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Friday, January 12th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs break down Lebron's reaction on the sideline as the Cavs were blown out by the Raptors. Then they discuss LeVeon Bell possibly threatening retirement with a franchise and the MLB Hall of Fame candidates. Host of Outkick the Coverage on Fox Sports Radio, Clay Travis. 


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Crying out loud and impressive season. Especially coming off the motor boating of lows guy LeBron James yesterday troubles played about as well. As any team in the NBA right now look at those who teams in east we talk among you come and pay your your pick is Boston. You know coming any shook its routes from Boston right now is clearly the two teams in the east that are playing with complained that staying consistent. And you look at the gas cans have been inconsistent so those are two teams in the east that are that are very very consistent in the way that they go about playing this relatives going to be tough for the doesn't. Thank you don't have necessary you know staff for all in all these games that you handle these Roche missiles on the interest and see how these guys and against the majors and see how well they can play on this road trip and you just want them to make sure they win more than aliens in this road trip Steve Kerr joined Damon Bruce yesterday had this say about the rowdy. Probably our toughest one of the year when you look at the equipment quality of the competition committee got multiple playoff teams you've got. The championship contenders when you've got an up and coming. Polls seem to be vetted completely different from what we saw a month ago in Oakland so yeah all five games are going to be really tough. I supposed to make of this Toronto it's initiated the wide by the end of the first time ever heard why continue to treat them and view them. As they deserve to be viewed entry during the last five years. They seem exciting and they've got talent to Rosen is playing at a really high level since Christmas things look really good and they just smashed. The brunt of the cavaliers last night anyone didn't see it 133 in 1989 the chasm now dropped seven of their last ten games they lost six of eight since that warrior game on Christmas. Why get behind this team and by and I mean they're right behind Boston the peaceful when it comes to a seven game series is the classic response going to be tough to beat the broad four times in seven game yes and you've got to pretended the raptors play in Missouri Joseph the Missouri raptors get it to show me state. And if you're Toronto. You still have to show me. Yeah show me the you can get into may and win a big series against the team. That is favored whether it's Boston or Cleveland to get into the Eastern Conference finals and make some real noise don't just. Get a high seed to win a series and then get Rick rolled in the eastern semis sell for me is not the Toronto Raptors. It's the Missouri raptors low it can they got a shells hit the Little League. I've entered their formal two component. And you look at those two teams though there and Toronto and Boston you look who they are they are pretty good teams you are less LeBron is all umpire when an elite superstar. You analyst for the last couple years LeBron has been playing within a lead superstar and Tyreke now he does no longer had an elite superstar is just don't. So now you're faced with. New things you have to do you don't have a guy making nick can go on the chip forty got a guy can maybe 19228. Point nine rising any might get hurt can't play necessary defense but you do not have. More superstars in a lot of these teams have more superstars and that's why I think that this cavs team that's why LeBron got to pick it up and do you do more I want you think it's gonna take before they figure out the best way to work with and utilize Isiah Thomas he was -- for ten in the first half last night that granite this type of things gonna take time we saw it here in the rain came to town right so there's not going to be any rush but. This is another lousy January for the cats. And at some point when we talk about Brady we talk about how it won't be there at some point LeBron gonna go to flip the switch and it's not going to be there. Nothing is happening now but every year we watch this. He just gets another year older and at some point. Someone's gonna come out yet here's a regular here's the thing LeBron flicks a switch because he had another superstar that allowed him to be able to see. Eight index which. You know when you why he's played engaging and easy enough that it isn't issues and he gets on fire but LeBron can't stay oh fires he right now you got to have a bronze got to play in the clip I. I were raped because of the fact he didn't have other superstars they can step up and play with consistency. You got to see Isiah plays and big gains but with a consistency biewer Betty had the Tyreke. Let you know wait can't do anymore I love that guy that can meet up and down. Just to talk just a guy rebound guy so you look at what they have won their teen LeBron now have to have that light switch on all all the time to carry this team. You reap what you sell low and in this case you're trying to be too much like the lawyers and try to get all these three point shooters and you're looking your defense. And it's absolutely ferocious it is Jae Crowder is a great defender Kevin Love. Sub par defender JR Smith. Roche is only just stands there he sets a bad guard or he could be crossing guard for cry now. Johnson Isiah Thomas terrible defender Kyle Korver terrible defender good looking guy Dwyane Wade is a really broken his way in his life surely just your mantra that when you need to stop John not talking about that pat you know trying to poll. On a Friday night at some discotheque just stop talking I guess yeah. It's happened. You stop in half court no you can't with Kyle Korver so you wanna three point shooting team you are trying to match firepower with the big boys. That's so funny good you have to build the defending their defense is terrible right now. That's not what is successful road trip for the warriors here I think the last time we saw on go out on something like this became execs are now out six and 01 time in franchise history. This is the five gamer where you've got some tough spots yet three in four nights he got back to Max. We're gonna look tonight against Milwaukee in the freak you get the Saturday game in Toronto it's a really good raptors team. All Sunday LeBron on Martin Luther King Day Monday the bulls on Wednesday which would be like the ultimate spot for them to just come out flat. Following the three and four candidate would LeBron and and you get Thursday and Friday off you played the rockets