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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, November 14th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs debate who the better Running Back is between Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders as they tie it into the 49ers decision on Carlos Hyde and runningbacks in the draft. They also discuss the prospect of Lebron James' staying in Cleveland and become Cavaliers Owner in the future. Host of the Greg Papa Show & Voice for your Oakland Raiders, Greg Papa joins the program. 


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Joseph Louis U. Good morning and welcome to 95 cent in the game. Alongside Lorenzo Neal and Dan diddley I'm Joseph Ford involved thank you for spending some of your Tuesday morning when us. Greg Papa swinging by an 830 Guns 'N Roses to get to give away 845. Joseph. There's going to be a parade for those boys when they come home thinking about how you feel fly home marina this truly secret prisons. You're talking about is a low ball hits and two other members of the UCLA Bruins basketball team as is released from China's custody. Will be sent back to America and there will be no parades in Westwood they currently are traveling Jesse Ethan Phillips. McCain's Joseph I've got a month delta flight tracker is raising Christmas so you can Santa Claus. Residents back in Canada this is Jack in the future of the UCLA Bruins program all of you high end retailers and LA beyond alert yeah the boys are coming on day two they'll be dozens of people there. You know if the media is going to be no it's hundreds and media members let's not make it's selling its gonna be fans hope thank god you got out. The community relevance is little bowl didn't mean anything they UCLA Bruins roster he's a fellow American jealous of you out there are living there are as patriotic as we all say we are. You'll show up gallon tanks with flags are waving. Yeah he's amid a colleague got out. How many California is the case apparently trump was the one who made the phone call to get this done some deal that would trump. In Asia while all this is taking place there between him and Lamar balls antics that this is actually all stunt. Credible I've tried hard to believe but summer floating a conspiracy theory. That it may in fact have been aside I don't 'cause I Wear now a 600 dollar big Boller brand fly guess you know sixes and laser reason. Ashton Kutcher never took pulpit to China that I caught. Connie Lee with that type of behavior. Joseph yeah I don't draw. I could I turn the Mike off walk out of my son drank but. Literally just to get a better they are great pocket a thirty Guns 'N Roses at 845 here's a conversation if you wanna lay in we'd love to hear it coming up. Triple 89579570. Big week for the 49ers. Obviously the coach has to figure out how we wants to start at quarterback coming off the Bible what's John Lynch can do with Eric reading Carlos hot. We broke down read in the last segment we wanna hear from you as well on this triple 89579570. What do you do with Carlos hi. I think the answer lies in the debate between who was the better running back Emmitt Smith or Barry Sanders. And it is the NFL's all time leading rusher Super Bowl rings fame stats. Everything. Barry quit the game. His truck was such a freaking joke you can take it anymore but many believe. It was a situation is the environment. If you switch the two running backs how many of us feel that Barry Sanders could have produced similar numbers similar results that its net. Conversely if you took Emmett Smith and put him in Detroit during those years would he have been able to produce what Barry produced. That's the definition or the difference the distinction between outright talent. And environmental. Slash schematic factors. Underneath Kyle Shanahan and that offense if you put the right pieces on the offensive line. Between the coaching and the environment I think you'd be able to produce a running back who performs well above. Any expectations. Because of the situation. Why did Emmitt Smith had so much success in Dallas Joey had a guy by the name of Nate Newton he had often until Lionel which is absolutely mauled youth and he had to pull back you know that they need to be in a hall of fame you know the guy Moose Johnson he had quarterback Troy Aikman had another hall of Famer Tyler wrote receiver Michael Irvin so you think about why image Smith had the success that he had the hotel either holds up front may they created some space it's meant to say have you trolls around too big Nate Newton and those guys till they would absolutely get after what I doubt that offensive line was dominant shot out Larry Allen tonight. Eight Sonoma State cost sacks the most out famous alarm member of the degrees cooler. Took about 75000 awesome over the years guys 75000 the retirement go to Pro Bowl bench press he'd give me I tell the story the fans anyone here that's all right so at the Pro Bowl. Obviously it's some grace Klesse meat heads on the play his troop. Yeah I'd say lovingly. And one of the meat head events they hold his watch the bench press competition and you gotta get 2.5 dips so you get everyone's afraid they they like dot com by excited about it. And every time I tell us they let me let you win one police. For me they let him. You knew where to go out there and do it forty times his racquet on our tax it's 37 Larry would just dominate he just dominate so polarized how much to the winner. 45 how much the second. 