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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, December 29th

Towny and the Guru fill in ... what are the best and worst Bay Area sports moments of 2017?


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You. 9570. The Big Ten that. I'm sorry to your phone calls a terrible 89579570. As we're gonna wanna get your best and worst moment as a Bay Area sports fan in 2017. Wade Davis. Our. Three time all star. Last year 32 saves. They've already shut Barry got Brian show off from Cleveland. The Rockies are in the post season last year out along with Arizona and along with the Los Angeles Dodgers. They've dramatically. Improved. Their bullpen. So. Our boys Irvin was Michael Irvin was on these Airways saying he was upset one of the few about the giants not. Don't want anything to their bullpen I'm like dude you know neither team when you get a lead. When you lose 98 games wade would really nice don't ever on getting better all around them everybody's. And they get older more expensive. OK. Let's say elected you will say. Dodgers are gone anywhere between. Snakes Rockies. Bud Black one in there. This this 2018. Seasons for the San Francisco Giants. With all the money they have committed only immoral and the bomb contract over because that's come and that is going to be. All right. Before you do calls a triple A 9579570. Best and worst moment as a Bay Area sports fan I know for me my best. Was. Co hosting the parade. With mats timeouts and Liz. I'd never done that before. And to be a part of a parade. And be on that. Warriors flagship station. And thrown it everywhere Jimmie we were on the air for white guy like it was like 67 hours straight no commercials and eight and senate. And and went I'll never forget. Watching the love that was on that stage. 'cause what happened is some owner talked a throwback does not throw back to the stage uses it. And did just watching Bob Myers. Give up. And had a story about every single player I'd never seen out of prayer now I have watched every single brain know this this Israel but he got out there and told a story a personal story about every guy. Is it they were all on the same level in regard to who gets you and how did you law. You can sense the love on the stage. And then Steve Kerr got up. And Steve Kerr who's had quite a few prayed experiences. Steve current got up and had a story about every single guy. It was just it. You can see right there I mean you've seen on the court but this is different or not on the court. But you can see from ownership. To front office. To head coach coaching staff to players. Just how special. This mixes. As bullion base and you know this. This suit adapts so many here it's just. This is why they're so great it's just not they shoot a lot of threes it's just not they play good defense and there's there's something about the relationship. That the entire organization has the most people don't have and and being a part of that parade that day. Is truly a highlight in my career. Well which is also reason why I don't see someone like Kevin Durant leaving right now after a year next this next year. To go somewhere else just to say he's gonna prove that he can carry team on his own to me it's more. This is a fun team he's enjoying coming to work every day that I don't see him leaving in the near future. Mine is is gonna shot you don't laugh I don't I don't know why you will that but it was a week to. And it's not too old but it was Marshawn Lynch dance scene. Against the jets the victory was in hand. And on this station we have all heard the rumors that he was comments are it was not gonna come it was announced but I'm sorry. I haven't been moved that way in a long time to watch a home tailed kids. Just almost just orchestrate the whole crowd as if he was the maestro. Live from oh yeah and allied is on to blame. And the raiders were to win all and I thought here we are this thing is headed to Minnesota. The AFC championship so for mile long. I'm glad you're up for me and I was that day game I just I I was blown away and I know I'll come on. And and that was a moment that I'll never forgive mark shot he earned net gain in the sands loved him more than he probably loved him and he played high school that stadium and I left driving home. Like this team is headed. And ever since then they went down the toilet. Yeah my worst moment. Nobody laughs aren't cut to get more now I worst moment was. And in January. Doing raiders' opening drive with your mouse key for the playoff game you went there and doing truck trying to trying to pump people up. Trying to stay positive. And so I remember talking to Del Rio off off camera. And he said there's a reason why a rookie is never made his first start the playoffs. There's a reason why it's never happened before or Micah again so then as we're trying to each ready for the game. You just you just knew this is not getting Angela. It was just a bad feeling go on and it was a bad feeling watching it. And it was just a sad but it was like oh what could this have been. If Derek Carr doesn't play his layouts on Christmas Eve is that team they were going