JLD - Hour 3

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, January 19th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs are joined by Warriors Guard, Shaun Livingston. Then they discuss what the Jaguars should do with Blake Bortles' future contract. 


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On the game's over. I mean army every week men and women pages come out with injury report from guys the whole guys at a practice whatsoever reasons they do that in this the patriot way. Tom Brady I believe yes TD bank is an absolutely. But I think that this is more just arrest this is more just for okay let's make sure this guy's OK I think Tom Brady's a student of the game. You look at Tom Brady that's already staying in this is innocent you know. All had an entry of not a new trick is that it's all haven't the new trick now think about what Tom Brady's always been able to do he's made out able to go up there in Al less people and is willing to have been. Last year how he's gonna Super Bowl this is a guy that's attention to details in specially now with so much pressure. On this whole organization what the uncertainties is he going to be here and make sure it's Belichick going somewhere else what's all more on the trading Jimmy G. Tom Brady feels this way on the shoulder he wants to go on he wants to play well so I think this is this the team joke that's is still play a little possum. Is Tom Brady handled art absolutely but it can be able to play no question. What would be the rationale behind this when he did the patriots and you're gonna go ahead and turn this into what it is which is right now the number one story in the country can't take forced perspective for. Whether or not Tom Brady's going to be set to go on Sunday why would you be doing this is is to try to mess would Jacksonville as it messing with the media is it a motivational tactic for your team are you trying to get employer and dub just in case he's needed. I don't know if your Brady Belichick whose levers behind that's the assumption being Belichick what's the why here. I think Joseph I think you have guys know more focus you have defense I think it comes I think Denver Belichick some guys hey Tommy hurt hey guys we got to move on. We don't have time we got to prepare like he's not going to be here guys we got to play better defense Patricia is getting those guys ready to go you gotta look at what they're doing. This is a situation I don't think it's a target pumping us to try to get the media going to say hey. This guy is his flank his Winger missed some no no doubt Joe's probably sold so well why go up there. In had them put the pressure on it in block there had until the ball to fight through it to go out there and go to paint why do that. So you're saying and why that's why they're probably not doing their sand. Here's a guy this implant for 1718. Years and been playing at a high level. What is the commitment this is not a rookie this not a second third year player does Tom Brady need to be out there and go to the reps probably not 41 years old. Here's a guy didn't say and let's resting let's make sure he's getting treatment. But let's make sure he's at practice you think he's not going out there walk and two duo and all those things he's doing those things this team is gone we rated play in the number ready to play well that's just to pay to play. Bill Belichick met the media this morning he was asked about Brady's availability for Sunday specifically if you BA game time decision for my heart good. Game I'm sitting. These guys and this do you think there's more here than meets the eye in terms of the patriots. May be either drumming miss opera trying to create some sort of distraction for Jacksonville. I think it's just to protect Tom Brady from having to go through press conferences in light of the Seth weaker sham ESPN article. That talks about there being a seizure or a crack in the foundation. At the New England Patriots organization. You go ahead and haven't the injured on the days where he would be forced by league rules to be available to media. If he's not practice he doesn't have to go do the media. He said Brian Hoyer out there instead holier was brought in to meet back up and also the to take bullets like this so. If you wanna go conspiracy theory I think it's more about protecting Brady from his media responsibilities in making it easier on and that way. And maybe also they wanted to move the line a little bit. For the booster club Mike Joyce thought all right it's okay good teams when the great teams cover. And if you're a patriots fan and you wanna lay some lumber on your team at home. Nine and a half is obviously a little bit scarier than seven or seven and a half so maybe that would be conspiracy theory ankle. Good morning it's great to have UN Jolo and did 95 cent in the game Shaun Livingston said to join us in about fifteen minutes at 818. Gary seemed Jeanne at 930 we've also got tickets to the way at 830 and 845. One of the arguments. On the pro Jacksonville's side for this weekend is that Tom Coughlin has defeated Bill Belichick can not one but two Super Bowl not Tom Coughlin did it would be a great Chinese defense. A great giant running game and a quarterback who didn't make mistakes something that realistically. Could take place with the jaguars this weekend however Coughlin isn't the head coach of the jaguars he's in the front office do you think he's involved with Doug Brown's game plan this week don't look he's he's working side by side or is this day. I'm executive now this is Doug's team amoled Doug do his thing. No way Joseph this guy's working side by side he's down they're talking if you'd head coach in Jacksonville Jaguars you know walk in and says say coach you know recipe and you do it. I do not once but twice. Biggest moments Tino is eighteen you know took the boy was seventeen and all looking for eighteen whenever I email overnight until now nineteen thank you so how did you do it coach what was the game plan. How does that work. Who you guys heard against the world how did its work and he says oh come on the belief is gonna tell you what's good need to look. We have to win we have to win the line of scrimmage Israel's sake he said let's not turn a bulwark Jackson Muslims say we can't turn the ball over in yielding Tom Coughlin won on their talent. His book his coach look. Don't turn the ball don't turn the ball over let's afraid guys out in fur and it has to be able to pound the ball and how do you do that you still sometimes joke. All three wide four wide in that way you can't put 89 guys in the box and you say Burnett got run over one safety he can do that and we can stay in third and manageable. We can beat this team and we limit the amount of time to Tom Brady care gets that ball machine. That's a call myself and he's and we can't make mistakes and that's what you gotta keep your team is that your coach. I'm paying you need a coach. Quality and coast these guys' attention to details. Don't turn the ball over to make sure we can win on first and second down and get in thirty manageable because all they're going to do they're going to play man to man they're gonna impress