JLD - Hour 3

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, May 5th
The guys continue to discuss the Warriors-Jazz series as Draymond Green went down with an injury but was able to come back into the game. They also discuss Jay Cutler's future as an analyst for NFL on Fox. ESPN NBA Front Office Insider, Amin Elhassan joins the program. 

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Button off seriously. This does Allen got a way for us. You know 7758. Normally we try to get out bird just sixty seconds we come right back with contents. And might quote teammate. Lorenzo Neal. Are not must go of their low. We other guys are richer I got to get to the shot and. We can keep doing little production median you know it's funny absentee. All of which they had those violent it was. It was great you got an adult quick to tell you that's now two DUI you now at somehow on the 33% more comfortable now right according. Jim Browning is good lord together absolutely kill on the Amin Al Assad from ESPN at. Joins us at 830. We will open up the ticket window. 8845. Were talking about. A move to television for a quarterback. Up in fifteen minutes and more warrior talk next but first we go to an OK and I keys for the updates all the lawyers they handled the jazz who once again. The thirteenth base like to ramp up not very. Is it to the room again you've got to field goal of this little note from the right. Sam wry wit the college here on many 57 games does when their sixth straight playoff game any 16104. Victory over the jazz. Could take eight to nothing series lead that does big fork combined for 83 points Kevin Durant led with 25. John Green finished at 21 and drained fourth threes in the first quarter alone five overall even with a double digit victory Klay Thompson said they weren't happy with the seventeen turnovers. No they saw the ball well I mean who had a great game as opposed to make tough times in its own shots and through through the effort previous moles could have a new game for him incident to Paterno was actually two confident now excellent mine you know Tony points and ten. Now there's also a little bit of a scared Graeme on after tweaking his knee he did return to the gains greens that he doesn't expected to be an issue in game three tomorrow night and see her reportedly will not make the trip to Utah wizards cut. Their series deficit to two what would they went 1689. Win over the Celtics in game that featured seven technicals and three objections on the they thought Hazelwood the sleep as they'd be the 28 to five they're back home Oakland hosts the tigers tonight Andrew Triggs. We witnessed our data shows 616 here on 957 against the giants are at the red Matt Cain after finishing April with be winning this month that he's their hopes to start off may. On the same page also Jay Cutler is partly retiring from full plot and we'll joined fox sports in the Booth he was doing Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis. Rusty but parents Jewelers for a huge selection of designer wedding sex from the finest names and all the latest Julie fashions busy at sea air and after hacienda crossing baron. And legacy of elegance. A manic had Aggies on your home for lawyers playoff basketball. That's nice lesson and great stuff and a thank you for that. Up in ten minutes we'll talk about Jacob as a move to television and what that means for another quarterback who's currently looking for work. In it the National Football League it's Jolo and gives Joseph Ford bought off today Darrell the guru Johnson. In his place I mean Al Haston joins us at 830 as well talk about the NBA but gentlemen. Boyer is now up two games to none at. On the Utah Jazz they went at 115. To 104. The takeaways dream on green. Unbelievable from behind the three point line that a little bit shaken up. In the victory guru what's your level of concern about dream on green in his knee that he had to get some attention to and his hip he complained about after the games. Well when it initially happened I was in a nine and a half and hearing him say that he's okay in the fact that he came in low. In sat back on the bids in cities get to be ready to go gives its it is seeks now I trust this guy he knows his body. But I gotta tell yet there's three guys public that in the starting line up now. Forget the ball going in the hope I'm just hoping that there were OK once they jump and land and that's Katie staff. In now drain on the hard soul of the team. When when you talk about dream mind here's a guy you know it is to glue guys it's gonna Betty great seat. That really can play with that bravado you know he's at home setter since the tone exactly he's going to set the tone. But he does situation we gotta be care. Campbell for a couple of reasons you understand. This next series it whether it's San Antonio whether it's. You know whether it's where there's two rockets you need three month green and you gonna need them to play big especially if there upon that crash course to Cleveland. You look interest in Thompson the guys they have low all the different guys you need to raise money you need to re my on the play well. You don't wanna rule and and in an. A hobble drain mine green lenient and X series so I'm looking at this insane yet could do they have a chance of losing this game we victory mom plane if he's injured. Yes they still may lose to you talk. If Trey mines