JLD - Hour 3

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, December 27th

Towny, Lo and the Guru fill in and are joined by the legendary John Clayton and Randy Cross (Super Bowl Champ and NFL Analyst). This hour covers what the 49ers can accomplish with Jimmy Garoppolo, Lynch and Shanahan. We also get into what they should look for from the draft. See where John Clayton says Jon Gruden will end up coaching. 


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Yeah. Do you fight seventy. And do you. Williams claimed name Ned to Indian it and why and how. I have to do that he's doing proven and ready for and at and for the people text too worried about my safety Maher will be and I'm okay loading you can. Jason in the okay now. And they don't know that Leon you can drag you out as an accident observing the fire your birthday yeah. Count me. Lol guru and anti here on 957 PM we're joined by the professor one of the best in the history of covering the National Football League John played as well as. John I'll be at a grades Christmas happy holidays and I you know this morning. We're doing well we're just talking about it because it's pretty crazy the expectations are the niners going into the season. The expectation of the niners once they got drop below. And now the expectations. As there about 215 in a row and potentially six of seven. To end the season what do you think the expectations will be like for the 49ers going into next season. No maybe about that the particularly those Jimmie throughout all of established himself as a pretty good quarterback. Maybe eight or nine I think that oh quarterback obviously can elevate everything that you concede because. We want everybody got there's going to be like three wins seed in the 83 to five. And now with the likelihood that the rams are going to be. Makes a lot of their starters because they wanna get more rest before the playoffs. This should be ashamed princess they'll win but again I don't think that you'd jump at too high because there's still a lot of roster rebuilding that has to be done. And it were not for dropped below and I think everybody would be taking next here at least six but. I think it could be an expectation. 78 or maybe possibly NYNEX here. And you couldn't ascended to better professor I was just get on these guys. Yell at them because they're old 910 wins it out exactly what you said they don't have necessarily the corners. They don't have necessarily a senator and two guards they need more to pass rusher the niners still. Jean needs he has hit so many you know so many things that this team means they're dressed. In the offseason to free agency and the draft what are some things in your opinion that you think this is precedent for this managing to address in this offseason. Well they definitely get better wide receiver I think that's going to be one of the keys though they still a lot of work to do on the offensive line I mean. No what are what would you say they're about to district recess solid pair. You on the defense of wind here obviously set because they get so many first round pick. But they've got to rebuild already got a lot of work to do on the back end. Look at again it's not like so there's going to be some of the veterans are going to be back and it still going to be a young team. And you're right having dealt the big thing is they need playmakers now they got. Obviously Rubin boxer is a great Pro Bowl caliber playmaker you can see in the making himself that's going to be good but yup this is still going to be. Still a two year building process. On the defense and bagged a lot blows speeding up things on the offense but again I think the start thinking 1011 win that's way out of line. John I know the more success to Rob Lowe has it it takes me back to New England. And I'll pose the question as to why why was good Rob Lowe available and now you hear reports about you know the dysfunction in regard to Brady's trainer is not allowed on the play what you think happened there are New England. And it just it's uncanny the more success go rob we'll have this do why they would craft would allow him to leave. Well because they were gonna be able to keep up. Simple as that because. Kelly you when you think that you got the ability even without that played it yet in San Francisco. I'm getting a franchise jagr getting 120 million dollars a year because he would have been very valuable on free agency just trying to keep them. The only thing they could have done what other franchise tag on the 23 point three million dollars. And I don't think that you wanna have your back up quarterback making more and having an contract is going to be close to a better then you're starting quarterback. Felt they were riding on Brady and so they realize okay. Let's get the best business deal that they had it probably would have been better served if you're the patriots. The go ahead and make a trade with Cleveland sometime in the spring but I think they've got a got at first maybe that's something else but once Cleveland didn't do anything at the trade deadline. The 49ers came animated steel Gideon for a second round pick. And I yelled their only other option would be let him get free agency and then they get a third round compensatory and 2019. I don't have from the business standpoint better to get to the next here and a third in 2019. But they really had no way they're gonna keep it was too good. John plains noises here 95 cent in the game and John Moore are you hearing at a New England this. Possible rift between a head coach any quarterback who won five Super Bowls together. Yeah I mean it's one where you'd have a trainer who comes in and he tried to take too