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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, October 12th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss momentum in sports after the Indians loss to the Yankees in Game 5 of the ALDS. Former NFL QB & MVP, Joe Theismann joins the show. 


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You. Non life. Joseph Louis here. Morning and what. Do 95 point seven game. Alongside him. Fat boys until foreign ball well. Fat boys sitting in bed since my. On the a year may you know wait don't we shot and you wait shaming me yeah there's no Damon's double flat and takes a shot while also thrown out there. Volume was talking about and they were a favorite then you could see this as a neck. I think a little bit more like edge here in quite frankly I. All this is trying to lose weight and Schering and OnStar of that episode one last season didn't throw a little lucky Jim. Patrol rolled nicely. Dylan did not five point seven the game. World Series champion two time all star a terrific baseball analysts on FAS one follow him on Twitter at MLB it's Dontrelle Willis would Jolo and lives on 95 point seven in the game. Train. You think some people load Joseph Girardi an apology. Our offense all Betancourt couldn't go over look it you can do because. Mostly they need to and that clock rule all of our food the water there quote you on. Or they're. How was it to play for Joseph Girardi is he your classic player's manager you can see. Last night in the celebration that every player seemed to wanna have a piece of Girardi after the at the win. I didn't want to compensated and Scotland is my fault basically we're an acquittal we've always got all this. What a conflict of gratitude coat. I mean people got it I could back that only. That he or ten time all star. America all work. But he also note that cap that well there. It includes the letter he sent it is quote unquote cult I can appoint columns of equity in it. In their own walk the walk and you'll that would make economic. Area cleared O. A level site. But don't aren't gonna back. God a couple of and that now. Are really really well cut the act not a lot of talk about drug but I don't buy the talk about your guy. Yeah but let automatic that you brought. It up and walked. Let's go ahead and work on that connection real quick Dontrelle Willis who Jolo and adds I think it's on and on our end trained World Series and definitely not on his and we'll take a book on how under the strain. Watching this game tonight game five cubs at nationals we're gonna ask about this game as well how Hendrix for the cubs GO Gonzales for the nationals. Jump on a play that plane out of Chicago yesterday right to Washington because you had one postponed got to play this thing tonight so it's a quick turnaround. Cubs opened as a small favorite up cross the border and stared at about ten sports folks right now they are all lit up the money is pouring in on Washington. Washington is a very small favorite but it's one from about cubs minus 11. Me. To. Washington minus 105. So the money's coming in on the nationals right now did you got to feel good to get the pictures taken on price. I do I'm much happier that there are still alive but it's curious that geo Gonzales is listed on needing gambling web sites and all of the mainstream sports web sites. Have yet to determine who the starters can be so. Because obviously Max Scherzer is looming out there I wonder what role he plays in the game even keel and Gonzales does actually start to get the figure unless. Gonzales pitch is the game of his life. Shares is coming in some capacity right ally Curt Schilling Randy Johnson yeah unit you're figuring your scene in the post season guys regularly now going three year four innings at the most. With so many batters you know foul pitches off and didn't pitch counts hire you wanna have a second start at the ready anyway. Maybe based on the fact he's an Iron Man when you said yesterday alone they should but prospered out there again that I. Not really bingo and you know and I think this can be interesting game I. I think you look at washed and what they were it would do everyone gave Jesse a hard time what they had scored all of Bessie and I was one of those guys but it's just. Prime opportunity for them and you thought it was great when everyone say you like he's your words show and say zig you laid zag God's got the team they can who's gonna pitch so now they're prepared for two different pitchers so it messes with the mindset of these athletes those awesome for Washington big wind farm. Train is gonna join us at 845 wanted to get on a better land line at 845 so he's gonna come back at the same time we're giving away raider charger tickets. So I Yzerman. Originally announced he's been if you never heard that story he's gonna join us at 8:30 this morning it's Jolo Indians 95 point seven game. Dead on about back on gas he was Joseph Maddon yesterday with the do we call it. Do we overreact to these managerial decisions in the post season because he just go back to the beginning no matter who you are right now with the use weighed in or not. Joseph Girardi has been destroyed Francona. Getting crushed now for blowing in at the end. Joseph Maddon took a beating yesterday and ending game in which she sent matter righty deface our current and a lefty to face Zimmerman. It seems like every manager outsider Roberts with the Dodgers because they just rolled through Arizona. Every man has taken a beating at some point the post season. They really doing that poor job bids or do you think we're just overreacting to every little decision and these guys are actually