JLD - Hour 3

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, December 28th

Towny, Lo and the Guru fill in and are joined by Takeo Spikes (15-year NFL Vet and NFL Analyst). We break down what the next steps should be for the 49ers, what reasonable expectations are for them next season, and we talk about revenue in baseball. 


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Yeah. 9570. And did. Here's vice one held a Boyer back in the day as the great San Francisco forty niner. Is a frivolity some nominal Auburn tiger little war eagle and he joins us here on 9572. GO how we do on this morning. They doing very well how are you guys don't. It was a hell of being Hilton. Ago he painted the Beagle and being the only good to be ending though I don't go play it from Cincinnati he does he went to Billy Elliot he was. I know meg ET Al. Played down and weighed down in the John loads. Might look at an amazing to me. One point oh Dolan might. I. Manhattan welcome to show may glad you to jump on and join his almost all of these guys earlier about just now. Iron sharper designer we had some great collisions plain against UN and playing week to week on a help one another become players in beacon developing to developed into pretty good players and our career. What he's seen about Jimmy gee did she seem this seem like he's developing in helping transition December Cisco 49ers from all awful teen tick seem like pretty good now. Well lo he that's a great question because. I've always watched in the anti exceeded. I must admit. It was in the entire game plus fifteen billion. The belief. And I mean you can clearly got body mannerisms. You used to talk about it all the time. So you can clearly exactly power Ingrid their respective record by a guy or are they walk around and he has changed. The monsoons hit about being in that out of on the got a rap you know you can see also Iran and their run and had a lot of women as you can get you can kill everybody seems to be much more engaged. And heir apparent slowing all the belief. Edwards played. You know being able to win five out of the last 6 games. What am starting winning order roll beat Jackson deal last week. I mean. When you look at this interesting worse but next year. I can't continue especially with downplaying. The rant in an ending bit indeed part of this seated. They won't be routine dead other teams would have to gain claim for. I truly believe there because we're not taking into account of all the the additions. They Kyle Shanahan and his staff for bringing it. Which you just look at effective JPG coming in. Having his best in every week you're heading into week and so what they're oh. It is arguably be the end of the week every week he had already given his own turf and that is all right now. So make sure when he comes back into training camp and then OK then everything. You've got to be a step ahead of the urban and he'll be able to Kyle Shanahan to be able to open up its playbook. And then and come home with a creative pleased that we saw the united that we do at two years ago. You know what's interesting about that as you start looking at all the draft picks said they have they got a hundred million to spend in free agency. Knowing that annoying wait. Rob Lowe has done to live this team out. What lo you said no it's very early we don't know who they're gonna sign in free agency but what what what ordered your extent expectations beef from a win totals standpoint for next year for the niners. I mean this standard is sharp and I mean I'm a small school so when we talk about forty dollars. I'm deeply felt sentimental. And I just waited it is it is you say they ever do mean. And kept money and that's number one you've got several great trappings of great opportunity to go okay great draft it. You can do that now would that money with the judiciary you know you better times in EG. But you also you know what this also goes ending this season if they can go beat the ramps. Now you get the attention of other free agents. Alone probably would not have all about all of this circumstance so. It only thing that would know would say he's got more proud of their last six games you want synergy and bear it when I do know. So now he's created all the book of where guys want to come play with her. Don't do this game that they they've got a very very good chance of being very cute actually. Tokyo when you look at the situation in Pittsburgh would James Harrison this morning low and I we had him up pretty spirited debate about his legacy being tarnished and I felt like defeat from what's reported if you went to the team. On numerous occasions that asked for his outright release he's old dirt you play the game he probably sees you know you done that too much time left. And if he wants to play MB utilize more. No they should let him go but now that he went to new England and you hear he was sleeping in meetings pretty much doing everything to get you know for them to release some. Do you look at Harrison in a different light now. From the way that he got out if those reports are true because I was saying hey when we all know life is short. He's seen his career come to wait and more power to want to try to go get it done somewhere else. I think it's a strong word or strong bracelets and want to say. And now you can will be