much control over locker and then the pure Bill Belichick. It simply cannot let that happen Alex Guerrero came and then he's very good at what he does put on. But he's established office within the opposite. Then of course he starts to go to about twenty players hate when he got to the point where one of the players by the trainer restored to start scheduling some squads. And Alex Guerrero says all know you can't do that. It's like wall who's the boss Alex about the employee of the team he's the employee out Tom Brady is working now it may be about eighteen to twenty guys. And probably don't may have probably made a mistake by letting it go this far but when I got to the point when the trainer wants. It is squads and you're saying you can't go because Alex Cabrera says no. That you have a problem. And so built addressing the problem shorts and a constant tensions with. Now Tom Brady but I'm gonna stand by Alex. So you know but what it's like there's still the number one seed and I'm still great candidate beat the number one pick as the MVP. As well says professor residues you know we love bringing on a show she just ran up the answer is like this is like they're on the back here hand. There's there's there's a difference between hot seat and there's dims think coach is on the hot seat in coach is that under achieved. So he said give I guess you gave me a couple coaches you think there on the hot seat this year who would then be. I think this is gonna probably be the blackest black as Monday we've ever had targets sometime it based on Tuesday when they may even the next week. Get things done that you decide to go through the list for this devastating. I just think it is something yellow borderline people. I think Jim Caldwell could be in trouble in Detroit for not making the playoffs. If and it seemed to make the playoffs I think he did seem like Malarkey and you start to go to the ones you already know on these Steve Spagnuolo what. It's not gonna get be getting their job carry handle full time job he's going to be out then you've got checked or gone I was going to be out. You know and I think our cutters going to be out in Tampa Bay but Jon Gruden going in there besides I don't. I would I was thinking eight of them as a pop it could go for more than that and me particularly to get some surprises this series I do believe even though he's. Delegates calling it fake it I do think those stepped out of the end of the season. For health reasons any he'll get out of it for awhile so I think he's going to be out so again this is going to be devastating the number of coaches they're going to be changing. And in no way what is not enough good replacements. Wow wow which which in your opinion which coach as which one of these coaches that under achieve that has that talent. Which coaches that you think is a new teeth or mantown they have. Well now I think that. Yet a look in Detroit and they got mad he stab 127 million dollar quarterback and not go to very good receivers and at what looked at the end that is star were not for injuries are good offensive line. I think that you can look at it. That's under achievement because I think that it's not that they were still going to be yet. I've ten or eleven win team. But thinking that they lost and and they're just absolutely horrible against winning teams I think there record against teams that are 500 or better is to insects. And when you're given an easy schedule would say pretty well have a not take advantage of it. That's underachieving but to a certain degree yet but maybe Tennessee in that category and because you're here they are coming down the stretch. And they they should be doing better I mean you can't tennis scene you're trying to go for the playoffs you cannot lose in Cincinnati. That that you cannot do and he got a big Malarkey but a great job and turning around a culture that team. Turning an indoor running offense but Marcus Mario that has under achieve this year so what that in part because of hamstring injuries insult. It was unfortunate and again this is where the NFL owners continue to make mistakes. OK so you lay under achieve a little bit that in the coach should lose his job no because as the replacement. There's if there's going to be eight to ten coaching changes and changes they've got eight to ten good candidate out there to take those jobs. John Lewis New England be playing in the Super Bowl. Good question because I still think things are a little bit questionable while pop. There when you're talking about right now depending on what happens but the rammed the top three seeds. Having nick holes case keep them and Jerry got a quarterback and at some aesthetic off. They ought to do what. We are going to be they're going to get better quarterbacks. And so the question mark is okay engineered golf beat Cam Newton twice I Drew Brees twice. And if so that's why I think the problems are and that's where you are great quarterback can go into one of those two places. In a lot of victory because if it turns into a fourth quarter up and down Taipei game. And that quarterback I case scheme mark nick Ford has been able to respond. And that quarterback coming in is going to possibly wins I think it's going to be built up that's why I think in the NFC so wide open it's. Let's send down this John coming up here in the play houseful this being the last broadcast for Jon Gruden. Or will he stay in the Booth. I think he's gonna stay in Tampa where he lives and become the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers I really do I think that that you can see that that's the only. I hit every year he's gonna have. Three or four offers and he's not gonna go because it