doing quite a good job. I didn't do quite a good job then we do overreact to every little decision but that's what happens in October baseball whether it's. Dusty Baker take insurers are out too soon and we grill and lower tonight starring Jill resolves maybe he goes out there. And gives up five runs in the first and everyone immediately says hi you shouldn't started scherzer here he's your horse I can't believe it. Or you Ford shares are there he had split up no matter what you do as a manager. Ultimately the players have to make plays right. Whether it's. Your order not change your batting order in your struggle and Andy come out and Michael Taylor gets seven despondency Grand Slam also in your genius if you make a move. That works and if the move does a word they need crushed and that's just the nature of the gig in these. I don't know that speaking of getting crushed on an open up the phone mind right now. Triple 89579. If I seventy and I what I hear from all you'd geniuses who believe in momentum. Right now. Poland's open for you I'm gonna turn it over to you to tell me how foolish I am when I talk about their not being any such thing as momentum in professional sports. Everywhere I go much is on air I need people in the industry. Dude is that for real or you just trolling people know much trolling goes from they wanted to come on them to be authentic you know like some of that you had dislike most of that. It's gonna mile jet. The momentum they had never bought into I think it's just a word we used to apply to a situation that we don't fully grasp I think it's laziness on our behalf I'm guilty of using it as well. But explain to me momentum fans. How Cleveland can win 22 straight. From August 24. Into September. And they can finish this season winning 33 of 37 games then they can start the post season two and out and then get knocked out. What happened to the momentum. Explain to me the curious case from the Los Angeles Dodgers the best team in baseball. The better part of the season on pace to smash the Seattle Mariners record. And then they lose 22 of their final 35 games that's a winning percentage of 371. For those of you scoring at home. That was the Dodgers winning percentage for the entire season it would have been worse than the giants. And the tigers who finished dead last in Major League Baseball this season. Yet. That big of a slump that momentum going in the wrong direction. Since the playoffs start. They. Barbecue. Arizona Diamondbacks. In three nothing sweet. What happened. Diamondbacks were scorching hot day at 124. Of 35 down the stretch knocked out the Iraqis white hot going up against the Dodgers and got swept they had momentum the Dodgers didn't get the Dodgers custom. Indians had all the momentum in the world even in their series but at the end of the season and in the series and still got beat by the Yankees so where's the momentum. Into the momentum triple late night by 795 Saturday. I'll simply offered Joseph that in baseball and I'll quote the great Earl Weaver of the late great manager of the Baltimore Orioles and say momentum is the next day starting pitcher and that's. How it works in baseball. It's an individual game played by a collection made up as a team that ultimately each individual hitter has to get up there and win his at bat. So from an individual standpoint there's momentum and how you're hitting and how you're feeling but you may go up against an unbelievable pitcher like that. The Chicago Cubs and they faced Strasburg yesterday. Back in buster momentum instilling in just one game so. What is even momentum does that series has gone cubs nationals cubs nationals why don't even use that word. In regards that series does momentum apply when you win all singular game. Many there's innings Wear yet runners on base and you feel like you start to break through you feel you've got a little momentum going. And then the big hit comes in the damn birds sing and you win the game momentum if on the 51 of the momentum ran out shallow. Called them the momentum ran out how did it run out. This is the thing that's that's the beauty of the momentum argument is that. There's an excuse for every yelled another there's no way to justify being in 220 tour all are it's eleven when they lost the 23 game of the momentum stock I hope the momentum stopped. OK I get it and the Dodgers who everyone was laughing at down the stretch. Just roasted. Lamb paid the Arizona Diamondbacks went all the momentum in the world. It just ended it is magically evaporate if the momentum. It's it's it's the guy if I can understand. What you're saying. I do I just because he's brilliant I thought I. I don't know it was brilliant existing debt. If he OK here's offenses it's gone they got momentum going and defense is Dramamine and go on and indeed let's call a defense and they stopped. You hit a ball you rolling downhill that builds up momentum plumber goes using the faster it goes because. Momentum has taken in as good continues to continues a little steep. If there is a if you have a hole right there and then down the hill halfway down the hill and it hits the hole and holds deep enough it's got to stop the momentum. The defense of players stands up and make a play and stops stay offense whatever didn't stop the momentum of the game so. I think people use that word in those content and is it don't be lazy are they can use a snow we got our offense rolling we got the defense rolling down the offense and Roland. We gotta keep this thing going. So I I don't know I think to people do use that word lament. You're right the first part of the rock down the whole analogy that's legitimate momentum that's physics. I'm