plays because he's not helping necessarily and if he doesn't play they still may lose as well so when you look at it like dead. Is the risk worth well worn. This is a game that Utah's gonna play well and you know you talk again they're gutsy team last night did lose by ten. They're fighting they don't make a lot of mistakes to the try to stay engaged in a China still want must get home. It's just a pride gay so. Play drain mine and then go up three and and don't blame if he gets her when it gets hurt any sets himself back even a couple more games. I just think that this training staff and the coach they have to make sure they protect film from himself. That's often the case with remind green loudly such a soldier is such a warrior pun intended as I was gonna draw out there and never wants to rest wants to play. Every minute if possibly did play 35 minutes. Last night. 21 points on five and eight. From three point Lanny in his first 43 pointers he had in seven rebounds six assists four steals. And an impressive game AAA. 957 at. 9570. Is the phone number if you wanna check in on the warriors and jazz series whether or not dream on green it should be arrested as a precautionary measure. Or not let's go out to the phones now we have just one phone line open won't go out first to Las Vegas Vinnie in Las Vegas. Roma's Jolo and did sell another 5:7 game good morning Vinny. Long time caller first time listener Darrell got in need to don't show it I thought it right now. Bob. And his collar I love this job his goal in Iraq and its number it's O Ford and Bob ladies and gentlemen the man who doesn't know the definition of off. I'd dead. I gotta be on it. It migrated the definition of warrior no pun intended. I DHL history the war I'd history eagle warrior no pun intended. It better than that. Coach John thanks for joining us now Joseph Thornton I'm. Six they have not until then now you're stuck with my material jobless door on the biggest brother. Money on the game like that it played under tight third quarter thanks a lot. Like to beat back plate should be. That that what you stories very quick. Number one I I got into an altercation with a cat yesterday. I have been dealer might come here. Odd that you don't Wear long hauling people that would the big thing back in the diet anyone remembers it were cat would take one around about. It didn't. In order to get more money from you want came here and it's a lack cities. On the plane it over up that kind of straighten them out because they politely couldn't he screwed over the customers so that might come here pretend like I. No idea the town works I get in the cat at the airport. And I let cabbie decide island do it all the wanna go to the quick way urge you wanna go to work. Article thanks so I'd opportunity at long on me again that is huge fight with. About screwing me I know exactly eight. Stop light burst out like. That. A lot but a moment of reflection. Adam biting wit this guy we're going on the fifteen heading north and we go right past the site of this new raiders stayed right they get a billboard. At a big myself out that it is because a year ago I was still living here. At this site to be the most exciting ever. Now I'm living in the day I got light attitude we love it would be your forever. And I go back this site at about that it would like. I would raider thing growing up but I I've grown. Up kids there are I'd I'd I'd stricken between he can't get rid of me. Right about now. The fact that it's true what they say about Asians that they're not localized it's not that need to be Los Angeles what may yet. Temperatures go all in the Bay Area. It really is a global thing that has. Has gotten bigger than any one actually realizes and did the burqa like that really dug in in the electoral pat. Lot it would matter is playing raider nation stronger than any other candidate it was just got one vote. What are those like. While inspiring moments right right jump back in the start fighting with caddie. Loud too profound as usual great story thanks for. Us. We do have a new candidate for mount long answer more violent humanely and Georgia are my guys I'm. That's about it that that it's about about monologue. I don't know how when we need thinking about what's going on with the dubs it just to up the playoffs. Is Dray mind green making a strong case that he is MVP of the playoffs. Op. I have no idea how it played out except that he didn't cover because the cricket freak broke late game and they also kept it under the total I've read a couple of reports. Honeywell life. The captain I won four he was in the three point ball he was out of college usually. I would think that. White she seniority as my common goal watch it. Well I I hurt you'd talking about dream my dream leading and it I've read about it I don't know about him in the playoffs because rotted in Hughes cavaliers lot. And BP had his team in the playoffs yet you can probably. You've been the most important player on the team in the playoffs we eat in front coming off the bench to ring and with a couple games step content area goalie but. Open portrait on that more and and honestly constant blows up on occasions so yeah. Indeed it seem like article out where and what impact what should. Do you you don't run danger now okay are on my. Joseph. Trying doubling your bullet Joseph last time I was here. Material that would nearly. I'll bet