our receivers they're going affords us the beat us they're gonna force borrows the beat us go on the ball so what we have to do is make them not play man made and how we're gonna do that by having success. And by also being able to pull the ball and didn't some haven't some type of success on the ball as well so that part is look what is Jacksonville jaguar team to come out and play physical like they're don't want. But they're I can guarantee you Kaufman's tell him as his coast Merle you cannot let this team get turnovers and we have to be consistent run the ball and we have to win we cannot get behind the chains. Bill Barnwell who's built one of the best football writers on the planet he works hideous PM. He just released an article. Where he set the over under on seasonal wind totals for each NFL team for next year. Now granted free agency in the draft having taken place yet and this is a Smart play to get ahead of the markets and that if anything's accurate you can claim you had at first but Barnwell understands. The gambling side of the NFL he understands this dramatic side of the NFL he's one of the brightest football minds around he created his own season win totals for next season. He has the 49 Ers. And I wanna get everyone's bag here are you going over under he is the 49ers. At seven and a half over us. Seven and happens fast and easy one I thought you send an eight and a half. Have flooded and have a ZZ visa bills numbers he's got it at seven and a half he's used the over in anticipation of the public liking that money. Over minus 130 under plus one intensity got to lay a 130 dollars to win a hundred it's not necessarily worry about that lets just worry about the seven and half the. Over I think it's an easy over because you remember that they have a last place schedule next year even though they went six and and they still finesse you finished in last. In a division so they get any easier slate you've got him a main giants accordingly. As your opponents I think the weight divisions trending. You've got the rams would probably be about as good. Arizona's going to be worse in Seattle is gonna be worse in my opinion so seven and a half an easy over for me. Easy is all for you. That is I really haven't had barely. No yes yes Seattle's. None phenomenon but anyway until let me get back home Osama myself and a half. It's an awkward joke we talk about that number and you looked at it would skinny she's won five straight. And we look at this in Arizona never coach yet. Seattle they just tired Becky Norton is Decourt all the different things going on Seattle you think about the grand Potomac their salary cap what they're going to be don't want. And this schedule they have is going to be favorable so and now he's still got free agency. You're still the more you have more money than any team in the National Football League you don't think and you don't think they count Shanahan and John Lynch is going to tell this team. Everyone's going we can't we can't think about those last five wins. Now we now where they're gonna be hunted I'm telling you a lot of teams are looking at the niners now and they're not looking at these team is a joke. The niners know that there are not a joke we're talking about this team when an 89 possibly ten game. If I were talking about it you don't think the rest of the league and other coaches now not gonna say oh this is a pushover team this is a must win all of this is easy when this is not really up anymore. In the league understands that. And callous Jenny and understands that so he's gonna start building he knows now that they're gonna tell if your Jimmy gee they're gonna try to pressure him to all the different things an even bigger amount so I really believe that this organization. In the weighted they're built. They understand now that they aren't they are just they are not just some ever slat they're once they get and they understand people are looking for them and gear for them. I really believe that this team is even gonna push harder for excellence this year. Are well mine at the we think that number in the first two guys out law of the over that's not necessarily what you want as a book maker but Allen were the first ones to market on those numbers we turn nice little profit. The Oakland Raiders. With the niners sitting at seven and a half on their win total courtesy of bill Barnwell ESPN. Oakland Raiders were set. At seven point five as well seven and have wins the open 12018. Under first year head coach Jon Gruden. This is a tougher one for me but I is I would also go over not as confident in this one in part because you've only got seven home games again. You'd take on the niners at Levi's that's again it could decide both of these wagers quite frankly. I think the raiders are more likely in 88 team I think the niners are more 97 but I'll go over seven and a half with the raiders and I know it's Joost. The over is well and what does it one minus 140 even don't have more heavily Jews. Traders are heavier than the niners what do you think it raiders seven and a half it's easy over that's that's I think that's easy over to. I do you think about this team Joba waited they just digress from last year to this year is Columbia told turnaround. I mean you look at what happened to this team. All the different things that went on car and get hurt they got inconsistency that he was going on the ball talk about NASCAR law lost it I think when you watched this team but waited some way they lost some of these games when even average in 21 points a game. It's no way they go back that way. Warriors guard Shaun Livingston in seven minutes at 818. JC weigh 830 to its way to a 45. Chill blowing teams continue. On 957. Big game. Step curry believes the west in votes which means he gets to represent. One of two NBA all star teams as a captain LeBron James of course will be the other. James gets the first pick in the all star draft. Does anyone think. He's not taking Kevin Durant debt to know he's absolutely taking Kevin Durant it's like god. Any NFL mock draft three finally find out who has the first take you know moods can be months in advance could take Katie Hoff you're all star game draft board. Usually semis. I do I think we litigating what he brings the game this bronze when you know this guy play defense and play. Offense he does it all to score rebound doing all he did come LeBron two guys and not put the scores can go out and changing game. I can do no question he takes skating. Do you think there's any scenario let's silliness what does he doesn't take to rent. What's the message she's sending right there he is the first pick Durant sitting right there everyone assumes he's gonna take to rent. What this does not Wednesday's John that's. I think did he take John S insists that adding that it wouldn't be a bad pick you looking honest John as a young kid to say hey he will lead the player LeBron. Young honestly young guy who say you know what if I'm the captain I'm taken LeBron because I want LeBron to come at me as well. We take seem I'd be I'd I'd would be what I'd be shocked yeah but it would be something that you look at and say I can't see it happen and it's