JLD - Hour 3

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, May 11th
The guys preview the Giants matchup with the Reds as they are favorites to win even while in last place. They also discuss the news from Michael Lombardi's Podcast that the 49ers are open to letting Navarro Bowman go. FS1 MLB Analyst, Dontrelle Willis and Warriors Assistant GM, Travis Schlenk joins the program. 

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Our number three great to have you wind Joseph lo Indians 95 point seven game looks like the suns get a peek its head out there. Like I would know I have like a sliver of light up and throw. Be ranked fraud and owner and even though I say it I guess it's the bring little optimism in the top of the hour and I. Beckett see anything and as big head blocks most of my god how. And I just getting okay. They're proportionate had great. I'm kinda helps until ripping our your prom night and I don't get it is not you personally just everything aren't everything about you haven't you lovely you're the best and the lives of these Dontrelle Willis did the trade is gonna join us in a few minutes to get into the phenomenon. That is the triggerman injured tricks. The giants with a an opportunity here ago streaking and have faced Bronson Arroyo tonight you can't win this game. Pack heat in the and let the Padres take second last place in the NL west Travis like system general manager of the warriors and 845. That same time anyways tickets right now. Here's the great candidly would your update. Guess Joseph the lawyers might find out their next opponent tonight it's game six Western Conference semi finals San Antonio leading used in three games to the rockets will host. Game six go wild letter questionable with that ankle injury game one of the conference finals will be. Sunday at 1230 or Tuesday night at 730 depending on what happens tonight. In the Western Conference semis story number two with the eight is able to take home the series for the angels thanks in part to Chad hinder. So alive viable right center field may have been going back theory that Iraq. They've been at the wall look. Like that and just like that the Azteca criminal. It's powering drive their rights that are filled in the second home run this year approved vendor in the bottom of the fifth inning through reloaded they're really. Interactive college are not at 57 the game and you Triggs walked the first three batters but got to win his fifth. Of the year the aides are in Texas tomorrow giants come home. Off of bad road trip on a good note. Christian or royal clears the bases giants beat the Mets six to five seven game homestand begins tonight. They've got the reds in town time block. Against Bronson Arroyo is the update sponsored by Nevada Chevrolet in the motto drive a little save a lot at. At Nevada Chevrolet find it new roads. I'm candidly on your home for warriors playoff basketball the back data either Sunday or Tuesday is right here on 95 point seven game. Thank you dips crack staff in the back two innocent job Dietrich called up next wasn't good shut him down told to call back. At Melvin last day guys were packed their moment. Nine and worked back now Bob Mehldau Melanie Melanie intern I know Bob Melvin got better things that go. Like probably sleep in a little bit and enjoy is off today. For the six game road and it's coming up we should hopefully be able to win for a six we've gotten. The World Series champion two time all star. One of the best guess to appear on this program Dontrelle Willis would Jolo and dibs on 95 points and the game teacher and we were just in a discussion. Based on what happened with the Washington Capitals and wizards last night. If you were to look all across America to find the worst sports city. You had the weigh in on this in some capacity which direction do you think you would go Minneapolis is really struggled some say Washington is the worst. You have an opinion on the matter. Are you know why that's funny that you say that because of how it stands Bob a couple of friends that live and indeed here. And that creates a lot of pain at the laps pot usage use that means that we would base ball coming up shortly another kind of football club. You know the hockey. He moved that can always seemed to come up short in game seven you know everybody wanted to help make it. Look I give all the hot and they all if she becomes short though. And it always with the current civil RG three lot wanna put people are public if you like your outlook ballclub split. The only people all sorted that division due out late. By the ideal rival Philadelphia Eagles so you know it's a little tell all their nation's capital for me. Doug Jones talking to a mutual friend of ours dairy forward yesterday. How. Mr. Ford says you'll on the phone calls so on but still ahead. I hit my dad heavily above bad. That's handled at a pleasantries straight off the top OK. Got to clear that up a little house business jail dog had done Joseph when you play in Miami guys had success obviously. But how are the fans down there was it fair weather in that you were good in September they came out or were they always there free dontrelle. You know what it was funny especially people my personality. It is not dishonored painting but usually I act. Think everybody sort of knows it's as he got locked up because they came out for meat. You know a little more easily you horrible war blood because you go like that city where most you ever coached at a different doctor Albert going to be entertaining so you away. And they are all it did about supporting NAFTA especially the guys. Badly it in the area but again I think all cuddled watched as one eye closed because they were worried about is our lead organization. Because the organization had rich history of of dumping Purdue players once they get popular so it'll. It kind of tough for them not think that even all the lines are crossed that. That other guys around them are still kind of wandered away and go after what happened other bars bill but are all them bullets you. The table that you support