JLD - Hour 3

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, May 8th
The guys contine discuss how the Jazz will approach Game 4 since going down 3-0 as well as who would be the better matchup for the Warriors between the Rockets & Spurs. Warriors TV Analyst, Garry St. Jean joins the show. 

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Good morning happy Monday while command Jolo and gives 95 point seven. Big game. 21 wise how might this you probably were listening on Thursday when us and I was going to make us. More on Friday where I called an intoxicated from. My hot takes over the course of eight minutes before diddley ticked me off the air. I couldn't get ready Maceda the best part was I'm looking at the time on the phony I am sorry Joseph we're up against here. Yes did there's an asset swaps often actually. Six minutes nobody breaks utterly nobody. America and had me. Oh man it's good to meet Max also help Friday night in Vegas he was outstanding he's working on some material for the album. Upcoming Netflix specials he's gonna release and no one was allowed to have a phone in the building and accessible mine in and out not to. Take pictures or anything but what a mega deal on the hands and wrote my phone from haven't put one of these upon bags and and have to figure out how to get that taking care of them passed a smuggle them. So I had these pants were tapered and I just threw it on the the pain at lag. As it looked security that's in that. One guy from security phone works its way right out of my pant leg I do some lag little two step shuffle make it look like us. At a rapid link another dance move in and throw it on the back of my pants and then Mike walked with the law went through so when come through so the story I got to timber. And it and to deal whenever not since him afterwards. That was highlighted. I let him this was your new phone in the war are the ones that New York yet I was literally got it that morning because I'd left the other one in and Hoover going yet burritos. Just octagon didn't come back for in his start your phone often like it did it defendants knew you know perhaps he dead and IE how you found me. Dissented in the last guy to stop off here he's his weapons let this foreign car. Just give it that's all okay but. Who and it whose name who who knows the name of food doesn't matter how you do as you say it was that you go to lost and found today was a phone turned and they'll ask you to identify all the different things you know there're like thousands upon thousands of people staying in Vegas on fight week and to go to mile I do. You know how many people probably lost their phone and had a turned and so once I get lost my phone. All which one is at a hotel one how verify it it's simple we probably have a pass pass code in there and you be able to open on dad. Tonight at that security to world and see you and I got a new one because I thought about all these steps and laying out which sound reasonable. Do you know how long something like that takes its process leads you say despite no one coach I know myself pretty trashy and on the floor like a good morning series goes did you. Activated itself and started talking during segment when I would try it out at least as a probably the only two guys you'd need you tonight. Last I checked they're not serving cocktails in Hoover's or at the front desk I'm trying to get cocktails and cutting go to Vegas have a conversation with the concert airs his tips of your update. That's also a good point. Well he wants to get after it coach at the end of the day it's just a possession. I feel like over the middle of a Tug of war I digest have to lawyers look at this week the jazz tonight gentlemen. And it remains spotless in the post season and scheme for against Utah a lot of fireworks. From game three Dray mind green got a technical. KD got a flagrant Mike Brown talked about it. I didn't see it. 36 Golar shot an elbow out that he did that's a dangerous place. For anybody to receive available from somebody like that you know and he goes to stand up for himself and it's basically you basically what he did. He stood up for himself all right pushing go bear firmly. In the back you all could end it tonight. 430 for the coverage begins to time 6 o'clock. Right here on 957. Game story number two your screen you're gold getting it done at home tickets on the way NS one. It's a fly ball left field. I've been going back to end that threat is right to the wall turn. I'm sure I pick call here on night at 57 games second straight day. They walked off the tigers 86 the final. Yonder Alonso another homer he'd do Saturday. And another one of yesterday Kendall grave and get to start tonight with the angels and towns story number three forgettable weekend for the giants in Cincinnati they are swept by the reds losing the finale. For nothing giants head to New York today to face the Mets. The update brought to you by east bay mini in Pleasanton expander comfort zone in the spacious many country and today at east bay mini in Pleasanton. Visit east bay many dot com east bay mini dot com. I'm candidly on your hope for warriors basketball. Tonight at 430. On 95 point seven game. Thank you did this. We are gonna take your phone calls in just a moment Tripoli 9579570. Who would you rather face in the next round the Houston Rockets with a San Antonio Spurs are delayed 957957. Double points procedure number one we get tickets to giveaway to Chicago. Ended Doobie Brothers that's gonna happen at about fourteen minutes. There is a clue on our FaceBook page not Tyson again that comets of video with the low in Clinton Azubuike containing a clue to what the question will be. We've also got to gets to give away at 845 to see Luke Bryan and Brett Eldridge he's aren't even on sale yet. You'll have your choice between the two shows they're