JLD - Hour 2

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, April 27th
The guys discuss what the Browns should do with the #1 pick. Plus, Lo talks about what it was like to get drafted in the NFL. Then they also talk to MMQB's Robert Klemko as he wrote a captivating piece on Dalvin Cook's draft stock. 

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Alongside. The fourth round selection of the New Orleans Saints in. 199324. Years ago Lorenzo Neal mica the always diligent Dan deadly with the way he spotted Melvin and at dodger hat patted AT&T last night I'm Joseph for ball well command. It is great to have you. Today's the day we're gonna find out who ardent. Newest raiders are we're welcoming them into the family and find out who our newest nighter czar welcome them into the family. Boys that one going to be instinct because you're John Lynch got their tweet right now that he's been up since 3:30 AM there's a reason he's been up since 3:30 AM. Big news breaking late last night Beckett having major ripple effect through the first round specifically what's gonna happen with the niners to. Can't wait to jump in with that. Next but for right now. He's did with your update. It is NFL draft day good morning the first round is today from Philadelphia 49ers set to pick number two overall they could be trying to trade out. Of the spot depending on what Cleveland does. At number one late word that they could taint Mitchell Drabinsky the quarterback at number one leaving the 49ers with the option of having miles Garrett. Or not the raiders set to take number 24 hour live draft coverage starts at 4 o'clock Greg Papa Joseph Ford bought and Vontae hill. Right here on 95. Seven of the game I know that coach or GM lynch has been up since 330 Joseph how much sleep did you get with all the draft status. Act. Behind the scenes your boy has been making strong moves taking strong positions on some of these trapped props there could be a big lottery windfall coming if what was reported last night. Which we're gonna talk about a little bit ends up going down so no I have not gotten much sleep at all. Stage tonight at 57 game for all the pre draft action and of course the draft show starting at 4 o'clock story number two giants win over the Dodgers. For 300 pence a sac fly. In the tent for the game winner one of the big highlights the road getting some. Left center field did what we'll still go. So yeah. John Miller on NBC Bay Area with the call Michael Morse also the home run in the game the finale today Dave baseball. Matt Moore against Julio you read a story number three. The gains with a tough when they lose 85 Sean and I asked. Leave the game with shoulder tightness Matt Joyce was able to get some now. He's the coliseum is Joyce it's underwrite this is Steve and Calhoun will turn in wanted it's gone another is it down by three. As Matt Joyce throws the ball into the seats above the attitudes scoreboard in right field. And here in the top of the eighth giving you tools he athletics five. And that was the final kid core active call here on 957 game needs an Angel again. At 705 today the update brought to buy orchard supply hardware orchard supply hardware helps you make your house a home. Orchard supply hardware pulled a hardware and happiness I'm candidly on your whole look. Of the Golden State Warriors they return to action either Sunday. Org Tuesday it'll be right here on 95 point seven a game. Tremendous work their debs thank you Joseph but not. Felt by all people equally about 95. That internal Ryan was awesome. Sounds like a natural. To replace dips and my 25 calling for your head into the interns step in your slot that was eight. Very brief segment that Melvin join us for the last segment that figure could just step into the role and do this day in day out this is. Arduous work tips it's a lot harder than it looks but you know what come on down Melvin. Step on it I'd be happy get out of the tee box today of the only attacks sorry Melvin. And it's not your friends. All right here we got. Of those that you are just tuning in the following news and should surprise us but it doesn't because it involves the Cleveland Browns. Late last night. He report surfaces. From the always bankable Adam Chester now this could come from anywhere else should they can aren't maybe it's propaganda. May be it someone trying to leaks of information but shifter. Is the best in the business for reasons. Because he can years because getting it right. Is more important than getting perks. And show after has been a star in this industry for a long time so last night. Here's what he had to say quote. I continue to hear that Mitchell Robiskie is square in consideration. And may turn out to be the number one heck. I know everyone big smiles Gary it's gonna be the pick and I will not be surprised that's the case. But I am got very Smart. Very well connected people telling me over the last 24 hours that date thinks Robiskie is going to be the number one. The browns have had months to figure this out. Like planning for a wedding and here we are the date before the nuptials. And the browns don't even know if they have the venue booked that's where we're at right now well if you're you Jack's. What do you think is taking place behind the scenes in Cleveland you've got ownership you've got the front office you got you. This team's got two picks in the top twelfth one and twelfth. Which direction do you think she wants to go do you think she's behind me let's draft Robiskie number one overall do you think this is coming from somewhere else I think. Comment from ownership Joseph I think that you look at and you say okay our minimum receiver we Lego. We did one of paying the money went to the jets in a one year deal so you don't. You say okay so what do we have followers receivers. Running backs offense and you look at and you go to the process. You say okay. Can we build we have a couple pieces on it on honey bears we got a couple pieces. On the defense. Week do we wanna say do we want to continue to build a new defense give us a