JLD - Hour 3

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, May 9th
The guys speak with MLB Insider for Fox Sports Jon Morosi, NBA Writer for the NY Daily News Frank Isola, and Co-Host of Speak for Yourself on FS1, Jason Whitlock. 

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Tonya. Asked you got to miss that one Jolo and did not a five point seven game my voice is still shot the action is fast and furious in this hour. And I as a bogey just join us in studio. Guys nails man he's got a big career in front of them. Big career John Groce is coming up a few minutes to talk baseball frank I soul at 830 to get back in the hoops Jason whitlock at 845. But so whitlock was sitting in front of me at one broad front in its Chappelle on Friday night in Vegas nights where yes job and up a little bit. You know two big time he he while rolled around town a couple white. Gentleman who looked like athletes I couldn't identify who they were but he was yuck in the upper dam and I was fight off this one's a brawny in my group was like four book and I disappear beer they were in our thirties. Sip of my beard go get your own damn the year the that was that they. That's not a thing you know at 9579 fives at an appropriate question to ask another man. Then appropriate question ask anybody can I have a sip of your beer now it's like saying can I have a link of your lollipop on mine is now I'm talking about candy freak show. With that Maggette to its group of girls that keep us on board is trying to allow you. Kinda tastier ice cream cone it is kind of thing. In most defense I think he really was grossed out but yet you want. I can I Oscar us I'd like to apologize for making it easy. Or you know what Jesus did he say he'd get. And you saw. And I got red hair now on now the outlawed a deadly dull. Is creative angles of I mean or too old weakens you'd never work blue do you never take you to the guts and there is stuff that's blown. See if I asked us. This one got away from us and our guys did that your update. No net now stop the music stopped a foot and nearly you don't get to do that Ford mark we will allow us an appropriate grace period. While some breathing room then we'll go to the professionalism of the update Stephen if you will. Thank you Good Morning America the lawyers who slapped and here's now they didn't. Have a Golden State Warriors. We'll swing back to back playoff series for the first time in franchise history and for the third straight year head to watch. Burns my idol finals store Golden State 11 we want you John 95. Had the warriors sweeping Utah Jazz. It's board games general of the golly or another 57 games after it was thirty dream on dream no triple double the lawyers will play no sooner. Then Sunday pending the outcome of the spurs and rockets series that's tied at two apiece game five is tonight in San Antonio. A's fans rejoice our third straight walk off wins in another 10 offer. Use one on applaud applauded the right now we'll go back to download at that track the low block yeah I bet per day. It bring you walk dobbs in a row. Can't tour I think golly I'm not at 578 games year old cotton against Alex Myers tonight. Eighth try to make his fourth straight walk off wins the dugout Joseph 615 here on 957 game story number three giants lose their fourth. In a row the Mets walked them off. 43 the final meal walk of the game winning hit Jeffs a margin this afternoon going for his first win of the year against former giant farm hand it. And former phenom. Zack Wheeler the update brought to my east bay mini in Pleasanton expand your comfort zone in the spacious Mini Countryman today at east bay mini in Pleasanton. Visit east bay mini dot com. East bay mini dot com I'm candidly and your how many days dugout showed tonight at 615. On 95 point 72 games. I Saddam. Nicely. Done John roses come up in just a moment. To set the stage Chappelle Friday night there were like twenty loss. Very good seats like right up front at the Mandalay bay events center. But very long line for concessions won 25 minutes big commitment I made the commitment I wanted to be here are singular beer to have with the show. Got the Mir got out of my seat. As like twenty of us in this group and the one guy next to me. Okay okay. Always get that beer. Well you think I gotta gotta be concessions all of the Lima so long. Wait a minute wait a minute I see you didn't know would know how much you wanted that beer there's no matter money in the world but. Know a lot of money at one beer it's not about the money it's about the beer I put the effort in a what do drink the beer that's it famous special beer. Not a special here. So the view five minutes goes by any leans over and like. It was the war look back for Chappelle that was really good before book I just have a sip your beard but what are we fifteen the and had to put it would be is so obviously but I think it's completely. Completely outside the line it's I think that's completely outside the lines I don't know. Anyone agrees but those are the concepts right there and the did you Bruney who writes Joseph the only data can sip your Beers at the back. Use our are getting on my nerves comments like that you can't in this program and wait a minute there's another Pat The Bat the same number. Everybody's got to pad the bad jokes and Agassi by the trying to get you when you're down a joke they know your voice is a little bit I have my revenge against pat girl no doubt come on Aaron I will tell the story and I will lack. Will laughter three and a half hours to sort it will take half hour and now laughter three and a half hours and able prodigy to the Breck. You too can take the day off if you bite sounds great that's on comical that up and caught off our