possible but in LeBron blew us away and I think he's not thinking what are. It's personal well. How many people are out there right now saying Kevin Durant has passed LeBron James in terms of being league's best player packed noon to 30 Greg Papa we'll tell you that every single day of the week. So if you're LeBron James senior that thin skinned as it is why would you want this guy and you team. What is he came out and somehow some way we find out that he bypass Kevin Durant. What do you think that would say because I think the perception is that the number one pick in this draft is gonna be Durant right anyone of us drafting. With LeBron and step off the board were probably taking KD so for him a pat. Yes he's not doing that because he's trying to send his roster certain way he's doing that for personal reasons. Right any I think it's either you can't beat them join them or you figure that you want to try and beat him again in the all star game I think did. Going against him in the NBA finals last year and gone against them for the entire ten year to eighties career LeBron don't want the opportunity to play with him. Every player in this draft. Gets passed over except the guy be taken first cell ever always hurt feelings about getting passed over realize that only one guy gets taken first and in Italy the starters they go in the first takes the eight other starters. Get picked first and then the reserves once announced it just after that. Card for your Golden State Warriors you can follow him on Twitter at Shaun Livingston Shaun Livingston joining Jolo Indians on 9570. Game what's up Sean how are yeah. It. Not a lot we've been talking about the all star game staff is obviously to captain of one team but LeBron gonna get the draft first have you guys been having any discussions about this behind the scenes what staff gonna do what do you guys think LeBron is gonna do staff Katie not getting to play together has that stuff come up and on the locker room. No not yet not yet on short wheel barrel on mode look Udoka who are so. Contributions we know who Google's close Clinton. You know concede. Current who who their current ballpark we'll talk about all guards will and so you know it's very it's a creation. With LeBron getting the first pick do you think there's any scenario that plays out and we she doesn't take Kevin Durant. I mean. Unless you know market you. I can chart a way you know thought has a speaker old you are I think he's got taken personally so noble look you have Oakland's. When he comes to winning especially away from oracle you guys have been unbelievable 21 and three away from home. You know what the best road record is first season and that's something that. You guys have your eyes on as far as one of the big secondary goals whose regular year. Yeah I'm not really obviously because we're trying to play good basketball on the net and blow it. All you dollar debt would come close to the military record and third that's what this great group. We just political corruption and really trying to let alone wearing all loans will conclude darkness. No question and guy who you want to get to the dark days it. As seen Mike who stepped in right away and has been done on the beach in the tough physical guy kind of mind a bit of trade month. To unveil watching that guy and seen an injury. Oh was on do you guys minor or you've been doing gruesome injuries in how is he doing and what's the latest occurred on them. Yeah that's tough Revell also talked a lot action. You know is going out there understand and little bitty ante in a moment could be your last moments you know elections quite. Also fortunate with injuries so and click on the Angeles got it's taken advantage of opportunities. You know he's got a great Q must follow. A big guns you know from what I heard the new loses a lot better than. What was expected. Armed most folks let the good thing and hopefully help you get back a lot of action. Shaun Livingston a Jolo and ends on 957 game game four of the five game Brody was a victory Wednesday night in Chicago for you does that game hold a special place any time you get to go back and play the bulls. They're always fun to go back you know Matt Foreman. Comes out wrong your involvement per hour on so long now it's a compliment teammates. First couple years. He won't tickets work how we're agent's notes. You give them all the tickets for the former friend not slopes which flew solo home Bert you know after after this fall and try to. We'll try to cut it down and they're the ones who didn't noted the family to be played out there. Most oldest before that he thinks over the course of his sixteen year career how much did you spend on tickets for everybody welcome won a grand expect I think that is they gave his only gave us too we only got two in Indiana career. They start making us pay taxes which was 99 bucks I kick it in just taxes on them and they so again to your free goodies that I pay taxes. That's crazy yeah I started out probably are what I had about maybe 15 the urgent it's normal for future of you know solve. And then you slowly. Started try to cut it down but what I got a warrior from everybody puts it slows spill. You know they'll probably would mean first year with the Warner's fifteen tickets. Good team pointing so they look at it they're not gonna click here mobile there was no I didn't get what Roberto. It sure does not a couple of friends in Houston engaging Jimmy Gobble good ones in the lower bowl for my. Sean you think you're a nice 57 game looking at that game tail end of a five game road trip. Obviously there's some fatigue with what you guys have gone through on this trip. Is it more difficult to get up for a game at the end of a five game road trip or is it made easier by the fact that it is the rival Houston. Yeah I think you saw him you know look forward to guitar or piano player if you watch keeps them honest John Walker. Where hardware war. Yet there are going to be tough. No argument have a challenge like this crude on the home. Armed what chance to concretely in the conference political or plot are big they're good. Not that you could challenge is or she got to try to captains. We saw visual Google. Yet you talk LaRoche on dog days and trying to get through what it always was some of the biggest things right now biggest challenges if you had a concern did you say okay. If we continue to do or if we don't allow this to creepy and we will be you know what got fifteen if you're just look at announced it met a pass at halfway point. What are some of the things that they can creep into two guys try to stay away from now. Just the complacency you know there's a club again between January. You know all star break. So actually you know they've been Kamal bought search teams goes oh who's going. Com. You know and and really just aren't aren't. The calendar looking at the break trying to predict complacent. You know of energy may not be there every married note hardened troops not at all competitive literally touch. Physically are sometimes look. You know to kind of catch up would view them just try not to just settle right try to settle for complete complete libido of a little thanks