you're not not to get it right or wrong. I joke. Not what I hear you brought it to my to do that you had to Twitter accounts while almost drooling yet I had the fake account so you help me out so it didn't coming in Omaha excited that we Joseph LaMont which you guys on it. And I spill Philly wrong. Elitist and out Twitter you know he ripped the two. I think Joseph thanks for being jailed. What am I supposed to do it it's got to affiliate with one LA it's not like the elder Billy too well. I just want to make sure got to you Joseph. That's just a typical Philly thing though because you spell Philadelphia with one now but you don't know we have the second L fertility isn't that for all the losses you guys accumulate ice. That that's pretty it to a great guy yeah I'm a comeback if that. That's that's that bouncing back from that they've agreed to pay warrior no pun intended that way battery. Joseph I appreciate that hey before we let you go gives you know world is up against in these situations not in this new PPM world. Who gets early MVP votes for the bachelor party you Juan. Public got it and I are blacked out tonight slightly. Out toward it is called it very badly. Sadly the entire crew still smoke cigarettes we went supporters say everyone's still smoking. It was typical beetle boy that I would be good night out have been. But at this time and the people between obesity which she allot and smoking and treat it all out we got help. That helped them beat each candidate I mean I'm. I'd public public Ian Clark I'm good for a couple of minutes in a couple point like me but I'd. Like I'm not acted in a whole lot in the big all of that out and that probably 10:10 o'clock last night that it. Outstanding drinks and suburban for a steal. Yet yet it I think anymore Bergen and not make you cannot und I need to get home but like that now aren't you about the good work I. I'd like it that long time caller first time listener you guys the best radio station in town. For all sports station that I have the raiders and like you guys will be back. Generally that means it's time come in Newark on a daylight this series pseudo brother remiss he has safe travels have all the fun you can. And get all the sleep you can do you know how important that is. Those pointed. At. I. Morning. Peep out boy you work. I love the Bay Area that you rat on. Right on judge Joseph for involve the main man here from Joseph blow that passage show on 957 the game the worst that GO PM Monday through Friday. May give again and you have dish yeah this broadcast live from this seriously you guys running material you can hear the smile on his voice it's good Joe's. In Vegas. Haven't Obama and his buddies keep him mad the bachelor party I didn't hear everyday and just basically crap on everything. Up in fifteen minutes we'll talk to a mean Al Harrison from ESPN he's the NBA front office insider will get his thoughts on the post season. In the playoffs as they have ruled out. So far gentlemen some news that surfaced this morning and it was the first one. To break it it's now becoming official Jay Cutler following in the footsteps of Tony Romo the word came out. This morning that Jay Cutler would be added to the Fox Broadcast team and you'll be doing color commentary for the upcoming. NFL season which on the surface good for Jay congratulations I know his wife. Is involved as an actress in some TV as well below the the big question the elephant in the room is. Colin Capp predict now the only real veteran quarterback that remains unsigned what is this Cutler news due to Colin tapper knicks need to get back in the league. I think it helps ills somewhat but its interest seemed to me did senate polling kind of what's going on and you follow trains in EC. You know Tony Romo goes the fox and on Jay Cutler. But you also got to look at what's going on just in sporting world. And look over at ESP and you look at the firings you also look at. Who's running ESPN they're talking about they would be more liberal. View when they're down they want to get more minorities and different people involved. I think also now Colin -- and it does and include. He simply not only for a football but I think more he's in so he's in play for TV game. And if he is gonna get one I think the ESPN is gonna come up come calling are calling cabernet because if you look at the train were very heading. In their spin their broadcasting in their advertising. That's gonna be interest to see what happens is that Colin doesn't get a job in the football. Boo boo PE SPN is going to be one of those stations that are gonna go pick Yuma. Think all dabbling is ready to jump are already over and the media side when he's not even thirty years old I don't think he's I don't think he wants to. But I think that if you can go up there and make a good living being in a radio or TV rather. And for coddling capita expressing with the you know in the station that is kind of more left wing in and you know ESP NEC what's going on there. I think it can be a great gig. Four for calling cabinet. In so when you look at it like that too I think he's ready to do we know I think he's still want to play football yes. But I team right now I think tedious and will come calling if he doesn't land and cobalt. I've been holed it on this so if you guys would do is do me this attitude just put this when I'm about to say into your mental Rolodex. Colin Capra