back to business we get tickets giveaway at 820 and 845 John row seat is held a job as an MLB inside of both fox sports and MLB network. You can follow him on Twitter at John Burroughs he's joining Jolo Indians right now on 95 points and in the game John as an adult is appropriate to ask another Manny can have a sip of his beer. I had never given much thought to the notion of these secondary beer market at sporting event and entertainment. Moments such is that show it but I think about this that it that it could actually be. I'm thinking now and perhaps you edit the other sporting event or show. And you have appear that you could sort of jump the line is probably eight. As secondary market that would of course that would that becomes taxable there was that app I think about the gay man. I'm all about commerce I'd love it and I think that's an interesting marketing pot. I think you nailed it John is forget the legal tax ramifications but something like. Grab me a beer as the naps so casino you get 20 and if you're in line to just buy one at. You buy that second beer and then you can mark up the price insults and alliger Ronnie who did wallowing in line. These and actually that we think about it there's no real negative effects. To the house because there are others on the beer anyways those just people helping people and there's over the cobbers involve I like it. People who need people we already have right sharing Jim we have you're sharing did. That's exactly the same thought it was probably the way to even divvy up the collapses commitment we need the additional. Solo Cup if you will the kind of distribute. I didn't overall but let's what let's talk a topic about. It's not I'll have my my understanding it. Direction our hands full ought to put I don't let folks in the Bay Area that probably already heard this now that that is probably argument processed by at a couple golf and ideas out there these are sites probably. I should probably be careful speaking to as you put that out of the market like the Bay Area my my ideas out there probably got. John the IPO just 120 billion priority laid out there are just that it is out there us it would Jolo and it's an ID five point seven a game. We just saw you wanna air on the MLB network talking about a couple topics that are near and dear to the heart of the Bay Area so we'll get right in that. Hunter Pence if the giants become sellers at the trade deadline what's the market going to be to the right fielder. Well it hasn't been able to answer obviously you know he's he's under contract are still more you're eighteen point five million next year. There aren't you know about that are available on the road about Natalie dot com including the likes to run and broadens. Kevin blog are so that there are no problems other and McCutcheon has won more. So it took me a couple of things that happens propensity go available. He's got to play of course get real runs it does so quite as easily get production as we get picked up. And I think that giants have to have a real. Frank assessment of where they're at as an organization. And figure out where they wanna go look at the club that needs because Bobby evidently been as even many commas and the fact that you look at the ways that their club is structured right now. And there are other oil. That where the production hasn't quite lined up to where you would expect it to be from the names on the back to the Jersey let it. And edit at some point in time. You look at the same types of players. Well maybe regressing a little bit advocate later their careers. Here you're almost in Calgary like the Philadelphia Phillies situation from 45 years ago. And that's not a good place to be. So I think you get Jared you have to take a real star realistic look. But where they're rat and I get pence plays better in if you look at the big pictures and you know what we had a great look at the balloon went to World Series. We need to get younger more athletic I think trading him in July becomes possible. His production picked up to the point worried governor of value in a market that could be I believe affordable quality outfielder tree candidates. John Rossi joining us our 957 the game what about the idea of Johnny Quaid L being somebody who could be. Delta at or before the deadline I know he's got the opt out that there's going to be a big albatross any deal but Quayle could be the most likely candidate could he be to be get moved. He tried equipment that opt out achievement and I think it's going to be a really interesting and potentially. Deal breaking dynamic equate help. Because it's hard for the giants. And it's part of the theater doing business were it to know exactly what. Quantity and in look quality of Albany years they're giving up in giving respectively because without doubt. There's no you know it almost at its September. That you may tell the teams left and think of me as a Rutland gonna opt out no matter what. The war all the sudden what happens if there's a link human vision gotta double the opposite temper he's probably got an opt out that point times so. Relieved that there's almost all the downside. For the acquiring property if you're gonna get a player who is going to. Leave that position. You'll sacrificed and you better prospects to just get a rental. Ski other reforms or get injured in that your stock was. So I think it can really from my standpoint. It has to be the perfect situation. For quite a ticket move I understand the overall fundamentals that of course he got a rental pitcher before. With the royal Dublin World Series. I think is pitched better than what the numbers look like opera in the seated. But but that guy I'd expect it's going to be too challenging. For the giants to