JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, April 28th
The guys continue to discuss the 49ers & Raiders 1st round draft picks and what the approach was for both GMs. Former NFL Safety now NFL Writer for ESPN joined the discussion. 

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Yes sir happy Friday it ease. Exceptional to have you in this morning. Alongside the four time pro bowler Lorenzo Neal the always dapper and diligent actually is the word we're gonna go at these days after spotting melt in the intern and at dodger had ninety candidly. I'm Joseph for Bob this is mornings we Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game we have got. An exorbitant amount of information to sift through over the next hour so buckle up. Thirty minutes from now Matt Boeing seven your NFL veteran now the SP and he's gonna join us to break down what just happened with the niners the raiders he was in Chicago last night. For the trip disk you selections so we'll get his reaction. But we've got about thirty minutes a greater coverage to get to before Bowen and it's I'm 45 will transition into the night and now we want your calls if you wanna weigh in on last night. Triple 89579570. I had the pleasure doing to draft show with pop up and buy take over at fox theater raider nation was exceptional. And beyond as you put one in the air very early we could smell it all over the place in the fox theater but it was calm cool collected. There are some concern well with the team moving the Vegas how with the fans react raider nation was awesome last night when Conley picked came down. Sort of a hush fell over the crowd. And eventually people made their way for the exits not exactly the reaction we were anticipating sweet when he hear from you today are the raiders better. Then they were was the move too risky should Reggie had gone in a different direction. Triple A 9579570. Before all that. It gives with the update. And the top story Joseph a fantastic day one of the NFL draft the niners pull off a coup in the first round they trade back for number two. To number three they get a few picks and also able to draft. Solomon Thomas then they moved up. Back into the first round and get Ruben Foster from Alabama he's already looking forward to playing with Navarro Bowman. Truly great. And learn learn from a good Briton Greg is fit and its particular brand induced bin Mahfouz has come there and didn't make enough. If you're correct there's just doesn't work and all our managers. Provisional when jetBlue. This Obama person of motorsports career. The raiders like Darian Conley from Ohio State at number two when he for the player under investigation in Cleveland after he was accused of rape he has not been charged. He expects to meet with police on Monday more on the draft straight ahead story ever do the Dodgers erupted for four in the tenth they beat the giants. Five the ones putting net for game said the only run batted in from Christian Arroyo in response you know the line and passed it going. Except for Christian. Really get a nice cushion there but didn't cure the infringement doing pretty good job here knowing he score one run and she's still corn ball game. Saying man this game meant. You dated in that Enron's Jeff Smart about the way of looking for his first win of the year tonight. Against San Diego out over a hundred gel on runs for the giants tonight I'll put the line at point five. Go under the Ottawa and lay the minus 200 on the under and there could. The senator is looking good now he's looking good he's ever been as good as advertised in the offense is certainly struggling the a's finally get swept in and I am. Losing the finale to total one general cotton. Goes against Charlie Morton today the gains. Taking on Houston for fifteen you don't got Shelly on 957 game the update brought to you by Bank of the West. In a changing world you need a local bank with a global strength. Bank of the West I'm to instantly on your home of the lawyers we may find out their next opponent tonight. Clippers and jazz playing games six all your lawyers action right here on 95 point seven a game. Great stuff bids. Full calls Tripoli 95795. Simulate not aligned so we're gonna go and put you through. Let's set the stage first however. Number when he for your Oakland Raiders. Select Darian Conley six feet 195 pounds out of Ohio State University. Last season. He allowed a grand total. Of fourteen receptions. To be completed when thrown his way process that you played what fifteen games gave up fourteen completions. Bowler. Well strictly from a football perspective. Gary Connolly how good is a skit. He can play. Lockdown corner. Judah the guy can make things happen you watch his bill ability to run lead to stop and go re direct. He's a good corner. He's ball hawk no had to get out there and meet different coaches know when receivers he runs routes form. This is a guy that can step in and have an immediate impact on the game even on this level joke. They got a hell of a player they got a player they can play right now football production standpoint he can start. Not filling in but saw our shares of now there's going to be some adjustments coming as it pertains to David Emerson and Sean Smith more on that a bit. But. Probably Conley being available 24 is because about 48 hours prior. We're got out that he was being investigated for sexual assault. That's what caused the drop in if the raiders they'll take him at when he for the case could be made. That dropped continues well into the second round possibly the third. So you've got to feel very comfortable with the research. Phones are open to use Tripoli 9579570. Are you comfortable with the pack. There were other corners out there are you comfortable with the pack when Foster was out there did touted its right deal it struck me as ash. The daily showed. More restraint obviously they did their due diligence and they feel confident that. These charges won't stick. But if this thing drags out and all of the players unavailable. Who knows what can happen in the legal system I