101000. Come on you actually got ten grand anyway none inducing thing -- winner and he's -- I did you change in the dollars right now and obviously there's 25 and therein since there's no place for second place at any signs what I thought that gets you get a steak knife I pretty much a bag big media freedom bag what's in toys inside the PlayStation Xbox car. And that's terrible why does. But now I know it's it's that's. So what do it to me Joseph so anyways I'm sorry but yet so Larry did you ever win the bench for your four troubles now. Now did Larry when every time does. He Larry wasn't so much an offensive linemen as he was on a luxury apartment I mean he was a massive human being huge. Huge and big chest big I'm. Larry's treat trucks and it is like OK guys is goes to sound is doing this for fun because Larry was an act and gonna win no chance sounds. He was your shorter arms he couldn't talk about a us and and that's the point. That's the point San Francisco if you can create the environment under Palestinian system we saw Evan Coleman and the Monte Freeman what they could produce in Atlanta under Kyle. Now look at what they're producing a misty strategic. Massive drop off in production all the way across the board so you have to ask yourself when it comes to Carlos Hyde you won a patent six million dollars or more per year. In a system that can get the most out of a running back for. Option BT's attitude like say Kwon Barkley in the first round or option C. Do you drafty kid like say Bryce love from Stanford further down the chart. Do you look at a sunny Michelle from Georgia nick shove from Georgia lot of good running backs coming up this year. Which direction would you go to the niners triple 8957957. You putt and it in Detroit does he produce what Barry produced do you put Barry. In Dallas does he produce what Emmitt produced. I think more of us would be inclined to say that Barry could equal what and it did rather than equal and that equally with married I date I think that's a fair way to I'd describe it seemed to get that offensive line was so good. That and that was gonna be a good player no matter what but he became. One of the best ever they're Sanders didn't have that luxury and he became one of the best ever behind an offensive line it was trash and a team without passing game. Where does Barry rankled Heinz Field the running back position. Twelfth. I would say just topped three easy gloves would you put on there are no best person to talk to about this because as you know your knowledge of the position you know look technically you never actually watched running backs run did you learn how to get. Actually you are the worst qualified person. And sickly read good point now here's you've got to go crazy that we went with it barely. Berry was so great it's sometimes he did things and maybe he shouldn't and he lost a lot of yards because he trusted himself in his ability to do so many things so like some of these quarterbacks you see the Michael Vick sometimes lose twenty yards because their speed they think they can. Great so many things. Said it's probably the Dallas Cowboys guys would probably read between five to maybe close 3000 yards. I really believe with that type of line that he had what innings game close in 2000. How very sold supposed to do not to attempt any time you saw Emmitt Smith get rained down. And Dallas a lot quite a bit even though it was a great back so you look at you look at Barry Sanders. You got a little Walter pay little weakness this weakness sweet. Oh who would you rather dull looking round sweetness or marry. I beard really. Tired. You don't Perry was strong and a lot of people think he. Is laid at its hey Joseph you don't really confused and heck enemy does he does know sports soccer I help but these guys were so relieved and while they were at that their peak. When they're at their peak you give me saying do we want it's it's it's it's an. I don't know we ask you from mount Rushmore of running backs not running back more Barry Sanders is on there absolutely but is. Is I'm Janet Smith yeah I'm sorry I knew I had set my mind and let's work it through let's do the Russian load meals of Rushmore running backs. Carries little more clout than if you did sort of dual Rushmore I'm Jack Jimmy and I am I'd pac twelve cross country mount Rushmore a little bit later if you want to get ahead 021. Postseason and the perfect time for that to win. Are locked and in my schedule is Barry on the mount rush yes all right is Walter paid on the mount Rushmore. Yes but cash went only had two spots left. And obviously you have to play politics bloody close friends LaDainian Tomlinson on the top floor yes. Feel like I take a nuisance and made me know I'm not trying to do he's number five all time rushing in and you guys did it in but Jim Brown. Okay it's it's you gotta look at Jim Brown of course but you guys got a blue eyes. There's some guys out there did don't get their just due Marshall Faulk can catch the ball at the back field he's better and Emmitt Smith catching the ball in the back through his better bay Barry Sanders can symbolize the backfield and he can run routes like a receiver Marshall Faulk and in and LT to me when you say. Here pass receivers out of the backfield and running moves that those two would go down to me as the best amused somewhat. Your runner didn't and out the running back position I know there are no matter what did you let me running back would you have I really saw when he categorize all our. Rushmore since I apologize for making you make hard choices has gotten this in the what I'm trying to say. It EU. It's hard to do is put these guys in box because yeah today they have so many get different characteristic if you say just right here whether you look at what it's meant. And I mean just if you want longevity guided Emmitt Smith never even mentioned Eric Dickerson now we got some sort OJ Simpson yeah. Here's how noted dude don't say I. Others were talking about off the field issues. We're not police clash between the blockers so the way he cut up opposing defense. Rig is. In a weird way he's burglarized and imposing AFC east teams the way he got away with it. How do you know how it. This is all before I even throw names out there like Tony Dorsey that Frank Gore. I mean people forget Jerome Bettis is six all time rushing out Curtis Martin's Curtis no love as an all time running back he's fourth all time in Russian. So I have the right now is Barry Sanders. Walter Payton LaDainian Tomlinson and Jim Brown. On your mount rush work that's fourth in there that that only month that I'd I'd go goes I feel comfortable with them with that in your not running back more yeah okay anyone yours. And you're the expert here. Because they did so many so many guys that can do if you Doug Martin Jim Brown if you put guys he loved guys. Jim Brown. How about Earl the pearl arms some of physical guys yap Jim bell girl I know that great run where is