has such a great situation at ESPN and so valuable ways so good at what he does but. The situation and half billion he's the opposite at home than Tampa. There's side coaches he's already started to contact according to sources it's got to be understaffed. So I think that once that playoff game comes Linda for years and probably had Saturday night. That does sometime in the next week or so it was on the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Grace John we always appreciate it we'll talk gin actually. John Clayton a professor that's why I. Wow wow dropping news you know what I. Don't concluded your boys coming edible and we thought he loved being an Oakland I told you want to bring you can upload pretty good guess talent. Richard brick coop. Just remember this day in this conversation. So when he does peak is now next destination. We can reduce that it's maybe he'll go to the giants Stanton. And or. This lack. Molina Durham so you gotta get none at all you know apology you tell me stand was going to the giants Houston had a really good now Fordham. They had to wait and look forward I said how is how the how and where the prospects getting Gundy getting what they would de LA. And they had a shot at Halle Berry is she just there are no I don't know of the year I'm David Justice all. How. Can Dave on the phone has could on the that is. That's breaking shot I mean he may admit that wasn't like a maybe he said that was an act kind that's not I've heard a lot of stories as he likes Jay has basically been. Jon Gruden will lead and I say go to Tampa Bay Buccaneers lol that do for these non. Oh you do I don't. Do from fruit bowl last time he was there after the Super Bowl or 35 and 51 Easter they want him back just numbers eyes is wins and losses what does that matter. Where you know. Here's here's the thing about that. It is you know as wanting Romo talked about Lowe's I cannot want a good things about Jon Gruden and his deal right now making so much money. And and being on the broadcasting side. Is he has that's really work writing down your neck now it now it goes back in in now. Just think. And I know as a coach is what you do it's what she love you want a coach in and who know the one guy people always bring out. Is Dick Vermeil. They always bring out liberal meal came maggert won the Super Bowl that he did it that is true that is true. But there are guys who come back whether it's like joke. Gibbs they come back and and it doesn't work and you've been out of the game. And insist he right now gruden is king he is absolutely. King. He's doing what he wants is making a ton of money. Doesn't have any pressure he's never left the jungle he's been around the game given them the minute you start losing your star this that that this does shine on your star gets diminished so fast. Look how quickly can turn on Neil. Like Kyle Shanahan right now I I got the liars if the niners don't live up to these expectations because. You and hire more fans Lowe is the former player your ire senior gone. Tell you can meet its ten wins is going to be expectation eleven an idea or John Clayton and Lorenzo are saying whoa slow down south then days. Right 78. Or if they go out what does it. They wilt under expectations next here and they were. They went on Sunday six wins next year the niners win six wins Shanahan genius no Jack Del Rio was the guy who came home. Hayward high Jack Del Rio god uses star this team won twelve games last leave your million. Now this seems coming in class of people want him fired you know how quick Jon Gruden star can change right now rock star. He isn't going and immediately sixteen as Winston what's that's a scary proposition ten is guessing game though I know it is also crazy. He's crazy. So you don't you don't only an an immediately way and gruden won't be such a superstar anymore. And he'll never get you know he'll never get that money and I thought my Rossi never odd czar. Is he goes and it doesn't work in Tampa and Bill Parcells in Dallas. No they didn't they got to the play don't do you know he'll be he'll be like you'll still called games. But he will be on the number of broadcast. They'll be born Irish. Canon has. And the professors say it like it's a done deal no deal. I think it is. I think when we have a faster jump in and say hey look he's in tapping let's be their this warehouse is Islamic temper he's already got a cell. There's no state got you beat they they they may have a QB that he believes that he likes what John grew much every quarterback but. Eight commentary that's a teen and I was gonna save energy. Love this game Jamie love love love he was there and he had Jamie on the right track and you're fired you're fired Lovie Smith and you bring in another coach. In they've under key what do all the talent from running backs and receivers and millions and millions. I mean Jackson. Everything they did they buy a new chief source gummy interest in I think gruden well he's there doesn't happen by new house doesn't have to change any thing guru he's right there in Tampa Bay. Right did have a silly they love him there in a spark interest banks engaging this under control. I like him I think I mean it's it's a simple it's a simple fix what. Do. They love there in Tampa. I think the guys just write my question would be is you've seen this are any US have you seen this movie eat eat eat you gave him full power before there is in it didn't work they did have a franchise quarterback and I'm just saying you that antics they come with Jane is this guy can play the position in John knows that he wouldn't take this job if he didn't believe he can seek Soria and indeed Jen is on the right track. Believe that. Or