JLD - Hour 3

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, January 24th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs are joined by SF Giants GM, Bobby Evans and former SF Giants SP, Matt Cain as they continue to discuss whether Barry Bonds should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Then they're joined by Warriors PxP Voice, Tim Roye. 

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One is gonna help out. You're listening to manifest in the game KG MZFN mini HD 1 San Francisco good morning for those of you who are just joining us great to have you on the program today. We're stacked in Roy is coming up at 830 Matt came the three time World Series champ is at 845 and right now. We're very happy to welcome to the program the general manager of the San Francisco giants' Bobby Evans join Jolo and did hear a 95 cent in the game. Good morning Bobby and they do for your time how are things Soledad at AT&T park. Very good this morning and good morning. It's been a busy all season for you guys out the latest acquisition Austin Jackson joining the team just the other day does that solidified the plans for the team at center field heading into the season orchid there's still be one or two moves in the making here. Yeah we're we're gonna stay active in discussions. External you know from a safety according to a lesser extent create just important and you know you never know I mean that the opportunities that they present themselves but I think that in many ways the acquisition. Acosta Jack it really allows us to. You're paced. I've even darker based on you know when he's ready as opposed to what the club needs. We think he's awful close and and we think that you know who's the combination of an injection with. Would be you know. Very strong force going into the season but at the same time we don't wanna if shut down any of the discussions we've had aren't going in. And still see what may come back we're very excited to have them not to consider trio but just because of his versatility to play all three obviously what he. Is capable of doing you know and all I doubt whether that hidden near the top or. We're down below to get on base in and obviously did a great job last year against lefties but. He's a pro and every sense of the word so very athletic and able covered ground in. Where we're excited to have them just because it does give us some depth that we haven't had in the past. How big of an upgrade isn't for you defensively now having him in center field even though you move Hunter Pence over the left field and McCutcheon got to navigate a difficult right field for the first time and AT&T. America is still remains to be seen just because. It'll be nude her harder in lab ID think that'll beat. Are easier for Harriman and and ultimately you know project better you know grade generating throw him out left and the right though again. Yeah he's still. Mr. Bakalar and position and I think with McCutcheon. Yet he learned he learned the position and right last year's spring training and then too much of the season with coach Kirk but it still a new positions I think it still remains to be seen. And you ought to Jackson has played. All three positions the last couple years or does not state just to sooner or so. The versatility in his ability will help us that I think that the overall valuation of our defense raised speaking I think that that. You know you're at the most defensive end and and impact defense a guy right now Aristide and dagger of an athletics of course. In terms of what he can offer when the time comes. Otherwise. We definitely upgraded the we wanna continue to look at ways to do get stronger. Thank you definitely did and you got better you got. Put more guys can do about platoon each night the guy he's taken I thought she did gets you got to death there. Boy you McCutcheon is this guy hit that first you do and third what he kind of move them around because he is sober so when it comes hitting as well. I like the fact that it it gives broached. You know multiple options on any given day that church or your pick between our who's not who we're playing. You know what that what the relative. Starter is against our our guys. I think I think McCutcheon could hit anywhere you know really won the war solidified. Any given day let. I think Jackson probably aren't in it in a look more remote water to. Or seven or eight but McCutcheon. In his in his role could really get anywhere it's. Bobby Evans joining us here on 957. Game all your years in baseball all the offseason as you've gone through is it surprising to you. The manner in which the front offices around the league have addressed this free agent market because there's a lot of concern obviously Scott Boras the super agent has been quite vocal about the perceived lack of spending you guys have been quite active but is it surprising to see so little movement. As we find ourselves here in late January. He had he has done all right and I talked agents I I still since they have. You know deals in the works that. In addition taking longer to come together and I think that. You know that the better and larger created so get their money and years and and more than midrange guys. Are are very active in discussions and nobody's. Beaten down our doors and we're desperate at this point but I right captured her sense of urgency into the players in the NBA agents. They're the same time the teams and teams they need to upgrade and improve and and there's guys out there Corbett has some way to get a Condo edit spot. Bobby Evans here on 95 point seven the game rotation wise looks like the top three pretty solid but the back end. Still up for grabs how do you see going in the camp where the four or five spots are. Well we were impressed with that seems to be stopped from block last year and you're getting are the Soviet bloc or year Q well. US starting role. And and Stratton finish the year strong the last two months the rotation so yeah I think noted that you guys that we look to right now doesn't it we will still considered. You know some non roster. Creatives that commitment compete. Also don't wanna turn a blind guides in this war has been par BD most of whom. Belgrade near Austin and and very eager and ready to probably compete but we don't want that to be the forefront of our plan I think we look at block Stratton is probably that. The other priority guys right here. What goes into the thought process when