jerseys being born. Ask any breaking news like their original Marshall Marshawn Lynch. Play Marshawn Lynch Earl Campbell right Marcella do you they've just think about Britain did guys and I'm talking about huge amount. Earl the pearl. He's a much Jim Brown. Indeed go another guy this physical ran my dad. Eddie George you know you think there are some Susan Sanders a different type of bat that you gotta say OK that's that group you wanna go this its its its its toll to that is why are you gotta be challenged noted to pick and choose for your Rushmore if you take one physical back. And you go with Jim Brown you've got. Sanders as your all time elusive guy may you wanna pass catcher in your Rushmore Rushmore not hands across America that's right we don't I saw us and I'm. Not everybody else cares if he would've stayed healthy there's this dude was unless you guys Edgerrin James. That is remarkable career Warrick Don is is that when you put on the Rushmore but he was 22 all time in rushing Corey Dylan was twentieth guess it was in between them. Odd sandwich in between those who saw and OJ Simpson OJ Simpson re on the there should yeah is full circle I was nowadays it's why reversal of thought he may be banned from the common. Lush they should Tony first all time of the Russian us please welcome in this conversation where gates was this talk about your runners. Don't Susan. Oh my god but this ties you back to the sabres is go 49ers yeah. If you have that much trust in the system and they are able to spend the money on the offensive line remember there are certain positions that are worth spending four out on the market. Why receivers something you can find on the open market right it's tough to develop wide receivers at times because that's not a game that's not generally position if you come right in the NF on dominate as a rookie takes a little bit of time. Cornerback is something that you'll go out and pay for you saw what Abu Darrelle Revis throughout the course of his career. Offensive line will gather quarterbacks will never be out there generally you wanna stay away from running backs on the open market because it'll cost too much money. Defensive lineman at depends on who could pass rush is an ever gonna make it but that's the point. That's the point running back you can just keep cycling through the draft if the systems right right now this is the practices that can produce that so it almost comes down to rather than keeping hide the makes. At that price point what the Wear on his legs in the durability concerns. Do you wanna go with a kid like say on Barkley in the first round are you wanna look further down the line. And try to get something out of a combination of Joseph Williams who's a mid round pick last year do you tall injured this season and someone else you bring in like a sunny Michelle from Georgia. Yeah I'm gonna do that show a little go down the line I'm not gonna pick. But do you know the running -- second overall but I definitely down down the line and for those reasons that you just laid out I let Carlos -- hit the market that's why they're letting their teaching in -- given them opportunity to make sure that's what you -- that's that you got to command Shanahan and emulates what -- don't want this young man -- a lot of teams you know they'll say I wanna see them I -- they can be read and read a lot more and -- you -- Carlos when I get around you as much they can deal took away a lot of the scares but instead they're still volatility given his opportunity for him to -- gives maximum money on the market so with that being sick I'd definitely now when you talk about what this team needs all the different weapons and then you -- how can get run back in the later rounds pars -- good running back and he -- have the -- and here all the hits that they're taking in the National Football -- I do that -- Karzai he -- the open market I look for running back problem in the third -- fourth round -- they someone's there and I continue to build and right now this -- I'm telling you right now this will be ahead the offensive -- heavy offensive draft for the census with 49. Well that's how quickly can turn this thing around in Joshua Garnett comes off IR remember former first round pick. He comes off IR and can be productive Khamese stable can be reliable on the a lot. You thought you spend money on one big aligned free agent like the raiders did the clutch you'll someone. And then you use the top five pick on an offensive lineman. You have three or five guys Joseph Staley is probably back for another year that gives your for he'll eventually need to address that but that's okay. Bring in a tackle via the draft and have them learn under Joseph who better to teach the young kid right Kelly lays Brighton and makes is most. Plus there's rumors that they wanna sign trade rounds of mount on the man. To a long term deal as well. So do you have trip around Joshua Garnett one free agent signing a top five pick that's for throwing Joseph Staley that's your fox. And from there you can continue to work the depth up behind if you sign to free agents on the O line and got the kid the second round on the O line suddenly you might have something cooking. Jimmy gee now steps in behind senator. He's got protection. Wide receivers you can find them on the open market you don't have to worry about drafted and frank New England has proven this for years you can go out and find dudes everywhere to make plays a wide receiver. So then it comes down to running backs. He got mad freed it up yet Joseph Williams coming back he's a later pick on sunny Michelle a guy like price club and then boom suddenly this offense near you tear it often does took it still puts in their total bore yes. See if you can find the right receivers in the one thing you feel good about with cal Shanahan perhaps over everything else is that. He knows what offense he runs and he knows what pieces that he wants sealock and get. Taylor Gabriel Atlanta as a guy who came out of nowhere and became. A legitimate receiver Shanahan can find pieces that conceded the number one job though is finding those offensive line as you said to protect Jimmy drop below. Otherwise is solace for not. And that's the key this time around last