Saturday and. You'll come back home I think three into is what you're looking at as soon I guess the baseline as if you go three into its like making a par. Feel for why did you steal one because of the way the games. Are stacking got three and four nights and then you've got that the Chicago in the Houston game. Obviously feel five NL. You love and hit I think three to Joseph Caremark. Considering the injury questions and his staff and end of the likelihood that dream honor somebody's gonna sit one of these next three games with three and four nights. What do you think yeah I'm only this but and I'm a little different on his his reasoning by he thinks that the cavs won't be the toughest to one of the tougher games I agree that trials probably the toughest inning he'd seen its way back decides Saturday when the planet rockets would mean I think it's a difference I think it. The cavs and be tougher than the rockets because it affects. You know you gotta realize won't get back to back so you're looking at games is and okay clam Marlins came playing Andy Katz plan mayor just that rival just means so much so. I think yes they're big Moe three into that would be good though. What do you think the situation is gonna be with curry how to handle the ankle he practiced yesterday listed as questionable for tonight. I gotta tell it I don't care if you played a night out did you play tomorrow forget about Toronto. Monday. He didn't play against Iran last timeout why even take any risk you're like let's just play it up. I understand Kurz got his decisions to make and you got to do what's best for the team let's just do what's best for entertainment and a couple nights of rest then get ready for the big game Monday I. I think he'll play out tomorrow against Toronto I I've a feeling. They'll either play against Milwaukee or Toronto but he will play on Monday so do the next three if they were up to meet. I think I would sit him against Milwaukee because you're likely need more against Toronto. And they haven't played on the Saturday and the Monday and if he's fine from there and Indiana Chicago and Houston and on and on but I don't think he'll play. All three of the games in the next four nights no way. I handle that get her over me again you can't they play every night you look at Toronto and look at the cast and say what's gonna we want to win more and you look at curse gonna look at this team and say. What are we want to do I think it's it's it's simple and he had the people what they want him to everyone the fans who's a fans want to see him play against trial. Mel you know they wanna see him in the past UNC against Isiah this is the matchup the people who want to see so I think for the NBA especially on Martin Luther King Day I think they are gonna go and give people what they want do we have any idea. Who some of these front runners are to be in the dunk contest this year anyone's watching the die. I think anyway it's it's. Its luster the last year I was fully invested in that was the year. They would follow loss to Nate Robinson and he had job that was the year Iguodala came from behind the hoop. Through it. Up on the back. Back of the backboard caught it and then came underneath and around and because Nate Robinson was a little out they ended up giving it to hand what I thought was a complete sham ruling does a great dunk contest. After that I can't remember a year which I was fully invested houses in 2006 or so I mean. But I actually remember your I've been fully invested my cool do we even know who would make for the best bunkers this season. I really don't I know that the theology that archbishop mideast channels they show of San Jose. Eric Gordon he is a savage darker he's a guy who's been in the dog contest before he might be a guy. Zach Levine former champion Michael is make kids got to hustle and he could still fly in the problem is low it is dunk contest is none of the top line guys do it like for example stood if he thought about who you'd want in the dunk contest and James. Yeah yeah honest identical both for one the Greek freaky one in there oh my god. Ron James absolutely put him in the dunk contest. You think about other guys who are absolute high flyers but most of these high profile guys don't do. See I think James is the reason why we're not gonna get to see how the NBA all star draft plays out. When they wanna do that behind closed doors reading James is number one reason I think he probably talked to silver it was like don't have as we don't want this out there. I think that's the reason. I don't I'm not trying to take cuts and a but he doesn't seem like a guy who hit who handles. Who likes the criticism to an extent I'm not seeing anyone likes criticism but every out he's never jump to that dunk contest. Every once wanted to see him. And I think the majority of people even if he didn't show up the way people thought would still respected but it's that vocal minority of haters that come out of the woodwork that from you from doing it. And all these years it's like five years ago eight years ago whatever it may be given the dunk contest is one time and even if you lose. There are gonna be some some knuckle heads that come out take shots at you but overall both people are gonna look you probably an amicable called don's. And you're gonna continue to while people on a night. Baseless silly little money jump. LeBron James put that in like you sit for five years ago you don't want it because LeBron James and the very MBA new. You had that type of superstar he got let him win one. He some onion rings he got a little what he probably would have one more slam dunk contest maybe win championships because it's good for the brain and you put LeBron and that. And now do little LeBron did not home call he did homer call he should've won it but one thing's gonna be consistent you would have more competition without a doubt in it and way more intriguing. Such a big mess I guess I do I get a big men he's free to do every once and again if he goes out he does it he gets hurt everyone crushes him for that you have no leeway in this world you know all the way what ever decision you make you your LeBron James you'll be criticized by somebody. Last night he doesn't play in the fourth they had to get blown out we come on today first note I have who has you start to slow down a little tired out there he is fourth in minutes this season. He plays an insane amount of minutes at any key to switch on gel. And we mentioned on blunt sorry we mentioned before that he's played nearly three complete seasons of playoff basketball. 