I was just a little bit concerned of the pick. Especially considering their other players in his position who would have been available more of a safe choice if the charges get cleared up but he's able though. To play untethered by any legal haranguing he's going to be a great player everyone is scouted them says the same thing that he's a terrific athlete. And a great players so. This is a risky pick at all. Melvin the intern apparently is the first one on the line this morning Melvin the intern welcome to the program pleased that. Yeah I would as one that lets you guys allowed that before as well yesterday. And I'm taking me under on any giant. Hang up on missile that's enough golf union there opponents outside. Classic case is not poured snakes there you know rookie debut this yoga every down put egging your size eighteen exactly meted Melvin. Not on the call tiger next week and we do like Cuba beat it peg you beat it. Back to reality Luis and Oakland thanks for calling the program to talk about the raiders please god. And it was normal. Go real quick arm from looking at pick our county in. You don't I'll read them at seven picked up editors that they Q what was we could use them all prologue. It we got county. What got think about Earl Thomas camp chancellor right. Big sexy little saint Pete we moved shot smitten you have you know too much we'll work moved back to the straight with him. In college also being back here I mean Gary had to coach it. Think it nor and so he kind of would be similar know how to work with them. Together and have amnesty in the accounting of their corners. And I mean it would you got thing about it. Always appreciate the phone call that's great angle long coming right TO. Someone's got to make some room here you've got Emerson you've got Smith and you've brought in Jerry Conley who will be a starting quarterback assuming the legal matter works itself out. So do you move Smit the safety you gotta get something and that ten million dollar a year salary. With safety be the natural move yes and I think he just woke up because earlier have said that this morning and show us it move move him to safety. Shot Smith moved to safety he's big he's physical as long. You can play gets a runny complain a boxer absolutely right that's a that's what I think that they're going to do anything you can do that now because you have a better lockdown corner. And you still OK it's cosmic elements feel he can still cover who that tiger and so now he can come down in a box in covered it tied in more so I think that that is a good move for the raiders who would fort I think you'll see that. Let's just process and it's for a moment when we're trying to figure out whether or not Darian Conley was the right decision based on what's happened off the field. The raiders are sitting here 24. It's not as if this deep cornerback class had been depleted if anything. The corners belt last night marks on Lattimore Ohio State he is supposed to be the top corner in the draft he was regarded as the top five pick he felt a lot. New Orleans at eleven had to do was. They all got pushed back. So here comes the raiders a 24. Rubin Foster inside linebackers available to navy's white corner at a L issue is available Kevin King corner at a Washington available. And so is Gerry Connolly. Put all those options on the board. With your team headed in the right direction. With everything clicking the way it's supposed to for the Oakland Raiders. Why. Why would read Jean Jack go out there. And make this panic. If there was any chance whatsoever. That Conley was going to be arrested prosecuted in either thrown in jail or suspended from the NFL I can't see them doing I see the organization being so close. I see Reggie as having made so many good decisions and I know the first thing that happens when I see that as people look for the negative. Right we can look to certain misses on picks a certain misses and signing some would say Sean Smith hasn't panned out. I'll point to Gabe Jackson and Khalil Mac and Derek Carr and MR Cooper and a whole lot of good moves Michael Crabtree you name tale was a hell of a plan last year. Reggie we trust he made a lot of great decisions so with all that being said why when you're so close and there's so much town available would you take this risk if you work damn near shore he's gonna be cleared of these charges you wouldn't. You couldn't make that risk but these things these legal situations have ways of playing out in their own way and there's always so much due diligence you can do. When trying to find out what and I you're gonna take this player it's not liking going to talk to the victim it's not like you can go in investigate and examine the rape kit. It was given on April 9 when this incident reportedly happened. Basically you have a chance to talk to the player and ask him what happened he gives you his version he reportedly took a lie detector as well. And you have your security staff low you mentioned many times in your absolutely right and they investigated as much as they can. About the play in the incident and ultimately. There is still that sliver of unknown you don't know. What's going to happen and you really don't know what sort of evidence there is and whether or not charred nearly put forward. So as much as yeah in Reggie we trust and I get that they're still is an element of the unknown. Explode take me through it. When the raiders say they've done their due diligence they've done their investigative homework what does that mean. The greatest comic called the league for one. Yet had a security. And Max matte of fact I'm going to look to my phone and try to have someone come on that was hit a security in San Diego doesn't work necessarily for the team. But he's a liaison in that city. That works for the NFL. It's still works with the chargers so when I was with the chargers in every team that I was on. You have a guy that's from the league gets in the city. That and in all he does as he works with that organization knows football game but he reports of the leak about different