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Wednesday, January 3rd

Joe & Lo continue to break down the 15 NFL Hall of Fame finalists including John Lynch, Terrell Owens and Randy Moss. Then they're joined by Host of the Greg Papa Show, Greg Papa. 


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This is actually the middle of like a 53 minute run were on a final three minutes that's it had to address each other it's too much. Hello I look I love the gonna you Joseph I have to imagine that you get about thirteen minutes inning you look up again. We got five or six and and you Milledge got forty and they know and I was 53 because this topic to me just so we are passing much needs to prolific receivers to bolt the hall of famers but because of the things that they done. Off the field and one of them on the field causes me talk among these guys are not at first ballot hall of Famer it's crazy it's really it really is. And I you know addicted to this interest in to see the different dynamics in how people view certain people. It's a great conversation to beef on and that leads us into the idea that on Friday's at 745 moving forward we're gonna open up what's called the beef line. We have a hotline for you to call we you can just go off on anything be low and a sugar tonic and haters out there on the phone she called this number. And you go off and the best are going to be played Friday at 745 to number 4154038588. And Emery is 4154038588. And creativity king pathologist before burying you got the king you best not mess it better to get beat I'll take a bad ones and I'll plant and I'll turn to shreds. And make sure our names addresses and phone numbers are negative. I'm asking you got that far. Yes but if you're gonna come come correct that's covered under ground there Gloria Wednesday's brought you back portion Walnut Creek 181017 premier Porsche dealer agreements appliance because they in the Bay Area. Since 1922. Brand Sandra fell. Owens vs moss what do you got. Yeah hello guys good morning it just. Alright well my. You sense on this is basically it's not even a question to be back having this discussion whether we have to pick one over the other. We should have been GO at least a first ballot ashore. Jest than the fact that his numbers dictate that and what we're talking about is an abuse of power and hypocrisy by all these voters. On a simple matter of is this guy going to the hall of fame first ballot. These numbers dictate that forget about all good but people are histrionics and all that nonsense. And then regarding Randy ball. He's eventually got to get them bought for me for my money. If you're if you're. Professional Utley and you quit. Or even if you just a regular layperson you're working you quick and you expect to come back and get paid and they keep your job it's probably not gonna up all. He felt Rossi got I mean for mark you gotta wait. Maybe second time maybe third you know and then both these guys they did really had any problems off the field at recess professionals. So everything just about their personality. The way. The media felt sort of disrespect Theodore they'll received. And just a lot of nonsense PO should have been and he deserves to be and the guy played he was a warrior on the field he gave up his body losses you said. I mean losses use said he was sort of you know you don't fly you out on the edge. Didn't really wanna comment but nonetheless. I enjoyed watching them both play they were both you know awesome football players at their position top ten easy both those guys and you know loss for me. I just don't like guy to quit. So anyway they got this issue new Libya or discussion car stereo we're having this discussion got you know people that media people are and folks and other readers have bone to pick with people about stuff that doesn't have to do the line of work. Good stuff ran pretty great call great call. I mean it always makes for great debate every year Baseball Hall of Fame as well but. You wonder the one thing that hamstrings NFL is that they limit themselves to five every year and my big thing he's always been. If he's a hall of Famer in five years why isn't he a hall of Famer now when why don't we rented the process I get the distinction between the first ballot guy. And everybody else. But when you have to go as long as you did before Ken stabler gets honored. But what changed thirty years after the fast Tellme lake effect it's OK it's it's it's we don't have enough going on right now although I had put stabler and like no he was either is or he wasn't within the first few years. You shouldn't need all this time to reflect upon this lobbied to negotiate. During a politicize it. I mean the careers the career money and so many of these guys and all you talked about this. You get on TV you go about it a certain way you might be able to campaign your way into the all the same questions Rob Davis. Great guy and this is it to knock him but some feel that because. And you highlighted this fact before and because of the NFL network he kind of put him on the fast track. To getting into the also. TOI when you look at throw Davis and you thank god he had some amazing seasons. Gale Sayers amazing seasons they injury took a money game. Does it do you did you have a hall of fame career no did you have a hall of fame couple years absolutely. No question. And I loved I loved throw Davis great friend of mine knowing nosed new minority for years should have been an all thank you do you can't tell me. His body work puts him in all thank you look at his numbers down we have some hall of fame years would out of out the guy was absolutely. A big east you saw red zone offense and how you can did dad know with which would Shanahan and what he did. You know undrafted guys guys just you fought his way into unbelievable. Unbelievable. But you can't show me the numbers you can do it you can't tell me this guy should have been all but another guys unquestionable. Hall of Famer in because you know where to NFL network whose another guy that had some hall of fame years. No one wants another interest they want and disappeared if you really just say OK I just want to look at what they ET in India know. You know Kurt Warner I think probably had a better chance than they did then Antonin Terrel Davis but if you look at Kurt Warner did a couple years in Arizona. Nomar talks about the dying here. Stack up with the giants where lysine get a sniff like he was just figured everyone just assumed he was hot in Saint Louis it was a system and that was it for war and then liner. Was too busy parting in LA and Warner usurp them. And then ended up making it rain. Loser plays made