you're looking at a picture like Heston and you know comes in one year any pitches a no hitter. Guys figure amount you know and then doesn't go as long is that it guides you look at you guys resigning is a guy you couldn't pull Payne how do you view a guy like that and what went into the top us and bring in and I've got back. If I look Chris has been. For us as has. You know your great stock is blocked seized Arab. You know his his yesterday Greece has helped him back. And so disloyalty to the player and belief in that that the person and police should have success. And if it work ethic and the character and it ultimately drives to be successful. That you know that motivates us a lot ultimately only have so many spots are. You know we're always careful how much we promise and how much guarantee that this. There's other guys that have emerged in other guys that are permanent so we've got to balance that with you guys from our previous years who have had to desperate. Yet we've got to get ready dedicated history and so it's always a bounce back but you know we can't bring everybody back that we we look at guys like Chris. Uniquely because of our past but acceptance doesn't character. Bobby Evans joining us here on 957 game. As you've gone into this off season and you rank your priorities and try to make upgrades all around the Ross there. The idea of staying underneath the luxury tax threshold of a 197 million dollars where does that rank on the priority list are you guys gonna make sure that no matter what you stay under that number. No our our you know we're not obsessed with it it's it's a strategic move for us from pro baseball side if we can get under it. It's still have a successful seat in nineteen but. It's not it's not mandated it's not. You know something that we respect the at a time on but it's it's. It's something that we targeted from a standpoint of of how it can help us. In the long term if we can get under per year we've been over for three straight years and that hasn't been. The issue is just now that the penalties continue to grow the longer you're under it. Very Euro grid and so peeking get under who won here at least that's the stop the rectory to strategic advantage. Ultimately our goal is to do everything we can't. To win 2018 and beyond and right now other beyond it is a benefit if we consider the CBP. Things looking pretty and the addition you've made on the team being better than last year big day today 3 o'clock baseball's. Tony eighteen hall of fame class gets announced Barry Bonds it looks like it's gonna fall short for the sixth. Consecutive year do you think Barry Bonds is getting getting in India think he should get in before is eligible he runs out in four years Bobby. BI is hard for me to anticipate what what's gonna happen again obviously the numbers the percentages have gone. But. I NS the united see what the pursuit will be this year but he got up socially last year so I think there is eight. A little bit towards getting a guy like Barry Barnes and also aim I. It's hard to know what ultimately what happened I can't imagine a policy without them. But at the same time you know we we were able to see firsthand how successfully was and and and you know what will kind of player he was for a long time been. You know we obviously have a different perspective but are located idiots in there at some point soon in that if not this year obviously it's. It's four years left by I'd like to think that. You know the votes will come his way there's a lot of you know very I think very good baseball writers that are voting for him which I think. That went itself to believe that at some point you'll get enough. 'cause everything looking without branded meld and Will Smith in terms of their recoveries. Well Brandon belt and this is even healthy and he didn't have any. Lingering effects of the concussion. He's got a normal offseason. He feels good he stood his. There's work so. It's really about for granted it's just about you know. Injury prevention here you know what mr. reoccur. So you're gonna have to be all that much more careful. It whether it be at the play their first base or or circumstances dictated danger of sliding. But barring you know another currents in he should content. Ready to go and really not have any residual effect because he's he's fully recovered. Yeah as far as welshman. Every every surgery has its level of seriousness and unknown factors. But every indication that from the Tommy John and our our history with that. Our medical staff's issue whether you know he's right where he used to be and in some some way ahead of schedule. But we'll have to manage his workload and timing as to whether he's currently active roster look the bear. Bobby Evans the general manager of your San Francisco Giants would Jolo in Dan's on 957. They game Bobby we know you're busy thank you so much for your time this morning keep up the great work down there and now hopefully we can do it again soon. Are. I love that basically. I heard that correctly on the luxury tax question it was that's Larry Brown not mine kinda yeah I think they know they are very clear that that's not what Bobby Evans sat there for a rationally below that right now they know they're below it in unless some mid to slam dunk moved lands in their lap they're gonna stay below its late in recent DC and like all sweaty taking the elevator down running a long supposed to Muster. Did you take of 42500. Dollar entries I really trying to get inside this number I don't tell anyone you you can have got a mini baby restructures going. You're like. All right Matt. Plus Barry Bonds lied about triple 89579570. Triple 89579570. If you have a vote. Are you voting Barry Bonds into the hall of fame and not only that. If bonds Clemens all these individuals who are perceived wrongdoing if they came out on the TV special and they look a camera right EI. And they told you that they were sorry they admitted to everything that they may have done that change your opinion would that change your perspective would you then be willing. About them into the hall of fame. Triple late night by seven that if I seventy Jolo and danced that if I submitted chill blowing did continue. On 957. Big game. Hardball comments on Tex I grew up people you're better than that are involved fared hot spot how black. And we don't imply that such low hanging fruit. I might head that. He's flying if you wanna get involved because I see that on the tech side we're gonna ask about that as well 4154038588. Every Friday at 730 we play the best calls and each week. We've only done it I think three weeks so far they've gotten progressively more awesome you guys are delivering a big way mess up 415. 