players and different things it's going wrong. So without a doubt. This raider organization and did their due diligence. You can't afford to use it 24 pick in the draft. To go and try to get a guy that you think is going to go away for a long time because if you rape a woman. This is a horrible offense. So I believe that they did their due diligence I believe that they talked to the leak I believe not just that. They have sat down with the police investigators on this story and haven't. Behind the scene that there's a lot going on. Because Reggie wouldn't jeopardize disorganization. The credibility and all those different things. At gold's long within their goals on in the league because like you alluded to this so close so when you asked the question why. Is because they done their due diligence why because they hooked it on the board instead here's a top ten player. That we believe that is innocent that believers want to be acquitted of these wrong this this horrible roaches act. So we're gonna look at this and we're gonna make a listen they've they're gonna do it in the got to make sure this guy's not in fact guilty. Before they Povich her illness so I really I think that Reggie. In his staff. And Jack Del Rio. And NFL security here every Dana goals along with this. They have a pretty good ideal in a good handle on this are they would not have made a decision if. Gary and Conley has cleared the raiders just won the first round forget about the niners the raiders just won the first round. Major is got a top ten pick at selection number 24. Kansas City traded from 27 to ten. Gave up on first rounder next year and a third rounder this year plus the first rounder they had they switched to come up and get Patrick Holmes is not gonna play this season. The raiders got a top ten at 24 without trading up if he's found innocent of all that's that's a big time move that's a win in the first round that's a guy who comes in and starts for you to pick number 24. At a position you desperately needed to upgrade Jack in Cordelia how do you feel about the raiders' selection last night god. They got imported. I think the raiders pulled out all the elements are being mean back I don't know about. In Iraq but you can't anyone play the raiders but in 1999. But Bruntlett caught the water you know art tragedy. Evidence that Al Davis came out that the rate it will never quiet player guilty of the that the pilot and mark stated that they didn't make article available what did publicly. But it would look at you in the police to have that depth in the organization. And nick depicted dated you know something that we deal the army. I I think way that they did their due diligence. They're all kind of being mean there's cameras there's the that it didn't that didn't execute do it look at the idea that you did it. What it I'd be you don't do that you're about you'll be hit a cut you look really bad for cutting corporate propaganda or debate but I did Dick. Let all of that. I think the raiders knew what they're doing little audit what Donna. That's this is a great cause I really appreciate do what you say because. Every time you walk in a hotel specially when the team brings you in mica told you they put me in a five star hotel my recruiting trips when I was a freeagent. Got to stay in you know the finest hotels. There's cameras and all the hotels in the elevator hell we had a intern here. They're put camp park in I don't know I can't achieves exactly so because they wanna see everything. So they watched his young lady on the way added that hotel the room she looked distraught she looked mangled all different things it pickles into this investigation. It's no way that these officers are going to just sit here in saint. That would make him make huge making sure they're gonna do their due diligence that's why they did say all he is innocent. They are going to process but don't tell me they don't have cameras on the elevator he grammar boy elevator eighty grabber important in that room because there's cameras. In those elevators in those hallways of out of the hotel so I really believe there's more this and I think that that's why I think the raiders. Had to go to do due diligence or this would have been a foolish move for the in the pick this individual. The political main angle is fantastic because why would you throw that away on some kid who's never played a snap in the National Football League. Like to have to have that stance. Against domestic violence for so long. And then in 2017 you decide you know what this kid from Ohio State has never even played it down in the NFL will bind the road all down the toilet for him. I don't really see that happening and what's it run MS Jolie she's from Florida at that had already at two rat sweetener trying to destroy him Florida State Dauman dialing code get down in cook. Now it's a guy like that I'm fourteen maybe he would have been innocent. But I don't think the raiders take that chance on. The raiders also talked about here's this guy. They had no black pass know anything that he did this shown that this is his type of behavior so they've done they've indeed even further than that. If this is a damning cook I think that you see the raiders would have passed because they wouldn't give him the benefit of the doubt but they look at this young man's. Ass and say this guy's been outstanding citizen announce any role model so this situation they're looking at. Each in its each situation differently and I think that had a lot of bearing on this decision as well rob in Fremont thank you for the call it calling the program what did you think of the raiders draft last night. I'll update June these up enough equity to take it out of its. But it comes to light the registered. As it happens so frequently like it's. And in the subconsciously. Is a black man I hadn't actually thought that. And heat index or other people developing discharged. And when you speak of upwards of as a victim instead of an alleged victim it's a very slow. Saw this they can read and Smart enough to know what he's going