pass Fisher in. Pull this down because we're still a year off. In May be trying to look at something later in the draft may be a quarterback at twelve pick maybe or come back gambit. Let's go continue to build on defense as. We don't have enough necessarily weapons instead that we're gonna see next fiscal picture biz he at number one the Mets tried to going grabbed. A defense of guy that we know they could put pressure on the quarterback can make our defense better. Because our offense well gonna have to take her time. And I just don't know of Robiskie. Is that guy with limited amount of experience on the even on the college level cars game experience only thirteen games. We know that we're gonna sit this guy for the whole year or at least to the season goal arrive before we make that transition. I existing page you would like to go defense and then try to get a quarterback later in the draft I think blow the nail right on the head your dad's. If there's an internal. Split. From everything I've gathered it's that Jimmy has on the owner. Has come down and said. I want mr. misty number one to this keys Cleveland kit so you get the quarterback. Being a local kid. Right that's sells tickets that sells hike if you're an owner you're probably figured like that but on the football op side from the GM management all the way down the hue Jackson. I think they wanna go miles Garrett one and then work on possibly trading up like we've heard for months now to acquire their quarterback in most likely Mitchell too risky. It's your hue Jackson and your behind the scenes now and you've put all this working with your front office and archer guy ownership it's gonna come in at the eleventh hour and tell you. I want to be a ski. Do you really feel like you can ever win but how would you feel that spotted YouTube. You feel like you are looking around the league to see worrying Gobi and offensive coordinator again. Get all your next job or maybe you're lucky enough to land as a head coach somewhere else but you're already looking. For your exit strategy because that ultimately. Is a huge blow if you're hue Jackson and you suffer through last year needed to number one overall pick your thinking great. I can't along with my football staff. Work to make this right you have a plan you put all the homework you look at all the taping you decide Welles scared the pick here we still want a quarterback. Let's figure out a way to get both done any owner comes down says none are now. Not miles Garrett you will take Drabinsky number one we will make sure that we get this quarterback. And so if you're in the football ops operation you're thinking let's go somewhere else right and actually do my job. Think about this too this is what owner Jimmy has I was missing you draft him number one that is a vastly different story than trading back up to draft him 56 that is I mean by that. Number one overall miles Garrett okay people are gonna be focused on him and then you got too risky there's going to be pressure there. You go ahead and turn it doesn't matter if you think he's better or not the perception is that Gary is the best player in the draft. Everyone's been saying for months you're not to be able to convince the fan base otherwise so if you don't take him already there's gonna be we're EI cast. On Mitchell Robiskie this is the guy we took consider the best player in the draft. Cleveland come out well you know he's not miles there wasn't the best player in the draft sorry we've been hearing that four months you're not gonna swing the fame jackets winged people. They've had this ingrained into their DNA for the last 56 months. So now you've got Robiskie is the number one overall pick coming in they're going to expect immediate results and in that division with Pittsburgh and so all. And more all Cincinnati you don't get immediate results and the brown. You're absolutely right and and that's why would mean. I look at and say okay. What does a quarterback has to have to be successful he's got to have some pretty good receivers in you want receivers if you're gonna go to rookie quarterback. You want some good receivers to help his quarterback along this process along the growth period in you'd think about the quarterback that left at turn receiver prior to go to Washington Redskins as it jets early but the watch a Redskins. Think about you don't even have him and he was your wife and he wasn't really true number one. So now you've got to put your biz. And you're gonna say now I don't have necessarily in a lot of good receivers I'm gonna make you the first pick. I told daily to trade back look at try to get a quarterback later but a good way to go up to this for a short thing. Which is scared because you know what he can do he can rush the passer in he's been he's been known in this draft like you alluded to. As the best player in this draft forest pass rusher so I think that they should definitely go with this guy and it's got me intercede. Hundreds and so a lot of good. Even what what what when you're talking about war which was Scheffler is coming on sand and the ownership is gonna sit. That's what makes me Larry but I just deal I just it's hard for me to pink. That they're going to go which Robiskie with only thirteen games experience now. Now here are two more additional pieces of information that lend credence to this thought process number one. Michael Lombardi. Who works for the ringer right now Bill Simmons website was a GM was San Francisco or was a front office guy with Sanford Cisco the raiders the patriots he's been all over it in the game a long time. Good friend of mine love the guy. Tweets yesterday. That the browns with the twelfth pick. Had been calling teams about a trade. On the surface this would seem like nothing surprising we've heard they wanted to trade not. Except yesterday they were calling teams because they wanted to trade act. The twelfth pick for months was supposed to be Cleveland calling Tennessee the jets whoever moving up to grab a quarterback yesterday. The browns were calling teams behind them