to win this. Had seen had balls that team. They had those combat is like you put obstacles of threat that seemed ages league bridal started we won in new in the buy you gas gutsy call and it was just a different it was a different it mean. The idea that the DNA from 2016. Did not transferred in 2017. But that today. As great as that day was for the warriors parade. That's out equally worrisome was that day. And that pregame shell and that post game show knowing that was my worst. By far. I say my worst was actually when the ade stadium fell through Lew Rockwell Collins just because he had that excitement OK it's gonna happen now and then all of a sudden it was just. Ripped right out. You know they rip the rug right out from under you so. That would he was worth citing is amend a section and that's let them warriors led the warriors went itself for the redemption with fur cape DNA everything surrounding the warriors in getting back at LeBron and then. So that was for me I favorite and you have your lawyers kind of fire that I do this and my Christmas gift actually. That's that's that's that's that's that's that's taken no joke scars easily from my brother in law. I asked a little big it is I feel like Shaq the huge infinity scarf this. So what does Colin Colin it is Garza like the geeks are things and a key long golf restaurant you like four times its huge. What do you do. Tapper knicks last game is a San Cisco 49 error in the day that. The day did he announced he was opted out I knew was career suicide. Now some people say they were gonna kick him to occur but I do know John Lynch said he respected his skill set they would sit down and talk. But I think he had bad advice but with his anthem issue which I'd I believe you have points and I was behind them. I hate. Then I knew this was coming and the Dow would probably be his last day. As a NFL quarterback in it looks to be that way he's got on to do different things but what saddens me about it. Is the fact that I know he's better than half of these bombs that Kirk does not starting it or even back up. And I know the political game. This just the world we're at now. Is the reason he's not on the field I've taken to BS but I just feel bad for the dude number I know you probably enjoying life and his new life. But that dutiful ball player and the worst part is. He had hit stats tell me and some people say oh it didn't matter that team was terrible but our remember the U game in Miami. He had more touchdowns than interceptions last season then nobody talks about that so went he made that announcement he was leaving and and they were parting ways I knew was deuces. Triple A 95795. Seve is not a will and Marie and well and Marie and lead us out here in 957 again. Yeah I think though I worst moment. Of last year as far we haven't you accept the fact that the guys just were. Knock it it was it was really tough because you were loyal to collapse. Chicks that year and actually let you know being go to court jet off here's what I was just talked actually sit down our debt like. But I literally went from hero to hero my eight year that happened it was. It was really really really tough I think that acts. Intermediate I know that it's up pretty new but. The job I'm in the niners being on the irrelevant in the NFL it's always talks of fact they got Junichi and the fact that. They've turned around and they're actually like united get it talks without. The niners back up and up Bob you know caught up on the glove push up. It's gonna happen that and that out of the back over to change it to Jimmy Jean king outlook a turnaround can be when you have a leader. And people that we've got leader so I guess. Thank you well how about this. So you know drive up this morning at 4 AM in the dark. I was going around and the different national shows. Jimmy gee was brought up on two different national shows on the drive up today. If you think there is not a buzz about this guy outside the Bay Area kid yourself it's just not here it's. Everywhere and if that's what I said but he's backing up the buzz is best he can. With the form that he has and the form that he has is going out there Sunday and hang in 44 common number one Pete hits the Jacksonville Jaguars this duke has done nothing. But to give you hope. Man I decide to weed out this morning from SP nation has Jimmy grapple as drives at the niners and patriot fans can't shake the feeling of what could have been. Move out relief always gonna get worse. Wow let's say at this Achilles goes on old Tom terrific week he's got a sore Achilles. I'm telling you what you think he can play till 45 so he can play till 45 what is he forty. 