to use these are it's like to make this big. Because it was so close with your play an active with the bill and you almost instead of always got to do. Phone call I really don't see the organization and specifically Reggie McKenzie throwing away all the recent success. On a coin flip I can't see them gone in on May be dead maybe didn't. Let's go ahead he's too good let's let's let's make the pick and we'll do in the late I don't see that happening especially when you head. Cheney is quite an older players out there you could've taken rube Foster was there and maybe you don't like rube Foster fine. But there were linebackers there were corners it's not is that to draft was out of players you have several dudes who can come in and start to be great picks and yet still it took this guy you've got to be feeling pretty good about that you really did. I just was reading some that Ian wrapped reported put up about the fact that the raiders did exhaustive research into investigating what happened with Gary and Conley is so. Obviously Reggie McKenzie and company felt very. Confident and about the way this is gonna get resolved. I just think that depict itself is risky and may be too risky I'm hoping it it works out okay. For Darian Conley and everyone involved and for the raiders and the is going to be a great player. Air stone in Walnut Creek thank you for calling the show your thoughts on the first round for the raiders last night. Stalin. It got so much stoned age should be stoned at with the. I'm like the great idol look at it. And I got remain read one world where he would outline would it be rip you and let them out well lit agent. Wouldn't you partner out 222. Simple program put. Remembered it Beers so called build all of that you win where yet either places on the bill warmer and yet ended. Soon. I'll. Your point you know. It to meet with the last quarter of what. Laporte of the dark background. Yeah hey. The opposite of war that are sort of solidify these economy or injury hit remember. It's called open last year and cooperate yell so. Obligated to Asia. Charitable way when it Allen. With but to let me. And it ended decent. And there a reason why. I can't definition in Cuba are made a marked artful killed Jerry Kelly in the game and it got away. Should call this call in the game. The kid. My company I liked it they all look. Reggie that is tremendous stuff anytime you calling with college football and houses get bumped to the front line on this program. He's right and one of the knocks on Conley despite the fact that he only gave up fourteen receptions last year. He's in the Big Ten Big Ten is exactly loaded with resisters DC Big Ten receivers flying off the board yesterday. Now he saw western Michigan's Corey Davis. John Ross from Washington and Mike Williams from clubs and oh by the way with Philip Rivers you needed another corner and you see what your competition did yesterday. And that charges added another younger teen announce coming back healthy next year Tennessee went out there and got a wide receive you play them in week one cool. And yet. Any retreat and have Patrick Malone doesn't play on it was great a player I know a lot of people are trying to zero in on why they would pass on Ruben Foster I think there's something to that. Don't get me wrong I like with the niners did yesterday. I think between the trades in the players they picked their moving in the right direction and they're better organization today than they were yesterday. But there's a reason Ruben Foster fell and it's not necessarily because of what happened at Columbine. Right not necessarily because of what happened at the com mind there's something I don't compare to Rolando McClain. But look at the system in which she plays an Alabama. And this is the same thing that happens with the running backs in Alabama. Everyone tries to figure out why Derrick Henry TJ yelled and Trent Richardson Eddie lacy even to an extent Mark Ingram was the first round that. Why these guys don't necessarily meet expectations. Because your running behind the best offensive line in college football of course you're going to look good. And you get drafted in the NFL you're not running behind is greater offense line the holes are fifteen feet wide for you run through and suddenly. You need to make it rain on talent. And it doesn't show a lot. As much as it did in Alabama that's why these running backs are always over drafted. To an extent you have to have that concern. With the linebackers. Ruben Foster on tape is a beast sideline to sideline his speed and his instincts are unquestionable. But remember something. He's playing behind the best defense of line in all of college football. They are eating out blocks. They are causing Havoc with offensive lines he is clean and free to run all over the field what happens of the 49ers defense of line can't eat up those blocks. And the guards and running backs are able to get to the second level and get a body on Ruben Foster how good is he that. Can he stacking Shannon can he still make plays because when you're running free it's one thing when you've got bodies on its a completely different story. You're spot on but that's what went on got solved if you summoning got a good point three technique on money guys on and grub and pull guys off when you grow that means you hold the sinner in the guard. Grow both those guys in ninety let them linebacker go to and he'll. Would I played against the hull and these guys know Ray Lewis is probably wanted to best linebackers that they say they never played again. But when Sarah goose and those big guys not noting that not at all those cats that would they do they hailed the deep often alignment. And let ray get down he'll he did not wanna take on Lee blocked he did not wanna take on those type of deal. And Jerry Lewis soft I'm just say. I thought today a few weeks but it didn't get off my he'll tell you look break trying to cut once they had a chance to go one on one for attack on rate cut his legs edited one a run head and didn't allow pretty much but but that's the