telling them according to multiple reports now. That the browns are offering the twelfth pick anyone wants to come up we know who were taken at 112 is open for business. That would lend credence to the fact that you might at quarterback and Robiskie on one as well as the fact that if you follow the Vegas odds if you follow the offshore odds last night. When anyone it was paying attention to sit this out. There was a propped. Will a defense of player go first overall meaning miles Garrett. Yes minus 11100. No plus 650 meaning a hundred dollar bet return to 650. Dollar profit. That is now down from plus 652 plus 200 while everything involving Garrett number one. I switched the odds are swinging because it is news. We're watching ESPN right now they're in Philly with Donovan McNabb first take live on location itchy team Pete's. And that's what they're talking about. This is the story. These story and you know who wins here. John mentioned the forty niners interest week earlier than he's been up since 3:30 AM. Good because he should be fielding every call imaginable about the possibility of trading miles Garrett should he be there at number two. And maybe he's actually looking at miles Garrett tape and I'm joking because obviously year he has but for the first time it seems like miles Garrett might be available to the 49ers I'm sure. For the last few months going in everybody thought to be miles Garretson niner fans the need to have that. At the front of their mind that now if this goes down as it make it appears that just might with Robiskie going one. The niners are an absolutely perfect spot. At two because I'm sure a large number of teams at least a handful of teams who'd wanna trade up. And get miles Garrett yet he would fit for the niners just find that they're in a situation where. More picks stockpiling picks would be a better strategy in my opinion. Then just taking an elite player like miles Garrett and having it what third straight year the draft a defensive lineman. And my hubby Alec desk it's Robiskie at the going number one instead of what people felt would have been maybe number five number six. That could get people calling the night is not just about Gary. But if your Jacksonville four and the rumors Tom Coughlin is hot on the Shawn Watson that the Jacksonville picket for is gonna come down to Watson vs. LSU running back Leonard four net. If you're Jacksonville you suddenly have to be sitting there going whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Each Robiskie goes one and the niners are open for business anyone think it watts in the quarterback run could start earlier. The niners to start plane. Garrett takers against quarterback takers. Arizona thirteen may be in the interest of Patrick my homes if you're quarterback you've got to be loving this does is shall start the run for five picks sooner than it was expect. I just that Joseph what it does this is put a lot of teams in that like you said that pickle because now of Cleveland sent out we already got a guy in his too risky. In in now what does that do. Now we can possibly says okay Jacksonville all these other teams now Jackson has to even think about let me call the niners. Now Jacksonville have to say OK let me even see what Cleveland might take now cleaned might again. We learn how well he really won't know what let's just trade back at three. Because I can give my guy may be a Solomon may be quarterback get three so now Jackson will say hey what is gonna take. Us to get that number one pick from you Cleveland because I went I went this quarterback and I'm he might not be there at two with someone might jump. Me too so now clay even think about that soon they can be putting this out here to say now. How many sodas we can give for that number one pick so I think that this thing I think we and it's going to be interesting draft tonight. This is why the NFL has tanked this is why the NFL has tanked. We are in hot debate. TVs and hot debate social media isn't hot debate over what's gonna happen at the top of what is really nothing more. And a bunch of businesses hiring. Pressure out of college employees. At all this is just fair this is a job fair that's taking place in Philadelphia. And the NFL has turned this into the mark key event. Credit them all the drama baseball doesn't get this hopes. That this something but you don't talk about it to this extent. Hockey gets a little bit a lot because it's always intriguing to see some of these young kids also Matthews I mean that's just been ridiculous to the Maple Leafs bot. I mean this we've been talking about this for months now here we are and suddenly it's one more twist thrown into the mix it ended. You were there may be more tourists to come in a year you never know what's act Gina happen until EC team on the clock in the draft. Really gets rolling I think the idea of trivia ski going number one sends the whole next seven to ten picks into a wide. While the amount of a flux as far as which direction teams go in the 49ers ultimately in the best spot because if the browns do in fact take Robiskie. That's a big exhale from the 49ers because I don't think that they want that quarterback I'm almost positive they don't want their quarterbacks and I have your pick. Of any other player available on words or a chance to trade out there you're in the best spot. Okay lol let's pretend you're John Lynch you've been doing radio and all of a sudden you're coming out of the broadcast Booth. Take the GM spot in San Francisco a workable cows and and you got a six year deal you know you got a big rebuild on your on your hands seed work your way to free agency. And now here you come down the pike for the NFL drab this will be the first pick do you ever make. As general manager John Lynch Lorenzo Neal. You just got the word that this is happening and in fact when the browns at the clock they will draft Mitchell too risky number one overall. What do you do as GM of the 49ers I'd pick on the phone call Chicago. I think they need a quarterback and I called and called Jacksonville. And I