41. I think format that's if you think he go another 34 years you had to get ready your outlook do you think he can keep golf but I'm just say I'm Josiah said they're being back until he's in his thirty year veteran dale is nothing more happened. He's got free agencies that are here billion. Let's go to will in Oakland good morning well. Morning out of breath appreciate. You know I'm gonna Cook County here and Pinochet worst and best they're both or your moment. Stated we had a week of each other game you off at seven between magic and yet you a little more than a year ago. Lincoln carried us and then on gained sudden I I've. Don't know much more that hurt when net. Well let's positives. OP can you you know than that that's coming off all the everything working right beaten eight we have all started and and now we'll have. Twenty speaking most. Pretty pretty fantastic it never if they kidney better than them the magic that he'd been. A big deal. Every part of my friend grip it touched every part of my family attached and down. I think that it created a lot of what your friends that where we're works. Yeah I it's it's. It's really cool when you saw how all this thing was gonna go where you've got. Two teams took an out for the third straight year in the NBA finals I'd never happened before a kind of surprising but it never happened before. Knew I just knew it like a heavyweight like I Celtics but he didn't yeah and now the Grand Slam will be de icing on the cake if there's any other match up. Not cleanly Golden State. Count this guy is disappointed to do on T power and I'm sorry I wanna I wanna let it let it lift the Celtics taken notice that they were doomed when they know it's got the same. LeBron these teen. And he gets his against the lawyers is just can he and he's already got one is to want to neat just to do to. Now what's that Christmas game like he was the playoffs and that's what you were there was wrong came Marlys I was and a generators Poulter are thought to react. Christmas and a Saudia cellular. Art book. The other day ago miserable. Sort of but the Grand Slam and a is going to be icing on the cake it's it's warriors hate LeBron can beat the warriors you don't think the warriors and tomorrow really a seven game series all the LeBron got out of the of the game that if you would read to free those that have been down wanted to possibly would OT and the LeBron that has Isiah Thomas coming back. I. And unknown how many of these haven't yet Cleveland's mayor. Another boy this is tomorrow. This is let's go to Ryan and sunny now go ahead Ryan. But that's loaded this year I think my beautiful baby girl to her church Asian game of the doubleheader against that certain. And duplicate Churchill let's go develop outside. I'm not words number this year unfortunately had a greater sand. He will have been asked them tell people are known or believed they had access and Eleanor. So that they had never had a happy here. Yeah you'd sale to Europe. Yeah even Brad donated a total of 2018. And I'm sure the day you lost that dumb way to do this girl's. The Astros the Astros are gone anywhere anytime soon. The Astros and the Dodgers. Both still have from multiple prospects that are really good that are going to be coming up the pipeline real quick you're you're missing you and me we have Twitter war is about you're analytics. You out to they would be willing yes analytics Sports Illustrated as they. So you're telling me they knew that he was gonna be. This guy these charges themselves into I don't think you can ever really project at a guy's gonna hit 200 hits every single year. I mean you know we could hit they knew we could hit. Getting your way out the island I mean they know we can hit. Just you just don't know Loney did you Ichiro is our players which you know Ichiro is going to be earlier is hitters of all time. Well yeah only do this do does it all made this early error. So this past year. Seoul. The stairs that go down to the field is right next to the visiting clubhouse right. So as I'm making I come out the elevator and come down the hallway I'm making a left to go to on the stairs. As I'm walking by the Astros. Clubhouse Al too they locks out yet and so all to me and I are walking down the stairs he got there and it's just shocking how short he. And I can doggone it I'm probably almost the same high with my heels on probably probably yeah I mean to think that this guy is on the ultimate Muller. This guy can do at all so there's really nothing he can't do yeah. Can take its like Pedroia greens committees waiter Pedroia. I fell off yet they he says there's nothing on the baseball field he can hit for power he gets hits he can stealing plays defense. The analytics wouldn't tell you that he can do with its stated the Major League level I guess he's got to be one things that shocked the hell out of here. Ichiro came with the fans here we knew what he did he handle the bad he did that this guy just. Tell you what he grows at a no way Arab. Okay do you solve Cuban to zero less important here I love watching them is that you can create credible and Charlie hustle Larry. Let's go to Chris in west Oakland. You're now on the game. What's going on Saturday happy new year argue that flat shelf. To me it's real simple. Talk sports moment of the year lawyers take outlook on etiquette do groups. The only way the rod beat the lawyers and a cat with just like a year ago stepped got to beat playoff one leg strain on its disbanded it in that game five everybody predict what dollar verdict back and look at the same ready to it okay. After that bit the only hope we look at all by the way. Good luck winner with the jockey