focused on them. You know just our turnovers bark. Box outs. You know regarding all of all the little things that we can control you know will. Are gonna be there maybe ever heard for a phone book to construct focused on the small birds. Did it come. Want to open a mile off the burdens so while bird so. You know there are at a kicked out of the community guys felt pretty you know I'll. Turn to. A game and they're here it's pretty humorous. Alone no that we can't be that hard they're just. The secret hope the secret are her home involved and so those votes are. You know so it would have sold this state can you know and then and Mexico other total scores are through to. You know like reduce stops here up in the locker room and no I'm. Undergarments are a good partner and totally different versions so you don't Moe you know full well what about developing any of us really know what happened social that are not. Yeah pretty laid back guy Sean what was the last time that you were so angry that you want to put hands on somebody do we have to go back to the Peoria they've seen this. Erica I know you brought got a it's a global it all out there is movement we can the rest up their district eight in shoot. People out there's not a lot. Do you follow him on Twitter at Shaun Livingston guard for your Golden State Warriors Shaun Livingston joining us here on 95 cent in the game Sean we know time is precious thank you so much for joining us today have a great night good luck in Houston tomorrow looking forward avenue guys back in the bag. Yes particular club. On the he's enjoying this in his weekly spot all warrior inner he's brought you by JBL headphones the officials sound of the Golden State Warriors. He was political about it because he's Smart he's been around but you know when they probably heard that story about the clippers in the rocketing down last night. Under the no matter who you are not just the warriors right and that's probably not the wrong response at meaning it played the lead. How would you be react and it's not like that everyone in the locker may go they reacting need to know everything must go home go to Chris Paul legal guys named. You know what he did. McCain really wanted it's bad luck and look my annual thing DUS like what do we came open here. During our ceiling gave up they came amid please god dog you know guys reason for nine. And did they all talking about it and they all put themselves in that scenario did two things that would happen and down. Yeah it's incentives faked out he knows the whole and that's a lot of and I hear a lot of football players talking about NBA players with the fake toughness you know the whole Colby dad called me back. Mentality where. You see on the court there's a static back as a couple pushes a couple she doesn't write a guy's about to get serious teenage jumpin in and then now and even angry idea whats up with between us and I'm really hot now. This is it is very laughable. We see in baseball took easier baseball the batter wants to get out in the paint share and he knows that he can start and guys you can all you have to do is make it appear as if you're gonna go out and then the opposing catchers gonna grab you and that's the end of it if you really wanna do something you fake walked the first and then you take off sprinting. For the no wait I mean Mac Buster Posey then we saw last year firsthand is that Memorial Day weekend July 4 weekend. It was Memorial Day weekend if that's trying to set it settle and watching that. I harper went right out I mean that was you would you wanna get at a guy you know get out again we make all our jokes about his hair flying around them get caught but. He went out for peace is for honor Strickland and and buster is still NSA pence police imposing but Posey was a part of Intel's sketch and then Hosea stood there are still playing like that you any that. Bryce go out and get a piece under Strickland which is a whole other side store closings arguments and I'll say it here and yeah how how. That was also. Please and apparently the reports that Strickland told to let him come out post to the Connie heat for that given credit. Yeah that thirty never corrected anybody he took all that he didn't think your boy you didn't help but now you said then you wanted to let him get hit the report that came out later was that Strickland told flat out I'm thorough and then let him come out. Now. Wow so dependent on the Chris exactly. You got man. All right pair of tickets to giveaway right here chance to win a pair of big city Friday around of the AT&T Pebble Beach pro am defending champion Jordan speed playing with some of your favorite celebrities. A Bill Murray Carson Daly and Tony Romo get your tickets today at AT&T PB golf dot com. Color number herb. On the bottom of the screen their show and number 86 I can't do that why 34. 34 prank caller 34 Shaun Livingston AAA not 579570. You will win the tickets we've also got Eagles against. Zack brown band when they come to an area coming on and off fourteen minutes at 845. Now all messed up on the patriots thing. Because you're. Oh there's money to be made on mag game I just know that game is not gonna be close to the spread. What's gonna happen is either a shock the world upset or patriot blowout I don't see that one being. You know patriots with a nine point lead late in Jacksonville's driving hoping to backdoor. I don't see that being the case I feel like there's money to be made on that game specifically okay because he's going to be very definitive outcome you're not going to be up in the air for most of the day guiding the patriots smash him very jaguars are within the entire way and it's never in doubt I just don't know which is going to be UN LT coming on talking about how you think patriotism messing with everyone has Brady injury. Yeah and for the longest time I thought if the patriots come out. And get the lead it's over. I don't see Jacksonville being able to play from behind I think Jim Brady and the patriots can establish tempo early. The first fifteen minutes of this game is gonna determine the outcome of the game patriots may be get up seven nothing had nothing it's over I don't see morals playing from behind. I'm just trying to figure out. Induced Jacksonville defense is going to be able to do with the New York Giants did the patriots in those two civil right push the pocket make radio and comfortable. Brady looks sloppy early and suddenly the confidence begins to grow and then Jacksonville's right there with them the entire way that's what I can't figure out I don't know which way it's gonna go. I saw Jackson led by 28 last week. Pittsburgh came back and speak in the stills were came in flat. And they got punched in the mouth and and it was like eternal in the hair and I thought that they can come back and win the game. You now you got to look at those questions Joseph your gamble you've been in mound and he's since seen spreads you've been on the good side even on the bad side let's talk just went what you know. Have you known quarterback veteran Tom Brady had we seen a coach Bennett and Tom Burton and then Belichick. Had he seen it seem more disciplined than the