but it was never booed down there aren't apt get locked myself. But again it was always fought all the support we got as well or I'll enjoy it. DJ and it's that he's base Wagoner and I handle that they humidity. I blame muted on the opted in front of a crowd like you know on alt Gayle win at 1 o'clock in our market. All the that I go to dinner at all about an ovation from out of daylight and we love religion at all. On not that at all flat plate right now Jody but I do but it is the best man they really are. DJ appreciate it man they wouldn't they when you look at this piece team and they over achieve inner do you feel what they're. There at Morgan should be do you think this young pitching staff do you think they're going to be our right. And you think the second half of this little give me this middle part do you think teams are gonna figure these pitchers out. And you start seeing given a more runs he studied human well in general. I think they're all our I think our offense to start the picket you know that one spot of the last seven. Dropping eight and not so that's kind of a privately young ballclub. Just learning how to play everyday Joseph that the that the bumps and bruises and aches and pains at this point not to yankees great played you know and triggered emerged that three on eight. Not that we like grade but he eat quiche rubble is coming off the DL and you know that happened especially woodcock and you know again. But learning how to keep in the line and now that Jean capital book out called out be apt to make that Jett and see how they want. Attacking but I'm really really excited they walked out each for a tiger called brutal. Concern about that matchup this what their lot all the law that nobody did a great job children resilient. And you know played bass also. Liked. Well aid hit multiple disks in energy and we are out and so they're going to be right there but the good news would be obvious question would be international playing great baseball on both sides of the ball. Each and did you say that last chance of that when you would go in the restaurant get a standing know you would autograph plates. Litmus an outlet outlet that PR OJ autograph played. 88 Creighton because the Marlins all pot five. It TV ratings so everybody talks about. You know at bat basically and in the it's actually not true. Actually I've been in many places where I'll walk restaurant in game people talking. Here I'll. Not like to go like why it got hot at. So I don't blame it on now wants walked out either if that he's so I understand it but. Again there are audible you know in the culture of baseball. And exactly appreciate of the game. Andrew Triggs yesterday walked the first three batters he faced day you had some spells for US and control problems as well what do you do as a pitcher when year. Clearly don't do something or you can't find the dish Heidi get yourself out of it he was able to do that yesterday Glock and get the win. What are you know what happens simplified. Okay capacity sometimes you get on the mound or you get on the field that you may be too complex that you take away from your app whether it. And honestly you did need somebody come what do you. And so you get to boarding year excuse my language you know and he did that keep you try to help correct that he wasn't afraid to mix the bats. And then what what happened but now the the plate it opens up a few and that's exactly what needed any additional veterans our composure on the mound because usually in the game like that we shortly. You know you cut. You he'd gotten nearly eight but he knew he couldn't do after the. This ballclub and put apple created in that position to sell off really really proud of the effort and LBJ went for the ball club that closely going that is often a feeling good about itself. Dontrelle Willis would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game. There's a trend in existing trend emerging in baseball where you've got these power guys George springer how's Warburg Mike whose stock is Carlos Santana. Leading off it used to be the small Billy Hamilton types of marks who could move now you get the big guys that that can swing what do you think about that. Well I thought about that all CNET top is that it's not eating you're seeing across former it's not easy leading off the leadoff it is. Or or are you dying and we've had one of the best leadoff hitter of the ball I'm Ricky Henderson he would be able to work to cal. But also hit the power and it forced to issue on the basis and yeah I think that's a lost art and walk Pierre will be one of my best friend. I've always felt like his game what cattle all looked and it wasn't appreciated and but what the Florida Marlins. We love the game because you and its cable that are any. He put pressure on the pitcher and we you have got to put pressure on the pitcher is part about it and he's gonna make mistakes to the power got. Because he's worried about you. She's still in the next base and that's what you see it right now at Cincinnati ability Appleton. BR burner. He's able to put pressure on the pitcher. And the trick is to worry Obama not there and he makes mistake at the plate so again I think it leveled lately need to go back to fighting L article table setters. Because they're important but heck out of power got back that it'll be comfortable and after that you can use him to. Each thing when you look and it's time to see him finally get a sty got to win last night. And you look at his team some okay. Trade deadline come July all the different things and do you think they need to make some moves now or do you think that this team is gonna stay stay put and they don't need to start dead rebuilt. Well you what I did not collapse and he's got to help go as far as this stay healthy in this finding his rhythm. So you know he's on the DL now it obviously you do it hatching meaning you'll. People hold the field but you know blocked all the got talked about is on the show he's probably not as polished rookie when it got that group that topic rock has started the ball and power. But