saying that word as it applies to sports is just lazy we just take a three game when he she can't they've got momentum. It really is that what it is and what happens when the moment demands the ravens the year they won the Super Bowl they were no good in December and all the sudden they get red hot. So they didn't have momentum then all of a sudden something had been a season momentum use the word red hot this big leagues he's. Price at the science is lazy terminology. That we take this terminology we just slap it on a we don't think we don't wanna think we don't ask momentum. OK if it exists let's figure out how do we create it. How do we stop how do we prevent it how do we improve upon it it's such a thing. Why don't we study yet and look to embrace it and look to improve our performances because today and that's how we don't do that we just say oh its momentum and. And they're using it like OK here's his offense its role and they're also the analogy is uses ball often does rolling downhill they're going out in the defense is okay. I know on third for this what they do they go to slant route I'm gonna jump. So the defense a guy now he's that big hole in the ground with a rock falls into the sunset slant route he jumps at a crowd any big six has not only does a guy making a play that's about it isn't the guy making a play. Say it. We need to apply moment until his I give dad an easy analogy but this is how people use the words is it lazy if you wanna say lazy yet but it's. Baylor we people like to use a word momentum. And that's why did. I interception definitely swung the momentum of the game is not iiroc is not not gone down they only interception swallowed Madrid stricter than the landscape rather. Another rocket going uphill joked no woman in reverse momentum I guess momentum or momentum and that's the telephone and an idea let's look fabulous. And I appreciate the axis solid effort AAA 95795. Said the need to geniuses who believes so wholeheartedly momentum and try to crush me every time I bring this stuff up. Let's hear from him will marais and always good to hear from you will bad. It banks have me yeah I agree with each other here got a lot of momentum debate all if they thought failure. I mean I don't believe that the giant paddle up the momentum when they went what they want that obligation game probably got to block. Why I feel that momentum lap Mort an individual sport entity that in fighting you got a guy. Start up backed out all the momentum caddie people around. Boom you get caught which it you never come out really at stake. He never yet and yet that we fight yadda you could argue. They had it would get it was a game changer. Or it would they would day it was there situation that changed the landscape but it but it inevitably ruin that fighter or bad and I'm not talking about it now. One round a little while you do it well consistently. Round after round get caught. And he never about the same it also lit each other fighter get caught that it. Talk about that I caught it he gets stronger maybe he gave momentum that you win the fight bodily department fighting that is in what team sport I ever repeated text. Good points well thanks on the show we appreciate it. Tony in Sacramento now Tony Belize and momentum from what the note tells me Tony glad to monitor. Pared their record border guards global Lovie got an hour or earnings in the car. Menem has created. But the players yes it's but it got the coaching run fast. To recognize. Who's doing what or who's going to so basically limited as about a kid from good. I'm positive. And without it happens. On their own machine because. If you're not you're a woman and should not try to buy cheap low level of your play until the moment so that's not unaware. All that don't well. He won the war or a play and hope there's a plate or anybody who's running hot. Belichick paralyze an element in large circular woman that's what you ice the kicker that's what you put into oblivion. Get the support so. We'll never dart players aren't we terrible beauty the general mark. On the other auditor there's some good target to about moment. I I got young men call what do you work and this is us is just going so far to take words and just apply to situations. It's a team trying to make a play another team trying to get a stop. That's really what it boils down to it we don't need to slap the word momentum on there and you bring up icing the kicker. This right here is one of the stupidest things you will see on a regular basis in the NFL if you get up ice the kicker you need to know how to do it properly for example. Seattle Atlanta. The NFC divisional round like three years ago the year ago four years ago the year before this just won the Super Bowl against Denver. Or they're trailing late and Mike Smith the head coach at the time in Atlanta. Miss manages that game. About as bad as the coast to mismanaging game I mean she was awful not going to the two point conversion because he didn't think it was gonna matter all these situations yet somehow. Pete Carroll out doesn't at the end of the game. Matt Bryant's lineups like the 55 yarder. And Pete Carroll calls timeout to always some. I goes OK they snap the ball bright kicks it misses that ride now natural reaction is oh my god if you don't ice and he would have missed you would one. That's not the point the point is Carol waited too long he gave Bryant a Metairie and a pro bowler an opportunity to meet calibrate himself and get a warm up. I didn't catch it Bryant came back and knocked it through and crushed him and knocked the socks at the playoffs imagine if you play golf dads. And every single shot you talk came after