start and I go down a couple more picks have a look at the jets. Innocent. I'm we're 21. You need is quarterback you need to second pick this is what we're in a rebuilt. You guys these Jacksonville you've got some players you think you're close Tom used to be great splashed. You look at Chicago you guys need something he talked to the head coach to get GMC. We got some time you don't head coach and in Strobl don't have an essay a lot of times it used to middle school is out there and now you see and you play them against one another he's on the phone now views aren't if that organization. If you look at Cleveland if they already put their flag in the ground a stick in the ground it's in this is it this is what were too would. John right now should be on the phone call on these GMs in saint Luke. This number two pick. Look portrayed echoes what's what's the big deal you can he gonna rebuild anyway you just need a starter exact you need to come away with a starter. You can bank he don't need to be a fifteen time I. Great the niners just need up lay here jump back the regular pocket that absolutely so say look. I got Chicago and I got you know I got a couple Jacksonville the jets don't think what do you got in you start pick these teams it's one another say look up. Give me I'll switch spots which in gimme a third for next year we did want to jump in double once but only where jumping up a spot. To get our guys were only given up a third effort in the in the in the draft book is still. And into swap first round picks so yeah I think that John glitches and a great sci spot so I'm he'll. I'm on the phone with these GMs at on call and I'm pounding the phones right now because right now. He was keen. Who has the gold skiing and I think right now he's in a great position since Cleveland made that point you like the idea of dealing did likes the idea of dealing I'd be great if they can acquire more picks. Let's assume the right deal isn't there for the taking. Clocks coming down in the final thirty seconds you've got to turn in a cart Robiskie has gone first over the browns you gotta make a picket to which direction you go one is Jim of the niners. But with me I'd act I'd go into the Pacificare. I just say here's a guy. Look it's a Smart pick we know that we're gonna still have to build. Here's a guy that we know thinking get after the passer or got a coaching mark we're gonna know that here's our here's our future for the next 518 years in the league pass leisure. We building in this community we say hey son we're expecting a lot of big plays from you we want them to sit down with guys like that and say. He lets what's his field what happened here you're John mentioned the GM you get paid coach he get his position coaches that watched don't want to. Why Ndukwe here. Where you that you're in so you go into this season saint. This is what everyone said about you this is what you want from one to two. We took a chance that's why you're here so do you go when you get guys like dead because he is an elite talent. It's just a matter of getting this guy to play every down dips same situation. Get a deal done enemy to picket to Garrett. I think they're it's the 59 year news position where you would like to trade back but you get thirty seconds left in no deal was done and tonight. You're looking to take the best available player. And I think. This thick is the safest pick you mean you go off the board and go Solomon Thomas which is another guy who's going to be a big impact a player and you. John Lynch is from Stanford Thomas is from Stanford as well. Makes sense from that standpoint but you don't want to be a guy who. Passes on miles Garrett if he goes on to be. A hall of Famer and Cleveland and the niners both pass on a may be egos at three. And turns out to be an incredible player that would hurt a little bit CME the safe take if you jobless. You John Lynch you do whatever it takes to get those ten digits called Jimmy has the owner of the browns. You say Jimmy you don't sound lynch. General manager 49ers you remember me from such films as laying out wide receivers for the better part of two decades to do you Troy McClure I knew I had half halfback so. Jimmy has John Lynch great to hear from. Sound like a polished guy like how you Wear the vest over the top of the nice long sleeve shirt. Link says banks and it'll look for me my wife got into it back and forth in the yuk it up then they get down to business and says look. Clearly it seems like you have a bit of a decision on your hands you want mutual too risky the Cleveland kid as the face your franchise football ops people. Oh miles Garrett. It's got both we can help you out with that number two pick we'll send it Tia you give us your twelfth you give us your first next year. And then you throw on third. As was it what will watch too much. Third and Matt. That's what you eventually concede you eventually concede. To argue that need to be the third just give us twelve will move backseat flipping PX two for twelve and then you pick up Cleveland's number one next year. Let's desk that was not a Bieber again that's immunized. I get to number ones next year and they could both be very high number ones because you're probably not gonna be that good next year either. You are now in a position where twelve there's gonna be a player out there. There might be a bully cookers safety may be Jim mall Adams falls a little bit someone you can grab down their twelve to help your team you can get a start. Then you come back next year would what will likely beat two top ten number one picks and you work a package to make sure that you put yourself in position for number one. And then you go take USC quarterbacks and Arnold and now Kyle Shanahan has his guy for the future. Plus not only through this trap but through next year's wave of free agency which this team have a ton of money for making go ahead and bring in some new linemen. May be another wide receiver another weapon to build around Arnold so you're really just getting ready to usher in the next franchise quarterback. But you're putting yourself in a position to make that happen you thinking big picture. Remember the GM and coach signed six year deals. No one's expecting them to win ten games this year. Just lay the foundation and the foundation. Is to make sure you eventually have a quarterback. And have to be this year because the better prospect is coming at a new USC next season. We'll get into more on that throughout the day we've also got to break the raiders down a little bit Robert Congo. From Monday Morning Quarterback in Sports Illustrated gonna join us next he wrote a Y old. Story wild story about Florida State running back Calvin cup and how there is someone out there trying to sabotage him. Heading into the draft this is crazy stuff we're gonna talk about that next Jolo against any five point seven and it. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. They second pick. The Philadelphia Eagles select Donovan McNabb. Classics Philadelphia did you brownies can you play that again guys the best quarterback in franchise history this is reaction god AS second pick. The Philadelphia Eagles select Donovan McNabb. We hope but for Achilles Smith I think he went a couple picks later lo you've played with him how that worked out Howell that's all I got out while. That traps that some blogs there were a topic was five quarterbacks in the first round it was ten cal coach Donovan McNabb. Ended up working out beyond it was Dante Culpepper was in their home. Good years to get called Bob it's good yours was and who may be great recent years yeah okay. Then the other the three that didn't work out or Achilles Smith one of them pounds or the mic mounds that I hate it now. So not in the count and now David now owned from USC LA is in place and thing. That was a big quarterback class a lot of mess it's not a lot of guesses might be some misses this year to okay. Robert Klein co is tremendous writer you can catch his work. At the Monday Morning Quarterback in Sports Illustrated you can follow him on Twitter at Robert Clint he's joining us now because he is a piece that if you have time. I would like you to read it today for sometime this week and it's called Calvin cook. And the stories behind the red flags for those who don't know delving cook was a highly productive. Running back coming out of Florida State University this year many thought or at least some made the case coming in to draft season that he might be the best running back out there. And since then his stock has been falling for some crazy reasons Robert Cohen co joining us to talk about that Robert good morning how are. Yeah thank you for coming on thank you for writing this piece I was captivated by it. Tell me what you learned about Alvin cooking the last couple weeks we've watched his stocks slide in fact if you track over under is. With the offshore gambling he was a guy that was considered to be maybe top ten maybe top twenty now is over under 28 and a half what is going on here that has Galvin cook on the slide. If you look at the body work it just you know go to YouTube and look at some double a pilot Butte state. It is one of the best running backs that have ever played college football I mean he broke war on. Four year career rushing Russian market Florida State in three feet. And so you you take that bait and then you look at everything that happened over the last four months after he played in his last college game. And it's remarkable. How canyon trip and have been shaped by and that he you know has done or didn't do off the field. You know obviously two years ago the big high profile case that he actually went to trial or was allegedly punching a woman outside of Tallahassee bar. He was found not guilty after trial their. But I think what really scenes are concerned with with this guy is. How are we going to be able comfort meet going to be when he gets that first check in and who's going to be around. You know a few draft in the Tampa Bay company guide from Miami Dade you have to deal with just W Coke or W cooking three or four other guys. We didn't prepare for the combined with a two year. In terms of the common in. Views which was weird to learn. And and I think that a lot of these guys. It's essential commitment especially if they get into questions about you know sordid pasts. Well the one really interest in paying. That I came across from the story that never really written about or read about. It would indeed be killed or with the idea that there was an agent out there that was intentionally sabotaging the kid. And piling on. And starting rumors that made him look worse than he even he you know any punitive. And it ended up kind of going to compete feel about it in orbit basically I was little line that doubts about now. So all Robert can't call Monday Morning Quarterback Sports Illustrated would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven a game fascinating piece Calvin cook in the stories behind the red flags. So what exactly this is a relationship he had with a runner for those who might not know can you explain what a runner is and what exactly he's trying to do. To cook in the buildup to the biggest thing is life. Yes or runner is the guy that is mostly anonymous come out on eight and home. And basal. Agents recruit players. During the process and players of free agents. And in the last few months India of the feet and arm and the bit. Doesn't. Work for any particularly agency he worked for a few agencies and down the around. And it was suggested to me by couples get out that. Yet a prior relationship with and that dog didn't end up signing him an interpretation. And that's why that it started spreading rumors about them on. I don't know how true that is that never met the guy. But. I think that it happened a lot. With kids who have built red flag to be. To begin with have the rest of career or whatever in the past and then they become vulnerable to more it the piling on. Pomp and you know whether it's a runner that didn't get the kid an agent didn't get the Q. Or. An agent for rival running back who spreading