246. Games is threefold regular seasons and he's played like 220. Playoff games so. We talk about fifteen years in the league. Yet add three years for all the policies and he's played GO Tom Brady's played enough playoff games to extend two full seasons he played like thirty some playoff games that's two additional seasons on that bodies and lazy overpaid and you still have to look at that ski like dame team and they're guys that we stately two years even our very own Lorenzo Neal played up eleven playoff games we're looking up this morning five and six career in the in the playoffs the number he's just he's he's amazing I mean he's the closest thing I ride IRA I know or discuss thanks Andre are you Farrell I think any time plus now I. Shockingly a lot of people asking for the baseline number based on what they heard earlier today what are scorching hot takes about the dunk contest. Probably not do in the B flight numbers 4154038588. Every Friday 7:30 AM on the dot the best calls get aired. That number again 4154038588. There is a big name big name that could be making his way onto the NFL market. The niners and this name would they be a match was gonna answer next Jolo and heads 957 game chills going discontinue. On 957. Per game. And spicy showed tonight they're spicy. All right so this gets brought up on the text line quite a bit and I wanted to address this today as well. Late beyond bell. The best running back in the National Football League said this week that he's gonna consider either sitting out next season. Or retiring from the NFL in the Steelers placed the franchise tag on him again. He turns 26 years old and a few weeks he's fresh off a first team all pro season. The guy can catch he can run he is everything you would hope for. Steelers tagged him last year at a cost of twelve point one million dollars he was very unhappy with that. Sat out virtually everything you join the team very very lately dot August early September I believe. They tag and again it's gonna be fourteen point five million. Here's the problem for the Steelers they've only got about four million in cap space at the moment. Third lowest the National Football League Dell wants a big time deal of Antonio Brown just got paid. Do you think there's a chance for the Steelers might have to think past this season about life without lady on bell because I don't know they're gonna have the cash to make this guy happy. I think they have to Joseph you have to look at it and you say OK is he worked twelve million or fourteen million now he's more more than that. And dislike or talk Ramallah Jimmy G here and analysts as well. Jimmy Key put the tag on him like he put the tag on your mind this guy now may wanna go to open market he's not going to wanna come back. Same thing relating not. Now situation he did it for you once. He wanted to be a good boy do the things that once you do when he did he greets we did now is a situation he understands me 26 years old he's got four great years for great years we can put perform at a high level in continue to excel. After he gets that thirty now she's maintain and he's on his way down it's just it's just an animal so with that being said he understands. If he'd let this year go fourteen million dollars he's losing and he only in the and he only has three great years. Now you talk about his value is going to and it's where it's it's it's going to be diminished so he's in a situation where I understand what he sand isn't the holdout now. Or leave ninety signing. Yes but when I push it to the limit not short for all those things absolutely because you've done with the team you did what you wanted to know do. You took all the beating that you have them you take your cardinal were 200 you're on the ball over 200 sometimes. All the things feature adding to your body your shelf life is very very dim as a running back. I think you got pushed the envelope and now find they have me fake I would be very very careful because my future is at stake. 300 Tony one carries coach so more than 210 and he he's carried the ball 12129. Times in five years it's about 260. A season that's a lot man he's ever didn't more than twenty carries per game so if you're the 49ers. You look at a guy who is only 26 but he's got a lot of tried tread the taken off those tires I don't know if that's the investment you wanna make when you get Carlos tied for 789. Play beyond gonna be 1415. Even more plus you're in it long term from the niners I stay with late beyond. Now let me throw this number out there. Five year contract 41 million dollars so it's a little more than eight million per year. Fifteen million on the signing bonus 22 million of that being guaranteed. Hello to lop yes that's the highest. Running back contract in the NFL right now that's the body cream and he signed that back in the beginning of the season. So that would be our benchmark right this is how we're should negotiating it's not that complex. If your quarterback in DN a wide receiver whatever you may need your deals up. Your agents gonna look all the deals ever sign your before and he's gonna try to make the case by using your stats in your production in your aging your health and he's gonna try to compare it. And make a case in terms of the highest possible deal out there right you wanna show lady Annabel his agents gonna come in and say this is what the five the Monte Freeman's making. He's the highest paid running back in the game. Here's how my client trumps. That contract with ABC the the gap so you gotta pay us more. And that's how the dance goes. So if you can't get it at five years for the one million like how high you gonna go the Steelers would have a ton of money tied up in him and Antonio brown and those skill positions and I don't think about defense quarterback know lots. Eighteen year actually right Joey here's the thing you have to realize is there a guy even in the same sentence is laid me on I am right now as a running back position. You'd be hard pressed to say here's a guy that can catch. Block blow things in the screen game lineup as a receiver in still be a dominant receiver and linebackers can guarding safeties and guarding this guy can beat anybody so you look at elect and say okay let's not even start talking about that. So this guys don't get them tea right now with a number this is between 67 million dollars. We talk thank you think five years as general once I got a long term it's it's a five year deal and it's on the between 675. Years so ten to twelve million a year that's where he's got to be that would be I'm telling and that's going to be is number. Oh my god that's the past for me and it doesn't matter how much room I have under the cap as a forty and a team ya a 110 plus million. It's a hard pass from me a hard sell hard pass because to me you're getting get his down years and I don't fake. They you can say all when he gets a thirty that's on the decline starts because you look at it carries over 12100 carries and another 500 catches. The guy's been targeted and used. I've gone. Mayweather no dips you know he's not Floyd Mayweather hit