warmup shock for example first hole first tee box it'd drive. All right prep football at a breakfast ball for literally every shot you know odd that you would be obligated. There an easy. I've played a better that you Volvo do you have to put the second ball considered the first shots pretty good. Now they can't sorry not this analogy output the second ball may be if we come up with some other momentum argument download content views that Gary did you notice I mean you want a break here you momentum that now it's okay because it does sustain his momentum amid jump right in how can I don't words you said a word now on saying a word we don't need to apply momentum tonight. But that's the point you got to swing a second time in re calibrate every single time I'm easy zenger club you realize you might be long you might be sure there might be a better avenue HA pen strokes off today right step. Lazy handful anyway Nvidia site on a break momentum on the ice the kicker. And you're not you're gonna get a free warmup Smart really Smart any Reid did the other night and any starting yelling at the rest for letting the guy did the warmup kickoff. What did you think was going to happen. You thought it was gonna go out of their way. To help you know that's the design someone's gonna I issued a toll takers going out there look if you hear the whistle blows snap and anyway so I'd get to kick off. Coaches hadn't even figured that out yet. How Lamotte now he believes the momentum. Right now tell me about Cinderella. We are grow bigger wrote although knowledge duties. Where we are a little carried out every day out people are gonna keep big gym go oh. Edwards won't episode. The basic gave all of variables and all would bowl live don't go this budget Delhi had a car did it like being a good solid then all the good Cogent did awareness. And how he's BLU Dugard cards so be very good rape. Personally you know got a schedule today to where you can have boom and JJ the very big you know you look at their base and got away come and help the bridge. Momentum changes well. I really believe Wimbledon doubles is always very. Slow your to have an idea to recognize greeted every big boldly. Take advantage of a bit I get a suffered. You know they're fed could come at a large regional agreement door every. Do you guys understand what the already committed to take advantage of it. But that's all I got bit double bed updated do we do recognize it. Thanks Al thanks Al well done out you know before midnight. Hot hot chocolate carries an attorney DuPont didn't Cinderella. Story. To pay Dell Demps and and Josh in Napa they just. Welcome to the programs are yours. So it's going to be tough for read Eric had a great work here gambler write your feet thirty incher and you keep seeing go and you know home dog. This came into a whole dollar and covered stricker sixteen Guerrero and huge Thatcher and and for some re actually you in that term correction. Because of the momentum of that China and he's telling you hey there's something going on here the last six games in a row there's this happened. If you look at it which we did a lot syndicate needed I think the general public. Seemed that she's maybe 15 or six general. They're its way towards that being a true and you know just I assume the odd there in the favor of that happening. You as a gambler for your important inside information. Might be able. Now total inflammation. Didn't look like you'll get a different perspective. Good points strong points console call you don't let there be safe in Napa. That's okay easy. Just so everyone knows any time someone gets cut off since the guys in the back it's less that's not. Not examining. I embrace the conversation nice guys in quotations serious and hard rock ironic misty he's boom boom boom and ironically humor. Sean in San Jose get a letter they saw the San Jose does not believe in momentum Shaun welcome to the program. It's nice to find another one out there it's like being in the Walking Dead. Weird I'm telling ya don't do it this thing about Paul Benedict I mean like what all the that I got to make an extension of cobalt. The quarterback get the ball back they are not interception but not momentum. Such as the good play. So they get interception and then it crashed out of momentum. I'm assuming you have multiple degrees from Stanford University. That's a brilliant man. I don't think so otherwise that begin to get a lot more. You can just say yes we can just go ahead and play it up. Look I'm an in his stand for children. You know what bring it on what kind of terrible the other twenty game win streak the plumber manhunt we have got our butt kicked by the Indians they may play and when you made errors. Hey you had nothing to do with Indian making errors lucky. There's now momentum that's just a choking and not being able to make cook my quest place is played that all of it I agree with you whoever did figure is a huge draw. Mile an honor to have you had dialogue on all came out to follow if we had a lot of momentum will now join this program full time we have some serious momentum gone crazy show until he. I don't know the Yankees do have some do you do with it Wayne Newton that other team commits an -- it's called putting the ball in play. I if you don't make contact. And you can't impart enough for some of all the force that air and get momentum on your side. Greatest case of momentum all time was when a fan. In Chicago. Grabbed a foul ball and it cost the CD the World Series do you remember that instance of millennium Mark Redman ruined a man's life. Because these shortstop. Committed an error and the cubs. Urinated down their leg for about two and a