tarnished. And everything getting pattern and it's sort because. I don't care how you look at it when you talk about the championship bronze when you talk about what they need to grapple play being made. Don't play well but apple won't and that they'll change that means that you would never get about now. Well I didn't think it damaged. Is done these internally. Whether or not. If on all its management or even punish good players. And teammates if this true. I don't know of their relationship can be repaired. It is. No easy it is. Our players and make it. And they also wait to receive an a you know you're going to the play opens it and so. You're editor adamantly saying I don't kill was going off I didn't want to be released. And so Greg gold there's so you look a lot of bad foot and truly was 01 all. So where overall I mean you've gone with a dark and you nobody can never take that it could take got to wait is not like you can go back given their razor. And so you know work that big gray hair in the Super Bowl don't you wait so we everybody else. Can't remember we're OK go back and see it I mean that was not a doubt. I couldn't agree more I doubt in my mind. My disappointing losing guru we had a spirited conversation. I agree I say this guy's probably hall of Famer. I said the when you have a guy tells take to trophies back when this kid descendants say I want you to understand the agony of defeat. I want you suffering go through it understand what it's like a lose a once you know was like to win. Inning you have a guy that didn't have a job of those a free agent. They did to teams have brought back didn't bring you back to start but brought you back for roll to serve. They would have been in those meetings that helped guys and I saved. I was Sandra Lewis it when you're brought back in that capacity it's not that they want you to necessarily play they wanna show you they've brought you back initial people how to lead played we do the things he your first one and away remove most things those are things sometimes but I said you've got to take yourself edited situation because it comes a point time is not about you it's about are you going to be able to teach cause everyone's gonna get that Jersey taken away. From inane and war you slice it that's the part for me. That tarnish my and tarnished James Harrison incensed that you sign there. They were still grown men play any kids gain Guinea king's ransom in word and I don't always agree in any walk of life any jobs. But he's but you have to realize that was my biggest disappointment when James Harrison. Yeah and and then and that's marketing idea think about what words. You know even go. He would call back and I know he was unhappy about it playing term if you look at JJ watt are younger brother TJ watt. And he's come in and and you know I mean actually date back to what was that conversation on line at the beginning of the seemed to. Or did the coaching staff really relayed the information see him change chairs. Letting him know look giants. Even though you will be every productive do you before. We have somebody common man and we need do you. To allow him to walk up on their. Local bunker you know Seattle used so they can see out these could be done. You know if I conversation whether there I can see why. He won't be so sick. Now. This group like like who also saved over Rizzo. You know at the end of the barrel here are great to law I don't care how long it's like. And at the end of the day. We all have one thing in common is everybody will be retired. And so would no longer. You ever read some clear no I remember when I came to San Francisco. My previous tenure group or that everything I put the guy. But what I can do it happens this go out where this young club it was congress uploaded this guy he will regret it. And I knew he had the towards and that was statute limits so my job was to I don't know. It did make me your lip of the book as a player I knew that their car I have to compliment him. To make sure that he continue to raise the level won't play if everybody go. And I just serve Marmol and did you know it in they people still know if you Obama to a ball. So we didn't know a lot of give and take you to a lot of understanding you have to do. In order to go to the park it and just grow. Here's my sorrows here not 57 game former San Francisco 49ers are all pro linebacker at a Auburn. You know I think to deal about going forward what we're looking at the different teams there's some teams are really good teams we may not trust their quarterbacks. Once she gets in the post season if you had to buy wanna buy stock in one team. For the playoffs and it can't beat the patriots who would it me. Oh I. I did. It he's not no no no I did yeah you east team. That's around you did she. Picnic apple cannot they cannot go in the equation if it wasn't at the gym and I'll be drug daddy. Do you write you write edit whom I've got to say this but what I would they didn't. I truly believe. On the wind that they had let sweet it is first groups. Come back yet but it did supporting wind from the New England Patriots. I believe if Pittsburgh Steelers team that strongly. And I even though they lost the game against New England Patriots. Are only being one thing it proved one thing to do. People wanted them that they felt like