4038588. The best stuff gets played every Friday at 730 need to be on anything and Alina did you sports related to these keeps getting better you know now we're up to humble kind of beef we have to low which is like not quite the best beach playing great that's it's all kind of creepy I delegate going his beef is always good just back trips in their mouth loves it did he question of the day Barry Bonds if you had a vote would you vote him in the major league Baseball Hall of Fame 3 PM today we will find out who the newest inductees are. Bonds does not look like he will be one of them he's not even close now there is Roger Clements. We wanna know how you would vote I also wanna know this in the individuals who are carrying around the scarlet letter S as for steroids. If they were to go on TV sit down. And basically own up to everything they may have done that they're accused of Delhi should they have done it and they apologized does that change your opinion do you think voters look at that meal like. I appreciate the apology I appreciate the honesty. Let the main two putted for example I'm gonna go ahead and change my vote do you think that would make a difference I. I don't think so because you've got the old guard to people who aren't voting for Barry Bonds are very sad. In their ways that. We're not gonna elect anybody who's got this steroid taint into the hall of fame and you've got younger voters who are. Gradually replacing the older voters on the rolls so to speak. Those are people who are saying the whole should respect the history of the game with these steroids cheaters are part of the history of the game so let a man so. I don't think there's any amount of mayor Cole but they can be done now. That would reverse what these guys have have felt these men and women have felt for the past fifteen plus years. Well in Iran who has been on hold as. Out of long that you could humanly possible beyond old well thanks for college man push yours and I had. I think that part Alia or a mental note it or not I can't I'll take a look at. Yeah I mean of course I let our economic package grew up in the air so an account type out homers I don't summer where laughter. They were not solid people who were doing that. To say that you can only person obviously we'll be blocked me but what that period appropriate. Up. Due to think what we were trading mark they all options are not about looked out and there was no category to attitude after market retreated. If the moment tricky part I think he didn't choke also to. It became too that would that would is that people. Care attic she's my question to view it. Operate you know she's actually hinder him from salt and because that's to what action it is pretty cute he cheated yet been Arctic. No talking about a cup soccer like it should be in trouble about your racquet ball I'm here it's because I don't want to write a letter. Well I was like that you could definitely write me a letter but my response is that they had the Tom Brady in the New England. Patriots cheating is on a completely different kind of deflating a football to me is not a key in the to taking a foreign substance it's gonna help you dramatically improve your performance. He deflated a football which has been done. Thousands of times throughout the history. Of pro football where quarterbacks and use their own ball that may or may not be up to specs now secretly recording your opponent. In spy gate that's a completely different story I don't think Tom Brady was involved in that that might reflect on Bill Belichick. But he's going into Brady's going in both on the first ballot it's just not the same. Thing to me what's cheating what where do we draw the line at what's acceptable what's not. What do this word twenty years in the future some real black mere ish type stuff right hand you could see here it's what the catcher in the picture we're talking about a out on the mound you were able to link into them somehow some way with technology and you knew that a fastball was coming right down the middle the next pitch. You know for a home run is that cheating is that it's not is it performance enhancing would that keep you out of the hall of fame because you did something that. Could be perceived to be dishonest what is honesty what is dishonesty in NASCAR it seems like every single cars trying to break the rules and every single race as just a matter whether or not get caught. Everyone just move on it's like acceptable. This was something that was considered acceptable during the era it's only now that we wanna go back and timing judge everybody for yeah I don't know if it was completely acceptable that I think a lot of people had their head in the sand look at the ratings it was acceptable no one was doing anything at the time at any point someone could have been like Hulk. No one's really ever challenge Roger Maris before and now Andrew Brady Anderson hit 59 runs a that's a nice season Brady congratulations is a new contract socially hitting sixty plus three years in a row we could've been any point I'd like stop the presses something's going on here everyone's getting tested right now this is unacceptable. Knew we rode the way I took a more complete march trainer rule. On and Lance Williams the two journalists a road game of shadows they were at the forefront of stepping in in examining this but you're right Joseph. Many people were complicit. From the journalists to baseball executives they commissioner himself who presided over this era is in the hall of fame so. You talk about what's cheating and where you draw the line. There's all kinds of cheating in all kinds of sports people getting edges we talk about age sorting in playing blackjack and playing poker. But are not yes knowing what car is coming out based on the way was cut from the machine ever including for an edge but. Doing these things putting a foreign substance in your body to get stronger that's another level of gene that. You said that 12 I domain are about as you said that literally someone throughout the Phil Ivey thirty for thirty. At the exact amount that you were talking about and sorting the excitement that you don't have that excited and I'm not crazy remarkable and it just sort