half days after that plaque. And they all blame Hartman. That there's there's your momentum for all do you believe the momentum that's how the momentum started Steve Barton and reached out caught that ball. And then the cubs committed error after air. And the made blew a lead and then they still had a chance in game seven to wind and then they grabbed the leading game seven and then they blow it their tail. And yet everyone wants to point to a guy. In a goofy headset. Sit in the stands and grabs a foul ball should you grab did no absolutely not he interfered with the game and that could have led to all Lou grading that ball. And it could have been an out ended the inning. Could have no one knows about Lou how I'm on that almost certainly would. But these people want to blame. A fan. For them not only losing that game but for them blowing it in the seventh game as well. And that's momentum so when you sit here and you scream about momentum. Can you tell me it does exist think about the cubs and think about Steve Barr and think about how absurd that sounds this site I'm sorry I brought a time Joseph guys in coming up. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Super Bowl champ 1983. NFL MVP 1982. NFL man of the year. Joseph thighs men joining Jolo and did so on 95 point 7 game good morning Joseph how are ya. Got great guys Howard yelled as. Doing very well we appreciate your time I wanna launch into Sunday's game between Dallas and Green Bay press got scores late. But the cowboys lead over remitted on the clock and Aaron Rodgers predictably does. Aaron Rodgers type things. Starting with the cowboys cited the equation do you think they need to be more aware there in terms of their clock management may be grind it down a little bit more considering what Rogers had done them. In the playoffs the year before. Well no you really can't do that I mean when you get an opportunity to score you have to score want to tune yet. I think it's up to the defense is trying to do what they can do running. Go back to last year's playoff game and Erin basically called formed another miracle you're talking about the greatest pure passer. In the history of professional football and he has just you know when you listen to him describe won't play after the game. And you think about the positioning of the football and where he needs to coordinate your noticed six inches back on the back shoulder but between launches higher. I mean. There are good guys and have that kind of conversation more military that would utility if she had so as far as that cal was going to you know you score. You don't know there's no guarantee you're gonna get nabbed on its morning trying to run a 200 plays to take some time off the clock. Now the suddenly discover very difficult situations so. No public cowboys' standpoint you did what you need to do on the offensive side of the ball we've always talked about our defense couldn't susceptible. And it certainly wasn't that feminine element of great claim it is lights. We shouldn't air Rogers Alex know Kirk cousins we seeing these guys. Make plays with their raids in the last couple of weeks that we haven't seen in the collapsed. So I don't you know I couldn't score when you get a chance to score and I'm telling you defense is our. And they sure looked impressive their foreign won the green bay Packers and Minnesota Sunday night the couple of the other four and one teams Philadelphia at Carolina. What are we to think about Cam Newton joke. I think I think can't tell the that the first he had to say he looks like he's very open. I think Christian McCafferty. Had added an element to our offense and we really didn't have you recruit the ball down the field the titans still has a presence and it. But Christian hope contribute eight to ten plays in that game that they just didn't have a four which takes pressure off the camp out of trying to run around. I did the offensive line and a better job you can't change their total ball. And having legislation he bought it bought first and goal on a week. And I want to run camp upon them you can handle coaching so typical to bring down and it's great to see him operate out of pocket with great discipline but so Leo. The present quite a challenge form tonight we'll get a we'll get a real test he seemed at one level almost going to be able to play act going forward. Did you two more and Jo-Jo what's going on our Oakland radius here in the bay there's a lot of concern about the raiders inability even before card got to. Be an inconsistency of offense we knew the defense was gonna struggle Sean Smith continues his walls. But offensively collectively this team there wants kids go to when they see maybe even Super Bowl extra day expectations. Oh what a what have you seen what have you observed about this raider team. Well I think you know if it happened a few weeks ago when I was at the reds can redskin game. Under the radar reds can get hard I just I was totally shocked until the point that game was going to be a great test for us. For the Redskins is going to be organs you kind of football team we really yeah. All of a sudden the raiders didn't show up. I think it built their players didn't quite well there quarterback was hardly on the football field the defense. You know basically. Allowed the reds greens and control the entire football game other wide receivers. Contributed very little I'm not sure they know who they are offensively. I think. Each year is different here. What hurt you know the raiders had a shot last year Derek which virtually all missed no opportunity in the window that was so we saw that apple would Dallas Cowboys a few years back receiver with a good