nick is gonna be the backup quarterback in Dallas that's where I think it's going I think it's already started to. Pick up steam and there's no way. Right now that this guy's gonna give me an AM in new look like he basically lost. And go to the Booth low if he doesn't get signed this year I think gives he'll go into next year still trying to get on a team. There's no way he wants his career on the field to in this way is if they took it away from home. Because of his stance. And again I look at the cowboys situation and we did beat you know what they did a couple years ago one and eleven without a back up quarterback. I think Jerry Jones may it may call call in and get. Call lane and bring Colin touting as a backup quarterback. Follow me here gives you look what happened in Boston Adam Jones or real player yelling and all the things that was going on and in people were yelling and sought use an inward and all those things that happened. Think about who really covers that they go about how live when you look at ESPN and what they recovered should they bring to it. And when you further this thing down and that's why I'm looking at it like this insane why Colin camper and it is in play for ESP and is because they do cover it and they do show Easter and things look what he is in the kind of coverage they do they do deal with a lot of social issues. You look at the NBA MBAs down the NBA the players have more of a voice. Why because they encouraged it it's coup in those affiliated with ESPN. So if you follow the if you follow these things what I'm looking at a new reason why I say call will be in play when you see that things were Alan Jones and now. Even though was one person think about when Collins stands good better and different same certain police officers and the things that he did. Now you had of people in Boston. It's certain individuals it's not the whole mass of Boston. It's certain officers but it's not all the offices so when you tie. I hate him and you really look at this. In the society we live in is that all people are using the N word in the you know all fans aren't and it's not all cops so now does this make more validity for Kong cabinet. You look at this and say OK now did now did Collins have indeed we have something to stand on. So I think when you see certain things in the world we live in the U Ford you removal for I think that there could be their can be sent the maker. I'd be geared stretch it out a little too far here because EST it was not the only network to cover the Adam Jones story it was a global thing fox covered it. Yahoo!. Sporting news would it take whatever network you want they all covered it and it whenever Bob Iger and Disney. Which is ostensibly had an ESPN. Whatever his plans may be in the bully Levy the 2218. Presidential election. I don't believe that that is what is affecting ESPN's program additionally. Remember Colin Chapman expect an entire season not talking to the media this is not a guy who is known for being. A very adept. Speaker are willing speaker got better dips he has gotten better when he's decided he wanted to get better I cannot see him. Making the transition to analysts. Put Tony romo's gonna struggle doing it Jay Cutler will see how good he is it's not an easy job and I don't think that ESPN's gonna come calling for gone GAAP. I just I mussina I think that there is a strong possibility. When I just look at kind of when you tomorrow Bob Geiger and all the things that he's to win at ESPN. You look at that do different things that are quarter on India eight people a cynic when he's won at least that you don't play ball and not necessarily stand up and you look at the ratings people sick and tired of the ethics towards certain things. I think it is going to be so America and I think that if he decides to go on the radio work are going to TV rather. I really believe that will be if if it's going to be any network I really believe that ESPN is gonna make the play. Now. You make a great point low. But it takes two to tango and again and I just feel like he will not put up the white flag in regard to his football career. Too we're going on in the Booth is something he wants to do Romo only Cutler want. To do though yeah. We knew Marleau didn't wanna do it. Romo didn't wanna do it in knighted Cutler while you work something out we Jerry Jones he didn't get what he wanted but still can play. So leads that they may have happened and it wouldn't release he also was certain things happen and Cutler has been here in free agency waiting he had no fire he has no desire to play. That's what I don't think you force color correlates to lead the news or started to kind of forced him but just to see how this all works. It will mean I'd I think did Colin cabernet as we get closer and closer to camp more attention will be paid to. He is viability as a backup quarterback or his willingness load to your point. To maybe leave football behind and embrace his new life. As a spokesperson. An agent of change and maybe as a media. Personality. I mean Tallahassee and does a great job for ESPN. Covering the NBA and he'll join us next it's Jolo a dibs on 957 game now back to show low dips on 95 point seven game. Welcome back Joseph lo and dibs on 957 game Joseph Ford moth enjoying some time at. In Las Vegas have you heard of on an 815. You know I'm telling the truth when I say he's enjoying his time in Las