playing in the Bay Area come October. Point number three for anyone asking about the what my thoughts are on the can now low shot this fight. It was nothing more than a big promotional event. Three judges. All three gave every single round out rest fight was a joke if it meant anything outrage should put him down but he couldn't do it so I consider that a big mess on his behalf. And then afterwards they announced the big triple G fight in September so this was nothing more than a promotional event the fight was a joke. Alvarez needs to do better than that on Mexican weekend in Las Vegas you gotta do better than that you can't just go to. The distance winning every round and that the guy down in a small you're an 800 favorite finish them off dips. All you know Chavez got his tee off from his father a man who never did put down so. I'm sure Canelo gave it everything he had once he realized after about oh I don't know ten seconds that fight that's over. Unbelievable and then for everyone telling me about the lost each rap on over yeah I'd get beat and understanding go to Vegas that conversation with Cooper and the kinds years I went dated. Just how Mike this is essentially what. It does sound like this and I achieve that mission dammit it was insane because you got so many contacts in your photos again OK let me tell you. Let me you're gonna set me did them the black's testimony condom and missed that one out or the thumbs up. You don't you don't it's a move that you don't get all those numbers back axle sometimes it's me and I would have real life I'm better off. To chew up the phone in general and no I mean it's great like the wife it made us be up on burners meaningful. I don't need Elvis gadgetry stand Siri going off in the middle was segment for no reason the things ten feet away from me she just sort Stockton. How did not object. You know what judge I was out in the same thing over the weekend win. I had to tell my kids for the seventh time if they would please get off their devices so they can maybe all wanted to know do something else and today. A walked outside as the you know what dissident these current contracts are over. I'm getting up on a burner I'm gotten all of the final thought out I love it I'm cutting all often funny Diebler to attach these things it was you know what it was actually quite. Liberating for the couple hours I didn't have it there was something an actual war so there was some panic there always is but I was on Twitter I was actually looking around and enjoying the weather so. Take that for what you will pick up my dad and this it this series I think goes off again in the show I'm thrown off the twelfth floor of the street and building. Tripoli I drive 79570. Jonathan in San Francisco would you rather easy to spurs or the rockets in the next round ahead. A good morning guys like that warriors the problems that rock is good I. I know being outed it and that topic we aren't but the thing is that the net and last year or two years ago. Somebody get hurt. That got under then click uttered. And and read or more each. And even record so everything like Mr. Big bunker shot. But now. Only reason why oh. And defeat the rocket but no. One thing and abroad gain. Going to be a problem but we better get better we better get ready good that got beat your men. Appreciate the phone call. Not sure what to do with that Trevor recently rooster. It's here I enjoyed that I don't really know that me earlier this is a sharp elbows Joseph wants to have the our research department looked at up doesn't low low when you know something like that. Machine to well boos from the. Probably should be in the opening question that. There. Sometimes but they didn't do feat that calls tallies the top talent yeah so they are for dollars and pretty hilarious. I'm desire arousal and it is. Where do you guys land on that rockets customers you have a preference for you wanna see this because I'm I'm leaning spurs you know why. Because for three years everyone's told me all season long that that's the biggest obstacle in the Western Conference two years and that's how you gonna have to get by customers of 2007 and for a last year it's going to be the spurs' best coached team in the league. Couldn't get past Oklahoma City in the second round loss in six and this year it's. I guess David's going to be someone's gonna be dispersed here they are locked up to two with Houston so I kinda wanna see the spurs just so the warriors can put him down going to stop talking about a. I allow. Today the day that you just ethically OJ's gone from great. You know what happened fund today you played hurt all trying to step up on the give you boys back their pass. Note that bulletin they'll crap off. On the reason why Jay wanted to play this birds is can they play the rockets last two years let's see a different opponent. Let's mix in some pop Mitch Kurt going up against his manager. All the old former spurs David West going up against his former team I would like to see them go to San Antonio. And do something that they very rarely have done over the past twenty years and that's win in the Alamo city low. As an athlete do you think the warriors have a preference on who they would play the next round. Yeah I think there has played James Harden in the boys. Spurs even know they can beat him this is say do you want they had grind out. You know Coney Island had quietly and as a boy dog he's a piece the guy's a monster he's gonna give his. And then you know I I'd like to see that because I think get a good deal more battle tested for what's ahead of them. I want to see the spurs to too Smart coaches to teams that play and chess match. Two teams that can get physical two teams that are predicated a lot of defense and just different schemes so I would like to see the spurs is. Triple laid 9579570. Rockets or spurs