing holds true. Pop is always short. Hurt sometimes perceived is rude. He doesn't wanna give anything up he can get you much right he not need to be much he can come off as condescending now a lot of people find it entertaining I find it entertaining in most situations. But it doesn't say a whole lot. So ask yourself. When you listen to what that he said that interview SA YC suddenly so outspoken why is he giving such a great sound bite. What is it about this situation that's different from any other time he's asked some Monday an NBA question what do you need to do differently in the second half. Clearly he had something to say on this matter. Now one could argue he wants to see the game changed he doesn't like what happened to quite Leonard but if that was the case the maximize the impact. Why a worrying so quiet when Bruce Bowen is do this on your own team. Seemed to help you back meant. Why is it that two minutes later when your own LaMarcus Aldridge jumped in to step curry space and tried the exact same play you didn't mention that. In your interview yesterday CD what do maximize effect and change the game. There'd be no better way to do it than to grab a headline Popovich calls out his own player for trying to injure another player. Vat would be news but didn't wanna bring that up he'd wanna talk about help two minutes later. Aldridge tried the same thing for staff curry let people talk about that step creating get hurts not a new story. So now you have to ask yourself why is it. He's not trying to change the game he's so elaborate in his answer. The answer is yes. Tonight is game two and he's politicking the reps this is gamesmanship pure and simple. Now and then he came on earlier in discredited that said would side gamesmanship the series is over but Popovich is not. He's not mailing it in. You can have quite Leonard. Against Houston was able to win and that's a vastly different story I get it this is an guy who's gonna quit he's politicking and the rest tonight in the hopes of getting a couple calls to go his way. Because if you're this outspoken may be just may be the arrests were human can be influenced kids can you see something like that taking place. I concede the thinking behind it but the influence is not gonna happen these guys tonight are not gonna officiate. Thinking all right guys let's remember what Popovich said we heard it on Jolo a dead at that minute long cut. Let's make sure that we over legislate every single thing these doesn't auto ref the game. As they see fit they'll be calls maybe that that they're looking at. More closely like plays when somebody goes underneath the jump shooter but I don't think you're necessarily has seen a couple of quick fouls on Zaza or dream on as retribution. But you don't think there's any way whatsoever that the rescue get together and be like you know what. Maybe we need to keep and I am actually perhaps it wasn't a dirty playing game one but maybe we should watch it truly is stepping another guy space tonight. I did they do that would every series their scouting reports on players you know drain Mon green I'm sure they know about Dray mind his willingness to criticize officials and talk about calls throughout the game. So I'm sure they talked about this big game plan as officials say their pregame meeting and they go over things but. I don't think they're gonna take Popovich is words and think I we got to make sure we give pop couple calls to bounces thing out. But it's not something he could be subconscious it could be a situation where officiating was just put on blast. That's never gonna take that personally you're asking me to get into the sub conscious of Kenny Mauer I just won't call that I'm not sure it's like I said I know you're gonna deflect on it I don't wanna puts in a tough spot but you don't think that someone of this power in this prestige who has this much influence in the sport. Can go out. Save this make national headlines. And then three guys. Who have no prestige whatsoever who are nothing but doormat in the eyes of many with their job every single night might not sit room to go you know what. Whether or not it was dirty we should keep an I am truly tonight that would just be one of their game notes I'm not saying it's gonna be concerted effort taking guy down low didn't you used to talk to rest before games after games isn't there a way. Ten may be massaged a relationship just a little bit. Possibly get some good favor not to fix a game of course he eat. Watch any NBA game watching football game much in sporting. Event you'll see Belichick you'll see the coaches there is there are hustling the official said hey. Watch this guy this Lucas co skits got imports you get this guy I know you get a Scott import you sit down which are your for your perspective coach and they go over the Scott report with this guy does what the officials like the call I mean you heard we have Livingstone he says the same thing. All sports they don't change does not that you wanted to sign they are going to have Scott reports on the officials. As well as the players in yes players and players and coaches do politicking to try to talk to the officials doesn't work I don't know but you got to help you got to try has an official ever come up to Ewing giving you a heads up on hold because maybe you had a good relationship with him because you were respectable guy who spoke with him I knew this man personally over the course of sixteen year career yeah I bet officials say hey Neil got keeping hands and a good call that I could gag got to keep your hands Annika called it. Be careful which hands and I've seen him do that perhaps into that to me warming or certain things that aid makes you want but absolutely that. Those things happened in called penalties on any single play but absolutely. Officials say hey look Neil. Like what do you play pay but that won't look close make sure you released of released a player when you're you're block until yes I've had to what to expect in game two tonight as well as game one tomorrow Chris Broussard is up next Jolo and in 95 point seven a game.