it may have done it wasn't really name and nice that was nice to go and view gosh I appreciate it and get rain in the desert you've got to be able to do a lot of thanks. To. The dogs are how. I. An earlier flight Rob Gronkowski walked away today Karen Rogers walked away today do they get and this you think so you think they already put enough for the body of work out that you can't tell me. There Roger's career as an embedded in curt Warner's when you just put that just with his little career with a couple of you pulled the numbers in just look what he's been do want. The Super Bowl the way he's played. How consistent he's beaten. I think hall of fame is also about consistency. Being consistent. We finally have a call. Backing Randy Moss I've been waiting for that I understand given the area we're gonna get a lot of teal loved. But if you listen to this from a national perspective you get a much better case for Randy Moss than we've gotten today. Jared. TL lay it out for us. Right here do drive our wide receiver their number one job to catch football I think he'll look up at any of these guys. The Mozart that more reject are they more mart they're extorting all Heatley had built chops so guides. He mocked all day and it. Tom and I understand how likely help but must number all day site. Appreciate them a call of I understand we say but you look at it social may have many dig routes. Four routes or money mosque would have to come across him most and at times that he was going into the end zone you pinch it and I'm for your nickel and dying game. What I hope he can break a tackle and go to Dallas but now he he denied round you got to give it to one but I just think the total receiver. Did it until you can't I am shocked that individual say he was took muscle deal do you know it CEOs middle name is I do not. Do you know what it is and a I do not. Eldorado. Eldorado. Hulu. I have pro football reference a conniving going through the number of his big years as moss and has been studying the stuff all morning given that that's the nerd that I am Correll. Eldorado Owens all one word Eldorado at pinnacle. It's Cadillac. I. Credit is ever feel like. The great white I need to greatest line that movie that is a great life all you all don't know what a Marleau broke Jimenez think it's an big car isn't the answer cat. I had all of and it. Gets what Jamie Foxx is fine as worse he's a real credit for that. Great stuff Jamie talk about in his career he's that is his most under appreciated work outside the living color I loved is Disney movies out of his singing different foxes beat it out he's so down. Talk he does a podcast yeah is a few months ago when Joseph Rogan does like egos in this and so Joseph Rogan for like an hour on Joseph Rogan podcast. And it is maintained that knots if you you're poker player it's the not he does like an hour he's doing all he's a person nations please tell me stories about Hollywood all this he to a tiny impersonation ends up. So he was like any Murphy he was so may make it any contains characters I think Jamie Foxx is just as good if not better. Chip how La. Dropped to Netflix specials by the way OK came out one albums garnering a ton of attention because he's had on the controversial I don't watch that one yet but the one we did watch. It's done. In fact check that that I did I that I had a question for you it you know that can McMahon. Please lady tell it like everything it depends if it's going to be wilder really nasty or not the Michael Anton okay yeah you can ask. Want to know. Including bank had a better do you think did. Roger Craig should be in the hall of fame I think it is you bring in the show back on track yes I don't. Yes that's that's got a question for you. And he's done it unless I have now been rendered useless to Craig. You can be put it seaweed Telemar Roger Craig in the editorial control Davis and you think about. How many years he played and you look at Roger Craig what he. I do like cal on the senate senate someone said to her Eldorado sounds better he should not go by TL I should Eldorado all of these come. That's his biggest mistake you know like credit he should get it on the right you know maybe I. Don't know the real well. They play at that I didn't even know that he's the man Eldorado Owens in man. He would've gotten in is endorsement deals ever will be talking about him and he blew it that's been a lack Balco and net per gallon than the guy. Hall of fame middle name I was talking Roger credit. This whole night. We're talking in 8189. Total yards left during total rushing yards excuse Maine. 56 touchdowns. Was big in the receiving game cut 566. Passes in his career 4911. Yards seventeen touchdowns through the air so yards from scrimmage for his career thirteen thousand. Thirteen about thirteen now that's a big number com. He has 3000 yard seasons he goes to 725649050. 83815. And then he has the big season in 88 the all pro season everyone remembers. 15100 yards nine rushing touchdowns he got 76 passes that are 534. It was LT before LT back then it goes out and actually. Until he got to realize why everyone talks about those down years but here's the thing we play list. Think about all the other weapons that they had all these suckers take the ball went from a Jerry Rice called that ball and Montana out there and try to make plays and inlets did you look at her look at it's. These numbers. He didn't have. Poll numbers of course he had a good four or five years see here's the thing about Roger when you look at desk there is if you sit down you really separate in the stuff down there there's there's a case do you mean by if you gave me thirty minutes I don't let me do it in case you missed it publicly tomorrow we'll give him just on first glance at first glance at this it doesn't pop and and I think guys are gonna think running back they're gonna look at the rushing numbers and that's not enough like god. Frank Gore went I'll francs numbers are huge who just passed 101000 marks on just what has 101000. Like that's more than Craig put up by almost 2000 is Marchand goal all fame. And he can't get it 101000 how Roger get in 8081. There needs to be more emphasis put on his receiving career right okay so what it's what it meant when they don't want the consumer TV had prolonged when that took Prodi was rather Sammy total yards back to try to correct call to make case does AAA I'd -- 79570. Pop and seventeen minutes we're back in a flash still on that nice guys and again chill blowing did continue. On 957. Big game. TO. As far as we're calling these days Eldorado. So all middle name I mean that awesome middle name really missed the boat on that one Eldorado