again it all started in that rotation in the lineup but exactly need a little more bump. Because they're not able to sustain rallies as well as other team executives hit for power here for the three run home run in what Aggies what you're seeing it naked behind. It's tough for them to look you know pieced together back to come back he gave that game so that's why it really go back to fetal god give me Eilat items that show on the road. But the goal aggregate rapid. Mr. caddie read. Where they gave up 31. Run in that three game series so far as though it did happen again that you two garlic rod on the freeways early. For the old guys to come back because that's how the law lineup that put together. On man series GMT time all star is an MLB analyst for at this one's. He's at it and it did compete with the World Series. Yet our policies and coverage maybe how out there that lit it and repeat Croat spotlight here all the bottles and PD Bobble it but yet we got. So I'm really proud of their group really exciting is really let you cannot work with some of the best guy in the sport. And it all I have to do not bad enough so obviously really really excited mad at some really good out of. All the north coast section got away from him at the Emmys you did dontrelle. I know that it will. Every top odd ball out between tiger played Rick and I I. Absolutely not be bad but shot that it now get that it great albums that I've lived through their ability. I'm proud honestly I don't and one of the best in the business thank you got travel catch over the next week. And he's dead it is good no good assist the enthusiasm Yahoo! you can hear it in his Keith Roland to me and I love like you. Went out to wobble Washington at AT&T park yesterday how far the best way to kids three months now so it was the best way to like okay we wanna get into a giant game we want to get him doing more media company a's game. But the whole concept of liked being around that many people I'm not sure how to play yet. Very tentative would rather err on the side of caution to your hi this is an easy way to comment there will be a lot of people. Can pitch high school kids 38 championship like those kids can pitch that ultimate symbol that we are set by the plate the am this school yet. Tuneup and final and I think it's especially tough for the hitter to be in a situation like that you play and it's free and AT&T park for crying out loud you don't planet big wreck. Which is where they put a lot of games in Golden Gate Park. Also and you find yourself in a Major League yard a big advantage the picture the optics yeah I'll fix it got a screw you La because you see the infield the outfielders are halfway Ian. And you're looking at this think him it's it's got to be intimidating but it was. So that's fascinating to watch some local talent and shout out Lowell for when another fifth straight triple A title beating Washington nine and that one extreme by stress Amalia sanitation and there it is to your program. I'm seeing there that's heavily dynasty are right. The offspring of the great great topic Derek pop has been blown up by the way on the job really previous conversation. He digs buffalo. Is the worst sports town in America we got into this we laid it out with Washington related I would Minnesota gives talked about Atlanta alone you talked about your time at Cincinnati which it threat a lot of concepts. And even that surfaced couple times because of the inability to build the stadium two teams leaving they're not saying I agree just got thrown out there it's a buffalo. Nobody runs more buffalo jokes and made my household is just fill buffalo jokes she's from Western New York say take shots all the time. But it's not it's only two teams and but to be honest with the U even with the fact that the sabres have been garbage for a decade. They sell out like a sellout hockey team they sell out they show lop for the bills who have been the playoffs longest playoff drought in the NFL. So the fans are gonna continue to show what you can call the worst sports city. In America generally. The downturn. In winning leads to a downturn in attendance you'll get that just about every other city but there they show up no matter what. So you've got to give them credit for that you can't name him the worst when they show law. Despite the fact that the product is and all that great. Many households away and I can definitely transition is well yeah I just wanted to get my peace in the United Center pop and now she brought him in Christ and now and not Canada. You crush him when he does have a chance report that's what you do it. That's how veteran makes his play he gets it out on the area everyone can hear it now the other guy does get shot. That's the idea that he might very in the caboose since late 240. You can easily got that right. It can and a half I. As a captain I think are right Jolo a day of 95 point seven the game. The hell was I gonna go here. I guess baseball. I yes boards like to begin the giants tonight. It's Bronson Arroyo in the rents have been maintaining this all morning long you can't win this game. You might as a packet in this is the game 11 yesterday. Christian Arroyo drove in three runs late in the game you held on to figure out how to snap fighting losing streak. No one's looking at a surge to the top the standings what we are looking for is the ability to get above the sea and it'll countries in the standings Sanyo Padres are. Actively trying to lose you don't wanna try to win. And do worse that a team trying to lose. It's a bad look let's call when an X. It is still good you know you talk money this is a look that they should take daycare business in Cincinnati last that I thought they went to Cincinnati last week and that welcomes a motorboat. I mean since that would outscored with third 31 top five and three game series at one time right so when you look at those numbers. The giants right now enjoy yeah you can't say that they should be eating any until they show you. Until they give us a reason why they gonna turn this thing around until you see a lot