Vegas gigs for Jody get a little R&R up in fifteen minutes. Tim Brown will join us Oakland raider or hall of fame wide receiver. We'll also have tickets to giveaway to muse with thirty seconds to Mars that's all coming up. In fifteen minutes right now it's my pleasure to welcome our next guest Amin Al pass in the from ESPN. You can follow him at. I mean ESPN good morning Amy thanks for joining us what do you think. Of the playoffs so far we have found them to be a little bit without drama is that just our West Coast bias and all these blah cleansing. Let's go bias that the currently localize that buys a little more. You know what you get a lot of dispute about four out of school. Where you know when you get here it. You know that look we will outline my delight war last year really isn't going to be adequate and I later. Eight and David really doesn't mean you're absolutely right well it's in the way these clips are going. Once and liked the Doug's staff can score fifteen point eight still could win in game two ranked him score fifteen between the remaining game. The bronze in those unbelievable what he's doing their bit he could score probably fifteen or twenty or twentieth so in. After the real important there LaMont camp corporate secret security got to go for. They in this series if he. That you know he doesn't score point they would they would he they still wouldn't get by this particular team that plan. All the other gonna give the good about it rubbed and say it's there and you're right about the warriors. Bill would beg game against Portland last round would step in clay and remodel and play well he needed to play. Scored them by thirty years. So. Led the warriors can do that the cast. Their best player shall not because we've done. You know you've got to get them the luxury of having a bad nightly like Stefan callais and then to Iran. Orton collective media not vigilant at all and and that you Google well. I always say I was cynical about the law but Boston native residency at the young Philip if he doesn't score twenty or 25 or are maybe 53. This seems like they don't have a shot is that is that in Akron in your opinion. We on the best that that's how they built between the book that seems so that your great scoring and you're not really good at the defense. So war analogue would be sent to part and you beauty all it's kind of like. It's a modern. Or what. Then the 2000. 16. Iverson. Scoring. And war handle the dirty work have Iverson wasn't as bad potential member of their targets. And maybe you're right you know like you'd told fort well for them. Let these playoffs. He's played well I think last week it was the first game we could say I bit on the wasn't himself offer to. I mean I'm hoping for the trilogy and you don't a fast forward if the cavs do meet to warriors we've heard LeBron say Steffi is not my rival. But in essence it is because you know you guys who went to the finals twice. And this could be a third time and wanna ask you if that worked happy and who needs that series win more staff or LeBron. All of that stuff are capable brawn. Honest to I think he did what he had to do right of literature user in the malls losing your city in America. You get it. Goal goal in the one eagle pretty here don't matter done. To the final and then with the leaders. What did you did you Butler percentage of that if you won. And tumble sport ripped it right. All other but the city did that well. Put his stamp and or like he didn't totally eat out in Auckland every year but in retrospect it done but for. It's like OK do we hear they want everyone. Some excuse that is right and the unit law that you wouldn't have been wouldn't team or 31 kind of attribute to your law. Value of those 67 perpetuity now. I've been deeply in response. That you don't win. The best that the big blow LB beatable doorstep and has branded and you know how we think of him I think at the player. And taken it one step further than how big a blow that beating Kevin Durant a guy who was up 31 with Russell Westbrook in the western finals couldn't get it done and came here. And fell short but that ultimately be. The death knell for his chances of being one of the true elite. Yeah I I think that I think what people numbers but we're at right the way people perceived it is off and it would ruin degree to urgently. Nor would it the other ways of who all but could get the word when the chips last year we just woke up we want certain games mobile beautiful brown about to receive and David you came in ruined. So yeah obviously that was. We gamble he made to be ridiculed to have people question his toughness in the competitiveness. YouTube you sacrifice that took the down you've made expecting the return. But that one to read however many ring government that we all work don't get it and then it really been. That is such about the pressures that. When you think about San Antonio in the rockets that series 11. In the great Tony Parker legend in this league it. And fourteen goes down done for the remainder of the season. Do you think how do you see this series how who comes out of thin and houses think pan out with a loss of Lawson. War. I kind of avoided and we useful probably would suit. You'd quickly put it hurt ironically. One lead Dodd with Tony Parker brings in terms of better experience. Urgent fire like that idea that in the attention to wishing you know make the