in the coming around cockroach in Oakland what's good army. Much like you. Utah San Antonio. Wore me out on the scene and from now on number that rocket command at least they got big mouth and worship that talks. Anyway that not yet Mugabe. And Cutler got military outcome obstacle Panama lawyers included. Count on the board let it supposed to do Utah budget doesn't stand. A Chinese can't we won't even wanted to put them into big circle religious collectively growing. Start up culture and they've got to BioWare and I'm not talking about bad strokes are content and not talk high plains. Yeah I've. With a torn except that wouldn't happen at my jokes come out to Clinton the objects towards the Internet right now right now you've got touched the cocky which never Google and you get down back and you know again earned him to do as a western hero. I appreciate that Cochran. So this does he bring in the high areas are those two notes on that number one use the phrase digest I digest that's an inside joke to the new listeners out there. As his motorboat did we know the term is boat raced Wii is show refer to it as being motor voted. Welcome to mornings are Jolo and in and out of five points or any I digest comes from the old I died but I die threat because so many people. When they talking you have a little side conversation real quick but I digress aids among the most pulpit thing you can say. When you're having congress ice half itself for some reason we started saying I digest. Which cannon seems will be able to more funny thing. He's been sentenced today and let us know how good it feels tomorrow morning at London's high voice in the game and you're welcome. Player in Colorado cleric Colorado would rather face next round spurs or rockets go. Saying that it out to eat chicken Turkey and Egypt. Yeah. And we have to Wear no. I'm tired and I was excited her. Eric Milbrett who would rather see the rockets and spurs got ahead. Guys that we rockets picked right where. Temple style and the warriors are about people I'm at LA quick sweep in my key steal one at all but I don't see that. Senate will be a little more savvy actually park pitched. It's still. The best mind. In the game developed so that maybe make it six. Possibly have been that you take the slate may be looking at all but that when the rockets at BBB erupt. Pamela that's looking puppies out. Appreciate that phone call Eric thank you very much. It seems overwhelming nets and rockets for two reasons ate some fields in easier route in the spurs and beat. The entertainment value Scott Brooks brought up it would certainly be much more entertaining than a series that spurs the spurs want slow down. The rockets on the other hand in the worries get together you might see a 300 point game you might see entry into my game than you might see honored. Threes attempted which is something I mentioned earlier in the year that we would see a game in which there were a hundred total three's attempt I think 88 right now. Is the record in the rockets have been a part of the top four games in the most three pointers attempted. I'd like to see him take on the spurs that very reason because the styles are different the warriors would have to win. In a different fashion. If they played the rockets they're gonna motorboat Houston because they play the same style and Houston just not as good as Golden State playing that style. The spurs are either lead plane Popovich assistant us clan I was telling us earlier. And because styles make fights as we always say I think stylistically that matchup would turn out to be more compelling. The 707 let cockroaches have a 2 minute rant every morning I'm good with that congress who won a 2 minute rant every morning you can have been on five weight. The show is new listeners I thought it was just me cockroach in to mere half. Pelfrey and John ebony and yeah I mean it's like it's millions of listeners I actually got to report to the day I think we topped the billion billion listeners last month billions six the planet right there. Now what command great to have you. Tell people how much you love. Motor boat them. At half past couple decades with the other five billion gets its people of the world listening to the show to talk to some irons and planetary. And it's up to some people in Africa and Brazil and from places and yeah look I'm all Africa com goal. In the Congo or colonial. Some demographics on that that's a here's some audio from Kevin Durant this is gonna be courtesy of NBC sports Bay Area we want you to weigh in on this as well this is to rant in regards to a flagrant about that took place in game three guys. On the was on those only from what us. Sure sure fans got a kick out of his legs than they would treat differently cocky young thing happens. To me and lose. And you lose go live and so. Good friends there they don't bring the same energy and we have to bring Simons who has last night. Should the NBA low which we just talked about earlier having trouble with the competitive nature allow fighting much like hockey Elmo. Please these guys in what do these guys are scared Nolan glad that they won't even bust a great police. It these guys start punching cocky Lisa got a helmet on you got the gloves on he start to home. Bare knuckles that's worse in the USC. Child please they drop the gloves and hockey as Sheffield expression you drop in the grows up they get so pissed off that little fisticuffs pitino there. The use of basketball now it looked it looked at. I don't know the mouse house is pretty entertaining man that was. All you have to do it doesn't really fight goes. I was cores. I mean I'm sure Kevin Durant wasn't thinking about this when he made the comments off handedly would go back in. Look at the video of Kermit Washington and Don Don it's and that's only. It's that you need to see to realize that