of it lacked near ish did you text the line as you were taught you see in my phone's not my hands it argue the tax that is this is your mind. All of these text is your guy. Somebody named the you know like DNA and a lot of folks I created a second deadly these negative went up there there's the second deadliest attacks fly the and yeah and that the second thing they know anything about me around the ninth here's a demo. Tell us about this entitlement steroid there are no less demanding someone's taken in natural testosterone. And which they were out there and denying reasons tuchman is a vitamin and you can take it but it wasn't the steroid but it's still a natural so it's giving new. Muscle growth indicating you're you're right I don't know so when you're talking money we had a guy on antibody so they gave him now and has ammonia. So when you take a hit and what he's just good creator and we've done on the sideline. And is that due to going to absolutely it wakes you up big gives you energy gives you that adrenaline and so on people are taken certain vitamins that are going to help muscle growth are going to help you know joy grow all those different things that you take. Word wars a lot of where is the line. One just because it's big and because they call it a steroid. The other it's dueling hands to muscle tense it's enhancing it testosterone to open the quick muscle twitch and all those different things that are still ladies two point. So it's it's just interesting to deceit and and when you take me and substance. Green these are cold in May say hey look this is helping me play. If that player believes it's open employee whether it's a steroid or whether it's enhancing whatever he smelling whatever he's taking if they believed psychologically it's helping them play. What is it and then you had so many other guys there were taken steroids but they just. People they weren't Barry Bonds this they didn't have the numbers but a lot of more taken different things. He's still had to be awesome. Steroids are gonna help your hand eye contact and I coronation excuse me right now you might be faster and stronger but you still need to be able to decipher the curve ball that's coming in vs the slider vs the fastball you see so many guys in the weight room that I so look at and their their bill there's you see all the steroids or taking in people see a minute every time you're in the gym and you look at those guys. Doesn't mean they're great athletes who get him out there and try to raise some of whom played football played baseball. There's suck. Even though they're on steroids so. I I give it. It's not right I don't condone it. All I'm saying this was it error this is was eight time. I aim or people or do when he came in it was acceptable it was condoned that's the thing that people have to look these writers in these people better at that hold the pain in the paper that's holding out. They have to look and say look. I'm not necessarily a green aren't saying hey this is great. I understand this is an era where the commissioner. The commissioner of the highs of the highest person that Randy looked over the leak that was in charge of got into the hall of fame and now you're saying that the players surprised that he was all work. It's just it's it's just it's good to me just as an expense. Of all the home runs Barry Bonds hit how many came awfully individuals ever using performance enhancing drugs we have any idea 81 jumped eighty wanna hang. Exactly 81 I counted. Baseball reference as a category. Tonight series and it's very difficult to say because. I'm all players we know who moved took steroids were pretty strongly. Believing that they took steroids is probably another 70% of players who also took it that we don't know about guys who. Came in the league and flash out I even made much of an impact though so I doubt you'll never be old enough. Mac came to the World Series champion and all third. Of one of Major League baseball's 23 perfect games is going to join us in about fifteen minutes and 845. We've also got dead and company take its giveaway at that same time. Right now. On this warrior Wednesday. Which brought you by Porsche of Walnut Creek eighth 2017. Premier Porsche dealer. And for even apply to just name the mayors is nineteen point do we are very happy to welcome in the voice of the rules say warriors kimberlite him. I got a Asus of the series right out of the gate. Kevin Durant. It looks like he's become a problem do you see the warriors moving on from them by the February 8 trade deadline. Top clashes broke down again last night yeah. No softball little Wednesday ATM. If so what what what was delivered in the studio today they do that you guys have ingested to the proper question is that. It's the. I don't answer that Jay some of for the Bay Area radio hall of fame now wanna be disqualified senate. Don't lend data word I just. You know yeah I hope the bosses would think that's a great idea if this animal Wednesday's brought you by the about a carry on yeah. Illegal everywhere. A gag its luster serious question do you have any idea. How the staff is going to approach the all star game trapped against LeBron James I know everyone's been having fun with how this things finishing down if he'd be going after clay in dream I should get the opportunity did you see him fooled around a little bit and avoiding his teammates has there been any chatter about how this gonna play out. Now I felt I I haven't heard any thing I mean they have they have the business at hand which is you know they guy get there's. Seeker points out the heading into this week this week where there were you know he wants and it take its fire and excited they get. Step forward here now we're heading toward February and time to start getting into good haven't taken care of all all the time not just what you know what every two or three games so. So I haven't heard any chatter but I think I thought it had a one LeBron doesn't the first vote in all of the you know goes after TD then then that may change a little bit of you know steps thinking don't really know what they're gonna rob let's say to grab. You know play in drama and his team and so I think that that the curious part about this side because it's. Stimulate a lot of conversation I think it does stimulate interest and in the end the game which is always good in. And hopefully we'll have of fun game that's a little more competitive than recent games. 