kind of dome. It's not that the niners when I'm sad to say we're gonna make shored that we can get this guy free so he fits their system. So big that that's why he won you know Joseph you talked about ruby can run he's down under guy sideline he's back. Last but now you keep those guys all club team. They need Kassim shine the raiders looked at it and says aren't need is a corner we know that we see which Johnson at this he's that he's a guy long talk. Doesn't necessarily have the best feet he can run so now we can move a guy back to safety Yemen Nelson can move often or he can cover tied him because he's bigger. So I think that the raiders need. Was important quarter. You're old stay on hold you wanna hang around we're gonna be taking calls all day up next with the man drafted one spot before Tom Brady good friend of the program Matt Bowen Chicago last night for the travesty to. Pictured this detect. He's gonna break Annapolis the rated in the niners' next July did not five points of the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. O'Neal flustered and we issues with the dummy fretted over here they don't know why I think you. Details on there is praying for me to keep it to point out. I'm used to point out. What's wrong and made a really got to start this level one on grits. Maybe ours together it was a team wallet back someday and it's seven years NFL veteran he does outstanding work for ESPN now you can follow on Twitter at Matt Bowen. 41 Matt Boland joining Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven the game Bo. You see this is why the cubs can't win the World Series because they do the Blackhawks fall apart in the bears. But there will outline the here. When the bears made the move last night on them to turn up the purse you know report it out there straight back. And I understood that I. Cannot figure wanna hear Chicago. That are expected their quarterback with some of it mr. panel popular movement shall want. When the trade. I'm I don't regret mixed Robiskie I think it was a surprise my apple will not act I've heard Brewster asked questions. Or anger surprise operator I understand what. It's it's misty writes I think the move important matter Palestinian move outwards to speed. And the current current term in a moment. If you look at the history. That is football team out there and ability to attract and to develop quarter quarterback position. And doctors. At automatic lock this year pretty cute or are printer cheetah like like. Then economical about it and giving up. A lot of draft picks eagle one spot and triggers AirTran it all on the tractor or back. Well I'm Perry want to god can go out choose to go out to question. If you can't blame bears fans that sit while I'm like tech we gave up too much Arnold why he only took it starts I can play a lot you know don't want to like Atlanta. Watch like useful story a lot of good steer or even that you your steer the yen to pick score didn't read straight. That stop he lowered the door to come back go to plan to pressure and make agricultural. Or sixty I understand a lot of older well. Okay but it always there's always come back to. What they gave up on one spot yet and that would be really. Directorate general manager Ryan thanks. The work that have to work Jordan what can happen here in recent and start over. I I think my favorite this might just be personal and I think my favorite story line the first round is. JJ watts brother landing in Pittsburgh because your cousin the big puma hate JJ watt. And Pittsburgh in Houston gonna play each other so that means the watt Brothers will be against each other in the families will probably where the split jerseys whom hate would jerseys it's a fantastic angle. They're prepared and they're popular marker so. Via via two at the union mean that your property. That imported under a lot of directors. Well it sounds aren't you watching your earnings watch some ball in the U cheap he Kato. He takeovers that your Packard have been supported here on experience. To produce that racist when graphic especially the top five look in an outside partner impact Michael body count your toaster. He get on the quarterback I think he's Eric you so much burst stowed in the secret supply. Great it's time to put them over the TARP put more listeners know. Let him hear your extremely powerful extremely well put personal bond log into the plan of attack. That greater. And real walker art watched tape operator. That's how you play one. That's exactly I remind. Watching your USC watching it. Shall want to be excellent. The way he knew it the way he tracks that football is called street bought. But really into chartered out upon what other people. That the 11. Matta and viewed Timor when you went to a slow we put together about the guys that the niners got. What about pulled apart like that of approval as a result in Vegas got a long ago let's see a second in the second and then we know that we can win a second and a fool you about let's get back on Solomon. What they got in the show man. You think when you looked at that trap for as a guide to complete a three to five the wide now the only DN. Was he wanted to that he just jump off the board when he the most complete do you think the line a more personal deep that's alignment in that draft. Locker room in terms of production. Yeah who turned upside that would amount here and I'm out here. He's got the bigger fine. Yeah I think he has more perceived outside but you can't say that town that orbit with Obama that he kept it very locker room. Or sixty on 41 to 73%. Off at the moment that the movement. Shall. That you're in the day when I'm probably deeper into recession or. This topic and your property markets. Ought. To integrate match. That's like liberal Packers went through from the group winners for back to exactly what was solid round match should conduct that. The border now agree. OPEC. That you have in your accurately. So why are so armor. It upon that in your Packers and you know you. And like insert mode play outside Oakland wide. Our department's report