football teams. Would trigger man goes way or they don't have capable backups to be able to slip and do the job. And the raiders I don't know who they are. I would he did you know you hope you look at that cook court. I don't know they identity has not themselves seriously right church. That's what I think you got to figure out who you are. And then you played your strength of Denver Broncos or defense is good in football team we've got a quarterback that manages the game well crushed. And receivers and made place. Houston Texans we noted audio quarterback would run around and we played them with good players but he's Smart. And protects the ball and our defense even though it's always there guard him most was guards were still pretty good you don't support ought to. And starters. We know that we can run the football with our group we go to weight so what's essentially won the greatest he's such approaches to negotiate again. Raiders. Answer the question not yet to sit down and answer the questions Kumar with Omar was what are we what are we wanted to. I don't I don't some answers. Fantastic point fantastic point great show guys who Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven game. Indianapolis Colts knew coming into the season it was going to be a tough gal a lot of people thought they might end up with a number one overall pick they're trying to figure out what to do with Andrew Luck and here we are. Entering week six. Andrew Luck may or may not be back in the near future but suddenly. After trading for Jacoby Brusett this team finds itself would be very intriguing young prospects intriguing to the point that between the size. The speed at the performance and the endorsement from Bill Parcells. That would two years left on a very cheap rookie deal yet to figure someone may be interest in trying to trade for Jacoby percent. How do you see the colts handling this situation moving Ford could they possibly like percent enough that they might wanna move Andrew Luck. No I don't think you wanna move Andrew Luck does play that was damaged goods. Well I mean yeah if you Andrew struggled last year to a degree. Now he's hurt. Sort of like a Sam Bradford situation when you think you're gonna be okay. But Jacoby is playing at a level where he had been two years less so Indianapolis doesn't have to make a financial commitment to them at least for a year and the year. They'd be foolish to let him go. Like hypocrites so little bit similar to the Sam Bradford situation when you brought somebody and almost in the beginning of the year. And now you've given the chance to be able to do something like that yeah I think these young guys that can run with the football. Are doing a much better job judiciously. And say Robert Griffin the third day it or can't get over the last couple years we've got a little daylight yeah. Beyond that Shawn Watson understands how to protect themselves. Jacoby like yeah he's like another king no other big guy who control and run actually get into little more accurate out of the pocket. Ben Chandler and then so to me I think you you hope into comes back would you continue to build the position of quarterback. With somebody who can play and is playing right now I would. Look at McLellan I think it's I just Lucas a real quick study in OK if you have a Jacoby percent. Which obviously we know the pats are getting your religion eagle rock about right where you look at the teams that need quarterbacks. And this is by the way it's been Kurt present poll this week with San Francisco and watching a tactical Kirk cousins all of us. I hope Kyle went and you know we drafted him he loved Mike welcome and certainly Jay and everybody in Washington needs you know world up. But Kirkland wanna sign a contract rejection to what they had a quarterback would rather incensed and takeaways and interceptions which is. This year so far Cleveland doesn't have a quarterback. I just McAllen 36 with the jets Miami Jake I was gonna be done in a year when you do down there Minnesota you don't know that you're black or San Francisco Arizona. Carson's 37 the chargers Phillips 35. Giant thirty so 36 he locked Pittsburgh and talking about lead. Where we're running that a quarterback's status. And there aren't enough of them coming to him because they play in the spread offense. Where you're gonna have to run a classic example. Mitchell took rescue how many plays did she grow and operate successfully out of the pot. In that game against Minnesota. Blocks he moves they're old party don't. But Ramon no he grant they don't they didn't say that most move him but Q percent. The young guys have to learn in the next time to do what I think they have I think Mitchell has the ability to be able to do. Question is is as you're learning. That they can have enough around them to keep you healthy enough to be able basket or even be like Joey Harrington. And get a living daylights BLU and the editor gang because it took the lions forever trying to find some pieces don't fit the puzzle. We we have a real problem professionals we have a number of them but Cote player's standpoint. Where the quarterbacks and company. Jolie lottery tonight I didn't see now on coming today jump. Personal political curve ball to say it but it could play also works well about the Yankees sound yankees coming back in Cleveland. My nationals get a play game five today. You know the Dodgers are just sit there waiting for somebody. And you could say right now the Dodgers the best team in baseball but at the match get it there will be back later this year. Joseph what about the match Dusty Baker takes a lot of heat but Strasburg went out there yesterday pitch to