they can compete the entire game any more weight Connecticut and no one. They should have won that Bhopal gas period. And I was looking for that type of play when they came out and played good last week and you know what they didn't get support. They didn't have angle. It would almost as did. They came out playing ready to show everybody. We're pit stall and we talked to the patient. And we welcome the opportunity. To quote box below and play them again yeah I mean look look at look at what I did it. Andre Barrett knows how much bill that would take it and I gotta talk about it. That's why he's armed it because he know. We don't have a problem with these guys. So was the best way to the Dayton. Is somebody who would impact this system and get all day in detail that you need. Detail when you look at the situation they Carolina which mr. Richardson selling the team. And we see cabernet not in the league who's seen the NFL go to sell me. You know is so many polyps political things and viewpoints. How important do you think it is. Did there'd be mild minority ownership in the NFL come in for that I'm rooting for that to happen. I want ordered it it yes. I mean it. Yeah are. This monument. Part of will be. A real walk words there probably wouldn't that probably could be. And marketing is what I'm not. You know why not. This game if you look at the league is comprised when you look at that and read a little bit over 70%. Are African American in this league. So. No why not right he did. Well on the talk about. Why not have someone in their own should keep. Best of Coke and African American I think Weimar you know people bubbles body when. You know Katie came out there police say it but our respect didn't give the disrespect. Everything bidding starts then I've seen and everybody approached me I'd been barely profitable. And he understands it and edit everything handed their iron Edison coached. It's a we'll have all occurred to end they have to allow somebody to come into the group Eric could be chrome. I didn't. But I do think. Would tell all of this was going on and everything that happened with captain nick. It's a great opportunity. For the NF failed to step up to the Clinton. And I feel. Do a lot of canoe. What an opportunity that appear to be trendsetter. Just say you know what we need. And now this is how we're going to address. Killed as always. You didn't hit a home run you about to hit a home you're about to hit a Grand Slam. But that there was a couple times to kill that I wasn't feeling well on Sundays. And I was going to be you know I did was in Philly and I knew that I needed someone to lift media. Right now on the raiders are struggling. Give me one more time if you were in that locker room and this Sunday in your added a playoff pure play open playoff hopes are gone. And you had to give that speech in this Oakland Raiders team. To kill. And I need one more time give us something a little music police. I may theater music baby needs who more music Suton enough for. Vikings give us something they don't. Even though we. Going beautifully all. But it's all about alleged. So. I ask you did today before you step out on the football field I really don't feel. I ask you yeah one course come out do you want to be remembered. At CAA bid at this. Dude somebody who visited there. And they are looked at it took place today. What do you walk they're hey you know you can. Give general and better. As measles like the myth we love you think did you let you think you'll appreciate what you do brother he being you man presaged a bone show. I gather appreciated. Have great stuff he laughed he is a he's kind of guy Roy EL EF Hutton when he speaks you listen you know main. And he's been like that is as I told you might my buddy was is agent. And when he got drafted he came out here to San Francisco we do an interview with a and so we this is coming out Auburn and you knew. UN ER college kid like this guy's got something these guys a special guy. He was he played a game like it was meant to be played reckless and men have been under control was a leader. A guy there was a study and there was a student of the game guided understood what the newly minted hormone. He was a high near the guy that was very involved in his community doesn't foundations and helping kids in helping those others it could help themselves. Did so many things in Cincinnati immigrants since an and he would feed the homeless and you know those who would they needed things he would go over to the roaring over the Ryan is a very very. Tough place you wanna be there too dark very tough and here's a guy who get into that community in Spiegel I can do things in other players wouldn't do. Sold to kills a guy believes what we lost by example as well so yes he exemplifies what it takes to be a leader. Any did that on and off the field still looks like he can get after yet because I've dude your era clever somewhere new approach are mormons are like on what they have. Or have a good day yeah you by the immigrant locally. Sorry for both. Trash why you know it and took things out of that interview. One about the niners the other about minority ownership obviously what he said that no means a lot seal both of you guys. Yeah deceive someone of color to see an African American. Own any NFL team and and when you see