me hit a lot more than Floyd Mayweather ever was it easy eight. He's he's really watching play for the gonna take every now they'll get a big shot but he's all right bill he's not. I like Marshawn Lynch White Plains and welcomes that. Physical ruling come back that's kind of why Marshawn Lynch is such a free to play called beast mode because he takes a punishment they shouldn't be able to keep coming back from he is the lowest point. And debt act. Finding ways to avoid the full brunt of the bloke I'd like Russell Wilson vs Robert Griffin Griffin could never figure out how to avoid the contact Wilson can minimize it but still it adds up did to your point like it LTE you Meredith Vieira del I had a job that in their you knows guys hey Tony I'm I did a pretty nice job and I never released have you did you ever really see LaDainian take a big shot I mean those. Big heart pounding hits and that's how this guy runs so. I don't make us a hard passing here's the thing. He and I and we we think he's going to play four hard years or his numbers can increase I think he can increase for the next four years and then the slide don't think he's gone decreasing here's the thing to not pay 141414. For the next. These vehicles stills he's going to get that type of money wise. Why you don't have to get that money from the niners though and if you look at the value over replacement player board which is used in baseball logic but I think and I love it thank you apply it. You don't apply to everything you know value over replacement host. More tough for example like when you're out in and we replaced you what does it cost him what kind of job they do. And you look at Carlos tied it and if he gets 67 million a year if you decide to sign him. Vs given the lady on bell sixty million at the differences did you players is not as great as the money would. In my days overdue and yet you somehow more but I like to talk about moral high return investment and every guy I think tomorrow I is greater because our allies about I like you use anytime somebody probably did and our allies three it's a recap that means a down payment and I'm putting on how I need to get my down payment initial back into here's here's the thing you bring this guy and here he gonna get -- I've met because it's about one thing what Super Bowls this guy's going to give you a better chance. To win that thing that every once talked about the best that I disagree if you. Look at the Atlanta Falcons module and how Kyle Shanahan did it with Kevin Coleman Dovonte Freeman these were not high priced guys at the time these are relative unknowns. Kyle Shanahan offense can make a mediocre grade so do you really need an elite running back in this system. I'll take you do you're better off having a couple different running backs two different running backs to complement this Kyle Shanahan offense. As opposed to do it Pittsburgh does. Which is look. We Levy on bell what do you Batum 28 times today we're gonna run him that and run you into the ground with this offense I don't think he fits with the niners are trying to deal. Yeah I death toll and challenges and wound bulldogs and I only get it but I really believe that he fits this niner offense better Neiman Americans can get. Why because he's great in the passing game what is callous and hand wants to do with the full backs and ran back he once guys they can catch the ball. What does he also led to do he loves a screen game this guy does that better than anyone what does he also like to do he likes the vertical Leahy John it's Amber's is a running back. If you look at the running backs on this roster none of these guys can line up in the slot and run that return route many guys can rent out and run a five rout. Lady on runs receivers routes so you're not just getting the value of a running back you're hitting them receiver in May be unveiled C you're dating all those things so my Carl why my return on investment looks like this guy gives you more and I understand dornin by committee and understand Kalish enhanced done that but this guy maximize your dollars because. Of how political years. Don't just look at him as a running back because if you do you're missing who he is triple I think he's more than that. That's a great point let me ask you this. Is it good business and this isn't a loaded question has on Bob Johnson the numbers here it's very rudimentary but. If you took Levy on bell at say ten million a year five years 101000050 million dollar contract I think that's a reasonable price fight for what he's looking for. That's ten million plus the seventeen million a year you're paying Antonio Brown that's 27 million. Plus 22 million a year you're paying Ben Roethlisberger you're right about fifty million dollars. 13 of your cat. Right 13 of your cap 53 players 13 it is dedicated to a quarterback wide receiver and running back three positions. So now you got about another hundred million or so to spend on everybody else. Would that be a sound investment strategy. Not I don't know the answer I'm trying to figure out whether or not because I've always maintain the belief that I think you can skip a little bit at. At running back and then reinvest that money elsewhere only because when you look at the drop off between positioning the position beat that's one where you can survive but fifteen million dollars between your wide receiver you running back junior quarterback. 13 of the cap that feel holes if feels a bit access. You have the and I think you're right Joseph if you look at those three positions which of the three. It is the least important we all know you gotta have a quarterback in Big Ben is still an elite quarterbacks for another couple years Antonio Brown might be the best receiver in the game. Played a belt best running back in the game. But of the three positions that's the third most important in my opinion we'll go back in on this and about fifteen minutes but for right now you can catch him six to 9 AM eastern. As host of Al kick coverage on fox Sports Radio every day of the week check out the web site. I'll take the covers dot com clay Travis starting Jolo in bids on 95 said in the game what's up clay how aria. Well even dream about you boy we got some snow covered in Nashville so what the city it on walk down my kids who are running around like creepy people so much bigger crock that the that it got hurt this survive a wiped out here that about. Slower Sergio could probably talk about. This out it didn't by know what we all follow. Are no guys in our current. Clay I was hoping you could start by telling us a little story I was following you on New Year's Eve when you put the CNN bounty out and then that coupled that cut down bets on CNN can you lay out the story for us and have you made contact with ten cents. You got an important Graham. So a lot. I don't ever spend