it's a really fat contract and he knows now if five years fifteen million as he made enough though who cares nomination at the stunning surge and on the brink. Evernote motivates me both of a lot of money I mean we always the people. Isn't it amazing that people who have no money the way we view people who do have money without enough money. Only rich people never have enough. There's never enough. At 950 Macon five like five years I don't know. Five years fifty million in Florida. And those states that's allowed we're talking necessary but with all these old thirteen point three hours you know I have low. She was eight and 2018 what do you dumb mug DW I get squeezed his do with the new laws that this passage trump in his voice its own tax day it's got some taxes come and he doesn't like when you see on this easy easy you can hide it Lamar you cannot you how you guys a little more then do uncle Sam's comment that knew would went through machine like all right I'll a lot of us don't we used to get smacked bump. Now you saw that. I don't know one thing you can't believe how they have Bo looked they'll be aboard in the. Open that way now that your guy note. Movement banks wrote thanks you appreciate that what tax seasons in real lot of fun from a little different. Crazy man right house from her right out you're out there he downy ball games deal. Got a little doubt that yeah that select speaking on the hot seat. So I'm looking at the USA today. And I'm looking at the hot seat there's John's right there to be to even. Even John John Clayton is right even John grew his brother. Kabila here that I borrowed time maybe Jay gruden is an ex offensive coordinator for younger my question is is that good for the league when you have that high turnover on coaches. There while we're in the worry where I irreplaceable Hollywood now all you you'll find guys come out of the woodwork he at least football. The way football's on college and Perot. They sign these guys a long term deals but you EU you know you if you don't have enough that's always. We're doing the waited a little bit you don't have a long Lindo. You gotta every not everybody can win. But that's Olympic anti contracts that's the thing about a sudden fire in the did. I'm really not my energy players like sweet we got a bad. I fire rescue don't get to guarantee coaches fired me you know what I got my guaranteed so hey put a new issue and I'll beat it I don't. But is introducing could you talk about coaches. Into elegant tired and just while I've people and I went here we want that notion there was this fire common. We're beginning he already got him that was the upgrade. Mean you think about Pittsburgh still as you see how many years during the playoffs and they're always competitive. What do you deal. And that's that's the same thing and that's when you look around the league. I just don't that's what makes patron you think about what distillers done the last twenty years they had what thirty years only two or three coaches. But it's consistency. After this. You ain't in so I don't when guys are going out saying hey let's keep firing internal detour over it doesn't necessarily Il's wins and so when you're when you're desperate to start to do these things will pick up. About the national public look at homered certain guys and you look at a rally pay millions of fund. Campaign he's quitting you're competitive even when you're you did make the playoffs a two years removed. He's he's they would there was a low noise there for a little bit but what does it and that's why people people who people talk about common. The Rooney's don't bother they just listen at these people and say go put a new issue of beat it we don't stay our course. Because here's what people have to realize. When you just do when you can just react there's a lot of he would do what he bases this fire him in they're just crying out then what happens the next coach if he doesn't win fire them. That's still reacting. A lot of owners can't lose a lot of owners listened to the noise and they hurt themselves. They hurt himself like a guy like cared so Jason can dared chasing Karrie your does the scholarship does he act and I think he should be fired. Hired because of the fact if you look at his senior and you associated. What is he's. And as he did consistently in the playoffs is he can Sicily luck in the answers no but I mode because he's a puppet because Jerry Jones but the and you look at around a lot of coaches though. You see people a quiet he's still there like the Bruce fans why because we sans look at his year he's not the playoffs the next series not. But they're consistent. What does fans one can't one just a glimmer of hope did know the thirteen can compete. Didn't know that there are fans why are used you're happy into Dallas no longer Mets last week when they had a playoff now it's like god given him. But think about once you're in it to. And once you still have the ability to. I don't what's the greatest loss last week. It's over so people to live out. C coaches and owners have to be careful of going down a slippery slope did this and I'm a fiery guy because that's what the fans what you gotta look at their track record and look at the consistency so I know I got a guy that's gonna completely relevant that norm always going to be in the playoffs like Andy Reid I have most isn't. What people are delicate because they're gonna give another thought. I don't Mark Davis is Jack Del Rio back next year but you look at a guy like Jack don't really you got it that's what I think I think he's gonna come back for year but I look at I. I look at it Jack and I'm all around looking and jackets in okay. This guys fired