year. Last year first two picks in the draft defense Solomon Thomas Rubin Foster. Look like good picks this year go off that's offense and everything because at the very least if you're losing in scoring it's still fun watched. Believe it or not the Detroit Lions have been decent why Israel over the last few years there and how many times do you see the Detroit Lions in close games late. Now granted they might find ways to blow it. But their compelling television verses how often are you gonna turn on. Tennessee now right yeah I he doesn't scary to too many people because of the last five years they'll score a lot of points they don't light it up offensively. That's what people are looking for so at the very really what put butts in the seats to sell jerseys. Build up the offense go eight Nate but if you're a top ten offense people are gonna be really into that as much as they've played close games this year they haven't been too exciting the 49ers early on in the year those 129 games and struggling to score touchdowns. I think he's right low offense definitely would entertain the crowd here in entertaining people warned they wanna be entertained let's face always say offense in a taint the defense wins championships if you could score a lot of points you gonna be entertaining your fans and you're gonna put butts in the seats. Tablet do you tell me you walk in outlook two minutes left in your team's down by seven and you know you got a high power offense enduring games you win one you lose an excellent people are still gonna come because they're saying one thing I'm getting I'm getting in and take a walk in at a stadium not as pissed when you're getting blown out again a motorboat at 38 to three and Indies crashed engaging TK and guys cancel one and come to those tactic games. They don't wanna watch him and they leave the stadium a lot more angry now when you're games they'd shoot out you're hold on your seats in main. What a game we lost a were so close it need to start focus or other things and what do you focus on now I only focus on one big hit the defense wicket indeed Vince console went at least offense is going so I think that's the best way to deal and I think they're gonna build off since its policies include the most exciting team in the NFL right now. Pretty patriots based German pretty exciting they've been exciting a lot of hospital early early it was Kansas City what they were dornin out is that talking about kids see you look at they were once support every time Dornan touched the ball also Kansas City was one I think now you look at what the rams been able to do to your boy when you talk to paint Z gotta give some credit he's light it up. He and you see what they're guys' or imply a lot of points that's what's exciting that's what bully people like to see even a team that's not necessarily winning Joseph but they're exciting because there's gonna score some points in the Washington Redskins people look at Washington Redskins eagle look week to week Berenson shoot out. So there are some teens even it's not winning Philadelphia and aside there's one point you love what they're door of its teams that are put a floor. Not by scoring teams rams Eagles saints patriots chiefs. All good watches. Sellouts in Kansas City whose number five New England number four states number three Eagles number two. Ramps not so much. About that for second half you've got the most arguably the most appealing product in the NFL this year. Matches leading the league in scoring they are blowing people out and they're doing it with a big twelve style offense and email wrestling in the ball Robert Woods had a 96 yard touchdown reception. They are nothing but big plays and no one. Go and millions of people the biggest market did you exit crazy did you said that. Madeleine okay I'm realizing that because I was trying to get ready to try to spin some conversation into that's how appealing it is you you're gonna be able to put butts in the seats with a great offense here yet because you've got a lot of diehard football fans. LA wow. You might have the most explosive offense in the business. You got these young good looking coaches energizing that team get a good looking franchise quarterback great running back in Todd Gurley a lot of marketable players. And no one shows not. Yeah wow an alleged defense according yet. Not agreed. Stadium to watch football you're so far away for one USC doesn't. Yes USC Dallas USC football that's the real pro team in Southern California pastor Randy Texas game was a sellout under the lights people going not incredible 90000 on hand the fans are there isn't ramseys to beat. That's that's okay. Errors were the Orange County team remember the rams played in Anaheim. There that's thirty to forty miles east which is about a two hour drive so rams fan it's an Orange County fan and now you put down the in LA right by downtown. In LA people on the on the west side are gonna go watch rams football you can make LA's been perfectly fine and happy. For two decades with no pro football so also needs the rope pro football back in town. You throw a previously so mediocre ram products and nobody wants them charger project. You throw them in Carson you put the rams. At the coliseum which is about seven years outdated and you expect in the draw of course they're not gonna draw do you think of the rams continue to do what they're doing viability does that division contenders wit this style of offense by the time stadiums built using that changes things and Allen absolutely because LA likes things that are shiny and sparkly so once you get. That brand new state of the art football facility done. You have to do some re branding though of the rams itself because I think there's a stigma and then north in the west part of Los Angeles against the ran well there's probably no call. Yes that's exactly what they should be doing when you open a new stadium knew where a new colors the whole thing your guy great rebrand the whole product and faces charges though there's that. That place that I get them out I see now as you raise that I feel bad for LA malformed team I really feel bad form. They embody great LTD China help. You'll be in the community and do stuff. But a new issue but