online says the technique 100 years to do a lot later compute their don't matchup in time. Mostly soma. Former NFL safety Matt Cohen joining us here on 957 the game currently with ESP and the raiders used the number 24 pick. Just like Gary and Conley out of Ohio State he's embroiled in a bit of a problem right now accused. Of rape what did you make of this election and what can you tell our listeners about how good this player is. Org that was awesome film. And he. Its first round now that. Bureaucratic Marseille and more importantly broker actual cherry. In Ottawa street I'm not an awesome second year. The Columbus well timely he's got like he's a pedestrian positions beat all the BP's oil market there's beat me by matters. Can you back pedal breaking the law in these open your hips and his own currency. In Britain well. You transition to a press man position break and Opel that's where he's that is next. That's resent press copy music director and the terms of the prominent place immediately. My there's number record start in organizing it by all. Specific trait to a port the quarterback position. He has no question. Well final question for Joseph mix and how much farther do you think he's gonna fall you think he could be one of the first guys off the board today I'm asking selfishly because I have under 46 and half. Art and jets brass. Mountains and one man. Are all guilty on that applies here it is you want them. Women don't darts start to walk or a date to. That's what happens and maybe you don't see many in the first round and date Q this is where. Big guy to happen per dropped out of that leaderboard watching Nixon liked note to perk aren't they isn't it time to start a multiple. So. It's your bet they'll. What you know the album concert to me out right now produced on board I don't know what you actually want to report what are too. I'm Mary Watson or orders. So that a lot of it and that beyond. Obama the first round understand there is not fair or. Great to round two winters solely count of players out there somebody god don't you believe that our part that perk routers cute. Superior court football players bigger place centenary years the only really eager to outsmart. While watching trying to. Six you made me want to have I would not want that. At a slower plan at Iowa right. Sent you at. So I got drafted. You know so laid back and senator Simon liked Bob Cochran and ignorant people get it or we embark. I probably told later that they showed up to third attract repeat these are not blunt. And our. So. Wanted to get out varnish center here and develop vet he did losses that would ESP NE to follow months later at that Bo and 41. Matt Bowen would just call it gives a 95 point seven game thank you Bo always appreciate the time to the famous and allow. Our. I love you gotta you gotta outside but he's got to players and two humor speaker is funny no joke he was he sick actually coming out of by two Glen Barton west just outside of Chicago baseball basketball football recruited as a quarterback. To play Iowa started as a quarterback converted to safety. And in his draft class of all the safeties. He made it second longest there was only one other safety that lasted longer than he did whoever was the star safety it's slipping my mind at the moment. But the seed that lasts longer than him was was big time Clinton Hart that's Matt. The last as long as he did Joseph because of his heart in England for. Hard worker yet he'd get in there and he's gonna mix had to be nu nu wood in the B lack of Internet you can teach. His cousin big homer a different story this Hartman it'll be at the seafood buffet season I am right now. All right not a nation that her fans raider nation we're taking your calls were moving forward we got a break down these trades that took place last night. With San Francisco good lord of the niners were active. What's next to London's not a five points of the game. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven again. Joseph blow and did 95 point seven negate it is great to have you in anyone's got some free time tomorrow come hang out with me. In Dublin at the Wallace ranged kindred how some into their from eleven to three. When music and prizes including autograph memorabilia baseball tickets movie tickets and more Wallace kindred house. Located at 4201 Wallace racetrack in Dublin. For full details visit the events page at 957 game. Dot com. Nothing on their about a Craig gore and opened czar. I'm sure you ought to flask with you like a good radio performer would literally within thirty pack. I think they are making early stage and just set it down and sit on it Bob pounding just like bones draft parts per. Thirty practically be Reza was TB are usually you would think he would go with the old style right. Did you go deals the PB are good for him as a sixth round pick one spot before. Tom Brady. Hi we broken and the raiders we're gonna get to more on that in a bit when it's time to look at what John Lynch. And the forty niners did last night because if you wake up this morning and you're looking for analysis. You'll notice that most viewed the 49ers is the biggest winners of the first round they traded. From two to three with the Chicago Bears and in the process picked up to third rounder and a fourth. Then it's a blood in the water at the end of the first round. Jumped back in by making a trade with Seattle Brad Rubin Foster in what amounted to just giving up one of the picks they'd acquired from the bears. And boom just like that your defense is better Solomon Thomas from Stanford up front. Rubin Foster from Alabama ranked behind him and now you roll into date to. With nine ticks left. To party with or the next couple days. Did is it hard to even try to nitpick what the niners did because I've tried to figure out a way to play devil's advocate here but bottom line. They look like they had a very nice very nice start to dishes and hand. Winter. According to GM John Lynch they got two of the top three players on their board and to do so without having two of the first three