and actually start put it together. Yeah we talked about pulls you start to hit the ball prints at a couple moments so we kit that they have a couple guys that make things happen that time but you had don't skipper talk about. He just can't he can't explain it. To hit five hits in nine innings this is up so you can't necessarily win games and this is what's gonna happen so. I think Cincinnati Tug mom get right did but. They got outscored last. Yeah anti bloc had his worst outing as a major leaguer three innings he gave up eleven hits ten run. Eight of them earned of course that was in the great American small park. As Greg Papa likes it calls one guy faces pop up. Isms you would hope that time blog can get right in a much more. Pitcher friendly park but it albeit just deceit joke the adjustments he makes because this lineup. Beat him up. Last time out really got nine outs and he had his worst outing of the years the change in parks should definitely have an effect the fact you won yesterday had the flight back should have an effect. The Bronson Arroyo fact I mean let's put it like this. Think about this for a second you are the worst team in Major League Baseball yet tonight you worry minus 125 favorite over your opponent why would deputy. Since that a doormat this year. I think the 34 games about 502 place in the Al central that's not gonna hold but the reality is if you're the worst team in baseball you shouldn't be trotting. Any rookie pitcher out there as they minus 120 favorite anonymous ease Stephen Strasburg during his rookie season. The bottom line is that is Bronson Arroyo pitching for the reds since you can't get the bats going here if there's some sort of excuse after this game. Oh you know week. There's a long fly everyone's got long flights Cincinnati in a day up and a long flight it how works right. It's tough but it's Major League Baseball become a teacher well fort and it's a private planes. I understand the kind of differences and stand their effects on the body is Bronson Arroyo you can't get 567. Runs up on the board tonight when this thing. Had you been. Look at the mayor. Packet lockers and go home. Because he can't be Bronson Arroyo at home in the spot what else is there there's not well you know it's still early well as baseball anything can happen no it's a blowout win. Think this is one of those games that you should show up there should be a little bit of swagger in the clubhouse. Gets an extra rest KG BP a lap there's stick it to end it tomorrow night when the jerseys are orange and everyone showing up. Did two in the full light paying for the rally light sort of held a call on it does these days Johnny quid is gonna be on mount backs him. If you embarrassed them last week when he tried to stick it to his old team gave up a couple runs early. That's didn't do anything in that game you lost he would probably like to win on Friday night against that club. You win that game and I got a winning streak they got three did you figure out between more and some Marge on Saturday and Sunday how to get one. Yet some duplicate you can get it don't. Again it's not to say you know when the division the Dodgers aren't turn it on and Colorado is off to a great start although I don't see them maintaining that. Because the run differential plus nine that's not indicative of the team that's what twelve games over bot. Please get above the Padres and right now the focus needs beyond baby steps just get above the Padres are reasonable goal did is it not. Yes it is I think an even more reasonable goal is to win three of four from Cincinnati and one series it's time in a four game set with the reds if you win three of four now you of the Dodgers squarely in front of you you're last matchup with them. For the month and did take two or three from them also give yourself a nice five in two homestand. Little bit of momentum to build probably by then you'll be with San Diego if not a shade ahead and and you did too near the march back toward 500. A game next Wednesday dig in next Wednesday it's not as might need a company bonding experience sounds good meaning it ten Beers and then public transportation equipment up. Just the implications Melvin Scott signaling me you're not invited Yuri dodger fan. You would go. I will take you will mock you go and let everyone else hockey game that lets all right Melvin you're invited to an excellent I'm Heidi I mean I'm like come and that's where the dodger had Melvin. Don't show up with a any sort of shenanigans going on. On the flip side of the equation a 31 victory for the a's last night as they claim the series over the angels they're now sixteen and eighteen on the season the day off and then a six game road. Three against Texas three at Seattle two teams not performing to level of expectations. Many projected. I would say this season ends today. Andrew Triggs might be in the top three consideration for L Cy Young. What when it is Chris sales haven't held a year and Andrew Triggs. Is tied for first the American League in wins nineteen ERA seventh in war second in home runs per nine innings. Bit in ground ball percentage fourth in fielding independent pitching. We came into the season hoping for bounced back from Sonny gray. Figure we could see a emergence. Can abatement. Eight breakthrough from dropout and son and I am. The one position that was up for grabs the five spot. Andrew Triggs. He's the most likable guy on this team 28 years old 642 twining the right. Likable and a great start this is what it really has been and that's what's so interest in this we talked about cod and all those different guys you Sonny gray that this is going to be the rotation. In the pit guy is one who looks like he's looking more like the case so just in just seem to watch his team and once these young guys continued develop I think it's a shot of you know it's a breath of fresh shared see this team player and him we have Bob Melvin on the show to it's in history to pass to me sit. This Angel team seem to have your number. It when you guys gonna try to change that to change that the outcome. He