right decision. And he's played you played well in the plaza raptors. Articulate nor would war. That on the other side of the ball you know slower a lot for county and keep open and got to be too little ability and the happening. What you're talking about and Marvin might mrs. altered in some ways in other ways look at most original minutes. I'm not about Patty Mills could you know complete anyway but now you got it done in an. Idea why. What he's more of Goldberg tries to go home for more and the talking about group was 12 o'clock it was athletic energetic bigger news. That's not so great Britain and rightly so I would rather have a small float war. You know kind of brought them verses this candidate do trying to prove himself pretty much for one of the book of letters of degeneration. And in that shouldn't. This you know people look at. All it would be easier for you concur to department offices and out there are kind of look at it might do it more difficult refused since the current political differences enough now. I mean stick him with the spurs have you seen anybody's stock go down as fast as LaMarcus Aldridge. I mean I was I was in my lit room yesterday I think it to myself. How did this guy get to that pet is still to where we thought he was a top tier player and now he looks on confidant he looks soft. And I did just nonaggressive. I don't won't be that guy but he talked about. That we all have vehicles. And player like coal man my book you'll be gifted scorer. What the reason why we're. Went and did that we needed clues Jews who were sensitive. And he's really kind of insecure about his place in the French two wide Damione Lewis on the old war. Why are being with a pill commercials well that's because you turn them down that you want that you were Wenatchee the so the fact that they in effect until now. A place where it is in the people haven't been called straw they'll have an uncle Mo and then woke up the work out here wherever. Wherever we've got it got it. And conduct if you thought our protectors comical all Auburn it would go Tim Duncan Gordon at that court or. But it and on the island that you really well it affected. I mean if it's situated over the Portland and so you know when you do if eagle would lose children. And Tim Duncan was seeing dividends and pep talks the other day and at practice China trying to lift up young Alan may who is. Obviously struggling right now amino hasn't joining us. On 95 point seven the game. These guys that. We are very good but that picture of Tim Duncan put in a talker mark folders in the captured. When you've been acted up at school in the new. Or it's. So around that Tim Duncan is old enough to maybe even these grand pop for crying out loud documents around. So long just one more minute before the GO mean that I had asked you this with yesterday being like a high holiday for you. May the fourth and I am I know you're a huge Star Wars guy. What's the Star Wars may the fourth hangover like for Maine the fifth and continue ramping up for single and a mild today. You know what's funny our fingers and early in the new Google in what it would look metaphor for the command suit and birdies certain level live everyday I'll likely be deport. Under the color of every outlet outlet that wanted to give you do you attribute your pretty much. Over this mile. As Arctic and my vote won't yet electoral Mexico. Good bite all outward along this year Halloween all the collegiate. It. I mean I'm not all right we knew they cannot do share with you is embarrassing this this is I cried on empire strikes back in as hence some hold out for rules. Honestly better. I'm not not. Out of my single favorite old spoke what I've read that last night like yeah that's how it one. It is greater fame legacy man I don't know dude chill on the beta I don't want them first tried them. That's it on captain so let's also. A tattoo on automotive. Incredible I've just look at your Twitter feed right now with your three favorite Star Wars sees this guy is the true Star Wars fan article like you'd like to read about. Am I mean he ever got in a room with Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report a noted Star Trek. Guy and the guys are gone head they had the full on debate style over which one of the better vehicle. I have not but I think it's obvious which one of the better ones you know. Which one had a TV show with they like of the movies weren't good enough to carry it along. Well which one had Butte pastel colors in current or targeted bill I'm sorry I. Followers school there one character in the entire Arctic universe. That that those who thought I. Just as you're saying all this I agree with you except for the one compares in which would be Lou greater than prince's plan. Campbell the sleeve that dad. And LaRue brought it to epic levels amino hasn't. Thank you for joining us always a pleasure to talk do you enjoy the NBA playoffs and hopefully we'll talk to before the finals are over. It. My man mean now have some tremendous stuff oh who. Lou captain Kirk that relations ago. They never got together on the show or honest dynasties. I don't believe so although that was the first ever in a racial cant see television history that she was how she did for me. Without a doubt. She loves you check out his. She's second. Like jump back in drive for that's the you know each step and hiked back as a Nokia new ones that actually bring it to be so I was just. Oakland raider legend Tim brown and his join. Next we'll talk about the raiders going to Vegas the raiders draft Marshawn Lynch and immortal we've got tickets to giveaway. As well tickets do you giveaway to muse. With thirty seconds to Mars shoreline amphitheater Friday September 15. Two when he seventeen it's all part of the live nation summer kick off on 957 game. Get to one dollar tickets over thirty Bay Area shows now through May ninth at live nation dot com slash twenty. Ticket caller number ten. Four at the time that Joseph Ford Bob went to bed last night. Call now and win tickets to muse with thirty seconds to Mars AAA at 957. 