jump forum. Why why wouldn't take heat I mean. You you without quite far as I hadn't played really well would vice skirts and yet murky Zimmerman harper Michael Taylor played really well. Personal mourning that had a terrific job. I mean where where in that line up. Do you find issues and problems I think you're pitching staff is as deeply as anybody geno had a great year. Stock alerts you'll put on the show last I didn't want you know here's the funny thing guys. Think with me okay when you watch the game to get you do get a chance to watch. Watch how many swings the batters make act bad ball. If you didn't swing the bat. How many walks do you think these guys would have. And by the way the unsung heroes of the of the baseball playoffs are protectors. Because there can't win more sinkers. That are bouncing anywhere from a foot to two feet try to play. And yet there they ought to just put velcro on their chest protectors so that all the take all different angles. But these guys have been number label Jack. Baseball was always my first market corrected by the twins to play professionally and not just more watching this I'm not theirs. So low on energy on each and it does more job. I I. And that's what of their loved the games are really good a lot of analyzing it and they talk about losing rights you know let's get rid of the umpires and just use technology. Most of the call played played. And I thought I'd go their way I put the umpire last night and who was I quoted called a great game. You know umpire green ball or like officials and football. Everybody is different some crews call a lot of penalties some crews called deep sense of holding some crews called. All sense of hope that you've got to know what the crew calls in baseball. You have to know whether our umpire give you a high site. But how low you can go to strike zone how close you can cut corners with the pitches where where do you know Whitney there was some pictures that we just missed by. Minuscule. Amounts of each other space and they were called balls and they were right RI but I put that our party that can't get to job last. Super Bowl champ 1983. NFL MVPs former Minnesota twin. Joseph thighs and I don't have an idea five point seven became awesome stuff is always joked thank you so much for your time have a great weekend hopefully we can do it again real soon. I. Sometimes and it was just all over this. Iron today higher ally to show as well Jolo and did no one ever said what Joseph yeah I don't care. He's honors that his laugh that's his laughter lead 300 degrees normally Chris but it sounds exactly right. But he has dropped on us it's incredible and some nice word to say this every time the greatest based hand. On earth outside laid Laird Hamilton and Kelly Slater that's the grays based in honor did you ever see guys been not to hand. I'll phenomenal can't I he's been asked ten always. All right. The 95 point seven game. To the folks we don't World Series champ two time all star at S one MLB analyst welcome back to the program Don troll Willis. I'm good how I got going and I am I'm a little upset because I wasn't invited to that golf classic thought of another bone to pick when he died and another time and I understand that don't wanna get embarrassed by at least I know that's Lyles left out. On the roster had a golf classic but I'm very very upset about that. Strain leaking yet June 11 hour army we got I'm. The next day and glad I made a yeah. We we we got to get another car that we develop this from Baghdad we wanna be about golf classic based. I don't five million a nice little pro career but Dolores gallery or he can sure it'd. I lifted not involve any. Maybe I can OK then I'll bottle to. Oh you know what I always what a basket pitcher Matt this is Iceland in Las Vegas and Wendy Michael Jordan invitational will take place shadow creek I would follow Greg Maddux around. What is it about pitchers and golf why lazy day you guys. Transition so wild that sport. Because we were once a week. Yeah yeah. The time for that they've fortified Dave felt. Guys bring their club on the road and for me it's funny I didn't start golfing. And tell I've retired so you know I've been on the plans for the last four years but the Phidget always took the club is all it took a little longer to load up the luggage. On the travel day but did you always loved ones out there and we are kind of about reminding creators teams so that's why we owe it not being outdated in the golf ball. Terry and I can't wait to get out don't of course Internet half the time by the tennis talk about CC what this guy for strong innings what do you think about his performance ages one to 37 your result what you think about CC. He completes the man he is one of my good friends. What are my favorite guide to watch out there and every time they need him in a big game situation and whether there was Cleveland. Milwaukee. Or New York. He stepped up in doubt what you need to do it fight EV like skinny little prevent also big little plot like this. Eddie you have the velocity and I told him even though it needed on the break down on him he'd had a hell of a career whole band crede was to prove god that night. How they match up with Houston going into the ALC ass and no matter which Luther CC in the. The Yankees have enough pitching they handled Houston what they have the top of their rotation. I'd love what I saw from some not so we have to continue to keep them healthy and got involved to help. So Marino get a second crack at the Indians and that's what swung that whole series they have some talent. But I tell you what if you financial team is young and hungry and airplane for not only