vs Randy maul a list. What do you think we have to say it is moss getting over TO did they go in together that would be kind of cool orders moss have to wait like TO didn't. And he'll get in this time around will Moran what's going on man how aria. I gotta do it on you got all had a good holiday yeah I take I'm gonna take TERRELL OWENS came down I think it was just. Such a B I mean at age 37. He managed double that thousand yard penalty and touchdowns he dangled like in bad light machine Mohammed and Ochocinco over the years there are plenty enough to eat meat bill. Almost but a crazy year. I think he was. Maybe not a clutch and he didn't have a much playoff touchdown and stuff like got a just a minute I news. She takes 3223. Pound that you could capture and and he looks like. Marvel superhero and shall all older and you shouldn't be able to move that fat naked after that he played I mean you made played. That we're extremely difficult to look so easy imploded often I'm not taking anything away from them. I would say he ought not capped between traffic and I mean Michigan and also you'll never really quit never really quit audit team by even when he played for buffalo he wouldn't shut horrible situation. And he'll David has also played a part because he managed. 800 something yards. Almost ten touchdown he Batman Giambi and Dickey I mean he didn't have a Doug Flutie joined don't yet know LeBron Germany won off on the also true about wrong. No disrespect it alone won't change your he's probably one of the best tight endeavor but it won't never won a Super Bowl. Rockwood a 100%. Be in the hall and he's probably the best talent. I tried and that we ever seen I know people love Trabant LT Trabant LT not even close ground is an absolute. All other men playing short ball and he has. Probably some of the best street shout out awful but he's very yeah. It now as well appreciate the call I would think I had a big I think Bronx right there he said the best tidings of all time. And I love calendar Kellogg's Amare had like 54 blocked field goals and its many dolphins had to carry marked the field talent was always my favorite died in a long time on games games. Chargers dolphins. Just where everyone was just the iconic TV. These guys can drag on the hill right. That's holding me it's hard to pay Joseph so I noticed I love don't want to talk much to Kalamazoo dead felt strongly toward a absolutely loved. So I never come across any of these guys he's still a little likes are struck by that Dan Phelps always just Katzman in my head and say I know you love me any vowed slows me that I toll now Magellan and Faust knows that he was much. I those little black boy and backyard thing I was dead bouncing like dude you bit so I still think but didn't bounce it and any thoughts I'd be doing the back and I looked back to back pedal off decides not only did that illustrate backe and today they would kill you for that. I think Gillian does your back pedal you'd have every Internet got on earth going on this guy third round third no higher than third round that back Alley amok and bounced back the past would be actually say I'm Danny Thompson played. Like Obama meeting quarterback Lamar make the local elected and content out OK son and I got it but anyways as I digest national. I want to attack against crop would do if you talk month five these Italians that I love being Glock. Cal he's not even there yet because he's got out Kelsey is nowhere near ground right for the question in the real question here is this. If I'm wrong ends up in Miami. Or Houston in. Or Chicago what's his career look like. How dominant is he outside in the Belichick Brady is still he still dominant because he got to this level I don't not to this level because here's another Italian and I think that if you put him he was would Belichick you've been great just like that. Antonio Gates. Another guy came from gates gates is until bull he's never gonna go to the whole thing did you have to leave the game to get into. They can't put you in week you play forever another tie into people don't give him enough credit. Tony Gonzales. Tony Dallas plenty of credit it. Yeah the first ballot. I and other people talk about how great Tony Gonzales is. More total monetizing YouTube I. I think Tony Gonzales has gotten plenty of credit it's a shame he never really got to do much in the post season it's not his fault his numbers dissect these numbers are through the roof he has gotten plenty of of credit got to tell me please MI don't need to know whatever makes me number one to call time Gonzales right now is number one all time to begin. I know it's okay you aren't you. I doesn't get enough credit Joseph Montana. I feel as if no one ever really get Johanna credit router or your career and I I really believe they ran you really trying to make a mockery enemy right now. Thank goodness that that. Could help people thought about you tried to get back. Such. Like Hillary me nominates it's nice to hear that. Especially coming from family you because you've done and it is an accomplished so much you run in such a cool circle. That they know that even now they're still guys you can be dollars in campaign vowed I see. Or you again her. Any other rental Neil whatever I don't I backers of the bill now that's runs on the and a path to really gel. His warm on right now I'm just let you know labs like speed in my heart but some of the things are known to grow back. Growing up you know mom crush me. From the title and now on the bench not a soul back on to explain in four years is mega trauma hall of Famer. Yes because he tolerated Detroit to anyone who's a writer Matthew Stafford is all Famer he will be a hall of Famer because he spends his entire career. In the city of Detroit plane could lose reliance. Like the lions. Seriously. They just don't. Even this year this night instead you see them in these games and it's like okay they got a little bit at quarterback they got a little bit wide receiver they can't run they can't play defense it's the same old story if you survive Detroit if you put up numbers in Detroit. You go to all same special exemption he's he's the first about all think Stafford yet know make it's always mega truck yeah I mean Barry Sanders should fight it out as Grey's ever for tolerating that nonsense of course there's the smartest ever. Is that he does anymore done but the search and Barry Sanders you know might be fun thing to do right now but I do this like once a year on the show. Com read off Barry Sanders game logs from his final year at Oklahoma State. It is the sickest thing Saturday if you and panicky talk among she sells like a minute I can pull this