really figure out where he has that and the guys the question becomes if he does it the jets keep many opt out. What are the other group heard the term recite quit though. All of us an edge as Turkish which has been a real straight to the club for the most part it is decades becomes a really huge question mark now will be. Sure that's a great point weaving about the giants who were they were last year right before. Ready to end the season wanted to worse records in baseball you know after all star break and now you look at what's going on now. And you talked about may be movement Hunter Pence. When you think about this team now who else is maybe who some of the assets that may be moved. Is this giant organization now really has to take a serious look as saying do we press reset in start the rebuilding process. Right yeah it's a question anybody around him and for me that there are those guys that I believe I have to be off limits pose secretly off limits use too much a part of the future. I just cannot be considerate which you're treated. Belts it took me all in the middle I could see there being an argument from the be traded. If they feel as though Posey eventually move towards first based in DiCaprio that possibility. But bill it took his productive batteries so they couldn't watch but he's still getting on base of the recent YouTube clips so. He as the guy that I believe they can still hasn't got an outside long term as well please someone that they can and keep the ball over an extended period of time because he has shown the ability to actually play into left field. He's a very useful piece I was I was sick now also at these days as well but he is certainly more likely to be treated that someone like opposing it as they can in the state put no matter what. It is of course you don't last year it would be surprised if you don't again spoke recently I think they're at their app that anymore. That they aren't that. Add numbers that slightly pence has to be part of a conversation of my belt reluctantly. By being there as well panic I think is still so young and against his office has bounced back in the point did you look at the you know he's got a chance to be key guys for us now moving forward. But the key things for me is that the by the best way to get some more production out of like that some market in more a combined one and gates. This year with a combine the right at about five point seven between the two of the so again. But for me some margin more the key is that a respectable season this year but that's not gonna happen they've got at least it's better as a way to become. Decent tree commodities that you but the jets that they want to have more rebuild not rebuild more retooling for them at the deadline this year. And I'll be insider from both fox sports and MLB network John morose he would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven the game. Three consecutive walk off victories of the Oakland a is they're now fifteen and seventeen on the season the rest of the month shapes up pretty well two more with Los Angeles. The angels that is they're two games under 503 with Texas they're 703 with Seattle there to wonder then you've got four Boston at home. Many get to what Miami was five under and then UN the month with debris in the Bronx against the Yankees. How do you see the future shaping up for the Oakland a's between now in the trade deadline big time sellers each of the last two years. We get to that point are they going to be selling again and it's so I saw you guys on TV this morning talking about Chris Davis would you really be in contention to be moved. Well it took part in Ottawa right now I believe he would of course with a three walk outs and a row and whether others second place they're exactly yep there's that came back in the in the division. But which don't have back in the wild card. And intermediate they have played a lot better. Especially because the pitching at now come around and the rotation duties and consistency. Public raised back. Looks like he's figured some things out great and has backed. Took me I would expect we Douglas on the show I think the burden now I would lean towards them. Whole thing or potentially may be that they haven't played well get the wildcard consideration and become. Small buyers on the marketplace because they're pitching I think it's gonna get news is going to be stable enough but can it provide the foundation to win some ball games. The rest of the division we talked about. That there's only one team for the last but the book by water right now that's the at the Astros so I don't know what they're against the Astros know but I think you're going to be quality level wildcard contender. That the at least stand pat now have the power the other direction. But yes Davis becomes. One of the more intriguing bats out there I think it's you like the Dodgers would be all for Chris Davis he's got three years of control courts including this year. And I think that it can witness that talked about and were this morning. He's good at what does that but he didn't whether that. Because if there's optimism now with their cattle coming at the president the talk about the new ballpark but there's optimism there that you keep Davis that it that you. And potentially final long term because there is a guy was at the moment in baseball doesn't start of last year. As we get that you over and has spent the time he's a previous operator in the game right now it's what you got some momentum some spot. Even a chance that momentum that I think people together that you maybe like you know what if things go better equipped we have a chance for a shot on the ground and a couple years we've got. I don't know long term exit inspection