rumors. I think it happens you know pretty you know. A lot every draft. What can teams do to try to get through all this no wasted to to really try and find out who the player is and is this. Something that needs to change in the way they go about the process to go from. Come by and approach dating interviews and all this other stuff is there too much exposure for these kids that ends up getting in the way of just analyzing the game to. Yeah I mean if you're college you're you're kind of in a bind here because you'd like to limit these outside forces that are close to your student athletes. But you also want them to you know. All the information available to them to make the right decision on picking an agent you don't wanna limit meaning but maybe you wanna limit. The kind of characters that you allow kids to. Note to meet where. The way. It around that it despite doing the work in the leg work I mean make a phone call. I'm sure every LP out in the NFL with the remote interest in running back has talked to. You know 567 people close out cook. To try to get the real story. For instance indicates the the runner was telling doubt that the Senior Bowl and I'll go. Shall not to work out. In Boca Raton with alcohol on rent late. With guys with them from the neighborhood. And so a bunch of these out started calling the trainer Tony Gilani. And expertise sports there aunts and what's the deal with it and unable to news just you know taken aback. But almond like one of my back but in my baptized that we have here and he's leading that group here everyday never thinking you know it. And I think that it happened a lot but it it typically happened acute that already are all. I contribute to war. I was learn those guys that came out in the ninety's. It didn't even mean heaven a good background. Parents had to give the other married fifty years. An agent communion in and humble little. You know wasn't big money but couple bucks and affected by a Popper to how does guys in house agency whole middle rely these guys don't have. A mom or dad or have those finances in an agent come with a the corridor fumble with a couple thousand couple scene and then. What do those guys you know they're going to take this money and then. This may be holed into how does how do you think we give these problems solved and boon for you know you talk about this story in in the kid decides not to go with the Asian and then. You see the fallout what happens. Hattie Hattie deciphered do that and how you stop these things from taken place. I think the simple answer is that you compensate the players. At. It tell football players or with millions to the universe it how much he'd been Allman cook over three years need Florida in university. It market. A scholarship and rent and food. Is market values over a million dollars. If I expect these kids who are being paid market value. Even remotely close to market value and and I'm speaking strictly hypothetically it would indicate the album but how do you expect these kids turned down that envelope full cash. You can't. Robert. When all is said and done putting together this piece and everyone you talk to if you were in the front office and you needed a running back. Are you convinced Galvin cook is a guy you can trust in that you could build an offense around. You know what I think. It will be different for him. And I think the big factor is where ago. If peace in the situation where he's out of the state of Florida. You know he's in a place like. Green Bay. Washington. Philadelphia. One of these team. That is going to utilize and early and you got an apple bunch of retirement and battle our playbook and it got a chance to rush for a thousand yards at the rookie. And he got a mentor like it used daily guided really likes them that I you know that reached out its Stanley to talk about them I'm I think that he can be great. You look at what he did. At the end of his career at Florida State. After all the trouble that he got in the first two years its third year you walk the straight narrow and he was one of the best quarterback in college football. I don't know. If he's going to be successful because I don't know you know I'd spent a day talking to him and you know he was closed off with yet uncertain what whipped. Some of the gap and coaches will start asking him about the refs victory. So it so hard to predict what I would say that a lot it will come down where egos. You can follow him on Twitter at Robert Cohen go easy football writer for the Monday Morning Quarterback in Sports Illustrated the peace. Alvin cook and the stories behind the red flags. A phenomenal read if you're interested in learning about one of the top prospects. In this year's class Robert clinical would Jolo and dams on 95 points and the game Robert tremendous stuff thank you for your time enjoy the draft this evening and hopefully we get to begin soon. Yeah. Hotbed of talent in South Florida. I mean absurd. Lord knows all about that story time at colonial next on that in his draft day some fascinating stuff that he's never told before Jolo and hit 95 points of the game. Now backed it show lowered its on 95 point seven game. Great to have UN 95 point seven a game. Since. We are just a few hours away. The start of the 2017 NFL draft. Which tonight by the way our coverage begins it's a great great Papa but they Helen its myself 3 PM to 6:45 PM right here 95 points in the game. Will be at the raiders draft party. Special guests like low O'Neal will be coming my way to meet them. Party's great big time big time debt for you guys yes that was hit that took months of booking lot of money lot of backdoor connections were needed but we got Loney L. To come on Sam gash unavailable path path to let your senators Dennis deployment. I yeah low because you look on the do not count on. Could I forget Michelle that. I'm not liked out exactly and so will be on that the very nice three to 645. Band aids coverage will kick in we will continue the program until about eight on our stream sikh extremists on web site on the web site mainly