fighting has no place in basketball Rooney's life was almost ended that night. Let's go away and about some tickets do you feel about that if Chicago and The Doobie Brothers are Concord pavilion Wednesday June 7. A trivia question is as follows. How many games in a row has stepped curry made a three pointer in the playoffs. Triple A 957957. Comedy games in a row as staff curry made a three pointer in the playoffs AAA 957. Not if I seven. Affected that they've played that many playoff games based on the answer Joseph I ain't. As a long suffering lawyer fan and you always bring me back to this and I love the idea that gives it. It helps to ground meat but the fact they played that many playoff games since he's been on the team I never thought I'd see today. How about just in the last three years since Steve Kerr has taken over as head coach of the warriors. Golden State is 38 and fourteen in the post season. They're winning 73%. Of their post season games. You're not playing Orlando. And Atlanta and Detroit in these games these are playoff teams he's a teen with all star's first second third team NBA guys. 38 and fourteen in the playoffs over the last three years this year alone. Seven and no winning those seven playoff games by an average of fifteen point one points per game. And seven of those losses came in the last two series last year they went to seven games and though Kasey three losses they went to seven games of the cavaliers. Four losses though. You think about all the other series how dominant they've been. It really is remarkable emotionally for you tall lo how do you get up to this game the night his team three when you're trailing 20 when you add I'll gain three supposed to be that emotional boost game. You saw with Washington DC all the time pro sports even if the team's gonna get beat enough. Four games to wander to win game three when they come home that's gonna be left but to lose and lose in the manner in which the jazz did when they finally got a lead in this series. How do you mostly shot tonight and give 100%. I think this is a coach this is our coaches have to see guys. Let's not think about trying to win a series. Let's think about just winning one game. Let's not let them do this on our court. If they're gonna beat us let's old moves on the road. Vigor that schooling in let's find a way to try to make some good hapless is win one game. It's trying to win one game would every takes because you know the you don't you can't think about trying to come back in the series you're down bringing Rio. So the biggest thing right now is just to say look let's find a way to not let them dance tonight. I wanna take you through the scoring that this team does quarter by quarter. And I wanna know how the opponents are funneled to exploited not just in the series is done but I'm talking about in the future especially against Cleveland. So far in the playoffs this year the warriors are averaging 33 points per game in the first quarter outstanding. Packed it still outstanding they're beating the opposition by nine points per game and a quarter and you saw that game during digital. Third quarter. Nice job as well 29 point seven points beating the opposition by three points per game in the third quarter fourth quarter scoring drops off a bit generally because the blowout nature. 27 points per quarter in the fourth winning by an average of four point seven the problem is the second quarter the second quarter when the bench gets involved. The warriors are averaging just 25 points per quarter which is a low for the four quarters. And it's the only one of what's they're getting outscored by an average of three point seven points per quarter in fact in seven games they've gotten outscored. Five times in the second quarter. Your LeBron James and cats to the spurs the rockets and you have some advance scouting imply you have to be taking a look at that sang this has got to be a window for us. This is where they're vulnerable because they go to their bench and their banks clearly is not going to be as strong as the starting unit. So get the warriors Teddy count or something like that what would you be looking to do forty just continue to let it ride because let's say Seattle post game yet. You continue to let it ride and you hope they Klay Thompson comes out of his scoring funk because when you go to that second unit would staff curry comes out to the plate whole first quarter. Dream on not yet. Back in the editors sometimes he's back into the start of the second quarterly you've got Shaun Livingston on the floor you've got JaVale McGee. But David Weston come in Ian Clark at times on the floor we've seen some pageant McCall not a lot of bona fide scoring. With that unit you don't wanna have to put JD. With the second unit there in the second quarter to assure yourself to get points that's Klay Thompson's time. That's his spot to come on and step up and do the job he has and it's going to very high rate in this series Klay Thompson is that do you agree with that allow. Yeah he's gonna have to do more he understands that to do more because they're put him out there with the twos let him equating. In take over because Katie and staff communicated step is taken over with the ones earlier but I think the biggest thing teams have been try to do Joseph say look. Let's not let them dominate the first quarter possess one game Jews he won in the first in the third. The first in the third they get so much bigger believed in being war was playing catch up so you're gonna have the Tennessee teams try to get more physical I think in the first in combat to. How exactly do the warriors combat those second quarter issues and who would be a better matchup for them in the next round. Garry saint Jean is up next and we get tickets giveaway at 845 Jolo and its 95 points of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven per game. Blow the whistle. Welcome back he's great to have you win in show low and dips 95 point seven game. Garry saint Jean in just a moment tickets to giveaway at 845. Jim Barnett at 910. More tickets giveaway in the nine hour and Bob Melvin at 930 that's for show awesome show strong. Now from a personal standpoint the voices of mass in Vegas for those of you just joining us at 615 I broke out to a random nose bleed. So for me personally. I have to rate this was the bottom and ask not what the bottom of all programs we've done. I thousands upon thousands of shows here hanging in a you don't great degree Garry saint Jean said to join us now here on 95 point seven game saints I sound like a mess. Have you ever had one of those Vegas weekends. It. A Syrian I personally think he sounds great in fact. The moment I heard in this morning I thought he sounded like this former NBA legend telling you if you remember this man saint. I learned in Saint John Barnes Joseph Jones despite tireless. Date guys that Italians so we we didn't have obviously it's stuff when I was executed at a little transistor radio problem but three inches height which is why it. And I can speak that thing in my bedroom. And I was supposed to be going to sleep and padded under my pillow. Listening to Johnny Mo and Bill Russell was played in Bob Cousy Sam Jones John tablets get on and on and I mean I think. So why is that I resonate bigtime with me. I love it say it is you and I just couple guys talking about basketball they're Johnny I don't like that that. Eight or did he edit members diving while children played in the sixers when they had that. Old blue jacket and Billy Cunningham and those guys don't keep saying what. And we had been killed in case he still and so we take two owned Don Jones slowly with the ball. The. And I loved it it was great. Garry saint Jean which allow it gives an ID five point seven a game seeing how difficult is it going to be emotionally for the jazz to get up to 193. Easy easily when we see a big punch in the mouth effort from a team returning home down 20. And the jets had to go on for a little while and then Kevin Durant. Put it in overdrive so tonight how do you get this team motivated player do you think it ends in Salt Lake City tonight. Well we saw it yesterday. The unit preview of the Toronto Cleveland game. And they say they believe that gutsy effort you know they were thousands Lowery was output yet they hung in there and really gave. Gave good effort about planes for price and that you don't want to get swept you don't want to hold in the final game. So what they're gonna come out an adolescent artwork into the we haven't had a team we just stay out but it is all about I mean. You don't think they'd been that they don't break that millionaire and you know they played much better the other night that you know warriors. It was pretty typical day seventy this does that mean that he had to go to a lot of isolation basketball let. You guys were talking about Kevin Durant the pick and roll just that that was great play call. And they went with it could play at Stafford struggling and and they also the first draft posted up Hayward on the left fox. Three straight times might might feel and isn't it a bit low feels the same way. If you can run free yards one that calls and play again the only stop that and then that's what happened in that game native haven't answered Kevin Durant. And I I died right. Are you feel but I doubt that was his biggest and best performance of the year. He was arrested immediately answered the call. In that in so many different ways he was back. And beckoning you to more four yards and Carla does she do that eight times its twelve yards to move detained first down. Statehood would you watched Katie deed the night every once is this team's better without any you know we slows and to think about. This is was that led the other night was that the reason that you bring in in when you're shooters. Our coal and gain that they probably would a loss without Katie but his ability to create shots in mismatched. Put the ball all the horror would drive penetrate. This guy can create a shot probably more than one of the best in the league to date a disk crede was that men that was that not that moment that you say wow. This is why this guy was brought here to do this in this moment. You watch greatness and and that's what it is. There's not a lot of guys it you can say can create his own shot. Anytime he wants to. He's got that skill level. Again he loves playing an eighteen game but that was done out of necessity. In the law. With the game that he responded in a beautiful lady and. Low you're cut study can be in transition can be an aft port and a whole stop it can be in this pick and roll game what you got there. You don't indict them. Paul handled the ball out front. And I just thought it was a great coaching ploy like nobody I've read how they talked about this before this series with speed. Who ever. Cold beer was guarding whether it was peculiar McKee is garden negate powerful out. We brought him up with that might pick in the middle of the floor on the wing it's much easier to defend pick and roll when it in the middle. Hard to define strong and weak side that you bring the center away from the comfort zone. And I would give go bearable. Adult kind of like a pack. He banged up you know technique and and that he had a couple issues. That was big a lot of times they can go forward but not packed real quick. So it's a tough call for asking him to respond. To come up there and double teams. Pictures show. A lot of terminology we use. And it certainly put him in a difficult position didn't pick Kevin responded beautifully. Is zero lineup that the jazz can go with that without Rudy go bad they can scare the lawyers at all in other words