themselves to their plane for that city. So they have compassion behind me this look this good training that. They're seven and for that you can ask sold in New York including the last wild card game the last three years. This very trading matchup that's felt I think they match so well they have to hit the ball and we have to. While on bono's strange thing. Trent where it would it was just such a good. Drop off it's like oh my god ZOK yeah. She tries to about connection can dominate Internet connection until after trying to train went straight to hasten my. Guys a break get a hold on eBay and his so called connect the remarks and back. Here. You two together NA and a force him out there at the golf tournament we are so as soon be great I that's led to play woods train mean did strange and get out there with the city funds grass. I can't I can't be a part of that group. I've seen you golf you go out you do for holes you smoked cigar you go chat and everybody just two month a mathematical whole production is. And stay until you get my academic clubs is Simon we're gonna we're realists on about the use the skill level it's never been about that there's too much that no. Hello Neil you've you very much in demand. You're all over the place she got a lot of people you shake hands that this is too much to be there won't be okay CNET site. And I demand I've seen him though focused on his game hyper focused on not on making it happens to hitting six irons 217. Yards so when he locks and when the big Fella dials it and focus is on the little white ball. It's it's amazing how hard he can handle it. Because those clubs and vacillating. Yeah you know and I learned to coming thorough this trains when I'm again back on or not. About that would be OK using Jewish talk to him OK so is okay so you get there we got PS let me ask you that place. The Astros you just brought them up say they need the yanks. I don't care how it happens cinemedia ex San Diego World Series and they win the World Series hey congratulations to Houston. Great story considering the flooding and everything that happened there lot of great story lines coming out of Houston. I guess now the story line. They go out and win in five years or so after a full on tank job in which they lost a hundred or more games three years in a row. We're actively trying to lose in order to stockpile good draft picks. Do you think that is going to justify. The tanking mentality and then trigger more teams in more sports to racing. I think I mean Soviet teams will look at it and say. And they do this today identified and what they really truly tanking. If they talked to people in this India it was not no issue we know that they were taking. I think you will see Joseph I think it's more acceptable specially in baseball I think baseball's more acceptable detained in full bought angle for boys sixteen games guys wanna win a game two games at least to a tree gains taxes for blocking baseball I think more second. We why is it more acceptable only because they've been doing it longer because teams have come out December tanking so we've gotten used to it and we've gone ahead we've accepted it. No one's actively ever done that football for you have one team do it. We know it's a copycat league second he doesn't thirteen does it. It becomes acceptable same thing in the NBA I wasn't cold so the sixers put a label on it this is called the process cool. The process. Tell me more this sixers found a way to Brandon losing how impressive is that. They went out and eight hold their fan base we're going to sock we're gonna suck for a while we're calling it the process. Everyone bought then and now this year when the upside for this team is a 500 record. Everybody's jacked up season tickets through the roof they never sold that many ever. Organization would doctor. Allen Iverson Charles Barkley never had diesel as many season tickets that they have going into this season they haven't had a winner in almost a decade. And yet here it is everyone's stoked about it team met Michael five. Under might go 500 MIL going 500 being in the foresee niece though this is the team that can really it's playoffs or bust for them. After the tank job and I think the NBA is where tanking is. The most understood because the idea that one great player that's out there you can really. Change your franchise for the Astros to do what they did it and by the way it was three straight years as you mention of more than a hundred lawsuit half of those no guarantee though. That when you get the number one overall pick did you get a sure fire guy you're seeing Carlos rather great shortstop. Who has been an unbelievable pick Stephen Strasburg another first overall but he's been up and down it's no guarantee in baseball you get a franchise change. No guarantee anywhere that's why you got to trust your scouting department and if you don't trust the scouting department to get it right what do you mean in this for the draft every year it's you know we're not sure we're gonna hit the why you don't. I might do on its southern base when you bring them up yet bring them up through the levels but the Astros if they go out when the World Series how do you not at the very least sit there and say yeah they made it work. They tanked they won a World Series you have to at least considered either can't look you didn't just say this is such a stupid play and you could win the game. Yet they played in the long image while World Series so this is so hard to opal won't think about you get guys in line up immensely their dislike. I can't let this guy ran me over I'm not just own bed away and dropped interception this is totally different football.