up and I can get ready yet. Harry you fill and we moved we did the America's best you got is how I feel them because she did this scares me this morning and she's Alessio there yon and she looks a lot. God I'm not a high energy eighty Jimmy. Well I had a slump like this there's a low today I maybe thought and five months ago trying to get back initially going up against day. Hopefully one day hall of Famer who should be a hall of Famer alone and you don't look at all and I'm no jobs. Since we're talking about the receiver his position in the tide in position who was your favorite tied an all time viewers what are yours and you look and noon Fey retired and a volatile and if you had a big music isn't why carcasses to bite out of hammering this out well enough is that these. Miner's daughter Jeannie Jean. France tied an all time. Loves Jimmy G and she understands what he's going for this organization to see a guy right now would you pay him right away or do you put the franchise tag on. On Jimmy Jean and try to work it out how would you handle Jimmy G the situation. Gotta pay and now he gotta pay the guy's money now I mean look what he's done for this franchise Howell Paul Howell. The then niner faithful are celery and -- regular vigor you didn't invigorated. Yes and say he's an all week we understand what he's meaning for this organization he's won five games we get that but then when you when you're thinking about his body work so it's just that you think did you give this guy 2526. Million dollars your office seven games total. Is this going to be the first quarterback in NFL history that receives this type of king's ransom with only seven games you still paying that type of money out of do you do you look at that. Even the idea yeah to do and now this quite fun and there have bagged the most cap room next I got it and that they get. For the love of god is goodness and goodness haven't saw. So does skin. I thought I carry Sanders 1988. Game by game rushing statue when he hear about a season. This is a free can season ladies and gentlemen game number 118 carries 178. Yards. I don't wanna know about this. Unpacked eighteen carries 178 yards returned the opening kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown to rushing touchdowns including an 89 yarder in number 220 carries for 157. Yards two touchdowns rushing including a fifty yard score. Also had a 61 yard punt return for a touchdown. Number three. Against Tulsa. 33 carries 304. Rushing yards. Five touchdowns broke school record for yardage for the first of three times in the 1988 season while at Colorado the next week. 24 carries a 174 yards casual day at the office for touchdowns including a 65 yard run. At Nebraska the following week 35 carries a 189 yards four touchdowns at the time the fourth most rushing yards against any Nebraska team. Against Missouri 25 carries a 154 yards two touchdowns including a 45 yarder. At Kansas State 37 carries 320 yards three touchdowns the second best rushing tallied in big eight history at the time. Vs Oklahoma 39 carries 215 yards two touchdowns might daddy scheme 213 yards for the sooners in that game as well. Kansas 37 carries 312 yards five touchdowns. Broke the single season TD record with 31. For the season at this point he's still a three more game my guy. At Iowa State 32 carries 293 yards four touchdowns including an eighty yard touchdown run broke the big eight season. Rushing record with this game vs Texas Tech in Tokyo 44 carries 330. Yard four touchdowns. Heisman Trophy was awarded at 8 AM Tokyo time that day of the game. And then vs Wyoming in his bowl game 29 carries 222 yards five touchdowns. Our Holiday Bowl record also completed one of two passes for seventeen yards on the season 373. Carries 2850. Rushing yards. 44. Touchdowns a 106 receiving yards 515 return yards mind again this viewer numbers all over the place but that that series of games. Is in the scene. That will never be best you know lists like staff his three points he think OK won't be broke and I don't see that the imbalance in Edinburgh. I think he. You've heard you did the numbers show it. 303. Immediate more than 2300 yard gains he had a one. 234. PM for 300 yard games and many had a game we went for 293. She is slacking Barry. That's an Iowa State your slack in my Shaq. Before Barry Sanders and I wanna see Reggie Bush Reggie guys in my area so 37 years old so like Barry I was young I don't really remember watching Barry on a weekly they said I was like 25 when Barry Sanders is doing this out of watching every minute course. So Reggie Bush and Meyer was probably the nasty as college running back I've never seen Rickey was great Ron -- they were bruises but Reggie was was straight NASA's electorate but Barry Sanders I mean this season right here you throw what everyone know was carbon. A big game at 39 carries 32 carries 44 carries. The voice of the. And the rear. God doing weekly hits every Tuesday and Thursday would go low and didn't pay thirty. Reggie Palmer report presented by somebody constructive you know I love the sport were best players on 95 CNN. He has great feet and how much lovely. Great. Robert reporters proxy by July he construction company celebrating over 100 years of teamwork solutions and excellence Greg Papa joining Jolo Indians on 957. The game. Pop you know how it is in radio every now and again maybe once a year you get into a topic you like sticking around for a few minutes and one thing I enjoy doing. Is looking at what Barry Sanders did in 1988. This big game blogs and what he did back man did you were you watching any of Barry Sanders back then. And college to go back to Oklahoma State yeah. Third best Oklahoma State running back both sides. Miller offered get Jerry Miller. And third and salvaged yeah I guess I don't I don't watch a lot of college football almost a Mac beat broadcasting Dutch football. I'd have very Sanders in the NFL was a highly overrated. Player in his quest to constantly search for the big run. He would just change directions way too much up in the hole. And lose a lot of yards and again they have yet up abruptly fired at very went backwards ship which because of a broken and it record or not needed you are. You know come out of retirement to do it so I appreciate his ability don't read a lot of situations glut. Lowe was a lead blocker per guy who we don't want it wasn't blocked well we're just stick it up and Enron in there where. Very was constantly jump cutting and changing direction and go on the other way he has the lead in the league and they issued a leader and what we call stops witches. Tackles for losses so I I I would not a great Berisha understand the