playing quite target not gonna be a lawyer what do five point eight I think I'll be at bet my worst moment hand out. It was we live in 1981 all over again out. The march 27 the greater than about the the move a lot they get if it would let me check in its act. And today it's it's still it's still there. You know we got one more year would be guys maybe do and it just to get out at things like Iran get run on Richard it'll look something you've got to pick it and they're going to be gone again but anyway that's. At you know your Saudi and try to get a glimpse of who forty till on Sunday and you got the save whatever you do up near 28 feet. They study the advance though the move today is the announcement it. I don't forget that in. Not happening Sandra denial. Can that few other reasons why this season's gone this one. Just the bad they're grown on me and a bad mode Joseph the bad vibe you ran one know I nobody was saying that they end. Nobody was saying how great the locker room was AM. And went to Washington in just got our nation's capital did something. The Redskins looked like deal Ray Lewis ravens defense I net to dig dig dig out after. Okay. The raiders were trying to find themselves ever since weeks three. Could not find themselves they went on a four game losing streak they lose down in LA on Sunday. Asking me another four. Or game losing streak. That's why these teams in these years who went away and it's something I know we have to do it but it just drives me nuts. We're told scandals outlets split this casual game boy got to win here win near a Lasik quite got a mid week that you do not know. And like whilom Marie and talked about the giants. Where he said. Audiences yeah you couldn't believe. That they were just gonna keep losing the reality right you couldn't then finally you just had to accept it like this team's bad. We want to believe that these human beings are carrying eighteen they're gonna do the same thing every year year after year Dearborn we know. Aside now that's not how life works. The DNA of every single team is different. Even if you win. Three championships and oral the DNA of the team is different. And people kept saying with the giants odd man as their third championship caliber core rubble and they just it blows and and you can't look idol winner guys they've had the worst record in baseball since the all star break at 2016. Why do you think this is just a turnaround because. They won titles and channel at 101214. This team is different. 2010 was a long time ago so was twelve so was fourteen. Lodged a lot changes in human beings in that time so whenever people's trust in our business to try and say well. That cool or it's it's it's it to or not none that every team every single year's different the raiders are proving it. Well sealed the niners right now. We've got the niners being in the playoffs next year tequila spiked sales that's not a joke yesterday tequila spiked sic is. Lois try to come down arrow in Seattle last topic lol got that blows given us yeah. Up we're getting back yesterday. Let tequila senate. Bare minimum the niners will make the playoffs I mean that's that's success while it. That's but is that gonna happen we know now. We don't know what it will be like next year is you have to know. You get spoiled when you have a run Michael the warriors are doing now with the niners did back in the day when they had sixteen years of ten plus wins. You spoiled with that normally doesn't have Europe pirates fan. You can't when I was a kid one of the great baseball teams that we your family pirate ware started there well the first thing I remember seeing Willie startle hill homer allows I'll write a pops so. They were great team pirates then when they had a bonds in the near advanced slightly silly guy. They would they win three straight years and on the east and then after that. Taiwanese straight years of being under 50020. Years. Either Kansas City Royals. They won an 85 when George Brett sabre a in our memory that quiz embarrassed and then they didn't go to the World Series in the playoffs again until they face the giants. Yeah generations never see winning. The pirates never liked this Saturday you do I need some tissue two years in my life sick about the Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns used to dominate pro football. Otto Graham won seven titles. So what everybody comes out goes well Montana and we want for rent Otto Graham won seven. The Cleveland Browns dominated pro football years ago now. People are gone. They knowledge they've all the people never seen winning with Cleveland's drew clearing. Out the Boston Red Sox. People lifetimes born dead never saw. Well let's well Torry Holt alluded to this a regular season. You're right down next season they're no excuses and that's why I think they have defied the coordinator. Because we are gonna be able to hold me and in sea of dare cars a quarterback they've got that big contract. That we all thought he deserved. Or. Is he the guy. Look like he was scared diseases but like someone is dead right Townsend your model allows you gotta wanna tell us who it's from newsletter like that is Cuban. My bus