because the pitching staff right now looks like it's getting to be more stable so I think we're now he's an intriguing team that they give on the upswing. And so I would call on the days and if they keep playing well that probably did it is at the very least a hole. At the deadline this year and maybe even an extension up by opening day if the ballpark momentum continues forward. John who's at the wrong in the latest curve lawful between the Mets and Matt Harvey. Could topple the way. In the current problem is that this yesterday that they cook up and careening towards Donnybrook right now. And not claimed imbroglio but as a Donnybrook right. Oh. It was a that's what I suspect that met our. Unless this was the way you repeated. Concern for them his communications. Is there I think professionalism. These things are now very much in question for Matt army and the New York Mets so that this was not his first at bat in terms of the ability to communicate with the ballclub. Four or showing up in in the proper. Is the proper mindset if you opted to compete at the Major League level to post immediately upon him. And it it that he may have changed the way to communicate with the with his bosses. And I think in the end it is time and in with the New York Mets to becoming shorter rather than later he's a free agent at 28 scenes. And I think you again at the correct themselves. He could pick up maybe it is July if not the July maybe this offseason because squarely. That there is there is that the police visibility we all say that we have CNET report. To suspend a player. But again right now. And effectively second place immediately in a topic at the at a player like crop the country and start. Who wasn't really ready to do that they have actively a place in Major League game to prove a point. About. Clearly they believe that it wasn't a problem for the play call in the morning in the Camilla the migrant matchup of the ballpark not a that looked so I think is now on notice. And guys to me and next mobile on the map are out of these analysts help contrite it ain't. And that was in my over the near Portland the point that the Mets. Chose not and pitch on Wednesday. Because they did not want to Beijing hostile environment. That hostile violent gentlemen it is anything. I. Upon yours better that the double followed. Better talk to pick up a relatively hostile environs of queens New York quite a piece of real story on bully right now the New York Mets. MLB insider for both fox sports and MLB network tremendous insight is always John Burroughs which solo Indians. On 95 point seven gave thank you John that was awesome. But my and again so let that happen next time we talk for the peer sharing. Parks and Anderson. The Baghdad. Giveaways and tickets Tripoli 9579571. One with the correct answer will win two tickets to see dead and company at shoreline amphitheater on Sunday June 4. Comedy playoff games have mostly warriors won last three years. Triple 89579570. How many playoff games have golds he warriors won over the last three years. People spoken. Completely unacceptable to share beer at this age at the exit question and I knew I was right I let him do it anyway because I didn't want it to be a thing. IDC now is and it turns into a thing so either I'm on unhappy or everyone's unhappy and like I took I took the bullet and I was well. Upset about it the rest of the night I could get over to the American dream at least make him waterfall it Celestin. His lips on how nice it was just one of those what are you gonna do you're here it's over and give them a thing it's not. He's of these violent human beings deliberate like that seal and not not stable I could've seen him losing his mind I had the plea careful. Aides to solutions that they Jules and I have to do just what I did hold an amended and I'll drink as much as I can't given the grass. It was it was a brand of beer okay and I'm not act I don't sound very well I look at it I try to do it tastes and it I'd I'd you can look at it slimy mess. Much younger. But that was situation. And most people are bring you yeah a lot of people are innocent abroad to back I did I was with the crew of the brats I should say and the best dance I was helping as much as possible that they could have I was bringing that one beer. Who had not chosen this garbage. Would bring it down but. That was Friday night it's pal and you sit down in the seat and he got the warm up back in the guy's hilarious and you just. I won't say anything you just wanna focus and enjoy the evening I got that. Who book the soup you appear. Owners can't why would you ask that question I was so furious. Flat he learns the view of what happens when you say now. I'm so our gold let me drink a Manama give it to you but men I'm not giving and so he when he won it right there he didn't want to wait he is upset that I had weeds it. Just like here yes I did think about it if he had paid attention I'm shore to camera was on me you could have gone through up a wide range of fees reaction sure it was a good fifteen seconds rice sat there. Furious is fuming there's no way act at a poker face I was so mad and I just realized. Everywhere I played a sentinel lose one way or another it was fine. Handed him to be to dissent and I did that. I don't know the toxic I didn't have a sip like about a ten minute jamaat. I know touch me and army. It's just a John. I don't use that as an excuse that are being like. I'm not feeling too good right now I don't know if you wanna get. Just gave him cap coming dallas' sounds great advice if but if I let him and I go on a German slow then you know what happens I'd explain you what this group is like he had ruthless and everyone's just all over me that's that I got that