picks in the draft. That's truly impressive you get. The guy you love the number three Solomon Thomas and you're able to get Ruben Foster at 31 that's a complete. Master stroke vacant seat that Ruben Foster was starting to slide heck all of Alabama was on the slide. Nick Saban in real trouble and Alabama I'm here now with the the performance of his picks on when that. Leads me right into that take that leaves you right into that day too because if I'm recruiting against Nick Saban I'm going to every one of those players and I'm saying. You aren't gonna do as well as everyone thinks you are. Every single Alabama players slid last night according to projections OJ Howard top tight tight end where ego. Slid all the way to Tampa bank Ruben foster's slid to the end of the first round. Jim Robinson offensive tackle slip out of the first round Jonathan Allen top five picks slid down and the like sixteen. If you're recruiting gets Nick Saban you go show recruits hey. He's gonna tell you he can get you to number one number two number three you're gonna slide you're gonna slide that's the way to play and exe. And moving slowly moving forward like he just alluded to egos surely when you're that good. In your debt dominant a bit of an organization or college of cards college organization. It hurts. Because you think about the kids it's coming out Alabama what has happened they've always get them knock down because they give the league and they don't perform as well. So what happens now things seem. Look you can go there and win a title but if you wanna really win in win in the draft further you better think about won't lose all the should not mess is Jurgen really superstar in vacancy italics because an Alabama. There's too many great players and not a lot of guys can go draft. That and Saban runs is guys and the ground. These Alabama guys there may come into the NFL they are worn down and bang you're getting damaged goods with a lot of these days but did we took you write a contingent loaded up. Those notes and dimming you talk about nitpicking the 49ers and it's difficult to do indeed they say they get to the top three players on their draft board. And you move up to 31 and you do pick of additional picks it's an unbelievable night. And you look at the players they got Solomon Thomas a local kid is gonna make a big impact. Rubin Foster another some question about. He shoulder whether or not he'll need additional surgery but all the scouts rave about his ability. To go sideline to sideline and niner fans would love a chance to see another great epic cult fame caliber line. They moved up a grand total of two spots. Because they slid back one for Solomon Thomas but up three for Ruben Foster so they were plus two and movement. They acquired. Number 67 overall which is a third rounder. And they picked up a third round pick in 2018. To go along with Solomon Thomas and Ruben Foster here's John Lynch on the two players the niners picked up last night. Extremely productive day you know I can tell you right off the bat itself. We had a board as you guys heard the other day with just under 200 players and two in terms of how we rated them we get to our top three players. Two of their top three players. And they also came away with more picks they got nine more picks in this draft now none in the second round of the debt to back to back in the third 66 and 67. They've got nine more picks in this draft and they picked up an additional one for next year already. But a pretty good where do you see them going moving forward they address linebacker they just defensive line what would be next. I think also you've got to look conceit. Is there another big man. Because when you look at it with mediated Gordon after the guys they did solomons that big guy but Solomon you don't you can that may you can let him play the three. But you still wanna met a guy some more meat. Because he can win so one on one matchups see solid and yet you can only play the double team he can handle double teamed he can do a lot of it. I wanna move this guy around up and down that offensive line didn't open now on the defense alive because he can be and he can get a mismatch for. So look for the may get another guy BP because we think about. Or will they got lashing from Oregon he's a big strong guy too so now you've got two guys. In that middle Bogut to another guy so you're looking at continue to deal slackened to see this team still look at it more defense of guys continue to strengthen their defensive line. And also you can look at this team and look at some secondary as well. All right we've got to Shawn Watson quarterback off the board we've got Mitchell should misty quarterback off the board we've got Patrick my homes quarterback off the board did what's the likelihood. That quarterback. Will be a target for the niners sometime in the next couple days based on what's left in terms of their picks and from the supply pool. I don't think it's gonna be a priority for you mentioned that there and a select 66 and 67. You would bet that Ted Shawn ties there and Davis Webber both gone by then. Tonight again in two mingling quarterback prospects and right now. The situation you have with the 49ers you've already got two pretty mediocre guys you don't wanna throw a third. Mediocre quarterback to the mix I think they're better strategy would be to take somebody very late. Sixth or seventh round somebody who may be you can. You can hope to develop that didn't work out with Jeff Driscoll last year he hoped the new regime with Shanahan there much better job of of teaching and coaching up quarterbacks but. I would not expect them them take those 23 round picks and try to move into the second round to take one of those two guys I mentioned. DC even get an active trying to get back up into the second round. Yeah I think that they could possibly Joseph look at that secondary in in quitting trade those two picks a look at the second year in here's a thing. You have to back up quarterbacks on the team. So I wouldn't say if if you can't make that trade if you can't