which is anything bad you did knowing that you apologized. You know eat you know how that works. I was offended there for a second day you said no friends so everything's cool. Not fast focal my fault I said Cuba there as well Tripoli at about seven I if I said his goal line Redwood City. They go to moon and how you got no aren't. Okay just saw my a bit of momentum will be one word won the championship. Were small and Latvia one Derek. Paul Hogan the cowboys. And it's a quick question. And he anyways they have to do the race restarted but now. Somehow some way they did can pull off an ideal and actually bringing another team not the raiders and the return won't say they're really good. Yes they are and I'm a newspaper down upload saw that it charters are headed back in Indian woman that they're small communities stadium. But I. Just thought of it up there and big government summit and happy new year to. Yes thank you very much. Let's hope the charges go back to say they're not going back to sanity at places have in to where they play that they're not join back. Not knowing that he said he saw. Once asserted that let's do a little research on those Luskin. Loewen kids continue. On 957 big game and. No. Don't know show. No loan no did. Just downing. Guru. As a GM. So my phone. I'm my fault. Why delay it. Champaign. And is expanding. We may have good news out of France who. The champagne or wine country. Some fun. They had not extended their boundaries and over a century they may be extending the boundaries. Of champagne. Vineyards. So we we can be getting more champagne. Instead of South Carolina line yet. How about that a common misconception. Everybody thinking that your drinking. Champagne when you get some guy I mean I'm champagne France or to be champagne. Mom almost was Stiller do it love the most is hey I think banner that was the worst part about Christmas morning. A veteran I couldn't. That's for a year or eighteen he had I was you know it is and I'm also. Now it's she's it's. You'd be dead tired yet okay jamarcus is Vieques and I mean I didn't go on here to like 4 o'clock to get the most is in the morning I don't taken math. I apply you know what I should put an ad during that game and it's not even the most well yeah. So laden. Now we're not to get more champagne that's good news right very good news you know it's a risky you know this should be a happy day this should be we should be. We're celebrating in 2017. You good Debbie downer says the Mike goes off gurus like doctor Debbie downer. I was around announce my age okay you're not the young guy in the club anymore I got it. And you know you EEE you are correct that the young guy in the club and mommy I don't like them. He has a realize how good he's got that's all he doesn't know he's in his prime. I hope we understand he's in his prime does that crime goes away and things change they change dramatic and you take it I take it for granted. Yes I agree who's the individual that knows me up in my prime riches it's always does when I get to in the forties late. It's things. Missing Zack Ephron. Lowly Kansas. I think he sees in the frame yeah lazy if you earn your prime take advantage and it. Like you Jimmy gee your singles you know as you Jimmy he's in his prime you need to hit a few parties is so you just did do it. Me and they'll be. No me back from LA in time he might not cut back gray area. LA yeah. A comma from Libya. Understand here my comeback with a tissue yeah. Yeah wants to chat with me I mean the good old days man being out on New Year's Eve. I can even tell you the last time I was on New Year's Eve I was coastal thing in my house. But I've done that pay 200 to go to his bar and you look around in my pride and they always say if I had a girl. To be home watching movie you know. You never happy with where you're at in men now and now you got dagger all big Brown's Tony how do you I don't like him I don't like the young people. Now you got dagger all night long lead back at the close yeah I'm not excited about New Year's Eve really supports senator. Kids on the phones. I didn't do something Tyson thought caddie or depressing out if there's a football Friday project by Dolan lumber doors and windows lower prices better service higher quality and FH daily Chevrolet. Drive a little save a lot. So. I was figuring if there was some news about the chargers running back San Diego we would have heard so I just mentally at LA times and that's manners and a hundred knows that. They said. Can is that that's then then spend like San Diego has been trying to like you should try it they're not gone back. It made the decision. Franchise is worth more money now because there in Los Angeles but don't be so sure Tony they're not gone back it's been a train wreck. They don't have a new facility BM deal like the rams. Underlying in the rams facility yeah but they're not a new one the rams got a new facility medium build front he has left Kansas playing there that's where they're gonna apply. Can they then gonna doubled yeah they're they're gonna share the stadium. I don't think there. No I don't think they want that Karachi say enacting to hold down