going small. To maybe match up defensively with Kevin Durant and not allow him to have such a clear edge on go bare and also Gordon Hayward when he was on him. Well yeah. Hayward at the hard Matt. Preempt it really isn't that young guy we've seen through this series a terrific young players an unrestricted free agent he's gonna get one of the big Mac deals. We hope they're not being taken a lot of discomfort zone they can guard out eighteen feet. About what was it came to work three regret spot around might step when he switched on him in the pick and roll populist call and let the spinning of the Eiffel Tower. You know what guys. They've got to decide strategically what they're going to do with that play. And I think they've got to ask him to come up to try to double. Slowly not comfortable. It is really hard so what you're saying it is with big. I'm gonna take away the lay up but I'm deep into the jump typically people. And a ticket in the Toppert Kevin Durant we all know that's almost automatic comedian just knocked those down effortlessly. Garry saint Jean the Jolo Indians on 95 point seven a game brought to you by your northern California accurate dealers saint in the Houston. San Antonio series currently 22. Then Nate suffers hamstring injury he's gonna undergo an MRI yet Tony Parker down to the spurs this has all the makings of a doozy who would be the better matchup the more favorable matchup for the warriors in the next round. You know we've catalog about that. You know this instance style of play it's three layups or free throws. Small ball transition team you've got to watch out when you played and you can get involved in an act crazy game. San Antonio did last night the first period that the more. I really like. You know Houston's style of play in terms of hitting their personnel now quick which Santonio. I have so much respect for Gregg Popovich. Quite letter and some other other guys. They're just gonna play a beautiful but spiral played in the strikes. Two contrasting styles. You guys I'd you know I'd just like it here Mikey let it goes seven games let him play into this week now we get more rest. And you know we heard the news about Steve Evans a procedure. Hopefully he's going to be going in the right direction and hopefully we can get him back. I think the players themselves if you were pretty darn good so work. To keep from being usable readers and how they play and that's how much respect that app from the borders and the game. It's not necessarily people that. Say hello and I got over there in the peace seem Nike store will list and world and we had. How bad of a man is he and is it only surprise about his three ball in his assessed everything duties to want is justice. Unbelievable. You know overall I don't know what each year in the NFL put Brittany and being we'd like this saying. Years three through. I don't know three through eight are the price of your career so he comes out on hype. And he he got 32 of you guys. And and he but he played forever. He did he eat them faster at his craft he's left with this. His body. That we have not seen in India before that it is and what he's capable tool. And intent. That's why I mean he has deprived of Michael Jordan Europe are. You know what Colby Bryant. An independent is boring and mean this icing the game to come out quicker than 99%. Of the players in the league. And that he makes everybody better I've never seen many better he's been. Just off the charts and that they like twenty to coach throughout cities you know the difference here is number one country I mean that's. He's played in you know what gives them credit they've brought in some people are making shots. You know and spread the floor for a bit and then they look. Really terrific after stumbling. At the end of this season they really got here and hey guys they're gonna have a week off now. Before they probably played Boston or Washington and so work. You know we we don't want affect forward but that that little bribe people with June could be pretty darn excited. The great Garry saint Jean would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game. Thanks so much for your time Singh enjoy the game that I will catch up with the next week. A feel great I just sat like garbage that's difference. All right. Congratulations to Bryce in San Jose how many games in a row a step screaming at three in the playoffs. All of the 65 straight at least 13 pointer and all of them. You want to get seasick toggle in The Doobie Brothers up next given away tickets that aren't even on sale yet to see Luke Bryan with Brett Eldridge and Granger Smith. As well as a question. If Jerry York and Jim Harbaugh already get together for dinner where they eat and what would they path Jolo and it got a five points of the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. It's mean Jim Harbaugh is a good football coach. Was and saying yes and these east. And me. You know I really don't care. Everything. Well ironing it comment further. Saying it's some yeah. Oh crap and then I mean. It's excessive Michigan as a surprise me at all and can you and you hear a lot of tough talk right now. And he's turning mean. Means that mean oh please please give me great. And and being. Part. I hear criticism. Loudly. I think and panelists. These. Then it eat what you talk about the news. He. Jim was moved and we've moved and he soon. It's. A decision you make in this business that you're not trying to get right. I found it quite entertaining. So little. It's 95 points in the game. Almost ruled to have my voice in the with the dials the number I don't I was. I. I just realized it was idea whether that is that is so does is excellent Erica always do whenever I thought up. Hello. Like she just hits the peak of that song and I'm due in the welcome back in my why my talk right now. To be sent home for even thinking that was appropriate my guy hollered from the other side and yeah because there is a very. Very interesting development in the hardball York relationship which we're gonna get to in just a moment the right now wanna give away some tickets this your opportunity. Scored two tickets to see Luke Bryan and Brett eldredge and ranger Smith. I mean if you didn't know when you do know that's country now. But I am a Brett Ellis raising ranger Smith not exactly isn't coming up NWA. With the winner getting the picture of their choice of shows option ain't gonna be Thursday October 12 at Concord pavilion. Option B Saturday October 14 at shoreline and the theaters the winner just tell our producer in the back. Which show you would like to see the tickets for the she'd be shows wants a Friday 10 AM live nation dot com that's live nation dot com Kris begins Thursday. 