because. The raider picket 24 might not happen before we go off yes we got a cup. Now celebrate we've got Loney he'll get ready to tells couple big time stories but before we get that. We've been playing up some big moments in draft history on today's shell. We went with a Donovan McNabb pick in the last segment we've got a few more sort throughout the day for this segment. We figured we give you this one. With the 89 pick of the 1993. NFL draft. The New Orleans say it's a lack. Lorenzo Neal. Pullback. Fresno state. It's. The right. Odd odd odd odd odd odd odd dynamic hard hitting huge upside why under the radar Nicole lapin juries safe bet to be hard pressed the medalist. No overlap in your. Like from sitting on fans lap present and wow bell is kind of crazy now have a lot of nice things to say action but what it would wind aided the wow could you get this great job mentally bigs bigs toad get a good job when you guys in the wow. I doubt asthma while that never happens colonial I thought you guys had immediate Jack. Now it's silence today to celebrate just hold my breath like okay they're gonna do Meeks with the nearest to Michael can what they. 24 years it's been since that day. Can we know that it's crazy brother that's what's crazy 24. Years Obama. I'm getting old. It's a wild seas while tonight I love to go back like whenever you play one of these you talk about a draft allegations go back and look at the draft yet half and pick names. But Ronald Moore taken right before you. And David where taken right before you but seven picks before you. Out of Stanford John Lynch Johnny strong safety seven picks for you in the same draft you know what's funny. And we did this once before about a year ago we didn't do it on average you're listening in you wanna get involved to get his on the text like 95795. If you went back to the 1993. Draft knowing what you know now and you read draft all the positions. Where would logo. See he was what was he overall he was in the fourth round seventy some somewhere in the 80s89. Beta you can make the case and if you look through that entire draft. Knowing what you know now Lowe's definitely top ten the question is how much higher do you go. There's a taste he made he might be top five picked yeah me on knowing you're gonna get sixteen years of halting production Willie rove went anything he's an all face a great track the bus went tenth and he's in the hall of fame. So that was it yet does get picked. I give her name garrison Hearst and Marvin Jones were top four guys Marvin Jones at a Florida State GAAP it was a series and then wrote let's stop beat Federer program. First round pick it he went up 26 overall. Michael Strahan the hall of Famer yet you Strahan was in the same. Is La. Great pearl. All I see it's I thought he was just a little bit younger. And Anita Dunn who will shields who wish I would have I didn't joke as I would have assumed he was a few years behind I didn't. Why I don't know I don't I don't have an answer to that I just would have assumed he wasn't. As old you. Talk to your point though coming off friendly but it. Well basically. Like I mean you don't like a latter I go out of heart there's no ambiguity here it is a little ambiguity is not it is hard to believe that it's been doing. For years. It is going for years. It really is I am very grateful to still above ground you know you look at some of these guys this in this draft no longer here mean that. You see John Lynch in there you see the big Willie role you know we we came in together Irv Smith and Willie role playing with the saints. That's a good draft class for the saints they drafted Willie Roaf and Lorenzo Neal to their Art Smith the attack and from Notre Dame played in a plan like in twelve years and I forgot to mention a good name and under rated name in my opinion. There is good server Irving outside you saw the movie great white hype Damon Wayne's plays the box at the overly box again Scott and entourage and one of the guys that are rising earth every gets mad he goes our art comes running up just knocks out power and a factory there it's great. I digest I think the match and leading candidate. Number nine overall and big like it was Bob what would. Forgive. The class you know I'm hoping joins us tomorrow Matt Bowen good friend of the program played seven years in the NFL. Went to Iowa was recruited as a quarterback ended up being a safety that's a really great years with the Redskins. Boland was the pick before Tom Brady. A threat awesome story ball when wet one pick before Tom rate that is that these guys sell. I don't know it's always on we'll get him to tell that story because he actually told Sports Illustrated recently did a big thing on like a month ago it was pretty awesome. But placebo joins us tomorrow obviously cousin of the great big puma who's trying to get down to the Andre Ward fight have been hearing too much from him lately. That if I point seven game. Up in the last segment. Robert Clinton go in the Monday Morning Quarterback can mark he is a fascinating piece up on the site called Calvin cook and the stories behind the red slacks. Robin Cook is a well regarded running back prospect coming out of Florida State. Some thought he was better than Leonard Florida but not last couple months his draft stock consulate. Uncle went behind the scenes to figure out why now cook has a couple of arrests from his middle school days on his record there's some red flags there but there's a runner. Who's been bad mouthing him trying to sabotage him behind the scenes and that got some teams giving even more pause the situation. This piece is that fascinating it's gonna take some time to read its long form but it's tremendous work on Clinton's behalf. You mentioned how when you coming out you dealt with some runners before their runners that go between. We agents and players because an agent can't necessarily have contact with a player at a certain point can't give them money so the runner does the dirty work he'll slip the cash to the player. And try to steer him towards a big