9570. Is Joseph lo and tips on knighted by seven game. Now back at show low dips on 95 point seven game. Welcome back Joseph blow and did this. Time flies when you are having fun and we have a great time on this Friday Joseph Ford bought it join a little aren't aren't. In Las Vegas or maybe a little DMV. Urbane and brandy on her over a darn. Lottery if you call that her feud caused some companies. It needing these are gonna fire as did he tell he's voice is always happy but he has. He's been a little far more audio firewire racing at suburban Nolan did you guys remember your first trip. After you had your first child that I'm thinking back now and we're doing this live in the I didn't preppy Ford but my son quest was born back in 2001. Anyway your new father you wanna see home and you wanna be here for mommy familiar. You're largely worthless cant breast feed you can change a diaper and you can he get help the mom Alberts your not a key cog. But law do you remember that first time you were able to do is get away and let your hair down so to speak. He had to humble selfless and as a dealer to get away as a yeah I. Think he wanted to get away do you know what are the biggest with some of the boys and just. The only two of them the bachelor party. You sound now to one you almost death in nineteen joining now men don't care and a it is lose. Weight. We did the same thing Joe's doing. Just flattened like you and I still had to braves let the braids out disputed in coach skated here and tell you tonight. There were no trips. Ramon rock band and turns out you're not going to funnel thirteen years without a true. While my buddy's house and have some pop so much and I had a godsend Cheney Cheney and oh my god get this kid did he doubted me seriously. Seriously night I got serious and many congratulations to re. In San Jose he was caller number ten that he wins take it to C news with thirty seconds to Mars without any further ado we welcome our next guest. To the program he's an absolute legend it's been my pleasure to talk them on the radio for the better part of ten years. Oakland raider hall of fame wide receiver Tim Brown joins us on 957 the game. What's going on Jim Roger Friday gone. Days the rating and that with a yes. You mean like rain and moisture falling from the sky ring. Yes it's like come and outside when here. And a man that's crazy Tim knowing you're always welcome back here in California. Are the sun is shining. And still currently the home. Of the Oakland Raiders and what did you think Tim of of what the raiders have done the saints they played their last game the acquisition of Marshawn Lynch and what they're able to do in the draft recently. I think they got better and that's the name of the game is to get better and bring in the guy like march on. Who has some incredible things leak. You know I think the attitude he's going to locker room waiting attitude of the guys who's been there done that. You know is streak opal you know so couple would what they have already. This guy should be should be that appeasement of Gilbert. Tim when he hit the thing about the raiders is disappointing car getting hurt last year. Do you handicap this team and you know things go as well as you'd think he was that kind of potential what is the ceiling for this team. Well you know I think before Carter pretty. Both recruited doubted by the monetary at least as he. You know and everybody was looking forward to two rematch. Implant the patriots again and that's what people talk about. So I think you'd have to go into the season believe that that's you'll. And you know we can't even think Hitler do anything about injuries by the saint term because industry. If he has to be particular about what innovative feature should be as bad as people. And and go pick it that way. It's a good possibility they get it. Him you're a hall of fame wide receiver. And when you look at the current wide receiver a Mari Cooper I call them one and he is a one he's electric at times but Tim the last two seasons. The second half of the season you know he hasn't had that that much production. And I wonder what can you tell us what do you see is it anything from him is the team thing because it is happened two years in a row. Donated in both he has been because of injuries and the rate is about. Let people know about the injuries that you know I'm privy to that to know that he's. He's been Mbenga and English it was shoulders beautiful as the New Year's top of that nature. And and innovative to portable practices and you know I can good. So that put them that it shall be sure game gave that they don't want that they usable and they actually have to vote Wednesday what they can't so. So little about that