money on marketing brown kick I don't have first big you know it all worked out that everything else so the people who don't remember back in September I went on CNN to edge said that heroic you'd think that it ever let me down in my life. The first commitment Ed boobs says then he'd go Saturday. And the other woman who was hosting that show walk from all I like just spell a loss I'd like I just set the most days appropriately the history of mankind. So she quit on this this what led up Brooke Baldwin. Was on CNN first special New Year's Eve edition. For all of your a new war. And so much up out keep people fit the only to curb video. Where she was talking about -- what it had bigger I have yet bigger balls than dolls one that did you do a show where and they were talking about they're Mardi Gras beads and everything else is joke. I hit on a brilliant idea I thought just go to all the spur of the moment I said. Hey if anybody who had been out expand can get it that this bar where they're brought Cappy alive. And how Brooke Baldwin that you absolutely you walk groups who live on a year on CNN but I'll give you ten grams. And it a woman can do it then I'll give you twenty grand. And I'll be damned. We prepared for forty minutes. There worked out kick people who had gotten into the bar and staged a fake wedding proposal to get wide on the Iran he would Ed. And that happy girl stand up and say I want boobs PO OB yet going out live on CNN took a good way. For Beattie get firmer than John CNN bad that 4017 came to a close. I heard loud and that curiosity what do you think about the wall we we live in whether it's sports whether it's politics. How hypocritical how how. Oh how is it that you can say certain things in the and people don't be tolerant in the and you can do certain things as athletes or you can do and people want to crucify you see the deal with. The million in the stance on bad ending you have Al takes about office all the different things that you see but then there's no tolerance and then if you don't let you go on CNN and he's here he'll sane people. You know whether it's black white whatever. Still talking about one another Jesse Jackson Hurley did about Obama when he was running so how is it that we live in a country where what is what what do you what do you make of all. I think it's a great question and I think people up while they're on it I beat I think social media is a big part of it because everybody's just walking around perpetually offended. And what I'm not saying that there are being that we can they could do better in America that I talk a lot about that I'll show. You stop and take a wrap things are pretty good bright light in the grand scheme of things throughout human history very few people if any. I've ever lived better this this is like speech that I made by the way to my wife what we actually it's because that feel like when you first have kids especially your own kid. You are terrified that things are gonna go all anybody who's ever been scared as are talking about. And I felt like my wife was going crazy like a lot of first time all our and I just that are out so what. I'm sure we're not gonna be perfect pair. I'm sure that we're gonna do you think drawn about it we got three kids now all I did doctors so I out of the perpetual two but I that's what you think about something. In the entire history of the world. Our worst son or daughter that's all we had a kid I can't continue to speech after we got our kicked. Our son or daughter it or being born in America today. It could have more advantage is that 99.9. Percent of all Brent reported history of the world. If we have managed to survive to where we are now. Our kit is probably going to be OK I think we can take a brat and get a lot easier course of the parent. But it got to get your second kid you're a lot more chill but it got to get your third kid like you barely care about anything a day to day basis. How exactly did you get the core body kicks are like guys whatever every day to party kit going to be on our but I you'd think that in general. Mike I regret to be pro life he's just. Take a minute greed and think per minute is this really that big of a deal. If he had heard no then why get worked up about it so that I perspective that we see don't live. In a perpetual your credit society today where everybody is always looking beyond that like helping. And I opt out what. Well I'm offended by what you're saying clay because on the fourth kid in my family and while I so let's go quite neglect my parents even knew my name class maybe. Maybe in fact he got downright. Public sports perspective they did a study that when it actually said he got got three boys immediately or kitchen to be. What they find is every side in particular date you have. Becomes more of a risk taker and the way they studied it exports was. They want to at the frequency with which players would try to steal bases. Based on where they were born in a wide net book hits and a lot about. It's betray you like the first kid content to be more responsible. You know they admit they are they're taking less chances. And every kid after that take more risks they actually studied at a bank bought spell this fascinating and I yet alibi don't pay heavily. Like my three year old try to reduce the pain that got older boys do. Even though he's not seek or do we get right you take a lot more risks and try to keep up with them. And that translates through the white I just I it was great they get that they studied baseball stealing bases. And the younger they hit it in the family wideout the more likely years to try to steal bases I just thought that was incredibly interest. That's fascinating and I I think it would of applied in our family had I not been so short and fat and Polly wanna try to steal bases bugs too Smart. To try to get thrown out clay something I've been thrown out to my social media following you on the show is the idea of last weekend in the NFL. Vs this weekend the NFL there's always this debate about which weekends better. Is curious which one do you prefer the wild card weekend or the divisional round matchups in general. Our other than the opening week of the NFL season when everybody's all excited they believed he could go to the Super Bowl wedge and a whole lot seepage pay somebody very thick security going to be so what's better projected that they. My favorite which is my favorite week of the regular seat at my paper we get this week. I think it divisional round games are typically the bet now I'm not sure that it play out this year. It I think we got three guys too we're going to be at all same. You know it great you Roethlisberger entered Greece probably first ballot guy we got Matt Ryan who still had a case to maybe make alt a that he had a good final five or six years of his career. And we got