in beaded indicating until the 27000. Seat stadium it's been it's bad enough when they plan. The snub the Simpsons actually upset when my favorite I'll be automatic favorite underrated look at relay is just now about senator. I don't work out you know no one in raider nation once we hear it but if you want a football team that team is going to be on the market. You are going to be able if you wanna pay for a stadium. After the raiders leave her ray is the you can get the charge to the charges are gonna be available they're free agents you just need to pony at the cash they would know raider fan wants and they would do if they catch the name though that's the only thing at the raiders it deceit like they wanted to do keep that Oakland raider name. They did they would take eighteen but did it to charges. In an at bat the Oakland Raiders bring him back the old USFL team merit a hiatus. Just turn it charges in the invaders and bring a monitor until this is a market. That's right therefore stay really still if you're willing to our mile and most if you're willing to pony up the animals are willing to listen that's what they taught us would Las Vegas there's only one thing that matters. He who pays the bills call this calls the shots as Mel man is always sad. You pays the bills calls the shots any city that can come up with 750 million to a billion dollars you'll get an NFL team. Boise Idaho comes out with 750 million they'll listen Portland comes out with 750 million they'll listen they will. They'll tell you about markets and fan base is all this now it's about one thing and one thing only money. And we never even asked fonts are you guys are. Aren't any do you wanna hang out to talk about Hyde read. The running back position or anything we just head on we'll take your calls at 845 we got a visited the great one Greg Dobbs up next a law did not with us in the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven to gain. The voice of the. And the rears. God doing weekly hits every Tuesday and Thursday when Joseph lower did today thirty now. This is incredibly humble report presented by somebody can Scottish art yeah. I'm 95. 17 big game tonight is great feat you know my jealousy. Good read on the report is brought to you by July do you construction company celebrating over 100 years and teamwork solutions and excellence. The voice and your Oakland Raiders Greg Papa would Jolo in bids on 957. The game public good morning. I feel as if shenanigans. And foul play our foot the patriots and Martellus Bennett something stinks to me on this one and I think. And this is a conspiracy theories than me. But I think the patriots try to pull a fast one because they know they did Dell's too busy fight we Jerry Jones to try to go after them for another possible infraction. Yeah I am asking on and on about that show she yeah I they he's so guided that play well in Green Bay I don't know about the shoulder injury that's that's your domain. I just know it gives him three tied NG get a deal was. And we even take it about doing then there's the raiders always think about doing that obviously in light of what happened years ago. And at this offseason. With the raiders really getting good. Last year it was constantly about you know if we did face New England in a playoff game last year how are you match up with limited wind up happening Derrick got hurt. So the off season really has been about. Kansas City obviously in there and they're two great players two retiree Killen Travis Kelsey Pittsburgh. But mainly it's new England and how to deal with them and how to deal with their speed bringing membrane and cooks. And getting dropped back and now they as you mentioned they bring in Martellus Bennett back to NL has been a huge disappointment. So I don't know if the raiders especially in light of the gearing kindly. Slowed heel injury and now him going officially and I are. If there raiders are really improve how they match up. Where we know England's weapons around Brady. And it's now in Canadian and try to detect. They're Denver's corners they when Adam was their expert hired. And the tight ends that I had three so they they can. Put in 03 tight ends on the field simultaneously with a one back in one wide wide receiver at thirteen personnel in the NFL and the the opponents you know hunkered down they bring and their big unit. And then it is flecks of all out and they're all good pass catchers they all can run around so. I don't know if the raiders had ever really solve the match up issue with this team they they have played more zone. This year about three quarters or there's snaps or more zone especially in the middle of field. But Brady aging I saw what Pittsburgh last year in the AFC title game heats up. Teen cell zones and these guys know how to find soft spots and John joy to play this team is demand a mob that. I just another raiders have the weaponry demand them up and then their defense they got so much better in their secondary so to me. This is still likely Minnesota storm has some good teams over in the NFC this is still to me the best team in football including the Kansas City Chiefs. Seven and two days certainly there have been terrific near Philadelphia the only team with a better record at this point. How big of an advantage did the patriots have going from altitude Donna Mexico City where they're going to be ousted again pop. I don't know there's a theory on this the raiders are become expert out of because they we've played their last year in Mexico City against Houston that theory was treated there for two solid weeks. And acclimate to the altitude or if you can't be there for two weeks in doing is that going to be their Jewish they live tour. Denver this past Friday that gonna be there about a week and a half. Then the best way to treat it is just to get in and out as quickly as possible also the raiders had taken the opposite tack they're not gonna fly until. There early on Saturday morning that it's a long process to get there and it's a long bus riders are call last year if you land. So the raiders and I could get to their hotel the Saturday night at today's game and last year they played Houston it was on Monday Night Football is this going to be a you know it's a 330. Or 