it's actually you know what I'd probably rather get ridiculed. From being a German followed and giving up a set the beer and again it's not because it was some great beer. It's not like I needed every cent of the beer still share the damn thing down I ten years old and he thought that's why meet maybe your voice is Jessica because to him you never know. Mean anything about it. Yeah. The month. Of OpenId midway through the month that's it it's great to you also in the cart again yes yet island capital in all. There. A Carnahan. And beards or vote. You know what I was already losing the cardigan and a well Donna just taken the rest of the heat you've got California horse you'll even see anymore. Carty and he would scarier here it's Abbott afford ma is gone off. Next to say you care about other people. I'm astute eye candy that weird I saw I was so I'm still I'm still trying to get over just because and it just a Metairie nature of it and you've got to. Well how'd you get that I think we in the line you'd want to you wanted to come right down here you could've waited. Suppose it. The 45 we ten. Just realize you either get it or you don't and you move on. Union that he's got to be an adult adult decisions policy is between he and specifically. It's like on that it that's not on the high end of the spectrum all the people that were there he ranks towards the lot of men in terms of closeness that that's what made a brat I think yes it's just meet at city like ounce of speed. That's it. Alright Brett Keisel NBA playoff talk next. The will be gonna work to improve what we've been watching this year great for us greater Cleveland. Awful for everybody else Jolo a dead body type once and again now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. All right back to business NBA who stalks frank I Sola doesn't dynamite job curbing MBA from the New York Daily News he's also a radio host on Sirius XM radio. Follow him on Twitter at FI Sola at New York Daily News and white DN. He's what this right now Julie lives on 95 points and the game frank good morning and thank you for your time we appreciate you joining us. Your interpretation of the NBA playoffs so far here in the Bay Area where love and it in Cleveland their probably love and it but. The league has this been a good post season so far. I think it's been pretty predictable and I think people in Boston watching in San Antonio and Houston. Are enjoying it but I think it's what most people saw that you went back to July and ran. The senate side Golden State I think a lot of people probably the local and state capital usually deep. In the final in February 28 the race got hurt and you try to make its case that maybe. The wars could be horrible horrible and then cavaliers were terrible and marched her own term case. Navy cavaliers all but they're clearly who best teams out of the putts it great but we don't I'm gonna work out if these two teams in the meeting in the wild and looks like that's what happened. I think it'll be great here that will be the lasting memory but in the long run I hope approach even lead to try to change. The playoff format a little bit hectic you don't wait. You'll ever see the point charter I would just give rideau conferences are just at the top sixteen teams. The playoffs 116. So every year you do it again for the most part tempered match ups and at the end used to it and go. With the portrait schemes and technically the final four but think about San Antonio and Houston had the second and third best record in the leak and they're both playing each other. Cleveland it's to clues. Over the parliament that the regular season not really care and where they finish up the big play around that that the achieved. Yet totally agree but when you look at these playoffs and if this if there's debris heading towards that collision course with the chasm dubs. Who is what would this do for look Bryant's legacy if they were to pollute an upset who would be the bigger who needs this win more of the cavs. Are these are the dubs. Why I think we're. When he gets to that point I think all pressure will fall on Kevin Durant because he's Kindle finals. He did lose to LeBron. In the Miami Heat and the reason that he went to Golden State to win championships so everyone else want to meet that curry could concentrate on green. The broad date date proved a lot and it's such prop eight gigabyte at east lake is 313 championship I I think the people it's a guy that was. The most to lose. To be would be Kevin Durant. Because this is why he decided to leave a very routine it enjoyed it even better to. Those guys orchard which Adam and we all know it trademark green that you expended. And oh it's LP. The ghost wars arguably beat despite how well promptly I still think the war is one. That championships so you those Marjorie Kaplan it's going to be more about to rant not so much to me about LeBron in the rest. How impressive is it what LeBron is doing now especially considering the regular season he had a good year he was efficient. He was arrested a lot and now in the playoffs he's raised his game about. Three notches is this rewriting his legacy as one of the great playoff performers of all time. Native tree coming at Portland street gain that go back. To you know when it started that game five at school would say to them about 36 point and so almost triple double so he's waiting. And he's playing well. And the scary thing for the rest in the Eastern Conference is sanction those sides so that. That maybe within three years you start to see him ball just a little bit and so that's what teams like Boston waiting. It waiting for him that that's why didn't wanna go Latin makes them look get rid of older acts that you bring shall but he had