10 AM to 10 PM using the court fast as in fast and the furious as in. Never ending series of movies that will go on until I'm dead fast like nation that out. Trivia questions this how many playoff games as Andre Iguodala played it. How many playoff games has Andre Iguodala played and still ending these questions are propositions steps he would do unto battle at the thought is what this I. Yes it's too difficult to write. In how many playoff games as Andre Iguodala played. I guess that would be to its next level. That's next level right to put the proposition in the front. Front middle to the back not the back in the front. X axis chip away at 9579570. Tripoli. 9579571. Correct answer that question gets balloon Brian Brett Eldridge Granger Smith tickets. All right so. Peter King fascinating article was always Monday Morning Quarterback. Today a little nugget towards the bottom San Francisco CEO said York. On whether he regrets in not signing Jim Harbaugh to a contract extension before their ugly divorce goes on in jets is a lot of the right banks there's nothing in here that makes you think he saying anything stupid or controversial. He says all the right things he's moving on hard ball's moved on it feels like this is finally behind us but. Little nugget. York told king that the owners meetings if you weeks back in a news you New York's direct quote. And I actually talked to his brother ravens coach John marble recently at the owner meetings and he said you know. You guys need to get together sometime and have some dinner and I said I'd love to do that I'd love to get together and I think enough time has kind of passed. You can let whatever issues there were being buried. And just truly be thankful for three great years. So many questions here. Number one when these two ever go to that would this ever happen because it's horrible what we know how close our rob Brothers mark for John Harbaugh Odyssey that he wouldn't. Just put his brother at that spot policies trolling York's and I don't think he would do that either you dig Jim would actually get together which at York. Dinner that's interesting because John is he's a little bit more reserved. Didn't you know his brother he was. You know he was the over achievers brother was always the big sports league so jobs and take our way. Any still you know special teams coach and took its hard knocks and end up becoming a coach in Jason's brother and a Super Bowl beaten. His brother that was revered as you know though did chosen. So I think did when you look at the Harbaugh family they're dead. All their whole family's pretty close knit so I think Kimi and I think it in when you look at a joy I really believe that they should get together and I think it. Jim hood I they give his brother could orchestrate dead and be involved and say look. I talked Egypt a guy's got a buried at that very matter of fact. And talked to dad about it and say fox helped me get this thing done I would like to see that happening just. In a beard had to because it's it's it's definitely it's been a while now and you look at Michigan they're better off the nine is now a new regime they're gonna be fine move forward so I think that summed a joke I think it's got that. All right now he gets an important part of this conversation should Jed York and Jamar ball get together for dinner. Where are they having dinner what they ordered let's start with the location it's a venue for these two individuals I. It's got to be somewhere casual somewhere informal like a Mel's diner you need to sit down and you burgers and Fries keep it light. I think when you have. A situation like this where there's been so much acrimony. You don't wanna tie yourself down to one of those two or three hour dinners where it's five courses. And your role about soups salads appetizers. That's too much for this sort of reunion you wanna have it be. And easy and in an easy out maybe even somewhere where it's like fast food you order yet you sit down for five or ten minutes. And then it's over well you were talking about that new rig sandwich or Carl's junior earlier maybe closing used together. Maybe army Beagle somewhere in light so essential to both can be Huggins scared bundled together put him all the holes they created to. They mourn him and amber are yet to order mortenson. Bears some port they don't you know. On the and a what are you got. I'm saying I disagree about the view. Gotta be Ruth's Chris steakhouse get a big stake in a big glass a home now because he talked about eight and the home being natural steroid. Milk and steak are not so bad disaster for the stomach that that's what he'd done the test is being straight minus Michigan once improbable contest Harbaugh took him up on him. Points is needed to whatever I got a stake in a glass of milk the bus the flag on mud but my way. Don't accused Baghdad by a yard unsportsmanlike. Conduct. I think to be honest I think we're all missing what the best way to go about opposites