191181. A year ago Tim may if I put the over under at 350. Total points this year do you think we go under that arena C. A little bit more defense this year this new format the all star game. Why I think I think what we might see it the fact that it's gonna be instead of it just you know separated by a wet in the east and what coverage you play and now it can be more like OK it's it's like I get your five on the playground or in the gym and here we go and so I think. I think that's going to be neat Camille more spirited. It'll we'll see how it plays out competitively but I think it will be more spirited and it's gonna have more of a playground the pick up game type of the field. In the sense where OK I'm not so dumb are five good you're fine. And so. Hopefully that there will be indicates that might be get back so with 80 I see it. Get out of hand because he ought to feel you know the war worst thing that happens somebody at your team gets hurt now all star game in exhibition game. But then but on the other hand likes him a get out there again after all that. Don't class until my SI items they won't get down the ballpark or whether to stick watched the basketball game and in watching David Wesley deuces deuces composure. The way he controlled the game in the middle is defensive prowess hey how's this guy wouldn't do that still being as old as he isn't just being in the right place the right time. Delve into question when he when you look division in your day playing alongside alligator blood have a blocker like right next year. Mean yeah he's he's a pro and he he just knows how that to you too. You know he becomes so efficient at this stage of his career. Because he knows where he's most effective he knows how he needs to play any offence that the perfect sense that this offense and be actually it. I did not know how well he was going to fit in I I assumed he would because I I knew we was a pro I knew it was good player. But boys pact saying. His knowledge of the game is in stinks and the fact that he post. Right where he needs to take a shot you know we hang out right it's happened key air these guys spot and he knows what to do that. To me just watching him work every day it is. It's a treat because if you want a definition of professional. You know the war except to let them come up invention challenge and it didn't last. Tim Roy joining us here on 95 cent in the game you know there's a lot of speculation. About how the Cleveland Cavaliers are gonna approach to trade deadline possibly trying to acquire George Hill from Sacramento. But he cousins name is out there lot's gonna have. Happened and we see it every year but from a warriors perspective do you see Bob Meyers teed up the phones and any way shape performer does it feel like this is gonna be year with a team feels good and they're gonna see in back. You know I think I think you always capitalists and because again you don't know what's going on out there and you don't know. What the other teams are gonna be doing so I think you always have to listen to two to protect yourself. You know and if he confided deal that you think it gonna make you better. You're heading into the postseason and then I think you all achieved. Your franchise your owner in the end here at UT to do that and so I'd. I think they'll be listening I think they'll take phone calls a big gulp filmmaker people cost just to see. You know what's going up there I don't think necessarily have to make a move. Purse say allied squad they have right now but but I think anytime you have a chance to improve because you know that. With an essay in the west. The other probably is Antonio there you Daryl Morey has never shy about making a move. You know Lou Williams is out there are some they can go after him. So. I think I think you have to be you know he wouldn't be doing your job if you didn't pursue that. Tim earlier on 957. The game one man on the roster who's come up a little bit milk carton issue of late armory cats beat him. What's the deal with cast easy in Jersey just fall out of favor with the coaching staff. I'd say that they get and it's there's only really can only play five. Ended David West is playing well and if if you have. Guys like all of it will provide little he has beaten up a lot of minutes right now. And so end end Nick Young is always a threat to you located next five shots so. Almost been banged up a little bit you know you miss a few games because of that lower back. Soreness and the cats so throughout the rotation during that time. C'mon look he has stepped up and and so I think you'll only will get some time it at some point but for guys that like that like goalie. Kamal Louis catcher we're caught. There role is always fluctuating depending on what team the lawyers are playing who's healthy. And who's playing well. So that's that's the trick for them that they have to cease somehow I'll find out way to be mentally tough. To right through that because they know that they may play five or six games or five out of seven. And then maybe not played for two or three so it's it's a tricky deal but did something you have to match at the end of that. Don't know we alluded to a niece vocal and about. You know wait a who's out there free agency your who's just gonna be out there before the trade deadline who's rumored to be traded who's in Europe if you are the warriors and as she played GM. What position would you be looking for isn't any specific thing that you think this team can get better ahead. You know I I think you know wolf again depending on how healthy why that's always number one number two is. I think for this particular routine I think you're always looking at data little toughness I think you're always looking to add a little more popped off the bench. They're their bench played really that great last site. But I think just yelled that the fact that. They've taken that other people can actually Nagin brings. Guy out the bench Michael Williams or Jamal Crawford other teams have players sickened he had been out in a moment's notice. That the top players that that I think can help the voice on those nights. Where. The office being bogged down they're getting played very physically. The night where all the sudden stepping clay he'd become mortal again. They're having that kind of guy in your hip pocket is a real nice card applied. As a result that was me and I get I have no inside knowledge but but that that would be I would say yeah that's that's kind