answered the bill this teen answer the bell and may be to team that using had a number. And it's telling load that Ager Triggs is not in the conversation of who's gonna lose their spot. When John and I kind of backe threw four innings yesterday in a rehab start look good it's gonna be either ponder cotton bumped tricks is a mainstay. At some point. He has pitched exceedingly well this early in the season now that everyone that the book on them. Let's yeah continues over the next couple months in the 510 what a joke and I go like aging. And bite let's all do it next Wednesday it will go to the giant dodger game demo gets of the on the books of the a's games it'll tailgating until we can go right over after the show there are tickets available right now for the S and giants game. So when he gets in did you take its fears out there you don't even need to get out of the expensive ones we do the best data we just walk around. You can and drinking normal generally out ice right center though hours lights and great place. To throw it out there is some now put on TV Hillary got busted yet nobody was in that vicinity. I didn't like CNET news out in the spotlight Jenna to covet by. Congratulations to Melvin address final day here today cell we're gonna send him out by telling mercilessly mocking him the next couple hours no more go ha. By the way to do it all right. The warriors have lost today they practice yesterday somehow they made two of the three top headlines. On ESPN congratulates is that we'll get into that next alone that's not a problem to begin now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Welcome back tickets to giveaway in fourteen minutes at 845. As well as a conversation with Travis like. Warriors assistant general manager great to have you in Jolo and gives 95 point seven the game. We were about to get into a discussion. Regarding Google's new warriors trail I'm green Kevin Durant recent comments they made. And then we came across some news during the break and we decided to pit so bear with this year. And if you wanna weigh in on this get ready. The fall minus AAA 9579570. Tripoli nine point 79578. The tech side is 95795. Penske auto sales that context. Michael Lombardi. Used to be a front office executive with the Oakland breaks he also works include the browser and the patriots he got his start in San Francisco under Bill Walsh back in the eighties. He's now working for a website known as the ringer still Simmons website tremendous stuff. Lombardi doesn't podcast with a another guy there. It's a football podcast. And yesterday's episode about nineteen minutes in a war working on the sound to you now we're gonna play it gets to the forty niners. And the new era. In Navarre Obama. And according to Lombardi. The niners and I'm paraphrasing here the niners have made it known. That Bowman is available for trade and that he's healthy. Let that sit in raider fans who need an inside linebacker. Navarro Bowman is healthy. And being made available for trade by the San Francisco 49ers. According to Michael Lombardi of the ringer. Mode you just heard the news two years and two minutes ago limits of this just came across first thought. On the raiders Obama lot of organizations a pick of the phone. And I pick it up. In him from going to try to work out a deal I bring a marble that you bring them horrible moment in one thing you can don't have to question about him his heart in his work ethic. Now I don't know of the contract that he has forget them and know they did in an extension. At a stormy years left on at seven years 77 million okay that. Is going to be the biggest obstacle. You have so. As I digest you would have to make sure that you look at it and say if you gonna make this trade in beach ready to sign. A new deal because 77 million dollars. Poor guy whose work has me completely joke. Loving and think he's a great player. Just don't know how much greater he has a named meat at whole reconstruction you saw how bad that tier was when it happened dips. New service to three minutes on the situation first thing that went through your mind. While I mean that's that's a bold move you know for the 49ers team that has so many young players coming into the draft an undrafted free agents and in free agency period. To water park. With what are your veterans it seems surprising but you can see why am in that contract is a bit of an albatross to the extent that. As long as he's on your team and he's playing you have to pay him big money. And if you're eighteen it's struggling you've got this good biographies star player anymore. We'll see how he comes back from the at least air head as he continues to get toward a 100%. But if you're a really good team. Meet needing just one piece like the Oakland Raiders for example you need a linebacker this guy fits a need maybe there's a trade partner out there for the nine. Here's your cat hits on the Bowman dealer has followed the first year of the deal last season because it was an extension so that was kind of tied and was about ten point two million. This coming season your cap hit nine point five million. Then at 201811. Point nine million. The following year 2019 which at around three years now be about 3332 years old. That would be a cap hit of six point four million and then you have a potential out. There's a potential out in this steal in 2020s. So essentially you'd be picking him up war what looks to be. Three years. Three years. According to what I'm reading right now 22 when he this could be conceived as a four year. 36. Million dollar deal that the niners gave him with the out I'm not exactly sure what the out is but that's the information I've come across. At the moment do you have Lombardi on the ringer okay this is Michael Lombardi former front office executive now with bills of its webs and the ringer on Navarro Bowman and the 49ers. You want him he's healthy fear that they'll be willing to move I think this two I think what fans have to understand is. Isn't this is what we always in the league is whenever there's a new coaching staff this is an Al