particularly loves RD and try to go back to Diego we're gonna be the only team in this cast and star rating in writing they are just underwriters in Vegas mayor he had raiders are gonna face the largest amount of public money or get into a team. It's gone generators they're gone and that. Sorry. There's not a lot of that this peoples still to this day they're not happy about it Stein he's one of the well enough Stein am tired of people Leo well they're not happy at the chargers move they're not happy that the raiders around not. I'm happy I'm Heidi. But what happened was. Roger Goodell kids yet because he can't protect everybody. Roger Goodell was able look at all these other owners and says hey listen. You took public money how can you tell all. 01 that they can't take public money from Vegas when you took public money the ledge just about every facility. Like the niners last there's a little public money in the giants jets but the a lot of these hair world a lot of the exit Gerri at. Did Arlington pony opening for a police cell. But there's been quite a few of these facilities like Heinz Field and always played places and Lincoln financial order re a Phillies at these guys got public money. So how are you Intel another honoree he shouldn't take the public money you need to stay where you law are all too often guy. So they all had a both Ford. That's why this lawyer movie you know I don't want to happen is great because they needed down they sold people you keep your money. We got this. And that was one of the same when Blake and got on Cameron's K amazing keep your money for the police how Iron Man for locally come home and that's just. Has had bullying will take care of it. That's our yard today in California and you know at the stuff hurts I understand it but it's not changing what's been done is done. Tickets are to lead I'd do. The fact that these teams a reason it just dead the charges seem like a fish out of water I do like they're the Ramsey or that's why they're that good LA needs a team that market. But you and they wanna watch the highlights Emma guided that means something to me even if it's not my team but nobody is that this game went. They're in the play there in the hunt for the playoffs and our game on Sunday it's going to be for anomaly raider fan I'll there's no day is always dealing Jack Murphy was. It's a great event. Yeah I asked Del Rio yesterday about any I said have you ever. Experienced something like you're going to experience. On Sunday where the majority of the crowd is gonna be raiders because he had last year and seeing EA Ali I've forgotten. I share then when the raiders played the chargers it was like 34 straighter fans. It might even be more right from day one all Dallas the raiders and Steelers. But in mighty need more disease tickets were by the people are buying these tickets. When they thought the raiders are going to be good it's LA it's new years he tell me they're like the chargers are not on the to do list. This is not. Very interesting what it Jacksonville. Jaguar. Had to tell Mike silver. About the 49ers and Jimmy G. Jo Foley did. 1957. Do your best include. Soft. This window is now open we have a pair of tickets to see David Salant friends December 31 that masonic. Show starts at 930 when doors opening 830. We have another edition of know your show where we give trivia questions about something that was said earlier in the show here's the question. We're just talking about our favorite sports moments. Of 2017. Which moment was gurus favorite who. The suspense is killing me. About this moment. I'm very free out wow. Turn in my gun and yelled to me loyalists although. JA I remember. The scene till now honey we had tickets. My dad exercise we all summit at league tournament right and it apparently actually. It's a. I've forgotten. I at all he had a lot of people are very real and there are some people who will not solve there and they're out there yes. I actually work with two of them who were not thrilled about it. George Atkinson bill rom and a Broncos shown appear not god I can't wait to ask why. That's a row gas watch. Now you gotta know when Regis math alone was when Leno if and when Romo. And we're almost get to that risking game one Romo gets a goal and those eyes those eyes light up. Payment low wonderful ball our UG UE can. It's scary I believe that he's that guy coming after you target and a shoot okay rumbled beer 9 o'clock. Eight Jacksonville jaguar. Told our Mike silver. From the NFL network after the game. That the 49ers quote they exposed us. The number one defense this defense leading an all these categories at the same time that the bears defense the ravens defense nobody's defense. Has ever done that. Also part of the quote we weren't ready for it. That doesn't look at gone into class clown has placed fifth in fact I know it's good for them that's. That may not be good for the playoffs but would it would it shows you is that you have a very skilled offensive coordinator. Who has a big old playbook can. You can't go all and that's you got a guy. And he's Soledad Klebold did last year in Atlanta and are starting to see what that playbook could look