launch of the. Scorching not take right there. I've never heard the anti Barry Sanders take before but it you do make some sense there pop I would give you that. You normally don't get me started on Walter K either we're gonna move off. That's all right so let's talk about the story that made a lot of headlines coming out do you show yesterday the report today you were discussing regarding what your report there yeah about what happened after the Kansas City Chiefs game with Derek Karr in the coaching staff can you tell us about that. Allied that are reported system of obvious talking about jacking its overall. The way he handled it seemed that I report in armor on the team I know things throughout the chain that none of the discussion there's things but you know knock on the scotsman. A result of the timing of it. The topic I think really is the organization needs to. Prepared her car. And Garrick is just lost his way I mean your lower and you know he had a bad here and that's Philadelphia game in particular job was in the boat to watch it. Was the worst he's ever played. You really only had enough and just flattened go to Lamar was just that we are quarter males jump but it it was not a hard torches was that Murray trial in the this team of that beyond that. He really didn't make any plays at all he would he would Michael Crabtree in the part of the end zone. Of all Michael should have caught. But beyond that show he really just played. Just it is woefully just really badly I just typed in the way I honestly thought about it day and I was in New York. At the time I spent little time as Philadelphia road trip doesn't hurt myself and almost all child murder. Actually had a thought myself about trading your car that's how bad it got in my mind. Just for a moment. Just for a moment I I just thought what happened what has gone on. So really what I do and lo knows you have Garrick estates frisky. Young. Athletic guy I mean what I envision it would have been you'll come back to last year. When you've got shot down and I'm not warm up before the games they like to cheer in the park. And Derek he's seen it athleticism. You see him running around and simulating jumpers and being played Poland BM like yes Jack curry qualities. And I don't see any that any bar and have I seen this rigid. Guy who's afraid of the Russians queen nation turned the wrong direction and mission clothes and not being a leader of the team that what happened this is a guy. So my thought process wouldn't they they have got to re either he had a traitor. And I don't wanna do that now and I think they're going the right direction it has invested in the guy. Is limited to repair it. To get them back out. And I don't think there's coaching staff can do that. You can blame shot down and he got a problem which is common from the head coach and I love Mike Tyson I understand issues the way he is. But I think they've they've broken this guy down. And he's he's lost his confidence and he you know he is quite badly but it's not just can't. Michael Crabtree had a terrible year Amare Cooper with the exception of a couple of plays in one big game. That's terrible here I can go through the whole thing. So now he's got the ball in his hand we're all watching and I think I'll crumbled around him. And he wasn't able to say that so just my point why told that story. Is just can't they fix your car. In my mind the head coach is not capable of that and I think she was partly to blame her fair share churn down. And stripping others confidence in Seoul. So John. Look at going to be different. Jendrzejczyk it'd be different they're going to be they're getting they're going to be tracked later that I have to adjustable loan I talked about yesterday and put all our word. But I think firstly John it's got to do is hug him and love him. And yelled it at the top level com later but they did this this organization has got to prepare your car's broken psyche his body shot. He's not hurt. He's just he's just confidence is shattered any dirt they need to reinvest in in getting him back to what he was mentally and physically Cox. Well taught very profound when you when you watched Derek can sometimes you know you see guys come around a speeding just fall. Or use a step up last year maybe take off running you talked about the new alluded to the athletic ability. How much is that when you think about it talk you talked about ten downing last year warming up and doing those things. Because downing was in a new role. In Downey could necessarily warm because he was joined now go to the rookie GG. Rookie offensive coordinator that had to make sure he had the plays mound because it you know he's taken on that responsibility. So car now it seems as if TV was on his own do you think that played some part. In moving forward is gruden going to have to go back to the fundamentals to say hey step up go to the different drills and make sure that he can disk. Get that confidence back just the fundamentals of football. Yet as part time well I don't pretend the normal enough to deal to speak that way out saint Lake Erie saint cheat off to the pursuit of basketball. As they are the biggest stage CNET shares are put back capita murders sports and slide from the assistant coaching job to the head coaching job. In sports I've seen as so many times cannot know what the age group like your favorite uncle loved the guy he became the manager the occasion they and try to bottle what happened they have. They had asked. I don't know what side. You know I don't really know well enough to say that he I think he did change but there's a certain. Responsibility in that position that it requires it to some degree I don't think that the issue. In as far as as. You know China is gonna have to adjust I think. In some respects how he deals with quarterbacks. In this is the first young quarterback Jon Gruden and half. You know he eat he she hated Jeff George when he was here they get monumental play Arabs. Check was just apathetic to it rich she'd love the rich was older Richardson has series when he came here. When he went to Tampa and beat the raiders of the Super Bowl he would Rajon sitting at Jeff Garcia. This is a different deal. This is the first time John Bruton is really being asked. So they're not develop because there's develop a code shouldn't venture and and and greed. Bailed a young quarterback somebody anxious to see. How he handles him and just so you know now the Johnson's fifties as opposed to his thirties but. Yeah me I want beyond and frisky it's washed up and Derek when he was not a member Troy made against the chargers and generation right intercepted it I don't want to throw that