more coaches in the NFL since he's been there. On the day jackets in okay he was indeed amber had this number one defense what I still ahead of best well had added a good defense. But they didn't might as part of why didn't they break it's I guess either OK we'll also Baltimore NSA one year after he leaves one year removed Wade Phillips comes in and the defense. Actually becomes a number one defense and they and then they. That's admirable so I start to look at the tracker look at Jacksonville see we didn't actually look so he said what am I going to get out of him what this is outside what is is still on what is this floor. Now we know Thomas still and is one of the Super Bowl ads action on needing eagle what is doable if you look at sucking say has Chucky shown you demonstrable if you look at a lot of these coaches head dungy shown equal what is suitable answers yes some of these coaches when you look at you say how many these guys that I know they can win a subordinate to the Super Bowl so you get it like getting sore they get about like that that's when you say. Is it worth to me firing and he just spoke this single piece people are in my bulletin really great at the coaching position. Fay is one I know that thirteen can compete fans want to know that they had they chance an if you have a chance in you know your organization. Every year lacked the Phillies are Kansas City when you know they're gonna and had to be in the playoffs even though people get mad at nerve said. They want eighteen that's going to compete because he knows flash there's only one team that's won a symbol every year is always your team is showing that they're competent only exceeded your teen can compete and have that chance. That's all fans want I know they want Super Bowls I did dead. But they just want to compete they want a product beat. This man has won three Super Bowls with the 49ers. How does he view. How does he viewed today's San Francisco 49ers you're gonna find out. I'll have to work your way. Coming up here at 845 we have a pair of take his seed David Salant friends December 31 that masonic show starts at 930. What doors opening at 830 we have another edition of know your show. Where we give a trivia question about something that was said earlier in the show today glistening here at 845 for the question. He's a forty niner great three time Super Bowl champion college football hall of fame former UCLA Bruin a great Randy cross is well this year on 957 game Merry Christmas happy holidays thank you for joining us this morning. Yeah there lakers moved out there on them and my pleasure my pleasure to hear from beautiful New York. Well I think there are any year old team in the last stint you know go one last year in firing you know it's past couple years firing coaches. And Acxiom yet Kyle Shanahan he comes in and they can't win a game. And then now all of a sudden the whole script has slipped to a Jimmy garage blow toward the niners went from being an almighty god they gonna get the number one pick to. Very little one of the most patent hyped up teams in the NFL right now it's hard to believe. And the great thing happening program to look forward to whom do not only be upcoming draft and made it pretty serious. You know all amount of cap space and whatnot could possibly be spat. And they got to be got to be excited about you know how Shanahan and what his staff was able to do and John Lynch and everybody. And the profits and sort of the division they have and more importantly kind of leave the atmosphere in the attitude about the entire organization. It light years different echo of light years different you know when they were losing earlier this year. Much work here on this streak they truly been a testament to I think a lot of hard work are there. No questions and stay there and conspiracy to broaden out to some tests and and cal Shanahan and what John Lynch is been Dylan. Listen biggest difference to you when you look at an organization like the Cleveland Browns and you watch film they lost by a touchdown you still lose by three a touchdown. To you know field goal. They battle this year and and you see cal Shanahan who you know they're losing all or gains but still playing still playing hard but it's just a different or different Santorum both these organization. One get the quarterback Jimmy G walks into the building steps right in and you see the winning streak he has. What's the difference and that was the biggest two parallels between these both these two franchises Baltimore losing emboldened lost eight straight what's the biggest parallels do you think. Well I figured it starts yet give credit. Says Jed York and man they beat the top of his organization. It's not easy for people that have those kind of resources. And you know sort of a claim in general. To admit they're wrong and it gonna happen real often. And they don't give up power people. That dead you know owned franchises in professional sports don't give up power and say. You delay and I and I think that's one thing especially bringing in the guys by chatting and bringing in alleged. Giving them along deals. That that was sort of the the first bought of what's going time is much having sort of being. Willingness to let go. Dramatic or pretty quick. Politico especially people that they have all the Troy reason and the resources that their hands and also. I act I react big big part of it I think what Cleveland has done is they've had a consistently. Cut back pollution regime. You know not only from a standpoint of their ownership of the property lose then their staffs and you know just go down molested. It's just a lot harder than it looks and they had the one consistent