patriots. So when you add all the things and you check each box for both teams yet you got a physical defense and Jacksonville. They're well coached that have you seen anyone have ever seen Belichick Al coached. It's talent level still there for both these teams. Did you see San Francisco do things exploit this to Jacksonville defense. Do you think that Belichick does want to try to do some of the same things so when you look at it so you're gonna make this bet. Yeah how about this year educated guess. Would you go with something that's been so consistent in something that's always been there are why would you take this new growth to the dance when you know this other girl she's always let me get in she's always making sure that you are happy. C along those lines my thought process for a vote fro a week has been. If I bet on morals over valid checked in I lose. If beautiful I I'm gonna do is look in the mirror and be like what the hell was I doing but I don't think that's a logical way to approach it that's a logical way to approach your feelings after the game that's a logical way to approach what would make you more comfortable with losing. I don't know I can use that my mouth is but honestly I can see myself looking to remind you just that on Blake Mora yes over Bill Belichick and company. That's what I'm haggling with Joseph because the more I look at this the more I see it. In your second scenario which is Jacksonville hangs the whole way and neither pull off the stunner. Or they lose by a field goal one point two points. They cover the spread easily. I think you're right that this this doesn't feel like the way where you gonna back door at you're down 2817. And portals drives late. And either and they get the field goal to make eight and you cover the nine or they get a touchdown and you cover regardless it doesn't feel like. That patting game. To meet you think what Coughlin and the blueprint but with the giants and how they beat the patriots nose to Super Bowls. They fumbled the ball those games four times totals four fumbles though were recovered by the patriots giants got away. With a couple breaks big one turn over combined. In those two Super Bowls and that really takes a lot of portals affect away from it he used for an ad he gets his thirty carries and he doesn't fumble. Portal throws it may be 25 times and doesn't turn over he used the putter he should feel we'll take you keep a close eye like Jacksonville the points in this one. The biggest blade portals seen in the world this weekend is also the biggest case Tina fan in the world this weekend you know that is. Jimmy drop low. You read Rob Lowe is gonna be sitting there are no one stands and I do better. Probably portals women of great play morals performance and Jimmy brought low by conversely if you're the niners you're like I hope the patriots stop these guys and make them look like fools. You're rooting for the Eagles as well hoping they stop. He's seen them and the vikings both guys are headed for contracts and your Donna lean Jimmy probably you're just sit back. Because at some point. What does it and I think Matt Ryan's contract is unity coming company years here Matt Ryan the former NB PCs can reset the market. And in addition to that Aaron Rodgers is coming up a couple years and Drew Brees is gonna get a one year dealer what ever this off season. But the last thing you want is the bottom end of the market being reset in spectacular fashion. Go through it. If you're Jacksonville's front office and portals wins this game because Boris looked good last week you beat the Steelers. In portal looks good in this game beats the patriots and then goes to the Super Bowl looks good enough to win the Super Bowl. What are you going to do with him in the off season. Near Jacksonville. Is there anyway if your Tom Coughlin if you're shot Connie if you're in Jackson's you just want the free consumable with this guy. Is there anyway you just gonna let him go. There is for me and then definitely as if I had something something that those better come on new direction this is what it's all the Tennessee tied Joseph I think you you you hit that. You hit the nail right on the head when you say they did the best decision by saying I'm gonna still letting go even though they want a playoff game. He says to know what I'm want to find a better coach I thought that was a great by the front office to letting go I think this a situation now when you look at board as you say. Had this guy arrived is this guy franchise quarterback and I can afford to pay 20/20 five million dollars if you are dead guy and I think you're crazy. Yeah but but but you gotta think into the future portal just played well against Pittsburgh now he's gonna play well this scenario gets Brady in new England and he's got to beat the patriots in Foxborough. Then he's gonna go to Minnesota for the super boy he's gonna play well he's gonna win it. The perception of Blake morals is going to change as well thanks for weeks if that happens. All right so the way we view him now. The national perception of blade morals is going to be very different if he goes out he does that. We have precedent for this Joseph Flacco did it right now on hindsight that was a terrible deal but. How do you tell a fan base. We're not interest in the long term deal for the quarterback who just delivered you listen. More and played very well on the process the telephone it's tough pill to swallow does anybody can do it as Tom Coughlin and you know he's already had conversations with the Eli Manning multiple conversations about. Look at this thing. Fall shorter even if it doesn't worry just in any car you from New York Giants wanna move on from Eli Coughlin would love to get his veteran quarterback in there for one stand. If anybody. Could show the Nebraska on ways to make such a move at the it would be Tom Coughlin Jacksonville. I'm situation Minnesota case Tina plays well this weekend he played well against saints he made the big play late when they needed. Now it plays well against Philadelphia in Philadelphia takes a vikings in the Super Bowl which is in their own building. People talk about it for two weeks. It's gonna be this story about this guy who's been overlooked his entire career he stepped in for injured Teddy Bridgewater and injured Sam Bradford he led this team drew some rural hometown. He goes against Tom Brady in Super Bowl Brady's looking for a sixth current why wouldn't be in that plane six went man and keep them beats him and can play really well. Himself freeagent. What do you do if you Minnesota play its. Bode so these guys on viewed like Brady these guys on view like Greece these guys have been admin on the road guys for years. Portals and Seles came. They're not going no matter what they do Joseph I don't care if they bomb went Super Bowls. I'm telling me when these guys know I know this I'll make that permit these one these guys know me more than one million a year no way. They're just viewed that way. And it's going to be a situation work these are guys can be up and it was okay then I'll say give me twenty to 25 Guinea cars do we want to blow it and I know we're not don't think that's a