those owners' meetings and you see whoever this person is at the owners' meetings. Well what remained. Ali you it would be Jacqui Robin Jackie Robinson asked and to be honest tell ya I know how. Focused I am on this because I was doing some driving and I just work at a nowhere this topic comes up if you were DD. Or just a minority owner. And you go back to you know there's the you see the owners and they do those meetings and there's nobody of color they are. You see Capra nick and the confusion was what he was trying to focus on in everybody had their. You know I deal what he was doing there are what they mean it but Camilo is it would mean the world to see these all hers almost say you know what. Not that they didn't let let's give it to warm. But how about not just letting them a minority come into this group this so long. Do you know being without a minority it would mean the world to me I'm 47 years old and and generally it just I think about it more times than not like. Could it happened while they allow it to happen but I don't I don't. Sad is that what they allow it talent that's pretty much where sad reality is eight years there reality that you would think that you know this is about money. You know okay is. Erie and Jerry Richardson is gonna sell this first much rising by as we cancer business. So you have the money and you have their credentials and you have that background and being in business and being successful. Wouldn't you would think it would matter what you look like did they allow you into the club yet. I I don't from me. For me it's a little different I don't necessarily say hey I would say they'd. Cause wounds we'll all try and be Wii in we want to give we can continue to stopped seeing and they and then film it's got to beat us in week. I think well that that's how you start to compensation for one I think when you say well how true how would you look at it low and how would you guys look at it. How would you look at it should be because it should be about so that's why should be that's why I'm saying we because we know. As black men of color we are not how we would look at it the question is how would how would we look at that's losing you because we're all part of why not Brian I'm Brian what we're so I think it. The consensus is how is white America and a look at it and for me I think they wouldn't think it's a big deal you know why wouldn't. It was our last president. You think about no one would have thought. If you would have told me who's gonna is it easier the only NFL team or be a president who is either you would have been like god could never be a black president Bill Wyman present before by this week Peebles said that's a lot of people felt. When he goes to show you. It goes to show you that people do want change. Regardless how you feel about even the current president it goes to show you there was one present there was a attitude totally just bone on that side of the spectrum and Obama. Because they were tired of that they didn't he was not gonna make change in Pena had this president a truck. NN totally different perspective do as well as well because people show that they do want change. Good better and different bills are two different guys to different people that said people say no way. Crop or Obama would ever be presently quoted at odds but why were they elected. Because change was needed but if not now well we will it ever happens but that's not there is time zones the jaguars lose a minority owner but I was focused just don't African American values from casual fan yeah New Year's iron about Africa. And I think because when you see and if not now when I think it will be now. I think if you are hoping I think if you get the right group of men of color if you wanna say go on black or whatever it may be. The right group of men of color diverse a gut women Meehan and together Condoleezza Rice may be in that same situation staff trying to try to do just that get all that but here's the thing. As that owner and you can't come out and say this and this is where I think you are kind of differ would puffy. Where he comes out as a young men get the team and I'm have Colin Kapanen in my quarterback. I think that was I think that was wrong a lot when there aren't they why simple. You got Cam Newton college ever a better camera if so why would you say that you already have a black quarterback this I did it. Understand Collins and all of the big picture tampered with a big people are the dividend if he could be in the league low or be employed that's what that Mir but everyone doesn't understand that so when you see your perception and I give would you say you. But when you think that that's silly on us because now people are getting choosing well. Ozzie the media you know people look at do we think why don't you make a statement like damn you Domata top five quarterback Cam Newton. Is that prolific that big that's gone better runner better passer does everything better in cabaret and you wanna say that that's foolish. So you discredit yourself when you do certain things so there's certain things that you have to do as a president to certain things you have to do is as an all where there's certain things you do due to grouped together boats made those statements we already have. A guy when he's black green purple. He came just