thing that they have not had. Is the quarterback. And this whole experience over the last month and a half or so I think it was. It's more than anything we're real straight to a lot of people how much how important that one position can be if you do get the right guy in charge. Randy speak in a quarterbacks would there's another one here in the Bay Area dare car he got his big contract in I was called them baby Brett Favre a couple of years ago and this year I. I I don't know what to make I don't know if it's the coordinator but when you watch deer car what do you see. And they're that different. You know I think from watching the raiders here this year BA great sort of sobering reminder for reporting out of fans are over the moon right now. That it doesn't take long to be back on the other end of the scale. So. Again condemned the baby baby pump break on. To live a little opening on 2008 true. A lot harder look and you know and part of it. The I have probably not I mean but yeah it that was true you'd make that same. Comment the market Mario and have had a very similar kind of an injury and he again hasn't exactly had an exemplary year. I think everybody gets a little part of the boy am I think our beautiful on the idea. You got a lot of things that are unacceptable. Take him without he should be playing. Buddy goes down there was no lie and it goes there receivers because of that defense. You know I I was in that group that operators. Work I think that would be contending that decline in Minneapolis. You know come early February so. Not. Again it it's very very. Fluid bang and you're an idiot how many years were you really have a chance to take advantage of great. You know chemistry and if they happen and talent on the football game. If you don't take advantage Peyton go away and really quite. Three cents a Ramos and be ready crust with us here 957 game and we recently just. Had John Clayton on and he said Jon Gruden is gonna go to Tampa and these are talking about all the coaches that are going to be fired. Just talk about how that is for the health of the game when you have so many coaches who look like they're on the hot seat and could be losing their jobs. By that it the reality of the business now probably maybe now more than ever. Enter your past there a narrow minded people all the time. You know Bill Walsh was tired 1979. That was my four I would go to my fourth year it would might fit that throw out. So when you're bad and things don't go well. And like I said you know people that have locked the resource is blocked the mining and lock the always. They are not real patient but not patient in the business amid a law that mining and assure they'll not patient. An eight game. That they think a lot of a lot either and that didn't secure out. I hit two bad. I really don't think Jon Gruden coming back to do much of any thing that he doesn't. You know more to your beard. CEO coach I mean you've been out of football. I yet but one thing to watch tape and talk about it on TV I've done that all law. I mean coach. Ill let's end on this and I am not comparing her upload to the great Joseph Montana who is arguably the greatest of all time but just. Walk us through what it was like as you just said he had all these head coaches before Bill Walsh. Eight boy bill showed up you are winning games right away what is it like when you get that guy you get that quarterback and then everybody believes weakened winless this guy. Well you just surround him with a right. Again to use mine out in my in my termite always you know you you keep that Staley around you keep. Both kind of football players are your team and you have a resource you get more of those guys so far you get multiple running backs second play can you need multiple running backs. You get receivers. That can excel and what you want to do do they have to be first others topics that they don't have to be two black critics. But you'll you'll get guys on the outside. That want to achieve it can do the things that you really want to do offensively and help that quarterback. And you know you appreciate what the most important positions are. And football and quarterbacks won a close vote but so is that that. Coveted pass rusher on the outside he got I have one or two ago she got I have corners. You got out of force in the middle of the field wanna come so the defense of presents. You know that Ronnie Lott for a long time. Was more than 9% and over the carry guys you've got a lay area near football game if you're gonna give your quarterback a real chance to win. You know you bring up Cleveland blog talk about Cleveland again wrote what do they drafted real high but it actually drafted some pretty good quarterbacks. Let cool what's so bad I mean Josh wrote in from UCLA proposal that going to be high draft pick. He got beat their debt that you feel like how wanted to go back well bad off at the football. You know he does he appear to review them out of the rate you get Kurt Abbott college. In the pros you need to surround your guys when you find the right war. You better be really fast and surrounding him with the right kind of players thought they energy is abilities. Grace so brand and we truly appreciated happy holidays all dodge and 2000 maintain. Sounds great you guys go at my pleasure. The great or any cross three time Super Bowl champion a lot to talk about right there what he had to say and also. I sadly after a minute there's certain things that are on television. That really are directed right at me but I should be better. Here's Joseph lo and did. That particular Orlando is now open and we're giving away. A parenting is he David felon friends December 31 that masonic shall