and got to find a way to keep your body healthy and and be ready for the what is left for the year you know. And yet this game is so you know hooked via a little design of the block it and have been depleted you know cause cavities well. Because her two children so. To look at that as bad but yeah I think everybody agrees with that the greater signal that they built the reason on that and but it's not because he's all. You know old regional at what is because all of these things with his body at. That's called it in the keep them on the field that street trying to be utilized with the don't have to. Oakland raider wide receiver hall of Famer Tim Brown joining us here on 957. And they game it's going to be a big hall of fame ceremony. This summer for us and they showed him because. But Damian Tomlinson is being enshrined and our burial Lorenzo Neal. Is going to introduce his former teammate are well to being enshrine what kind of advice can you give O'Neill as he heads to camp in August for what is gonna be. And unbelievable weekend not only for LaDainian Tomlinson. But also for the man introducing him O'Neal. And man yeah all things active keep quick about it quick because. It's about in and out is that would be okay. That it is incredible. You know my brother at the unity is the election we have which is in the end it's up and they still look about them is one of those moments that you would never get pressure. And in that environment minutes of the group of people have that report got them that the courts Pete. The unbelievable no doubt about it. They're really excited about that it's definitely about the Dublin team what he's done and wouldn't get on the feel amazing player I'm just. Honored that he he chose me Tim what he needed to raider fans just give them some hope. You self being in a long time raider and hall of Famer. You know what to move them something just expiring that can tell him to tell you why he continued we are greater fan no matter what the moon matter what's going on. What's something you until some and hold answer. Well I think first and foremost. I think greater sense that the radio station did everything they get caught these sides stop a bad deal. Tuesday you know and it was. In the week last year and game. Just the it a couple of the the executives and they are literally lose in the mines as you know every. Option be given to them. An option that was awarded 500 mile short. Pension plans and that Politico work but it look real paper. So you know I think commitment what these guys everything they could use state. But the Connecticut at the white bike at the terrible when call. It that's the appeal. United that's what's happening these the ads of the kitty. Greatness as raiders did make that. It is so. You know so I think that's the point you to be etched in the street. How the shake up at the pink opens on October reorganization. Which would be to get in the beauty initial depends how much we appreciate. If that's. And and let's shall we don't try to win the championship people because McCain gets necessity. At all. That's on the news to make everybody at this unity you know. Yeah that's certainly would what helped to ease a little bit of the concerns that local fans have of them going out to Las Vegas Tim Brown joining us here on 95. Seven the game and you look at the calendar also nick says may and that tells you that Mother's Day is right. Around the corner what do you do with Kay Jewelers from other states him. Yeah we have breaker commotion normal what they're doing. And have everything that sort predictable. And you know him well like a little. A piece of their ever our collection. And has two diamonds and it went signify friendship the other incident on. Twenty children that is. They have great that it theory that everything that collection. But just what everybody go. You know it's not the we have oh the other GH. At that make disagree about it everybody won't Ortiz is actually. What everybody to the Twitter FaceBook and he's hedged Bob is and tell the world what my obviously. It does appear that the. That is drapes and a as I did that in honor of my wife I would simply say mommy is on her way to Orlando. The I. We get that is a lawyer when that you have people who day. Yeah maybe I should blaster so close to monitor until Father's Day to take my shot Tim Brown future hall of Famer always great jockey Tim. Stay dry in New York come on back California where the sun always shines. Thank you Tim Brown the legend and literally blow I've interviewed him for ten or twelve years in this ad nicest guy. Always fun interviewed Tim Brown ninety years of great things to say about. The raiders and you know the community outreach and whatnot no no question is moms. And moms and that's right she's on a way to Orlando's now. Mean the boys. Now and yet this is a quote work trip but not yes he's got a utterly layouts and well Doug. I appreciate that low if the Forte de national cash contest on 957 game. Text the code word Lader says 72881. Before fifteen past the hour for your chance to win 1000 dollars be listening everyday. At 9 AM 11 am 1 PM 3 PM for your chance to win a thousand dollars text message and data rates may apply take got for data rates because they may. Apply. Thank you you might wanna turn it on next time you you need a fake laugh Ford above the Vegas on the during these dudes Jolo Indians on 957.