130 to kick off a 330 to 130 quicktime there till 130 our time 33100 yards and 330 next coach is saying is Texas time. So while. By doing what's gonna end this is they really interesting element they're gone from Denver. Up to Colorado Springs which is she you know about Mexico City is a mile and a quarter. Above sea level it's not just a mile above sea level solar going to be there. You know on the heavens getting ready for this now we'll see how it impacts them that they've obviously had problems in Denver's in years as they did not have a problem in Denver. On Sunday night but they had some modest after she did the one thing. Is the raiders tax seemed to work last time we were there. They were not playing good good football game and all of you choose to really struggling. And then wound up you know taking it over in the fourth quarter they outplayed them late in the game they seem to be better condition than. Then Houston and Houston that's a short trip for them I think they wound up. Are coming in the day before as well so who knows how it'll impact and I just did look at that their personnel as I said he and you know before the Edelman injury. This is probably the most loaded Belichick's team he's ever had as far as really marquee players both offensively and defensively and after a slow start. They are locked in and right now they're playing great football. Our competitive leagues it's the raiders want to compete at a high level offensively what are some of the key factors as it runs the deep ball as to pass what is going to be cement elements they're gonna have to do to you don't keep this offense at noon page opens ought to feel. Here are our. I would think run the ball's here that this team all of you know it bella check you know he's he's so fundamentally sound what is with this team and he's his trot has always and it's very to. In Alley places front from snapped a stab. But their corners slow just gotten so good. Anyway they went out and got to Stephon Gilmore. From buffalo that that really kind of surprised make of that Wesco morsel career rushing New England attack him. I member Chris Hogan beating Amanda stutter and go last year for a touchdown right away they seem to go at him. But he seemed like he was really sloppy this technique did not study. Belichick brings in many receiver struggling early in the year Tyreke children right by eminent Thursday night game and then the other guy. Malcolm but there once the contract dated reminded giving it to a productive AW to trade under their leadership and New Orleans he wound up staying. He got off to a horrible start he was not playing well all he lost some playing time. So although those two guys together and what they did against Denver's they've they've they manned up and Belichick normally plays a lot of zone. Rush's three drops eight now now he sprinkling in just pure man. Because he has great man coverage guys like Stephon Gilmore and he was on Thomas to Mary's Thomas on Sunday it would get Crabtree. This Sunday when they put Malcolm Butler on a Murray in the one area of their secondary that's a bit of a weakness Timmy is there slot corner. We have great safeties. The linebackers are figuring it out with David Harris fan noise are pretty good player and remember remember playing in the middle before his previous spot so. Belichick just as a way low. I'm really just coaching defense fundamentally I would think you may be able to run on them a little bit. You know maybe attacked him with a tight end as some of the back some of the areas the raiders are weekend. But I think just looking at a stylistically. With their corners they may be a hard game for Marty Cooper Michael Crabtree to go off on these. Asked Greg Papa would Jolo and ends on 95 point seven the game. Carrying Conley has officially been shut down for the season placed on IR Monday do we have an official injury designation or is it still just shin and no one really is at the bottom of this thing. Now they they they tell their doctors they know what's gonna he's just been slow to heal news just some guys heal faster than other guys some guys don't and it just has not been able to heal. And you know there's a point. He played the jets game and played pretty well. And then. And I think they had to imitate him deal paying oh hole while he was playing they they had to gimmick thing killing injection is to get on the field so he's just not. Been able to get over the pain. And this is something they're gonna have to address for them for there remainder of his career how does he recovered. From setbacks like this this what I'm talking about an endearing county would have been a terrific guy. To match up with these New England. You know threats you could even put him on one of these tight ends if you want that he was a matchup guys together can go inside a and also play outside he's by far the raiders' best corner he just hasn't been down the field in 92 snaps in total. Is his entire rookie Jiri at 46 and jet game played 46 against Washington. And he wasn't very good day and edit it shows movement skills. Just were not there so they they've got to figure out do away for this guy attitude to heal from injury that's going to be the key history. Pop what does it benefit the organization and not revealed the nature of the injury because to me as a guy on the outside looking in as a fans and broadcaster. It makes the player looks off when all you've heard it. Is that GM say he has shin splints now that he's done for the year why won't they just say what this injury is so we can all of some closure on this failed rookie year. Well there's a privacy issue of that please of what they want to disclose for those stars are medical condition did I I you know that you Leo I have to ask them I don't know I don't know why I think they. They were hoping he would come back. At some point I was told you know right around after the Washington game that they're gonna shut them down through the by. And then see if he could recover after that he's working with you know foremost experts in the field they they have a handle what. What it is it's just a situation of you know preceding forward. With that there may be a point where they want to open up about we know what what