start tonight Terry wood doors opening 8:30 PM. We have another edition of know your show where we give a trivia question about something that was said earlier in the show. Israelis and the Russians yet. On Tony lol guru in and a we artists guessing whether or not Jon Gruden should be head coach again load told us he'd rather have this former coach come back next season other than Jon Gruden. What coach was he talking about school. Yeah. TC inquiring minds want to know you say so. As Randi was talking and on television here in the studio hunt. They had a infomercials for a knife sharpener. And I thought he had no quit in and it looked amazing and I realize. Every single time morals comes on. I'm in Indian it. Why I wanted for Christmas ABC more on the bacon. Now there's a special one for bacon now it really perfect age and no so you put them you put him inside laziness tray everything drips into a pan icing and makes it easy that. That you want that as seen on TV was made for people like me I'm a sucker us these all of a sudden gust got I'd love to have that. I can't. Odds and shoppers getting. I don't know won the cup I am. I've grabbed franks and catfish in my copper because they had the one they had two different yes the one has a little actual little basket that little deeper you can fry Dubai until just a but I somehow I think I didn't get it. The flip which one I got a ball I did the pressure cooker I do dog is no utilities so I guess is that it forget it forget it set I forgot I was glad forget all the time I love it so much. Meat chicken a couple tickets imitators and Kerry did in onions in the just blossom season been and I'm just said it not forget walk away my boat 1520 minutes ago Mac and it's like oh like not. I mean it's also good when I touch my lips. Absolutely made. Amazing but the one did you salt and ice. As some sort of credit card he was able to kind of the main application. Our regular credit card and how to now that you know I have got to know that we're no no that's a real real that's. Why around this are forty years and now it's Broken Arrow Iron Man. Credit card city the other way you better believe it out of our radiated through the series even let that it. Imagine it looked as if they can't incarcerate a credit card and making cuts frozen meat go to Billy Hahn has and they just forget the night I use credit. I didn't that didn't work they can get sued so you know bad surface slowly happen tomorrow. Any honest is still learning this but it was just Verizon meet. You can make a good donor heart candid and manages its Kyoto Paulus down the sound plays same thing in fashion what is it Kyoto Dallas all right then one day my kids alone and tell you you take your kids. It's it's. They can't get enough alone entertaining. Interventions they know. Delicious. ER Randy you know Romo says this all the time low on raiders' opening drive very just listen we desire color one about all these different guys. Well let's be honest when Joseph Montana had a good game they won seem young had a good game John Elway re scan and just how works. And Randy will tirade there as they were afraid the niners were failing. And they hired an older coach out of Stanford. And the great balls so it was off with San Jose state graduate. Yeah he was an older coach. At Stanford. And he shows up when they are two and fourteen. But also made the third round and the other guy Joseph Montana cell phone not Steve the birth think about this Joseph Montana. I wanna say the dome I can't remember the actual number. But he had as many interceptions as he had touchdown passes that at Notre Dame. Why healing if you it is is Joseph Montana would have played today in college football how they would view gel. Don't tell is leave it to ten only to give the he talked about oh who you love Kobe Bryant let me tell you Kobe was in this clutches she's taken he has all these analytics in these numbers low of these proceedings are actually in the years. And then you bring Joseph Montana in it to tell me that. Why now he had the last 24 seconds and a game and basketball. In the fourth quarter and overtime now. Kobe Bryant took the most shots ever gold's Kobe to the most shots outer area but in those clutch situations. Kobe Bryant yeah. Mated only 29% of the time wow. Now according to truly made it every single time I did ask the IMS Purdue's said he made it everytime showed a lot of that was when he is not. And he had made one Moses last year 2016. There where Dre fifty someone Utah's I guess TA MM AA game winner since 2012. But they weren't in close games the moment no he still took a lot of those. And there's a reason they weren't in them. Let them affect the set to blow shots in the history of the NBA. This is going off memory. It is tablet check. So that's the second most in the history the NBA was tablet check cold we still shot more than him a hundred 1064. Time amazing. Every was she didn't that's corny isn't listen real quick yes sir. This protest tomorrow basketball our knowledge yes. Do you know how hard it is to hoist up a shot. And what type or shape you need to DN. In the NBA to just take one shot. And that's why guys like Iverson and co beat. Blow it I don't care for goes in or not the fact that your social Steele did in shape to put the ball looked thirty to forty times. Just as it is just mesmerized. Yes. It's the keel to be able to hoist the shock and. I just go to mullah told you go rooted then going ahead a lot of guys that museum shooting I do and they're about to die as I mentioned to win more times in the. Got the numbers a lot of forever. Some lows hey. You know passing some skilled they'll get. Well. They know Kobe's mom mom and