save those things brassy because you wanna act out because you understand there's been wrong disband and two wrongs don't make the right. So yes they're capable yes just capable black men in in white men and brown men and women in in you know better they're Capel B and owners of NFL team and yes I think it's going to happen. I believe in this country dips. Are you gonna do we're saying I'm sorry you do that down that. Alley down I'm sorry. I think always it EOs we love did zero if I was missing kids because you know losses down oh did the marathon ever heard I don't. They did leave analysts' earnings down it's sad really has some of them they're talking about you you know really well on the running game I love I love them. I assumed he would there's ordinary guys in our industry is no question about sound awesome prayers. Go out to his family so that's one thing that you Kyoto talked about the other thing he talked about. Kind of sounds crazy there's a lot of people on this vote. And who. Ask Joseph lo and thieves continue us on 957. Big game. Coming days 45 we have a very serious disease David challenge. Friends December 31 at masonic show starts at 930 A doors opening at 830 we have another addition of know your show. We're giving trivia question must something that was set earlier in the show. Listen at 845 to hear the question for a chance to win. Wow. All. Bare minimum mama playoffs from Tokyo spy falls so we started this we start talking about this. Was on Tuesday well as Dylan afternoon. And as I listen the expectations. Are starting to get off the charts. And that's the one thing that. This forty niner team during this win streak. Every game matters but you have been playing the expectations. That is completely. Gonna flip next year. So leave go to the draft and go through the off season needle through free agency. You're talking bare minimum. Prefer play offs and seem we're wondering if they did even when he game. Now in just a year later the expectations. You are in the playoffs are a lot. Yet and if we went to the history of sports I don't know if they're GM in short they're in such a short. Period of time his landed quote unquote too big fierce. It's fastest lynch asked and is basically change this organization's future. It's a real ten or eleven might I mean this is what is expected in like to kill said we're judge in this team. On just the morale right now there are lied but. They're gonna be bitter they're gonna be enhanced we're talking about a draft we're talking about all that money they got to spin down that NFL credit card counting. This guys get ready this is real and I think their make in the playoffs. And I mean not just saying that look at the look at the five teams look at the Eagles look at the rams county do you know last year this time we were calling shared golf I'm wasn't. Because I like his arm talent we were calling him up bust. And now look at the ramps. Kyle Shanahan signed it. By no means have we arrived. At Wellesley college and so we Aimee we had John great yesterday say hey 78. Earth. Security I would do it was the most say when let's look quickly when it tells isn't. By no means have we arrived in what did I go off guessing yelling at me get out and I was really it was my birthday and told us it. Stop why that all of. Holland and you may give you know we're talking much all they really I would not play a home is yeah. Lola they know oh my god how does does yeah and say this they think as we head of the best stories at the same thing yes do they have a chance. He did their they do the right thing appraising look probe right now you say ended. They don't hit it good there's so many holes on this team nobody stand there and I'm lonely juicy news and. I don't fly out here and I you don't a lot of holes of your yeah. And I can't make. Is a matter the last first off they were only nine. They weren't and Eric Schmidt people were not going to the stadium how dare you not be excited about what you see we are. You are all of these people they don't Caucasian did these motivational speakers. I think is ever just focus on being down in the dumps they always talk about B pop. Positive in the last six weeks you've seen god and cleave to his name is Kim ego Rockwell. And now this team is winning god. Completes 44 point against the number one team defense and if they are you one kilometer sit on my hands we're happy with some day and why don't need she knew. It didn't quite a lot of a lot of people leave negative about. This Dana Owens being MW winners. Yes well you know he you know you are you set yourself up. Played he claimed I'll remember you were the ones saying graders total went thirteen games they won twelve. Now you're also saying it was operation Minnesota. These are setting yourself up when he would love the talent was there for that that would hit that yeah I agree that you are innocent that's why now is now that's a thought then and now. It's different now this. Just gave us a fact spoken the there. You had a quarterback he's had a receiver look at you had different things some place if the offense to handle their business if they'd averaged thirty points a game. Look at their record. That means it would swept Denver that would mean there was swept Kansas City I mean got to beat San Diego so the F formal wins on the sixth