ball. And then review after any side door to get I didn't learn from a but you know what I meant that guy. I like that guy. I want the guy that not afraid. All of a sudden he's just he's playing scared and make it really poor decisions constantly and did Derek looks back on as some adelphia game. I'm not sure I'll take it frame by frame because to not play well moments he played a little better against the chargers are there till the Russians what it was left to avoid joy both sides. When he addressed until the vote to double covered in a deep shot so. Java figured out to dry out job on the ought to do it but I think. That the key thing is to get to get Eric acting noninterest key match whether you're not worrying about his body just go about it. Had to reject tribunal has all the way Jack tried to build about to let it rip it under mulch on all of that but then. Not care what the guy they were all blame they were all blank it is a pressure when you feel at all walks of life. When things are sliding and those guys all got fired. They're all about jobs now a lot of assorted papers some of them or not they get paid anymore she is over they dictate through January. So little pressure on Derek. To get this right to write it up above everybody shave all these people's jobs and then they put pressure and I think it's just crumbled to the point where he was paralyzed by the. Up I had the bring this up because I knew you'd appreciate it my wife as you know is from Western New York very excited over the moon about Buffalo's return to the post season. As a surprise I'm having a case of Labatt blue light Lauren can tell the do not Bay Area. Three mountain got Amgen tour email. Now they're. You know the the joys of Labatt blue light Jenny dream I love. I loved jazz believe it Labatt blue light that the good two Jenny cream now that the pitch water. With some Conosoga with the building back in the class I mean it's Vince since 199. I mean can you know you grew a lot not far. Glad playoff game they played well. Tennessee Titans maybe they came to Tennessee and I got to without merit music. Miracle take up take their take don't think. Game. That touch your game the biggest crime and all American sports history. I. Greg Papa the boys and your Oakland Raiders catch him noon to three here. I 95. Point seven game today joined by Jim Barnett at 1218. And Jeff Garcia at 118. Bob Myers at 2 PM that's good stuff what these new clock spot. What they can get hit like a Jon Gruden got it back got quite separately morning. At 378. Jordan get a hobby Eritrea naked if. It really gets up every morning at 317. Street seventeen he's a big reason why I don't sleep anymore so that's another topic do about it for years he's got a great shot at it got its foray here. They get Patrice seventy and then right around that time. Physiologically I dished out sleeping ever ever talkative guy Tony played iPod page but that they are looking to go to sleep early. You know eleven or twelve and Al Davis was up all night in Al call them like one of the more if you wait objectors. Stated alert well when that word. Pissed off Bob we appreciate you'll talks soon are accurate. The joys of Western New York those fans are excited. There are the time my wife met him yeah. Oh my god this guy talking god gave her for anyone out there who's never met pop orbit around pop and wants to know. Whether or not. The man just the size Jimmy she does 100% and then some we I was at a sharks game Cody are produced serve. We're down the floor must write and out and does a couple of years ago and the sabres are in town sure has one time years so Mickey we take it and see that game pops down there. And he's got some kids would then Derek Swiss come and we go to the lower bowl because of course lower ball. I come down from me the TV's and we got out of your pocket and pop sit on the aisle he's dressed and I got the scarf on indoors. And it all poppy don't A-Rod jags were did you see my wife she's from Western New York. He kind of looks a bit me tonight. That's enough you can leaf and many turns to her and they just starts wooing her with these tales he's fabulous tales. A life of Western New York and all the same Mars. I'm forced to talk to his son Derek we'll look at each other and I realize I'm on the peace quiet there quickly dismiss him. Sitting back and housewives and you remember this now your reminiscence good mates likes how you doing. And skin and I'm doing good Tim after that he had been talking unique you Auckland what is she thinks oh my god it was great oh my god he's he's so great not so great at you so you work with him as there isn't patient. Almost got oh yeah this is the worst part thank you Cody reminds you this. Lower bar so I'm not even a part of this conversational talk enough courage mr. charming and Houston and room. I went down there and IE. I don't think it'll let you decide I bet on the sharks. And it was like nothing nothing after two periods right and I'm I'm I'm just them it's a grind. Public gets some of this whole thing and he just looks immediately put his finger videos sabres ago when this game. Why it seriously when this game. To a walkway and like Dan he's a he's most mean. How does the heat is woo my wife and and bush made in the white shirt a white teams say this turn up the sabres stormed back some Mickey's sheared pop Syria and they win the game on Satan I bet on the damn sharks wow. A game that I try to get it back later in the year I went down for the flyers game so of course I'm bet on the flyers sharks hammer then naturally. And I'm on the wrong end of both household games civilized until normal day. And so that Debbie 2000 that he so we're looking to take this out so your guide that's that's not deny him that extra little time to. You're running with this guy you've been copied you know just having fun. You hey I know you said that it. The bank guarantee that I had a bag I down here so that I wanna touch on out what pops and on the show yesterday about that Kansas City game. As well as what he said just now regarding care are being broken but it is 845 and what we do every day at 845. Is a little segment called know your show this is where we give away tickets. And the best way to win is if you listen a long time goes in the trivia question references something from the shout. So they were giving away a pair of tickets to the Valentine's weekend last fast starring Marlon lanes Chris Spencer Ryan Davis and more hosted by Arsenio Hall on Saturday February 10. And Tony skull field on Sunday February 11. It's at the Paramount theatre in Oakland. Tickets are available now at the Paramount box office and all Ticketmaster