davis' on. Whenever there's a new coaching staff you have to always. Know that the teams that hired new coaches are gonna get rid of players for because they want different players yet these wanna news is practiced now or I don't know about Bowman has just been a new player. But the San Francisco's gonna clear up Kyle Shanahan and dollars that are clear out their roster Bowman is a guy who's had been a leader in the locker room he's been part of the team. He had a really good relationship with the old general manager. Trent koehlke so I think that this is a message they would send the locker room that he's no longer in control anymore he's available if you want our who's gonna pay a nine and happily come off all the injuries that he sat. But you can have home and I think that ultimately. You know you gotta make a decision don't think it would be a lot of the 4000 your room for very little. Exactly and that's exactly the point went and gigantic contract like this is taxed to a player who's gonna be on the other side of thirty and is coming off major injuries. To get him he's not gonna cost you much this is gonna be a first and Federer were talking like. I don't know if a fourth if you dangled a fourth right now the niners really wanted to move I mean you dangled fourth. That's a win for them because they don't want him on the roster they can clear up that cap sleeves and get ready to use it elsewhere. Yeah you're right Joseph but I'll tell you what's gonna happen and Bob Bowman probably won't know listening clear he probably not gonna go to training camp. He won't go to you know making it two weeks they have the veteran all the teams have the mini camp he won't bow to the risk does not worth to award. He's been injured coming off Achilles there and I had this guy I in my opinion when you hear things like this. I am I I've been down this road I think it is a foregone conclusion and immoral woman will no longer be a 49. I mean believe that or not I don't even think it's going to be trade gives I think it's got to be guidance and fortune they're trying to fill that out there that say he's helping. I think they'll cut a Bob Bowman. Saw a fake cotta. And you the raiders that's when you'd make your move when and having yet the price obviously hits a lot cheaper if you have a guy who is street free agent and it's. It's a risk reward situation for the raiders if he doesn't work out. If he's not at. At top form which guy had an ACLI NCL terror a few years ago and then the Achilles injury. And he's got a lot of miles on those legs and it's really a low risk move for the raiders I would love it if they are able to slide him ride across if the price is right. Think about the leadership you lose and the example you lose for Ruben Foster. That's the one thing I don't like about this from 49ers standpoint that's a guy who needs some guidance. Not to say is a problem but you could learn from some on the ball a ball it was no saint coming out at Penn State if anyone remembers trying not to say he makes it up and got a lot of trouble. But he was involved in a couple of those miners saying that involve alcohol and you know. Some beauty just just kids being kids type stuff nothing to get too concerned about but tell you still look at you wonder okay. Is. To be some problems here. While accounts model NFL citizen right old model and tells his team leader. Productive. Good in the community tough everything you want an inside linebacker David guy. As a parent you're happy to managers tree yeah. Had to buy if you're too that's the type of guy that can develop Ruben Foster. Without a doubt he can developing Joba here's the thing that you better like look at how can handing you look at disarmament. Tomlinson understands he's been on both sides of the he's been a GM he's been a player just like I and he's got cut he understands how this business worked. Went to New England you know pages look Adams and John he can do Johnson look amateur and timber so John scene and all so you don't John does not sit element six. The ball. I love to watch you play man island job that he's a Smart guy he's been in this league and he is want to respect the ball ball. He's going to sit down with commencing a ball. Teacher agent. Let's see if we can get a trade seed we get I'm giving you permission to go shop shopping without a doubt when you make pulls out a statement still you're actually trying to move a player. But right now they're gonna see if there's any suitors in this is another good move. By the GM but John Lynch. In their code to step by saying look let's see we could focus out there let's see if we get some suitors let's see it would keep trading to get some value but if they don't. I just think that they look at the situation. Guarantee how much is is guaranteed to get colonel opening day because he's a better do you wanna take that 1110 million dollar salary and that some of the things that they have to deal with. It's not that they don't love this guy is not that they don't love the way that he plays. It's just injury prone and how would this going to be turning thirty. Those are things that they have to weigh in say. When will do this. NFL as a its car. Hold. Cold. Mistress a cold mistress other shop in advance McDonald's ago. Like bulky this is why that the Bowman deal I understood that I had never had a problem with that. But like the McDonald deal towards the end of the year it was a what would figure Jed York if you're probably why you letting balky sign these deals you're going to. Tandem. Why are you letting him do these deals they don't want this McDonald are not the price they gave him time but would bomb and he hits the market. And the raiders first two picks or corner safety and then they pick up Bowman for the inside spot. Certainly that's pretty formidable defense is it now. Yet very formidable and into the dear pore over the niners and McDonald Dallas abroad marathi signing Dallas. That was him looking at the line item of what tight ends are worth and then valuing McDonald a certain level so you can't pin that on balky. The first some guy got his money. Sometimes. You gotta use the eye test I love analytics as much as the next guy I love trench in the numbers in the exact salary cap space. Sometimes guy test I test UNAIDS the Donald is what. Not a whole lot better. Makes couple plays here and there but not a lot there. All right Travis like this general manager of the bulls say warriors and ticket giveaway all that's coming up next Jolo and its 95 points in the. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Wow the NFL news fast and furious this morning according to reports Navarro Bowman has been made available for trade Lowell believes that based on the contract structure. The niners can't find any takers they may cut. The Penn State product for the start of the season NFL according to Tom polisario and USA today. Has denied Josh Gordon's reinstate an effort. Just order and denied reinstatement. And that's it while that's it and if you're all of the Smiths are thinking you're going to be playing football again. Goran is I get back no way you get back in May be a fire obsession between the two and maybe taking god runs a drill holes time to get it on Paris go. Starting a new league want FL asked raising. Now that is the nature of the business are I take it windows two tickets to see Luke Bryan would Brett eldredge in Granger Smith. With the winner getting to choose from their choice an apology shows ops today is Thursday October 12. At Concord pavilion option B is Saturday October 14 excellent at the theater pre sale runs today. From 10 AM to 10 PM it like nation back Tom you'll use the code fast isn't fast and the furious public on sale starts tomorrow. At 10 AM at lied nation dot com. He's trivia question. Tripoli 957957. In Tripoli 957957. In what year. The Washington Capitals last appear in the conference finals. Almost ran off the answer which Abu Ghraib beneath it. Just almost went Ron Burgundy just every time I answer and they gave the year in the teams when you only need the year in what year did the Washington Capitals last gonna conference finals good you are really in the trying to win these tickets. And oppose a video on our FaceBook page every day that gives away hits every day that I seven. I don't know what do you sell FaceBook page it's not 57 the taste page just nine by seven the game slip up. Again on basement ninth by sunny and beautiful stop well there is hit there every day. So check that out. Tech is on Twitter at 957 in the game it is up on cleared him any questions we always like to interact with the listeners. Travis like and interact with him for a little bit the assistant general manager of the goals that worries Travis I'm coming out of the hard hitting question immediately here. The news broke yesterday that Dwayne the rock Johnson is considering a run for president in 22 money. Would you vote for Dwayne the rock Johnson. You know to hear what each canceled or I could even answer. Very savvy DO. Very savvy duke I don't have a follow ups on cancer over to dad's. Job is nice throw me off the daily beat your head now there the NBA com bind and we had death. Some reports from Kevin Durant yesterday saying they come by and is a waste of time and he still feels embarrassed over. Being unable do the weightlifting portion into the bench press. What do you think of the com Biden just how much stock do you and your fellow GM types put into it. Oh you know in the arm and I. Once again Anderson Edwards and you know your your top of the draft. You know. Our year end to sit down here going to be the top three picks come that there would be interviewed twenty minutes. The gold these words don't pick in the draft I understand. That waste your. You know we're not in the person third pick in the draft. To come here if you're going to be one of the and cute way. The cheers could be injured. I understand what you would want these. I got even understand like you would want that physical. Or you feel like you know that old beat Judah. I think what the problem is. With that is when we talk about your take physicals. What we have now you're seeing the situation where would guys don't come at all and then. So you know on the typical. Years you know entities. Someone in particular draft. You're at the top pick. Mr. work Q Ortiz. Are. You need that information you may actually like secure and bigotry well they can pick at church in the you'll achieve organization you're your picture that you know you know what your beating. As forceful line. So I think there's got to be away that the lead and the players association work together these players years and I've seen it. You have to. You'll be interviews you'll play quarter. You know we'd get these guys yours we may truly and it warmed whose cult like. I mean you can take it. The person. In the guys that play like a dual entry. Oh yeah obviously great early years. Without their organizations and these. The traffic well. He's got years of age embarrassing at all that it the you know understood it when you sign your contract in the well. When you can actually. Have physical. I'm getting drafted in my mind you know a lot of while the other in the yesterday. Situation we shouldn't be able. Would acquire these guys take physical now currently here in the players' association with the world. Wide. We'll get let them slide. But I liked it there. This guy out there like. That there like a video blow. You know that would be my argument there. You go there today so it'll. Actors shouldn't make. It to meet you get these guys. That the most important thing. Just when you think about that and just when you're talking now started thinking about the NFL do you guys. Trade notes and talk about giving these did you see with the com minds of the NFL. It's guys still come the good top tier guys to come for the physicals and to all those different things. It seem like it's Mormon onus you sealed to copycat differently sucked NFL network in the NBA network all these different. Corporations you guys are doing this for these three the Big Three that don't stations so. Why is that why it's it's as it is it different