like in 2018. With what's happening right now. And let's not forget because I think we have here in the Bay Area. It then nine errors were on the verge they played five close games with boy here in death third a play here a play they are. That three wins and a five I'll take you my point be instant tally when he did have a Jesus. They still work clothes. You look at it landed their offense has fallen apart they don't know who they are. This is about Kyle Shanahan. And I now apologize in doubt around him right now you give me why I apologizing when he says. I loved his demeanor in the press conference. But I still was like I'm going Missouri I'm from the show me state and they were playing in the close Eli death they're playing in the close games. Probably did you want to go and but now he's that dude he Brighton and give you more creative young minds Russell Crowe a beautiful mind in regard to Colin plays its mainstay. Or Kyle Shanahan and I'm taking caution and because. Liquid Jimmy did it liquid that now who's the head. With. Marginal talent on offense against the jaguars. As bad guys is they expose this being exposed. That's why our fan of that that's strong. Well I know things still is we wanted to see a full on fight on Sunday are not gonna get that and something that. I hate players sit out I really I I understand but I hate it is this I hate it this whole race thing think about this. Your hidden charge big money you can. And you're gonna go to a game in the LA coliseum and add dump. And Jared gosh no girly potential MVP no. Parent Donald pale oh no. I mean baucus hold on I'm a. I differ here you're a winner. You got another ball game to come back I hear you so let it data everybody should be on notice the raiders did it Gload have not let you gotta. Arrest this comes this is a part of winning so it was not like to jab the failed so they give it they understand there's there's something bigger stake Iberia. All ten days in the crowd let's head it off early last trip workout plan for not so broken leg and then you know I didn't in charge half price now. Kind of player players charge a price that was a great comeback it'll never happen exactly how Steve's here it seems there's gonna set the whole starting lineup down San Antonio don't treasury Paul Brown Monday that Downey. That's awesome. See it happen right never par rivalry trust and I just forget parking spree that is worn out put out our best effort. Here's two Beers on main. I is it dry it really. It read it. I understand it I. I didn't perform the same cloth fear. But it's still a view on a charge me full price and business and you don't wanna put your best effort your sand we're Sandefur the playoffs Arnold totally understand that. And our chart what was sparking down. Sun's output to Jerry world Parker was eighty dollar gas check to see what the party is around the LA coliseum. CH RV full price for it it's you know like it's the same thing for exhibition full buy things the biggest rip on the world it is sad you're charging me full price full price for everything and years you're not. It's exhibition football this this is this this game now LA's turned index mission football. But again I understand it's 52 weeks we have. You can see though the marquee names I area then downturn may Fred that's not on the players either the coach is to you if there's a job to do. I think we're gonna see chip. Sit out this. Fans. Gravitate to it knowing that during the playoffs and everything's all good. A guy like me and that would be easy game that I wouldn't go all 100 no better than I went wow that you know please log on to some way some money and become a visit to what you don't want. I want manner fans about they're just so they can watch Jimmy gee what this team Kenya and a minor players are all saying man I'm. Because right now they have this momentum donor I don't think the rams wanted to give be a part of that good but they're light they're like wait a minute we do isn't that they want freedom and go out on this when streak I mean now you be amended so I while you lose some power. Which could be kind of a mind trick to be think about a for the rams because they don't wanna go end the year with them losing with their starters and then going into the NFC west next year with. That you know of a fully charged niner team. I don't think the tires I mean they're doing that. Is really just you don't wanna be your best players heard any gain that doesn't necessarily mean anything and the car so into injury even though that was a meaningful game. Has everybody on notice if we can see it's out. To preserve your let's do today and happen at any time as we now can happen at any time. But it says I I wanted to see. A full on rams forty niners let's see. Each into the Jackson we don't think we know about this as floor I don't believe it do you believe the jags. Now you ask me question let me answer I wants to see how game against the jags in it was the best defensive effort passing this season. There are relies Seattle has not been on and off since. And Dallas look like Dallas doomsday defense but to answer your question. They are the number one defense in the