locations. Today's giveaways for the Sunday February 11 shop. Here's the question and the phone numbers triple 895790%. Of and the question is something I'd buried in an other folder so I am going to just all by staying the nonsense and now here I am what is. Well yeah I'm just going by eight you're Gmail chat. Thank you for making time for us and I odd today we reference the middle name. Of AE receiver who is up for the hall of fame. What is the receivers know that. Triple late night by 79570. What is the middle name. On the wide receiver we've been talking about all day and not Randy Moss so now you know who it is and that middle name is what we talk about five minutes. To get on it's a great once I was that was my first name. I. Now. Yesterday. Greg pop up with a story that made a lot of news regarding what happened. After the Kansas City game. In regards to the opener coaching staff and our car. This coaching staff turned under cart is well. After the Kansas City game they called them out in front of the whole team meeting it wasn't just the offense of the quarterbacks and a segment of the team as a whole team. And they ripped on the phone everybody. And there's a trifle guy. But. When it we have a head coach it's not designing the play calling the play and then second guessing the play in the quarterback's play in the certain play. It doesn't go well so I think this organization what they have to do from this point forward on. Is bill Derek are up they've got to get his confidence back his swagger back. All right you've been in locker rooms all cross league winning teams losing teams you have seen it all AFC NNC. The best the best worst the worst when you hear something like that at a coaching staff after a marquee game my bag goes in and in front of the team calls out anybody. Whether it's a quarterback or anybody like that it had the wrong thing to do as a coaching staff did you see why coaching staff would do that. I can see why would be good and I can see right to be that it depends on the individual. I've been in situations work wasn't good. In this situation toward moves great and bad guys you know I you know shaman you know I was in on new running back foot and a coach and San Diego. And you know most Pro Bowl here in all the stuff we're planning game and in Chicago and we got an means teen meaning. And brokers borrowers film when he said. There or won't won't won't watch an office that. Say some say some good people to be doing that you did both the UA. He's an excellent anymore why no more that starts with a dollar sign yeah yeah this is a part of the whole team and a key so he jumps in on is this Norbert is Marty. This is no hard and so nor is it because he jumps and Europe's north yet because north little soft on the stand for the story. Aim to withstand this one is our enemy to. And honestly. I was getting just mad and I wanted to you know it took it six Mr. Big I mean and then he'd he'd. Britney and I just much of the media afterwards and we you know we going and guys look at and you just you know the kind you need to look you just mark in the media. You're disappointed in you in sometimes you you know and what I had the conversation but she's you swallow it swallow and you know when you look at and inane you reflect. You go back in you wants to take you look and say I missed a block not edited that. And you try in you try to look at some residents some of wasn't as bad. Sosa was and I don't look at myself think. Why am I I didn't I wasn't I should've played better. There was a time where you know now we got the meeting and ripped LT. Was it because nor was it sometimes you don't have to head coach that steps up. And then we head coach need to step up and do things and I'll put it to the guys losing guys don't respect sometimes you wanna see with the head coach is going to do as well. And he ripped guilty. And we got enemies can say Neil got Arnold. LT OK mostly you'd talk to him. Feel better. And you can't remember this you know you don't get any goodwill and Annie was dripping in front of the running backs yeah. Now could you see OK let's take it step by step here so. The raiders go in this huge game against Kansas City it's been a messy season we saw an opportunity to win the division began when this game and you beaten Kansas City early in the year. You go in there you play a bad game afterwards the coaching staff decides they are going to eviscerate. The starting quarterback in front of the entire team. What would be the mindset that if you're the head coach you say this is what I'm doing why would you be doing that is it frustration or indeed does it serve eighth. This is sort of point the wake people up. It's the same the world here's the thing I really believe he was great because everyone knows offense and meanings. Thought they'd sometimes car was not making the right decisions. And tapping in to do our tons of corn and OC. Wasn't getting on him in but he was still getting on everyone else so I guess making mistakes like everyone else but he's being treated differently more favorably than everyone right in not is not dared probably didn't care dare probably wasn't anything about it. But guys see it guy see here here's a guy hole and other guys accountability now home court back. There doesn't thinking they know that as he does he wants to wind. So you probably had those things you start to hear it in the locker room you start to hear certain things. A car you see what he does he takes the podium and say that's on me I got to do better under quarterback I can't do that I can do these things. So car acknowledges he's he's not playing well he gets said. But if you see it in the meeting room and don't say it's a maybe because as I predict that. I'm here in this around and tell. All I'm here in certain things slumber to call him out let's go call amount indeed this guy out. So you can do that to a Peyton Manning maybe your Tom Brady but those guys have been veterans in the game 67 years any game. Guys finished fourth seed here or give these guys wanted yet people got to make sure I get that. Led the same sense when you've been hole and down like last year and the year before in you've been doing all the things you need to do and you be the guy. And all of a sudden now they're putting all the pressure and you could go win to save jobs coaches' jobs are aligned people are wildly and all those everything and it fell on his shoulder. And sometimes people crack the guys still human. And I think this sometimes you put undue pressure on and young men are young quarterback and you can break them. In no matter how strong how car comes across comes across I got this understand. He's still