you go to the French laundry I cannot comment on. I'll. There it is. Let me isn't that the plane that is you bring us in the French laundry stick with the bill that you pretend. The billionaire that you are wait that's that's a big deal I don't understand that's a big deal gets done deal it's expensive meal for the rest of us. Low level human beings. I'm enough for our ball in his eyes because counsel Paul. And he's all right do you afford it negative for the laundry. Those two but it won't tolerate so most talked about football. I'd. I think he talked about a lot of things I think these two issues easy to talk about. And and did did you step by Colin that year when I left that you can still be redid his deal. Understood his position that must have been really tough for you as an owner when every once and cutting and do the things. And you still camping especially what was going on around the nine organization. Coral Sea there I think there's different conversations they can take this thing back hey I was little pride full but. God you know what you don't get to I think we could have probably won a Super Bowl we couldn't work things out but both of us where fought did so many things that they can talk about. I think when they go to to have the dinner. Rightly Jed York about to sit down heart buses off. And so I just tables for men on the law and little boys over to the table just delight you alluded to joke people a bit and then a big laugh. In the neighboring brand image. Exactly hypothetically if I dig that BLA it's not a tax I'm very surprised and a pick something other than a Greek restaurant now that you mention and I times ago. I am to get them that was what blasphemous on your behalf that is good luck explaining that to the community who now is gonna burn. Yeah bring into the Oakland Greek festival and a few Exxon and. If anything about he got in the wives too because that way lessons. And mean now they're not really gonna go to. Funny story about all that so down and Maggie is which is why my voice sounds like this these are. Individuals I've known thirty years we all grew up in the same Everett is like thirty bucks. And it's very ruthless group of people. It took that you got for anything god forbid you be balding you'll hear about all weekend got for decades you try to Wear some creative I don't think it. One got worse all weekend he just heard about it the entire time yeah we can't it's a ruthless group they're ruthless and no one's ever gonna company and you're just gonna get cut out to be very careful. So at one point my wife doesn't really know this group while and really small landing and recently. There was a conversation that someone in the relationship I'm not gonna see whether. It's her me but there's a bill that congress is that one personally it doesn't trust. And it's me asks when everybody new clothes so for some damn reason I was in the morning me and need. The companies like and every. Regardless she's not pleased that so I had to sit down on these damn website typical stuff out. Really pay attention to stuff shows. And it's nice nice stuff try it on humans like Kabul carding an outfits that are in their pants that fit reasonably well Mike the baggy stuff I generally where. And as a packing last week's start bringing some of it over to like him ready for banks like your company's two congregants. And the garden weed we don't card against. What we just got she doesn't look great and it Q where does this group. To Wear Cardigans. And. I don't I show up down there with the card again. And tapered pig it's gonna destroy me what do you do what I just need T shirt I need it's fly below the radar with this group. Terrible human beings all of us. To give you an example. Leap in the trip. We got our own craps table down on the floor the aria there's so many of us we all wanted to play craps in the suite and our own table to play craps. Everyone's betting against each other up. This factory's everybody a country not your boy comes up as well so when you've spent thirty years that. The second the dice in his hand you see all the cash flowing out to the don't pass line. The guy looks up what the hell. He rolls he establishes six funerals again any craps out table goes nuts probably tables in Vegas are going nuts because I cut. Out of left I'd been viewed as a mob boys and he doesn't that then meet Betty what do what do you do. It again. The worst part is such generic group that not only is it one betting against each other that while there on the table everyone's trying to make side bets about what's gonna happen to dealers have to lookup like. This is not. Some back we gained you can just start cooking your own action on our table and let's look at the guy like man it's actually. Our time. Just press action against each just press. I got for anyone I get hot which he did he console table so you got one guy walking away feeling good. He supposed to roll together friends yeah can do it. So moral of the story idea where the cardigan. And I heard all about it. And I called Nikki and I said I told you this is gonna happen all making economy you did Wear Cardigans and you can't you Lebanon are wanted to look nice worked as a pound as soon as I walked up and a lot of disguise cardigan and and it wants us laughing and I almost cried and I called off eyesight I told Jules is I economy. It's fourteen day national task contest on not a bad points in the game text the code word trap out something I'm not feeling tonight proud to 7881. Before fifteen past the hour for your chancellor thousand box listening every day at 11 AM 1 PM at 3 PM your chance to win a thousand bucks text message and data rates. May apply. We find out the best matchup is for the warriors in the next round of the region Barnett he's coming up next don't go anywhere to low and it to five points of the game.