why is it parity more different and so much more excused in MBA in full blown comes of that. You know we we talked about it yesterday you that are beating and it really it would sit become. You know when he did. That the guys that have come and then you know these guys saying whilom came level you know I'd console what we see in three years ago we had three guys are confident it was period last year with this year said that. Energy you know be held in game with a guy. Whether they keep their clients or they feel like they're going to be when he topics that don't to the super. Get drafted that. You know the American League history. They're going to be one pocket and it'll play one routine. Check on Q I understand all that this is it the medical they're. You know I don't know the answer emotionally the all England you know you know uphill. Obviously the continent. You know that you did you know we we've done well with our market guy on such as it's become an entry in the third. Our home and I wish I wish we could make them you know the players association the language in the in the PDA. Military and he. Doesn't. It doesn't political pol so. It something they talk about the media capabilities and other. Like assert that you insider. You know there's a lot more where things if you create you know. So I'll. Assistant general manager for your Golden State Warriors Travis language Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game. Every year when it comes to the NFL com might we inevitably hear stories. Of tomatoes off the wall type questions that are asked of some of these these players the justification is generally well I wanna see how they handle a high pressure question or well we really wanna get to know this guy and we felt we needed to ask that question. Do you. Like have a line for what you may or may not be willing asks do you have some questions when you're interviewing these kids that you may ask them specifically just to test and see how they handle it. Yeah every interview tactic until black you know we've we've received research these guys so you know. From that we know or Iraq college guys. The other guy made me think that actually want to get cute. But personally we strategy trying to get comfortable because it suited you get somebody travel here are down. That's what you're gonna. Find out the truth about it you know. Sit there and titan Europe have their guard hold on you're not gonna get in the home the most important are. Strong pummel. I certainly has certainly had. Brilliant actors could put that in the patent that you know I think yesterday at a he would come. Multi is that he's. He was pretty much it yeah. And it but I did kind of duke leaker of the you know the capital into it syndicate lap. Any that it you know that funny you're just joking about it on the Google speak the country a little bit. Well. Well yeah. Yeah. That's a very small minor in geography apparently. The geography of the things may be in this room twenty. Now minor Travis do you do you find it. Other teams now or maybe. In the year towards you what you and Bob Myers in the organization are doing. In these settings in that. You know other GMs or maybe thinking hey this is a team that foundry Ahman Green maybe we should stick a little closer to watch like and Myers are doing it's come mind. We're all model in you people worried about a trip to the now live from every team. To me dad now do you believe another 101000 games players Noah Noah yeah. Guys are up two guys have followed you around guys right now. I don't know arena I appreciate that looking mildly a lot of people they are certainly like it will be well. You know we we obviously try to do that we hear what you currently support that triggered the B. I loved it you know it's no secret what we look war and he got tired you know characters huge factor for a that we we do it covered the game you know all the way back at school age you. Not just call it city. Little. You can do it in the NL you know. It ruined it. Shall I put two sugars and this copy may and we better producers are politician. As is that GM of the goals they Horry is Travis language allowing dibs on 95 point seven in the game Travis thank TV time we know you're busy have a great time to come by we look forward to catch up again next week. It too humble. I listless like ourselves a B file on the Miami trying to address of course they'll be easier your systems competitive if you CDC's data says that they've got to watch out man. Why is known to stand I don't really think there. There are all that interest in it and what we're doing yeah they are. There agitated actually move your mate you see Myers talking to Smith that there wasn't getting a violent guy you know. If I don't it's over the guy. You might wanna murder lies go to what a burger. OK it's 2000 box it's a fourteen day national cash contest on not by some in the game Texaco word it's bring. As in spring is in the air to seven to 81 before fifteen past the hour for your chance to win 1000. Dollars. Using every day at 9 AM 11 AM 1 PM at 3 PM for your chance to wind up thousand dollars text message and data rates may apply. I do not know all the states. Is that is added a noxious questioned like come across as arrogant saying that that gets me off guard is if someone who's an adult does not know all the states. Let's say you need to know an alphabetical order now issue like Ike Ike I learned a song in third grade I still noted this day and it just all the states and around alphabetical order. You should know the names of and I'm not saying you see even know where they are. Amid write that whole Indiana Illinois Ohio Iowa thing that's that's doubts if you commit a puzzler let alone your whole thing you got back there was Rhode Island into any kid and Delaware you mean where the country started New Hampshire yes they started it wrong I mean it make mistakes it's a decent size and somebody could final the map 300 years later strongly you. Fair point I never thought of it like that we'll get into that in about a minute a backlash that happens again.