that's what's gonna be the next fifteen to twenty million and that's can be their range and no matter what they do no matter how far they go. No matter what their fifteen to twenty million dollar quarterback and that's the perception and that's how they view that's had these two guys let me put no box no matter what they do because I take what did you breezes fridge natured and saints on side do what you don't tell me Jackson we don't give them 25 million to play for a year. You don't tell me in Denver Broncos right now Drew Brees got to make sure nothing different. Talk now Brees is currently for Larry's going to be free agency we should not go when he went out but I see the hypothetically he's not going anywhere but here's an insane. Brady wasn't viewed as Brady prior to beating the ramps no one looked at him like they look at him now until we beat the rams in a second he beat the rams and was like damn who's this guy again. Tom Brady wasn't he got back up to Jew blood so now he just led them to the plows and men against this juggernaut rams team is a big underdog let him down the field won that game. The Super Bowl win and when big performances changes perceptions Drew Brees is it is very good quarterback but make no mistake about it San Diego told on the beat it. I mean Drew Brees now the hall of Famer back then San Diego say kick rocks man we got Phil rivers. He went to Miami Miami didn't even clear among the medical I went to New Orleans played a few years wins Super Bowl now everyone says Drew Brees all pay more. Some are Tom Brady what was they're not your first few years. He's sitting by Brett Favre couldn't get on the field they'll until May continue plan and they transitioned over suddenly see Roger's this guys and bad any lights at the Steelers in the Super Bowl. Now he is who we did this so our perception now it's easy to say I'm not playing morals I can't see them. If morals who just went nuts against Pittsburgh goes nuts against new England and then does it the Super Bowl you're telling me you're not gonna pay and you just don't let him go even if he I don't know that's your ten days. It's impossible specially when you've never tasted the sweet nectar of winning the Super Bowl if you're Jacksonville. Everyone thinks you're one step away from becoming the London jaguars and now. You've got lighting in a bottle and you've got a team that is two wins away from the Super Bowl it would be tough to do I think Coughlin could be the one due to do it. But you're right Joseph perceptions changed so much. In the next three weeks look at Russell Wilson a guy who was undersized and may be reached. He went on won the Super Bowl and now he's an elite quarterback if he falls short of winning this imbroglio is not a lot of the way he is. It's a different thing did did did you guys are missing men thought you guys and both get this to him just Russell was someone on one symbol. The differences Tom Brady Drew Brees went on one a symbol. The difference is these guys aren't winning to both these guys had. Great defense is the lead defense as Tom we look at what Jacksonville has phenomenal defense looking case Keenan Potomac how great Minnesota defense. You come out two of the best defense is in NFL Seattle. You can't. Hello and had a great DD oh he had a great defense we're going to celebrate Vince did some looked add up but the patriots rank defensively back then the Vrabel and they were always go go look at it go look it up. Go look at Tom Brady what he was able to do and put their numbers up and go look at Russell Wilson what he was able to do as a quarterback and as a passer than the prolific play that he had even in Super Bowl the things he did that throws that he makes. When you look at these guys even talk much consistency over time these guys have been an elite pro well. Or has been only four for five years teen and then 78 years this laurels fourth year for -- what Syria could end and that's on that's a look at his body work when you talk about guys it's huge element that's been in the league for a while the muscles a different guys that are better played they've shown you more consistency they weren't just the middle of the road guy and guys in my opinion compared to what you're seeing and now when these two guys. Eyes so I. Here's your hypothetical so Blake portals just beat the Steelers and Owens said he could do it he's gonna go to New England this week and he's gonna throw for 375. Yards and three touchdowns he's gonna play the biggest game is trees in a deep Brady act. At Foxboro in fox writes a let's say you need to win that game. And they're gonna hide my for two weeks and he's gonna go to Minnesota. Against case Keenan and the vikings on their home field in front of the home crowd he's gonna throw for 3153 touchdowns again and then you're gonna say. We're not signing you were better off when Eli Manning Alex Smith now how do you turn around your fan base and go. Blake had one of the greatest post seasons of all time we get it played just delivered us our first Super Bowl we get it we admit in the playoffs like ten years we get it I here's Alex Smith he's our future I don't how do you sell that the Pentagon I think the biggest thing Joseph they're gonna offer these guys I mean yeah. Miss new guys understand they're often these guys context but if I offer like your sank as we have this debate all the time racked. If they offered him fifteen million humbly morals and I just he and I don't know that off yeah I'm gonna tell you the pound sand and every single quarterbacks in that situation would say the same thing look. Self I deal doesn't get done in the ions of walking how do you sell that to your fan base that you just took one of the greatest. Policies and quarterbacks of all time he just gave you Super Bowl you weren't willing to clamp. They don't let him get to know the market in the markets don't dictated and so their market dictates what I'm saying there was a guy won a Super Bowl my guys turned over Fresno state what are Super Bowl. What is the matter how old is he at that point in what he's what thirty through 33. So so I I get a. Okay he didn't do what I'm talking about morals still encourage a sorry you don't need or you just sound lighting up the patriots lighting up the Steelers lighting up the vikings putting up huge numbers delivering us who won your talk about let him walk exceed your I think your decision right now is based on what you've seen in him now. I'm telling you going to the future as he GM how do you possibly. Cellophane based on that. How do you tell them you just and by the way don't worry though we got Eli Manning coming to town. Jacksonville what are your and that locker room. Played portal is slimmer Super Bowl saving jag defense does what it did these last two weeks she talked about yourself and blues usually it's safe to jag defense stinks in new England and they stay consumable and portals delivers the win. And then they let him go and they bring in Eli Manning how are you gonna feel that locker room that was your guys that I just got you ring. The other reason head scratching but ultimately if you're in the locker room you've seen the majority of his 62 