good that they you know excellent compete. LeBron it's almost like the rest of the Eastern Conference just weeding LeBron out. And it paid either lead and goes selection. Opera which. Let's face it it could happen or you left two teams so what can be lead. Again or you wait for him to pull off a little bit and keynote at management body he you know we don't like it would takes games off. Great to see you know the people admit it's likely only go to what you're you can go. That seated but put LeBron just like the Golden State Warriors they're earning Iraq now because they're winning four games and getting all the time do you realize. Edit the series starts. On Monday. For the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron will have played in the game over 35. B eighteen of the thirty of these Brock. Wow. Fantastic situation for him to me and frank as all of from the New York Daily News would Jolo and dams. And 95 point seven against me get a New York what's the story with Chris that's forcing guests he tweets out some good about the LA clippers then claims he was hacked what's going on the car. You guys talk about great scene in and you want a toggle that's optional. And Marines. Though. World about the drama especially in new York and they're always seemed to be some drama ultimate evil in the CNN. So Jack on Carmelo peppers and disposal to take it though. He's out in Europe hang around in Barcelona. He claimed he was packed I think he probably meant to text that the somebody. Ward direct message that the company and accidentally. It is you know accepted on its Twitter I don't think it's the worst thing in the world that he was having back and we're. With somebody young model so more power to them. I don't think it's the worst thing and why I eat eat eat. Claims from people I talk to represent him that he killed violate some actors can order that because BP. In the first split what it does it and it's all the drama. That seems to always surround it can really even more so typical to actually ordered that action. What brought in to bring stability. And also credibility to the organization and he wanted to hire Steve Kirk. And if it's speaker of the sportsman in the world because you can picnic typical sit worry church and arrest the trickster. And with Steve Kerr now out and then there's no real indication that he'll be back before the end of the post season what does this do for Mike Brown is he now. Automatically on the fast track the next available job or what he may maybe be better off staying here is Steve's assistant and as an insurance policy Golden State. While it that's an interesting one because Luke Walton was kind of a strange situation. And you're chip order that would have been that guy chip whereas in the he was released first in line to get that job on the Golden State warrior bench and kicking and soak everything great that he's make increasingly in New York. But it's certain little different situation and I think my ground. It's a good situation all we beat her it's going to be that particular right I think this'll help Mike Brown get another job I know he didn't do too well. In tailored to a lot of circumstances going all over the especially with kind of like an old. Kobe Bryant that that that's never easy to coach you know legendary player. When he's breaking down in the same player anymore so microbial can't remember he comes from. The spurs organization. In their guys get jobs told the race and now that he's you know been rediscovered. In Golden State that so we can help of these into the final four coach LeBron there might considered you get it together as much you guys are living it. Everyday so sometimes it will be different but from the outside people know what they've done. In Golden State it's really mean from Bob Meyers took great coach and sit there. The players that they drafted the Rasheed for the trip some of those players and also in terms of player development look at a guy. Like prima greenery. You know they they put together a great thing called we the people. Out there appreciate it just doesn't come along very often and program it looks like it they're going to be pretty good. For the foreseeable future so it won't be on. In Joker I remember going out there with the knicks when the you know the warriors were terrible in the crowd was still rate so that probably the troubled sector being rewarded for all those years of sticking with. You know a mediocre to locate product. Check him out on Twitter. S I Zola at New York that should be at at Beisel and why do incorrect frank. Units are among most people descending net success. Back now from California frankly keep it nice and soft under the covers the NBA for the New York Daily News exit NBA radio host on serious extent frank as all the way Jolo and gives a 95 point seven the game terrific stuff is always frank page so much for your time this morning we appreciate it. And of that comment though you went off in the best teams in the league to the most dysfunctional he does a great job covering the next but. And it hate it because he's obsessed that's what people well he's tremendous his job and an excellent favorable coverage but let's be honest do you give that organization favorable coverage it's impossible didn't get to the all season. Maybe get a week in any. Even their golden child Chris steps towards thing is to everybody loves a mile measurement a great guy he finds his way into the news and the old well. I got hacked must admit hackers as I'm sure the hackers across the world and look and get into Chris stats Twitter account let's start him. Top look at look at the could look at the GM. Course he's got six rings we understand the ownership but likes the way that he handles himself penal. The things he said about LeBron before and things he says about play that bizarre and has only. Jackson he's really yet he's. You can't do certain things you can't do even if you wanna see them you can't sale splashy guy in a leadership. Oh. Is coming up next more tickets giveaway and Jason whitlock you're not gonna wanna miss it Jolo and it is not fun once again. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Let's giveaways and tickets shall we. Which ones we gonna do here. Luke Bryan went read Eldridge and ranger Smith the new NWA and I'm just kidding. Yeah Brian I don't present Rangers snapped the winner gets to pick from their choice of two shows option eight Thursday October 12 the Concord pavilion. Option B Saturday October 14 at shoreline tickets going on sale this Friday 10 AM live nation dot com resale. Runs 10 AM to 10 PM on Thursday at live nation back I'm you can use the promo code fast FA ST fast for that. Question Tripoli 9579570. Quit the game winning home run in last night's a's game. Triple 89579572. At the game winning walk off home run in last night's easy victory. Over the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Jason whitlock co host of speak for yourself on FS one TV. On Twitter at. We've clocked Jason in anywhere you can find his writing it is some of the best you'll come across in the business he's joining Jolo Indians on 95 point seven again what's it like how aria. Greg out they're proud. Thank you for joining us. Let's jump right into warrior basketball one thing I was trying to figure out. Covering the team here in the Bay Area but seeing a lot of friends from the East Coast over the weekend in Vegas I cutter and an informal poll saudis feel about this team to rant. I enlarge the response was negative which caught me off guard act I but the team was exciting enough to the point where people liked him and I'm certain realized he'd become villains. And it's different. Opinions for different players and as to why staff curry though why do you think so many people dislike him. Aware of the people dislike that crap that you ran into the wrong crowd. You know. I think that people don't like the fact that there's such overwhelming favorite. And that the regular season with cal. Moreno. Your relevant. And five I think people don't like perfected Golden State in Cleveland there you go. Sweeping their way into the NBA finals but I think people like that very yearly fix. And you know ball in the role little bit but I think overall people like step very. But you know an overwhelming. Favorite bit has built also retain. There have been going to be pushed back to that book you know. I I don't leave. I don't see the Golden State Warriors is real bill. What about resentment for Kevin Durant which we've heard some from you know people across the country. Is that founded resentment or is that again just people trying to hate on the overwhelming favorites in the super team. I don't think that's who retained the rain has had a lot of core. And the players. Grouping together. Be that easy path. I don't think support. Would expect that. I don't actually. I'd like you know part of what people have been Juliet about war but it is decency and famous footballer David C sports. Is player of the year lemon put that the other team and blah blah blah and at that seems to be taken away from. Professional basketball because the players are putting teams together at the organization. You know doesn't matter. And and you know you'd bet the players that seem to be completely with particular bribed and completely controlled their brands. And I don't think people like that. They wanna feel like Pitt. There's you know. Often these strategies put together by executives. That are you know painstakingly put together and you invested a team we've invested player. Next thing you know you develop retreat mine grain but no one insult comic I think people respect them like that that's all been part of you know what it may exports great entertainment and on the lot. Some of that being taken away and so you know blue and gold that you built a little resentment because. And you're paying in his own cavern may be in black ball the National Football League and if so do you see him plane is his career over. Especially seeing guys likes and shares giving jobs and all these backup quarterbacks are in the week. Well I think that's a little bit of an oversimplification. That we need to go look and he would mark they have to assign full. And that collar Catholic if you will decide for that or to demand I have met so I'll rules say negative about the Wendell. I think. Anybody. Object that we would say Jay Cutler has had a better career than Colin captivate. And I think most people objectively was they gave colors they better quarterback in college captivate even now Dick color about relief. I grew up with a dude named Jeff George. Are more talented. Than Colin have predicted the quarterback. He got run out the lead before his talent was all of dried up because it wouldn't general managers and coaches decide. Maybe you know this guy really doesn't helpless in the heat of the night they'd be bout but the backup quarterback. But does he really helped us win this seat contribute. To it all in culture and all live environment about locker room every coach. Is trying to establish. When they resume includes and that no big hole. It's hard to get it particularly when your salary demands are delusional. And so I think people I had a couple of groups with the fact. Colin Chapman played football because he was good that. I don't think it's a game he blow pepper. And if you look at his social media profile if you look at activities he's involved and I'm not not to. He's more into