a work totally unproven guys and so only one of those awkward guy case keep your newspaper. To be approving guided through hurried to the plate and help with the vikings. So to beat that started the storyline this weekend and I hope we're gonna get some good games but out operate the way it set up that we might not. Clay Travis joining Jolo and is on 9570 game what did you think about the raiders move this past week to bring in Jon Gruden. At a price of ten years 100 million dollars. I think it's good for the raiders cricket I think he's just that he higher debt for the last couple of years that there is no point it was fake bake the bridge group over to doubt the biggest. He's the guy that I think that raider fan base is gonna respond better really positive way cute. I think could be available coaching hires out fear I actually think it's going to be successful have a lot of faith that Jon Gruden I want to pick up back college. And coach at the University of Tennessee I'd kind of rather we follow the court reversed over the years under the shot heard rumors I never believed. That he was gonna stay and be like it's not bad at ever return to our country so well I think it L a higher I think it's a really good one were raiders fan I would walk the possibility of what you keep to repair our. I get to agers they don't want it don't quarterback I'll be in the NFL not with any genetic upload late they'll call it yard quarterback. It Eckert fairly happy years that we anticipate that they might whether dare call our markets are you go to. Or certainly changed went that public morals that you want to cap head to those dirty work Europe quarterbacks who really didn't take that step. That we may be all anticipated that they would take this year. And I don't know what Mario de car whether that had something to do with coming off the broken leg it just ever really get to get rid of in the same way it ought to Korea to wait a borrower pulled off an upset over odd that the patriot nobody would even care about the course that you don't if he ain't pretty late. In their regular seat at the danger of water and so while will be but I think that that they've cornered it will be a great addition. Or force certainly there are I'd be very excited operator about our. Ed clay houses in Belichick Brady. I was a story play out your opinion. Yeah I got to be what I've read that story yet yet doc I'll bet everybody talked about. I read it kind of aggressively from a writer perspective and it seemed to be would be a article that Bill Belichick wanted to get out they're. To make it clear that it wasn't his decision to trade Jimmy go upload to make it clear. That you feel like he's the guy and if only they eat together. And it's amazing and maybe it's just something about yeah that guy. It's hard for you guys to Kuwait this Ed course or a walk our without one of their try to establish you know what I bet outlook. I've the reason why we your your weather spell big company. Whether playing audit team. Mean they kept Shaq and Colby it's like everybody when there's two co weak cool we yours if flight that. Doesn't necessarily work for a walk I art and so I think bella checked. Morse code at Grady is believing that he is the genius that how the patriot together. And you walk some of the credit or so that maybe he's receiving I have to question how has stunned by it or spot out I put up a Twitter poll and I said patriot trainer. The next three years you have to pick one of these two guys because we keep wanna be a ballot check or do you think Grady. 75%. Of people said they would take telecheck. Over Kuwaiti. Odd usually the NFL what you go quarterback overhead approach. I think that this side of how much the patient by that to what Bill Belichick aren't that I coached. I think certainly people point to it they say he got back apple to a letter to five with great because defeated he got a Korean won a record with surgical beeper that and Kroll global war they were pictured. I think there is a lot of the week he had Bill Belichick out there I can't that they may be a great beyond that. I couldn't think that the patriots won a Super Bowl or they wanted to play our game. There's a decent chance telecheck lightly I tell people they have great people believing that up at that the way every if you read that telecheck might ultimately decide at least. I agreed obviously it do we really good so he can't Clady or careers over. And we'll find out Saturday if this is the end of the season for New England Tennessee getting in on a flu keep playing we've seen that before from Tennessee without. The mayor exit and the miracle of music city that the sham that took place that DA. See what clay what chance they give the titans are going into new England and possibly ending this Belichick run. You know what opera ball fake the weren't good deal for being a part of that play because. There at the stadium and I appreciate you do you could likely got a queue at the white checkered at the because they're. And. True miracles that he caught the football classic way to go don't don't play Dolan don't give them you tough technical body. Ed so that sort of look debating plate everything was offered to let the beat aired since you don't what I think that. This team believes that market Mario and almost did a similar way that the titans believe did keep the pair are especially early in his career. According dedicated to the old actor that he was if you look at what Mario has done the last two weeks to win muscle weight gain to get the layouts. He scramble and get all of the safety could pick up a first down at UT goes query port I'd be overcome the 21 to three deficit. Based upon a big plate you're 7% and a third down on the road 8 o'clock quite figure it can't just steady and did at the end of the game. Had the wherewithal to be a weed blocker hurt Eric injury could get a walk off first down they are bit allowed the type to take it the on a 38 quite. Some. You're the challenge. The titans don't have explosive wide receiver so far who have been able to stretch the field or take the top off with a key fact the most reliable threat is Billy walker. Derek Slater you're healthy correction hasn't been used much a couple of years they're gonna Ito would have liked by all rights. And they also are gonna be Mario they convert a lot of their doubt placed potentially wicked way if they do that. I think they also need to put Mario they've begun a little bit and let it grow the ball and quite like they're all behind a big kick out. This type topic has been able to score quite. But it like they've always been able to do it. We they'd give it up got behind it that screw it what what are you that big guns like it also played ghost of bill Otto rocket to commit offense. That's what that operate it seem to group that bet. And on the defense