rarity yet team and think about how many wins his team would added they just scored 28 point eight points it was this bogeys early in the rate of growth still not but you're right here but now you've gone to the niners in you're taking it seemed that. They're for they're they're three the senator the guards we have a question mark by. You can we may Ewing going farther I'd I thought yeah eight in insult cal Shanahan knew this already eluded to give them more credit because the way these are. They often do get these bought Atlanta without him they don't know what to do so you're right there's so that's all I'm saying though. When you talk might not having your number one safety now have been a safety now have a two corners now I have an offensive line you're a long ways away. Did this team is playing with momentum their plan because this guy dvds come and I did that. I'm just saying you can't distinct automatically puzzling at unsafe design will disseminate games. I'm where I do now. If you now beginning to pre I am what I Aussie I want row I want to go I don't know gimme the offseason now Vietnam you now be proactive not lives and all things didn't give an orgy US now new GA head office seasoning you and you go get a car the pole bogeyed that guard from two sides from from my he's from stuff. Carolina Pro Bowl officer guards a Beatles I think it is did you get their guard goes outscored ready to go get in go get another is a gold go receiver. And give me another gimme a pass rusher. He did I'll say yes this seems don't win nine to ten games. But if you don't fulfill that no way it Jimmy he's not but I'm telling you they're gonna be a mob fundamental their night and you can schemes on the gonna get to this team. Do you think he's not on display lights are other teams got to step up you don't have the talent right now the talent they did bear the covers a banner there. I did just broke. I missed from the offseason town I'm included in the offseason apparently my he's got this far OK as you Marty lift on operation Minnesota. But I got the twelve and four before the year before so morneau won't. You radio operation by U. No I won't say Super Bowl us playoffs is is in 2019. The Super Bowl be in the Big Easy back in New Orleans. And refund back so that only went the last Simon niners went to presumably got. Heard about we we had down the good stories there yeah. It's hand noted here and them alone advance. It's always easier to you to do when the company's paying for itself. Pressure from us and that was the best part if you owner I. We every time we did you you're you're there for Comcast's right I was ever on gas and now video Harry and in do you feel as well. Did we stumbled but ACL. As you guys because really visceral should be in Orleans every year and I think he should be in San Diego outside boom. Or Pasadena blue sea indoors it's what football was meant to be outside not in a dome I'm not into Pasadena little. He or won't take the roof off. And you know I don't know Marlins knowledge operation by U niners in the Super Bowl aired revered guru. The disarm these negative Nancy's about what's happening in Santa Clara and I just remember from week nine. It was it was dead men walking in and now you go get a quarterback did steadied under Luke and end in yellow. And now he's showing you did what you learned. And you're gonna enhance this team with a with a wide outs and may be our running back in whatever you want this. Is someone who sings a song something's happening here that's that's when you don't want to. Some days some things happen in men here okay okay. Don't be heavily. Would be poetic in the kind of poetic for the niners so lose in a while and then go back and have another chance in New Orleans and I like cats I. How homework give give Super Bowl. You're and lo boy two GODs are bold. I easier these Ager you clearly there's no question. Something happens you yeah. Okay there you go go first charges on your mind these teeth. I think California does it just grew day with the man. Yeah I think more you don't you just don't know lose one some day I found out that we had in the sun there OK something that won't we. In would you and what was it what was your response when I saw this purpose purpose on forty. Bitter reflection. It's almost good so yeah. You happy and bracelet the niners are doing low. The load Milano with the decided well I didn't and Raskind and then if you sure there when the niners are doing this beat the jazz 44 on Moses lets kabob proceed with caution. I don't know I. I used to you're right I am fresh yeah. Forward. Needless costs on New Year's. He's a small town yeah. It says. Later gators by the way we got a black county leader who got it going and here we are and now you are. Rob and listen to dry roster gone it's understood move forward. Or. We're going to Cincinnati. Now lower eight you know this crazy talk about 300 million dollar contracts 400 million dollar contracts. There's a reason why this possibly could happen 400. Million. Joseph lo and kids continue us on 9576. Games. Tony and today and tomorrow we'll through. Lorenzo Neal and and a. Particularly those now open we have a pair of tickets to see David tell and friends is our 31 Amazon nation starts in mind they're your doors opening at 830 we have another edition. I know you're