starts and played portals in those 62 starts is thrown 64 picks. And he's got a QB rating of 81. So even though. He may have gotten lightning in the bottle and he was good against Pittsburgh and he would be unbelievably impressive against New England in your scenario and also quite good. Against Minnesota. At the end of it when the champagne dry isn't the celebrations and if you take a hard look and you realize he still has. Not good and the guys and no liking there must have a guy's already wanted him to go with the new starter even when drew was insane legally when they ran him out when he tore shoulder. Oh look at his numbers compared to borders in what even close. Joseph was still open up better numbers asunder what they still kicked into the curb while they don't tell through presentation on his shoulder was tore up they thought as well he's he had. Total reconstruction on the shoulder it was his dog sort sort of we want to the silent on that almighty god he was staying in Maryland finished he concede to the it's normal sort of form that someone gave him a chance right. That you yeah if they don't they don't love them but can't you can't compare it to your telling me if you look at you wouldn't delicious the patriots just trading Jimmy go Rob Lowe because they low Brady so much they love him so much. It breaks totally on my real their head coach is British and getting older the point is your contingency plan was literally there the ordinary linguists that. But because Brady was upset the trading grovel why because they love Brady. Everyone knew that move wasn't in the best interest of the organization everyone know Tom knows it's not the best interest of the future Kraft knows it and Belichick knows it but they did it to make a match because they loved him. If you love Drew Brees that much if she was sure guy you're bringing him back and let him go. One he showed it was toll dislocating it like total they've had no problems signing him. Miami didn't sign. Here's the thing it's different when as a quarterback and I think I was signed you I know we are saying. But logically as a business decision you look at it and you say okay. Tom Brady hasn't showed him and his located Drew Brees and they had a guy and that I just think it's a little different but I don't I wish you feel. Comfortable as a general manager kicking your Super Bowl winning quarterback to the care would you feel confident in your job security. If you are in charge in Jacksonville. And Blake mortal does exactly what I'm laying out and you take him to the curb and you bring in Eli Manning. You more comfortable with your job security there or you more comfortable you pay them I think you're more comfortable kicking into the curb did you have a plan in place in the fact that he's delivered used Super Bowl. It's great for this year but your long term plan. Does not include Blake portals it can't. If you're right minded general manager you've got Eli cumin and you get taken quarterback in the draft and you're gonna tears start to turnover no matter what. So why are you willing to give five years and 125 million dollars to a quarterback down in Santa Clara who just beat the bears. The titans. You're willing to give that guy the keys to everything. This guy we enjoy with Super Bowl and has one of the greatest policy is is multi mean you're gonna take him at the curtain. Got a larger sample size on bore holes you've seen which it is horrible includes a suburb true. And the greatest post season run for a quarterback in NFL history also includes dinner Rick rolled by a very niner team led by the very same quarterback Jimmy grapple so. If you are set. In your thinking as Jacksonville and Tom Coughlin. It's painful human Super Bowl and got a part ways when she got to do it if you had your plan plays pro pro pro pro quo. If it is if there will even if they know when the Super Bowl I guarantee you right now. And right now what I'm saying happens they give him a contract are already talking about twenty million a year for him. That's already being discussed in Jackson where we are right now that's where you are right now and you haven't beaten the patriots yet you have one solvable the idea I understand we I would you've got. It's life is happening right now not signing him but how do I justify that moved to anybody if he just delivered me the Super Bowl. We've sat here for months talking about getting a 125 million dollars to a guy that's played about 300 minutes. This guy just won a Super Bowl and we're gonna kick the one of the curb. For Eli Manning who hasn't made a play in five years. And we're gonna give the other guy a 145 million. That's what I'm trying to reconcile I'm trying to figure out how you sell that to a fan base because your fan base is not gonna move from a Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning be happy about it. As a fan would you be happy if the F outs when you were a kid back in the day deliberate US Super Bowl run through the table and then they dump them for someone else how would you fill as a fan. I did I'd be pissed off yeah absolutely I just think the difference is dad talks to show you way more consistency over his career and what portals has done and I really believe. Move forward that we won't have this conversation at this week is borders not told who picks in the that's that would make a conversation mode but again if we get into next week he needs Brady all the sudden we look around and that money is going up and rob Lowe's money's gonna be key to his money's going up it's great to think you should let him go but Ozzie Newsome is widely regarded as one of the greatest general managers and NFL history he gave Joseph Flacco that deal. It was a bad deal and yet he still has his job and no one minds everyone's been cool would it. That's job security right there even if you make a mistake on that deal your gut you guys put your jobs on the line I find that interesting that you would will he would throw the Super Bowl winner. To the curb like that because even if it's the right decision if Eli comes in and cleans out your fired after that year yeah you know that we ask did you sign portals to the richest deal in history your comfortable for at least five years. I don't know if that's the case and he's the case Roxy and what's Baltimore done since they won the Super Bowl. Enough and Joseph Flacco is actually a bottom ten quarterbacks since that. Numbers this year alone. He's got a five offensive coordinators differences Joseph Flacco went to AFC championship his rookie year is rookie year as a cornerback Joseph Flacco went to the AFC championship it would negatively defense that's what you paid out early and now I'm telling you the same thing we're bored also he did it would defense Tucson show me some consistency like that for some years like Flacco and that we can have this comes days because I just think right now. But those cases better because he did do more when he was when he was as young you don't you also realize that the ravens refused to give him market value at the beginning and. Season before won Super Bowl you're laying out all the things he did I agree with you went to the AC CNBC