that side of the ball the titan like most keen that the NFL got have a good back just to cover rock Murkowski. So if you watched that game against the chiefs to try to help he doesn't get injured he goes over a hundred yards receiving. Probably get a couple of touchdowns I think that she still water whitbeck game. I think it that I didn't have to do something. Could get robbed her out yeah out of his rhythm whether it's just. Try to be so critical weapon that you get it on a holding penalty that you're basically tackle again the white scrimmage and dairy the official the caller. I don't know what would it be you're also probably get beat Kuwaiti. They continued not quite well like you had dealt the final thought we could see that he's got six touchdowns only 55 interceptions. Is passer rating has dropped thirty point. He is he's starting to put form. Like a mortal that would all be that happened I still pretty good that the patriots are gonna win it by a touchdown hurt our BR checkpoints. But I do like the site to keep it close enough to cover and does it make it a game to the court ordered everybody not gonna be turned off on Saturday I. Clay before we let you go is that a blood banks special or is there one you like I learned more. I've got are not comfortable with the titan ever going what they guarantee that this coach cheeks that they're there operatives so so atrocious but I like on the opposite side of the ball. Like I viewed big guy it I think it's out of what bank. But he looked pretty solid the European terms I thought that site that there thirteen perhaps. Follow him on Twitter at clay Travis take out the website I take the coverage that comedy can catch him on right before us every morning during the week 69 AM eastern. Host of outfit the coverage on fox Sports Radio clay Travis Wood Jolo and dibs on 95 cent in the game awesome stuff like thanks for coming on have a great weekend hopefully we can do it against him. Appreciate it want that you guys have a great station I appreciate all the listeners reported that it be back early the morning before you got a deal. You all seek life. Give away some tickets this is we know your show portion of the program this is your chance to winning four pack of tickets to monster energy super cross. At the coliseum on Saturday February 3 and not only that all winners qualify for the grand prize which includes four VIP tickets. It passes and an autographed Jersey courtesy of Joseph lo and did tickets available now at Ticketmaster dot com. The more you listen to the showed the better an opportunity you have to win today's question. Answers of which will be taken on the phone lines triple 89579570. During the beef line segment we do every Friday at 730. What was the name of the caller. Who said that that segment was a rip off of gurus gripes. Triple 89579. 570 what was the name of the caller who claims the beach line segment. Is a rip off. Of gurus Christ good class in super good question if you're less then if you're a listener to the station you know the answer them. Darrell the guru Johnson. A lot of them off grip off if you got to realize that if you can write that. Yeah. I wanted to gonna respond quickly won and plays. And about joins us with the titans and the patriots. This game's going to be won by more than thirteen by New England you know what do you know what this patriotism Patricia is going to do to Delanie Walker. I would take these out taking under under five catches. And a double team them they're gonna buy script come they're gonna do Delanie Walker is not gonna have a good game. I'm just telling you you're gonna take him away they're gonna play what 89 guys in the box and they gonna dared them to beat them on the outside. This game's not going to be as close as people think. All right here's mobile do. At 9 o'clock rove announced he's gonna join us at 930 Shaun Livingston right in between right around 915 is let's come on into our divisional round breakdown has that sound perfect so any beat the book he said that we have for today red around 915 below did you divisional Rowell game by game will give you our picks. Armed and before we get to that. From shy did V I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that correctly show dvd of spy. Ford's net sports net. Now there's always that sports net on Twitter. The blue jays and Josh Donaldson and have avoided arbitration settling at 23. Million dollars. Through a source. According to Ken Rosenthal that is a record. An arbitration for you in his thirties I don't Tracy's the one year deal. You reliant now good god how I. Donaldson still in arbitration clearly come up when he's forty million dollars a year it was only at night but five years ago when now he was an Oakland than they betrayed him when he had multiple hard years left that was the big outcry from the aids and they closed that day yeah. I had to hear and feel stacked up off of team control my goodness I just thought he was at a point he's not. The big argument with him when they talk about teams trying to acquire him is that he's old. And he's not even through arbitration yet this is this is the proper course Stephen vote. But it tiny divot and started playing in the clock started he's already too old to get two point region may get I huge killing of one of these and I believe it's even told Dan that kid from I say. You know poor babies these guys you don't need this annually and a ten millions like my coach at eighteen million point three. You can't get your fault you're full value and when your dot Josh Donaldson. You've already made what seventeen million last year you made 116 the year before so. He's made 34 million in his career and 23. I'll be nice boost formed out of these kids it's all about the kids did is about to give you left the daisy Mae in 500 grand coach. 500000. Dollars pretax gets in place only really bringing home about 42 year high. Yeah I won't win it Bryce Harper was the previous record of 21 point six million per year arbitration Donaldson just broke it at 23 million dollars he. And the blue jays have avoided arbitration the 123 million dollar deal that is insane. We were trying to get this all we do we never did. MLB hall of fame the announcement is gonna be coming soon which direction are we trending because they isn't your guy locally seems like all over this yes his name is out Ryan. Even though you can follow him on Twitter he's famous for his hall of fame tracker you follow him on Twitter. At not to miss third TI DBS not mr. Gibbs apparently there's an administrative and he's. Not just the gyms but he's got the comprehensive breakdown and he does the hall of fame tracker so when somebody votes for the hall fame they release their ballot. He takes their ballot and the people he voted on it. And he puts in his excel spreadsheet so you can see how players are