mom balloons to combat Al Sunni Khalid did she not you and afraid he was not afraid he's got real Westbrook gaining. That's why is due from. Don't show I. I just entered his wife that she was it Diaz ceremony when they're adorable feet I can't believe it and they're now what are and a little baby. Yeah he's he's got a young he's generally young woman you know catch up no Georges had twins what are always a young Guatemalan death noah's wife. It's as new wise is flying there c'mon tell me and I go out and he says he plays golf. Thirty I love us he is married again he's got a toy ends. He runs a basketball team and then he admits to these cigar magazine that he plays 36 holes of golf today. And you wonder why that Hornaday aren't in the office. Easy now because he's got that addictive personality he plays 36. Holes a day. Sell the team. Easy easy thanks Susie he's not the only homeowner and one of the rounds the franchise it's it's him. It's MG day. 36. Holes today they're deep they're cute little better this unless this Mirabelli. You know remember when he took over how this is the fascination that Jordan. Is such a great player and everybody's gonna gravitate to hand me he's a really get all the best players. I was the belief. Never has gone down well. That's because he doesn't he chooses not to play and 36 holes a day coach. Yeah you know eleven basketball social let's be real that Jordan loved basketball and Thornton played bass money train and get all the things. He say when the pistons beat any city gotten away removes any work that much are they need. So now you have a guy who doesn't love basketball he loves basketball can do for him in the money in the financial gains in the things and brings them. But let's face it if Jordan was committed to it he could have been guys in superstars there but you played 36 come on you know element takes you past 67 hours a day so if you're out there are six. Because it takes you at least three and a half hours to play around that's mood pretty good three and a half to three two hours 45 minutes so he's out there at least six hours. The memo. Drive time and everything S 778 hours to drive did there gets set up hit them. Ask them drink yeah dude that's so you don't what it's 78 hour day. Just in drive time and everything so how. Do you mean what what he knew he mean you're not winning and that he's not win but I. An iPhone low you can do business on the phone and you really do one business when you're on the course but any time you you don't fizzled of course you talk talk and the second in your mind. Palin because it's buddy let me call you back and about. I'm now 162. Out oh. I'll get right. Seven iron did you hit a bad bowling like do I gotta go are you here messing my game yeah I don't have a guy area and I hear dad's played golf fund. Christmas Eve go Finland foggy Christmas scene San campuses say hey Laura. County woods your nose so bright won't you guide my sleep. I'm amiss Christmas. To our guys ask me is that Ari I know I started talking about taking a tree down in my closet and seventh of the seventh at twelve physical. I'll let you do on the seven had January 7 as a twelve days of Christmas okay I'm gonna put it up on nine get it taken down she isn't really particular with it with with all my ornaments and to go back in their original boxes everything how many Greek and ornaments do you have. And I'll love Immersion into. Ever ever Greek flag on the the other green flag on your cherry one of them of course he does. I'll send you one that Michael have a ton of ornament sites collect ornaments like freezing he has some type agreed saying on top of the tree and now I am. Every Angel has agreed star known as it's just starts this is ours is a nice star. His treaty. I love when she bus Sutter pictures of their Christmas to America's insolvent creek food that I write yeah no this year we get like an old English traditional. At a dinner so we had a yeah. The primary and all this I get a primary do great. Got it coach who got he got real fancy on Christmas meal and many I did I did fried lobster on Christmas scene I didn't for the first time well yeah I was fast I. So I'd love about that. Peanut oil. At the Louisiana fried yet should Phnom it's easy ever had I not serve. Most still have a week I have that we always do a Mexican Christmas Eve right let my Mexican food. And so what I it is I mean lobster tacos and goes on licensing. Test yet tonight first first semi had a don't rule. It is one of the tail gates I go Biden and raider games and gave fried lobster now and I've never had frowned Mike you've never had why would you fry Loughner. And I had fried las right now I know lying OK it's phenomenal. And now it's as simple peanut oil. You get to a certain point where they'll oil's high enough Heathrow and and it's. You only see it partially out of the shell down. And you put that note that the Louisiana makes all over included an agent spices on eight minutes it's like eight minutes done. So I. Yeah. Ski seat so you open up 20 cracked a little bit need to play this game is do is get the light is get the lobster tail OK and you take a tale out just took them a bit had a connected the very bottom so I haven't connected still a little bit. Any any you get is they can honestly indicate a housing mania but it almost seizing and he's done but in the oil and about eight manage your Iraq. That's simple. Christie lobster wow well who was just aren't many next year primary had a primary federal lobster pulled servants are well. That's that's cannot tell you know coach that's a good milk replay can we fix three ply. Problem replay if you can't replay everything you don't replace certain things.