time agent did you ever deal at this yeah. Fresno state Fresno state till it's interesting people think oh you're not big enough school doesn't happen and happen. And I have come from you know fairly background nuts and that was an Angel by no stretch of the imagination. At least you know he had some some values and know what you know right from wrong. But you know you'd you have people you have. From coaches. From acquaintances guys you might see at a dinner and tape mister a mentioned. And ten lead you to be my friend. You have friends of friends is eight coaches and high school got a good guy likely to meet. And it's crazy Joseph people understand missing or these guys got to keep your nose team they got understand. You put a rooster. And a hand house most going to school sit around and just look at all the hint. Eagle and eagle bit so you look at these young meaning you say okay they got no better. Give a guy a thousand bucks he put an end humble please say here's a thousand bucks. You've got to make you think these guys don't walk away from it make it like it's such easy transaction it's just here's a there's no way to Trace and it's a series some cash cash. A cast here's a mobile cart and you look at the cardinals and hundreds coming at it. We would get. You were you put all four years at presidency right right after your junior year could you have gone pro would you have been drafted. I would been drafted probably wouldn't bit later rounds but. Did you give it some thought. Don't know because I was in to a college my dip deeply wouldn't let me. OK so what I'm getting at I always love that about you by the way but what I'm getting at is. You knew you had the future play in the NFL gives you might ask your junior year which means other people looking UN say O'Neal's got a future O'Neal's gonna have some. Earning potential share they see dollar signs so now in between that junior and senior year they might be trying to get that you plural personal gain what are well represented you hear that can help you with this we can do this we can do that right which I guess Joseph without a doubt I had my head coach Jim Sweeney may rest in peace. This brought me in his office. It set me down and sit. Halo I'm telling you might wanna at a bus stop wrestling ease it lessening and pay you you're gonna make some money. We need in sailing bat. I thought I don't let your dog you can't just got to take a look they look. They had noted just a Little League or don't go let's put it right now. Is deltic Dudley did answer the boat to blank and yeah. I have iPad app. Yeah she got. Re sick and what that was above all the ones that it approved by the got a is it. Well they want and what are you moved back. I. Hate to lose the belly up first checked I mean coach one guy. No more and get Reagan deputy comes at my church. Any single when the saints go marching in a couple of other. The book in when he since his first called. He's got a boy crazy jumps when he was amazing but he's giving you the heads up at some of these runners might be trying to get action absolutely look you better make sure you do the right thing is these guys did too again it just I get. You edgier better deep buttons yeah. So this result and the. It gives a young man coming up from broadcasting career runners trying to give gambles to a cash yeah I didn't really have an island you know. As they junior college tennis players I was trying to pick my have for your school to go to not a lot of people run and Nat me in the doubles now. Now I didn't really glad that way did ask me for second in emblem for area. There's nothing there that's the joke did go to Paris there's five bucks it was headed all of I just have to. Is created you know listen guys today you have the it's fine that tape you guys can hear his voice sounds just like I believe that what you can see how the delving cooks in the world a lot of these guys. One little. I don't go to C slip up at someone's slides a little bit cast these dudes come from nothing. We're talking about Liberty City in Miami we're talking about I think it's called browns town there are some room. Really bad parts of Miami really bad parts that's why it went powers ellenberger team men. And took over the you when your early eighties he put a huge map of the state of Florida up on the board. He shuttles assists as they walk up with a marker and he took a line right at Tampa bank middle of the statement and just drew it straight across and said everything south of this line. Is ours that's how we're build our program. Miami has a ton account these kids you said it before about ray. They got no other choice no question you have to make as a pro or that's the end. In in you know if you can get a couple thousand bucks you're in college and get a credit card for you may wonder every every corner you turn it's free applications till now we get a credit card in college. And maxed mine out doubled not so sure. Get a couple bucks can pay off these guys trust me. These different agents in these runners they know whose contract that they know what's going on in so you got to realize though if a kid takes that money. It's that blood money in getting it in May expect something and so now you got a relaxed. Maybe any guy sees another agent that's really a truly sits with the panty parents are you gonna go this guy. All of sudden now. These guys like they're gonna go after. They're gonna try to black boy you guys say look he took money think about a guy takes money junior year an argument go into his senior year elves and he gets wind at another agent's got another aid has personally. I mean he's he's gonna tell a book do you want to if you don't sign would be. Learn to turn you and that you took money have records. Hall of fame segment right there from the hole things I'd like to get more into that a debt next you know we're gonna talk to. Dontrelle Willis the MLB but also get his draft story as well because that was hot prospect coming out of the bank don't go anywhere back in a minute Jolo and it's not a conference on the game.