is going out to him exactly but that's that's toward the team and and the athlete and his people around him as agents. It's a privacy issue and an athlete and he he wants to divulge I know is frightful always with us in training camp but we use a term she insulin around him and Romo which they pretty got a great. It's more than that and obviously is more than discussions went. Playing catch him right here every day from noon to three is hosted Greg pop the show he is the voice of your Oakland Raiders Greg Papa would Jolo and dads on 95 point seven again. Thanks for your time is always pop have a good one we'll catch up soon. We will talk to your Thursday have a great day to ask you to Bob thank you. I tell him I understand about the Protestant and edit but that's not how it works for anybody. For anybody in the NFL you have that hockey upper body injury lower body injury to not NFL. I think the raiders are making mistakes near Tripoli 9579570. What do you think about the Darian Conley situation we need and that those guns and Rosen tickets next. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. In last night's fourth quarter against the knicks how many points than LeBron James score. Or assist upon. We're down by 23. In that game and James just said. And will then back. There's an interesting rumor that's floating around. Interesting rumor did you see over the last few days how LBJ kind patrolled Phil Jackson by saying the next should've drafted Dennis Smith North Carolina State. Couple days in a row he kept saying they screwed up should just to Dennison then I saw it he landed at the mavericks. Saw that some are trying to figure out why you would take those shots and then other people started to connect the dots and he's saying wait a minute. Everyone sees this guy leading after the season. Everyone sees this guy going to lakers after the season. Remember how before the first decision I remember onion got I was looking back in Allentown PA. Before he left for Miami. The year before when sports center was covering the year of LeBron the summer of LeBron a year in advance the mix if you remember one of the favorites. Land services do you think that makes could be in play this time around. Perhaps maybe that's why was taken a shot at the next press went last night he went nuclear in the fourth that he might actually be considering joining parsing this in New York to pleasure and I'm. I'm sure a lot of his options are open as far as where you'll wanna take his talents next now he's taken to South Beach in one. Come back to Cleveland and won everyone's just expecting it to be. Los Angeles he's going to LA is gonna LA. If he really wants to make a big splash and compete for a title still New York's a pretty good spot that teams get more and more exciting with each and every passing week. You get to stay in the Eastern Conference and none of the deal the warriors yeah in Indian and he's got to go and he's you look at the cast. He's also pose another scorer on the ball team when you think about who is a bonafide scorer on the team you watch cinecast play had been watching chuck. Well you Norma LeBron wanna see what he's gonna do wanna see this matchup again but if you watch besides LeBron James. Odierno did all med team they give me Tony every night. Just don't see excel he's got to go to a place where he needs to be around another score. There's also the report out there that he is interested in buying the Cleveland Cavaliers solitude now. Leaving Cleveland probably isn't gonna be the best way to go about getting Dan Gilbert saw you the team. But if you wanna stay wouldn't that be the ultimate leverage for Gilbert to bring LeBron and as an owner could he could look at him right now and say luck. I'm never Sonia distinct. Is my T. And you leave you're never gonna had a chance of buying it but if you step. We worked together. Also you an ownership interest we can be partners and I don't know of Gilbert would ever wanna walk away it doesn't seem like too many owners ever wanted to leave. On that. Small fraternity did they get two new members right right. Do you think that would be the way to keep him in Cleveland. Any interest in this that I just worked out a very fascinating angle Jozy taken talk about both these guys know exists in together besides I just don't see if I see you know I think this too much water bridge when you think about what happened when he left so when you did with the owner did. I just think LeBron want to teen I don't see these guys coexistence because you know I just really believe that there's still some glad glad you're he'll cast the checks because they still they don't bounce so he's looking at this and he wants the by the team but I just don't think these two to co exist because they need to mature power struggle both these guys are both power happy individuals but again it's your cat classic case of supply and demand. This supply isn't. One if you wanna buy the tools clears there's only one of them ride that might be your only way and Dan Gilbert I think as he sees LeBron James potentially leaving. And in the end of the Cleveland as a relevant team Aaron coming to a close. Maybe now is the time to sell it. Didn't seem just go for two billion dollars Houston Rockets went for 2.2 billion. So few days until after two million to act exactly Steve Ballmer if you're of the cavaliers you Dan Gilbert your thinking while. We reached the highest point reached the pinnacle won a title by superstars either leaving or wants a buy it maybe now's the time to sell Cleveland to LeBron for two plus million. I think the city itself would want LeBron to be the owner because they love he's you know he's a native he's thinking he came home. So I look at like at the city he might have a huge sphere of influence on the CD in the writer's estate did this team to LeBron or blame them purchase it I just enacting it maybe that will be one and the wasted build up that interest because the public is saying look LeBron should be a guy we want him here because now you have a guy that's have been a part of this organization for so many years so that may help his case but I just don't see these guys coexist in general. That would mean. One and only way. To. Keep the cavaliers