deemed all that stuff he wanted market value and Ozzie in the ravens told them to go pound sand. So he said fine I'll just go out and played as you're out anyone the Super Bowl than they paid an inmate in the richest guy in history. So there was an opportunity there to give them a reasonable contract he just wanted to reasonable contract for that year. And the Reagan said no despite the one of the AFC title game despite doing all it does he knew he wasn't that good. Yeah like that much they said bull go ahead and take our chances this front office that literally said we'll go ahead take our chances this year. We do when a contract here's a quarterback because we don't begin Baghdad. And anyone this a woman over pay them so they could have done that based on everything he had done and they still said no. They still said no it's all about to see its perception burst realities say this all the time the perception. A morals is very different than it out even if you is that Super Bowl you'd be able to escape you're shop on running a Super Bowl winner out of town in exchange for Eli Manning. You know many not gonna come down to make you better. Manning as soon as he lost O'Dell Beckham he's finished in fact he was finished until Beckham showed up that's the most fascinating thing about the numbers with the without Beckham saved his career and he went on the radio and threw him under the box think about that you're in New York City. We are will lead on this tickets to giveaway. Color number five triple 89579570. You're winning a pair of tickets to see the Eagles Zack brown band when they play AT&T park on Thursday September 20 tickets on sale today at 10 AM at lied nation dot com. That's lied nation that console as it has gone so that hour in seven minutes caller number five AAA. 9579570. Must Wagoner. I'm the morals project thing I think is very interesting and especially when you start to look dad. The other quarterbacks and how those shoes will drop with Kirk cousins being out there Eli Manning being a potential target as well. I'm fascinated to see where these prices go and also what the order is as far as Jimmie drop blows new contract. Kirk cousins what they do is Hammond and who exactly where the market falls from these quarterbacks. England and the money you guys guard isn't getting essays and only mourn 2829 he's not didn't I put down about 2830 originally and then came back down 28. Get ready see him land that he's a mirror between four point five million he's going to be probably listing car. Look at this guy and say okay this guys and you knew me you know. He's better than portals volley but. These guys this addicting he's just a guy he's. He came on how much did you what are we all miss and that there's not a lot of elite quarterbacks in this league assists this is what it is they're just not a lot of guys who knew sit and think he's elite but this is the problem. This is what I'm trying to Hollywood portal situation this is what the niners gonna do with a problem. It doesn't matter if you're a week. Is Matthew Stafford a leap. Imagine severed the highest paid player football is Garrett Carl Lee. Not even close in the second highest paid player in football. So it doesn't matter if you're leak it just matters if you're capable if your contract's up and portals contracts up. And he's got a better read it resonated Matthew Stafford which he would have based on the hypothetical I laid out. How do you not pay him that money if you choose know someone else is gonna say yes we've seen this time and time again in the NFL. We see it done then again I love the idea of not paying them or giving him ten million it helps my cap that's not the case right that's what the niners gonna be deal with their. I think if you let morals go on the free agent market and he signs or else you don't stay up all night kicking yourself and hate the fact it. You have to go against and potentially if he delivers his Super Bowl title in your scenario. That's great in your you're thrilled over it but when you look at the future of this organization. And you're given the ease dual quarterback. Don't hand and the Blake morals for five or six years in my opinion I'd be mistake. But we've seen it with flak though we've seen it with staff heard we have seen it all around the National Football League if you win the Super Bowl it doesn't matter if you win after that. You realize that rightly do you stick your job in your neck out for Eli Manning over morals is a normal situation if you give morals five years a hundred million. You're not gonna get fired no owner would ever look at you and fire you how would that owners you Blake morals after giving him that's Super Bowl. What do you like him. He only had I mean I just may be happy with the milk so you can either pay him 20s22. Million or did Eli what what's he like gonna cost. Because maybe he thinks teen hit eighteen million dollars for one or two years of a guy who can't play anymore. If your shot Tom what would you rather do roll with the guy who everyone's in love with just gave you a ring give them a fair market value deal because let's face it I mean quarterbacks Ryan hill got eighteen million dollars a year he doesn't do anything Mikey go running at sixteen million to play three yanks look for an apple including that sixteen million in the never done. Any thing. We're talking about a guy who won a Super Bowl and how we're gonna let him hit the market for Eli Manning because well you know whites also other games outside of that great playoff run read and play well when Brady was that way. I think what Brady do prior to that Super Bowl run very beat the rams. No one was talking about that guy is the future he took over from Bledsoe and people thought that was a questionable situation you running Drew Bledsoe out for this guy the sixth round pick from Michigan it was only. After he won that people woke up as to how good what's I want this market doesn't reset itself a little bit like we're seeing in based all yeah I mean that these quarterbacks yet deteriorating 45 and I wonder hands free agents don't have to suffer through a little bit of overseeing in baseball it will posting the same thing. Market slide good question but how did teams sitting and waiting and on their hands a little bit not rushing out there to give Kirk cousins forty million years. And do a joke this debased the same baseball pinnacles watch in this I mean come on you know all these they watch once Kattengell leads academy cat leagues and you're watching the way with things are born down. They can't afford to necessarily block and say okay because this guy got 28 I'm giving this guy 29 you can't do it because what it does what it now what does that set for the market for when I had really elite quarterback like a breeze are are like Aaron Rodgers come out so what does that say for the market it's I think it's gonna reset itself especially at this quarterback position but you can't overdo this. Numbers triple 89579570. Tripoli 95795. Sanity if you wanna jump in on this if you wanna jump in on the patriots and whether or not they're trying to trick the jaguars this week in your picks are picks all coming up next.