NFL. They have athletes everywhere they got a system and they know what they're dornin they're true to their identity their their real deal on defense. Do you believe in Jacksonville. No doubt and there's one reason. Be beaten Blake morals. And thus far as a quarterback lead they don't have one. Airs there's quite a few teams Torre held sand. Minnesota Minnesota case Tina do you ski and go no doubt. Looks like he no doubt he's what did you find stocked in case skiing and in the post seasons I am. Aka I think he's I think they're going to they're CJ polls. No don't got these horrible. A writer Adam. The rays had him beat. Has a say in Missouri are I mean there's there's quite a few teams he look at their quarterback situation and you're like mom sorry. And definitely Jackson light in Jacksonville loses in the first game boy morals plays like crap you're going to be shocked and I don't wanna see Blake and AFC championship game. It's just we know it's Pittsburgh and New England. Yeah I am I no problem watch now on our needs are that's grace whose talent is he thinks that says Steelers. And execute spice yesterday their defense is right it. But everybody's defense is ranked eighty gently to a degree it's about can you score import did the other T yeah Tom terrific. It's a pretty good bet he can pull that off. And that is why I wanted to secede niners are on the scene teed up let's go let's see let's see them go on the road and see if they can beat. The rams well you die you fix that you get a better record live if you're the earliest true but the Texan I disaster no what you're at search a great question. If Shanahan was coach in the raiders this season what would their rank Kirby. Gwynn were all mad at the play calling for the raiders and think it's a big problem is damning in the Austin so now. Creativity of their lack so we're really it's it to forget about head coach if he was calling plays carreras. If he was the offensive coordinator I've given them four or five more wins. I'm just I mean that. Like how much would he change and influenced your car and let dared be Derek in it in do the things that he's normally used to doing. Under musgrave. They have more lands there's no doubt they have more and it rained in las wouldn't have been a loss that that's what what it is like the numbers toys. The numbers to want. When they scored Tony or more points they're undefeated. When they score under Tawny battle on it's that simple. After that to Jack yesterday in the interview. And I say I am a number raises number result say it's six and 01019. It's that markets want these home only and not change that's simple that's an indictment since that sample. His reactions. They know now China and then damning inside size she you know the deal. And I must say this. I'm all focused a lot of people laurel Clark. Those receivers dropped this is two years in a row that they led to jobs city they led the inn is number Robbie after so numbers of BK value in India got to laugh at me. We went to Reno with the station I got to fill in for Joseph for last year's playoffs Danny is a little city in the world we had a great Thomas Noah but Conner could didn't play as bad as people thought. But Crabtree dropped a couple of balls that were first downs then I believe could change that whole outcome of the game or to be more competitive. They got to fix that and I heard. 'cause if Derrick is delivering the ball you're three down to get a first down I don't care what happens on the first two if I do you want right dared get a FirstEnergy did chains moving you guys can see it. And they're not doing that it's your job. Mr. jobs again a little grand though heat and we work everybody was gone can overrun in his hands he Harbaugh. Crazy as he's ever Zain. Greatest fans he's ever seen now that made since we made this day and I and a Imus this guy. And Michigan they want and now he has not beat Ohio State for years. He's just ate it is he's a personality. Not the best coach you know want wins not disease these people make it out today. At all levels. Stashed just not that easy. Not everybody's gonna win now not everybody was Super Bowl not everybody gets into the post season every single year. It's it's tough to plan. The other guys get paid to. While not college but it in the pros the other guys get paid to where Mike Tyson's everybody has a planetary. After shocks. If that doesn't say it's. Everybody has a flair it's pretty. Both look at it again I I will never forget where I lows on the announcer was Mike Tyson has been knocked out by Buster Douglas joined what. And and and lies there's Japan right now that was one of the biggest shocking that we. On something. It was on some demand. And Robin Givens is planned with this pay and he he would he would eat they gave him some I feel like a discount or some something Manny was taken set and wasn't him he got his ass look Buster Douglas went dead man. There was just that that's one of the biggest upsets and history. Forever I remember him reaching for the mouthpiece yes it was like I was grown. Superman on the ground one Taliban guy without his okay actually I thought this is not a real Aaron Mike.