trending as it pertains to getting in the hall of fame. Where we at right now right now Joseph we're trending toward a huge glass in fact we're trending toward the biggest. Hall of fame class inducted by voters since 1936. In 1930 C 1936. Joseph they inducted five players into the whole thing you may have heard some of these guys Ty Cobb the idea Walter Johnson along Christy Mathewson Babe Ruth and honest Wagner. They were the first five in the voted on by the baseball writers at the time since fled. And we're talking about 81 years joke we've never had five hall of famers go wind but now in this era. Everybody hits and all things and he is bonds did it he's not in income he's not get any Shia I know he's not. I know is that you can look at the numbers right now he's gotten 65%. Of the vote polls that we've done about 43% of the ballots in bonds is getting 65%. In order to get in the you have to receive 82% of the votes the rest of the way out and the way it works is. The early votes that come in at aren't aren't the guys who vote for the steroid cheaters Erica bonds Clemens and I guess curt Schilling's been lumped in with that group. For some reason he's person on a non Grata. Yes it doesn't matter whether he's been a cheater or not people just he's toxic so fortunate right now you've got bonds and Clemens 65%. Schilling is 66%. OK but when the old school votes tabulated those totals will go down so those guys. Aren't didn't in the right now Joseph. Five guys are trending toward being inducted. Five guys into all fame that is if I let him a lot of borderline players in my opinion it's been said so many times which is BI. Anyone who wants to vote against bonds and all these guys. That was an era of baseball. It was a big air base what it was the error that brought baseball back does everyone remember what it was like prior to McGwire and Sosa. When you came off that strike which Bud Selig dead. Right and she's in the hall of fame if Pete were names did. I remember being down I was a kid as big lake house thirteen of fourteen I was in Florida I was at spring training going led Minnesota Twins Boston Red Sox spring training games and the players were doing everything to the fans they were coming over inciting everything I had never seen anything like that my life. Because clearly the mandated come down. People are not. Interest in hearing about our problems anymore we just inject them out of a World Series let's go ahead and try to be fan friendly and then sure enough how many years later in the bonds and McGwire currencies mean McGwire Sosa home run derby takes place my everyone comes back. Everyone comes back and then some people are captivated by baseball once again it's a beautiful summer and then it turns out they sure it's tainted and and bonds comes along in shorts pain and and baseball wants to go ahead and put Bud Selig and but they wanna keep everyone else out why did no problem making all that money during that era promoting everything you could to bring the sport back these guys are responsible. For getting the sport back on track it's look at in such a negative light but there are a lot of positive elements to that as well bride how many people right now. Now if you look around our country and our world that all the problems we have. Where does that stack up performance enhancing drugs and professionals and. Doesn't stack up as very important Joanna I think we can put aside the steroid guys. For now because eventually they're gonna get in bonds and Clemens are and it gets about 55% of the vote to be a slight uptick. Still short of the semi 5% needed. But they're trending in the right direction my problem Joseph but this whole process is. The number of players we're now putting in the hall of fame over the last four years of the twelve players voted in twelve total in four years that's three per year. If you take the previous nine years before that. There was a grand total of twelve players in those nine years one point 25 per year so over the past four years when the we now have ten names we can put down. And right now the average is about nine names per ballot. People are just voting for everybody so you're getting guys who like Edgar Martinez in my opinion. He's not hall of Famer he's got 81% of the vote so far he is trending toward detonated. Trevor Hoffman good closer 78%. He's gonna get in. Everybody did they were in a massive cloud is still like Trevor Hoffman I don't like. Big halls of fame let's make it past the elite of the elite Edgar Martinez now all Famer. What's the greatest offensive play you remember Edgar Martinez make them jails a good point I will wait. And then now and you're going to do that that's right that's why looking guy like Barry Bonds and almost got I think those guys getting here's the deal is it wrong yet. But don't judge unless you wanna be judged and everyone on this and judging if they casting a Bible say they consider and say that I never cheated on the tests are never afford so my tax or do you go those Digisette something whether in school or grade school. If you haven't input and judge cited I think it's really it's really tough for me even though maybe that's for sure I didn't do steroids didn't do those things but it's hard for me to necessarily judge another man and other individuals when these people who sit in their voting in all of a sudden now they gonna judge when. Have they ever done anything wrong and they every Tito ever forge every digging things up you just gotta be careful with this understands Wesley but silly when he's deal. Walk right in the hall of fame and he was over that he was covering Medicare and it's arts at the top. He gets in the hall of fame so. What's good for the goose is good for the gander I long maintained in this is just a theory I've long maintained that performance enhancing drugs just rant at me NFL rabbit not that I have anything wrong with that I'm not not judging not criticizing but I've long maintained that I believe. Reporters and investigators. No one wants to look into it because they don't wanna do the football which we all love so much of what happened the baseball. I think everyone can go back in time. Canseco and all that so that took place people were rather just turn a blind eye and let it go and we saw what happened and there was all this chaos. And what are we blind know what in the NFL is using every what is it it would be huge story. I don't think any reporter once that story I don't think any investigative reporter wants to be the guy associated with blowing the lid off of PCBs and professional football is something you can see everyone I. I guess everyone's known let me ask you some Big Ten percent. It could be outlawed. Only hears it here I would be honest I usually got to do we'll come back to Rome and oust the after this Jolo and dads like us in the game.