of guy you love to look left. Tim I know that you are neither a doctor nor do you play one on the radio but any idea how Jordan Mel's feeling and when we might be able to expect to see him back in the lineup. Well I think they said it's Chicago. What it would be. Two weeks so we're probably didn't week one here so probably I think middle of that how when we come back for you talk. If global fight down a bit more about belt so. You know and it's it's it's if they had actually been very fortunate I think that it does that add that that you on the moment it looked bad. It looked like it was gonna be something really you know like to seriously involving something involving surgery or. Yes some it would be six or eight weeks before they give and take a look at them and a high ankle bracelet like that but. But it you know fortunately I you know maybe those young legs paid off for him in that instance and and you know I've got I think he's don't find walking around the boot is in good spirits. But but I think it again is that we talk about this last couple years and then I hate being repetitive but. There and that that unbelievable position where they can say okay you know take your time you're going to be fine were defined. You can you can tell your own pace and and not have to rush someone back say if your team like New York. You know they really important thing is back as quickly as possible for their game in Denver because. The fact that they can they can't squander games and they're gonna be in the playoff race they can't squander games at this point they had to take every political game. And try to capture. Boy here's what a bit of a buffer right now so they don't have quite the same emergency Tim I know you're not a referee nor do you play one. On the radio but word of peculiar situation near a dream on green and Kevin Durant one and two in the league right now. In technical fouls what are these two individuals need to do to change the course and change their own individual narrative and their relationship with the officials which right now. It's not working for either side. Well yeah I think I think we've got something going on area spoke accordingly before the game last night the New York Knick guard and yet had a very actually call because she and iron agreement. And that's the fact that that we pick we think. That a lot of this the you have guys say James Williams is there referee for a long time but he didn't have that. Yet decades. You know Joey Crawford you know it is patrolling the sidelines and had that instinct to control the game. I think last night he NTT gotten to a model model and and should never got to that point it should never got to play we're Katie got the segment. The children discussion between the two guys at some point during that game where it's okay here here's why here's what I saw you're right they. What do you think and then let Kevin Kevin had his say and then you move on and say OK I'll try it. Try to make the best call again and you've just gone play the game and so he did that I think. That kind of gives it a whole they've got shows a player that ambience and what you had to say and be also that will now mean that being out here to. God I'm gonna make a mistake is what you're gonna let this shot. So. To me what the that the issue is is getting dialogue. Between. The two sides during a game. That's her mother different case stray rod drama and we know how he is. Which came out not what he says it's all about his approach. You know it it is approaching a little bit that I think you'll have less technicals and it won't be a factor but but turnout got. You know he's got scandal and we need to candle you have to have that Kindle for Drake might be effective passer very migraine is not. We also are very mongering and so. You know be any doubt that but on the other hand. I think really do you know where you see that there's an issue right now is direct. Now according to Japanese freighter the apple like in between this Sao last let some not a skill that pro without attribution. To discontinue coverage see the Oklahoma City. And that. Coming into this year Kevin Durant be kicked out two games in some like 800 and something touted some Lebanese had intent. And this year he's been kicked out organs. It back notion that there's something going on right now between the officials and and the players. Got a trade and curse lost the locker room. Hush hush I'm. Whose kids and Nick Carter ran entry in my where does it and Steve get control team who. I guess I would just simply counter this and I I know we don't you bog down the officials but. Had staff and Klay Thompson's technical fouls also gone up I think then we can look at this as perhaps an officials officials issue. While I don't know I disagree it is good I think it's been chronicled. It's something the league is looking at very seriously. And it's it's an ongoing problem it's not just what the lawyers and other lawyers. Where there are that high profile team and they have they illegally got believe and technical rejections right now. Bank which is which has certainly been that initiative is no question about that but I think also if you look bleak life. We're the same thing you know Carmelo at the came out sound dumb of the officials Courtney Lee got technical foul standing around jump ball that cost an extra game. As the end it was just when two players were talking to each other that we can make you see guys who show up or move on. And you just applied but. So I I I think isn't it there's definitely an issue going on the warriors can get better at how they cannot absolutely. But I think it's not just the doubt that they use for. Well said Tim this is what I do it every morning some wedge. He's going to your Golden State Warriors Tim Roy Jenny is here at 95 cent in the game. That's why they put that that's why you're selling pushes them over the cap. You know low that's why you know you got to dictate the big bucks and Hank. That's great stuff Tim would look Ford did it against there'd. Tip relating zealot Matt Cain said to join us and a couple minutes dead and company tickets to giveaway in a few moments is well I wanted to play this first of all congratulations the Golden State Warriors first team in NBA. History. To go back to back years with the war. In clay interview last night regarding whether or not he wants the play on captain staff Curry's team take a listen I'm. Part of your question Trey just