show. Marion around on. Cloning so you do a pretty good talents. Hammering their own lawns and it happens and you gave me the same line we did. Well here's the question are you didn't get it and he's sorry. Sorry here's the question earlier in the show guru and I had a bet worth fifty dollars. What was that that nowadays. I liked that line was that bad doing some order Puerto they Texan Colin emanated. Colin AAA 9579578. Minute ago that's Tripoli 9579570. So right now we're certainly do the and older tomorrow though you show the year end stuff oh I love the year end wrap. Now we have a bunch store tomorrow may well therefore ours Eddie great pool one yard just before we I its chassis security Calderon yeah. That there's no one thing we do this also fellows are right it's 6 o'clock king go hey that's never in 2007 Xena. We have some great ones I thought we made some great magic today the last couple days guys has been. Brilliant I mean these things you've been able to do towns we really appreciate you guru your input he's just been unbelievable. Mess and I just you are all just. Just always how you come in just shouted down everyone just loves you downing you're just so you always have a way would you words it's. Very. Very. Now I'm. Just kind of by yet. Okay back in 2016. Summer and in looking at some of the stuff in baseball this year and stuff. I did not know this. But you know that technology that a lot of people have an ogre you have an eye out and it's MLB out the best thing going. In 2016. The Walt Disney company. Acquired 33%. Stake in band technology. Damage Faison the app for Major League Baseball. And the web sites and that's where baseball's making so much money that's how you can watch games you can listen to games but you gotta pay for right. So people around the globe are buying. Indiana. So all they spent one billion dollars dizzy did for 33%. Of ban intact. That meant. Every single owner got. 33. Million dollars in 2016. From Disney took it back in their teens and then. Jim Bolden. A long time at GM and now is on serious sex ceremonies at the the athletic now. He put out there and I re tweeting this back on December 15. According to multiple sources. All thirty MLB teams are expected to receive a payment of approximately. Fifteen million dollars in the first quarter of 2018. For the previous cell of bam. While. These foods are Megan so much money you need is are not believable. That's free cash. It's early days or did that for you can ever sold a ticket never sold a big year has no it was paid for parking no one's bite me in your skating this because of this act. They're just handing you money. It's insane. That's why. When you start hearing about the numbers. Of why. John Carlo can get a 300 million dollar contract. While they're talking about that shot I was going to be in that range Bryce Harper's been rumored Al 400 male and guide well. Let me just get from the yeah. Did Tammy. That's just the first quarter. And we talked about the welfare check in Major League Baseball said it was taken away from the team's. This is basically in in ten times better than that and that's why I think it's and it's unreal people look at baseball sometimes you go and you look at the stadium it's maybe 2000 people 3000 local eBay how does money. Revenue is the absence of TV it's it's so many things go the other there's other other other layers had to pay because you look at a game over the course of a year lieutenant stadiums is sometimes look at some of these mid market teams. It's no one Larry I mean sometimes they're free and less than three granting dozen people there in music arouses team making money. It's so many other things that you talk about that the revenue 400 million and that that's that's a lot it's. He's well hey how there's no excuse EU EE ET used to be about attendance right if you build it they will come that was the whole thing's about attendance and I remember when I was doing the show Rick do you Kurt. He talked about being what's Adam silver who is the what was his title then deputy commissioners on my dad so lane wasn't the commissioner ready the second tenant and it's a stern. He told me said some about attendance and more. The television contracts. There's always other thing all hey hey everybody I mean that's semi we use today use about them now obviously you're making a lot of a lot of money off attendance I mean look at the warriors and prices might dot. I don't the amount of money people spend. On sporting events. Let alone warrior games I mean it's a lot of money you can take that money into allotted. Things of that we have we have one Tex I don't know if this is true 350 feet for his season tickets so that's the bad 350 a game. Where he reportedly went on the dubs. 41 games. Cruel. Ursula she's gonna but the money is still bigger coming from all this other stuff. It's in a good place that is incredible that they you know that's why it it's so funny would be well baseballs and trouble gee you're so ignorant if you think that I'm off our drag my kid to the to the baseball field to steal play. Call me a bad parent. I'm like there's no learning begins in here son. Fourteen yeah 141700. Bucks well let's say this is true season tig sporting a diehard fans. A lot of money that's and then they Jack as soon grew with that you you realize