relevant in the post LeBron James error because once he leaves and it still Dan Gilbert know free agent is ever gonna wanna synar. And Arab Max deals and super teams. Who would wanna choose to live in Cleveland I know it sounds like you dig medicine New York's an option if Miami is an option Atlanta the bay Los Angeles. Chicago. Great cities great markets great opportunities why would you wanna go to Cleveland. The big draw right now he's jinx the only time the franchise has never been relevant he's Jennings once he's gone. That's it but you were the owner now. His ability to understand and relate to players in these situations that's alma selling point. Michael Jordan still trying to figure it out as to go great minds or gone to an owner it's not an easy. Transition especially when you're in a place like Charlotte and your point Cleveland. If LeBron as the owner and you're free agent yet how great would be to play from LeBron but is deemed buttoned up by the Egyptian caliber like you say you're still. In Cleveland at what kind of an owner is LeBron all of that. Grab a toss he gets is a player can only get you so far he's still have to build the deliver a legitimate product. Antonio and San Francisco has won the Guns 'N Roses tickets congratulations to Antonio the correct answer. 28. A possible 43 points in last night's fourth quarter against the New York Knicks how many points did LeBron James score or assist upon. 28 while any 23 point comeback that's all the cavs meet the knicks 104. 11 I still believe that LeBron James will lead the league in assists this year he had all of living is he's Baltimore last night it was for 23 and twelve. I think you need to see his point total continue to hover around 20/20 one. I think by the second avenue he's gonna want that assist title. I mean we've got some call are in these guys and hung with us from us and our I we're gonna turn it over you guys this conversation looks like we're jumping back in the one we had earlier. Big week for the 49ers. Head coach needs to decide who is quarterback's gonna be for week twelve year old Jimmy JCJ about their. In addition at some point general manager John Lynch needs to determine what does the future hold for Carlos Hyde and Eric Reed. Do you bring them back you let him go. In particular regarding hide. You bring him back apple will be a cost of five million plus and I think we're being. Conservative there or. First round exit one Barkley or second third fourth round pick on perhaps a guy like Georgia's Sonny Michelle. Or Stanford's Bryce luff AAA 9579570. Mike in Fremont bank's call the show might be floor is yours got. Hey guys I think you have to keep highlighted. I understand younger. You know continue to value and banks are they want it edition. But the thing here back in this sort here and Indian blood there. It's when you look Alan. And who's gonna be working at the group's story next next year. And Carlo 200 lieutenant so cal or running back may be an eleven point five top twelve went on. There. You go around. I earned. And that especially and so you have been going on police and how hard all the draft pick or go quietly to Obama. Are you how it and I thought out early backing out. Good call might. All back any time you're gonna run materialize it's great obviously welcomed any time you cannot take us bring any of that stuff then you moved to the top of the listener slash hauler. A power rankings are eleven I have to tell us all and have. Yeah listen we just sit down we might create power ranking system but yet we might have to create a power rankings missed systems begin to regulars mixed in Jersey. All the way from New Jersey housing dawn match how you doing guys. Roy started. Well loading got to remind that I. Yeah. I try to rescue wishing he got. To grapple all right even I can't say no way CJ that there is never. If you could not generate you have to Jess McCormack initiate anything. Facilitate and get more hate I hate keep hide any any any tramp on John the second. I think you could call I think that extra run back and it's treated and those who wanted a guy from Georgia child I believe me you'll be out. That's one of my dad's job and Michelle both guys could be coming out. Sure. Dynamo match I don't have all the details in front of me I just assumed he was coming out I know he's heard from one year. And it's. All right are you may mean he redshirt and they didn't fully. They can April be registration Cheney is okay. On. Its way and I do that. Christmas or understand it felt like Chris Rex played for 22 years at Florida State. Yet are too busy with flowers they in front. And I'm open I know most hi Jacqui Maine Maine and new machine that can't walk in the college Carlton banks could record enjoy today. Thanks Zain some hot enough US seeking climb all the way up there at this late hour together account for they ask you a lot. So what he said at the end yet nobody and I mean you see make they're guys I got him down get a call on not only the titles gonna send anyone. Then they won't. Aren't you don't guys. You can make as I love you may one day wonder we're gonna bring your money get to the bottom of it yeah I think he's called stations all of the country I think his whole day he's call on LA he's on the bay he's gone local back where he's from wow gee it's so jolly golly he's just listen now as I did he sits in a room like forty different radios. And somehow light rain and easy to just process everything happening around them and then he's aside calling everyone on hold all that Indy really from New Jersey. Sounds like student. Yeah certainly sounds like yeah I thought into the bottom of that I you know what no one makes it up no one says yeah I'm from New Jersey as I lied. You lie about being from somewhere other than New Jersey I'm from New York you're not you're from Jersey outside doing the bridge and tunnel crowd that size I like to call the bridge and tunnel crowd. All right Michael Silver. What's going all Martellus Bennett on the page is trying to pull another fast one what are the vikings gonna do. Quarterback of the nine is gonna do a quarterback and what is the latest on Jerry Conley and I don't get to that. First Jolo and heads back a minute at a conference and yet.