bigness. Shouldn't let me. There of his father much besides that I wish they would now suppose we saw that he believes the other way whose last big. I agreed to. I agreed it would be once again the voice hilarious it's always the voice of reason he's so even keel than. To think that some players wouldn't want their precious egos crush because what you're the last guy taken. Among the top two dozen players on the planet yeah poor guy you're only the 24 best player according to true. Of your peers solid. Everyone in America votes in your voted 24 best this two guys who didn't take you your ego should build a deal that. I agree to their dues I just disagree to like Tim Roy did just its interest in that the percentage of the officials show that don't go back to this so that we moved on we limited it. To an all star conversation. You made your point he signed to a draw a so now we're gonna pile long. We've got it's not about Powell went on insisted. To let you understand that there is there's a disconnect right guys just standing there when you saw the knicks' plane and he too was his same two guys having a conversation. The ref came over Joseph hectic guy knicks lose that game. It's just bad by the officials there are doing to my official blow calls like the music city miracle blown. Tough. Call call me it was I mean. Because I knew they were off park corner revisit things. Let's revisit. It is this low however if I had the lesser of this is gonna drive a wager may be other ways she's tired now on the wedge Madrid is this not. One of the soft this story lines sports right now players in the NBA now can he lie with a officials officials like halo with players are we kind of at a point where it's like are right look let's all get over ourselves please. Some of these guys are young they're blowing the calls they're human and for the players sliced pretty good you make you more money than you ever had before. It's a whistle. Right it's a whistle you're gonna win sixty plus games again this year everything's good. He was up they're up eighteen and Kevin Durant. I got ejected performance he got so and you can see they were covering that he was fed up and he wanted to be run how we do this for a one game. All NBA teams. The referees are free to say. Whatever they want to the players about how they're playing so win dream on green throws the ball. Over Zaza as head into the third row the ref takes whistle out of mouth he knows how terrible path frame on its available cash. Clay was no I won't be doing I pay for that I would add. Absolutely pay for that let's see how long the players can tolerate didn't shoot at like beats you with the referees guys nicely done on the know your show tickets were just gonna go ahead and take call alert number. 43 habits to be the number of perfect games that were thrown in Major League Baseball. Our next guest cabins to be one of 23 human beings. The girl perfect game in Major League Baseball ladies and gentlemen three time World Series champ Matt Cain joining us here in 95 cent in the game what's up Matt how aria. I voted for me no good paying out. What's true tie. Hire meant like like I generally this time a year I'm sure he'd be get ready for pitchers and catchers. What's life like for you right now knowing you don't need to go to Arizona you don't want to see you pretty much get to do whatever you want. Yeah I did a little bit different. In over it could take it over different duties. All of the mobile phone alone and just only connecting it. Armed tribal trying to get back there I guess what normal society would be like. You know because. You know being grapefruit seed and then in the baseball life that substantially. Oh also put. Your your typical. The typical day so songs just a really China earlier Justin altered your all the little finger on how some. Soviet. Turner has been in and auditor. Manila and able to do because of the way that they all turn our. We look at. It's outstanding I think you'll probably HMOs to an opening day comes but today is. I'm good the start of the new season and some people's minds because the hall of fame class will be announced today at 3 o'clock your former teammate. Barry Bonds is not gonna get into the sixth consecutive year what do you think of Barry Bonds' hall of fame candidacy for lack of a better way to describe it and do you think the bonds and Clemens for that matter should have been in a long time ago. Yeah you know what I'm I don't know I don't know if I'm ever really. A widow Judy intuit. Oh I've never. Had there too much of a of opinion I know that you know there was great and a year ago he will fund could play with. Eight understood chat with them. And try to acknowledge that I've already go entertainment. All you're welcome to you lose in the clubhouse slow let them look you know he's coming back in the clubhouse so he's. You know what he's been he's pitched tremendous on my side. And in helping me in my career in our intuitive. You know I and I hope things work out Foreman. But it sought to make it a beautiful summer and again opinion. I have almost the commercial anyway. Imagine you know and I retired it was it was different just the fact each year. Using god you're training you're working out you call different guys in the teens ask what they're doing on the offseason to different things. Is it is it that difference it is not to crash into this is sudden stop and you're like wow. You can do one sentence and you've been what 78 years old Mollison. Apart you got has gone into from party gone and it is have you felt that aren't are not yet. I think gonna catch it every once in awhile might get a little bit low watcher while lots of a World Series. You know natural human voters are just do you know. You know I just read a couple of aspects of yeah we were in the playoffs and going through those moments that. This really feeling those moments when when they want to kind of maybe your man a charter more safe and feeling what he's feeling you know it's exciting to know that you bit of state position of those guys. Then and that's something Special Olympics. You know I'll pick up we'll have a little bit here and there but you know what honestly can't. I've had moments some odd like you know usually right now I'm in. I picture panic mode with their gun. I'm trying to figure out if whatever I've been doing the Nazis and that is that it's. For me you know also right now it's actually. Superb. My stress level of super low