it's sometimes still mentally sometimes a guy's only in his fourth year freak here. Sometimes he's not ready yet now would be ready I think you will is going to be good quarterback I believe he's gonna come through this. But sometimes when you put the cabin pressure and a whole weight is only one guy. Sometimes think cracker sometimes it just not good and the way you delivered sometimes the message of delivering you do what in this anymore everyone's knowledge now you what are you trying to be so perfect. And you're trying to be sorted you don't make any mistakes. He can't play like that I had fun prime example Marciano am. Now he did what it Marty Schottenheimer do Drew Brees I heard in tone Drew Brees hey you know he's looking at drew let's say he's tell SS Omar is it true. No way he was sandy drew but I could just tell that he was saying something too on this is doing Chicago bear game. Arab born Jewish and now we believe email lead. I think leave from I think that's a male we've these guys know the garage when you guys. I just stand up the lead to eating Marty was get on a little that Marty was getting on I was give somebody who's going by himself and Uggla. And Eagles telling what do you tell what was he telling jokes he said amen give you one more series and not we're gonna go to kid Phillip rivers and we're gonna put you on the bench. And joy I knew something was going on and so our goal on a massive Mecca more so we believing. Put looking around and step up and leave me and we believe he went until three touchdowns he never looked back I didn't think at that moment that they did anything for the show me. Drew Brees couple years later you see what he does he writes a book and he talked about that moment. That moment in his career where change you didn't know anything so you can give life. You can give death. And some people they think they're giving life but they also can be given deputy can be heard person's character. Heard a person's mental their psyche and a lot of things don't even though their pink and they're building them up. We have parents sometimes you press that you may not amount to nothing New England do nothing because you don't we just like your first your Al Gore could don't you don't we just like that could bring an amount of nine. They think they're trying to push you don't. But a lot of times they're hurting you. A lot of times are disconnecting you from because your talent person just because a lot of kids are some in envisions a multilingual you know strain of being an amount that's not the a lot of kids say OK I better straight up and do better. But a lot of parents sometimes they do then they pushed their kids in the wrong direction because that's not positive reinforcement. So you know you don't win and that's the psyche of a head coach and that's also what parents and that's what leadership and that's when everything. If you'll speak of life in the right way with individuals you can crush their growth. So you have to be careful parents have to be careful bosses to be careful people have to understand who they're dealing with and understand if you listen. And see sometimes people say a lot of things that protect themselves say a lot of things at all posit but even though they may not know what's Cuomo. Got to know the people that you deal with. You got to listen and understand who's hiding something who's the one most certain things. You gotta be able to assess the situation and understand how do I speak to that individual that's why I head coaches. You gotta be also a psychology you gotta be upon you guys understand or until I would. Because sometimes you beat a person up when you put him an accord they try to become so perfect becomes so we get it they'll lose their weight. Mentally spiritually and a lot of different ways so I think the gap car as -- and do some things and he understands that. But I believe this young man's gonna come through. A really good stuff right there thanks to new coach. They're not a head coach because I know that there's a lot that goes on that one engine. Known as did you are aired out everybody's business. I would read his book by the way that chapters called the mind your own business. He Marty Schottenheimer talked about a business proposal would try to get involved. And I felt. There. Heavy bet duties one of the more intense dues yet planet has ever known here as he I've I've been fortunate to be around him a few times talked in a few times. It feels like he never lets up like he is always just on edge because he's got something to accomplish these that's why they tip on a show it comes across is like too much but you also. Realize that that's what makes him great. My dad and that leads back in the TO thing. Every time you talk about the problems he had a locker room shore he wasn't mature enough to necessarily express himself. I believe how he wanted to put it all came from a place of competition he was so intense and so fiercely competitive that when things didn't work out it would help. I'm Philadelphia it all started to unravel because he came back from that broken ankle unlike less than two months to play in Super Bowl. And on the game winning drive McNabb was shooting on the field and couldn't get lined up 'cause he wasn't properly conditioned. He was completely out of gas he's throwing up in the huddle and they couldn't get down the field. And that became a big rift between those two. I sold at a few years later McNabb any game in Tampa Bay that was acting gay lower level seats now read what have LJ Smith the tight end looks up. He's McNabb looks at the rest of calls timeout against other Putin is you don't feel itself. Dance it happens who. One Packwood that. It is a warrior Wednesday. Rocky by Porsche Walnut Creek eighth 2017. Premier Porsche dealer and driven supply its trust name in the Bay Area since 1922. Tim Roye is gonna join us in just a few moments in San they make NBA insider at 930 congratulations to James in San Bruno on winning the know your show tickets. The correct answer the trivia question was. Eldorado. Pro Owensboro and Eldorado all one word. I was at Eldorado was to work it's all mark. Incidents at eagle on by Eldorado Owens. In I think starting to say he's already isn't it and he's just walking around. Major rain everywhere so it's all his fault for not went by going to around he made eight medical error. Early in his life by going by Correll and Diaw and act that connect attack catching. Secretly it's the Eldorado factor any gone by Eldorado the motors would have put him man. All right we've got so much to get to today. We're gonna mouse for a minute we'll come right back we talked last molten rock.