get back in the CDs in the second round for a bona fide player do you think it impact your team right away as a starter. I look at it third fourth round Joseph yet at succeed at quarterback for this reason. Nobody got to back up quarterbacks that are in the latter part of their career that one comes going to be off the roster next year even if you decide to go get the kids from USC. Probably going to be the number one quarterback. So now you can go and say. I have a young guy Ahmet keep automatic backups using keep Goldstein skeet three quarterbacks. One of these two veterans next year won't be on the eighteenth so quiet in drafting young guy and let them start the process of learning behind when and he's better it's gonna start that's gonna hold it down. And then that following your neck sure when you draft debt that franchise guy. You still have now you're two or three is still a young guy so give Jewell a bit more leverage so look for the 49ers to get active in that fourth round third or fourth round defiant at quarterback as a project but look now this to him today. And today and at third round to get another decent players well explain to me. How they utilize Rubin Foster. If the rumor is true that the team wants to move from a 34 base to a 43 base. And Navarro Bowman comes back how do you get mole men and Foster on the field at the same time. Like the feel seen this anywhere. Take a breath and just take you back everyone's skin all worked out did is gonna get our third launch low thanks okay play for a play for third and long may complain. Fullback dive that'll pick up one punt team and that's a joke go to jail. One of these backers gonna play the Mike and elements gonna play the wield its gonna be one guy in the middle both these two guys in middle will lose the weak side. Of course the Mike is a strong side which east jet travels with a tidy and that's the strong side so now what you got now you got to have a big guy in the middle that's why you went out he said I'm have salty beard is gonna make sure the key stop on the pressure up. And he knew that book or another guys it's big guy so what you do Joseph even in the 34 G debt. Fourth dreaming it okay in a fourth three but even if you make that fourth three sometimes you put in and take gotta be line Irvin a fourth three. You slide one of the in you to have a guy over the gored. So now you're linebackers steal 32 runs or you could still put both these backers. On the feel. Mike you will and still had these guys deal or run to the ball but haven't that fourth three because you went forward out climate in three backers so you still can keep those guys clean. And Ruben Foster we know one thing he can run. Navarro Bowman can rent so now you protect those guys by keeping those guys up front and it trench is keep in those big mean off those backers so of the three linebackers can you go across the board whiff. Foster Bowman and Aaron lynch can you put the three of them on the field the same time. Yet you can't as a result would be the one in the middle yeah ball Bowman beat one moment and be the one in the middle but you still have. When you have when use and asked for and use and afford down lime and one of the down lime and Joseph will play more than wide nine in nets in that circumstance and you still had the Sam. To the to go to the Whiteside threw it tied in SA you still have an edge rusher. And down the fort down lime and is on that tackle plant outside Shea. So you'll still have now you can have Ruben. Steel and weak side backer or whichever one you want so they still can be on the field at the same time so one of the guys has to be that pass rusher. And other two guys are going to be the guys that are in there to stop the run Robert and San Jose even home for quite some time you wanna talk about the raiders in their pick the floor is yours god. That pigment. Do stories in. Connolly on the little issue. Were reported. You're gonna cut it got to cut it there's too much going on in the background and I'm sure that would does anyone know what that is his ballot that cell connection Josep that is all right Robert as you can clear up the cell connection we'd be happy to bring you back on the program. Could get his peers and that was that it will zawahiri is in its its piercing you basically saying it the details of the incident as they come out look fishy and therefore he thinks it's a solid take because you don't even read charges Arnold. And here the entire. I thought there Joseph Torre years in the business yeah I guess it's up fears into Angel probably get a chance here maybe we can get a little. Why board an inmate FaceBook live and show. What I mean about drop the fourth three show would east to backers and how they'll look we get that doubt sure there's a white poured down the hall that you could go grab and then bring it in here and I'm sure there's a camera you could set up and then you could hit play it's our film and and then you can upload it yet I'd be happy to watch that yeah I would out of them do that in his insinuation is someone to get me elect boards of Adobe color and how. And with a sigh we're annulment. Where is Mel and I. Just that I would just like for you know I think that was economy inning and gave I was I'm now what is it we can absolutely put some like that together there's a white board over by the office we can get that. You can put that up and you can do some like that he had later video LA FaceBook live you feel like it. It is Friday and how no Neil this is Friday is to get jump aboard. This and later on at that to me today and Tuesday or Wednesday David. Sign. I'm with the idea great idea count how about this cancel the show Monday and then come in around nine maybe do it from night why no one and then you know we can be done. Ha we're back in a minute Jolo and its time to break on the raiders lied about triple late night by 79570. You comfortable with the direction the franchise is going to Gerry Connolly Stepan and keep him play but there are some concerns back in a flash Dylan did not if Robinson in the game.