and it it's actually really I am able to enjoy. Where they wanted to let my girl. And I'm able to enjoy wash my wife fighter horses so it actually a lot of thought as well. Good for you go when you look at the giants bring an end. You know McCutcheon and how do you think these guys that they're bringing in is going to help this team when you look at last year the record wasn't necessarily great but what is the biggest thing that you do you think that they brought in by bringing these guys in more debt. How they want to compete with these guys here. I think they've done a tremendous job of trying to fill a hole the then we were history lecture. You know I know we didn't picture as well as we want to speak a couple of projects although the but they conveyed that wanted. It wanted to feel a couple of holes. And I think they've got a good job with that I think they've upgraded big time and help build whatever defense so guys that are gonna do what they're gonna do what. That's item it would open you can always count on it defects but I think we'll close three guys who off and then. You know action on Gloria those guys you're gonna play defense and that's what. But what exactly although it's been about for the years has been able picture quality shots. And that company you can always rely on so you're gonna go up there. And have that and monitor can commit another gonna have to compete against that and it's the typical typical guys do. Those guys show up. Broke through four rounds that they can communicate if you could. Matt Cain joining us here on 95 cent in the game but I wouldn't even think about post retirement any desire to may be you know become a cold should get in the broadcast Booth has Tony Romo inspired you in any way shape or form I can see Mexico hyper and crook always crew goes trying to set the stage because compliance could be curveball Dwyane. But the but you know I don't know early liquidity in the broadcaster each but be very good that it. You know on the coaching staff I really don't talk. You don't protect all of you know a lot of guys additional layer try to keep in contact Obama about China. They should do that throughout free training if I get over there I think with a double and pick your brain or. And this pedal you can expect we'll circle of all sorts of other big I'm not come out and he rushed I don't think doctor squash. As low. I just want to be able you know. The ticket something comes up and found faithful myself quite a bottom and if it doesn't you know I had yet. Public truly commit the night are not have a. Managing here on 95 cent in the game tough year last year 98 the loss is how hard is it to shake that off. As a professional ball player no matter how the year is if it ends in disappointment to be able to turn the page and gear up and be ready by mid February. Couldn't biblical Bethlehem going to be difficult but they've done some things through our big bit had a lot of new faces what could get different Beckett. Haven't been able I think again toward doing that fought hard on heartbreak in the group. That have been around together for so long as though that would take a little bit of adjusting. Well I think because big example that we can log on. You know Apollo Saturn minerals. We'll play the guardian and everybody that had their fair. After years and years for the typical to see guys. The figure for the adequacy position. But that's just. Let's just time and that's part of living again mobile. Matta is live picture. What do you think about what Major League baseball's trying to do regarding the pitch clocked speeding up the game I mean. If we can move it from two hours and 51 minutes to hours and 47 minutes are we really challenging the Dali Lama for greatness. No. I mean executed what confident I think you just what the game to be constantly move I think you're senate you're turned. You're trying to stop those big dead. That spot during the game. And I don't think it's very boats opened pretty much is three minutes or whatever it has got to really make a huge difference but they are just I don't. Eliminate those big dead spots and to keep the game rolling keep them. They've got the flow of oil and about the game going. Because then you could play game in Rome straight two hour and fifteen minutes. It just can't stay constant and it that if elected but it seemed that has been outbreaks of total 2015 minutes is just. You'd you alluded you know that's almost like you know the players whose article. Is it perhaps your fault mad because your perfect game in there is no action in that perfect game has your perfect game led us to this there were renewed pitch clock now. I have no idea. Not. What I think it could avert what happened earlier about that. Matt Jane officially apologizes for perfect game had there's you're the rednecks here and there. Hard hitting questions about its Louisville. You'll have to get you have to get blocker to let Obama play little block of voters off. I love it blaming a block gophers defense pentagon. There are all. They're a World Series champ and one of only 23 human beings in the history of planner to author a perfect game in Major League Baseball Matt Cain with us here on 957 the mat we always appreciate your time enjoy retirement. Any thing we can ever do for you here wanna come in the studio in and work on the broadcasting shots rather that demand thanks so much. There are out there I thank you Matt Cain. Good to be Matt cain's little trolls out there at the end I said that my me. X yeah bags and we talk about the pitch clock has none of action baseball. There's no less action than when a guy throws a perfect health the game was. Like seven knots and after two innings making one ugly you know. No pressure specialist Tripoli nine high 790 I said he should baseball do away with perfect games and no hitters you should be forced to take guy out through seven he's got no hit no it's allowed. C'mon you've got to give it. Triple 8957. 9570. John in San Francisco guys placed on winning the dead and company tickets for the read because he's so accident happened yesterday we really just threw it out caller number 23 John in San Francisco congratulations. More tickets to be one. Tomorrow at 845. But they seized it and say yes sir somebody put it back and Friday 8045. Edible Wednesday apparently closing a general issue if you don't know what day is and you work in broadcasting. Today and didn't break him back will be more organized.