the social justice warrior. That he is playing football. And I'm not not in that that's great deal with the consequences of that if they're paying you millions of dollars even of that one. Our it certainly gives him 1520 million they want you to be all at all football and your social justice work to wait till we ought you know waving also easily after your careers over. Soul you know I don't think Colleen Applegate. Is being black bodies deal with the reality of the Opel. Jason whitlock would Jolo Indians about a five point seven game what did you think about the bad angles and their selection of Joseph mix in the running back and Oklahoma in the second round. Marvin Lewis got one you're left with a contract needs to win. And so he took the best player on board. And you know I'm someone that they did obviously genomics and made it reprehensible state. And the court system dealt with him I'd do you believe that. You know city about a year eagle hole blows it formal punishment so out which will make things in the second game. And I don't really have a problem with a the NFL so once that commitment the second round. Is that the right move for the big Eagles given you know they got the linebacker Bryant is perfect stroke we'll pack it all ovals with. On and off the field issues. Maybe not but in terms of Joseph mixing in the second period. I don't have a problem that I hope he goes well. With a well these days that a problem is the lesser. These humble and becomes habit. Role model citizen incident command. I think we get echo those sentiments ear gel makes of course of Bay Area kid did Jason whitlock joining us are not a 57 game do you think it's a little hypocritical though that the league is. Willing to allow. Joseph makes any and tie retail and others who have had violent incidents in the league. While continuing to keep out those who have used recreational drugs. Room. To keep out what we mean you. I don't like Josh Gordon who just recreational when he repeatedly has violated the marijuana provision of the players. Contract and yet he's unable to play but you have other players who have been involved in violent. Acts against women and their ushered right in the second round it seems to meet Jason a little hypocritical. Well again I don't there's some big mistakes I've made on other. That I don't wanna be held it gives me. On the current job I have. And so genomic and made a mistake is that 1819 year old and participated in the reprehensible crime. I don't. He paid the price for that in the court system. And city about a year of football. I don't know looking NFL. Should automatically. Tack to him again. You know I could maybe be talked into that but I just don't see it as analogous. Jobs gore me and Pau has that rule literally now. With their drug policy there you go boy me and he can't stay within the old rules. And he keeps getting suspended that Honda Accord. We'll give you an odd given the soft want to hear that this'll be. I just I just relax and ask you like every controversial question. I'd rather have predicted a big big about this it if you look at what's cool with the dubs. And what that has looks like there's a crash course and collision for the true. Now if you look at this super team there was says it doves has a super team and Kati and all the things that they have the weapons. If LeBron in some way to win vet this series if there if that happens and they need he wins that series. What does that put him well of course the bronze legacy what does it do for. I've been put in the conversation with Michael Jordan. In the real way and that distant aspiration away if he does it quietly. If he beat this you know Golden State team. He's the and now we can does have a conversation. Where you rank him with Michael Jordan. I don't know probably in the gold there. With Michael Jordan but my point arguing. Are also one crazy if they say he has better than Michael Jordan it's legitimate case. You know if he somehow get picked fifth title. With all the MVP award that you want. You know I could really see how people make that argument now the thing that I think people on the other side there'll papers Jordan which I've might be blows just. Yet I don't respect. Well as. The colts super teams deal I'm going to out of Miami they would Dobson and ladies. And almost guilty titles that way I don't respect that. So. I thought Jordan had a harder. And it will be really hard for BT. Ever move away from Jordan be integrated spot. Well lots final question for you what did you think Dave Chappelle Friday night. Pop auto race at post in short the only it is fifty minutes. But I thought it was great you know look I'm not APC person and he certainly crosses the peace eagle. I'll put you about those receipt glad I went. I've said in the first road map I gather that statement they Republicans though. There's a little antelope that would beat USC here for the life you're applied ballot now here's Chris. 00. I do he gets a good McDonald's material. Yeah but that he'd. I've been telling people that Caitlin in there. Bill would revenues by way out of bounds but it was a letter. Could not not welcome. Jason whitlock at vessel on which although it gives an ID five point seven a game it's always a pleasure catch and W thank you Jason for your time. Yeah. Let's give aways and cash it is the fourteen day national task contest here on 95 points of the game text a code word escaped. As an escape from Los Angeles to 72881. Before fifteen past the hour for your chance to win a thousand dollars using every day at 9 AM. 11 AM 1 PM 3 PM for your chance to win a thousand bucks text message and data rates. May apply let's get after a two warriors next back in a slash Jolo and its not about points of the game.