marry you Cadillac every single year how they have gone out. And prices won't yeah they say they own the law of physics what goes up must come down I can. I now when you don't notice arena well you keep going up. There are seat licensing for the first time I refer arena goes up but never comes then. You know it'll come soon what goes epidemic and it's going to be a while this is a. Actually you have speaking of coming down. Always a story about the flight to Japan a lot of people are flying right now the worst time a year to travel but I'm model Christi T in his singer John Legend work one of 200 passengers on a flight from LA to Japan the four hours into the flight. The the turnaround because there was a passenger on the flight. It wasn't supposed to be on the play. Now ABC reported them this question was one of two Brothers went planned to fly to Japan and that he had booked a flight with united but seeking a legend were actually on. All Nippon Airways so different to brother is going to Japan on two different flight the somehow he got onto that plane. So they had to turn around completely the passenger apparently he got on board by mistake and he apologized to everyone on board. But yet that how would they know he's on the fly wrongfully how would you know. Now again this bickering yeah. I think it is probably what you see and Hasbro's begin on the on the fly in something right both so we're gonna go to Spain says they are both heading to Japan fell two different two different two different ally yeah. OK so I. How how far were they into the four hours four hours into it so hours total why did this come to light because I'm here I'm there are no names his brother was probably used his idea double when he said sorry Euro medicine they contact to say look we've got you got the passengers on both lament flying off in sold that's why I MI and assistant is a forward thinking. So but I let that particular time so they are no rules luggage was who syndicate this could be Haas is a tool not unless we can't validate it okay two Brothers they go ones on one flight that was not so obvious bags on his plane we don't know we've got to have you beach bags at all times so that's why I think that they had to come back but at that time out of relentless. I decided to take you now. I was gone all Wendy could you can't you wait too bad here eight. I learn and advice from LA they're flying from LA money pay out there must have been Lincoln did that guy for the rest of that time like watching them. Own brother watching him I go we know that they've been there watching like watching you oh you are on it and you wanna kill ICM. So eight hours in it was live tweeting the entire ordeal as it was happening of course she was and as part of the airline security procedure the pilot acting commander was one who decided. To return to the original airport where the passenger just OK so when they land they get him off the plane that they didn't term background go to Japan they gave. They first what they did was they first as a driver Elliott twenty hour trip after. They first interviewed everybody so anybody who is around the guy that was there they interviewed him. Arie and made everybody around him and then they took off again Rahm. Cal is and what that question unless hell yeah they they were scared so you had to take but. That's how I I didn't try in the trip to Japan we went from Scottsdale. Acie Law Connie she llama I did he mean. I'm glad I was that was like eleven hour is no I don't Don Knotts. Imagine making that Tony our trip billion Mets went here's the thing I was excited I mean I'm in college. In a play in your Campbell you have a great Japan's story below and yet you did a single wrestle yeah this up a beat every lunch by the way done resident Jan data tomorrow in union told almost killed me because I'd be all the young guys. You got to sit out on the carpet. Blue room is this true GAAP. You get to sit on the carpet. A newly it's it's tough they eat it like this everyday aged chicken meaning you name it sits there he city means saudis ET Guinean more. They knew what legal practice but I didn't do all the email just look at a little bit but we wrestled before this. How was the moment get young guy. Take him down being known more as soon harass and arrest him they tied up a little pain he's in the little thing the little thing you our regular time people went crazy yeah that's footage I mean now in this is when I was rounds during download yet this one how they did I was pretty in a way than probably. I was delighted and I can easily awards got I was collecting Greek god. My goodness I would Gordy Howe might have gone seven out anyway I was I was I was rough. What I'd walk in and we need this is everything just done my entire army and I was is that the exact. So I just went out there and compete a couple guys and embarked out of the bottle and he is better test yet they brought in the big boy and he hit me couple times and I say I'm a dime on about let's figure out. Let's all the motivation but Emmy as they digest. Then I get jacked into the saint where the hell you think we hadn't played a first pre season game. Japan I said I don't wanna go because I cannot be exempt from this clinical a month later bags and then. It's only my. Say didn't wrestle again as I Japan stories.